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You Don’t Know Women

Title: 여자를 몰라 / You Don’t Know Women
Chinese Title : 不懂女人 / 你不了解女人
Also Known as : Don’t Know Her
Previously Known as 행복의 조건 / Conditions of Happiness / Terms of Happiness
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 109
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-02 to 2010-Dec-31
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:40 AM


Lee Min Jung becomes pregnant after discovering her husband’s affair with Oh Yoo Ran. A drama about her life as a single mom and the man who loves her unconditionally.


Lee family

Kim Ji Ho as Lee Min Jung
Lee Kyung Jin as Han Pyung Ja
Goo Seung Hyun as Lee Sa Rang (Min Jung’s son)

Park family

Go Se Won as Park Moo Hyuk
Ki Joo Bong as President Park

Kang family

Im Ho as Kang Sung Chan
Chae Min Seo Oh Yoo Ran
Moon Ji In as Oh Kyung Ran
Im Ye Jin as Jang Geum Sook
Lee Jung Gil as Kang Gyo Jang

Other people

Jung Kyung Soon as Go Mi Ae
Park Jung Woo as Ma Kang Soo
Baek Seung Hyun as Kim Jin Woo
Park Sun Joon (박선준) as Jin Sung Mo
Park Young Jin as Joo Ki Ja
Ji Yoo as Jang Eun Young
Son Jung Min
Kim Ga Eun

Production Credits

Producer: Oh Se Kang
Director: Bae Tae Sup
Screenwriter: Kim Young In

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  1. 1 : Ivy Says:

    i like kim ji ho!!

  2. 2 : lovlyndar Says:

    again the storyline is bout revenge n betrayed

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  4. 4 : luvkimjiho Says:

    Yeah!!!!! Finally, ji ho returns to the screen again! Seems to be a great drama!

  5. 5 : nona Says:

    These types of long drama is very nice, has very gud meanin, but
    it shud be a really gud endin, cuz people luks forward to it, and its
    very very long, so hopefully on this one. Guys luks hotttttt on this
    one, n so r the ladies too

  6. 6 : korean entertainment lover Says:

    Kim Ji Ho i love youu…
    cant wait
    korean entertainment news

  7. 7 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    it’s already on!

  8. 8 : Thirddyfrk Says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that there is a place for fans of dramas to go and chat about the dramas that you are watching. It is on FB and it started was from a group of us at viikii who like to rant and praise what is currently happening in the dramas. Please feel free to joins and chat away.

    The discussion for this drama is at:

    So drop by while watching the drama and chat with us.

  9. 9 : KPOP7.com Says:

    Hot storyline..

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  10. 10 : Lucille Says:

    I already started watching. Very nice drama. Hope every episode is getting more exciting. I like Kim Ji Ho & Go Se Won – the rich businessman son

  11. 11 : Lucille Says:

    @9 Kpops7.com
    Your korean songs mostly in .rar We prefer mp3 format. Any solution besides downloading rar software?

  12. 12 : Lucille Says:

    I hv read the contents of this story from other website. It says the lead actress Kim Ji Ho will die in the end?? Please, script writer – Please let her marry lead actor Go Se Won and have a happy ending. Please DO NOT let her die.

  13. 13 : Rose Says:

    Oh no…I will be so SAD if Lee Min Jung died in the drama!!! Please do not let her die and let her have a happy ending with Park Moo Hyuk after all she had to go through (raising her son single-handly and balancing a career).

    I really hope to see English subs for this drama as it is really good. I really like Lee Min Jung.

  14. 14 : Brenda Says:

    Hi Script Writer. Please do not let lead actress die in the end because we want to see her happily married to Go Se Won. She is good hearted and she work very hard. Please let her have a good ending with lead actor and live happily together with her son. Thank you.

  15. 15 : lily Says:

    @12 Lucille & 14 Brenda

    I agreed with you gals. I don’t see any reason why we should waste our time watching a long…….drama with ending like that. Depressing….

    So, script writer – please do change it to a Happy Ending and make us viewers anticipate each episode with joy and hope. Thanks in advance!

  16. 16 : ok Says:

    Hi Scriptwriter Miss Kim Young In. My friend recommended me this drama because she said very nice. After starting watching it, I couldn’t stop myself from chasing the drama daily. (I chase the show even without subtitles – which I don’t understand) When I read in the net that the good hearted hard working Lead actress Kim Ji Ho will die in the end, I was so disappointed. Could you please end this drama with happy ending. Please Let Ms Kim Ji Ho marries Go Se Won and they live happily together if not I will be wasting my time for watching the 100 episodes drama. No viewer want a sad ending. Please……….

  17. 17 : ok Says:

    I mean I will watch without subtitles 1st & will repeat the show again with subtitles later on because the story is so exciting that I couldn’t wait for the subtitles to be uploaded. ^.^

    Please let this drama have a good ending – Go Se Won marry Kim Ji Ho & no one else and live happily ever after.

    Thank you – Script Writer.

  18. 18 : Dream Lady Says:

    Nice drama.The actor and actress are well acting, story is romance and relax.

  19. 19 : ok Says:

    This drama is in English sub already in mysoju. Highly recommended because its really a nice drama.

  20. 20 : Audrey Says:

    I like Go Se Won and Kim Ji Ho….!! hope that they will be married and have a happy ending !!

  21. 21 : Lovekorean Says:

    This drama is fantastic. It keep you waiting impatiently for the next episode bcoz its getting more and more exciting. Hope its a good ending.

  22. 22 : Lim Family Says:

    To : Screenwriter: Kim Young In

    Thank you very much for writing such an interesting script.
    Too bad the English sub at mysoju upload very slow.
    My family members have been chasing this drama every day from xiaoli.
    Bad people deserve to be punished. The lead actress deserve to be happy – because she has good heart.
    Hope that it is a happy ending – Go Se Won marries Kim Ji Ho. Because everybody loves happy ending.

  23. 23 : ok Says:

    I love this drama so much. I have been chasing it every day.
    A must watch drama…….. No regrets if its a good ending. Hope Lee Min Jung & Park Moo Hyuk marry each other and live happily ever after.

    Script writer – aja aja (please remember the viewers’ request – happy ending please for Lee Min Jung & Park Moo Hyuk)

    Thank you

  24. 24 : J. Hui Says:

    the little boy, son of Lee Min Jung – is very cute. He also acted well in this drama.

  25. 25 : Angel Says:

    Hope that the bad ex-boyfriend of the mistress Oh Yoo Ran comes back to haunt her so that she don’t have so much time to disturb Lee Min Jung & Park Moo Hyuk. hee hee hee.

    Very nice drama ……………………… hope its a good ending for Lee Min Jung & Park Moo Hyuk.

