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Title: 여자를 몰라 / You Don’t Know Women
Chinese Title : 不懂女人 / 你不了解女人
Also Known as : Don’t Know Her
Previously Known as 행복의 조건 / Conditions of Happiness / Terms of Happiness
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 109
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-02 to 2010-Dec-31
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:40 AM


Lee Min Jung becomes pregnant after discovering her husband’s affair with Oh Yoo Ran. A drama about her life as a single mom and the man who loves her unconditionally.


Lee family

Kim Ji Ho as Lee Min Jung
Lee Kyung Jin as Han Pyung Ja
Goo Seung Hyun as Lee Sa Rang (Min Jung’s son)

Park family

Go Se Won as Park Moo Hyuk
Ki Joo Bong as President Park

Kang family

Im Ho as Kang Sung Chan
Chae Min Seo Oh Yoo Ran
Moon Ji In as Oh Kyung Ran
Im Ye Jin as Jang Geum Sook
Lee Jung Gil as Kang Gyo Jang

Other people

Jung Kyung Soon as Go Mi Ae
Park Jung Woo as Ma Kang Soo
Baek Seung Hyun as Kim Jin Woo
Park Sun Joon (박선준) as Jin Sung Mo
Park Young Jin as Joo Ki Ja
Ji Yoo as Jang Eun Young
Son Jung Min
Kim Ga Eun

Production Credits

Producer: Oh Se Kang
Director: Bae Tae Sup
Screenwriter: Kim Young In

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186 Responses to “You Don’t Know Women”

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  1. 151
    chillicrab Says:

    @ scriptwriter

    If you let Lee Min Jung dies in the end, the DVD will not sell well because many viewers will buy good ending with good script drama for viewing and KEEPING.

  2. 152
    Annie Says:

    All I have to say is: I did not have to smash my TV. HAHAHA!!!!!

  3. 153
    chillicrab Says:

    Dear Scriptwriter

    Thank you for the good ending.

  4. 154
    OK OK OK Says:

    Actually I don’t like the ending even Lee Min Jung lives happily with her family because she has a time bomb – cancer. She have to worry for the rest of her life when cancer is going to strike again.

    My sister have her point of view. She said scriptwriter wants to bring across this point – don’t make people around you stress because it will lead to illness.

    That is what Kang Sung Chan & his mother did to Lee Min Jung. Even they have turn to better, I still don’t like KSC mother, Oh Yoo Ran & KSC – they are very bad…………

  5. 155
    Singapore Fans Says:

    Overall — Worth watching. Its exciting, good story and good ending.
    All actors and actresses acted well.

  6. 156
    a myanmar Says:

    I don’t understand why do the cover of this DVD is OUL kissing to LMJ.I did also misunderstand that it was lesbian series.I am now watching episode 50.What’s going on?Why is the cover of this DVD like this(OUL is going to kiss LMJ)?

  7. 157
    OK OK OK Says:

    @ 156

    Don’t worry, NO LESBIAN STORY HERE.

    One of the pictures about Lee Min Jung & Oh Yoo Ran standing so close…..
    Oh Yoo Lan is whispering and warning Lee Min Jung — I am going to seduce your husband and make him mine….and that is the starting of this drama…
    he he he he ^.^

  8. 158
    Chillicrab Says:

    Hi Annie

    How are you? I want to recommend you another nice drama.

    SMILE, DONGHA starring Ji Chang Wook (Karl Laker) & Oh Ji Eun as Lee Bong Yi 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. 159
    What You Do Not Know About Your Woman » Nona Mills Says:

    […] You Don’t Know Women » You Don’t Know Women » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean … If you want to chit chat, you may chit chat here. Thank you for your cooperation.) […]

  10. 160
    Ruky Says:

    Could anybody tell me where i can get the eng sub for this drama and I cant stop. Thanks

  11. 161
    annmasae Says:

    Love this drama. Watching on TV in Hawaii. Glad there will be a happy ending. The chemistry between the main leads is wonderful even though they are fighting a lot.
    Still trying to find online site with English subtitles. Please let me know if there is one.

  12. 162
    OK OK OK Says:

    after watching this drama, i recommend it to my friends. They all said very nice. 🙂 🙂

  13. 163
    teri Says:

    What’s up with Korean drama writers they never make the bad guys pay for their wrongdoings!!!! Preferred if Yo Ran had the cancer she deserves it and Min Jung should have had the twins…Maybe writer is also bad guy…Come on writers make the bad guys pay in the end!!!

  14. 164
    ptsh836 Says:

    dis drama is without eng subs @ dramastyle.com n with chinese subs @ tv.sohu.com….cant find one with eng subs tho…

    im @ epi 46 n da storyline is getting stagnated @ da part where oh yoo ran practically runs her sis’s life by luv matching 4 her as well….i do admire her 4 protecting her sis but to dictate n fix n broker her luv life is jus too much!! ive nvr encountered a woman who is as thick-faced n shameless as her!!….after getting lee min jung out of her marriage shes now going for park moo hyuk’s head now dat her target is clear….even when moo hyuk rejected oh kyung ran directly hasnt stopped her nosiness n brash efforts to edge out lee min jung once again!!

    i truly despise her selfish character who cares only 4 her own happiness…n her getting blessed with child is too much! i hope she does not get wat she wans at da expense of min jung n be made to pay 4 her evil deeds!!

    i admire park moo hyuk’s undying efforts to woo min jung n his never giv up attitude!…their onscreen chemistry is sizzling n min jung’s son is simply too cute n a vry talented child actor indeed!!

