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Voice (Season 4)

Title: 보이스 시즌4 / Voice (Season 4)
Genre: Detective, Crime, Thriller
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: tvN & OCN
Broadcast period: 2021-June-18 to 2021-July-31
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:50
Related Series: Voice Series


This drama is 4th Season of Voice Series.

A serial killer with an enhanced hearing ability appears. The serial killer murders people using his enhanced ability. Because of this, Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na), who also has an enhanced hearing ability, is driven into a corner. Kang Kwon Joo cooperates with Detective Derek Jo (Song Seung Hun) to catch the serial killer. Derek Jo is a person of principal, who doesn’t allow mistakes. He is a team leader from the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). His LAPD team dealt with criminal gangs.

Meanwhile Kang Kwon Joo has suffered from PTSD since the death of Do Kang Woo, but she still carries out her duties as the the leader of the emergency 112 call center.


Main Cast

Lee Ha Na as Kang Kwon Joo
Song Seung Hun as Derek Jo
??? as Circus Man


Han Jong Hoon (한종훈) as Chad
Maurice (모우리스) as Nick

Poongsan Police Department (112 Golden Time Team)

Son Eun Seo as Park Eun Soo
Kang Seung Yoon as Han Woo Joo

Poongsan Police Department (112 Dispatch Team)

Kim Joong Ki as Park Joong Ki
Song Boo Gun as Goo Gwang Soo
Baek Sung Hyun as Shim Dae Sik


Kim Woo Seok as Jin Seo Yool
Kwon Jae Hwan as Cheon Sang Pil
Han Dam Hee (한담희) as Chae So Yoon
Lee Eol (이얼) as Yang Bok Man
Chae Won Bin as Gong Soo Ji
Lee Kyu Hyung
Lee Yi Dam as Lisa Jo / Jo Seung Ah (Derek Jo’s younger sister)

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon, Voice Production
Director: Shin Yong Hwi
Screenwriter: Ma Jin Won

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2021-06-18 1 3.155 -
2021-06-19 2 3.205 -
2021-06-25 3 3.391 -
2021-06-26 4 3.885 -
2021-07-02 5 3.815 -
2021-07-03 6 3.964 -
2021-07-09 7 3.658 -
2021-07-10 8 3.685 -
2021-07-16 9 3.227 -
2021-07-17 10 4.001 -
2021-07-23 11 3.762 -
2021-07-24 12 3.294 -
2021-07-30 13 3.418 -
2021-07-31 14 4.372 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : MaxT Says:

    Hopefully it’s better than last 3 seasons.

  2. 2 : OK OK OK Says:

    Sure watch. Female leads Lee Ha Na is good. I like Song Seung Hun too.

  3. 3 : Paras Says:

    Huaaa,, wait for this ep…

  4. 4 : Frankie Says:

    Hope Voice 4 with handsome Song SH has better script than Voice 3 which had a stupid ending

  5. 5 : Misu Says:

    My two favorite actor Song Seung Hun and actress Lee Ha Na.This will be awesome drama. I like the previous Voice dramas..

  6. 6 : alang Says:

    Been recommended to watch this drama … hope I will not be scared out of my goosebumps again, this time.

    Ok ! Serial killer, here I come. Just pretend that I am not watching you. Which is true. I am only interested to find out how you are going to get caught.

  7. 7 : Frankie Says:

    Just watched episode 1. Uri Seung Hoon has lost weight. His English is unfortunately not fluent for a LAPD detective. Oh why must the scriptwriter make him an American. Lee Ha Na keeps dreaming that she’s a psychopath murderer? So who murdered the family? So confusing. Hope the other episodes make up for the messy beginning

  8. 8 : alang Says:

    #7 Frankie

    1) I think it should be ok for Derek Jo’s character not to be fluent. We can still catch what he is saying.

    Officer Derek was after an American criminal (tagged FBI Red Notice) who had fled to S.Korea. He did managed to arrest the criminal.

    But unfortunately, at the same time he lost his sister to the serial killers. His sister happened to be at the wrong place wrong time. An unwarranted tragedy.

    2) Officer Kang KwonJoo obviously is still traumatised by the death of colleague Mr Do. Suffering from PTSD. It doesn’t help when she’s been receiving email from the serial killers teasing her about killings they are about to commit. These take a toll on her nerves, giving her nightmares. Plus …

    3) The serial killer apparently is Officer Kang KJ’s doppleganger or ”twin’ ? This what is confusing Officer Kang KJ in her nightmares. Its possible she does not know about this point yet (or does she already know?).

    Its only Episode 1. And its already action, go go !!