  26. 26 : Ms Heng Says:

    很好看也,喜欢金芝荷 , 高世元

  27. 27 : Sunshine Says:


  28. 28 : Brenda Says:

    Episode 48 — (Go Se Won) Park Moo Hyuk exposed Oh Yoo Ran – the private investigator hired by Oh Yoo Ran to tail him get caught. Ha Ha ha

  29. 29 : Brenda Says:

    Episode 49 — Park Moo Hyuk the lead actor (Go Se Won) found out that Lee Min Jung’s (Kim Ji Ho) husband is that skin doctor.
    Park Moo Hyuk’s father hint to Lee Min Jung in the lift that he don’t like divorced woman to be his son’s wife.
    oooo…….. oooooo so sad for her.

  30. 30 : Lucille Says:

    the little boy – Sarang – Lee Min Jung’s son – is so cute & adorable

  31. 31 : Lucille Says:

    This drama – i am chasing it daily because it is worth watching…..
    very attracting story.

  32. 32 : Brenda Says:

    Episode 50
    Wow, the lead actor Go Se Won kiss Kim Ji Ho so compassionately…………

    Mistress’s sister want to resign becoz cannot stand seeing Park Moo Hyuk treating Lee Min Jung so sweet in the canteen & announce to his colleagues that LMJ is his girlfriend. ha ha

    The mistress is so thick skin. Got the cheek to bulge into Lee Min Jung’s (Kim Ji Ho) office to ask her to stop going to Flora to work so that her younger sis can continue working…..

  33. 33 : Brenda Says:

    Go Se Won – I like your character as Park Moo Hyuk in DRAMA – YOU DON’T KNOW WOMEN. You are so gentleman. You know how to love and protect the woman you love and you know what you want. You won’t be sway away by other peoples’ opinion. You are so charming.

    Hope its a good ending – Park Moo Hyuk marries Lee Min Jung

  34. 34 : luvkimjiho Says:

    Yeah…the drama is more and more interesting now…
    Really love to watch Kim Ji Ho & Go Se Won’s romance…also the child actor and Happy Day Owner~~~

    I also like Go Se Won character.

    They are so cute~ ^-^

    Hope Muh Hyuk and Min Jung had a happy ending~~~
    And one thing: there are many scenes that Muh Hyuk shi pulls Min Jung’s arms a lot…i think ji ho’s arms will hurt after the shooting…ji ho shi…do u need pain reliever? I’ll give it to u…luv ya! jux kidding~ LOL XD

  35. 35 : luvkimjiho Says:

    지호언니’s acting is ok…i think most of the immature & young actresses cannot act like that…..

    I just love to watch this drama all because i like kim ji ho, and drama, itself is interesting to watch…

  36. 36 : luvkimjiho Says:

    Aja aja…fighting!

  37. 37 : Butterfly Says:

    Ep 51 Oh Yoo Ran is so thick skin. Got the cheek to look for Lee Min Jung at Happy Day and demand that LMJ leave Flora so that her younger sis need not want to resign because sad to see the 2 lovebirds in company. LMJ’s mum & OYR had scuffle in office and OYR hurt her arm & ended up in Police station. OYR got the cheek to want to complain till they are punish by law…
    So……….. vicious!!!!

  38. 38 : OH Zhen Says:


  39. 39 : Butterfly Says:

    I want to slap Oh Yoo Ran – so bad.
    She make Lee Min Jung’s mum apologize to her (if not she want to go ahead to sue her) after she fell down on the floor & hurt her stupid arm after the scuffle……………

  40. 40 : My sister Says:

    At Episode 54, Oh Yoo Ran found out that Lee Min Jung had a son.
    Hi Screenwriter, can you please don’t let Lee Min Jung always bully by Oh Yoo Ran. Please let Oh Yoo Ran bad ex-boyfriend comes back to disturb and haunts her so that she don’t hv so much energy to disturb LMJ.

  41. 41 : Butterfly Says:

    Why Lee Min Jung is so afraid to let her ex husband knows that she got a kid? It is her husband who commit adultery and divorce her. He is in the wrong. Why is LMJ so afraid of him and her ex-inlaws. Does he got the cheek to come and snatch the son since they already divorce 6 years ago. Its very unfair if Korean law side the man all the way instead of the lady without finding whose fault.

  42. 42 : Butterfly Says:

    Hi Ms Kim Ji Ho — Since I started watching your present drama – YOU DON’T KNOW WOMEN – its so exciting and nice that there is no turning back…….
    You really perform very well. Hope you are strong in this drama & please don’t be bullied by Oh Yoo Ran. Fight her till the end. Hope you will be married to Park Moo Hyuk and live happily ever after including Sarang & your mum.

    Your good friend will marry Park Moo Hyuk’s father…..

  43. 43 : Rose Says:

    lovlyndar, this drama is not about revenge at all. You would know that if you had seen the drama even if you may not understand 100% of its contents.

    It is a refreshing drama which shows South Korea’s society and its challenges as a single mother. Our heorine is not looking for revenge at all!! All she really wants is peace and happiness raising her kid without all that dramarama. I sincerely hope that people who says this show is all about revenge, really shows that they are ignorant. So please think twice before commenting such rubbish!!

  44. 44 : via Says:

    I think its a very interesting story, but I will watch it when its allready finish so i will know the ending of this drama.. I just hate sad ending!!!

  45. 45 : Annie Says:

    I luv this drama! Kim Ji Ho and Go Se Won are great! I just hope it’s not going to be a tragedy.

  46. 46 : butterfly Says:

    I find this drama a little boring already because at Ep 55, Lee Min Jung still bullied by Oh Yoo Ran

  47. 47 : ok Says:

    Lee Min Jung ex-husband & ex-mother-in-law suspect that Sarang is their son/grandson. Its really ridiculous if they can snatch him back even he didn’t do his duty as a father since Sarang was a baby.

    If that is true, then Korea need to change its law to favour the ladies who are hurt with this type of marriage. Its really unfair to them.
    It should do justice to the law so that men don’t misbehave.

    I hope Go Se Won can use his “power” = money to win Sarang & Lee Min Jung over LMJ ex-husband.
    Let LMJ ex-husband & family regrets for life for treating such a nice lady like that.

  48. 48 : ok Says:

    ep 57
    Aiyo, Lee Min Jung ex-husband so thick skin. Tail her to her house to check whether Sarang is his son or not. So what if it is. Korea need to change the law to protect the females.

  49. 49 : Annie Says:

    ep59, things are not going smoothly for Min Jung and Moo Hyuk.. 🙁

  50. 50 : Kimberly Says:

    I am getting angrier when i watch Ep60.

    Being a FLORA president, I thought you are so smart. But it shows otherwise – Your action make me dislike you. Why want to break up a loving couple – yr son & Lee Min Jung just bc she had a son.

    So what if you tell Oh Kyung Ran that Park Moo Hyuk is Mr Black. You think you can “force” your son into accepting Oh Kyung Ran????

    Oh Kyung Ran – pls wake up. Junior Park or Mr Black don’t like you means don’t like you. So what if you like him 7 years ago, its still a one sided love. Why are you so thick skin. You intend to the couples up with your evil sister help again after knowing who is Mr Black?
    Pls marry OLD President Park if you want.

