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While You Were Sleeping

Title: 당신이 잠든 사이 / Dangshini Jamdeun Sai / While You Were Sleeping
Chinese Title : 在你睡著的時候
Genre: Melodrama, romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-May-16 to 2011-Nov-9
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


The story of the fate of two couples and two families that became entangled due to an accident of birth.


Lee Chang Hoon as Chae Hyuk Jin
Choi Won Young as Yoon Min Joon
Oh Yoon Ah as Go Hyun Sung
Lee Young Eun as Oh Shin Young

Hyuk Jin’s family

Jung Dong Hwan as Chae Dae Pil
Park Joon Geum as Mrs. Jang
Baek Min Hyun as Chae Woo Jin
Kim Jin Woo as Chae Hwan Hee

Min Joon’s family

Kim Ha Kyoon as Yoon Hwang Goo
Song Ok Sook as Na Pil Boon
Lee Seong Yeol as Yoon So Joon

Hyun Sung’s family

Kim Hak Chul as Go Kyung Ho
Ahn Hae Sook as Lee Hye Ja

Shin Young’s family

Kang Ye Sol as Oh Shin Hye
Lee Duk Hee as Shin Sook Hee

Other people

Ahn Ji Hyun as Maeng Hyun Joo
Min Joon Hyun as Chae Dae Pil’s secretary
Lee Bum Hak (이범학) as Bum Goo
Park Woo Chun
Yum Ji Yoon as Han Ji Soo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Jung Min
Producer: Kim Yong Jin (김용진)
Director: Park Kyung Ryul
Screenwriter: Ma Joo Hee (마주희)

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Official site

Press Conference with Trailer

Watch Online with English Subtitle (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : Aisa Says:

    Oh Yoon Ah in Athena: Goddess of War, i like her acting!!!

  2. 2 : While You Were Sleeping « Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

    […] at 5:28 pmand is filed under All, Year 2011. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 […]

  3. 3 : Dajeong Says:

    YAY!!! SUNGYEOL IS FINALLY IN A DRAMA!!! I have already seen two clips of his and he is ADORABLE!!! But to be a little judgmental on him, those two clips I saw were not that great of acting……I am sure he will get better. Good luck Sungyeol!!!

  4. 4 : KBC12 Says:


  5. 5 : yulkimn Says:

    i know one hollywood movie same title of dis drama…is it same story line?

  6. 6 : motocarshow Says:

    I have already seen two clips of his and he is ADORABLE!

  7. 7 : IBELIS Says:

    I can’t wait to see this subbed, what a crazy setup.

    The doctor and co-worker of the pregnant wife is the ex lover of her husband. The pregnant wifes sister is the mistress of the doctors husband.

  8. 8 : sylvia Says:

    ooooooooo my god where can i watch this tv drama in english sub? can anyone tell me pls? thx……………

  9. 9 : John O'Rourke Says:

    This drama is on daily via Direct TV in Chicago, SBS Plus, channel 2084.

  10. 10 : John Says:

    This drama is rediculous!! I hope the producer,writer,and director never makes another drama again.

  11. 11 : Vern Says:

    If you go by the story line and the fact that the series is so popular, does this mean that most Korean families are similarly dysfunctional and as individuals are totally self-centered? About the only likeable person is the victim of Ko Hyunsung’s self-delusional evil. And her ex husband is a similar poor excuse for a human being. If anyone knows how this ends, let me know so I can figure if I am willng to go through all these episodes to see a just ending and outcome. Otherwise, what a miserable bunch of people!

    Must be because they are always on a war footing with the DPRK.

  12. 12 : Lisa Says:

    I’m going to watch this for Sungyeol >

  13. 13 : Ezzati Says:

    is there any way i can watch the drama online for free ? i cant find it at maaduu.com, so i dont know where else to look for it T.T

  14. 14 : eny puspita sari Says:

    when this drama will be end?in this year or next year?

  15. 15 : admin Says:

    @ eny puspita sari, This drama should be end on Next Month.

  16. 16 : Shiloh Says:

    The difference between Korean drama and American movies is that the stories are so realistic – and hardly ever sexual. With most American movies, all they focus on is violence and sex which, turns me off to no end.

    Korean drama epitomizes every day life which at one time or another many of us have exprerienced. The only thing though, many Korean drama’s focuses on parent’s who are “status quo” and money hungry conscious.

    They want their kids to marry into affluent and wealthy families which, make me wonder if they are all that way in real life. That was and is my impression in each case.