    Note: The drama depicts the serial killers are a gang of three killers, who do their killings as one (in a group). Madness.

  9. 9 : alang Says:

    Haha .. so, Ep 2 revealed (from American side of the investigation), that the doppleganger s.killer could be a fake. Dressed up to look like Officer Kang KJ. A small tear on the silicone mask s.killer was wearing gave her away. Good news.

    Ok … if this is correct, I am glad that we can at least get the doppleganger mystery out of the way. One matter less to wonder about, for Officer Kang KJ as well. And focus on the business of catching these s.killers.

    From the way the story is going, why am I getting the feeling that its going to sound somewhat like a semi scifi fantasy kind of story? You know, the werewolf, frankenstein, godess kali, predator kind of vibes coming thro? I hope not. I would be much dissapointed if it is. I prefer a more down to earth reality kind of story that people can relate to.

    Well, anyway Ep 2 is more or less about a meetup in a hotpot of the good, the bad and the killers on a resort island where crazy stuff happens.

    So the stage is set … let the drama begin …

  10. 10 : Frankie Says:

    Epi 3 What the hell! LAPD captain in pursuit of his sister’s murderer helped the team instead to capture a mad man and a poacher in the jungle? What a detour!

  11. 11 : alang Says:

    #10 Frankie

    Hahaha .. you sound disappointed with ep 3. You cant wait to see police vs s.killer action don’t you? So are we. Who knows? This episode might be just to warm viewers up for whats’ to come later?

    Ep 3 was suspendeful. But it was more or less cliched, with a happy ending though. Hope this is only just to pique our interest for the rest to come.

    This drama has only 14 episodes. Let’s hope the remainder will be jam packed with meaningful actions.

  12. 12 : OK OK OK Says:

    Nice. Fighting!!! 😁

  13. 13 : Atlen Says:

    I like voice season 1 the actors and the story are great.. hope this season 4 is also good and great actors and story.. swason 2 & 3 are not good story but i also like the actor.. fighting💪🏻

  14. 14 : alang Says:

    Slowly … and surely the S.Killer is moving into the picture. What a way to introduce the S.Killer.

    Just like a burlesque show, piece by piece, the S.Killer is peeled of … the raincoat, the really killer high heels, the mask, a woman’s silohuette … to expose ….. the back view of the SKiller in lounge suit carefully combing a wig … oh lorddie !!

    Interested to know more what is underneath all the layers of disguise … ? Aha .. cant wait? Go watch ep 5.

    By end of ep 5, we can sense the story is picking up heat. Getting hotter… phew .. talking about heating up .. this drams sure takes a long time to warm up, 5 episodes to be exact. (I can be excused if I were to take a whole drama to warm up cuz I am human. But this is k-drama !! Should have already burnt through by now).

    Well, finally our anticipation is building up … this SKiller is not like most other SKillers. This one literally gets into your face … and gives friendly tips and advice too. How’s that for one brave and confident SKiller or a mentally deranged one? Or a two faced one? Wanna know ? Go find out. Ep 5.

    Viewer Frankie .. where are you? Still fumbling through the sheets for SKiller? Forget it! SKiller is somewhere in a cave by the sea. Your wish is about coming true ….

    Well, have a nice day, people !

    Stay safe ! Stay home !

  15. 15 : alang Says:

    Hi, top of the morning, people !!

    In case you don’t see SKiller in ep 5, you will surely get to meet her in ep 6.

    Looks like finally, the good and bad will have a “high noon” showdown.

    Sorry, for the confusion. My brain is not a transplanted one, but unfortunately it just hates handling numbers. Hence numbers get jumbled up rather often whenever they appear.

    Have a nice day !!

    Stay safe !! Stay home !!

    “High Noon” is a classic American western movie. Its famous for a shootout showdown scene between the good and bad cowboys. Then, there’s this song – High Noon. A beautifully touching song.

  16. 16 : alang Says:

    Tonight is the night !! ….. (Folks, what did you think I was waiting for)?

    Episode 7 !! Hehe !! Been waiting whole week for it.

    Not long to wait … a few hrs more !!

  17. 17 : alang Says:

    This is an unusual horror thriller. It doles out the frights and shocks in a calm and systematic way, bit by bit … academic !

    Slow torture. Screwing up viewers nerves so tight in anticipation only to feel a sudden burst of “so this is it?” kind of relief when the worst is over. Has anyone seen how a blown up balloon flys all over when its air is released? Well, the feeling is almost like the balloon only that we are left wondering, what hit us? Anyway, inspite of the torture, I still waited for more episodes to come and more torture. Oh gosh !! Sucker for torture aren’t I ??