    OH Yoo Ran – I thought of slapping you whenever you appear. Full of evil motives.
    Kang Sung Chan – you are damn thick skin. You cheated your 1st wife Lee Min Jung and now dare to “snatch” your son back.

    You should live with evil Oh Yoo Ran so that she can disturb you & your mum for life.

  51. 51 : chillicrab Says:

    Dear Writer

    There are many divorced single mother living a hard life in this world.
    Lee Min Jung can consider a luckier person bc at least her mom & her childhood friend are by her side helping her to look after her son SARANG while she can concentrate fully on her job to earn a living.

    Please please please DO NOT let her die.
    Please make Lee Min Jung stronger & stronger. Do not let her be defeated just because she marry a wrong husband Kang Sung Chan.

    Please give Lee Min Jung a second chance – marry Go Se Won & live happily ever after.

    Let all the evil people be defeated.
    Thank you

  52. 52 : chillicrab Says:

    I like Lee Kyung Jin professional acting.( Kim Ji Ho mother). You acted so well. The way you worry about your daughter future. sometimes you vent your anger on your grandson SARANG bc his father jilted your daughter. Your expressions & action can tells how much you feel the pain for your daughter.

  53. 53 : Annie Says:

    Chillicrab, well said. 🙂

  54. 54 : chillicrab Says:

    Ep 62.
    President Park meet Lee Min Jung in his office and asked her to leave his son bc he found out that LMJ has a son herself.

    I like Lee Min Jung answers :

    I am sorry. Because of me, You and your son are very tired. But I cannot tell Park Moo Hyuk I wanted to break off with my own lips already.

    P. Park : Why

    I have already rejected PMH so many times and also hurt him alot. I owe him alot. I cannot hurt him anymore. If PMH changes his heart and wants to break off with me, I will leave him then, because it only hurts me alone. But I really can’t open my mouth to say break off. I am so sorry.

  55. 55 : Annie Says:

    That was a very touching scene….
    ——comment #54

  56. 56 : my friend Says:

    My friend are getting a little tired for this drama already because they are not happy that Lee Min Jung (Kim Ji Ho) are being disturbed by Oh Yu Ran and now her ex-husband also come and disturb her after knowing Sarang is his son.

    Please DO NOT — DO NOT let Oh Kyung Ran (younger sis of Oh Yu Ran) marry lead actor Go Se Won no matter what happen.


    Dear Writer
    It will be wasting our time if it is not a good ending.
    Please let GO SE WON MARRY LEE MIN JUNG and they live happily ever after with SARANG.

  57. 57 : Charlotte Says:

    Why English sub take so long to upload. I don’t understand Chinese. Could you all please speed up.. Thank you.

  58. 58 : 珊珊 Says:


  59. 59 : Brenda Says:

    Oh Kyung Ran – why are you so thick skin. You think if you love someone 8 years, then other party have to love you back and marry you?????

    Then if I love Bae Yong Jun 10 years already, can I ask him to marry me!!

    You very funny & thick thick thick skin like your elder sister.

  60. 60 : Brenda Says:

    Kang Sung Chan – your mother also very very thick skin.

    Hope that your mum always bully and torture by your present wife Oh Yoo Ran forever.

    Then Oh Yoo Ran always bully and torture by her ex-boyfriend forever.
    ha ha

  61. 61 : Sammi Says:

    Brenda you are right, you love bae yong jun 10 years he never marry you. I love an jae wook more than 10 years also he never marry me. Don’t worry, the director will not let Oh Kyung Ran have a good ending! If not a lot of people will not watch anymore..

    p.s to scriptwriter: really hope that Lee Min Jung and Go Se Won will marry each other and have a happy ending. thank u….

  62. 62 : Zi Lin Says:

    i like Go Se Won and lee min jung very very much !!

  63. 63 : mummy jojo Says:

    Go Se Won pls marry lee min jung k.

  64. 64 : singapore fan joan Says:

    Go Se Won i love you…. love u….!!

  65. 65 : luvkimjiho Says:

    Waiting for more interesting episodes!!!

    Like this drama so much~~~

    Great actors and actresses! Even a child actor, Sarang made me satisfied in his acting~~~ Love all of u~~~
    Oh Kyung Ran is stalking to Park Muh Hyuk all the time, getting drunk…ah…I liked u as a cute girl when i saw u for the first time. But now, u really make me hopeless. How can u stalk a guy who doesn’t love u?

    Love Min Jung and Muh Hyuk couple so much!!! Sarang Hae Yo!
    Kang Sung Chan and Oh Yu Ran couple deserve each other…they are such a screaming couple…shouting at each other all the time in the house. Really a noisy household~~~

    You Don’t Know Women crew, fighting!!!

  66. 66 : OK OK OK Says:

    SARANG — you are so cute. Onni Chuah yeyo

  67. 67 : Ahjuma Says:

    Go Se Won — you are so man

  68. 68 : chillicrab Says:

    Ep 66 Im Ye Jin as Jang Geum Sook (Kang Sung Chan’ mother) is damn thick skin. Really goes to Sarang hse to investigate again.

    Did you all notice how to deal with Sung Chan’s mother – just be more fierce than her.

    She dare not bully Oh Kyung Ran but dare to act arrogantly to Lee Min Jung.

    Lee Min Jung – Do not be afraid of her – ok. You have Sexy Go Se Won & your family standing behind you.

  69. 69 : chillicrab Says:

    Script writer — Good ending please.

    Lee Min Jung Marries Go Se Won and live happily with Sarang & his grandma.

    All viewers love good ending — they will buy the drama to watch.
    Thank you

  70. 70 : Annie Says:

    I am so disgusted with Kang Sung Chan and his family, especially the women (sorry, no offense to all the women out there). They have no shame!!! They even try to justify their evil deeds…… like they are entitled to everything in life…….(at other people’s expense).

    To You Don’t Know Women writers:
    Please give us a happy ending!!!

  71. 71 : Mary Says:

    Lee Min Jung & Go Se Won — fighting.

  72. 72 : Annie Says:

    I can’t wait for Oh Yoo Ran to be tortured by her ex boyfriend~ haha

  73. 73 : my friends Says:

    Let everybody know or find out when Oh Kyung Ran & Oh Yoo Ran planing or doing evil thing especially Oh kyung Ran’s colleagues & President Park.

    Let them know these 2 sisters are not angel.

  74. 74 : Go Se Won Fan Says:

    I am angry & agitated when seeing Kang Sung Chan’s mother. Even the way she speaks makes me boil.

    Hope her husband’s & son’s business all go buzz and she live in poverty so that she, Oh Yoo Ran & Oh Kyung Ran don’t the guts anymore to “eat” people up.

  75. 75 : my friend joyce Says:

    I am smitten by Go Se Won Suaveness. Otoke???

