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Time Slip Dr. Jin

Title: 타임슬립 닥터 진 / Time Slip Dr. Jin
Chinese Title: 仁醫 / 时空侠医
Genre: Fantasy, Period, Medical, Romance, Time-Travel
Episodes: 22
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-May-26 to 2012-Aug-12
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ has themes of time-travel.

Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) is a genius neurosurgeon with a cold and severe attitude in his interactions with other people due to his personal pursuit of perfection. Through a mysterious power, Jin Hyuk finds himself transported back to year 1860 (Joseon Dynasty Period). He begins treating people there, but the lack of necessary implements and rudimentary medical knowledge of the period forces him to seek new ways to aid the sick. Through this challenging process, Jin Hyuk eventually becomes a genuine doctor.


Main Cast

Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk
Hero JaeJoong @ Kim Jae Joong as Kim Kyung Tak
Seo Dong Hyun as Kyung Tak (child)
Park Min Young as Hong Young Rae (1860) / Yoo Mi Na (2012)
Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung
Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong

Supporting Cast

Jin Yi Han as Hong Young Hwi
Kim Eung Soo as Kim Byung Hee
Kim Hye Ok as Young Rae’s mother
Kim Il Woo as Yoo Hong Pil
Jung Eun Pyo as Heo Gwang
Lee Seung Joon as Kwon Ik Joo
Lee Won Jong as Joo Pal
Kim Kwang Sik as Kkae Bok
Kim Myung Soo as Kim Dae Gyun
Kim Byung Choon as Kim Byung Ok
Kim Myung Kook as Lee Gyo Ri
Yoon Joo Hee as Gye Hyang
No Eul as Yeon Shim
Jung Hye Sun as Queen Dowager Jo
Kim Byung Se as King Chul Jong
Jang Young Nam as Lady Jo
Shin So Mi as Lady Min
Lee Hyung Suk as Go Jong (child)
Jo Woo Jin (조우진) as Deuk Chil
Uhm Ji Sung as Shik Yi
Ha Soo Ho as teacher Kang
Fabian as Riddle
Bang Eun Hee as Shik Yi’s mother
Jo Mi Ryung as silk merchant
Kim Dong Suk as Joseon officer
Park Ha Sun (Cameo)

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Hyun Woo
Director: Han Hee
Screenwriter: Han Ji Hoon, Jun Hyun Jin


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-05-26 1 10.7 (6th) 13.5 (4th) 12.2 (4th) 14.1 (3rd)
2012-05-27 2 10.2 (9th) 11.4 (7th) 11.8 (7th) 13.2 (5th)
2012-06-02 3 13.8 (4th) 16.1 (2nd) 14.0 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd)
2012-06-03 4 13.6 (6th) 16.5 (5th) 14.4 (5th) 16.3 (5th)
2012-06-09 5 13.5 (4th) 15.6 (3rd) 13.6 (3rd) 15.3 (3rd)
2012-06-10 6 14.2 (6th) 16.5 (5th) 13.8 (5th) 15.5 (5th)
2012-06-16 7 14.4 (3rd) 14.7 (4th) 14.5 (3rd) 16.1 (3rd)
2012-06-17 8 13.3 (6th) 15.1 (6th) 14.0 (5th) 16.3 (5th)
2012-06-23 9 13.2 (4th) 15.6 (3rd) 13.1 (4th) 14.8 (3rd)
2012-06-24 10 13.9 (5th) 16.1 (5th) 12.7 (6th) 14.2 (5th)
2012-06-30 11 13.0 (6th) 14.3 (5th) 13.0 (4th) 14.9 (4th)
2012-07-01 12 14.2 (6th) 14.8 (5th) 12.4 (7th) 13.7 (5th)
2012-07-07 13 12.8 (6th) 13.7 (4th) 12.8 (5th) 13.5 (5th)
2012-07-08 14 13.6 (7th) 14.2 (6th) 13.2 (6th) 14.8 (5th)
2012-07-14 15 12.9 (9th) 13.6 (10th) 12.1 (6th) 13.3 (5th)
2012-07-15 16 13.0 (10th) 13.8 (9th) 11.9 (9th) 13.4 (7th)
2012-07-21 17 12.5 (6th) 13.0 (7th) 11.4 (6th) 12.6 (6th)
2012-07-22 18 12.4 (10th) 13.7 (6th) 11.0 (10th) 12.4 (9th)
2012-07-28 19 14.7 (8th) 16.3 (6th) 13.7 (4th) 14.9 (3rd)
2012-07-29 20 11.6 (13th) 12.4 (12th) 11.8 (6th) 13.0 (6th)
2012-08-05 21 12.1 (16th) 12.2 (17th) 13.4 (6th) 15.0 (6th)
2012-08-12 22 8.4 8.7 8.8 9.9 (17th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– Based on the “Jin (Japanese Manga)” by Motoka Murakami which was published by Super Jump (manga magazine) from 2000 to 2010.

– This manga has been adapted into a Jidaigeki television series which was broadcasted on Tokyo Broadcasting System twice. 1st Season (2009-Oct-11 to 2009-Dec-20) and 2nd season (2011-Apr-17 to 2011-June-26).


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actor Award: Kim Jae Joong (Time Slip Dr. Jin)


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Trailer I & Trailer II

5 Minutes Preview

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  1. 1 : n`1ko Says:


  2. 2 : ام عقاب Says:

    الف الصلاة والسلام عليك يا حبيب الله محمد كلووووووووووووووووووووووليش

  3. 3 : kirana Says:

    Woooooowww…….waiting for dr jin……..miss you seung hon oppa………

  4. 4 : MJ Says:

    Notes: Time Slip Dr. Jin (Korean Drama 2012) – is a remake of 2009 Japanese drama titled JIN

  5. 5 : jolia Says:

    Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk
    Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak
    Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung
    Park Min Young as Hong Young Rae (Joseon Dynasty Period)
    Park Min Young as Yoo Mi Na (Year 2012)
    Jin Yi Han as Hong Young Hwi
    Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong

    Are all celebrities in the drama of one it is great

  6. 6 : sin Says:

    can’t wait……..luv u seung hun oppa..^^

  7. 7 : Rifka Says:

    waduh…. keren nih kayaknya pilemnya,

  8. 8 : KDaddict Says:

    Lee Beom Soo n JJ n SSH! Yeah! 3 reasons to be excited!

  9. 9 : – [UPCOMING K-DRAMA] Time Slip Dr. Jin Says:

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  10. 10 : Jennie Says:

    Three of my favourite guys in one drama. What a treat! Only downside is Park MY- not my favourite actress in the world but I can bear with her-no sweat 😀

  11. 11 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict agree it,s a strong cast but not sure if i m getting tired of time travel stories. I hope this will be a good to help me not miss fotg.

  12. 12 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i feel exactly the same about PMY…

  13. 13 : Rikayanti Says:

    i can’t wait to see this drama…
    Love Park Min Young…

  14. 14 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    my all time fave k.actor
    my all time fave k.idol

    …sadly not my fave k.actress
    in one drama..!! whoa…!!!!!

  15. 15 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    another time traveller drama.. yess, love it!
    PMY such a lucky girl afer Chunnie in SKKS, now Jae.. after Lee Min Ho now my oppa.. omg..omg..!!

  16. 16 : tety Says:

    wow….cant wait this drama..

    Amazing find them together….SSH & JJ….

  17. 17 : Te Mo Says:

    i love you park min young!

  18. 18 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    Sooooo excited for this KD. Picture is very eye catching. Women supposed to be demure during that period in Joseon Dynasty and should not act that way (like the pose in the picture). I hope this will be a good KD.

  19. 19 : saufi Says:

    yes =) I’m waiting this drama.. My favorite actor and actress ast this drama .

  20. 20 : hny Says:

    Time travel again???!!!!!

  21. 21 : yun Says:

    I’m Waiting for Dr.Jin (Jin Hyuk)

  22. 22 : hunnie Says:

    owh kim jaejoong. i want to watch this….

  23. 23 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie-10, kdfan-12,
    Me three! Re PMY!
    But Lee BS, JJ, SSH, Yeah again!!
    I mean SSH looks delicious n all, but a genius? Kekekeke!

  24. 24 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, I LOVE Time travel stories! Don’t get tired of them.

  25. 25 : just me Says:

    after read the synopsis, I think it’s going to be a great drama…
    can’t wait to watch the drama…

  26. 26 : jjcassie Says:

    i love just Jaejoong 🙂

  27. 27 : fay Says:

    sigh … another time traveling drama…

  28. 28 : nisa Says:

    huwaa park min young, song seung heun and jaejoong??
    can’t wait so much!! its gonna be epic! 😉

  29. 29 : Charlie Says:

    What does JIN mean in Japanese? A good doc?
    I know JIN in two other cultures and it is exciting staff. 😉

    I like two guys and the girl. I rarely like KDrama actresses. But PMY is one in my short like list. What’s not to like? She is pretty and can act.

  30. 30 : Sa Rang Hae Says:

    Wanna watch this drama!

  31. 31 : Helena Says:

    I think I will like this drama because I watched Song Seung Hun in Summer Scent and Autumn Tale and really liked him. He’s a great actor……

  32. 32 : sweet Says:

    song seung hun, jae jong and park min young this drama look promising…

  33. 33 : HELLO Says:

    For me personally, this is a must see. Another time-traveling themed drama. Kinda getting old, but I still enjoy them. Who said cliche was such a bad thing?

  34. 34 : nanioo chan Says:

    can’t wait the dramaaa…….

  35. 35 : kanha Says:

    Awwww….SSH of summer scent and autumn in my heart…I like him…..but how I wish for a different lead actress 🙁

  36. 36 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i heard that Jaejoong was offered to sing a song for dr.Jin ost… and now he just finish working on that song..
    OMG, i cannot wait hear it.. i hope it’s ballads cuz i looove his voice when he sing ballads like he did on SKKS and PTB ost..

  37. 37 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i like feast of god but now dunno i just want that drama ending soon so we can watch dr.Jin.. may 26th please come fast…!!!!!

  38. 38 : Goong Jo Says:

    Wow..Song Seung Hun is back! And Kim Jae Joong.. Can’t wait to watch ’em all. Park Min Young is also unpredictable.. <3

  39. 39 : kel Says:

    Sometimes I like who the actor and actress are. However, i realise that storyline is also a important factor. Imagine both added and you come out with this brilliant drama. I cant wait to watch!! Song Seung Hun is back! Daebak!

  40. 40 : andi Says:

    can’t waittttt to seee song seung Heonnnnn ……………………..i’m one of his fans………….ohhh my god…he weill play with Kim na na…cuteee coupleeeeeeeee………

  41. 41 : kiki Says:

    I can’t wait the drama
    i can’t wait the ost

  42. 42 : Jennie Says:

    @taraLuvJJ Really? JJ is going to sing too? Great news. Already, it’s so good to be watching Micky every week and listening to Junsu’s I hate Love, we are also getting JJ to act and sing too for us soon. Yippee!

  43. 43 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i read on JJ twitter through JYJ3.. i want it to post it for you Jennie, dunno why i cannot post that in here.. so sorry..
    on his tweet, jae said “dr.jin ost mixing is complete”
    whoa.. yes.. yippie too!

  44. 44 : Coleene Says:

    @ taraLuvJJ
    oooh! It’s good to know that jaejoong sing for this drama, having such a good voice make the story more interesting.

    @ kel
    yeah! Your right. w/ both good actor and storyline combine the result is much much better. Imagine song seung hun?oooh!nothing to say….

  45. 45 : jcma Says:

    interesting….i luv to see jaejoong….song seung hun n park min young….can’t wait to see this drama

  46. 46 : Melda Says:

    For new batch k-dramas like ghost, I do I do, etc, I think this one looks even more promising. Wednesday and Thursday slot after K2H, Rooftop, are not interesting anymore.

  47. 47 : Melda Says:

    I hope that I am wrong, so that we all have k-dramas to watch after they finish airing

  48. 48 : hny Says:

    time travel or else….NO PROBLEMO laah !!!….If there is Jae Joong Oppa!!

    ………………………….I faithfully watch………………………..26 May,commming Baby…

  49. 49 : mitch Says:

    ..can’t wait to see this kdrama!
    …i sooooooo love Jaejoong..

  50. 50 : kira Says:

    i didn’t expect it to be a saggeuk drama…….. LOL

  51. 51 : vbs Says:

    Even if Park Min Young is one of the leads im going to give it a try, i think she is boring and not a very good actress, she is cute but cute dont make up for short commings in her acting ,i never manage to get to the end if she is in it excepty for SKKS …

  52. 52 : Time Slip Dr. Jin « The Hyper Group Says:

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  53. 53 : Coleene Says:

    I dont think park min young is boring she has a good part on the other side…and if she’s that bad in acting they doesnt give her another break like this, being lead actress is a big responsibility for the succes of one drama…
    Anyway, evryone has their own point of view….he! he! he!!!

  54. 54 : park jun hee Says:

    welll, look so interest cz there is song seung hoon. actually i want to stop watch n download newest Kdrama, just want to watch it aired in my broadcast country, but damn…. this drama make me so curious to watch… actually SSH so handsome…. aaarrrrrggghhhhh!!!

  55. 55 : dymaldini Says:

    I believe this drama will be great ….

  56. 56 : Louie Says:

    this drama for sure is going to be great and I will surely watch for this because of PMY. Actually I am waiting for this for a long time. Here comes, 26th May… I won’t sleep till I can watch it even if it’s RAW>

  57. 57 : Louie Says:

    MBC is now my favorite internet website because of this upcoming drama.

  58. 58 : jow Says:

    Oh My Gosh

    is that Mr. Cute ” Song Seung Hun?

    i will definitely watch this drama

    PLISSSS King of Two Hearts quickly and hurry

  59. 59 : fannie Says:

    can’t wait!

  60. 60 : princess Says:

    jaejoong oppa <3

  61. 61 : kei Says:

    They should put a new genre: Time-Travel

  62. 62 : leyla Says:

    OMG song seung hoon has a new drama!!!
    i am a fan of him since east of eden
    looking forward to this one!

  63. 63 : devi Says:

    SSH oppa, I always waiting for your next drama after my princess. Saranghae oppa, nomu nomu nomu chua he

  64. 64 : caca Says:

    I guess I’m the only one who don’t like JJ to be in this drama. I have nothing against him. But he is too “pretty” to be a swordsmen. Unless this a rom-com sageuk drama like Sungkyunkwan Scandal then it’ll be believable if there is a pretty boy acting as a swordsman.He kinda ruin my excitement for this drama because SSH and LBS are my favourite actors. I wish they cast someone who is manlier than him.

  65. 65 : hallyu lover Says:

    omg Jae Joong is really the King…even Song Seung Hoon has to let Jae Joong’s picture be in the middle of the poster…

  66. 66 : Jennie Says:

    Yes, Hail JJ The King! Can’t wait to see. Read that he’s working very hard memorizing the script. Hope he does well and silence all the critics out there heehee!

  67. 67 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    counting the days to see jae..
    can’t wait to see some fighting or horse riding scenes of jaejoong!!

