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Yellow Handkerchief

Title: 노란 손수건 / No-ran son-su-geon / Yellow Handkerchief
Chinese Title : 幸福的黄手帕 / 幸福黄手绢
Also known as: Yellow Ribbon/Golden Years/Golden Handkerchief
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 169
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2003-Feb-03 to 2003-Oct-03
Air time: Monday-Friday 8:25-9:00PM


After being in a relationship with Yoon Ja-young (Lee Tae Ran) for nearly ten years, Lee Sang-min (Kim Ho Jin) dumps her for a richer woman. He plans to marry the president of his company, Jo Min-joo (Choo Sang Mi). Things go astray, though, when Lee finds out that Ja-young is pregnant. He tries to convince her to get an abortion but fails. Nevertheless, he marries Jo Min-joo in a loveless relationship. On the other hand, Yoon raises the child with her mother, grandmother, sister and brother, waiting for him to come back. Jo Sun-joo (Han Ga In) is Jo’s stepsister, a warmhearted girl who seems very cold. She learns the meaning of love through Yoon Ja-young’s brother (Yeon Jung Hoon), but things don’t go well for them either, especially when there is a pestering neighbor always on the watch. Forgiving and waiting, Yoon Ja-young rises from her hard times to become a successful businesswoman. In the search for success, love is obstructed by greed until the feelings of forgiveness and yearning is realized.


Jo Min Ki as Jung Young Joon
Lee Tae Ran as Yoon Ja Young
Kim Ho Jin as Lee Sang Min
Choo Sang Mi as Jo Min Joo

Extended Cast

Lee Yoo Ri as Na Mi Ryung
Yeon Jung Hoon as Yoon Tae Young (Ja Young’s younger brother)
Han Ga In as Jo Sun Joo (Min Joo’s younger sister)
So Yi Hyun as Yoon Na Young (Ja Young’s younger sister)
Kang Boo Ja as Ja Young’s maternal grandmother
Kim Young Ok as Grandmother Son
Joo Hyun as Lee Woon Kyu (Sang Min’s dad)
Jang Yong as Na Young Man (Mi Ryung’s dad)
Lee Mi Young as Lee Han Soon (Mi Ryung’s mom)
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Oh Kyung Ae (Min Joo’s stepmom)
Kim Na Woon as Suh Joo Yun (Ja Young’s friend/co-worker)
Lee Chan as Ki Hoon (waiter)
Jun Hye Jin as Hwang Hyun Ji (Young Joon’s ex-girlfriend)
Jin Ji Hee as Lee Yoo Na (Min Joo and Sang Min’s adopted daughter)
Lee Byung Joon as Yoon Ji Min (Ja Young’s son)
Jo Yang Ja as Ms. Jo (Lee Woon Kyu’s housekeeper)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jong Chang, Kim Kyu Tae
Writer: Park Jung Ran

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  1. 1 : athena Says:

    I have wathcing yellow hankerchief for almost 2 months now, what bothers me is, the scenes (some) are dragging and the pace is slow. and what is this about house hold registry. and kindly post the ending (summary)of the story.

  2. 2 : cut tarina Says:

    may i getv the information , where i can get the DVD’S of yellow handkerchief… i:m Indonesia, i alrdy try to get but till now i cant find to buy it?? pls help to get the Information

  3. 3 : alicia Says:

    i’ved been a follower of yellow handkerchief and i find it appealing and has a direct impact with us Filipinos, it “somehow” reflects our lives (— family) though we clearly differ in our culture…the family managed to stay intact despite the “individual” challenges they are facing most especially the struggle of Yoon Ja-young … its a great story…kudos to all of you!

  4. 4 : icut Says:

    This morning’s rebroadcast of last night’s ep. (#162) included a few extra scenes not shown last night.

    After the long, wrenching scene of Woon-kyu discovering the truth about Sang-min in his apartment, we see Ji-min at home making a crayon drawing for Young-joon for his birthday. He tells Grandma Sohn it’s a gift for his daddy and asks her to keep his secret, which she thinks is very cute.

    Ja-young is shopping for a gift for Young-joon. We see her in a dept. store looking at wallets. I was thinking she could come up w/ something w/ a little more flair than a wallet, but then I remembered how she gave him a pen once. She goes to her office after she finishes shopping and her co-workers tease her into telling what she bought him. She tells them it’s a wallet, but adds that it’s a very special wallet, which turns out to be because she says “she put herself in it”…which I assume means a picture of herself. But the way she looked away and grinned shyly when she said it, for a second I had this flash that the picture was of her w/ some of her clothes off, but then I realized that was pretty absurd.

    Ja-young picks up the phone in her office to call Grandma Wey to invite them all over for the dinner the next evening. Grandma gets off the phone and tells Mi-ryung, who has just walked in the room w/ a tray w/ tea, that they’re invited to celebrate Young-joon’s birthday the next evening and that she and Tae-young and Na-young should get their brother-in-law a present.

