Orphan Brothers: The Wandering Boys

Orphan Brothers: The Wandering Boys


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Year: 2016

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 고아형제: 방황하는 소년들

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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Genre: Drama, Friendship


Ji Hyuk, Hoon, and Kang Seok met in the orphanage when they were young and have been surviving without parents in a cruel place. They call themselves brothers although they have no parents and are not truly a family. The world they live in isn’t easy to manage and the way society looks at them is just unfair.

Underage Ji Hyuk, Hoon, and Sang Woo can’t stand the frequent Harmful treatment from theirteacher at the orphanage so they decide to make a run. They first get a job cleaning toilets but they are scammed so Ji Hyuk and Hoon take revenge on the con-man by hitting with him a brick. The three of them turn on the wrong path to survive in this ignorant world.

Ji Hyuk and Hoon worry about Sang Woo’s path. Then they coincidentally meet Joon Gyu who suggests life as a bar host. They blame themselves for being greedy for money but agree to start working…

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