Korean Actors/Actresses (Persons)

Our Korean actor/actresses/person database list is a comprehensive collection of information about prominent Korean entertainment figures. It includes details such as their name, age, birthdate, height, weight, and notable works. This database is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Korean entertainment and provides a convenient way to explore the careers of their favorite actors, actresses, and other public figures.

Sakaguchi Kentaro

Japanese Person

Sakaguchi Kentaro is a Japanese actor and exclusive model for the fashion magazine MEN’S NON-NO. Sakaguchi is represented by Tristone...

♥ 1571

Terada Takuya

Japanese Person

Terada Takuya is a Japanese actor, singer and member of Amuse, Inc.’s "Asian Global Group" Cross Gene. Takuya is also...

♥ 531


Japanese Person

Nakamoto Yuta was born in Osaka, Japan . He is the lead dancer, lead rapper and vocalist of the SM...

♥ 476

Miyawaki Sakura

Japanese Person

Sakura was born in Kagoshima City, Japan. Sakura is a former member of the Japanese idol girl groups HKT48 and...

♥ 224

Minatozaki Sana

Japanese Person

Minatozaki Sana is a Japanese member of the South Korean girl group TWICE She began training with EXPG in Osaka...

♥ 209

Hirai Momo

Japanese Person

Hirai Momo, known mononymously as Momo, is a Japanese singer, dancer, and member of JYP Entertainment’s girl group TWICE. She...

♥ 189


Japanese Person

Ni-ki is a South Korean idol who started his dancing career at the age of eleven, as a dancer in...

♥ 181

Myoui Mina

Japanese Person

Myoui Mina is a Japanese singer and dancer based in South Korea. She is a member of the girl group...

♥ 178

Fujii Mina

Japanese Person

Fujii Mina was born in San Diego California, a Japanese actress, tarento, and film critic. She is best known for...

♥ 136

Watanabe Haruto

Japanese Person

Haruto is a Japanese artist managed by YG Entertainment. He is a member of the K-Pop boy group TREASURE. He...

♥ 112


Japanese Person

Koga Yudai, known by the stage name K, is a Japanese singer, dancer and member of &TEAM. The group is...

♥ 88


Japanese Person

Shotaro Osaki, known simply as Shotaro, is a Japanese singer, dancer, former member of NCT (participated in the sub-unit NCT...

♥ 83


Japanese Person

Hamada Asahi is a Japanese member of the K-pop boy group, TREASURE. In 2018, he joined the survival show, YG...

♥ 74

Nakamura Kazuha

Japanese Person

Kazuha is a member of the Korean girl group LE SSERAFIM. She was introduced as the fifth member after Miyawaki...

♥ 67

Akiyama Yoshihiro

Japanese Person

Akiyama Yoshihiro (Korean name: Choo Seong Hoon) is a Japanese mixed martial artist and judoka. He is a fourth-generation Zainichi...

♥ 65


Japanese Person

Terazono Keita, known simply as Keita, is a Japanese singer, dancer, and member of CIIPHER and EVNNE. Before debuting, he...

♥ 65


Japanese Person

He is a member of the boy group P1Harmony....

♥ 62


Japanese Person

Takayama Riki, known by the stage name Taki, is a Japanese singer, dancer and member of &TEAM. The group is...

♥ 52


Japanese Person

Giselle is a member of SM’s girl group aespa. She trained under SM for 11 months before debuting in aespa....

♥ 37

Ezaki Hikaru

Japanese Person

Ezaki Hirkaru is a trainee managed by Avex. She participated in Girls Planet 999, making it into the top 9...

♥ 35

Fukutomi Tsuki

Japanese Person

Fukutomi Tsuki is a Japanese singer and model managed by MYSTIC Story. She is a member of the girl group...

♥ 32

Takahashi Juri

Japanese Person

Takahashi Juri is a Japanese idol singer. She was part of AKB48’s Team A, formerly on Team 4. Originally a...

♥ 30


Japanese Person

Rei is a Japanese rapper and singer under Starship Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group IVE. On...

♥ 28

Sakamoto Mashiro

Japanese Person

Sakamoto Mashiro is a former JYP trainee. In 2021, she joined Mnet’s idol program Girls Planet 999. She is a...

♥ 28


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