Choco Milk Shake

Choco Milk Shake


Total votes: 6592

Director: Ahn Ji Hee

Aired on: Oct 25, 2022

Total Episodes: 11

Duration: 15 min.

Year: 2022

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 사랑은 댕냥댕냥

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Love is Dang Nyang Dang Nyang, Chokomilkeusweikeu, 초코밀크쉐이크

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance


A cat and dog cross the Rainbow Bridge and return to the terrestrial world in human form?!

Jung Woo lives alone. When he was twenty, a fatal accident robbed him of all he loved: he lost not just his parents, but even the pet dog and cat, Choco and Milk, whom he had raised since childhood. One evening, after returning home from work in his uncle’s café, he is disturbed by twohandsome strangers knocking at his door. To his disbelief, they claim to be Choco and Milk! They can prove it, however: and after hearing their memories of earlier times together, Jung Woo realises that he has indeed been visited by the two beloved companions of his youth, reincarnated in human form.

Choco and Milk settle themselves comfortably into Jung Woo’s home, and the three once more enjoy the warmth and affection they have longed for since their cruel separation. But there are new dimensions to their resumed life together, and surprising discoveries to be made in the realms of friendship and love…

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