    I missed Ep 7. Was told that it was a tear jerker and to prepare a supply of tissues when watching it. But guessed I was somehow spared from turning on the water works. I have already watched Ep 8 & 9. And still waiting for Ep 7 to do a re-run so that I could get to watch it. No luck so far.

    Anyway, from the way the story was written and the drama was produced, eventhough I missed Ep 7, Ep 8 and 9 told me that I didn’t miss much. The drama and story ran coherently. Still made sense… way to go !!

    I have reached Ep 9, but only got a peek of Circus Man at work. (A suspenseful watch). Circus Man and gang have not yet made a grand entrance. And so far we got only a preview of the members of Golden Time Team in action and how good they are in catching the baddies. They are right on the pulse, including newcomer, Han WuJu, observant and smart. Though these baddies are psycho mental cases but they are not Circus Man who is the GTT’s main objective.

    Golden Time Team is getting closer to the Circus Man. Wont be long now when they face off. Circus Man is obsessed with killing Officer Kang KJ. He is bound to make a mistake…

    (It was rather disturbing to watch Circus Man when his other personalities changed – for real).

    Fighting, Golden Time Team !!

    Have a nice day !! 🌞

    Go vaccinate !! Save yourself !! Save others !!

  18. 18 : alang Says:

    Drama’s latest rating jumped from 3.227 to 4.001. A vast improvement.

    Ep 10 is so interesting and exciting. Circus Nan made a grand entrance, finally. Would suggest that Ep 10 not be missed. Its contains crucial information that forms the backbone of the drama. It reveals the backstory of the island and its people. Spooky place. Spooky inhabitants. Spooky goings on.

    Circus Man had a face off with GTT. And was apprehended. But his grandpa, the Cult Leader of Sonang Village interefered with his custody and DBM was released by the police authority eventually.

    Circus Man, aka Dong BangMin suffers from a serious psycological condition – Disassociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personalities). In total there are 3 personalities in him. One is a female who claims she’s Officer Kang KJ’s twin, the second personality is that of a mature man, who is agressive, and a brute. Is the psycho killer in Circus Man. The one to be wary of.

    Third personality is the original Dong BangMin. He is well aware of his mental condition. And is under medication … only at his whims and fancy though. Currently he’s off medication on purpose. Accounts for why we are now seeing the manifestation of Circus Man and the serial killings.

    DBM’s grandpa, Dong Bang Heon Yup is the Cult Leader of the Sonang Stone Village. He is a powerful influence on the island and its inhabitants. He uses underhand methods to exact his control. He even has a hold on the law authority of the island. I am sure there are more unscrupulous stuff that he’s capable off. This we might get to find out as the drama unfolds.

    There was a hint that Dong BangMin’s DID condition came about after he suffered a kidnapping attempt when he was young. It traumatised him to the extent that he started to develop the disorder, and Circus Man came into being.

    Ep 10 ended with a twist to the story. A household staff surrendered to the police, claiming to be the Circus Man !! Oh huh !! What is going on here? Dong BangMin’s grandpa !! Is this your idea ? To throw off the Circus Man SKiller case away from Dong BangMin ?

    Till Ep 11 then, folks. Hopefully we will get to know more.

    Have a nice day !! 🌻

    Get vaccinated. Protect yourself. Protect others.

    Actor Kang Seung Yoon (aka Han Woo Joo) nice job !! 🐺

  19. 19 : alang Says:

    Aha … almost forgot about this piece of tidbit.

    Circus Man was thought to possess enhanced hearing ability, matching that of Officer Kang KJ’s.

    Perhaps it’s not true afterall… during Circus Man’s recent physical contact with GTT members, someone had noted that DBM had a sort of hearing device in his ear.

    Could it be some sort of a powerful hearing aid that DBM was using? And that he was not actually naturally gifted with any enhanced hearing capability?

    Hope we will get to find out in coming episodes. 🐹🐾

    Vaccinate. Save yourself. Save others.

  20. 20 : alang Says:

    Episode 12’s rating dropped a little to 3.294 from 3.762 (ep 11).

    Never mind. The story is still good and enjoyable.

    Mantaek confessed to the killing of Prosecutor’s daughter. Then took his own life. His confession reeked of a setup. In actual fact he was used by Cult Leader to take the fall for DBM.

    DBM was released. As soon as Circus Man (Dong BangMin) arrived home, the S.Killer entity in him manifested itself. Its was on a wild murderous mood.

    He slashed and injured lady shaman and husband with his double edged axe. Luckily GTT arrived in time and saved them. S.Killer got away from the police. Went into hiding.