  76. 76 : my friend J J Says:

    Presient Park & Sam Chon. How old do you know Park Moo Hyuk is?
    He already 30 years old. You think he cannot think properly? Why you all want to interfere in his choice of his wife?

    Can you guarantee that he won’t end up in divorce if he marry a girl who has not married before ??? Please wake up.

  77. 77 : Furious Says:

    I have watched till episode 70. I am furious.

    Can someone teach Kang Sung Chan’s mother a lesson. Such an irritating and unreasonable woman. Dare to snatch Lee Min Jung’s son.

  78. 78 : KDramafan Says:

    In the official site, i saw some feedback saying that Kim Ji ho’s acting is awkward.

    I don’t think her acting is that bad to say a word”awkward”. I hope to see her more in better dramas, like the one in “Glass Slippers”.

    But, i also like this drama since it has many secrets.
    Writer, please don’t let Ji ho’s character down…thank you.

  79. 79 : KDramafan Says:

    *In the official site, i saw some feedback saying that Kim Ji ho’s acting is awkward.

    I don’t think her acting is that bad to say a word”awkward”. I hope to see her more in better dramas, like the one in “Glass Slippers”.

    But, i also like this drama since it has many secrets.
    Writer, please don’t let Ji ho’s character down…thank you.*

  80. 80 : chillicrab Says:

    @79 Kdramafan

    I was surprised by yr info from “official site”.

    All my family and friends have been watching this drama up to the latest episode 71 and there is no complaint about Lee Min Jung’s Acting.

  81. 81 : chillicrab Says:

    Lee Min Jung – I like your strong character when your ex-mum in law come to demand Sarang from you.

    You have all our support. Fight for your rights. Do not be bullied by anyone.

  82. 82 : chillicrab Says:

    Sarang ah – Your mother Lee Min Jung must have felt consoled when you said you do not want your father to come back to earth because you want only “Smart Park Te Li” to be your father — Ep 70

    Sarang ah – you are very cute. Nomoo Nomoo chuah

  83. 83 : Agnes Says:

    I hope that Lee Min Jung & Go Se Won marry each other and they have their own children too besides Sarang.

    Oh Yoo Ran – serves you right for being such a vicious vain bimbo.

    Now Oh Kyung Ran can feel how irritating & thick skin she was by stalking Go Se Won because the other male colleague whom she dislikes starts wooing her. ha ha ha.

  84. 84 : Chillicrab Says:

    Episode 71
    Kang Sung Chan’s mother living in her own world. Didn’t she update the law? Just because Sarang is her grandson, she can take back anytime she want after 6 years of separation & also her son KSC commited adultery?

    I like Lee Min Jung acting so bravely. She told off her ex-mum in law :
    “Before you are Sarang grandmother, I am his mother”

  85. 85 : Chillicrab Says:

    Lee Min Jung — I love you acting brave

    Hope this drama – high rating

  86. 86 : Joan Says:

    Park Moo Hyuk —
    Most women would love you & your character.
    Knowing what you want and protecting her all the way.
    Most important – you are suave, handsome, charming & rich. ha ha

  87. 87 : Agnes Says:

    I love this sentence from Episode 73 beginning

    Park Moo Hyuk tells Kang Sung Chan when Oh Yoo Ran went to Lee Min Jung’s house to ask her why she want to give birth to Sarang : I don’t know why you want to give up this Jewel (Lee Min Jung). But I am thankful to you because of this, I can have this Jewel. – Well said.

  88. 88 : KDramafan Says:

    @80 chillicrab
    Yeah…i m surprised to read those comments, too.

    I am a fan of Kim Ji Ho since Glass Slippers and her acting is great~ She plays her role very well…

    Love the casts…love the drama! ^_^

  89. 89 : Chillicrab Says:


    Could you please let me know which website that says Kim Ji Ho’s acting is awkward?

    Could it be she commented that she is awkward because she acts opposite Go Se Won who is 5 years younger than her?

  90. 90 : Chillicrab Says:

    Park Moo Hyuk – I am so glad that you tell your father President Park what type of woman is Oh Yoo Ran —————— bad woman (ep 73)

  91. 91 : 73 74 episodes Says:

    Kang Sung Chan – your family damn thick skin especially you and your mother. Can’t you or your mom remember how both of you treated Lee Min Jung when she married into your family and cannot bear a child for you.

    You flirted with vain vicious Oh Yoo Ran and kick out your wife and now you all dare to demand to see your son Sarang because OYR cannot bear any child for you. (serve her right)

    Hope someone can teach you and your mother a lesson how not to treat other badly in future.

  92. 92 : Butterfly Says:

    Lee Min Jung – I am so touch that when President Park read the letters you wrote to him in Episode 74 that he finally agree to let his son the suave and handsome Park Moo Hyuk to marry you after knowing what you have gone through and what a good person you are.

    Hurray — I am so happy.

  93. 93 : Annie Says:

    Can’t wait for next week’s wedding scenes. 🙂

    Please please dear writers, please don’t give us a tragic ending, we want Min Jung and Moo Hyuk to live happily ever after…..

  94. 94 : Butterfly Says:

    @ Annie

    I think it will be a good ending for both Lee Min Jung & Park Moo Hyuk because if you notice Lee Min Jung in the beginning of the show, she has nose bleeding to tell us she is weak.

    But now, this action seldom appears now and I hope it won’t appear at all from now till the end. (Finger cross)

    So I guess THE WRITER HAS READ OUR COMMENTS and she knows that we viewers love good ending.

    You can see Lee Min Jung behave so strong & healthy now with Park Moo Hyuk full support and love.

    I am also excited about the future episodes. Hope its getting exciting & exciting

  95. 95 : Annie Says:


    I certainly hope the writers will make our wish come true. 🙂

    Good people like Min Jung and Moo Hyuk deserve a happy life.
    Evil people like Yoo Ran and Sung Chan\’s mother deserve a taste of their own medicine.

  96. 96 : KDramafan Says:

    @89 Chillicrab

    In the official site written in Korean

    Only 3 years younger. Not 5 years. 😀

  97. 97 : chillicrab Says:

    @ Kdramafan

    Could you please copy and paste official site of You don’t know women here so that we can also read it bc many would like to read it.

    Base on their birthday, I still think Kim Ji Won looks young enough to match with Go Se won.

    Go Se Won 1979-Dec-13
    Kim Ji Won 1974-Jul-22

  98. 98 : chillicrab Says:

    Sorry – minor correction

    Should be Kim Ji HO — 22 Jul 1974

  99. 99 : KDramafan Says:

    Go Se Won profile:


    Feedback: http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/w3/template/tpl_iframetype.jsp?vVodId=V0000345781&vProgId=1000635&vMenuId=1012992
    어색(google translates: awkward )

  100. 100 : Annie Says:

    EP 76:

    President Park scolds Oh Yoo Ran.. HAHAHAHA!!! She deserves it!!!

