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TV Novel – Dear Love

Title: TV소설- 사랑아 사랑아 / TV Novel – Dear Love
Chinese Title: TV小說- 親愛的愛人
Also Known as: TV Novel: Love, My Love
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 175
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-May-07 to 2013-Jan-04
Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00
Related Series: TV Novel


A Romance drama about two men in love with half-twins in 1970′s.

A love and success story of youths in early 1970s, when they were poor but full of dreams! Half-sisters, Seung-hee and Seung-ah, become twins due to the hopeless love of parents’ generation. By the twist of destiny, the two fall in love with the same man and become love rivals. Story of the twin sisters, who are different in every way, fight like cats and dogs but eventually reconcile! In this human drama, joy and sorrow of the girls’ family will be depicted in a way that gives you bright and warm feelings. (Source)


Main Cast

Hwang Sun Hee as Hong Seung Hee
Song Min Jung as Hong Seung Ah
Oh Chang Suk as Park Ro Kyung
Kim San Ho as Kang Tae Bum

Damiul family / 다미울 식구들

Kim Young Ok as Lee Geum Nyeo (grandmother)
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Hong Yoon Sik (father)
Kim Ye Ryung as Kim Yang Ja (mother)
Kim Hyo Won as Lee Geum Dong (uncle)
Kim Joo Yeob as Hong Seung Goo (son)
Kwon Oh Hyun as Kim Chun Bong

Saekohreum family / 색오름 식구들

Lee Il Hwa as Choi Myung Joo
Kim Suk Ok as Mrs. Yoo
Han Min Chae as Kim Yang
Lee Ji Eun (이지은) as Bang Gob Dan
Jung Seung Ho as Shim Sang Chul
Kim Joo Hyun as Shim Yun Ho

Hope Hospital family / 소망 병원 식구들

Kim Gyu Chul as Yeo Sam Choo
Kim Bo Mi (1958) as Kim Mal Nyeon
Kang Min Ah as Yeo Ui Joo
Jang Da Kyung (장다경) as Choi Min Young

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Sung Geun
Director: Lee Duk Gun
Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Min (정현민), Son Ji Hye (손지혜)
Asst. Director: Yoo Jong Sun (유종선), Kang Min Kyung (director) (강민경)


2012 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Daily Series): Kim Ye Ryung (TV Novel – Dear Love)

Related Photo

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Official Site


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  2. 2 : Fatma Haraç Says:

    I want Turkish subtitle,please.

  3. 3 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:


    Episodes are probably RAW. RAW – No English Subtitle. Check back later.

  4. 4 : littleuniverse Says:

    What are Half-twins?

  5. 5 : Ayumi Says:

    Half Twin is :-


  6. 6 : Hye Ryoung | TV Novel - Dear Love OST Part.1 Says:

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  7. 7 : mertttt Says:

    korean drama :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  8. 8 : mertttt Says:

    😀 🙂 🙁 :'(

  9. 9 : bianca Says:

    So far i enjoyed watching this drama..

  10. 10 : rose Says:

    are 100+ dramas not earning any ratings from korean audience? just wondering.

  11. 11 : Oam Says:

    Episode Ratings


  12. 12 : cyn Says:

    I like this drama.hopefully the ending is a happy ending!

  13. 13 : supriya Says:

    just luv this drama…lot of emotions…wow…cant wait for monday

  14. 14 : soledad Says:

    Sad that I miss watching the show every morning at 6:00 am…Please put it back…

  15. 15 : Winny Says:

    Anyone seen the ending? Did te prosecutor Mr Park marry his mum’s biological mum? Accoring to Korean strit fmily values,I dont think so.

  16. 16 : victoria magdali Says:

    It’s nice but I can only watch it if no classes. It’s not also included in the dramacrazy. Haay…I hope there’s also at rerun at night

  17. 17 : badette Says:

    The U.S. gets the drama about a month later. So, no ending yet. The girls are actually half sisters but were called “twins” to hide the fact that Sheungi(the older one) was “found” but they share the same father. The prosecutor’s mother is actually his stepmother… he is the son of the mother’s husband, who died years back. I hope they end up marrying each other because they have the same personality and seem suitable for each other. Taeho?(the one employed at the construction company) seems a bit hot tempered and impatient. The novelas at KBS have turned out to be quite interesting and I have enjoyed each and everyone I have watched so far. Thank you, KBS….