  68. 68 : adhe airashii Says:

    i’ll waiting this drama. . . omo, JJ oppa you’r so cool. . .
    naneun neomu neomu saranghaeyoo :*

  69. 69 : jhapzter Says:

    well after the clash of this recent bigtime dramas namely rooftop prince, K2H, and Equator Man.. now is the real clash of the box office actors and actresses haha.. what a line up this May, – its Song Seung Hun’s
    Time’s SLip vs Jang Dong Gun’s A Gentlemans Dignity wow and another 3 headed Monster pairing when it comes to wed/thurs – GHOST vs Bridal Mask vs I do I Do.. Wow, What a clash of ratings this’ll be.. just stay glued to YouR Monitor and Get REady Your PopCorN!! haha..

  70. 70 : kate nacu Says:

    i’m looking forward to this one! 🙂

  71. 71 : belinda Says:

    ilove park min young and Lee So Yeon

  72. 72 : kpopparazzi Says:

    Jaejoong will sing OST Part.1 out May 25th! yehey! http://www.mnet.com/newrelease/comingsoon/2012-05-23

  73. 73 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    thx you.. i’m looking forward for that too, really can’t wait to hear jaejoong’s new song.. and his angelic voice too ;>

  74. 74 : jjcassie Says:

    Thank you 🙂

  75. 75 : Rayya Says:

    Jaejoong’s 007 !!!

  76. 76 : Aya Says:

    I love both seasons the Japanese version, and I never failed to love any Korean drama adaption from Japanese dorama.
    And with these cast? This is so promising.

    I can see many people doesn’t like PMY much here.
    Well she maybe not that good, but I don’t think she’s really a bad actress too. Atleast she can act, and they’re not gonna chose her to play along with these hot actors + omo is that Lee So Yeon?

    Totally can’t wait!

  77. 77 : iammee Says:

    I am so excited to watch this drama. It seems that time travel thing is in nowadays in koreamn dramas. Park Min Young is so lucky for getting good projects, she may not be pretty but she can act well.

  78. 78 : acie Says:

    a must see korean drama.. 🙂 im excited to watch this.

  79. 79 : Hye Min Says:

    I can’t wait for this! Hope Jae’ll do great!

  80. 80 : N.A. Sario Says:


  81. 81 : Alexandra Says:

    jae joong & SSH…wow

  82. 82 : Rayya Says:

    Hurry up….!!!!
    i can’t wait 🙂

  83. 83 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    just a info all Indonesian Jaejoong’s fans..
    Protect The Boss tayang di Indosiar
    mulai : 21Mei 2012
    tiap : senin-jumat
    pukul : 16.30
    tp syg sperti biasa didubbing.. ga rela suara sexy Jaejoong di dubbing ^_^

    back to Time Slip dr.Jin
    counting.. 6 days to go..

  84. 84 : belinda Says:

    بلانتظار اروع دراما

  85. 85 : Jeh Says:

    omo! Jaejoong and Park Minyoung plus Song Seun Hun 😀

  86. 86 : demider Says:

    The only Japanese tv series I love, it will take a lot from the Korean to rival it or even surpass it. And I love a lot a Korean series. Thus it has big shoes to fill. For those who haven’t seen the Japanese version, don’t, not until you finish the Korean one. And for those who have seen the original like me, cast a blind eye and definitely do not call this series Jin. It will hurt you. I’m watching this series and trying not to associate it with the original Jin, since I love it so much. Plus, its all about whether the writer did a good job writing the script since the Japanese one was awesome. Not to mention the actors/actresses. Either way, I’m watching this version for eye candy only. Thus, I won’t get hurt. Not that I don’t like the people starring in it. It just that having too much hope, usually hurts more in the end.

  87. 87 : iemitsu Says:

    what really infuriate me is whenever a japanese drama has a big success koreans try to copy it. I think this adaptation will not have the same success as JIN ( japanese drama) for the simple fact that the plot has been changed, remember that JIN dealt with a story involving the dramatic story of a neuro surgeon who struggles with his incapacity to perform surgeries as a result of a mishap that happened when he tried to save his bried-to-be which is the main fact that introduced the time slip as a way to discover and reconcile with himself. As a matter of fact i cannot the guarantee the success of a drama which focuses on a selfish main caracter in his quest of perfection. But what i am judging now is just the plot but this drama can hide some surprises. I wish i can enjoy this drama.

  88. 88 : nechie Says:

    i am really a korean drama fans.can’t wait any longer for this one.i really do hope this drama will entertaining me much

  89. 89 : song sun Says:

    the best drama coming sooon. Fighting SSH!

  90. 90 : meralda Says:

    excelent drama. best cast. the most importantly Song Seung Heon is Leading actor.

  91. 91 : Rayya Says:

    i can’t wait any longer….
    OMG, Jaejoooonnngggggg!!!!!!

  92. 92 : Na Bori Says:


    I Do I Do is what will comes next in MBC every wed-thurs after TK2H and not Time Slip Dr. Jin…

  93. 93 : jhapzter Says:

    so the japanese version had 2 seasons, does it mean this korean drama would also have 2 seasons? i’d love it if it would be like that, or they just compress it and release it in this one kdrama series? hope anyone can answer ;]

  94. 94 : Cur_Lee Says:

    @jhapzter: most likely there will be only one season for kdrama, since this is promise to be 24 episodes. that’s enough to cover for both season the japanese version.

  95. 95 : yoon Says:

    another time travel story Dr travel to joseon dynasty period without high tech equipment very keen to watch how they perform a life saving task without life saving drug & equipment for operation.

  96. 96 : Rayya Says:

    Jaejoong sings “Living like a dream” Dr jin ost,
    i can’t waiting !

  97. 97 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yay, i heard that too..
    realy can’t wait to hear jaejoong’s angelic voice again on his new song..

  98. 98 : andrea Says:

    I think Japanese version is more interesting more than Korean version of the romance because she’s too forced in the future and the past, and seems pretty easy to guess. Dr. Jin and Young rae not going to because she’s from the past but in the future there is Mina, with a same face as I thought there would be no surprise in the ending of the story. please make the story more interesting and not predictable ….. Dr. Jin and Young Rae can not be in the past but he will be with Mina in the future

  99. 99 : Rayya Says:

    i’m huge fans of jaejoong
    i want to watch this drama ‘coz jaejoong.
    i dont interest other drama, i just want to see jaejoong and hear his voice:)

  100. 100 : belinda Says:

    دا المسلسل دنا متفائلة عن جد

  101. 101 : simple Says:

    hmm i can’t wait ,… so interesting,…

  102. 102 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    me too, i’m big fan of Jaejoong, JYJ to be exact.. so you don’t watch rooftop prince?
    and i’m addict to watch k.drama too as long as has good storyline and got me hooked.. gorgeous casts *like jaejoong or yoochun* to be bonus ^_^

  103. 103 : Rayya Says:

    Kim Jaejoong “Living like a dream ” ( Dr. Jin ost)

  104. 104 : Rayya Says:

    i watch Rooftop prince uncomplete ep. i wait for DVD:)

  105. 105 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    thank you for the link 🙂
    do you know that jaejoong also staring on movie called “jackal is comming”? i’m waiting for that one too..

    don’t worry to day-friday the RP dvd just come out ^^

  106. 106 : Rayya Says:

    thank you, i wait for..
    please send me , if you have information about JJ:)

    this link ost with English sub:)

  107. 107 : AdJae boo airashii Says:

    i cant waittingg for watching this dramaaa. . .
    i love kim jaejoongg

  108. 108 : Park jun hee Says:

    Arggh! Cant wait to watch! So curious. . .

  109. 109 : Park jun hee Says:

    No doubt, the ratings would be high!!!

  110. 110 : Park jun hee Says:

    OMG, song seung hoon is so handsome, really handsome and so HOT!

  111. 111 : towi luv jaejoong oppa forever Says:

    can’t wait to watch this drama…
    so curious…
    i love the song “Living Like a Dream” jaejoong oppa made…
    so sad…
    when i hear this song i want to cry… T.T

  112. 112 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    ohhhhhh so excited cant wait tilll it just two more ddays

  113. 113 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:


    Episodes areprobably RAW. RAW – No english Subtitle. Check back later.

  114. 114 : Poohs Says:

    Not sure if this is going to be another Rooftop prince type of storyline?

  115. 115 : mitch Says:

    @Rayya- 103

    thanks for the link! love it

  116. 116 : Micc Says:

    Wow, no time wasted on this one!

  117. 117 : Park jun hee Says:

    Where is the ratings? Please show up fast. So i can decide must watch it or n0t. . .

  118. 118 : Park jun hee Says:

    After watch the full trailer, OMG for early episode i think it so c0mplicated. . .
    What the genre of this drama?
    There is no comedy sense?

  119. 119 : Park jun hee Says:

    hay, we meet again 🙂

  120. 120 : Micc Says:

    @Park jun hee

    Hi! Glad to see you here. The opening of the first episode is very fast paced. I stop watching after a little bit, will go back later. Hope it’s good. Did you have a test at school yesterday?

  121. 121 : Micc Says:

    Same person? A little predictable…..still entertaining.

  122. 122 : tyarachunni Says:

    oh…i can’t wait to watch this drama..jj oppa fighting!!^^

  123. 123 : Park jun hee Says:

    eww, so the first ep is unsatisfied?
    Huft. . .
    Why there is n0t a big excited to watch this as well as i watch rooftop prince? . . .

  124. 124 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hey girl, are you the same tyarachunnie who always post comments on koreanIndo? kl iya sm, i’m so exited about this drama..

  125. 125 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @park jun hee-123
    hi..wave-wave.. diff from you, i’m exited about this drama.. i know it’s not comedy like rooftop prince but i dunno maybe jaejoong which keep me exited, his character a little bit remind me of second male lead on princess’ man *forgot his name*.. and surpraised me more, i like chemistry between song seung hun and park min young..

  126. 126 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    Ep 1 has plenty life n death situations. I counted at least 4 in the first 35 mins.
    But all the while I kept thinking: If u find a baby- shaped tumor w embryo cells in a guys’s head, aren’t u supposed to do sth pretty special with that tumor u cut out, n that guy fr where it came? You’ve to alert the authorities in case that’s some “alien”, right?
    SSH has to run for his life in the 2nd half of the show. Poor guy! No such luck as running into the pretty Hee Jin, like Kim Boong Do did in QIM.
    There r many life n death situations in the remaining 25 mins too, so many that I lost count.
    It’s fun to watch SSH act w Lee Bum Soo.
    SSH runs into Park Min Young again in the Joseon era, when he tries to save yet another dying man, Jin Yi Han, who plays Park’s brother.
    JJ plays an army officer to whom ParkMY is betrothed. He was born by a concubine, n therefore looked down upon.

  127. 127 : Park jun hee Says:

    hey hey, ak jg dari indonesia. Eh km udh liad t ep awalnya, critain d0nk, bgus ap gk. Dr. Jin travel ke j0seon itu tengah2 ep ato pas akhir ep?

  128. 128 : Park jun hee Says:

    All, this drama go0d or n0t? Cz i m n0t yet download ep 1 n 2. . .

  129. 129 : InquizityJJ Says:

    Will watch because of SSH. Liked him since East of Eden and My Princess.

  130. 130 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun hee
    kl dicritain tar ga seru dong hehe.. lgpula ntn tnpa terjemahan nih jd krg gt ngeh sm crtnya.. ini jg lg nunggu yg ada eng-sub di jyj3.. mnrutq crt ga seseru rp tp mgk krn br eps 1 jd just wait and see.. but coz i’m jaejoong & song seung hoon died hard fan must watch this drama^^

  131. 131 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun hee
    at first i though you’re korean.. hbs namanya kok park jun hee.. or maybe you’re korean but grew up in indo..
    kl aq jrg d.load lbh sk bl dvd 😉

  132. 132 : Rayya Says:

    @taraLuvJJ & Park jun hee
    udah nonton ep 1 nya youtube, tp belum jelas ceritanya mgkn karena ga ngerti jg, soalnya ga ada subnya:)

  133. 133 : juliette Says:

    Le premiers épisode est vraiment bien, je ne m’attendais pas à ce qui le soit autant. J’attend avec impatience le second ^^

  134. 134 : Micc Says:

    @Park jun hee

    No, it was good. No long and boring intro in this one, go straight to the point. So far so good.

  135. 135 : Novri Says:

    aku uda nonton episode 1. waahh.. keren gila. ada rasa takut, jijik (karena ada bagian bedah), sedih, pokoknya kesan pertama “ini drama yang bagusssss”…

  136. 136 : lady mee ya Says:

    ya ampun… time traveler lagi.. masih sedih RTP udahan.. mudah2an ini sebagus RTP.. tapi kayanya less comedi..

    too serious !

  137. 137 : hey Says:

    http://www.asiandramadownloads.com/ ive found this site to download this drama

  138. 138 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hi.. sm wkt ntn blm ada sub.. jd blm ngeh crtnya..
    sbr aja tar di blog jyj3 psti ada vid+eng subnya

  139. 139 : kdfan Says:

    after ep 1, i can’t say i like it yet. for some reasons jaejoong reminds me of robert pattinson. maybe bec he looked somewhat gaunt and pale or something about his stare. or maybe its the surgery gore and blood getting me thinking the vampirish way. the spooky fetus is also freaking me out.

  140. 140 : Micc Says:


    Yea, it’s very Doctor Who!

  141. 141 : Naomi Says:

    I think park min young is a dead card this story, she was there in the past and the present …. too bad
    hei screenwritter please change the story line!!!!!

  142. 142 : swift Says:

    Any idea this drama writer made any other dramas with similar plot???

  143. 143 : erychris Says:

    Finally this movie was played. Cant wait to see ur acting SSH. I love it caused ur partner is PMY. She is a good actress. I believed this one is a good drama too like ur drama before. Saranghee

  144. 144 : dsd Says:

    Time Slip Dr Jin Ep 1 Eng Sub

  145. 145 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    The neurosurgeon, Jin Hyuk, gets thrown into Joseon times, when the evil Left Minister is in total control. He is in danger of being killed as a member of a thieving gang that has been fighting w the army. He gets one opportunity after another to save the lives of patients in mortal danger.

    I think this KD has a great cast; the 5 main chars pull their wt n attract viewers.
    The story: is the process of Jin Hyuk applying his modern medical knowledge in primitive conditions to save lives against the odds. Meanwhile he n Park MY’s char fall in love, while JJ is a hurdle. JJ plays sb not so nice.
    The directing n editing add up to a choppy pc of work. The director’s way of story-telling is not engaging. It strikes me as: painting by the nos., n has the same artistic effect.

  146. 146 : hny Says:

    I just watch it… no comment yet…

  147. 147 : kdfan Says:

    not enjoying the flow despite the great cast. already tired of Jinhyuk having to use his medical skill every time to save his skin but i guess it cannot be helped in his situation. Clifhanger lacks suspense, its predictable what will happen next. Hope the editing will improve.