  101. 101 : chillicrab Says:

    @ Kdramafan

    Thank you very very much. Will read it soon -when got the time. ^-^

  102. 102 : Chillicrab Says:

    Episode 76
    I think Kang Sung Chan is so angry not because Lee Min Jung not accepting his money for Sarang daily expenses. The real reason is Park Moo Hyuk is marrying Lee Min Jung and he don’t have any more chance to woo LMJ back. Ha Ha Ha…………………….

  103. 103 : Chillicrab Says:

    @ Annie

    Ep 76

    I was just laughing away too when President Park scold Oh Yoo Ran – even I don’t understand what he is saying – because don’t hv chinese sub yet for this episode. Must wait till 2nite. Ha ha ha

    I was so touch when President Park hug Park Moo Hyuk


  104. 104 : Annie Says:

    @ Chillicrab

    Ditto your sentiments! 🙂

    Min Jung and Moo Hyuk FIGHTING!!

  105. 105 : chillicrab Says:

    Go Se Won – singing audition


  106. 106 : chillicrab Says:

    Go Se Won dancing


  107. 107 : Singapore Oliver Says:

    I introduced this show “you don’t know women” to all my friends and colleagues to watch and we are all addicted to it because we like it a lot. We hope that you – Go Se Won and the lead female actress Kim Ji Ho will have a happy ending. This is very important! We hope that you Go Se Won will become very popular and famous after this show!:)

  108. 108 : chillicrab Says:

    @ Kdramafan

    Thank you very much.

    I have surfed thru the link that you gave about the article of Go Se Won & Kim Ji Ho.

    Though I don’t know Korean Language, I am happy to see so many of Go Se Won’s photos from those links.

    I have uploaded many photos of Go Se Won & Kim Ji Ho. Hope all their fans love it. Hope they both get more popular after this drama

  109. 109 : Annie Says:

    EP 77:

    President Park finally knows Mi Ae’s relationship to Min Jung. What a pleasant surprise! 🙂

    Moo Hyuk’s uncle is still annoying!

  110. 110 : chillicrab Says:

    Hope that SARANG can melt Moo Hyuk’s uncle heart. (yes, he is very annoying)

    I help LMJ, PMH & Sarang — punch him (MH’s uncle)

    Vivian ssi — If she marries President Park – she will be the richest lady in this drama… hahahahahahah

  111. 111 : KDramafan Says:

    @108 chillicrab:
    LOL…My pleasure.
    I m glad to hear that.
    Go Se Won gains popularity due to this drama.
    I think this is the first time he gets the leading role. He only got villain roles in other dramas. He deserves it.

    Hope to see more acting from him and Ji Ho… ^_^
    “You don’t know women”, fighting!
    Love today’s episode! Both the beginning and end. Finally, Clark and Vivien knows their true identity. LOL…

  112. 112 : Annie Says:

    Ep 78

    Kang Sung Chan so thick skin, tells Sarang that he’s his dad. Does he have no shame? But our Sarang is a smart boy, tells Min Jung he dislikes Kang Sung Chan.. HAHAHAHA!!!!!

  113. 113 : chillicrab Says:

    Ep 78

    Kang Sung Chan’s mother – Do you know why all your daughter-in-law cannot give birth???? Blame on your arrogant sharp loud voice & your machine gun speech which can kill. You are such an inconsiderate ajuma –

    any daugher in law also can’t stand you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless you meet one like yourself – to fight & argue with you everyday

  114. 114 : chillicrab Says:

    ep 78

    my guessing right. Kang Sung Chan not only want his son Sarang back, he also want Lee Min Jung come back to him. Is it possible??? Serve you right.

    Here is how to solve your problem – go ahead marry another woman loh even if Oh Yoo Ran disapprove. Now she got not more ACE CARD. ha ha

  115. 115 : Annie Says:

    ep 79

    President Park is such a nice sweet kind father/father-in-law

    Ming Jung looks great in her wedding gown……

    The Kangs are still despicable, they have no shame…….

  116. 116 : Annie Says:

    Overall ep 79 is a happy episode if you ignore the Kangs and Oh Yoo Ran. haha!

  117. 117 : chillicrab Says:

    I think Min Jung will look more beautiful and elegant if her wedding gown has more lace. Her real wedding photo also look very pretty. ^.^

  118. 118 : Lucille Says:

    Go Se Won – you really look very handsome in your bridegroom suite – in YOU DON’T KNOW WOMEN. Hope you have instant stardom after this drama.

  119. 119 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 80

    Kang Sung Chan’s omoni – before you grumble that Oh Yoo Ran got no family manners —- please reflect upon yourself – your manners is worse than hers.

  120. 120 : Belle Says:

    Episode 80
    Sarang ah – when you shake hand with haraboji President Park in your new bedroom – you behave like a little gentleman. You are so cute — mochim Sarang ah.

  121. 121 : Faithful fans Says:

    Episode 80

    Dear writer
    Now Lee Min Jung is at the better situation with protection from Park Moo Hyuk and President Park. She is getting married soon and all seems good on LMJ side.

    Hope it will remain good for LMJ and her loved ones till the end of the drama. Good ending for Lee Min Jung, Park Moo Hyuk family please.

    Good ending will have better ratings and the DVD will sell well too.
    Thank you.

  122. 122 : Oraeorae Says:

    Oh no, I just read the synopsis from a Chinese website that Min Jung met with a car accident!! What the heck!!
    Here’s the Chinese text:

    金济东和宥兰在盛灿面前演了场戏 装成旧识(金妹妹的朋友)之后还一同用餐
    被金济东吓得 宥兰还到厕所吐 金还在门口威胁他

    民政和武贺在整理结婚请柬 校长来电 约民政见面
    武贺不高兴 觉得他们家人轮流折磨民政 民政说校长没有

    盛灿妈在想校长的话 宥兰进来说他吐了 妈妈还想会不会怀孕(之后才想到不可能)

    校长与民政见面拿结婚礼金给民政 说是他的祝福
    还为盛灿妈的行为道歉 要民政不用担心 最后还希望民政幸福

    武贺在公司发帖子 舅舅进来又发脾气


    民政告诉美爱校长的话 美爱也交给民政一个信封 给他准备结婚的钱


    民政妈看到请柬哭了 后来小爱知道婚后外婆不同住也哭了

    盛灿妈又头绑白布条抗议了还躺著 说要绝食 还自言自语肚子饿

    民政抱著睡著小爱 和妈妈说小爱因为分离难过

    宥兰交待静兰 要说金济东是朋友的哥哥

    美爱在长房间 向武贺妈妈的相片道歉 社长很感动

    校长要盛灿妈用餐 盛灿妈希望校长改变主意 结果校长在收拾行李出去了
    校长和盛灿在店里 让他们不要有诉讼的想法

    全组用完餐 武贺硬拉舅舅喝茶 民政在等著 两人交给舅舅请柬
    舅舅离开 武贺和民政追出去 过马路先是机车撞上武贺 后来要汽车过来
    民政推开武贺 自己被车子撞到昏倒(完)
    (有预感是有惊无险啦!! 舅舅亲眼看到民政为救武贺连命都不要 怎麼还有脸反对)

  123. 123 : love kdrama Says:

    can anyone tell me which webside can i watch, can’t wait, too long with vikki………………………… but with eng sub. thankuuuuuu

  124. 124 : chillicrab Says:

    Ep 81

    Lee Min Jung involve in an accident in order to save Park Moo Hyuk when he chase his uncle across the road to give him their wedding invitation card.

