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Love in Sadness

Title: 슬플 때 사랑한다 / Love in Sadness
Also known as: Love You In Sadness
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 40 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2019-Feb-23 to 2019-April-27
Air time: Saturday 21:00 (4 episodes back-to-back)


The drama is described as being the story of a romance with life and death consequences. The main leads are a woman who is being chased, a man who is chasing after her, and the man who helps to hide her from her chaser. There will be perilous pursuits, secret desires, and social commentary.

Seo Jung Won (Ji Hyun Woo) is a plastic surgeon. He is a good person, smart and handsome. He falls in love with Yoon Ma Ri (Park Han Byul). Yoon Ma Ri is an artist and the daughter-in-law of a chaebol family. Her marriage life is miserable. Her husband Kang In Wook (Ryu Soo Young) looks like a perfect husband, but he is obsessed with Yoon Ma Ri and violent towards her. Yoon Ma Ri decides to escape from her obsessive husband. She then meets Seo Jung Won and falls in love with him.


Main Cast

Ji Hyun Woo as Seo Jung Won
Park Han Byul as Yoon Ma Ri
Ryu Soo Young as Kang In Wook
Wang Bit Na as Joo Hae Ra
Park Ha Na as Yoon Ma Ri

People around Seo Jung Won

Go Joo Won as Ha Sung Ho (Seo Jung Won’s best friend)
Moon Hee Kyung as Im Yun Hwa (Seo Jung Won’s mother)

People around Ma Ri

Lee Duk Hwa as Yoon Hyung Chul (Ma Ri’s father)
Kim Ye Ryung as Lee Kyung Hee (Ma Ri’s mother)

People around In Wook

Jung Won Joong as Kang Il Gook (In Wook’s father)
Yang Geum Suk as Jung Sook Ja (In Wook’s mother)
Ahn Jung Hoon as Kang In Sang


Gook Jung Sook (국정숙) as Moon Hye Sook
Go Na Eun as Oh Chul Yeong
Kang Sung Wook as Assistant Kim
Hwang Jung In (황정인) as Park Na Yeon
Ha Eun Jung (하은정) as Woo Ha Kyung
Park Sang Sin (박상신) as Kim Bong Woo

Production Credits

Director: Choi Yi Sup, Yoo Bum Sang
Screenwriter: Song Jung Rim

Episode Ratings

2019-02-23111.0-9.7 (10th)8.9 (13th)
2019-02-23212.3-10.5 (7th)9.8 (9th)
2019-02-23310.5-9.7 (10th)9.7 (11th)
2019-02-23410.6-9.9 (9th)9.8 (9th)
2019-03-02510.9-11.1 (8th)10.4 (8th)
2019-03-02612.7-13.0 (5th)12.2 (7th)
2019-03-02710.4-10.3 (11th)9.5 (11th)
2019-03-02811.1-10.9 (9th)9.9 (9th)
2019-03-09911.1-12.0 (6th)11.2 (7th)
2019-03-091011.9-13.0 (4th)11.9 (6th)
2019-03-091110.0-11.4 (8th)10.6 (10th)
2019-03-091210.3-11.5 (7th)10.8 (9th)
2019-03-161310.0-10.5 (7th)9.5 (9th)
2019-03-161411.2-11.3 (6th)10.3 (7th)
2019-03-16158.9-9.4 (11th)9.0 (12th)
2019-03-16169.1-9.6 (10th)9.1 (11th)
2019-03-23179.7-9.9 (8th)9.5 (10th)
2019-03-231810.5-10.9 (7th)10.7 (7th)
2019-03-23198.5-9.1 (13th)9.1 (13th)
2019-03-23208.8-9.6 (9th)9.2 (12th)
2019-03-30219.0-8.8 (12th)8.0 (14th)
2019-03-302210.4-10.4 (6th)9.7 (8th)
2019-03-30238.5-8.1 (15th)7.6 (16th)
2019-03-30249.0-8.2 (14th)7.7 (15th)
2019-04-06257.8-8.0 (14th)7.6 (15th)
2019-04-06269.9-9.7 (6th)9.0 (7th)
2019-04-06278.3-8.2 (12th)8.0 (10th)
2019-04-06288.4-8.5 (8th)8.3 (9th)
2019-04-1329--7.5 (15th)6.8 (15th)
2019-04-1330--9.0 (6th)8.3 (8th)
2019-04-1331--7.8 (9th)7.0 (14th)
2019-04-1332--7.8 (9th)7.1 (12th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Fishnet Says:

    Let me introduce her season 2 LOL

  2. 2 : Yeni Susanti Says:

    Yeah look like let me introduced her

  3. 3 : aznative Says:

    Inspired by Japanese suspense/thriller Utsukushii Hito (1999).

  4. 4 : lili Says:

    totally agreed similarities with Let me Introduce her

  5. 5 : ally Says:

    Finally a drama from Ryu Soo Young. I love the story line and all the casts are super. Looking forward for good story!! Fighting!!

  6. 6 : Lila Says:

    Ryu Soo Young, what a great acting in portraying his tormented character, very convincing.

  7. 7 : Deedee Says:

    Jd gmn ini….Yoon mari mutusin balik ke suaminya kah ?

  8. 8 : 그웬 Says:

    better than “LET ME INTRODUCE HER”
    loved this ❤️ drama👍👍

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