  18. 18 : Becky Says:

    US is 40 episodes behind which means we are seeing Episode 56 today while 97 aired internationally. Because we’re waiting for the subtitles, I think I’m learning a few phrases in Korean. I really enjoy this show and hope that the ending will be satisfactory. I’m still looking for a website that has the English subtitles because I missed Episode 1-10 essentially and watching it only in Korean is helpful, but I’m not exactly sure what happened. I’m new to Korean dramas, but really enjoying them. Thank you, KBS!

  19. 19 : Jasmine Says:

    over his million dramas, Kwon Oh Hyun’s best character was as Kim Chun Bong ajussi! Real FUN!

  20. 20 : Alwany Says:

    where can i watch this with English subtitles?

  21. 21 : Becky Says:

    Alwany – I still haven’t been able to find a website with English subtitles yet. Here in the US, they are showing with English subtitles thru KBS stations. Today’s episode was #77 but in Korea, I believe they showed #118. I watch both and try to guess what is being said. Hoepfully, someone else has better information. Sorry!

  22. 22 : Sara Says:

    how many episodes in total in this show…thanks

  23. 23 : Becky Says:

    Sara – so far, there are 123 episodes and still no resolution/ending yet. All the pieces are coming apart or falling into place. After years of deception. bits of the truth are finally being told and it hasn’t been pretty. If you click the box above for “preview” or “official site,” you’ll know if there’s another episode coming. I just keep checking. I watch the korean episodes on dramastyle (no english subtitles) and wait for the episode with subtitles a month later.

  24. 24 : simret Says:

    I like this dram v.much.pleas try to make the ending lovely

  25. 25 : jessie Says:

    It all boils down to the fact that the father is a coward and wants to hide the truth.

  26. 26 : rose Says:

    @oam #11: thanks for the info you provided. I did not get back to this thread until now. i kind of give up watching as i could not stand that the writing was so meticulously detailed, it drove me nuts! i guess that’s what happens for dramas written for monday to friday showing, it’s like catering to the people who stay at home everyday and to keep them company. my sister kept on watching so there were times that i’d peek to see what is going on.

  27. 27 : saada Says:

    pls pls change the drama

  28. 28 : raquel Says:

    how many episodes does this drama has? and when will it’s last episode be aired …..

  29. 29 : Sara Says:

    Where can I watch this show on line. Appreciate any page links
    with English subs.. thanks

  30. 30 : Kori Says:

    How to see this drama online with english sub.. Can any1 help me ?

  31. 31 : dira Says:

    I stop watching this drama, cause the storyline twisted. Very disappointed…shocked…..I watched it from the beggining…but I don’t want to fool myself anymore.

  32. 32 : cory Says:

    disappointed, the love of NG for Senghui went to the drain,Seunghi ended up with Taeboom,these writers are fool. disgusting i will remember these 2 writers never again to wach their future projects.

  33. 33 : badette mahal Says:

    Cory, are you telling me that the drama is over where you are? So, Nogyeong did not end up with Seunghui? What’s that about? Or are there more episodes? I think there are around 123 or 129 episodes… somewhere I saw a synopsis of the drama. How could that be? I guess it Seunghui after she finds out she is her long lost daughter and since Nogyeong is her stepson they can’t get married? They are not of the same bloodline!

  34. 34 : cory Says:

    Taeboom and Seunghi got married at ep.140.My heart ache for Nogyeong,so my friends stopped watching this series, i dont want to torture myself. Seunghi is pathetic idiot,blurry, and the writers of this drama is a fool,imagined it takes 30 episodes to bloom the love of two couples but in one episode bang”the sham marriage took place ridiculous…the step sibling thing was one of the factors that eventually Seunghi decided to marry Taeboom.

  35. 35 : cory Says:

    The series is still ongoing.MJ and NG still clueless. Seunghi knows that MJ is her biological mother.The moral story of this drama seems to full of bile and its a bit to bitter to swallow.. and Evil people always prevail..

  36. 36 : marie Says:

    Yes,how can they develop seunghi’s character as such when at first she wasso confident and bold. They were terribly cruel to NG and MJ in ep 140.I’ve also stop watching this but I will miss NG.