    I hope my guessing is right :
    Don’t worry. I think this scene is to make Moo Hyuk’s uncle think about LMJ how much she love PMH. She willing to sacrifice her life to save him. PMH’s uncle will also feel bad bc he is the cause of this accident.
    Finally, he will agree to their marriage when LMJ wakes up.

  125. 125 : Annie Says:

    @ Chillicrab, I guess you are right about the accident scene. It is just to convince Moo Hyuk’s uncle it is true love between Min Jung and Moo Hyuk.
    Let’s just hope uncle wise up this time……

  126. 126 : chillicrab Says:

    ep 82

    Though Lee Min Jung wakes up from the road accident, I still find her a little blurr blurr & she still vomits after eating. Not a good sign.

    Hope the writer don’t disappoint us. Good ending please.

  127. 127 : chillicrab Says:

    Ep 83 to 88

    Lee Min Jung & Park Moo Hyuk’s family — everything went smoothly for them.

    Kang Sung Chan’s family – all in a mess. KSC found out that Oh Yoo Ran is threaten by her ex-lover and wanted her to get out of the house which she refused.

    Will KSC end up with his father female student who works in the restaurant. She looks very vain and suspicious to me. Is she another Oh Yoo Ran. hahahahhahaha

  128. 128 : Annie Says:

    ep 092

    Moo Hyuk went to say goodbye to his dying biological father.

    Oh Yoo Ran and Kang Sung Chan are still torturing each other, HAHAHA!!!! These two so deserve one another…

  129. 129 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hi Annie

    I miss your comments. Ha ha ha.
    I wonder will Kang Sung Chan ends up with his father’s waitress.
    Hope she will torture him and his mother in future becoz he deserves it.
    Oh Yu Ran still didn’t learn her lesson.

    I am quite wicked, right? Ok lah, if Kang Sung Chan repent, then he won’t get torture if he marries again. But the waitress looks very vain leh.

  130. 130 : Annie Says:

    Thanks @OK OK OK! 🙂

    There must be a reason for the writers to put the waitress in the script. I think u are right, she’s there maybe to seduce Kang Sung Chan. He really needs to kick Oh Yoo Ran’s backside out of his house!

    Oh Yoo Ran is such a evil person, she does not deserve happiness!

  131. 131 : KDramafan Says:

    Why “You Don’t Know Women” drama is listed in the poll of Best Korean drama 2010″???????? I am thinking of giving this drama a vote… eek.

  132. 132 : KDramafan Says:

    Sorry I mean:
    Why “You Don’t Know Women” drama is NOT listed in the poll of Best Korean drama 2010″???????? I am thinking of giving this drama a vote… eek.

  133. 133 : Admin Says:

    because this drama will end on year 2011, so you may vote for this drama on next year – the best korean drama of 2011

  134. 134 : KDramafan Says:

    Oh…2011! How many episodes are there? That long…

  135. 135 : Annie Says:


    what has kang sung chan done right for sarang to call him dad? that scene really made me mad……. he doesn’t deserve to be called ‘dad’ for the evil deeds he’s done to Min Jung. 🙁

  136. 136 : ju Says:

    pls, scriptwrtier, happy ending for this drama. even better if Lee Ming Jung and Park Moo Hyuk have their own children ! I am watching this drama for the second time, it is fantastic and wanted to vote it as best drama of 2010 but can’t find it in the poll.

  137. 137 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 136 Ju

    You cannot vote for best drama in 2010 bc this drama ends in 2011. The answer already in @133

  138. 138 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 96

    Yoo Ran is vicious & a vain lady. Kang Sung Chan’s mother is more vicious than Yoo Ran a thousand times. Lee Min Jung cannot get pregnant 101% due to stress from KSC mother. Always order people to do this do that. Always scold people in sarcastic manner. KSC father – blind to marry her. She don’t deserve to marry a principal, stay in a big house and has a skin specialist son. Should let someone squander KSC family money and let them live in poverty so that KSC mother got no time to scold people with her machine gun like mouth which can kill……………………….

  139. 139 : chillicrab Says:


    My friend also agree with you. What did Kang Sung Chan do that deserve Sarang call him FATHER so easily and affectionately. Just because that Spagetti or the Mee Goreng didn’t burn Sarang???? Angry men.

  140. 140 : chillicrab Says:

    Ep 96

    Lee Min Jung busy eating raw sweet potatoes. ^.^

    Script writer. I also hope that Lee Min Jung and Park Moo Hyuk can have twins or triplets. To prove that Lee Min Jung cannot give birth due to stress and anger from Kang Sung Chan’s mother unreasonable ill treatment. Kang Sung Chan & his low class mother will be jumping mad. hahahahahahha

  141. 141 : Annie Says:

    @ chillicrab

    great minds think alike 🙂

    all kang sung chan deserves is oh yoo ran yelling affectionately at him 24/7, hahaha!!! let them drive each other crazy for the rest of their lives.

    i also hope min jung and moo hyuk will have lots of kids to complete their family. fingers crossed….

  142. 142 : Annie Says:

    ep 97

    divorce is inevitable…..
    no more yelling and screaming until Kang Sung Chan’s 3RD wife… HAHAHAHA!!!!

  143. 143 : Chillicrab Says:

    A few days ago, I started to watch I LOVE YOU, DON’T CRY by Lee Jung Jin (one of my favourite actor). Since the lead actress I can accept – so i watch…….. the story – not bad. ^.^

    Each episode also around 35 mins. Now I am at episode 25.

  144. 144 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 99

    I am happy for Chairman Park & Go Mi Ae will have their own kid. I am even more………………………..happy for Park Moo Hyuk & Lee Min Jung because she is also pregnant. Hope that LMJ will have twins or triplets.


  145. 145 : ju Says:

    ep 99, I am so happy for Lee ming Jung and Park Moo Hyuk ! At last they
    have their own kids. Also feel happy for Chairman Park and Go me Ai too.
    I really enjoy watching this drama so much , make me feel life is beautiful.
    However, I think it is even more meaningful if KSC reconcile with his wife and both repent of what they have done .Hoping that Yong Ran becomes a more sensible person.

    Learning to forgive and cherish is also part of love in life.

  146. 146 : OK OK OK Says:

    So disappointed. I repeat Ep 99 to watch it with chinese sub this time but I think they have edited wrong sub. It belongs to another drama. Hope they know the mistakes and change it.