  148. 148 : Mary Says:

    Everyone SHOULD watch this drama!!! It’s really good in my opinion 😀

  149. 149 : sara Says:

    It seems okay. Good start that arises lots of questions in viewers minds. It was interesting that he traveled back to the past. Other time traveling dramas are about traveling to the future. SSH is good as the selfish doctor and I feel Jaejoong is a jerk here. But the operation scenes are a bit too much. I don’t know why they show everything in detail and blur the bloody part. Oh, please Dr, you are operating on the brain, your gloves must be sterilized. Why you put your hands on your head and continue the operation with the same glove? What about that bloody blanket on the patient after surgery? You must study more to create the exact scenes writernim. Anyway, i like SSH and JJ. i will watch this drama.

  150. 150 : Yuni Says:

    i have watch JIN with Japaness Drama JIN 1 & JIN 2…very nice drama…dr.JIn Minakata, with the lead actor: Osawa Takao & Ayase Haruka. very touching drama..i really love them..on the JIN 1, happy ending but just to sad on second season that Osaka Takao (Jin Minakata) can’t together with Ayase Haruka (Tachibana Saki). i really love them…in Japan…its get very good rating, because very…very good, hope in Korean drama also will became very good…..

  151. 151 : yasmine Says:

    Just watched ep 1. Woahhhh i like it!!! The story is interesting!!! Go watch it!! I love the actors and actress^^

  152. 152 : sdehsk Says:

    it’s a good drama^^

  153. 153 : hny Says:

    it took a lot of patience to watch this drama online .. there are many problems here n there 4 all site….watch half ep 2 ,the picture gone !! coz ad…OMG..try again…more patience baby…!!

  154. 154 : fanny Says:

    i agree with naomi, park min young is a dead card on this story, maybe if the roles were played by two different artists the story was better because it will be difficult in the prediction of the end or just off Mina in episode 1 might be better because it is difficult to predict the end, when I watch the japanese version I always wondered what kind of love that finally separated distance and time, but when reading the synopsis of the Korean version is no longer a question mark because it is very easy to predict
    too bad …. just highlight the ability of dr jin rather than to his love story

    fighting time slip dr jin!!!!! because i love SSH but not the story line ^_^

  155. 155 : hny Says:

    HYR…wah …you dare to ignore JJ hand meanwhile I’m waiting here *_*…!! poor JJ..this is what I hate…second lead must be dumped..I love JJ and 내가 너무 좋아하는 노래 승 훈

  156. 156 : KDaddict Says:

    Do you think some ppl out there might be just a little bit jealous of Park Min Young? 🙂
    Since SKKS, she has had the chance to romance Micky, Yoo Ah In, Soong Jun Ki, Lee Min Ho (for real), and now Song Seung Hyun, AND JJ. That’s quite a tally for 20 months! I can’t think of another actress w that kind of report card.

  157. 157 : dsd Says:

    Time Split Dr Ji Ep 2 Eng Sub

  158. 158 : sara Says:

    Good point. This is exactly what i think. I just don’t know he gets so many offers or she accepts every offer she gets. She ‘s been so busy after SKKS and as you sais so lucky to be with all of those eye candies, specially JJ who is more pretty that her. To me she is not that much of an actress. Just so-so. What do you think?

  159. 159 : Charlie Says:

    I like The beginning. It looks like it’s going to be a good one.
    PMY is beautiful. I like to see her again in this drama. But I’m sad to see JJ in a not so favorable role. A bad guy? Too much for his pretty face. 😉

  160. 160 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i don’t think bad guy role it’s too much for jaejoong’s pretty face.. i call it he dares to takes a risk to accept kind of bad character. i mean not like other kpop-idol-turn-to-be-actor who always play good character or celebrity or some prety idol too.. i like the way jaejoong try different kind of roles, beside he’s not he’s fault being pretty… pretier than park min young 🙂

  161. 161 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t know how many offers she gets, I only know the ppl she gets to “play” with in the shows. I don’t even know if she is that much of an actress or not, cos my judgement might be cloudy. 🙂 Just kidding!

    Honestly, I think her acting has improved since the last time I saw her, in CH.

  162. 162 : Charlie Says:

    I can tell by your name how you feel about him. JJ playing a bad guy, I think based on what’s been showing in the first two eps, you’d develop a love, hate feelings toward the bad guy although you really suppose to hate him. 😉

  163. 163 : oyabun Says:

    how can they use a foetus in foetu to explain the time slip? thats just… weird like in a Z horror movie. The writer is on LSD? I am afraid for the rest of the drama.

  164. 164 : sara Says:

    I don’t know what to say. It just seems so unrealistic. He is a genius surgeon in his own time but operating with hammer when the patient has lost lots of blood? How he does that? I know they are historical evidences of neurosurgery even in ancient times but how many of patients remained alive? Also i wonder why the girl is not shocked at all and doesn’t ask any question. Did they have wrist watch in Jeoson era? If not, why the girl isn’t a bit curios to know what is the strange thing in his hand?

    JJ seems okay. We can’t judge his acting just by watching two eps but his character must be a devil with a sad past and a big scar in his heart which is treated only by Young rae’s love. I praise him for choosing a devil character but he is so pretty that you never can hate him. How can you hate a angel-like devil?

  165. 165 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    no, after watching two eps i hate his character.. i’m scare i gonna hate his role till end, i hope his character develop become good guy hehe

    yeah, it’s hard to hate your fave actor in drama 🙂

  166. 166 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    agree with you comment about JJ 😉

  167. 167 : TAVAI Says:

    looks like this is going to be a good drama good storie and back to the future for the 3 times very good and very very fantastic.the main actrees why is it have to be her why not someone better

  168. 168 : Oyabun Says:

    Ep2: Soundtrack, music and these violins are awful. The main guy teaching about surgery during Joseon while he is wearing a KKK hood and trying to open a skull like a coconut, this is grotesque. The girl’s reaction is unrealistic. So far, it is very poor. I stop here. Will give another try later maybe.

  169. 169 : sara Says:

    First, i’m not talking about people who wisely criticize his music or judge his acting. It’s about haters. Psychologists say if somebody gets so so much love from one side, the other side unknowingly hates that person. I think it ‘s the same about JJ. He is so pretty, has lots of crazy fans, hardcore fans, good fans world wide and is really successful. In result some people hate him even without any reason. I read some comments in other forums. Some people hate him so much and attack him for being pretty or being a terrible actor. But i think we should be fair. He seems so hardworking and i’m sure he improves day by day.

  170. 170 : Park jun hee Says:

    Still confuse must watch it or n0t

  171. 171 : Esther Says:

    Is it great for watch?

  172. 172 : Esther Says:

    Well, i think n0w is the third season.

    1st season are opening with moon embrace the sun and dream high 2. It’s booming in asia.

    2nd season is start with “ratings war” between rooftop prince, king2hearts, n equator man. Then it’s also had “popular war” between love rain, rooftop prince, n king2hearts. Also make a sense with queen inhyun n fashion king.
    It’s the m0st spectacular seas0n. I’m fond of 2nd seas0n!!

    N0w, is the 3rd seas0n. And there is just one drama which got a l0t sense to watch. Time slip dr. Jin! But i think this seas0n as n0t spectacular as 2nd seas0n! Well, i also cant decide should watch dr. Jin or n0t.

  173. 173 : yoon Says:


    some one commented open a skull like a coconut, truly with this kind of operation patient will surely die. we must think just a drama only.
    hopefully Dr Jin director will get some advise & an idea to make this drama more interesting & especially an operation part.

  174. 174 : BIna Says:

    this drama 24 episodes or 20 episode because i have had source from hancinema this drama only 20 episode. But I think that is not more important hopefully this drama can be more success and get more attention from everyone watching.

  175. 175 : sally Says:

    I hope they do not create a scandal to boost the popularity of this drama, for example: the actor/actrees involved romance hahaha (laugh so hard)

  176. 176 : jayne Says:

    I love SSH, have a doubt about this time-traveling drama and am not a big fan of PMY. I just don’t understand why is she so popular and good enough to be partnered with SSH. She’s not as interesting as Yoon Eun Hye, not as beautiful as Park Ye Jin, not as convincing as Han Hyo Jo. Maybe I just skip this drama entirely.

  177. 177 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun hee
    if you still confuse just wait till the dvd come out, no stress becouse the waiting of next eps..
    after all, there are plenty good drama this week.
    >if you like room-com & shoes, you should try I Do I Do staring Kim Sun Ah
    >another rom-com with similiar story line.. Big staring such a big name like Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung en Miss A Suzy.. I Love Lee Tae Ri staring Super Junior Kim Ki Bum
    >and if you like City Hunter, try Bridal Mask staring the handsome Jo Won
    >or maybe detective drama Ghost, staring Daniek Choi, GO MBlaq, Uhm Ki Joon and long time not seen the comeback of So Ji Sob
    me? i’m going to watch all those drama cuz i’m so addicted to k.drama ^_^

  178. 178 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    …or maybe after euro football champ coz one thing can beat my addiction of k.drama just soccer.. Go Go Netherland.. i hope this year they win!!!

  179. 179 : pogrog Says:

    park min young keeps appearing in dramas and i’m a little afraid that she might pair with some of my like actors. it’s a relief that she is paired with this guy. i think she needs to improve her acting skills, and not just using her fake face to seduce audience. sugery should has limits too.

  180. 180 : tety Says:

    @tara @ Jenny @ Park jun hee

    Please support Bridal mask too.. so sad not find you all at Bridal mask comment.. i have watched ep 1.. it was very interesting..joo won so handsome and his acting so great.. got high rating 13..spent your time for joo won too beside Jae joong…

  181. 181 : Park jun hee Says:

    wow, seem like that u r so addicted watch kdrama. Well, where do u watch it? On dramacrazy.net? Or viki? Or youtube?

    Well, yesterday, i have downloaded dr. Jin ep 1 n 2. And i also check just little part of episode 1.
    OMG, there, SSH are so handsome, so much! Okay, i think i decided to watch dr. Jin. . . 😛
    Thx unnie, i would watch this ^^

  182. 182 : Park jun hee Says:

    bridal mask? Action drama? Ahm, there is n0 popular actor or actress and. They are also n0t hands0me and pretty. . .

  183. 183 : kim ha yong Says:

    @park jun hee where did you downloaded dr jin? please reply ASAP

  184. 184 : Park jun hee Says:

    @kim ha yang
    u could download dr. Jin and many drama with size 200mb/eps in,
    1. http://www.200mbmini.info
    2. http://www.doramax264.com

    note : suggest, its better if u download with mediafire than jumbofile link in that website. Because if u dwnload fr0m mediafire link, its faster than jumbofile.
    And d0nt forget use internet download manager application. If u use internet download manager, i think u only spend 15minutes remaining to download one ep. . .
    Try this 🙂

  185. 185 : Park jun hee Says:

    @kim ha yang
    oh, i forget. U u found difficult to search dr. Jin page in that website, u could type “time slip dr. Jin 200mbmini.info” or “time slip dr. Jin doramax264” in google. Its work help you. . .

    addition, if u want watch dr jin without download. U could watch it in dramacrazy.net . Its live streaming!

  186. 186 : hny Says:

    @Park jun hee,hi dear
    udah nonton Dr .Jin…kan ,,,gmn ga rugi kan nonton online,padahal kalau u bli CD na I mo pinjam ;-).. udah nonton I DO I DO blum ?lumayan seru trz banyak model sepatu keren..!!

  187. 187 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hey girl.. i like to watch bridal mask too..

  188. 188 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @park jun hee
    i watch via youtube, dramacrazy, jyj3 but mostly i wait till the drama end then buy the dvd ^_^
    hey tokoh utama bridal mask cakep lho yg maen yg jd ma jun di baker kim tak goo dan dia populer bgt lah..

  189. 189 : Park jun hee Says:

    aduh, trnyata bnyk org indo ya di sini. Kkekeke 😛

    Eh, sayang sekali, ak blm n0nton dr jin. Hikz hikz 🙁 ak gk perna n0nton via online. Biasanya ak download dulu. Trz nonton d laptop. Unfortunatelly, my laptop was broken. So i cant watch dr. Jin . . . But i have download ep 1 n 2. Tinggal n0nt0nnya doank, tp susahnya minta ampun. . . Senin dpn i have semester test, so i have free time 2 weeks later 🙁

  190. 190 : Park jun hee Says:

    what? Ma joon? Hmm, iya seh, dy lumayan cakep. Yg cewek sapa?
    Eh, it film action t?

  191. 191 : Rayya Says:

    @taraLuvJJ, @Park Jun hee, @Tety
    i watch and download Dr Jin etc in indowebster (ada yg file besar & kecil, ada yg text indonya..)
    i watch bridal mask coz of you
    i hope Germany..

  192. 192 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    thx for your info about indowebster..
    so you like watching football too..who is your fave player? me, RVP 🙂

  193. 193 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @park jun hee
    aq jg blm smpt ntn, i’m planning to watch bridal mask and others this weekend, kau liat aja pemain cewenya di web koreandrama ini kan ada.. oya goodluck for your exam!

  194. 194 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    org indo jg ni ternyata..
    yes, turn up i do i do okay too.. so speechless with kim sun ah’s shoes.. sumpah keren!

  195. 195 : yoRoseberry Says:

    Why recently all the Kdrma theme abt time travel.
    Btw this kdrama in this moment nt boring, quite nice xd!

    “” I do I do”” nice also.. Hehehe

  196. 196 : Park jun hee Says:

    indowebster? Hey hey, ak minta linknya d0nk. Plis, skrng file dr mediafire bnyk yg khapus. Mw download via jumbofile lem0tnya minta ampun –”

    ato brangkali taraluvJJ, hny, ato yg lain tw page link indowebster bwt dwnload dr. Jin. Kasi tw d0nk

  197. 197 : Park jun hee Says:

    eh, thx do’anya. Did u hadn’t any exam during this month?

    Aduh, ribet ya, k0mentarnya campur2, b.ind ama b.ing jd kyak nasi pecel. . . –”

    so, ni bhas bola ato kdrama? Wkwk

  198. 198 : Park jun hee Says:

    @taraluvJJ @hny @rayya @tety
    eh, tw kn drama BIG? Yg maen suzy ama gong yoo. Yg cwo itu yg maen d coffee prince?? Idih, lawan maenx udh om om ahjusi! Tp ahjusinya lumayan cakep. Kekeke. . .
    Kyaknya seru, pngen liad tp males download –“

  199. 199 : Rayya Says:

    nonton piala dunia & europa aja, and always dukung jerman…
    pokoknya yg j.. j..nya aja.
    nonton KD jg karena Jaejoong and Jang geun suk, sebenarnya lbh suka nonton mereka nyanyi…

  200. 200 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun hee
    iya kyknya BIG jg keren br maen senin dpn gntiin love rain.. wkt ntn coffe prince, krg sk sm gong yoo sknya mlh sm ahjussi satunya lp nmx itu yg maen jg jd chef galak di Pasta n sm pembuat waffle Kim Jae Wook (maen di Mary Stayed Ov All Night n Bad Guy)

    km sk bli tabloid asianplus?
    mggu ini covernya Jaejoong pk bj warrior di Time Slip dr.Jin ini!! profilnya 2 hlman gede.. dijamin leleh hahaha

  201. 201 : Peggy Says:

    Somehow disappointed to see PMY be partnered with SSH. It’s that she tried to be a little bit too much in her action, while SSH was so perfect in “My Princess” with KTH. Such a poor SSH!

