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Title: TV소설- 사랑아 사랑아 / TV Novel – Dear Love
Chinese Title: TV小說- 親愛的愛人
Also Known as: TV Novel: Love, My Love
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 175
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-May-07 to 2013-Jan-04
Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00
Related Series: TV Novel


A Romance drama about two men in love with half-twins in 1970′s.

A love and success story of youths in early 1970s, when they were poor but full of dreams! Half-sisters, Seung-hee and Seung-ah, become twins due to the hopeless love of parents’ generation. By the twist of destiny, the two fall in love with the same man and become love rivals. Story of the twin sisters, who are different in every way, fight like cats and dogs but eventually reconcile! In this human drama, joy and sorrow of the girls’ family will be depicted in a way that gives you bright and warm feelings. (Source)


Main Cast

Hwang Sun Hee as Hong Seung Hee
Song Min Jung as Hong Seung Ah
Oh Chang Suk as Park Ro Kyung
Kim San Ho as Kang Tae Bum

Damiul family / 다미울 식구들

Kim Young Ok as Lee Geum Nyeo (grandmother)
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Hong Yoon Sik (father)
Kim Ye Ryung as Kim Yang Ja (mother)
Kim Hyo Won as Lee Geum Dong (uncle)
Kim Joo Yeob as Hong Seung Goo (son)
Kwon Oh Hyun as Kim Chun Bong

Saekohreum family / 색오름 식구들

Lee Il Hwa as Choi Myung Joo
Kim Suk Ok as Mrs. Yoo
Han Min Chae as Kim Yang
Lee Ji Eun (이지은) as Bang Gob Dan
Jung Seung Ho as Shim Sang Chul
Kim Joo Hyun as Shim Yun Ho

Hope Hospital family / 소망 병원 식구들

Kim Gyu Chul as Yeo Sam Choo
Kim Bo Mi (1958) as Kim Mal Nyeon
Kang Min Ah as Yeo Ui Joo
Jang Da Kyung (장다경) as Choi Min Young

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Sung Geun
Director: Lee Duk Gun
Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Min (정현민), Son Ji Hye (손지혜)
Asst. Director: Yoo Jong Sun (유종선), Kang Min Kyung (director) (강민경)


2012 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Daily Series): Kim Ye Ryung (TV Novel – Dear Love)

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124 Responses to “TV Novel – Dear Love”

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  1. 101
    cyn Says:

    worse drama ever.!what a joke! !!ng and sh nominated for best couple!!!pls kbs you spoiled the whole drama.

  2. 102
    marie Says:

    Yes, they spoiled the drama big time when they decided to marry SH off to TB.

  3. 103
    badette Says:

    The names of the actors were given as the nominees, not the character names. So, I guess I misunderstood the information on the blog. So… if what is now being stated in the above statements… it is Nogyong and Seunghi being nominated, there is still a chance they will end up as a couple in the end. We will find out by end of this week or next week.. at least those who are watching it in the Asian countries… we in the US don’t have the pleasure of knowing until you guys let us know…. we are sooooooo far behind… we won’t know until after Valentines day or so…

  4. 104
    Belita Says:

    English subs anyone?

  5. 105
    Shantoo Says:

    This is the first ever k drama i have ever seen.The initial ep got me hooked as this was all new to me.I really like SH but she has screwed her and NG’s life by marrying thaj Taebomaniac….we are on ep163 here in India…2weeks more of this pathetic drama…i still love the so called lead couple SH and NG but drama sucks big time..

  6. 106
    cyn Says:

    take note kbs! there are more dislikes than likes!!!at times the series is more like a comedy. . . ng and sg was the reason I watched. . .you sure have a way for having critics hurl at you for comments.you spam what you can’t even accept. . you were the biggest joke of the season!!!

  7. 107
    castle442 Says:

    One last eps for tomorrow. I don’t see any chance for NG to has SH as a lover again. Cause maybe the two crazy writers will kill her character right at the very last eps. Or if she survive, she will back to that psycho man, get pregnant, and live happily ever after.

  8. 108
    faziah Says:

    Why writers kill her character right at the last eps..