  147. 147 : Annie Says:

    To ‘You Don’t Know Women’ Writers,

    Man, i am so speechless… why let Ming Jung have cancer while she’s pregnant???!!!!!!

  148. 148 : chillicrab Says:

    @ Annie

    Scriptwriter wants us to worry for Min Jung mah!

    I also very disappointed because I thought Min Jung can have more kids in future to make Kang Sung Chan’s mother jumbing up and down with regrets.

  149. 149 : Annie Says:


    I can handle the worrying, but not the crying. Please let Min Jung live!

    I am disappointed at how the story turns out as well.

  150. 150 : marie Says:

    I don’t believe it, this series was doing so well and now the writers have stuffed it up with the cancer. Please let it be a happy ending I was so happy with the show and now it’s just a big let down. There is already too much sadness in the world we need to watch something that gives us hope. Please give us some loving moments enough of the sadness.

  151. 151 : chillicrab Says:

    @ scriptwriter

    If you let Lee Min Jung dies in the end, the DVD will not sell well because many viewers will buy good ending with good script drama for viewing and KEEPING.

  152. 152 : Annie Says:

    All I have to say is: I did not have to smash my TV. HAHAHA!!!!!

  153. 153 : chillicrab Says:

    Dear Scriptwriter

    Thank you for the good ending.

  154. 154 : OK OK OK Says:

    Actually I don’t like the ending even Lee Min Jung lives happily with her family because she has a time bomb – cancer. She have to worry for the rest of her life when cancer is going to strike again.

    My sister have her point of view. She said scriptwriter wants to bring across this point – don’t make people around you stress because it will lead to illness.

    That is what Kang Sung Chan & his mother did to Lee Min Jung. Even they have turn to better, I still don’t like KSC mother, Oh Yoo Ran & KSC – they are very bad…………

  155. 155 : Singapore Fans Says:

    Overall — Worth watching. Its exciting, good story and good ending.
    All actors and actresses acted well.

  156. 156 : a myanmar Says:

    I don’t understand why do the cover of this DVD is OUL kissing to LMJ.I did also misunderstand that it was lesbian series.I am now watching episode 50.What’s going on?Why is the cover of this DVD like this(OUL is going to kiss LMJ)?

  157. 157 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 156

    Don’t worry, NO LESBIAN STORY HERE.

    One of the pictures about Lee Min Jung & Oh Yoo Ran standing so close…..
    Oh Yoo Lan is whispering and warning Lee Min Jung — I am going to seduce your husband and make him mine….and that is the starting of this drama…
    he he he he ^.^

  158. 158 : Chillicrab Says:

    Hi Annie

    How are you? I want to recommend you another nice drama.

    SMILE, DONGHA starring Ji Chang Wook (Karl Laker) & Oh Ji Eun as Lee Bong Yi 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  159. 159 : What You Do Not Know About Your Woman » Nona Mills Says:

    […] You Don’t Know Women » You Don’t Know Women » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean … If you want to chit chat, you may chit chat here. Thank you for your cooperation.) […]

  160. 160 : Ruky Says:

    Could anybody tell me where i can get the eng sub for this drama and I cant stop. Thanks

  161. 161 : annmasae Says:

    Love this drama. Watching on TV in Hawaii. Glad there will be a happy ending. The chemistry between the main leads is wonderful even though they are fighting a lot.
    Still trying to find online site with English subtitles. Please let me know if there is one.

  162. 162 : OK OK OK Says:

    after watching this drama, i recommend it to my friends. They all said very nice. 🙂 🙂

  163. 163 : teri Says:

    What’s up with Korean drama writers they never make the bad guys pay for their wrongdoings!!!! Preferred if Yo Ran had the cancer she deserves it and Min Jung should have had the twins…Maybe writer is also bad guy…Come on writers make the bad guys pay in the end!!!

  164. 164 : ptsh836 Says:

    dis drama is without eng subs @ dramastyle.com n with chinese subs @ tv.sohu.com….cant find one with eng subs tho…

    im @ epi 46 n da storyline is getting stagnated @ da part where oh yoo ran practically runs her sis’s life by luv matching 4 her as well….i do admire her 4 protecting her sis but to dictate n fix n broker her luv life is jus too much!! ive nvr encountered a woman who is as thick-faced n shameless as her!!….after getting lee min jung out of her marriage shes now going for park moo hyuk’s head now dat her target is clear….even when moo hyuk rejected oh kyung ran directly hasnt stopped her nosiness n brash efforts to edge out lee min jung once again!!

    i truly despise her selfish character who cares only 4 her own happiness…n her getting blessed with child is too much! i hope she does not get wat she wans at da expense of min jung n be made to pay 4 her evil deeds!!

    i admire park moo hyuk’s undying efforts to woo min jung n his never giv up attitude!…their onscreen chemistry is sizzling n min jung’s son is simply too cute n a vry talented child actor indeed!!

  165. 165 : halijahainon(MALAYSIAN) Says:

    i can’t find this drama with english subt.
    i agree with teri:
    teri Says:
    May 18th, 2011 at 7:56 am

    What’s up with Korean drama writers they never make the bad guys pay for their wrongdoings!!!! Preferred if Yo Ran had the cancer she deserves it and Min Jung should have had the twins…Maybe writer is also bad guy(sorry dear writers)…hu hu hu
    Come on writers make the bad guys pay in the end!!!
    (sorry teri i had edited your original comment a little)

    ha ha ha… dear writers, please be alert……. we are asian fanatics, like to watch your korean drama very much, even we don’t fully understand your languages.please be fair for hero and heroin.i think most of us enjoy happy,good and fair ending………

  166. 166 : ptsh836 Says:

    i finally got hold of dvd 4 dis drama…still without eng subs only chinese ones..so hv to depend on limited, passable knowledge of korean language to follow it.

    @ epi 52 now…still shaking my head..every1 here will ultimately develop dis syndrome…everything abt oh yoo ran is unbelievable…how can a character be so shameless, selfish, thick-skinned..alwayz blaming others ard her 4 her miseries but herself! why is it dat no one here is a match 4 her wicked schemes? often she does things on da behind..advertising 4 her poor sis’s luv match even tho park moo hyuk does not even like her! going to moo hyuk’s dad n carrying tales abt lee min jung…wrecking min jung’s happiness at every turn! i simply hate dis type of no-conscience character! doesnt she believe in repercussions? abt going to hell 4 all da troubles she had stirred up?..when all da time justifying all her actions on her luv 4 her sis! wasnt it enuf dat min jung’s marriage was destroyed da 1st round…now shes going 4 seconds!! aaiiizzz!! i truly hate her very face!!

    da only character i like here is lee sa rang!! ie ming jung’s lil’ son…hes so talented, cute n innocent!…alwayz nvr fail to make me smile at his brilliance in delivering his lines, flawlessly n impeccably!!