  202. 202 : hny Says:

    @Park jun hee,@taraLuvJJ

    good morning dear…pasti kalian blum plg skul ya!! Jun hee yg ada exam,baik na km belajar dulu dh…nonton KD next time aja…moga sukses ya..oh ya aku pake link yg sama sm kalian dramacrazy,epdrama or ytb..kalian pake modem apa?,karna ngaruh jg untuk online..

    @tara,,,I like I do I do its funny drama lebih realistis ceritanya untuk korean drama…but not Bridal Mask, ga cocok kayana untuk the real tradisi korea…story like that cocok u/ jepang ,england ,china or amrik movie!!

  203. 203 : Aiushta Says:

    PMH doesn’t look good for SSH.. She looks better for KJJ! 🙂

  204. 204 : park jun hee Says:

    i use modem “smart”
    but, actually i never watch live streaming. instead i should watch, maybe i watch it on warnet. eh ya, ak jd dwnload nya d warnet,,,, cz kalo pake laptop downloadnya, bikin makan hati aja onni…

  205. 205 : tety Says:

    @ Park jun hee

    friend..try to watch first…he he maksa nih

  206. 206 : suhnee Says:

    ini drama kolosal bukan sie????

  207. 207 : park jun hee Says:

    aduhh… buyar dah!! smw jadi keterusan pake bahasa indonesia. bahasa ibu pertiwi. wkwkwk. kasian temen lain pada gk ngerti apa yg kita omongin ^^

  208. 208 : ashl Says:

    this korean version is not same as japanese version, but im totally gonna watch it

  209. 209 : park jun hee Says:

    @tety 205
    hey, is it youtube user who submit kdrama online??? wow, seem like dramacrazy.net

    drama kolosal itu apa yah???
    *ketahuan kamseupay* –“

  210. 210 : swift Says:

    I have decided not to watch this drama, Big and Gentleman’s Dignity for the moment. So far as these dramas really worth watching. If not I will wait until the dramas end.

    Currently watching Ghost and Bridal Mask.

  211. 211 : kel Says:

    Hi everyone, just asking which tv rating should we see now? I seen others saying AGB Seoul is the one. However, i not so sure. Can anyone help?

  212. 212 : KDaddict Says:

    With so many exciting new dramas out all at once, one has to prioritize. Bridal Mask is thick w plot, conflict n action. I’ll start it after 4 eps, just to get a solid start. Will also wait till QIH finishes b4 starting Ghost. Currently super loving GD n I do. Happy as can be.

  213. 213 : swift Says:

    I think the lead guy for this drama is not the right guy. Do not know why I feel he will not be able to act the character in a meaningful manner that will get viewers interest.

  214. 214 : Prinna Says:

    Always glad to see my favorite actor Song Seung Hun and actress Park Min Young. Song Seung Hun always look very handsome and charming as usual. Hope to see more of him in more drama.

  215. 215 : drama freak Says:

    i actually enjoy this drama….have watched till ep 3…and i love it =D

  216. 216 : mitch Says:

    .. this is a nice kdrama.. very different from the dramas that i have watched. though i don’t like those blood and operating “thing”, still i choose to watch it till the end.. i like JJ sooo much.. now i’m beginning to like SSH and the whole story.. and i sooo love the OST.. love JJ’s voice so much! hehe.. keep it up though the “hammer thing” is not realistic.. hehe

  217. 217 : mitch Says:

    ..OMG, another set of non-stop kdrama! i remembered RoofToP Prince, King2Hearts, Fashion King and Love rain era, i cannot decide which one to watch first.. hehe.. and now we have TS Dr Jin, I do I do is very funny and interesting also.. Big and Ghost are also next in line… oh my!

  218. 218 : sara Says:

    Oh, it’s getting interesting. Now, i can tell i love this drama. Lots of life and death situations in ep 3 but i love to know how he can use his modern medical skills to save people and change his view on life.

  219. 219 : dsd Says:

    Time split Dr.jin Ep 3 Eng sub

  220. 220 : park so yun Says:

    i have the video raw of this drama, i want the engsub with .srt file format, where i can find that? may somebody help me give the link to me…
    and thank you 🙂

  221. 221 : jin Says:

    KKT so hansome

  222. 222 : Naomi Says:

    Young Rae Vs Saki
    The result…..
    Young Rae 0 vs Saki 100
    Young Rae (overacting)
    Saki (elegance lady)

    Mina Vs Miki
    The result:
    Mina 0 vs Miki 100
    Mina (she’s an angel????OMG….very perfect character = boring,not interesting, not elegance)

  223. 223 : KDaddict Says:

    What r u talking abt? Who is Saki? Miki? Just curious.

  224. 224 : Dyan Says:

    @park so yun
    u can download it on
    1. Islandsubs.com (indonesian sub)
    2. Asiansubs.blogspot.com
    3. In darksmurf (i forget the link, but dont worry its could be found on google by type “time slip dr. Jin darksmurf”)
    note : u can download in darksmurf, but u must login first. If u d0nt have acc0unt, just register first. D0nt worry the register is so easy.

    Hope its useful for u

  225. 225 : hny Says:

    amazing if dr .jin could be here.. so many poor people in my country will stay a life…no cost 4 big operation 🙂

    Yong rae robust woman .. not fainted at the sight of blood .. if I’d be lay down there ,of course at JJ’s arms 🙂

  226. 226 : naomi Says:

    @ KDaddict 223: Saki is Young Rae in japanesse version, and Miki is Mina in Japanesse version….they are best character in J version beside Dr Jin of course ^_^
    they act not overacting…you must watch it hihihii

  227. 227 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx for the explanation. Where can I watch it? I never watch J-dorama. Pls pt the way. 🙂

  228. 228 : free cars Says:

    Hi there it’s me, I am also visiting this site daily, this site is actually nice and the people are truly sharing pleasant thoughts.

  229. 229 : swift Says:

    is the japanese version available at mysoju and dramacrazy. What is the name of the drama?

  230. 230 : Lorem Says:

    Well, I managed to watch 4 episodes, but there was just too much male-model posturing. To make things worse for this viewer, the proselytizing of modern science is NOT something that I’m partial to. One only need look at very old western science magazines that exhorted many now known to be harmful discoveries in various fields of science.

    I am humbled and now appreciate ancient Korean culture from watching period dramas…heh. Even if historically inaccurate, the snippets of knowledge and wisdom presented in the dramas are very refreshing and uplifting.

  231. 231 : dsd Says:

    Time split Ep 4 Eng sub

  232. 232 : hny Says:

    in ep.4 ..finally a romantic moment between YR n JJ’s out…so touche!! and on last part ..Yong rae start to help Jin whose try hard treating people with cholera ,it’s makes JJ’ getting mad and jealous to Jin…besides that Joon Pal and Lee Ha Eung always makes me lol..they act n accent so funny :),next eps preview are interesting coz Jin got sick ..oh it’s gonna be romantic moment if YR take care of Jin….what JJ’s gonna do, after all !!!
    next week…so looong 😉

  233. 233 : saada massoud Says:

    bonne chance song seung hun je te prefere romantique serie

  234. 234 : swift Says:

    Currently watching the Japanese version ‘Jin/ Super Jump’. The story is okay but the Japanese loves to insert alot of connotations in their dialogue which makes a person who does not know the Japanese language and culture difficult to keep in pace of what the actors are expressing. Now I understand why the Korean dramas are more popular, because Korean dramas are more straight forward in the dialogue and even the period dramas can provide knowledge to me on the Joseon era, especially in Dong Yi and QIM.

  235. 235 : KDaddict Says:

    Where u watching Japanese Jin? Link pls?

  236. 236 : Mae-Ri Says:

    @ Admin, please add/update to your list that Lee Hyung Suk is one of the cast of Time Slip Dr. Jin. He appeared in episode 4 as son of Lee Ha Eung (Lee Bum Soo). We love and support Lee Hyung Suk!

  237. 237 : swift Says:

    I get to watch faster updates of Korean and Japanese dramas on Dramacrazy.net. They have over 2000 dramas and movies in the webpage. Just select ‘Jin’ to watch the drama.

  238. 238 : Mae-Ri Says:

    I hope to see more scene of Lee Hyung Suk ( as Myung Bok/ future King Go Jong) in this drama. We love and support Lee Hyung Suk!

  239. 239 : swift Says:

    I just finished watching season 1 the Japanese version ‘Jin’. Tomorrow to continue on season 2. It is really very tiring to understand the connotations in the dialogue that I had to concentrate very hard on their conversation, or else have no idea what is happening on the specific scenes.

  240. 240 : sara Says:

    So much vomiting scenes. I also was going to vomit. But i liked this ep. It was the most realistic one and i missed SSH ‘s tears. His eyes are very pretty and much prettier when he cries. But YR looks at him with much affection. She is in love.

  241. 241 : Joe Says:

    After reading the comments for those who show interested in watching Jin (2009-Japan-TBS) & Jin 2 (2011-Japan-TBS). Enclosed 4 places to watch both Jin (Japanese drama 2009) & Jin 2 (Japanese drama 2011)

    Watch Online with English Subtitle:

    4 places to watch Jin (2009-Japan-TBS):


    4 places to watch Jin 2 (2011-Japan-TBS):


  242. 242 : swift Says:

    Thanks joe.

  243. 243 : hny Says:

    I agree with @swift-234…that’s why I more love KD but for Japaness ..I like their anime to watch online and love to read their manga series. It’s easier to understand and the cast more good looking then their real actor/ss 🙂

  244. 244 : hny Says:

    my late comment not show up either here,admin… i don’t know what happened!!

  245. 245 : Park jun hee Says:

    as same as to me, yesterday i also had submitted a c0mment, i saw that my c0mment had listed. But today, i check again, suddenly my c0mment dissapear. . .

  246. 246 : Park jun hee Says:

    During This week i had hard exam last test at 11 grade. Ouch, help me keep prayer. Wish i could do well and has 1st rank at my class this semester. . . Huft #fighting!
    Of c0urse after its finished i want to take a rest by watch dr jin ep 3-4 in weekend. . .

  247. 247 : calculysis477 Says:

    even some scenes are so sensitive, i managed myself to watch all 4 episodes which i found out to be very interesting. i love k dramas!

  248. 248 : Poohs Says:

    awesome drama. Must watch.

  249. 249 : Mae-Ri Says:

    @Admin, thank you very much for updating Lee Hyung Suk as one of the supporting cast. We Love and Support LEE HYUNG SUK and SONG SEUNG HEON! ^^

  250. 250 : InquizityJJ Says:

    No time to watch it yet. Prefer to take time to watch the full drama on DVD with English subtitles once it is out. Misses SSH ;O)

  251. 251 : EBK Says:

    Eng subs http://q.gs/1MFw1

  252. 252 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you v much for the links.

    So, you r in 11th grade. U know, I’ve always thought that I’m very lucky that I didn’t fall in love w KD while I was in school, or else I might not have finished my education. 🙂 Try to concentrate on your studies, graduate, do well, my dear. KDs will still be there when you finish school. All the best to your finals n schooling.

  253. 253 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: #[email protected]… Lol that’s exactly what happened to me while catching FOTG; I couldn’t concentrate on anything but kept on thinking about the drama every minute. I’m with you; glad I didn’t know about KD til 8 years ago; it could be an addiction. Happy with myself that I am able to stay/drop a drama if it does/doesn’t suit my taste otherwise my life could be depending on it…. Btw: after seeing 2&1/2 of this drama, I found it not my kind of drama, decided to drop but still visiting this thread here and there just to read comments… Have fun watching it 🙂

  254. 254 : admin Says:

    hny (244),

    We just check our Spam Software and found your IP is Mark as Spam. We also know that the IP you use to submit comment #244 is different with that one. We just un-spam it and please let us know if you still meet this problem in the future. For your information, The Spam Software we use isn’t perfect (but nearly perfect), and occasional errors do happen.

    Park jun hee (245),

    Please let us know what’s the comments that already disappeared by sending us an E-mail because we can not find any record that you already submit that comment. For your information, the problem you meet is totally different with hny (244) because his/her comment never show up. But your problem is somebody already deleted your comment.

  255. 255 : Momo Says:

    Time travel drama again, just finished watching Rooftop Prince and I think the story line and Micky acting is so good. By the way, this drama is based on Japanese one “Jin” and Seung Hun. So it should be great.

  256. 256 : swift Says:

    I have watched the japanese version. The Korean drama is loosely based on the japanese version but the characters in the korean is somewhat very very different. I tend to get more emotional in the japanese version because the characters are very attached to each other that you tend to get entangled in the storyline as well. But the koreans tend to be more flexible in their characters emotional facade that I do not get too sensitive in empathizing the roles acted by the korean actors.

  257. 257 : KDaddict Says:

    Dropping a KD that isn’t to our taste isn’t a problem. If it no longer interests us, or if there r others that r more interesting, then we simply don’t have the time to get to it. (That’s the case w me and this drama.) It is the ones that we love so much that we can’t stop thinking abt that r killers. That could have dire consequences for students facing exams! LOL.

  258. 258 : swift Says:

    I compared the Japanese version with the Korean Version of this drama, thankfully the Korean version is less stressful on the characters that I can safely say that we may enjoy this drama on ‘lighter and feel good’ mood.

    For those who had watched the Japanese version will understand what I mean.

  259. 259 : hny Says:

    @Park jun hee

    still exam toh..blum libur?! good luck and hope u got 1st rank..Cha YOO !!

    @admin ,thanks 4 explanations..

  260. 260 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL i’d be doomed too if i was addicted to KD when i was a student. but that would not have happened bec back then hallyu hasn’t begun yet. actually i hv been wanting to drop this show too. but i m a fan of SSH’s face. yup just his looks. he did fine in My Princess but i m not impressed with him here. i think i will continue just to know the answer to all the mysteries. at this rate, they should keep it 20 eps or less.

  261. 261 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan, KDaddict: hahahaaa…. I guess you both and I are in a diff generation :-). You’re right, I used to watch hktvb when I was little but since I started to watch kdrama I am unable to go back. Yes I like SSH too but am not a fan of medical drama (biology was my worse subject when i was still in school; i cant see blood) on top of that can’t stand watching those old man stupidity; their laughs irritated me.

  262. 262 : swift Says:

    Just finished the japanese version of Jin. Sad ending, the story was very touching that I even cried on some scenes. I do not think that I can endure similar ending if the korean version is going to be similar. For those who have not watched the japanese version, I would not recommend them to watch it until you finished watching the korean version. It may be a spoiler if you can anticipate what will happen next in the korean version.

  263. 263 : park jun hee Says:

    u r very kind. thank you … 🙂
    mwo?? why u didnt finish it?

  264. 264 : park jun hee Says:

    ye ye ye, actually now (midnight) i start to watch ep 3-4 after study hard for exam tommorrow that would be held tomorrow… refreshing its needed, right?