  37. 37 : badette mahal Says:

    So, is episode 140 the end of the drama? Or is it still going on? It doesn’t sound like it if the mother doesn’t know about Seunghi being her biological daughter…. maybe there is still more to the story….. if the writers listen to the audience, maybe they’ll somehow end Taebom and Seunghui and still get Nogyong and Seunghi together? What happened to Aeri… just wondering if her snottiness gets her in trouble… she deserves it! Anyway, it is just that… drama! Thanks for the info. I may ditch this at some point…

  38. 38 : marie Says:

    Still ongoing. We’ll see if the writers listen to viewers. Aeri is in some sort of trouble and is back in Damiul.

  39. 39 : cory Says:

    The screenwriters shouldnt played with our emotions,if step sibling is a big no no with their culture,then they should not do this kind of drama.they deceived us.The writers have already madeup their mind that the bad and manipulative Seungha and Taeboom reap goods reward for their deceiving deeds.

  40. 40 : jessie Says:

    I cant stand that idiotic TB . He is so thick skinned. He should have died in Vietnam. I hope also that Seunghi’s sister will marry her manager. She is another idiot. And the father is the worst.. He is a big coward. Afraid to tell the truth and hurting everyone. And last but not least, the grandmother should be shot dead.

  41. 41 : heh Says:

    this is the most awful drama i have ever watch. in every drama or movie writers always write that good always prevail over evil, to this writer he or she is writing the apposite ,evil here is prevailing over good. Seunghi is a wicked girl who knows about her birth mother and forsake her also a man who trusted her in the end she married other man.and her father is wick also who left a pregnant woman and marry other woman in the end did not let the woman know that her baby is still alive. the grandmother is the most evil among them plus the writer of this drama.

  42. 42 : castle442 Says:

    Injustice, arrogance, deceit, cowardice, heartless … that’s all what the writers showed to the viewers. No punishment for the evildoers. Soooo irritating!!!

  43. 43 : mauricia Says:

    I can hardley watch this drama anymore, its so painful. Apparently, is doesn’t matter if you don’t like someone. As long asTHEY like you, you’re SOL and just have to accept them……sooooo strange Also lets not forget AWFUL aunt/grandmother whose ALWAYs starting trouble. I really hope this drama has a good ending, but I won’t hold my breath….been disappointed to many times!

  44. 44 : Syrena Says:

    If that’s the case, I’m out of this drama too.
    It has been so long and dragging but held on because I was hoping for NG and Seunghi to be together in the end.

    What a waste of my time.

  45. 45 : BEA Says:

    Does the biological mother of Seunghi know she is her mother yet?

  46. 46 : castle442 Says:

    The biological mother doesn’t know yet. Seunghui is hiding the truth that she is ‘the dead baby girl’ along with that coward father. What a drama!!!

  47. 47 : Sara Says:

    Did the doctor marry his long time maid.

  48. 48 : marie Says:

    Yes he did and and she did turn into a mother in law from hell

  49. 49 : heh Says:

    now ,what is this writer doing,he or she is making Nogyeong look like stalker, is Seunghi the only girl that Nogyeong can have what about introducing other girl for him they have already ruin the relationship why bring it back.and how can he accept her back when she left him for no reason,the reason the writer introduce is meaningless.if she is facing difficulty it is what she choose by herself so i do not wish them back together again the mother in law and the husband should dealt her with very well. the writer should just end the nonsense he or she is writing.

  50. 50 : castle442 Says:

    These writers added to much chilis on their drama. Why they don’t punish that hellcat seungah? She really has a black heart, the main villain here. Nasty, deceiver, shameless, manipulative, did everything to get her goal even it was a crime. Very bad drama for young viewers.

  51. 51 : castle442 Says:

    What I learned from this worst drama :
    1. You can MARRY someone out of pity.
    2. It’s okey become a DECEIVER as long as you can reach your dream.
    3. You can HURT someone who really love you by married his/her best friend.
    4. You can HIDE your true identity from your birth mother although you know that she is longing for you for her life time.
    5. You can FORCE someone to marry you, even though you know exactly that she/he doesn’t love you at all.

  52. 52 : becky Says:

    i’m very disappointed the way this drama is turning out. sad. sad. thankfully, there are other dramas to watch. this was the first drama i really started to follow. thanks everyone for your comments. i agree with most of them. i hope kbs will read our comments and not allow another drama like this again. i’m even started to get disappointed at the quality of the filming. the other dramas have better lighting/photography…this one looks like a sitcom from american tv in the 70s (which is appropriate since the drama is set in the 70s, i guess). i think i’m going to try to stick it out to the bitter end and it does seem bleak and bitter at this point. i hope still that they can pull out a winner and those who are evil will reap some of their just rewards.