    From the hotel room where he was hiding, S.Killer entity started looking online for another victim to kill, before he departs for Fiji. He was planning to run away from the law. He decided on Saebyeol the student. Saebyeol was tricked to meet someone who offered her a ride to another town. Instead she was taken by DBM’s man.

    Dong BM’s grandpa (aka Cult Leader) holds a strong influence on Vimo island. He controls the island police force, to be exact the Police Commissioner. She fell into his money trap long ago. Has never been free from him since then.

    Cult Leader even instigated his followers to attack and chase the “outsiders” ( GTT) out of Vimo. He even gaslighted and told lies about the GTT to the prosecutor to get him to chase them out.

    Cult Leader is a dubious and unsavory character. Later he was shown burning an envelope containing DNA info. So we wonder whose DNA info was he trying to hide?

    Ep 12 ended with GTT still searching for Circus Man who was on the run from the police.

    Vaccinate. Protect yourself. Protect others.

  21. 21 : JC Says:

    Sorry but after watching ep 11, I am quite disappointing with this season. There are few issues I have with this season.

    First and the most important reason is Director Kang supposed to be the most important character in the drama who uses her special hearing skill to help the male lead to rescue the victims. However, I rarely see her utilising her skill, her character becomes less important than any of the previous seasons.

    Then the cases themselves simply aren’t that exciting/gruesome enough to keep me watching non stop. Season 1 and 2 are by far better in term of cases.

    Next is the setting of the drama. Vimo Island, I just simply found it boring.

    Lastly, this season make the male lead a superstar but to me, this drama should be all about Director Kang should and her special ability to help others to solve cases, not a male lead who is good at everything to steal the show.

    IMO, if there will be a season 5 (which I really hope to see Lee Ha Na again), please put the focus back to her.

    I am a big fan of Voice but this reason really let me down.

  22. 22 : alang Says:

    Someone somewhere commented that replacing the computer guy with this cute one is a bummer.

    No, yeah ? This actor’s name is Kang Seung Yoon. I believe his acting is acceptable. I’m sure in time to come, he will be as good as a veteran.

    BTW he is also a singer with band Winner. Is a composer, and also is a powerful singer.

    Have a nice day !! ☺

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others.

  23. 23 : JJ garcia Says:

    Will there be a season 5?

  24. 24 : alang Says:

    Surprise ! In these last two closing episodes of 13, 14 a 4th entity appeared !! Oh gosh !! Circus Man has four personalities !!

    This 4th one is the original Dong BM who, all this while had been surpressed and kept hidden by the fake DongBM (3rd entity). But now at point of being incacerated into a mental institute he’s pent up feelings of anger and hatred surpressed since childhood are now bursting through. He is real mad and murderous. He starts to vent his feelings at whoever tries to stop him from escaping. This is the smart and most dangerous of the four split personalities. And he is well aware of the crimes the other entities committed, which the fake DBM had been denying.

    Ep 13 & 14 see lots of physical fights between 4th Entity (DBM) and members of GTT. This entity is a good fighter. He managed to subdue Officer Daeshik and in the process, stabbed him over and over in a frenzy. Gosh … I was thinking, this is overkill !! Help ! Daeshik is going to die !! Even Officer Chad was injured and brought down.

    As expected, DBM (4th entity)’s grandpa/bio dad was the first person he went after to kill. The grandpa/bio dad/cult leader had been so cruel to him, his mom and dad when he was young. Hurray !!

    As expected, in the end, good won over bad. GTT managed to put Circus Man away.

    Following the end of the case, there were hints that Voice 4’s story might carry over to another forthcoming season, Voice 5 ?

    The preview shows Officer Kang KJ leaving her career behind to go find her past life spent as an experimental subject at an organisation, Fabre Lab. And the LAPD boys thinking of extending their stay in S.K. And cute Han WuJu getting to stay on with the Team. And miraculously, Daeshik did not die inspite of the many stab wounds he suffered. Are these hints not enough to suggest a possible forthcoming Voice 5 ? Wish so ! Hope so ! ☺

    On the whole the drama was entertaining. It was not too bloody. The killing scenes were easy to the eyes. The storyline was easy to follow.

    Thank you TVN for showing the drama. Thank you cast and crew for a good job done.

    Bye, till then !!

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others.


  25. 25 : Frankie Says:

    Phew! I finally forced myself to finish Voice 4. The actor playing the serial killer Dong Bangmin deserves the award. What a waste of acting talent especially the main actors.

  26. 26 : GILADRAKOR Says:


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