  9. 109
    castle442 Says:

    SH die was just my prediction. Last episode (what a relief) : Both SH and MJ survive from surgery. TB get his punisment.NG assume SH as step sister. SA continue her career. SH waiting for TB release. All I can say is I regret watched this kind of long long drama. The writers were snatched the viewers by showed beautiful love story of SH-NG. But then they messed it up. SH character is the worst lead character ever. I got no warm and bright feeling like the synopsis said, but frustation and headache. No more TV Novel for me.

  10. 110
    cyn Says:

    ng and sh relationship was sacrificed for sickening tb! viewers in vain for ng and sg.no tender moments for ng and sg.Wth! !!!yet nominated for couple award.shld have been gag couple!!what kind of characters they potraited for this series. tired of Korean series .

  11. 111
    cyn Says:

    ditched the last ep. . . so not worth it!its a choice. . . don’t wanna get all. . bluek! !!regrets only for watching this!

  12. 112
    mariam Says:

    regret ever watching.wasted my time.shocking drama writers dunno what viewers want!!

  13. 113
    Carelyn Says:

    This is the worst tv novel I ever watched. Agree with you Cyn and Mariam. Lucky thing, I gave up when SH married TB. That was the greatest disappointment I ever had watching tv drama. This drama will hv been better with SH alone and waiting for time to change and married NG 10 years later in the 80’s. just like My daughter, the flower. After all the obstacles put up by granny, they hv a happy ending. Not sure whether I will watched the new tv novel after this. I love Boknee..

  14. 114
    macy Says:

    I agree with so many of the other comments from viewers. The writers of this drama really, really messed up by having SH marry TK. What were they thinking??? There was so much wonderful chemistry between the actors who played Hong Seung Hee and Park No Gyung–I hope that producers will take note of this and cast them together in a better drama where they will end up happily together. Like Carelyn says the writers should have had SH and NG married 10 years later if they wanted the characters to “show respect” towards the objections of their elders. I mean, there certainly could’ve been a way to make these 2 characters end up together. They deserved to be together. What a terrible disappoointment this drama was. NG-NG-NG (No Good-No Good-No Good!!!)!

  15. 115
    aali Says:

    Stupid writer and director who screw up the story, wasting precious viewers time. You really sucks.

  16. 116
    John Says:

    This is the worst drama I’ve ever seen. The producer and writer should never be allowed to make a another drama ever again. They just kept extending this drama when it wasn’t even any good. Please explain to me how this drama was nominated for any awards.

  17. 117
    theint Says:

    i also want to see SH and NG as a couple in this series. When i watch ep 140 (TB and SH married episode) i really disaapoint in this drama and i really don’t want to watch this drama episode 141. i watch this drama because of SH and NG couple.

  18. 118
    theint Says:

    i want to watch SH and NG as a lead role in another drama again. Do you agree with me everyone?

  19. 119
    wanda Says:

    very disappointed , sh and tb,,wasting my time…

  20. 120
    mauricia Says:

    Just saw the last espisode. This drama SUCKED to the 10th power. KBS, you really blew it this time!

  21. 121
    bang Says:

    am in the U.S. and still watching…after reading all your comments, i don’t feel like watching anymore…thanks for giving me heads up in advance. if TL married SH then that’s the end for me…

  22. 122
    mingler Says:

    Where on earth do you get these writers from ??? a TV DRAMA NEEDS CONFLICT , BUT AFTER ADVERSre they working out TIES , SOME FORM OF HAPPINESS SHOULD BE THE REWARD ! ( I live in New York ,
    and found it refreshing to watch something clean and wholesome,
    like the character, Bokee ! But something is wrong with the writers of ‘Love , my love ‘ and ‘sister’….I think your writers are
    in need of professional training , or,they need therapy !!! Are they
    a mixed group , or all males ? Are they working out some personal
    issues ( jealousies of the young and handsome ,perhaps ) ???

  23. 123
    Lflameugenielam Says:

    So am I! Really disappointed at the end!
    SH and NG should be together!

  24. 124
    monti Says:

    shit! what the end! No-Yong is left! stupid idea! what kind of writer!

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