  53. 53 : jessica daniels Says:

    The worst korean drama that I’ve ever seen.
    So much disappointment because it turned out horrible.
    I’m fascinated with korean drama but this one sucks.
    Poor script.

  54. 54 : dira Says:

    KBS just end this bad drama SOON! I can’t understand why KBS allowed a drama which full contains of BAD MORALS presenting in their channel. I used to be a fan but not anymore. I don’t want to ruin my day by watching this kind of RUBBISH!

  55. 55 : Bea Says:

    I agree this is by far the worst Drama ever! Why does Seunghi have to suffer so much her husband is horrible to her. The mother in law the MAID is the worst! Too may episodes. END IT! No one has posted this drama yet with English subs! Who are these writers they are the WORST!


  56. 56 : joyowon Says:

    I just hope Kang Taebom & Hong Sunghui’s love story was also elaborated. I am not in favor of Nogyeong & Sunghui ending up with each other for the reason that they are step brother and step sister..even if they are not blood related. Its kinda taboo for most society…I have symphatize for Taebom, giving up his love for his bestfriend, going to Vietnam and almost losing his life just to forget Sunghui, and then having a post-traumatic syndrome…Its just funny because it was Taebom who falls in love first wd Sunghui, who introduce Sunghui to Nogyeong. But Sunghui still falls in Love with Nogyeong who gave her most of the heartaches & hard time,remember the time when he interogate Sunghui because they thought that she was a communist? But the love story was more detailed and elaborated with Nogyeong… I just hate it. I really wish that that Kang Taebom & Hong Sunghui’s Love Story should be given justice thru elaboration…that is just my opinion

  57. 57 : cory Says:

    maybe the writer when she was young she used to play merry go round.this novel is garbage.want the viewers to swallow that SH love TB. what? she called him yobooo..ridiculous..

  58. 58 : Sara Says:

    Did this show end in South Korea. Because of the title, I am assuming Sunghui ends up with Nogyeong…and lived happily ever after… LOL LOL

  59. 59 : badette Says:

    In the WA, USA area, we are just in episode 10. We do have English subtitles but sometimes, not. Anyway, can you tell me if you have seen the ending of this drama where ever you are? It seems to have gone past episode153 somewhere in the world. I am getting discouraged with what I am reading in some of the postings… there must be reasons why Taebom and Senghui ended marrying each other… did Nogyong’s mother find out about Senghui being her biological daughter? Did Seunga get “what is coming to her” because of her snottiness with Seunghi? If the drama has not ended… this is what I say to those who have negative remarks about the drama… maybe there will be a surprise ending… like Taebom dies and Seunghi still ends up with Nogyong because Seunghi is pregnant and did not want her to be sole responsible for raising the child?.. or something like that….. From where I am… it doesn’t seem like the drama will end up the way you guys are talking about; but, then, again… I am far behind…..

  60. 60 : badette Says:

    I meant… episode 110…..not episode 10….

  61. 61 : cory Says:

    @badette please visit and join the forum.soompi forums TV Novel Love my love..

  62. 62 : cory Says:

    @badette nope the biological mother is unaware that SH is her daughter that’s why we are all frustrated..but Taeboom knew already that Seunghi was adopted..Seunghi knew that her mother is MJ..there’s a hint of Nogeong and Seungha pairing..we cannot accept that.

  63. 63 : dira Says:

    The title of the drama should be “THE STORY OF A PATHETIC WOMAN”

  64. 64 : heh Says:

    i don,t know why Seunghi pretend to be nice the way the writer is portraying it to be, that is not how a nice character of a woman should be portrayed in a drama, a nice person should not treat her own birth mother like a trash.Seunghi abandon her birth when she needed her most especially when she was begging all the family to let Seunghi marry her step son, that seen make to feel that Seunghi and rest of the family are wicked. no one even try to tell her the trust .all them see her stuffing and even Seunghi herself see her birth mother stuffing that should have made she embrace her and let her know why she is refusing to marry Nogyeong now she is sending medicine to her birth mother for what after the way you treated her and all the things you and your wick family did to her, you end up pretending to be nice. this is why i find the writer of this drama stupid.he or she should please end this so that we watch a better drama.

  65. 65 : dira Says:

    Although this drama has a happy ending, it will only be remembered as the worst drama that teaches the viewers how to lie, cheat, and deceive others to get his/her dream.