  167. 167 : Crys Says:

    Oh Yoo Ran Didnt Have Babies In The End. It Wasnt Her Babies She Was Volunteering At A Clinic I Believe. I Cant Wait Too See It On Dvd 🙂 2Thumbs Way Up!!

  168. 168 : sofea Says:

    i want to know. whats will going in end episode?

  169. 169 : Cindy Says:

    at ep 101. Lee min jung is pregnant. Kang Sang Chan is on the verge of bankruptcy. Yippee

  170. 170 : thidar Says:

    i like lee min jung
    leeminjung is orginal korean name?

  171. 171 : Ghulam Sarwar Says:


  172. 172 : afifah Says:

    where can i watch the episod…..????

  173. 173 : Richard zhang Says:

    It’s a very very good drama.I like it very much and one of the best dramas for me .

  174. 174 : ptsh836 Says:

    Finally ive finished this drama! mighty long n a bit of an anti-climax when min jung was diagnosed with cancer…personally, i think the writer is stressing on the title of dis drama…”you dun know women…women and their inherent strengths in the face of life-threatening issues…here, it was min jung’s illness n earlier on…how she had strived n survived as a single parent. it also showcased the steely reserves needed by minjung to chart the course of welcoming her 2nd child…when all those around her were against her decision to keep the baby n skip chemo treatment till her child was born.

    i wud have luved to see park moo hyuk n min jung enjoying her pregnancy n not having to worry n stress ovr her illness…

    anyway, the villains were all duly dealt with…with much satisfaction! No. 1 is min jung’s ex-mother-in-law…at least for now she will have to shut up n accept her fate in being poor n losing her beloved luxury lifestyle…she is one mother-in-law everyone will hate to have! constantly having a say in everything…she is totally nuts n unacceptable in this modern generation…i hope her species belongs to kdramaland only…not real!!

    oh yoo ran mellowed considerably towards the end n i find it not too in line with her fiery character n she was somewhat tiresome when it comes to making amends with her in-laws n kang song chan… whatever little that she offered to do…she couldnt appease them of their loss of their home n kang song chan’s practice not forgetting his bankruptcy….

  175. 175 : JHo Says:

    This drama is really worth watching, I am trying to go to SBS official website hoping to find the description of the cast especially Ming Jung and Moo Hyuk age in the drama, anyone know, who is older ??? sort of keen to know, they are very matching

  176. 176 : Fien Says:

    How to buy the DVD of this series?

  177. 177 : Holly Says:

    I like this video. Thanks for the posting.

  178. 178 : Bjm Says:

    As i am watching the drama currently, all the comment here really help me to understand the storyline. Thanks everyone.

  179. 179 : nwe Says:

    i like this drama very much. Go Se Won’s so handsome and attractive. I like his acting styles very much.

  180. 180 : KKT Says:

    Hi, Go Se Won, i hav never seen such a good drama. U are so handsome. Hope to see u in more and more drama series as a main leading actor. FIGHTING !!!

  181. 181 : moran Says:

    can someone tell me where can i watch this drama with eng sub?

  182. 182 : vie Says:

    Where watch this drama with eng sub? Really want to watch this drama 🙁

  183. 183 : Olivia Meilani Says:

    Hai, i want to buy DVD You Don’t Know Women, can you help me ?

  184. 184 : aliah Says:

    how to get DVD this series?? I love so much… please

  185. 185 : azreen Says:

    I want to buy this cd…..where I can get it at malaysia

  186. 186 : OK OK OK Says:

    I always recommend friends to watch even this drama I have watched 5 years ago.

    Like the main cast Kim Ji Ho and Go Se Won 😛

  187. 187 : funnygurl Says:

    i’ve been wanting to watch this drama bec of Go se won but just can’t find it anywhere! @OK OK OK do you know where to watch this pls? i’m a new fan of GSW 🙂 thanks!

  188. 188 : GSW fan Says:

    i just started this drama & bec i love go se won 🙂 however the synopsis indicates that minjung’s son was taken by her ex who’s just awful to her, i think it may be too early for me to conclude something but i just didn’t quite u/stand why she’d give her son to her ex where as muyuk treated her son as his own? i can’t wait to finish this drama, it’s one of those that gets you addicted to it!

  189. 189 : Ayien Says:

    How I want to see this movie…

  190. 190 : GSW fan Says:

    @Ayien Yes I’m also watching now bec of Go se won – it’s a very nice korean drama! If you won’t mind watching w/o Eng subs you can possibly see it! I’m so amazed with Go se won as Park Moo hyuk in this drama, he’s so adorable as always! Am now on Ep 50 and woah he’s a good kisser (smiles)!!
    @Ok Ok Ok you’re so right, this may be an old kdrama but woah it beats some of the other ones esp some kdramas these days, this old drama will be one of my top 10 kdramas of all time! Just love Go se won & Kim ji hoo what a great chem and hope they work together again someday!

  191. 191 : Jinjoo Says:

    my only regret is i didn’t know about this drama till now & it’s 2021, i cld’ve joined in the good discussions fans got in here at that time it was airing however i’m so happy i can watch this even w/out eng subs! i always skip to the scenes of annoying sister, minjung’s ex monster in alw (ex father in law was OK to her i don’t mind him) the ex hubby is also annoying & immature! i can’t wait to see the OTP marrying towards the end i believe! i just love Sarang ah the cute son! this drama always makes me look f/ward to the day to watch it! i can’t stop loving park moo hyuk! so loving & charming and knows how to protect his woman! 2 thumbs up waaaay up to this drama!

  192. 192 : GSW fan Says:

    i’m on ep 59 and i can’t help but put my 2 cents here albeit nobody’s watching this anymore since it’s a few yrs old now but the scene where park mo hyuk proposed to her with her son sarang giving him a heart shaped necklace then their own engagement rings just made it very touching, can’t help but be teary! woah this drama of GSW and other projects he was in wld be one of my favorites!
    thanks star korean drama for having this page on this beautiful love story!

  193. 193 : GSW fan Says:

    Hi star korean drama, I found out today that Go se won was in a movie called The Outsider: A Destitute Life but can you pls update your filmography for him here & add it to his list of projects?
    Many thanks!

  194. 194 : Nene Says:

    this drama is very addictive & just love the scenes of min jung and moo hyuk! watching ep 92 as i type, i can’t seem to u/stand why go se-won didn’t win an award in this drama, he was fantastic in his role, so natural & all that! sadly this drama didn’t get subbed since i’d say this is one of the best kdramas i’ve seen and that’s my opinion! i can’t wait to finish this & heard it’s a happy ending!

  195. 195 : jahanzaib Says:

    this drama is very addictive & just love the scenes of min jung and moo hyuk! watching ep 92 as i type, i can’t seem to u/stand why go se-won didn’t win an award in this drama, he was fantastic in his role, so natural & all that! sadly this drama didn’t get subbed since i’d say this is one of the best kdramas i’ve seen and that’s my opinion! i can’t wait to finish this & heard it’s a happy ending!

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