  15. 165
    halijahainon(MALAYSIAN) Says:

    i can’t find this drama with english subt.
    i agree with teri:
    teri Says:
    May 18th, 2011 at 7:56 am

    What’s up with Korean drama writers they never make the bad guys pay for their wrongdoings!!!! Preferred if Yo Ran had the cancer she deserves it and Min Jung should have had the twins…Maybe writer is also bad guy(sorry dear writers)…hu hu hu
    Come on writers make the bad guys pay in the end!!!
    (sorry teri i had edited your original comment a little)

    ha ha ha… dear writers, please be alert……. we are asian fanatics, like to watch your korean drama very much, even we don’t fully understand your languages.please be fair for hero and heroin.i think most of us enjoy happy,good and fair ending………

  16. 166
    ptsh836 Says:

    i finally got hold of dvd 4 dis drama…still without eng subs only chinese ones..so hv to depend on limited, passable knowledge of korean language to follow it.

    @ epi 52 now…still shaking my head..every1 here will ultimately develop dis syndrome…everything abt oh yoo ran is unbelievable…how can a character be so shameless, selfish, thick-skinned..alwayz blaming others ard her 4 her miseries but herself! why is it dat no one here is a match 4 her wicked schemes? often she does things on da behind..advertising 4 her poor sis’s luv match even tho park moo hyuk does not even like her! going to moo hyuk’s dad n carrying tales abt lee min jung…wrecking min jung’s happiness at every turn! i simply hate dis type of no-conscience character! doesnt she believe in repercussions? abt going to hell 4 all da troubles she had stirred up?..when all da time justifying all her actions on her luv 4 her sis! wasnt it enuf dat min jung’s marriage was destroyed da 1st round…now shes going 4 seconds!! aaiiizzz!! i truly hate her very face!!

    da only character i like here is lee sa rang!! ie ming jung’s lil’ son…hes so talented, cute n innocent!…alwayz nvr fail to make me smile at his brilliance in delivering his lines, flawlessly n impeccably!!

  17. 167
    Crys Says:

    Oh Yoo Ran Didnt Have Babies In The End. It Wasnt Her Babies She Was Volunteering At A Clinic I Believe. I Cant Wait Too See It On Dvd 🙂 2Thumbs Way Up!!

  18. 168
    sofea Says:

    i want to know. whats will going in end episode?

  19. 169
    Cindy Says:

    at ep 101. Lee min jung is pregnant. Kang Sang Chan is on the verge of bankruptcy. Yippee

  20. 170
    thidar Says:

    i like lee min jung
    leeminjung is orginal korean name?

  21. 171
    Ghulam Sarwar Says:


  22. 172
    afifah Says:

    where can i watch the episod…..????

  23. 173
    Richard zhang Says:

    It’s a very very good drama.I like it very much and one of the best dramas for me .

  24. 174
    ptsh836 Says:

    Finally ive finished this drama! mighty long n a bit of an anti-climax when min jung was diagnosed with cancer…personally, i think the writer is stressing on the title of dis drama…”you dun know women…women and their inherent strengths in the face of life-threatening issues…here, it was min jung’s illness n earlier on…how she had strived n survived as a single parent. it also showcased the steely reserves needed by minjung to chart the course of welcoming her 2nd child…when all those around her were against her decision to keep the baby n skip chemo treatment till her child was born.

    i wud have luved to see park moo hyuk n min jung enjoying her pregnancy n not having to worry n stress ovr her illness…

    anyway, the villains were all duly dealt with…with much satisfaction! No. 1 is min jung’s ex-mother-in-law…at least for now she will have to shut up n accept her fate in being poor n losing her beloved luxury lifestyle…she is one mother-in-law everyone will hate to have! constantly having a say in everything…she is totally nuts n unacceptable in this modern generation…i hope her species belongs to kdramaland only…not real!!

    oh yoo ran mellowed considerably towards the end n i find it not too in line with her fiery character n she was somewhat tiresome when it comes to making amends with her in-laws n kang song chan… whatever little that she offered to do…she couldnt appease them of their loss of their home n kang song chan’s practice not forgetting his bankruptcy….

  25. 175
    JHo Says:

    This drama is really worth watching, I am trying to go to SBS official website hoping to find the description of the cast especially Ming Jung and Moo Hyuk age in the drama, anyone know, who is older ??? sort of keen to know, they are very matching

  26. 176
    Fien Says:

    How to buy the DVD of this series?

  27. 177
    Holly Says:

    I like this video. Thanks for the posting.

  28. 178
    Bjm Says:

    As i am watching the drama currently, all the comment here really help me to understand the storyline. Thanks everyone.

  29. 179
    nwe Says:

    i like this drama very much. Go Se Won’s so handsome and attractive. I like his acting styles very much.

  30. 180
    KKT Says:

    Hi, Go Se Won, i hav never seen such a good drama. U are so handsome. Hope to see u in more and more drama series as a main leading actor. FIGHTING !!!

  31. 181
    moran Says:

    can someone tell me where can i watch this drama with eng sub?

  32. 182
    vie Says:

    Where watch this drama with eng sub? Really want to watch this drama 🙁

  33. 183
    Olivia Meilani Says:

    Hai, i want to buy DVD You Don’t Know Women, can you help me ?

  34. 184
    aliah Says:

    how to get DVD this series?? I love so much… please

  35. 185
    azreen Says:

    I want to buy this cd…..where I can get it at malaysia

  36. 186
    OK OK OK Says:

    I always recommend friends to watch even this drama I have watched 5 years ago.

    Like the main cast Kim Ji Ho and Go Se Won 😛

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