  66. 66 : badette Says:

    What? There’s a hint of Nogyeong and Seungha getting together? What a wicked twist of fate. So, from what I am gathering(and I can’t wait to see all the episodes coming from 111 on…) the biological mother doesn’t know about Seunghi, but Seunghi and her family know and therefore she ended up marrying Taebom. I could see it and the reasons behind it; but, the writers of this drama actually achieved its goal… to keep viewers watching to the end! …. with much disappointment; but not enough to turn the t.v. off completely. So, I gather it has now ended? well… I will watch it just to see who you all described it to play out….. From the beginning I wrote here that I did not like Taebom because he always showed a temper; but, I guess Korean women are shown here to have patience and forgiving?

  67. 67 : bianca Says:

    Complicated drama eveeerrrrr,,,there need more 100 episode for the complicated story lines but the ending just need 5minute for show,,please dont make it more complicated writer,just end this drama sooonnnn

  68. 68 : Adriane Says:

    I fell in love with the historial drama Jewel of the palace, it was a freshing change from daytime drama. There is a song and a line that says “there is good and bad in everyone” so I cannot judge the character or morals of this story, it was intertaining a bit sad and frustrating! And still an interesting change from boring vain american daytime programming.

  69. 69 : imhel Says:

    I hate this drama, too. But most of all, I hate the girl Song Min Jung who plays Seunga She acts like she is all that (look at the pictures) when you can tell she had her nose done (and what a horrible job it was because it made her eyes seemed far apart)

  70. 70 : heh Says:

    what is wrong Choi Myung Joo mother that the writer have made her other wicked person, she,after her recovery, keep demanding for Seunghi making her daughter look so sympathetic. this drama is so wrong for kbstv to continue airing it for viewers to watch ,treat’s nothing but to be heartless, cheat, steal, and away with it. that is how the writer has made Seunghi character look like ,it treat’s nothing moral to the viewers. i myself will never again like Seunghi character even though i see her in other drama i will always remember her wicked face and smile.

  71. 71 : hew Says:

    This drama has a strange effect on me. I hardly ever watch any drama over 50 episods but now i am into almost 150 and will continue watching till the end. The twist and turn though dissappointing and sad and i do hope it will have a happy ending.

  72. 72 : mauricia Says:

    Does anyone know how many episodes of there are for this drama?

  73. 73 : Sara Says:

    Does Seunga- the talentless sister gain any fame and fortune.

  74. 74 : Bea Says:

    In eps. 156 why is the grandmother so dam mean to Seunghi? I need english subs! When does it end this is a horrible Drama it is one bad thing after another.

  75. 75 : mauricia Says:

    Just watched the preview for ep #158..looks like Taebum has gone crazy. This is undoubtedly one of the WORST! & LONGEST dramas I’ve ever watched. Don’t think I’ll do it again. The writers for this drama are Demented!

  76. 76 : raquel Says:

    when will this drama ends?? why does this drama takes to long to end? how many episodes does this drama had will it reach until 200 episodes??

  77. 77 : Syrena Says:

    Yes, the story ha gone haywire and is now going nowhere like a headless chicken.

    The Dr’s wife has become a mean person obsessed with the fact that her daughter in law is an orphan. I think the wrIter has forgotten to note that the Dr’s wife was the maid. Another sign that the writer or writers of this drama has lost track of the story and is now exploring all venues just to extend the story, no matter how bizarre or senseless the story has gone.

    How many more episodes? The way it’s going, another 20 the least and I won’t be surprised if it goes onf for another 50.

    As for KBS, I am one of your avid followers, but with this one, a definite thumbs down.

  78. 78 : Syrena Says:

    May I add that the 1st few episodes made me glued in to it.

  79. 79 : Mary Says:

    Please remember this is in the 1970s and also in Korea, where girls esp. younger ones has to be obedient…. Seunghi is sacrificing herself as she knows is not right to marry her step brother and she was indirectly the cause of Taebom’s ‘sickness’. (due to her rejection)

    Her grandmother is angry with Seunghi’s real mother as her dad indirectly ‘killed’ her husband (ie their grandfather), that is why Seunghi’s father has to hide the fact who is Seunghi’s real mother.

    Confusing? ie during that era, life is not so broadminded and easy going..