  265. 265 : KDaddict Says:

    @Park-263, CVL-261, kdfan-260,
    I was a VERY good student, extremely focused on my studies. I did finish my (post)graduate studies. I hardly ever watched tv, not bc it wasn’t available, but like Kim Bong Do (of QIH), I enjoyed studying more than anything else. Even after graduation, my fav activity was reading. Since discovering KD, I hardly ever read anymore. Keep telling myself I should watch less KD, n go return to doing some reading……

    @Park darling-264,
    Study, Go to bed, Do well. Then watch any series you want After the exam period is over. 😉

    I watched 2 eps of Dr. Jin. They didn’t touch me in any way. Even SSH is less devastatingly pretty than b4. Then all the new shows come out. I haven’t felt the need to return to this.

    Just finished QIH. It’s l-o-v-e-l-y!!!

  266. 266 : park jun hee Says:

    wow,,, proud of you. you are so smart like my sister^^
    well, did u continue to college?

  267. 267 : park jun hee Says:

    yeah, last night i have study hard from 3pm afternoon until 23pm night. ouch really its so tired. i need refreshing. well, i just watch ep 3. after that i go to bed.
    and thanks God, today my exam is success. just one day left tomorrow. but i hate the subject for last exam day tomorrow… “PHYSIC” 🙁

  268. 268 : Zhazira Says:

    дорама просто суперская,четвертая по счета историческая дорама,которую я решилась посмотреть))))))))опять же с нетерпением ждемс продолжения)))))))))))))

  269. 269 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict me too used to love reading and hardly anymore. i still hv unread books sitting on shelves. i m only a quarter thru the book i m reading, and i started it more than a year ago! that’s the downside of KDs for me. could it be one of the reasons bookstores are closing down? remember Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks’ You Got Mail? Now I think that movie was trying to tell us exactly that – people do stuff on the net, bookstores winding up ..

  270. 270 : adhe airashii Says:

    i dont like withh Genre: Fantasy, Period, Medical, Romance, Time-Travel
    but i love kim jaejoong. so i must watching this drama N i cant wait now. . . hahaha
    hwaittiingg oppa 😀

  271. 271 : mio Says:

    kyaa!! must watch it! i’ve been waiting for jae joong to act in a period drama! >.<

  272. 272 : KDaddict Says:

    You’ve my sympathy….Nobody likes Physics! But then your exams r over, n you can obsess over KDs again! Congrats on exams well done!
    Most of us regulars on this site no longer have exams to worry abt, you know. 😉

  273. 273 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    @KDaddict 265

    base on reading your comments,i know that you are really a smart person and seeing your name in every thread is already an addiction to me..hahaha!!!
    Since you mentioned that QIM is lovely,im gonna watch it for sure..

  274. 274 : Poohs Says:

    Anyone knows what is the ending of this drama in Japanese version? Is this Kdrama going to have a similar ending? Am curious

  275. 275 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx for the compliment! It makes me bashful.
    I seem like a rational personal, until sb bashes SEGA then I turn into a raving lunatic! You’ve seen that happen. 😛
    I should really comment less, n use the time to read. That’s what I Should do.

  276. 276 : kim ha yong Says:

    @park jun hee kamsahamnida

  277. 277 : theworstme Says:

    i really really love this drama…. aside from moon embracing and rooftop prince, this drama has a good story line…. i love the way the story goes…. jaejoong is much better this time… Park MinYoung is still pretty, Song Seung Hun is still the best… i hope this drama reach number 1! daebak! good luck

  278. 278 : Park jun hee Says:

    @kim ha yang
    n0 problem 😀

    @SEGA n KDaddict
    what the meaning of QIM?

    u n0t too interest watch ep 1-2, so did u decide to c0ntinue watch?
    Ouch, i d0nt like SSH cut hair here. Why he must wear long hair. Better its short. Although PMY n0t so bad, but i think they didnt have chemistry here.

  279. 279 : KDaddict Says:

    QIM = Queen Inhyun’s Man. I recommend it for when your exams r over.
    Dr. Jin:
    Do u find the show engaging? If u read my previous comment, you’ll know what I decided to do abt it. 🙂

  280. 280 : dsd Says:

    Time split Dr. jin Ep 5 Eng sub

  281. 281 : Park jun hee Says:

    oh, queen inhyun. Mmm, last week i decide to watch QIM until ep 4. But, i stop it to watch the later ep. Cz there is n0t handsome actor, so i d0nt want to watch. Maybe lead female ex is m0re hands0me than lead male. But its n0t en0ugh to entertain me. . . 🙁

    yeah, my exam is end yesterday. Huft, i hope got 1st rank in my class this season.

  282. 282 : KDaddict Says:

    You don’t think Ji Hyun Woo is handsome? He doesn’t seem to be dazzlingly sparkling at first sight, but he has an extremely attractive vibe all his own. I don’t believe the lead actress is more attractive than he is. It is truly one of the best shows of the year. Too bad you don’t appreciate it.
    BTW, how come your “o” often come out as “zero”. They don’t look the same you know. That’s why I think it was Charlie who asked u a while ago if the “o” key on your keyboard was broken.

  283. 283 : Park jun hee Says:

    Maybe, ji hyun woo is handsome. But, i’m still didn’t have chemistry with him. I also ever watch him in becoming a billionaire (have u watch it?) . There, he is more handsome than in QIM, cz his cut hair is short. Hmm, well okay i try to watch it again due to spend my holiday. Hope its could increase my chemistry.

    What? Charlie ever told me about it? Umm, i don’t know if he ever correct one about it.
    Hehe, i’m sorry, i usually write comments here via mobile phone which have 12 key button. I mean my phone didnt like computer keyboard. So, when i type “o” , its take a few times to wait, then, i decide to type “o” with “zero” to reduce should wait a few momment. . . 🙂

  284. 284 : KDaddict Says:

    I was just curious why that happens with your o’s n zero’s. Just as Charlie was. Now I know. 🙂
    Handsomeness is in the eye of the beholder, so if you don’t find him handsome, u don’t. But that show is exceptionally good. If you r new to KD, it may take a while to tell good shows fr bad.

  285. 285 : Park jun hee Says:

    Yeah, u r right. An actor is handsome determine by ourselves sense. An actor handsome Just from ourselves type or not.

    Hehe, no. I’m not new for love kdrama. Well, i have like watch kdrama since i was 8th years old. About since 2001 or 2002 maybe. Of course, first kdrama who catch my heart is jewel in the palace, next full house, 17 vs 29, chun hyang, boys over flowers, princess hour, and many more. . .

  286. 286 : Park jun hee Says:

    Anyone know where i could download dr. Jin ep 5 size 200mb? I have looked for on google but the result is not found. 🙁
    give me the link. . .

  287. 287 : hny Says:

    @Park jun hee

    it seem u have to try hard to watch KD 😉 di dramacrazy pake speedy joe itu sdh yg paling kecil sizenya utk tiap part cm agak sulit jd hrs coba berulang x.why u not try watch streaming! I use smart modem too n unlimeted for a month..nonton streaming trus ga prnh download..lumayan cepat th.

  288. 288 : KDaddict Says:

    Ah, so you r a veteran of 8 years! Didn’t realize it based on the Qn’s that you ask. That’s as many years as I’ve been watching. But that’s Half your life! 😉
    QIM takes a little while to get going. The first 2 eps were confusing, bc of the time jump, split screens n dark nights. It is deliberately edgy. It starts getting seriously good from ep 5 on. Guaranteed!

  289. 289 : Park jun hee Says:

    hmm, ya ak jg tw sih kalo bs d download ato watch online at dramacrazy. But, my laptop cant enable to watch streaming video. I d0nt kn0w why, instead i also use modem smart. Well another reason is, i don’t like watch with eng subs, although i understand n can translate what they said, but its more comfortable if i watch with indo subs. Hehe, lgian jadi agak gak puas gtu kalo must watch the video with should wait video buffering. Hehe. . .

    ah, that what, why i have not chemistry with QIM. I stopped to watch it until ep 4, then actually its start to better from ep 5 (like what u said). Hmm. . .
    Wait, who is the lead female ex name in QIM? Lee dong wook? Aish! He is so handsome in QIM. . . 😛

  290. 290 : sara Says:

    @Park jun hee
    I also highly recommend you to watch QIM. QIM and SFBB are the best shows of the year. QIM is extremely great and to me, even from the first eps. JHW is very very handsome. You know being handsome is not just the face. He is tall with a great figure like a model so he is pretty in everything he wears. He has such a good voice with a soft tone. I don’t know Korean but i feel Jeoson language is a bit fierce as if they are angry when are talking. But JHW talks softly in a low voice as if he is reading a verse. Finally, you’ve never seen such a kind and gentle hero in any KD.

  291. 291 : sara Says:

    Nothing new. But strangely i want to continue watching this drama just to know what will happens. Dr. Jin and KT are interesting characters. I ‘m sure Dr will save KT ‘s life at some point. But i don’t want KT to be completely evil. I was happy when they brought the supplies coz i thought it would be him but it wasn’t. But it’s only me or others also think JJ is so fragile. Sometimes i think he is going to faint any moment.

  292. 292 : Momo Says:

    I’ve watched Japanese version Jin and it was so sad ending. This is the charming of Japanese drama,. I can built up emotional until the ending liked “One litre of tear” which I cried a lot for lead actress.

  293. 293 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t understand your Qn. What is “lead female ex name”? Lee Dong Wook? How can Lee Dong Wook be a female name?

  294. 294 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: the name fits you perfectly :-)…. You’re right, most of us here are no longer of worrying about exams otherwise we could have flunk every subject lol…. Btw: what do you mean by SEGA; been curious about it since you’ve mentioning it quiet a few times already. Cheers!!!!

  295. 295 : KDaddict Says:

    I refer you to the QIM thread. If u read comments there, you’ll find out many things abt that show.

    Hee hee. So I look like a KD addict to you too? Let me tell u abt the depths of my addiction…… No, just kidding. That’d like too long, n be too pathetic. 😛
    SEGA = my fav show of all time = Secret Garden. Anyone who doesn’t like that show is no friend of mine. 🙂 Kidding, kind of.

  296. 296 : park jun hee Says:

    wait?? what the meaning of SFBB???

    i mean, lead female ex boyfriends. yeah, its so difficult find the word in my mind 😛 but i dont know whop is his name…

  297. 297 : park jun hee Says:

    @KDaddict. well, i would continue watch QIM due to my holiday 🙂
    okay, i would go to the QIM page

  298. 298 : sara Says:

    @Park jun hee
    shut up flower boy band

  299. 299 : swift Says:

    Jap version ‘Jin’ had ending of Dr Jin returned in present time but due to circumstances of changes in the history done by Dr Jin himself, his fiancee is no longer is fiancee in present time and the person (Young Rae) he left behind in the past lived lonely life (did not get married to anyone).

  300. 300 : KDaddict Says:

    Yes. Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a sleeper. One of many gt KDs in 2012. What a wonderful crop we’ve had! And it’s only June now.
    SUFFB, K2Hs, QIM, GD, and counting.

  301. 301 : swift Says:

    I saw only few episodes of SUFFB (middle and last episodes) but could not find it entertaining. I guess the storyline seemed a bit stagnant at one point when the lead is in conflict of his feelings for the lead lady and his obligations to his band members. The storyline did not develop that well.

  302. 302 : Ruru Says:


  303. 303 : lisa Says:

    no wonder there are many comments in this boring drama, it seem like the same people. is it i’m the only one notice park min youung’s abov picturee is annoying. smile like that is so ugly. i would rather watch love rain.

  304. 304 : KDaddict Says:

    Those same people are “the Regulars”. 😉
    As u say, this is a boring drama, so the topic of conversation drifts from 1 thing to another. Does it bother u?
    Most of those comments r addressed to specific persons. So others don’t have to read them if it bothers them.

  305. 305 : swift Says:

    Kindly refrain in condemning this drama on this thread. If you dislike this drama, please do not comment nor visit this thread. Everyone has their own preference in the type of drama they like to view, I also have dramas that I find boring but I respect other people who may find the drama entertaining. Love Rain to me is extremely slow and boring, but you enjoyed watching it, but I did not condemn the drama on the thread. Thus, I would hope you respect other people’s preference with Time Slip Dr Jin.

  306. 306 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    thank you for all your infomation about Jap version of Jin.. i like to try to watch it sometimes.. just comparing..
    so you watch “one litre of tears” too? i thought i was the only one coz that drama was so sad and i remember i was cried too

  307. 307 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i am sorry but i want to ask you this, are you american? i just curious, how come an american so addicted to korean drama.. you what i mean, american has toons or maybe millions good tv series 🙂
    @park jun hee
    jd km uda ntn k.drama slama 8 th..? almost the same with me, my first ever k.drama was endless love (autumn in my heart), that’s why i must watch time slip dr.jin, song seung hoon is my first ever k.actor crush 🙂

  308. 308 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    omo, why jaejoong is so handsome ~_~..
    i think his acting capability more improve than in ptb..
    everytime i see his eyes, i can feel the pain and sorrow of kim kyung tak..

  309. 309 : sara Says:

    You know that “same people” are the ones who think more than others and analyze the drama? We’re not here to waste time or insult others. So you have the right to come here but don’t have the right to insult the people. To me also, LR was an extremely meaningless and boring drama with terrible acting. I barely could stand it till ep 5. So we “the same people” don’t go to a thread we don’t love, you can learn from us.

  310. 310 : sara Says:

    Talking about SFBB is off topic in this thread but i just want to recommend you to watch that drama fully. The story line, acting, filming, music, feeling, everything about is great. One of those rare ones in KD-land. I think all the people who once have been 18 can relate to this drama and even if not everyone who ‘s been stuck in an unlimited circle in one point of their life can do so. Have you ever felt the time has stopped and you just could see walls wherever you have looked? NO PLACE TO ESCAPE. YOU MUST FACE THE REALITY. This is SFBB feeling.

  311. 311 : sara Says:

    You are right. JJ ‘s pretty eyes seem so sad but although i think his acting skills have improved since his first acting days but it’s not to the point he can show sad feelings in his eyes. I think his eyes usually are sad. Even my mom loves him so much but says “come on, how such a pretty, sad person can burn a village?” I think like that too. He can’t be evil.

  312. 312 : Lorem Says:

    I watched the original jdrama and was disappointed at the over-the-top references to the “time paradox” phenomenon. It is a silly and presumptuous notion with no sound basis. The fact is we have a causal effect with every breath we take. So I do hope the writers avoid any pandering to the “time paradox” notion. Our protagonist is already effecting changes in “time” just by being there, lets just get focus on the people and the story I say.
    Any writers reading this? Heh.

  313. 313 : KDaddict Says:

    I grew up in California. I’m Asian by descent w very strict parents, who never let me forget my roots. American TV versus KD? I suppose it is like western food versus Asian cuisines. I eat both, but increasingly as I get older, Asian foods go down well. Does that make sense?
    There is a drama called” A litre of tears”? Seriously? It’s not a nick name? It’s a J dorama? Don’t mean to be rude, but that’s funny. I guess u can’t pay me to watch a drama of that title! 😛

    Curious: no one seems to be saying anything abt Dr. Jin on this thread.