    All in all, I enjoy the role that each actor’s play. They do a superb job in their assigned role.

  17. 17 : Bishop Ogles Says:

    I love Korean drama for the same reason Shiloh gives: they are non-violet and suitable for young audiences. The plot is challenging and ends with an uplifting note. The acting and directing is fabulous. Thank you, Korea, for such wonderful dramas.

  18. 18 : Venus Says:

    I can’t wait anymore, when are you going to publish this drama with english subtitles?I’m watching on tv & it’s on 50 episode.Maybe if it’s already publish on line I will not sleep all night just to watch these whole episode.I’m waiting forward for your early release.I love your show.Thank you very much for providing us a good & interesting story.

  19. 19 : Nora Says:

    I only started watching Korean dramas for 6 months, a friend suggested that I should watch. I was hesitant at first but now, I’m glued to the TV watching my favorite dramas. Please release this so I can re-watch the whole thing. I love your dramas very much.

  20. 20 : Man Says:

    My kid was was so fed up with me coz i am always first infront of TV to watch the Korean drama when his favourite movie was on at the same time. Could you pleazzzeee repeat the drama so that i can watch it peacefully.

  21. 21 : Faraa Says:

    in MALAYSIA this drama is still on the TV and i watch it now

  22. 22 : indi Says:

    im a mother of 4 beautiful teenage gorgeous girls and they tease me endlessly for my passion to korean drama’s..i started watching korean drama few years back and realised this, that any drama, be it hollywood, bollywood, kollywood etc…they have a connection with real life happenings..and if we have somehow underwent experiences of joy and sorrow, we somehow “click” to it..korean drama has somehow “touched” a soft spot in my heart (esp this movie) that i just have to voice and pen it down here, other especially drama’s like winter sonata, iljimae, boys over flowers, full house, prrincess hours and so many others..may i give a suggestion…please have (updated) your drama’s subtitled “FAST” in English as it is the international world language..you already have many huge fans all around the world and to promote, what better way to do it…thank you for making us realize that we are all the same when it comes to life, the feelings are all mutual..we become the best, as friends or enemies alike..now that is being human after all..once again, kindly please have it subtitled in english, esp..(i do sound desperate here tho..hehehe)..anyway, here’s wishing all the best to all drama producer’s and viewers.. 🙂

  23. 23 : wein Says:

    i dont know why im with the doctor than the victim of this story..yes she make mistake with malpratices but that protagonys women trying to push her to the edge….and try to embarrase her to the whole world..she aint good neither..the worst person in this story not her father but his man…so coward.

  24. 24 : fei Says:

    shiiitt…. This show is killling me now…. At first i love it, but now, today (epi. 70 ), i feel like i’m going to slap all those people, except Hyun sung. Damn!

    Yes, agree with wein, she did made mistake. But seriously, what shin young do to her now is not even better…. I feel like i want to slap her face, min joon, hyuk jin, shinyoung’s mom, minjoon’s parents both, hyunsung’s father….

    Hey writer, who is actually the protagonist and antagonist here ?

    I don’t know why i don’t feel pity at all with shinyoung’s life….
    But hyunsung’s ….. Everybody treated her soooo bad…

    Hhuhuhu hyunsung, hwaiting…. You go girl, just divorce with that stupid man….

    Haiyaa… This is why my mom said i hv too much watching k-dramas…..

  25. 25 : fei Says:

    someone pls tell me what is the ending ?
    I lost interest to watch it now. I may continue if i like the ending, but if not, i want to drop this drama from now on…. watching it till late night is hurting my eyes, espc if the story makes you not happy….

  26. 26 : Karn Says:

    Anyone know where I can watch this? Maybe buy a DVD or a torrent?

  27. 27 : fei Says:

    it currently air at ‘one channel’, evry weekday, 2 epi/night.

  28. 28 : heyyo Says:

    anyone know where to watch this? i search it on youtube,but its only have seungyeol parts only .

  29. 29 : kin Says:

    i still can’t find the episodes on youtube -.- i’m so curious

  30. 30 : drama freak Says:

    hmm….too draggy….i don’t like this drama….just my opinion though…

  31. 31 : Zaara Says:

    I really love this drama…

  32. 32 : doreamon Says:

    Were can i find type vcd, shop-płace, address,

  33. 33 : Kaffee Genosse Says:

    Daebak! This is a good melodrama. You can’t predict how it ends, and it often plays with your emotions. Though a bit unrealistic and bizarre at times, it managed to interest me with the plot twists. A recommended melodrama to watch.

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