  80. 80 : wanda Says:

    I stopped watching this Drama as I saw they were going to make the same mistake many Korean Dramas writers do they see good ratings and they get greedy I dont fall in that trap.They could have been less traditional and shocked the viewers as Seunghi eloped with the man she loved that was no step-brother bc she never lived with them please in the 70’s no matter what countryit was crazy things happened and Syrena is right a MAID has no right to judge anyone bc after ll Seughi had a family that loved and raised her.She would die a maid even if she married the Doctor another crazy idea of the wacko story writer.Im only here to express that we all have our opinions and no one should be telling anyone what they don’t like about what we said i live in AMERICA were i have the constitutional right of freedom of speech that said and done don’t be deleting my comments like they been doing accept a critic to learn from them. what makes them so mighty perfect they dont want to hear the bad and only the good I call that IGNORANTS!!!!.That is why some of your ratings go down to hell. Im fed up of feeling disrespected and reading other people been disrespected you want international viewing or not? keep it up in the long run is your loss. OH OH dont be putting my comments as spam or rude when you people are to blame respect me and i will respect you.

  81. 81 : cory Says:

    @agree with you wanda,we are not watching this for free,and i want to ask this crazy writer 1. why Seunghi as portrayed as the headless chicken running around in circles over that oaf TB, why not end their sham marriage.she was abused..both are unhappy, why you allowed that pathetic girl to connive with TB to cover his crime,he was seen giving bribes to politician,he used illegal transaction. Why prosecutor Nogyeong has to suffer from the Hong’s family..2. why Seungha is always off the hook she always lies,why do you have in mind that Seungha wil receive the best gift which is Nogyeong,this story is twisted,if step sibling is not allowed in your country then don’t do this kind of drama, you take the viewers for a ride,you used us.We demand a retribution..who made the crime must pay.

  82. 82 : marie Says:

    I think there a lot of things that the writers have forgotten to note. Promises made and promises broken by our forgetful heroine. She just totally blind of the hurt and pain she cause to others in the name of sacrifice.

    I have followed this drama bcoz it start off as promising and then I was utterly disappointed
    by the choices made by the so called heroine.

  83. 83 : dira Says:

    SH is a stupid, crazy woman. Better she and her psycho husband rot in jail.

  84. 84 : badette Says:

    I just got through reading everyone’s comments. I am just watching the 120’s episode… However, from your comments, I am quite anxious to actually view how this drama pans out. I have faith with the writers of the drama. From what I am reading.. with Taebom “going crazy”?, who knows… he may kill himself and Seunghui and Nogyeong will still end up with each other. I can see the reasoning why Seunghui’s grandmother is so mean to her, if she finds out she is the daughter of her nemesis. I think this drama will have an ending everyone will be happy with… remember, the picture of the four stars at the beginning of the drama? Seunghi is sitting next to Nogyeong. The “in between clips and sub storylines” are just fillers to make the drama longer… so don’t get so exasperated, veiwers… it is all about loving the creativity of the writer, though to some are demented and horrible. But, they have made the drama interesting and it has certainly stretched it out so that it is most likely trying to “occupy a time slot” where KBS still has to come up with another drama for us to watch eventually…. patience….

  85. 85 : cyn Says:

    crazy scriptwriter introduces cheap tv novel!!because of you je hye I lost my interest in watching Korean series. . I don’twant to waste my time.I want to make sure you fetal this message.

  86. 86 : cyn Says:

    crazy scriptwriter introduces cheap tv novel!!because of you je hye I lost my interest in watching Korean series. . I don’twant to waste my time.I want to make sure you get this message.

  87. 87 : marie Says:

    If we all can remember,even before the trauma in vietnam, TB already a demented character. Always yelling at NG regarding SH. He even yell at SH for rejecting him. He wanted everything to go his way. And now if the writers use his sickness to let him off his crime, then the writers are really twisted people. Even SH character have lost sense of right and wrong by protecting her insecured husband.

  88. 88 : raquel Says:

    maybe the scriptwriter is having hard time .. how to end this drama …. pls kbs put an end to this drama ….

  89. 89 : jcgl1986 Says:

    oppss i just watch ep 122 i think i will stop to watch the next ep,,,i dont wanna get disappointed again and i feel sorry for neogyeong the only reason i watch this because of seunghi and neogyeoeng love storeis but i just cant believe that seunghi ended up with taebom…..the writer you better stop doing this job your not good i dont know why the kbs accept your script its suck

  90. 90 : cyn Says:

    omg! kbs you screwd up this series real bad!!between father and daughter their conversation gives me the creeps!!!scpei scriptwriter and director shows the Hong family living with huge lies. . wth! !!!!!is that the traditions the Koreans practice? bad real bad!