  314. 314 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Hellooo, browsing thru and noticed you mentioned A Litre of Tears. Very very famous drama and saw it a few years back. If I am not wrong, I think there’s a Taiwanese version. It’s a terrible (note that its’s not terribly) sob story, one that makes you cry and cry some more 🙁 No biggie about the script and acting but I did not find it that fantastic as the media has made it out to be. It was pure misery – to be lonely, to be poor, to be sick and to be on death bed – I think I fast forwarded many scenes 😀

  315. 315 : swift Says:

    Since watching the Jap ver ‘Jin’, my mind kept comparing the Kor ver with the Jap ver. There is similarity with the events of the outbreak of the cholera and the shyplis. I guess the writer will follow through with the diseases that was highlighted in the Jap ver but with the exception of cause of the diseases outbreak.
    JJ’s character here is sooooooo not macho, writer is not doing justice to his character by making him weak and ‘desperate’ for his father’s acknowledgement.
    The Jap ver of Prince Lee Ha Eung is an important figure who plays a pivotal role influencing the history passage.

  316. 316 : dsd Says:

    Time split Dr.jin Ep 6 Eng sub

  317. 317 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yes, It’s J-Drama buat i suggest you not watch that drama coz all that i remember i just criying and i almost forget the storyline hehehe..
    hi long time not seeing you here, yes one litre of tears is not so good, i don’t recommended to anyone to wacth it..
    second to that Shut Up Flower Boyband is one great teenage k.drama in 2012.. so far…

  318. 318 : hny Says:

    eps.6..the story goes slowly…writer..plz makes this drama worth it..hope next eps more better..

  319. 319 : desi Says:

    i love song seung heon oppa 🙂 ,always watching his drama

  320. 320 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict since you mentioned strict asian upbringing, is it similar or close to Battle Hymn? Should I read the book? A friend said to read for fun but too extreme to follow.

    I missed SUFBB, since it’s so highly recommended, i hope to find time to watch it.

    It’s weird I m still watching Dr Jin but I don’t know what I like about this drama. There is no eagerness, I watch it last when I’m done with others. Whatever happened to the creepy fetus. That had me curiously hooked in the begining.

  321. 321 : KDaddict Says:

    Your comment made me lol! Ya, the creepy fetus was real strange. But to hang on for it? ROFL.
    I didn’t have a tiger mom, but a Dragon dad. He was strictly old school, positively feudal. I hated him while I was growing up, but as I become older, I appreciate the discipline. He has become my conscience, the guiding ruler in my heart.
    Battle Hymn? I think you have to do what u feel comfortable w.

  322. 322 : EBK Says:

    E06 Eng subs here and more http://the-legend-1.blogspot.com/search/label/Drama%20English%20Subtitles

  323. 323 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict-321 i know i know .. i’m sick in the head for this one.

  324. 324 : swift Says:

    The fetus is supposedly the tumor that was operated from Dr Jin’s head but it is only highlighted in the beginning of the drama, later no mention. In the following storyline will concentrate on how Dr Jin introduces penicilin in the Joseon era when the medicine was supposed to exist in 1928 by Fleming. We can learn a bit on the basics of medical practice watching this drama when Dr Jin does plastic surgery, optomology (eye), breast cancer, child birth through C-section and so on……….

  325. 325 : Park jun hee Says:

    Hay hay i’m back 🙂

    hmm. . . I’m glad cz all my friends in rooftop prince page assemble in this page :).
    Miss talked with u guys!

  326. 326 : Park jun hee Says:

    @lisa 303
    hey, i disagree with ur opinion. I think TSDJ n0t too waste and bored you kn0w!!
    Yeah i kn0w, maybe the early eps is c0nfused and little bored. But, i think the next 14 ep left the story could be increase. . . Well, 14 ep left. Anything can be happen.
    Did u kn0w koreandrama “pasta”, “my princess” ? Actually early ep is little bored, but aftep ep 4-5 its being so amazing until the end!
    Instead, both pasta n my princess be one of top 20 m0st shared drama. Its mean that that drama had good story and people like that. Just wait . . .

  327. 327 : Park jun hee Says:

    wow, so u are an imigran from asia. I had a dream to move in america but until now i could make my dream come true 🙁
    hope i would be success and could travel to USA or British (2 country which i m0st want to visited)

  328. 328 : KDaddict Says:

    I always have one foot in Asia n one in N America: Totally Bi-coastal, perfectly Pacific Rim. A citizen of the world.

  329. 329 : Ruru Says:

    So far I find this drama very interesting.. Will continue to watch and is my no. 1 list now.

  330. 330 : kdfan Says:

    @swift Dr Jin operated on himself?? i certainly missed this. how is it possible? So the creepy fetus transported Dr Jin back in time and disappeared. it feels hanging, did i miss anything again? i did fast forward some parts. i m not seeing a connection of the present and the past world. what would be the purpose for Dr Jin to be transported back and saving people that wasn’t supposed to be saved bec the cure was not to be discovered til much later? or it is not meant to have any purpose but just purely fantasy?

  331. 331 : Sue Kencana Says:

    I think TSDJ is an awesome drama, so as Song Seung Hun

  332. 332 : swift Says:

    Sorry for being a spoiler, since I have watched the Jap ver, towards the ending of the drama, the storyline would show that the person Dr Jin operated on was himself (that was the reason the guy tried to bring as much medicine and stuff from the present to return to the Joseon era to save Young Rae’s life). And the dialogue of ‘I must return’ kept drumming into his head and causing him stress.

  333. 333 : kdfan Says:

    @swift ic..after watching RTP n QIM i just can’t help trying to figure out the present n past connection in this one. with yr spoiler now i wonder y Jin has to go back to joseon to save YR. but lets not make u divulge more spoilers as others may prefer not to know. i shall continue watching or reading recaps to find out.

  334. 334 : swift Says:

    This drama does not have any similarity of ‘Time Travel’ element like RTP and QIH.
    Hopefully writer of this drama can create alot of romance twists among the varied casts plus provide a good amount of knowledge to viewers on the wonder world of medicine. LOL

  335. 335 : swift Says:

    hyuk hyuk hyuk……
    I miss Kim Bong Do of QIM soooooooooooooo much, listening to the ost makes it even sadder for me………….

  336. 336 : sara Says:

    Again nothing new. The same things till now. Please writernim, it’s ep 6 and no twist? I want something to happen. You mean we just will have a new disease in each episode and he will just overcome all the hardships and treat it? I know it ‘s not the case.

  337. 337 : Ernyyua Says:

    Drama Korea termedeni Dan membosanka?!
    =>mosok senengane nutuk’i ndase uwooong,,,haiiiizzzz ngguilani puooooll
    Mimpi opo kok gelem jaejong maen pelm iki?!!?
    Sungguh terlalu disesalkan?!?!?!?!?!? >_<

  338. 338 : hny Says:


    wes nopo toch…gelem jaejong maen pelm iki…yg penting U bisa lihat tampang gantengnya teruz toh 😉

  339. 339 : Park jun hee Says:

    @swift @hny @taraluvJJ @jennie @KDaddict and for all,
    guys can u help me, you all is KD fans who have watched many drama, right? Have u ever watch kdrama pasta? Well, i want to ask you, there is a cute instrumental music in that drama which often played each eps, really the instrumental is so nice, i remember that its ever play on last part of ep 15, when chef hyun wook decided to out from lasfera because his relationship with yu kyung are exposed in kitchen. The instrument also ever played on ep 18 or 17 in last part of ep. When in the tournament of cooking, the jury want to ann0uncement the winner, and the instrumen is played before the episode end.

    About one year i’m so curious with that instrumental, i d0nt kn0w what the title. I have search anywhere and download some ost of pasta one by one, but i always false download, i never found it. Can u help me remind that title instrument if u kn0w guys? Please for one year i lo0k for but, i never found 🙁

  340. 340 : KDaddict Says:

    If after a while, no one here comes up with an answer for u, u might try posting the same Qn on Soompi’s Please Help me Thread, or its Pasta thread, if it is still active. Good luck.

  341. 341 : Marsk Says:

    Finally i can see my oppa SSH again. He is so cute with his new character as Dr. Jin…..

  342. 342 : er_lee_na Says:

    can’t wait for this drama 😀

  343. 343 : swift Says:

    Drama ini sebenarnya memaparkan situasi doktor yang secara tidak sengaja di hantar kembali ke zaman Joseon. Ceritany agak mengelirukan sekiranya tidak ditonton dari mula ep1. Jalan ceritanya memberi penumpuan pada bidang perubatan, namun elemen romantis pun ada antara doktor, pelakun utama wanita bersama tunang wanita tersebut.

  344. 344 : swift Says:

    Sorry I did not watch drama’Pasta’, not able to assist you.

  345. 345 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun hee
    sorry just read ur comment, it’s been a while i didn’t visit this thread, busy hunting junsu haha.. you know that junsu (jaejoong’s friend from jyj) will hold a solo concert in our country right.. oh i’m so exited!
    ok, now about ‘pasta’ i watched that drama and i hv some of songs from the ost.. tp kok lp ya sm jdul lagu yg km mksud itu, ingetnya cm 2 tok cuz kebtlan aq sk bgt sm lagunya yaitu “lucky day every single day” sm “part time lover” by clazziquai grup jazznya alex chu (pemeran boss kim san) tar deh tak dgrin lg cuz seingatku yg instrument ada jg..
    oya, knp ga cb d.load lwt hp aja mudah dan cpt di ‘waptrick’ koleksi lagu” koreanya lmyn byk n ost.pasta ada jg kok..

  346. 346 : hero.. Says:

    this movie,very interesting,showing so much medical information,not like other korean drama,,very childish and cinderela story,so,,this drama perform for high educated human,,,so for kind other people this will really boring,,

  347. 347 : swift Says:

    This drama is based on the japanese ver ‘Jin’. The focus will be on the existence of the type of illness and diseases that we are aware of and take for granted on the availability of the medical remedies nowadays. Time Slip Dr Jin is a drama that portrays how a man from future feels helpless seeing people he cares around him enduring with the diseases that he would try to treat them with limited tools and medical aid.

  348. 348 : adhe airashii Says:

    wawww. . . .
    really reallyy likeee.
    okeee. i’ll waittinggg

  349. 349 : sik asik Says:

    good drama euyyyyy,banyak masukan positifnya,so don’t miss it

  350. 350 : hero.. Says:

    thx for inform me about that,i don’t know about that japanese version,but it’s ok..as long i watching this movie really open my mind,about compare the medical life in the past and now,and felt thankfull for invention of the vaksine folio etc…

  351. 351 : sie Says:

    love this drama so mucchhhh

  352. 352 : dsd Says:

    Time spit Dr. jin Ep 7 Eng sub

  353. 353 : dhina Says:

    can’t wait, thanks for your information.

  354. 354 : chupachups Says:

    Hooray! LIVE recap of Dr. Jin tonight 🙂 Here is the link: http://goo.gl/Uienp I think she will start at 9:55KT (In 25 min).

  355. 355 : mitch Says:

    ..wow! all new kdramas are worth watching! now i don’t have my #1 in my list coz i can’t decide which is my favorite among them! all are entertaining and hilarious especially A Gentlemans’ Dignity.. if you are in your early thirties or mid forties, you will enjoy this kdrama. you will feel that there’s still life after forties or life goes on for those whose in love,hahaha.. love it.. and for those who just want to sit back and enjoy, watch BIG and I DO I DO.. i like the story of BIG coz it will give you a satisfying feeling of a love for granted but then corrected by another person whose not at first with a geniune character bcoz he’s still young. i love what’s happening now to the so called “couple”. hehe.. I DO I DO is also funny. you’ll find it simple but it makes sense! a career woman who is willing to give up everything but suddenly something happened to her.. haha, like it! Ghost is like you’re riding a roller coaster. you’ll go up and down, turn around then slide! whoa!! everything is mysterious and it’s like you’re solving a puzzle.. goose bombs everywhere!! Time slip Dr Jin is also intriguing. all medicinal and science but they are showing all kinds of scenes which will catch your attention.. and now, you will wonder who is doctor Jins’ fiance on the Joseon era..

  356. 356 : hny Says:

    @Park…I’m sorry, I can’t help U coz I didn’t watch pasta…is that great drama ?

  357. 357 : dsd Says:

    Time split Dr. Jin Ep 8 Eng sub

  358. 358 : Kingtez64 Says:

    @hny ive watched pasta repeatedly and no boring episode..ive learned so muchin this drama in terms of cooking pasta and the way u handle the resto..so fun and many giggling scene among the 3 lead character

  359. 359 : ahjumma Says:

    hi guys just share my opinion….i think with SSH and LBS as we know they are popular actor in my country (i live at seoul), dr Jin should have good ratings moreover this saeguk drama but i wonder why this ratings is not good???? i try to ask my friends, what they watching dr jin? and the answear are they didnt watch it, why? because they are so boring watching PMY in K-Drama….honestly, me too….her act is so average, why this producer choose her???? due they choose another actress, like Han Ga In on TMETS more people want watch her because so many long time ago they do not watch her in K-Drama.
    The problem in this drama is they wrong choose the lead female, the script is freak (Mina, Young Rae and Kyung Tak is very boring character), the double character players one actress with the same character (no effect)

    Poor poor poor Dr Jin Teams

  360. 360 : mariel Says:

    @KDaddict 275

    Hope you’ll keep on commenting on these kdramas because yours are very informative and enjoyable to read. whenever i visit this site, i find myself always searching for your comment….am a big fan of SEGA too:-)

  361. 361 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for your compliment. It makes up for all the times when sb picks a fight w me bc I criticize some Aspect of a drama in which their idol appears, n it isn’t even their idol that I touched. I believe no drama is ever perfect (except for SEGA, which comes pretty damn close, hee hee, but even it has 2 flaws IMO), so I pt out the good n the bad in a show.
    I comment bc I enjoy talking abt the shows I’m watching. It’d be nice if more like-minded ppl join in the discussion. Come join the chat! 🙂

  362. 362 : Melda Says:

    I was laughing at the mariel -360 comment because I am doing the same thing. I will only watch if KDaddict watch the drama. I myself don’t have much time to try on KD Dramas. I will not watch on dramas which are not worth watching. because I know KDaddict has a high expectation and she is straight to the point on the dramas so basically I will surf and if she is commenting on the drama then i will surely watch.

  363. 363 : KDaddict Says:

    Happy to be of service.
    I’m v much a script-oriented viewer. Even gt actors can’t bring excellence to a drama w a poor script, n there r so many of those. But pointing out what’s wrong w a show gets ppl mad at me. Lately I’m more reticent, n would just abandon a show that disappoints.
    I hope you’ve liked my choices. But more than that I hope you’ll speak up or say Hi occasionally.

  364. 364 : Melda Says:


    I can understand on your decision and i am following you quite a while. I see how people mad at you because you were saying bad about their idols. To me, there is no “infinite” idols. I also much a script-oriented viewer. I did speak up more in SEGA and K2H. Other than that, I am just a silent reader. So far, I am quite satisfy with HJW on her choices of role. It is actually very important to choose a suitable role to boost the popularity. But I guess in KD land it is much to lucky because everyone does not know the ending yet. May be in the future, I’ll just straight away ask on the KD choices if I feel interest in.

  365. 365 : Melda Says:

    Sorry it is supposed to be “Definite” not Infinite.

