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Let Me Introduce Her

Title: 그녀로 말할 것 같으면 / Let Me Introduce Her
Also known as: About Her
Chinese Title: 如果是她的話
Genre: Melodrama, Mystery
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2018-July-14 to 2018-Sep-29
Air time: Saturday 20:55 (4 episodes back-to-back)


The story of a woman who tries to recover the memories she lost following complete facial reconstruction surgery.

Han Gang Woo (Kim Jae Won) is a plastic surgeon specialist and Ji Eun Han (Nam Sang Mi) is the woman who undergoes plastic surgery.


Main Cast

Nam Sang Mi as Ji Eun Han
Lee Shi Ah as Ji Eun Han (Before Surgery)
Kim Jae Won as Han Gang Woo
Jo Hyun Jae as Kang Chan Ki

People around Kang Chan Ki

Lee Mi Sook as Min Ja Young
Han Eun Jung as Jung Soo Jin
Park Min Ha (박민하) as Kang Da Ra

People around Ji Eun Han

Kim Jung Young as Lee Sook Hyun
Kang Hoon as Ji Soo Han

People around Han Gang Woo

Yang Jin Sung as Song Chae Young
Lee Dae Yeon as Han Young Cheol
Jin Woon as Han Hee Yeong


Lee Ho Jung as Lee Hyun Soo
Kim Roe Ha as Detective Kim
Jung Young Joo as Madame Hwang
Kim Bo Kang as Jang Seok Joon
Ji Eun (지은) as Shim Eun Jung
Lee Se Hee (이세희)
Jung Kang Hee as Shoulder

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Hong Chang Wook
Director: Park Kyung Ryul
Screenwriter: Park Eon Hee


2018 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Daily/Weekend Drama): Kim Jae Won (Let Me Introduce Her)
2018 SBS Drama Awards – Best Actress (Producer Awards): Nam Sang Mi (Let Me Introduce Her)

Episode Ratings

2018-07-1446.66.77.1 (14th)7.2 (13th)
2018-07-2165.45.55.8 (19th)5.8 (20th)
2018-07-2186.57.17.2 (13th)7.8 (10th)
2018-07-28117.27.86.4 (19th)7.0 (17th)
2018-07-28128.99.68.3 (7th)9.0 (6th)
2018-08-04145.46.16.6 (15th)7.3 (13th)
2018-08-04155.86.37.1 (13th)7.6 (12th)
2018-08-04167.07.68.4 (4th)9.0 (4th)
2018-08-11176.06.46.6 (17th)6.9 (15th)
2018-08-11188.39.08.7 (6th)9.4 (6th)
2018-08-11198.59.19.3 (4th)9.9 (4th)
2018-08-112010.510.811.9 (2nd)12.3 (2nd)
2018-08-18215.96.46.3 (15th)6.8 (12th)
2018-08-18227.87.98.6 (8th)8.7 (7th)
2018-08-18238.58.69.1 (5th)9.1 (6th)
2018-08-182410.210.411.8 (2nd)12.0 (2nd)
2018-08-25255.35.85.7 (19th)6.1 (17th)
2018-08-25267.57.78.4 (8th)8.6 (8th)
2018-08-25277.68.38.7 (7th)9.4 (7th)
2018-08-25289.210.110.4 (3rd)11.3 (2nd)
2018-09-0829--6.9 (13th)7.4 (10th)
2018-09-08307.2-8.7 (4th)8.5 (7th)
2018-09-08317.6-8.5 (6th)9.2 (4th)
2018-09-08329.0-9.8 (2nd)9.7 (2nd)
2018-09-1533--7.0 (17th)7.5 (16th)
2018-09-15347.5-8.8 (8th)9.4 (7th)
2018-09-15358.8-10.1 (4th)10.7 (4th)
2018-09-153610.1-12.0 (3rd)12.3 (3rd)
2018-09-2937--8.0 (12th)8.8 (8th)
2018-09-2938--9.6 (5th)10.3 (5th)
2018-09-2939--10.4 (4th)11.1 (4th)
2018-09-2940--12.7 (3rd)13.6 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Snow Says:

    Hmmm……seems boring and stupid. I’ll have to wait to see if this is worth watching.

  2. 2 : MaxT Says:

    Weak cast with a boring plot. Will most likely skip this drama.

  3. 3 : Let Me Introduce Her Says:

    Good drama…

  4. 4 : Sg elle Says:

    Getting interesting each episode. All the cast are good!

  5. 5 : teddy Says:

    this is so good

  6. 6 : Hyeongnam Says:

    Yang Jin Sung kinda lost her good looks. She was beautiful in “Bride of the Century”.

  7. 7 : Xine Says:

    Drama seems ok but cann’t stand with the main actor Kim Jae Won he looks so ugly….

  8. 8 : GoneNotAround Says:

    i ship the husband and wife more. they have more chemistry. hoping that the huaband’s character is not evil.

  9. 9 : Sara Says:

    This drama is really interesting. I like it so far and looking forward to discover the mystery.

  10. 10 : Kim Lau Says:

    Getting interesting …. Kim Jae Won fighting !!!

  11. 11 : wi Says:

    Ji Eun Han seems a bit dumb. Jumps to wild conclusions at the drop of a hat for little or no reason. Watching it mainly to see what kind of evil deeds the other characters come up with.

  12. 12 : Bob Says:

    Great drama, Suspense builds weekly

  13. 13 : LY Says:

    Gave up this drama after episode 16. No great mistery to be uncovered.

    Spoiler :
    The drama is just about a woman who gets bullied (beaten up) by her husband throughout their married life.

    Wasted my time watching this drama.

  14. 14 : jessy Says:

    after watching until ep 16 i realized that this drama is related to the Movie “Sleeping with the Enemy”. so this is the Korean version. so far i enjoyed the mystery and the development of her.. eun han should get out of her mess life n build a new one with the doctor. after all yeah that’s what it should be in Sleeping with the Enemy movie ending.

  15. 15 : Vivian Santiago Says:

    We are waiting for the last chapters, for when they plan to put them, we are many who are waiting for the final chapters. Thanks in advance for their excellent work.

  16. 16 : Misu Tira Says:

    Awesome drama with great ending with my favorite actors and actress, Kim Jae Won, Jo Hyun Jae and Nam Sang Mi.
    Never allow your husband or boyfriend to hit you. If u allow one, he will hit second, etc. Thank you so much for producing awesome drama.

  17. 17 : Kay Says:

    This seems like a really interesting mystery melodrama 🙂

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