  91. 91 : castle442 Says:

    The way writers potrayed SH now makes me sick. If that monster TB ask her to kill her self she will do that undoubted to prove her ridiculous love. She doesn’t care her real mother’s feeling, she doesn’ t care to NG at all. She is willing to do anything for her
    criminal husband. She change totally from loveable person into hateful person.

  92. 92 : tigerb Says:

    monday to friday 150/40-minute dramas are like this series, ridiculously twisted, meticulously detailed, should have ended long time ago. just requires patience. a series i watched prior to this at the same time slot had an interesting plot until it bored me to death with its twists and turns. in this series i can miss a few episodes and not really miss anything!

  93. 93 : Sue Says:

    we are around episode 70.. far behind most folks.. what happens to
    other sister Seunga.. does she become an actor/singer..

  94. 94 : Kang Dong Yul Says:

    The story is sad, but the plot is going toward the wrong way……

  95. 95 : castle442 Says:

    MJ is dying. I think she better die. Too much pain for her that caused by the people she loved, SH & YS. Really this drama full of lies and misery. Hong family is the worst family ever in Korean drama, my opinion.

  96. 96 : castle442 Says:

    What will the two crazy writers give to their poor loyal viewers as new year gift? A happy ending or tragic ending? But for me it is glad to know that this drama will end soon at ep 175.

  97. 97 : Belita Says:

    The worst DRAMA ever!

  98. 98 : badette Says:

    This couldn’t be the worst drama KBS has shown. From what I read on another blog, it had one of the higher viewers percentage of daytime drama(17%)… also, supposedly, TB and SH have been nominated as one of the best couples on some type of KBS award. This is perplexing.. I just got through watching 129 wherein Grandma Hong started to tell Nogyeong of his mother’s and Yunsik’s past relationship. So, like the “Fiscal Cliff” we are facing here in the U.S., it will be a last episode revelation on what actually happens to this couple. I am saddened to hear of MJ’s illness but I am hoping she doesn’t die at the end; but, if she does, I hope there is some type of reconciliation. I still think Nogyeon and Seunghi will get back… but, I always look at my glass as half full. The writers reacted to the viewer’s comments and since so many were reacting negatively to their”twisted” story, they must have decided to string us all along. At least those in other countries will see the end of this story next week. We will have until February or early March to see the end of this story; but, from information on this blog, I am able to stay “ahead” of the game…. Thanks for sharing…
    I am also intrigued by Jeon Woo Chi… the leads are interesting stars….

  99. 99 : cory Says:

    @badette NG and SH have been nominated as best couples award not TB>

  100. 100 : castle442 Says:

    I wonder why SH and NG are nominated as one of best couple while they are not a couple anymore?? Ridiculous. If there is nomination for worst couple it definitely win by psycho TB & brainless SH.

  101. 101 : cyn Says:

    worse drama ever.!what a joke! !!ng and sh nominated for best couple!!!pls kbs you spoiled the whole drama.

  102. 102 : marie Says:

    Yes, they spoiled the drama big time when they decided to marry SH off to TB.

  103. 103 : badette Says:

    The names of the actors were given as the nominees, not the character names. So, I guess I misunderstood the information on the blog. So… if what is now being stated in the above statements… it is Nogyong and Seunghi being nominated, there is still a chance they will end up as a couple in the end. We will find out by end of this week or next week.. at least those who are watching it in the Asian countries… we in the US don’t have the pleasure of knowing until you guys let us know…. we are sooooooo far behind… we won’t know until after Valentines day or so…

  104. 104 : Belita Says:

    English subs anyone?

  105. 105 : Shantoo Says:

    This is the first ever k drama i have ever seen.The initial ep got me hooked as this was all new to me.I really like SH but she has screwed her and NG’s life by marrying thaj Taebomaniac….we are on ep163 here in India…2weeks more of this pathetic drama…i still love the so called lead couple SH and NG but drama sucks big time..

  106. 106 : cyn Says:

    take note kbs! there are more dislikes than likes!!!at times the series is more like a comedy. . . ng and sg was the reason I watched. . .you sure have a way for having critics hurl at you for comments.you spam what you can’t even accept. . you were the biggest joke of the season!!!