  366. 366 : KDaddict Says:

    You think there r no definite idols? Ha ha. That’s why u like my posts! We go after the whole drama, instead of being influenced in our judgement by who appears in it. I Love Hyun Bin, but find watching Snow Q to be like pulling teeth. I like both Gong Yoo n Yoon EH, but find Coffee Prince forgettable. I adore HJW in SG n K2Hs, but dont care for Hwang Jin Yi or Bali. But try telling ppl that Mary SOAN or Lie TM is not good bc the scripts suck, n fangirls of Jang GS, Moon, n Yoon r up in arms. THEY, definitely, have definite idols. 😉
    I’m v careful in what I say abt other ppl’s idols. I don’t say bad things abt their idols. Just bad pts abt the dramas.
    When a lot of the sensible drama viewers r silent readers, while a lot of those who post r fangirls, the balance is lost.
    HJW has fared really well. U r rt that a big part of it is luck, bc stars choose projects based on a summary idea proposal, never a full script.
    See u again soon.

  367. 367 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh yes–forgot to say: Besides the script, there r directing and editing, which seriously affect the quality and impact of the product. Here: SSH is fine. Park is fine. JJ is fine. Lee Bum Soo is a fantastic actor. But both directing n editing suck in this KD, which render it unwatchable for me. Too bad.

  368. 368 : hallyu lover Says:

    I watched the first 3 eps…this drama is quite boring…it’s just about Dr Jin keeps on saving ppl…blablabla…again & again…and the surgery scene is gross…..medical drama not my taste…they’re so boring to me……

  369. 369 : park jun hee Says:

    @hny 356
    seriously u never watch pasta??? wow…. its great drama. really…
    u must try to watch it
    NB :klo gk salah udh perna tyang di indosiar …

    agreeeee with you 🙂

  370. 370 : park jun hee Says:

    @ahjumma 359
    hmmmm,,, unfortunately, i agreee with what you said…. yeah, i feel that this drama little bored. ouch… i dont know, in past time i not too care with PMY acting, i just know that she pretty enough, but after watch dr jin, i also thing that she is not match play role together with SSH… you know, that SSH is senior actor, and PMY is just junior actress… 🙁

  371. 371 : park jun hee Says:

    ahhh forget
    agree with u again… kim kyung tak is sooo boooorreeeedddd 🙁
    and i really hate SSh long cut hair here. its more comfort if i look him on short cut hair..

  372. 372 : sara Says:

    I ‘m watching this drama but i don’t find it special or interesting. It’s getting boring as if the plot is repeating itself in every episode but we still don’t know the characters well. I wonder how doctor could get used to the new life very fast and easily. It really is unbelievable and i have some problem with KT. Watching JJ’s pretty face is enjoyable for me but come on, he can’t be the villain. He even can’t scream loudly and with those always teary, tired beautiful eyes, i never can forget even for a moment that he is JJ so i don’t believe the girl rejects him when almost all the girls are after him in real life.

  373. 373 : park jun hee Says:

    welll, maybe i decided to stop watch this drama, maybe i just skip watch the eps, i mean, watch ep 10, then skip to ep 13, skip to ep 15, etc.

    and i more interesting to watch “AVATAR THE LEGEND OF KORRA”

  374. 374 : elli Says:

    i love this drama so much…medical drama are so interesting

  375. 375 : devi Says:

    Love SSH dan LBS but wrong cast for the leading actress, why PMY also show in many drama? Too bored to see her in maany type of drama,

  376. 376 : dsd Says:

    Time spit Dr. jin Ep 9 Eng sub

  377. 377 : *** Says:

    louph this drama..louph jg ma takkie oppaa..♥♥♥ aktingny mningkat ajib..moga dramanya sukses..
    *heran sm yg g suka ma ni drama komen mulu..hargain krja kras mrk dund..#garuk2tembok

  378. 378 : park jun hee Says:

    @Kdaddict, hny, taraluvJJ
    thanks god, finally i have found my sweet pasta soundtrack. the title is
    “Pasta ost. – 운명 / Fate”
    try listen… its so nice instrumental…. ^^

  379. 379 : Shania Says:

    please MBC stop this drama on episode 16…..very boring watch PMY unatural face and her act. lol

  380. 380 : snowflake Says:

    Very boring drama. I stopped watching it. I am very disappointed

  381. 381 : hny Says:

    @Park..good for U to find that.
    I’m so sad …this is poor script…actually I’m still wait for this drama getting better and worth it….who’s blame for this!!!. makes our lovely actor looks boring…
    @ All my friends,hi
    I wonder…if you guys become scriptwriter…what u do to make this script and SSH,JJ and PM act interesting??

  382. 382 : gildong Says:

    love this drama..especially dr.jin or ssh..this is ssh first time in saeguk n i think he is doing pretty well. boo to all the haters..to me this is the best drama rite now.ajajaja hwaiting! keep supporting!

  383. 383 : park jun hee Says:

    well, i dont know i think SSH n PMY here is not match couple. PMY more match if with chun jung myung or yoochun…

  384. 384 : dsd Says:

    Time spit Dr jin Ep 10 Eng sun

  385. 385 : Kimnic Says:

    To all who think its boring and not worth then stop watching it no one pleasing you to support this drama.
    For me its one of the best drama this year good storyline good actors and actresses….aja! aja! aJa!

  386. 386 : Kimnic Says:

    Lot of commentors here doesnt interested in medical maybe its not their kind of living, but if you try to give it a chance you will find it interesting and a lot of things you will discover about medicine.

  387. 387 : KDaddict Says:

    If I give an answer to your Qn, it’ll entail an analysis of all the things that are wrong with this drama, compared to the bases of what makes a good drama, then 1 or more of the 3 ppl who like it, will jump down my throat, call me a hater n a basher, n tell me to stop watching it, n just go away. I’ll find it illogical and unfair, n feel compelled to tell them off, n the exchange will be unpleasant. If the past is any indication, no one will speak up to stand on the side of reason. None of those who said they hated it. What do I get for my trouble? After so many years, I’m learning that there is no place for reasoned discussion of the demerits of a drama or actor on internet sites, becos all that most fans want is for others to like, their key word is “support”, who they like and what they like; the rest be damned n pelted w insults.
    So in the name of peace, let me just say: Oppa, I love you!!! 😉

  388. 388 : niechan Says:

    Greatt Dramaa!! i love medical story 🙂

  389. 389 : fanny Says:

    @shania 379….agree with you

    poor SSH and JJ join this show, very dissapointed

  390. 390 : fanny Says:

    @hny 381: if i became scripwitter, first….iam not choose PMY to lead female because she so bored, second….i’ll make the script like original J version but adjust with the history of korea, its like BBF they do not change the srcipt only extend it and last i’ll never make an angel character or perfect character like hero such as Mina and young rae (so bored U know)

    this is saeguk drama and so many popular actors join this drama but the rating is so bad….poor dr jin teams

  391. 391 : yanti noona Says:

    I think this is a good movies, n i can’t wait to watch next episode. I think medical is a subject that all people can’t understand easily. But because i’m a doctor to so i’m very interest with this movie. There is alot of science for refresh to me, so please upload next episode till the end as soon as posible. I can’t hardly to wait the next episode, good working all of teams.. 🙂

  392. 392 : bblvE07 Says:

    I want to watch this drama, cant wait but how? haha…
    all casts were my favorite actors, and this have a great story line!!! going back to the past time and meet someone you loved before, so interesting…. love parkminyoung so much

  393. 393 : sara Says:

    If i was the script writer, i would do the following:

    1.PMY is not suitable for this role. I’m not an anti so i just talk about her acting skills. She is so-so with little facial expression. To me, she is the same in every role she plays. Also, she doesn’t have any chemistry with SSH.

    2.JJ. I’ m also a fan. He is a great singer and dancer but i can’t believe when the girls reject him. I mean he is too hot and pretty. So, at least i can’t forget even for a moment that he is singer/dancer JYJ Jaejoong.

    3. I would work on characterization. We don’t know anything about them. Just few flash backs. Some of the characters are really boring, like PM’s men or that bandit band. So it’s better to remove them completely or reduce their scenes. Dr, himself is not a bit interesting. I don’t know what kind of personality he has. Is he kind, caring and strong or selfish and strict? The best medical drama I’ve watched is Dr. Quinn, Medicine woman and i unknowingly compare Dr.Jin to it.

    4.24 episodes are too many for such a drama. It would be best if they end it in 16 or at the max 18.

    Finally, i think SSH is wasting his talent by picking such roles. I want to see him in a drama like GD and big and once, just once with areal actress, someone like KSN and HJW.

  394. 394 : Charlie Says:

    Although I had no problem with leading men and the girl, but I only managed to watch first 5 eps. The drama is so poorly made. Helping people to cure their diseases by applying modern medicine, it’s all good. But I found I couldn’t watch it during or after dinner, I’m afraid I’d throw up. So between continuing watching this show and eating, I chose later.

  395. 395 : KDaddict Says:

    About the script:
    The writer was responsible for the script of Myung Wol the Spy.
    Like the story, its development?
    About the directing:
    The director directed Over the Rainbow; Super Rookie.
    Ever heard of them?
    I rest my case.

  396. 396 : hny Says:

    Hi, hello all my dearest f..tq for the answer !!

    wow..actually I’ve fallen in love w TSDJ since this drama to be aired.. yesterday .. my question is to further encourage the audience who start a little disappointed with development of this drama,like me 😀

    but in this drama there are many shortcomings that make this drama so ordinary’ and about PMY, I agree w @sara his expression almost the same in every role she plays that’s 1 problem too..I hope she can realize soon and do more best for his act here.

    SO at the end ..I just want gave Cheer Up for Oppa SSH n JJ…whatever is a bad scrip like Myung Wol the Spy or else …I believe U can act amazing for us…aja aja …fighting 😉

  397. 397 : -Autumn- Says:

    Is this drama good?? How is the chemistry btw SSH and PMY? Reading the comments here make me hesitate to watch it.

  398. 398 : tc Says:


    If you are a fan of SSH, PMY, JJ or LBS or you like medical related dramas, do try it. However, if you want to watch it purely for romance, you may be disappointed as there is very little romantic scene between the leads.

    I have watched until ep 8 and although I like both SSH and PMY, I am not emotionally invested in their relationship due to lack of chemistry between them.

    Although the storyline is interesting ( imagine a modern doctor treating and saving patients with his awesome knowledge in Joseon times), it gets boring as episodes after episodes are mainly focusing on Dr Jin been called to save someone. The treatment shown is elaborate and medical fans will definitely enjoy them. The writer is focusing so much on this aspect that there is a lack of character and emotional development for the main cast.

    I also find the editing is poor and choppy. Nevertheless, I am still trying to hang on after struggling to watch 8 eps and hope for improvement due to my liking of Oppa SSH and LBS.

  399. 399 : Butros Says:

    those that do not like this drama!
    why are you watching? FLIP CHANNELS! it is
    so easy!

  400. 400 : Butros Says:

    I have seen the original Japanese series and i

    must say that i LIKE this version.

  401. 401 : Butros Says:

    I have seen the original Japanese series and i

    must say that i LIKE this version batter!

  402. 402 : adhe airashii Says:

    love you JJ oppa 🙂

  403. 403 : eny Says:

    there’s so many similar story today: rooftop prince,QIHM,dr.Jin and the next Lee Min Ho’s newest drama i forget the title, make me lazy to watch it

  404. 404 : park jun hee Says:

    its get bored when each episode i should watch people sick and there is medicine…. ouch…… there is just a little scene about romance.

    anybody know where i could read the sinopsis. if the story good i would download,,,

  405. 405 : dsd Says:

    Time split DR. Jin Ep 11 Eng sub

  406. 406 : MJ Says:

    i loveee this drama!! first of all i wanna watch it so badly because of Jejung but every new disease & how to cure it make me so curious of each eps plus how to change Joseon era by that prince & love story between Dr. Jin & Young Rae..always waiting for that~!! ^^

  407. 407 : Lorem Says:

    Ep12; He (Dr Jin) just watched the brother of the only person he cares most, killed by a rapist psychopath he had saved earlier. The actors’ reaction was like: “Aww Ma, kimchi again? Can’t we have pizza for a change?”

    What atrocious bit of acting from the leading man, though one can’t be sure the director didn’t have just one too many cups of soju before each shoot. Which would explain why he did a lousy job.

    I know.. I know.. Someone kill me now. I keep telling myself not to watch this drama, but what can I say, Min Young is a sweetie…

  408. 408 : park jun hee Says:

    what???? hey, did ep 12 start to show love between SSH n PMY???
    do u know where i can read sinopsis ep 11 n 12??? plis give me the link…

  409. 409 : dsd Says:

    Time split DR jin Ep 12 Eng sub

  410. 410 : Lorem Says:

    @pak jun hee 408

  411. 411 : Lorem Says:

    If “time” — the energy, rather than how one perceives it — is under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Controller then the just actions for Dr Jin is to merely fulfill his prescribed duty (dharma). However if one were to reject the notion of God as Controller, the original cause of Jin’s displacement in time, the storyline would make for a guilt-ridden Dr Jin falsely believing himself the anomalous causal factor in the time continuum. Eeek.. can a mere mortal be held responsible for such a cosmic error? I beg the writers not bog us down with the weight of such a philosophical dilemma, which panders to the purile materialistic view. Please be original and more honest than Bradbury, Asimov, Roddenberry and his trekkies ..aye?. Hehe.

  412. 412 : lita Says:

    bosen lihat Park Min Young 🙁

  413. 413 : tc Says:

    Ep 11 & 12 are getting more interesting as there was more plot movement and tension between Ha Eung’s camp vs the evil Minister Kim’s faction. The writer is focusing more on the storyline than just showcasing medical cases.

    I am perplexed about Choon Hong’s character played by Lee So Yeon. She was supposed to be a top rated Gisaeng but she seem to be able to predict the future and know about Dr Jin’s real background. She actually highlighted to Dr Jin that all the changes in history were actually caused by him for saving these people in the first place when they should have died and the only way Dr Jin can go back to modern world is to put things right. How?

    Sadly, although we are already over the mid point of the drama, romance remain at side line with not even a kiss yet between the OTPs. C’ mon writer-nim, make faithful viewers like us happy by giving us some skinship moments in coming episodes!

  414. 414 : may lwin Says:

    if u can get something from movie, it can say a good movie.i get many knowledge from it and become to understand life of doctors .I love the casts too.i love the movies which can give knowledge like this ,not only romance ,so bore

  415. 415 : Ruru Says:

    Wow… New ost by SSH… Nice!

  416. 416 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr. Jin Ep 13 Eng sub

  417. 417 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr. Jin Ep 14 Eng sub

  418. 418 : tc Says:

    Ep13 & 14

    These two episodes are throwing more curveballs and left many unanswered questions. Choon Hong actually appeared in modern times as a young girl which was saved by Dr Jin and she did appear at the beginning episode holding a cubic in a wheelchair. So, the time slip ( but in reverse order from Joseon to modern) actually happened to her first and she managed to return back to Joseon times but now as adult? Can’t understand how this happens and even more curious is how does she know what the future holds for Dr Jin and Young Rae?