    Woon-kyu is wandering down the street alone, desolate and forlorn. He’s so overwhelmed by the terrible news he just received, he’s almost stumbling as he walks. He stops at one point to lean against a post of some sort and begins sobbing again, his head sinking into his arms as he hunches over.


    Episode 160

    Yesterday the episode started off with Sang-min walking out of the doctor’s office. He is dumbfounded to learn that not only has the treatment not helped, the cancer has actually spread to his lungs now.

    He meets Min-joo there and they talk about this. Minjoo urges him to try another medicine to see if the outcome is different. He tells her he’ll handle it.

    JY goes home and there outside is Woon-kyu. They go get tea together and she tells him that she will let him see Ji-min, but first, she will let SM see him. She realizes that WK does not know anything about SM’s sickness. He tells her that “she should have done this sooner.”

    JY tells YJ that she will let SM see Ji-min so that he can regain the will to live, he agrees it is the right thing to do.

    MR is collecting the clothes to fold them, she sees NY’s underwear and throws them on the floor of her room. NY comes home and she sees her underwear on the floor, proceeds to tell MR that she knew MR was immature, but that she din’t know she was mean. MR tells her that she is not mean, but that she is tired of NY belittling and ignoring her. Tae-young walks in just in time to hear the argument, but instead of standing up for either one of them, he says he’s sick of it, to keep on fighting if they wish. He goes out and grabs a drink with that guy from the messenger service.

    SM and his father go out fishing. WK tells SM to hurry up and fix the matter with Ji-min so he can see him. They proceed to have a conversation about how SM used to be embarrassed because his father was an extra, he apologizes, but WK says to forget about it, that it was all in the past.

    JY sees SM and tells him that he will be able to see Ji-min, he says that it’s all right. He doesn’t want to give him memories when he is just going to die anyway. It ends up with Ja-young asking him “How could such a mighty man like you let your health deteriorate

    Tae young also cried about how hard NY had it growing up like when her mother died and stuff, it made MR cry too and she said that she would try to stop the fighting and then TY passed out. NY has had it tough but I still think she is being mean. There was also a scene where SM and Bad grandpa were fishing and they talked about ji-min and SM told his dad that he wanted to spend more time together like this and dad asked him if he was going back to work SM tried to duck the question.

    Episode 154

    I was furious when I saw that this happened. If they had to cut anything for time, why not eliminate the long scene of Young-man and Han-soon having the memorial ritual for his parents he never knew who may or may not be dead? It wasn’t particularly interesting and was certainly expendable compared to the action of Woon-kyu getting to the house, which is part of the major storyline.

    They seem to always do the cutting around the commercial interruption. You would think a little more thought would go into it than that.

    I can’t believe this, but my recording this morning didn’t work right and when I checked to see what it was doing, I saw it wasn’t recording and I turned on the set…just at that moment, WK was getting buzzed in to Grandma Sohn’s house and GS was on the phone w/ JY and then JY went dashing out the door. Next, YJ is seen running to his car.

    The scene returns to GS’s house and WK is sitting in a chair and GS is telling him he has no right to do this, barging into people’s home (why was he let in? Unfortunately, I didn’t see, so I have no idea why) and WK uses the outrageous defense that he went to the preschool to catch JM outside before going in, but that JM never showed up so WK had no choice but to come to the house. Yeah, WK, right…that’s so much better, ambushing the kid outside the preschool!

    Just then, JM is peeking around a corner of a doorway and WK spots him. WK calls JM over and GS gets very flustered but doesn’t do a thing to stop any of it. She waits until WK tells JM that he’s his grandfather and that his own father is alive before calling to the housekeeper to take JM away. The rest was shown the night before.

    WK is behaving like a big jerk, but I’m impatient with JY and YJ in their usual passiveness. It wasn’t until yesterday JY even mentioned to WK that she would call the police or get a restraining order out against him, which is what she should’ve done weeks ago. YJ comes in and cranks out the same old song about how SM told them to raise Ji-min well and they will. When will they get it through their heads that it’s a waste of time to try reasoning w/ WK and use arguments against him concerning what’s best for JM? It’s obvious this isn’t going to work w/ this guy…he won’t listen and is determined to do what he wants w/ no regard for anyone’s feelings.

    He lapsed into criminal type behavior w/ the stalking and unwanted intrusions and contact w/ JM weeks ago. By now, they should have filed a complaint with the police and sought a restraining order. Keeping the boy home from preschool to avoid him seeing WK is absurd. School is good for him, he has freinds there and seems to enjoy it. Most importantly, WK knows where they live and it was obvious he would go to their house if he couldn’t find JM at school.

    The way to deal w/ this guy isn’t by persistent reasoning or changing their lives and denying their child the enjoyment and stimulation of preschool. It’s to make him understand there are serious consequences for criminal behavior. When people are determined to be victims, it’s very difficult to do anything to help them. And it’s hard to stay sympathetic.

    I am bugged though about not getting the whole ep. taped this morning. The other scenes cut out probably included WK going to the preschool, as he alluded to it, but I didn’t see it. Also, I have no idea why the housekeeper would’ve buzzed WK in. This is another example of unwise behavior for the sole purpose of creating dramatic tension.