  107. 107 : castle442 Says:

    One last eps for tomorrow. I don’t see any chance for NG to has SH as a lover again. Cause maybe the two crazy writers will kill her character right at the very last eps. Or if she survive, she will back to that psycho man, get pregnant, and live happily ever after.

  108. 108 : faziah Says:

    Why writers kill her character right at the last eps..

  109. 109 : castle442 Says:

    SH die was just my prediction. Last episode (what a relief) : Both SH and MJ survive from surgery. TB get his punisment.NG assume SH as step sister. SA continue her career. SH waiting for TB release. All I can say is I regret watched this kind of long long drama. The writers were snatched the viewers by showed beautiful love story of SH-NG. But then they messed it up. SH character is the worst lead character ever. I got no warm and bright feeling like the synopsis said, but frustation and headache. No more TV Novel for me.

  110. 110 : cyn Says:

    ng and sh relationship was sacrificed for sickening tb! viewers in vain for ng and sg.no tender moments for ng and sg.Wth! !!!yet nominated for couple award.shld have been gag couple!!what kind of characters they potraited for this series. tired of Korean series .

  111. 111 : cyn Says:

    ditched the last ep. . . so not worth it!its a choice. . . don’t wanna get all. . bluek! !!regrets only for watching this!

  112. 112 : mariam Says:

    regret ever watching.wasted my time.shocking drama writers dunno what viewers want!!

  113. 113 : Carelyn Says:

    This is the worst tv novel I ever watched. Agree with you Cyn and Mariam. Lucky thing, I gave up when SH married TB. That was the greatest disappointment I ever had watching tv drama. This drama will hv been better with SH alone and waiting for time to change and married NG 10 years later in the 80’s. just like My daughter, the flower. After all the obstacles put up by granny, they hv a happy ending. Not sure whether I will watched the new tv novel after this. I love Boknee..

  114. 114 : macy Says:

    I agree with so many of the other comments from viewers. The writers of this drama really, really messed up by having SH marry TK. What were they thinking??? There was so much wonderful chemistry between the actors who played Hong Seung Hee and Park No Gyung–I hope that producers will take note of this and cast them together in a better drama where they will end up happily together. Like Carelyn says the writers should have had SH and NG married 10 years later if they wanted the characters to “show respect” towards the objections of their elders. I mean, there certainly could’ve been a way to make these 2 characters end up together. They deserved to be together. What a terrible disappoointment this drama was. NG-NG-NG (No Good-No Good-No Good!!!)!

  115. 115 : aali Says:

    Stupid writer and director who screw up the story, wasting precious viewers time. You really sucks.

  116. 116 : John Says:

    This is the worst drama I’ve ever seen. The producer and writer should never be allowed to make a another drama ever again. They just kept extending this drama when it wasn’t even any good. Please explain to me how this drama was nominated for any awards.

  117. 117 : theint Says:

    i also want to see SH and NG as a couple in this series. When i watch ep 140 (TB and SH married episode) i really disaapoint in this drama and i really don’t want to watch this drama episode 141. i watch this drama because of SH and NG couple.

  118. 118 : theint Says:

    i want to watch SH and NG as a lead role in another drama again. Do you agree with me everyone?

  119. 119 : wanda Says:

    very disappointed , sh and tb,,wasting my time…

  120. 120 : mauricia Says:

    Just saw the last espisode. This drama SUCKED to the 10th power. KBS, you really blew it this time!

  121. 121 : bang Says:

    am in the U.S. and still watching…after reading all your comments, i don’t feel like watching anymore…thanks for giving me heads up in advance. if TL married SH then that’s the end for me…

  122. 122 : mingler Says:

    Where on earth do you get these writers from ??? a TV DRAMA NEEDS CONFLICT , BUT AFTER ADVERSre they working out TIES , SOME FORM OF HAPPINESS SHOULD BE THE REWARD ! ( I live in New York ,
    and found it refreshing to watch something clean and wholesome,
    like the character, Bokee ! But something is wrong with the writers of ‘Love , my love ‘ and ‘sister’….I think your writers are
    in need of professional training , or,they need therapy !!! Are they
    a mixed group , or all males ? Are they working out some personal
    issues ( jealousies of the young and handsome ,perhaps ) ???

  123. 123 : Lflameugenielam Says:

    So am I! Really disappointed at the end!
    SH and NG should be together!

  124. 124 : monti Says:

    shit! what the end! No-Yong is left! stupid idea! what kind of writer!

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