Fujita Sayuri

Sayuri Fujita, born in Tokyo, is a Japanese television personality and author based in South Korea. Sayuri originally came to Korea in 2007 and was the representative for a Korean program called "Global Talk Show".

In 2020, Sayuri gave birth to a baby boy named Zen via sperm donation and IVF – a procedure which was controversial in Korea at the time, especially considering she was a foreign single mom’ she had gotten the procedure done in her home country of Japan. She announced her pregnancy on her YouTube channel, and would also join the program "Return of Superman", becoming the first mother on the show to do so, considering the program solely focused on fathers in the past.

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Fujita Sayuri Facts

Native Name: 藤田小百合

Birth Name: Sayuri Fujita

Nationality:  Japanese

Birth Date: October 13, 1979

Gender: Female

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