  5. 5 : bessie Says:

    pls.post the summary of yellow handkerchirf

  6. 6 : bebe Says:

    maybe we should call him shawn lee karma!

  7. 7 : bebe Says:

    shawn lee karma..the walking hanger. hav u nticed?

  8. 8 : shally Says:

    i want know the ending of the yellow handkerchief.

  9. 9 : liza Says:

    been watching the series all through out..makes me cry everytime..the thing is i like the architectural design of the house used in this series especially the one where jamie yuen and her family lives..i was thinking that i could adapt the design for my house.. thanks

  10. 10 : rhonie Says:

    the mini series will end next week here in the philippines. it was nice to learn about korean family specially for single mothers. what i don”t understand is the family registry. its so absurd to force a single mother who was abandoned by the boyfriend to just register in thier registry. hello we are in the 21th century.

  11. 11 : rhonie Says:

    i can’t understand the family registry. why force a person abandoned by the boyfriend.its absurds hello people we are in the 21th century does it still really exist . does korean women no voice at all.

  12. 12 : supple Says:

    I!ve watched this drama…Karma is indeed true..Whats goes around comes around!!!!Jamie and Jeremy,Shawn and Minerva,Gio and SandyTrixie,Gerald and

  13. 13 : emar Says:

    pls send me a copy of the inal episode of Yellow Handkerchief because it happens that the whole province experienced a blockout on that day.. tnx..

  14. 14 : leonila Says:

    hi ang ganda ng mga drama ninyo

  15. 15 : Haidy Says:

    Hello! KBS media Production you have a great job and your story come up in a very nice and amazing love story in Yellow handkerchief and this is one of the popular k drama in the Philippines, your actor Kim Ho Jin and Lee tae ran are very good love team up.story goes well… see more of you good story, hope this two celebrities can make a new love story this time.good luck to your production.

  16. 16 : Maritza Says:

    I remember seeing this drama when it was first aired in 2003. I have since then have become an avid Korean drama watcher. This is the drama that sparked my interest for Korea. All day everyday, all I see is KBS. Since I live in Chicago, there is a station here that airs everything from Korea. Most shows and dramas have English subtitles. I thank Yellow Handkerchief. It will hold a special place in my heart for ever.

  17. 17 : Michelle Says:

    I wish the TV company would release this on DVD. I know at least 20 people plus myself who would buy it. I saw every episode except the last two, so have never seen the ending. Would love to see this series again and again and again!

  18. 18 : aileen Says:

    i love yoon ja-young,her simplicity as a woman,i love her face….

  19. 19 : eneria143 Says:

    where can i watch this???

  20. 20 : fan Says:

    i would love to see this again and again. i would love to hear it in english.

  21. 21 : mutiara Says:

    I love Korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  22. 22 : Robert Says:

    I am looking to buy the DVD set for Yellow Handkerchief and To Be With You. Both are Korean soap operas and I can’t find them anywhere. (with english sub titles). If anyone knows please email me at [email protected] . Thanks so much

  23. 23 : Suooze Says:

    no ingwish. I love you long time

  24. 24 : debbie Says:

    I really love “Yellow Handkerchief”, it wAS one of the very frist korean dramas I watched. It really became a whole world to me. I missed the last 4 episodes. On mvibo I found that I could order those episodes at their store.

  25. 25 : tara Says:

    I really loved the soap opera, “Yellow Handkerchief”. Where can I buy the DVD?

  26. 26 : joycee Says:

    where can I watch the whole drama?

  27. 27 : anita sy Says:

    where can i watch the whole drama?

  28. 28 : e artis Says:

    Where can I watch Yellow Handkerchief with eng subs?

  29. 29 : e artis Says:

    Where can I find Yellow Handkerchief with english subtitles?

  30. 30 : rosie Says:

    where can i watch the wole drama with english sub?

  31. 31 : ABC90 Says:

    I want to kown too!!!!

  32. 32 : pattie regueiro Says:

    Where can I watch this again? the whole drama with english subtitle

  33. 33 : lea joyce Says:

    Where can i watch this whole drama with subtitle? i’ve been looking for this

  34. 34 : Rose Says:

    Would like to know what website can I watch this drama from the beginning to end. Watched this back in 2003 but was not able to see the whole drama. Would greatly appreciate it if someone in the industry can assist us Korean drama lovers on this matter ..level if I have to buy the DVD on it..your quick respond on this matter would be wholeheartedly appreciated .
    Thank you very much

  35. 35 : Rose Says:

    Correction on above comment: What I meant is even if I have to buy the DVD…thank you

  36. 36 : Dania Says:

    The full drama is on the KBS Drama YouTube account but with no subtitles 🙁

  37. 37 : Laurie Cox Says:

    It’s 2021 and I’m still searching 2003’s Yellow Handkerchief on DVD with English subtitles. My very first! I couldn’t wait to watch it every morning from the Chicagoland area. Still my favorite! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  38. 38 : sapaporn kangvanvegchkul Says:

    where could I get the DVD? What is the subscription language?

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