Nancy (Momoland)

Nancy Jewel McDonie is an American, South Korean-based member of the South-Korean girl group, Momoland. Nancy’s father is American and her mother is Korean. She was born in Daegu, South Korea but she grew up and was raised in the United States but returned to South Korea to attend high school. She auditioned in Korea’s Got Talent with her friends, and they were known as Cutiepies. She has also appeared in some variety shows like Tooniverse Makirae Show. She then became part of a 2016 reality show FINDING MOMOLAND. She trained for 6 years –which marks her as the youngest member of the group with the most experience.

In 2019, Nancy confirmed that she changed her official Korean name from Lee Seung Ri to Lee Geu Roo.
On January 27, 2023 MLD Entertainment announced that all 6 MOMOLAND members left the agency after their contract expired.

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Nancy (Momoland) Facts

Native Name: Nancy Jewel McDonie

Birth Name: Nancy Jewel McDonie

Nationality:  American

Birth Date: April 13, 2000

Gender: Female

Member of: MOMOLAND

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