    To top it all, the writer introduced breast cancer in the story and the victim has to be Young Rae? Young Rae is already resigned to her fate to marry Kyung Tak so that Dr JIN can return to his world but still pull out last minute after she dreamt of herself as Mi Na. I am frustrated watching scenes that do not make sense and has no logical explanation. The writer has better revealed all the puzzles in next episode. Otherwise, viewers like me will run out of patience trying to hold on to this drama no matter how much we like the casts!

  419. 419 : bblve 07 Says:

    hu, very interesting…………..

  420. 420 : park jun hee Says:

    is there kiss scene???

  421. 421 : Jay Sfinghy Says:

    The writers are Han Ji Hoon and Jun Hyun Jin. If this series fails and people stop watching, it is because of them. So, I hope these Twinkie their heads together and fix the problem. I am on episode 11 right now so I have not gotten mad about the twisted stirrings but some people here have, saying it is making no sense.
    One thing I would like to note: why are all the men in this series except Dr. Jin, so darn ugly? Is it because of the characters they portray? Or is it just that, after you reach a certain age, all Korean men become ugly? I swear, it sure looks that way, not only in this series but all the drama series that I have watched.

  422. 422 : hny Says:

    oh MG… I fell asleep while watching ep 15 this drama “ga ada greget nya” … moregeta!! go to sleep first lah 😉

  423. 423 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr jin Ep 15 Eng sub

  424. 424 : kdfan Says:

    @hny LOL i stopped watching Jin a few eps back. how is it so far? still the same?

  425. 425 : park jun hee Says:

    @hny and @kdfan me tooo…. its so bored. maybe i just watch last 2 eps. now i start to watch big…

  426. 426 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr Jin Ep 16 Eng sub

  427. 427 : nana Says:

    Bored 2 watch more for me I think this series is a big failure for Song Seung hun though I’m A big fan of Him & I watched Almost All of his work ..

  428. 428 : simei Says:

    I am currently browsing for a good KD to watch. I am especially interested in saeguk drama, so I thought this drama may be an interesting one. As I always did previously, I would read people’s comments on the drama before deciding whether I should give it a go or not. I was reading comments on this particular drama when I came across KDaddict’s comments (387). To KDaddict, just want to say that I have been following your informative and honest review on other dramas. I think your comments are non-bias, and ones that I can trust. I am actually quite disappointed to see that people who dislike a drama got ‘abused’ by that drama’s fans. Two particular examples of (in my view) disappointing dramas are Can’t Lose and Love Rain. I decided to watch those 2 dramas because I like the lead actors of both dramas, but I would not necessarily want to spend my time and money to watch them if the dramas are not worth to watch. When I read the comments on both dramas, they were full of praises from fans of the actors/actresses, but people who disliked the dramas and gave their honest views got told off and were asked to ‘shut up’ if they didn’t like it.
    I think it is not fair to do that because each viewer has their own personal opinion of a drama, and should be free to comment what they like or dislike about the drama. I think that way, it will also give an honest review for people who are still deciding whether to watch or not.
    Just my 2cents.

  429. 429 : aashika Says:

    why again time travel????????????????????

  430. 430 : jedi Says:

    @simei (428), I think it’s depends of people’s tastes. You can’t just read the reviews, sometimes what they said not the same what we feels. My recommendation is from my big sister, ^.^ we have similiar taste, so we often gives recommendation to each others, she will try ones and if she give up to watched, I will not necessary to watched that drama, and sometimes peoples favourites’s drama is the most worse drama for me. Just enjoying watched the drama.

    But I think I will give up to watch this drama. Not interesting for me

  431. 431 : KDaddict Says:

    Not everyone has a big sister who has similar taste. 😉 When we don’t, we turn to other sources to see what people think of a show. Naturally you don’t believe every comment u read. You take under consideration only the ones that make sense to u. That isn’t the pt. The pt is:
    Should ppl be allowed to speak their minds on dramas, when they are not insulting anyone, without getting abused themselves? Or are we only safe if we come here to sing unreserved praises of each drama we comment on?

  432. 432 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m glad u find my comments useful when you r considering what dramas to watch.

    I got my head kicked a few times 2 weeks ago on the Big thread, for posting too often, and for my bad English. Sth else is the real issue, I surmise.
    I love KD over any particular actor. I watch KD for actors, absolutely, but also for script, dialogue, directing editing, OST, scenery, fashion, interior decorating, etc. It is an integrative art, after all. But when I say that the script or some aspect of a show is lacking, to sb who is 16, hot headed, and an idol fan, it is perceived as an attempt to “bring down that show”, n hatred ensues. It is not a sophisticated view, but there it is. It is light treatment when they say, Shut up! Stop watching it! It can get vicious n turn into a personal attack of my sanity, personality, and personal life. It doesn’t make sense, but there it is.

  433. 433 : tjen_sari Says:

    hemmm… maybe there is a time travel season in korean drama, but every title have they own plot… I’M still not watching this, but I will do… as i like SSH and PMJ a lot…!! It’s OK if all of you have your own opinion, as there is so many comments about this drama means so many people watch this too…. in Min ho”s new film will be the same as this, wow!! it will be a big comment too… 🙂

  434. 434 : jedi Says:


    I’m so agree with you, people must speak up what they feels about the drama, and it’s made me sad when people so easily got offended while read bad reviews regards their favourites, but what I’m wanna to said is about my experiences, sometimes when I read good reviews of drama and watched the drama, the results is not good as the reviews, so I just want to enjoy watching drama, not get distracted with people said. It’s not matter for me if my tastes is very oddly as long I enjoying watch that drama.

    Also, I give to you my salutes, for not everybody could give reviews like you do. I think it’s time for you to start your own blog. ^.^ Please let me know.

  435. 435 : torri Says:

    hi KDaddict, just read u comment i guess some guys here have not been very nice lately with comments , hope u been having fun so far , i just got a little break from school , so i tought i could watch some of the new dramas , well gentleman dignity is my number one for me now , the drama is just yummy , love every thing about it , its a classic, the male actors just realy make it worth every minite , and the 25yr old girl inlove with her brothers friend puts a smile on my face , she just cute , well tell me, are u watching this dr jin drama , i have watch one ep , is it worth my time for now ?or do u recomend something more fun and intresting , i am watching i do, i do , too , and ghost , they seem ok , but this dr jin not quite sure , so keep me posted on whats is realy good ok , dont want to waste my break from school for something boring , it was nice seeing u here ,

  436. 436 : IDC Says:

    i would like to recommend this drama for everyone. this drama is interesting in the sense that it gives us idea (those who are not in line with medical career)of how surgery/ operation is going on. then it is interesting since it is difficult for me to guess of how this drama ends. though as i observed the trending drama nowadays is somewhat like time travelling from present to past, still not like other drama i enjoyed wathching this one.

    enjoy everyone….
    song seung hun —- you are handsome

  437. 437 : simei Says:

    hi Jedi (430),

    unfortunately, my big sister is the one relying on me for good dramas. We also have similar taste, but she’s always waiting for me to finish a drama and report to her 🙂 Anyway, from most of the comments I have read here, it seems like I may have to give this drama a miss.

  438. 438 : simei Says:

    hi KDaddict (432),

    thank goodness that from the comments I have read here so far, it hasn’t been too bad. Many people here have been able to say they didn’t like this drama without getting told off. I have seen a ‘war’ between viewers on some other dramas. I’m sure you have seen many of those too. What I love about watching a drama is to be able to discuss the drama with others, all the good and bad aspects of the drama. I have always done that with my sisters too, and we do find that our taste differs sometimes. Having read your comments during my drama research, I think our taste are quite similar. That’s why it’s always great to find your approving comments on a particular drama. By the way, I happened to read that you are quite satisfied with Queen Inhyun’s Man, so that will be my next drama to watch lol. You know that you have quite a few followers 🙂

  439. 439 : jedi Says:

    I’ve watched QIHM, it’s good drama, for me it’s much better than RTP. Not so hilarious like RTP, but has solid scripts and consistency also the chemistry of the leads.
    You can try to watch it.

    Sometimes there a few drama that gives me deep impression afterwards, unfortunately these 2 dramas not success to gives me that deep impression, and I’m just move on for the next good drama. ^.^

  440. 440 : may Says:

    the majority of the dramas this year weither are time travilling or super natural stuff i m getting bored of it…

  441. 441 : Ernyyua Says:

    Freaaakk ,,, ??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Korea drama ter aneh yg p’nah gue liaaaatt seumur hidup gueeee ,,,
    Buat jaejong ,,, kok mau siiii main drama ginian?!!!!?gak ada yg lbh baik lagie apa pilihan dramanya?!?!?!

  442. 442 : jedi Says:


    It’s true, this year is Time Travel and Medical plot. I noticed Amnesia plot will come back again this year (heundae lover & nice guy will broadcast soon)

  443. 443 : Lorenzo Says:

    I am an American and have only seen Doctor Jin in English subtitles. I have never seen a Korean Drama before, but thought this one was nice. I think some American film director will steal this idea and make it his own like they have done with a few British television programs. I can’t be very critical of this drama because I don’t know the culture enough.

  444. 444 : Arvie Rex Says:

    For all Kdramas fanatic, i can highly recommend these drama for 2012

    1. Queen Inhyun’s Man
    2. A Gentleman’s Dignity
    3. The Chaser
    4. I Do I Do
    5. Unexpected You

  445. 445 : Jiahara Says:

    Time travel’s soo popular this days!! even Lee min ho’s drama is about time travelling!!! STOP with the TIME TRAVELLING stuff!!

  446. 446 : may Says:

    @jedi yeah i’m looking forward to seeing nice guy espacially !! i really really want to see some drama wish doesn’t includ time travelling or super nature stuff any suggestions ???

  447. 447 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr Jin Ep 17 Eng sub

  448. 448 : jedi Says:

    @may (446),

    If current drama airing, try to watch “Ghost” aka “Phanthom” or “A Gentleman’s Dignity” if you like more Rom-Com Genre.

    Right know I’m in crazy with Lee Sang Woo aka Do Yoon at FOtG, so currently I’m watching all his drama that I haven’t seen, after these I will come back with current airing drama ^.^”

  449. 449 : mie Says:

    lagi musim drama dengan tema time travel di korea. lagi lagi time travel.. hem

  450. 450 : KDaddict Says:

    @jedi-434, @torri-435, @simei-438,
    Thx for the compliment. It’s nice to be appreciated. I think most ppl are reasonable. Just that we can run into strange ones on the internet once in a while. 🙁

    I’m afraid I stopped watch Dr. J after 2 eps. I recommend that you drop by Dramabeans’ Dr. Jin thread to check out the comments after the latest recaps. I laughed my head off. Those visitors are so funny. You don’t need to agree w them to get the jokes.
    I drop by here becos I’m curious to know what ppl on this website think of this drama, by comparison. I think ppl have been able to say that this show has certain problems w/out being pelted becos that’s pretty much the consensus; e.g. even SHH and JJ fans see that the show is v bloody, the story has holes, etc.
    QIHM is really sweet. The time travel element in it makes sense and is woven into the story properly, such that it is a matter of life and death. The leads are perfectly cast. You can’t ask for a better KD to spend time with. (Talking abt odd taste, I LOVE time travel, soul swapping, gumiho, pretty ghosts like Arang, fantasy of any kind that is done well, n never tired of it, hee).
    I also love King 2 Hearts, except for the last ep, becos one of my fav chars dies. Still it is one absolutely amazing drama.
    I was ecstatic when AGD, Big, n I do I do started together. Turns out that only I do keeps the pace n my interest. I love the casts in the other 2 shows v much, but find their plot lines dragging.
    Happy viewing, gals!

    We had a long conversation some time ago. I’ve been scratching my head which thread that was on. Do u remember? Which drama did u watch n were here for last time?
    You’ve gt self-restrain for abstaining fr KDs while school is in session. Good for you!

  451. 451 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr Jin Ep 18 Eng sub

  452. 452 : Ngun Ngun Says:

    Drama Korea menarik karena kisah romantisnya. Film ini salah satu yang agak melenceng dari tujuan utama drama ini. Berbeda dengan penyajian Grace Anatomy atau ER dimana kita bisa tertarik dengan kesibukan dan kepiawaian para dokternya, “Time Slip Dr. Jin” menyebabkan kita jijik dan capek melihat penyakit 2 jorok di setiap episode nya.

  453. 453 : torri Says:

    the last drama u and i realy talked about on this site was fermentation family ,i know it does not realy sound easy not watching this dramas , i am on break from school now so am realy trying to watch as much as possible , i am currently in love with gentilman dignity , is just so great , the friendship amount the 4 guys , its what i love the most , that kind of friendship , is hard to find in our day to day life , well am sure u must be having fun with some the new dramas as well , i looking forward to (faith) drama too , well let me know whats good to watch this days ok ,

  454. 454 : zarima USA Says:


    you know … i do really appreciated for whatever comments you posted… and before i buy a DVD i have to look first your comments before buying it…so i hope you keep on analyzing the kdrama that they were showing on TV …

    thank you for having you here… keep on posting…

    and ill wait your comments upon finishing watching this KDRAMA…

  455. 455 : torri Says:

    did they just add two more ep to this drama , i realy dont see the piont for doing do

  456. 456 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for the shot in the arm. It is a fact that this site has a lot of v young fangirls who somehow get upset if someone says that sth isn’t real good w a show in which their beloved star appears in. From now on, you might have to read between the lines more in my comments. You know what I mean? Also, if I think a show is not worth watching, instead of saying so outright, I probably just won’t post there.
    U dont need to wait for my comments upon finishing this KD, I stopped after ep 2. See comment #450. Cheers.

  457. 457 : KDaddict Says:

    They did add 2 more eps to Dr.J. Administrative decisions have to do w a lot of things; quality of show is never one of them.
    Ah yes, Ferm Fam, TQ. So you’ve kept away fr KD since? Good girl! I think you’ll do well in school n in life given your amt of self-control. I like it! What r u studying? Nursing?
    I see that you like AGD. Dont worry abt the last 2 eps. Pretend that they end on ep 18. 😉 QIHM and K2Hs await u this weekend! Enjoy.

  458. 458 : qiky Says:

    not interest,,,,i just watch a few ep. but i still can’t feel exicted… i hope lead female not PMY again,,, so boring,,

  459. 459 : torri Says:

    KDaddict ,, i am studing social works , want to be social worker , i will be done school next may , thanks for the encouragement is not that easy working and going to school at the same time but then again its all for the best so am doing my best , well i have not realy stayed away that much , i did watch k2h , it was great too just did not like the fact that the kings bodyguard and friend had to die , so that spoiled it for me , y right i realy should thing AGD ended at ep 18, i just finished QIHM last night , that drama right there is what am talking about it was greeeeeeeeeeat , lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve it , the two leads were so great togther , and when i was done i google them to know more about them and i saw that they are now dating, well i as not very suprise , they had a lot of chemistry between them and even when i was watching it i was saying to my self this two should have something going on , not even knowing that they did have something , well i wish most romantic dramas will copy from them but then again the reason i love korean dramas is how conservative they are , and even with the centurys passing they try to keep things decent , i am african-canadian ,so i appreciate that , but then again some of the closed lip kisses is just so hard to watch some times , so i would say OIHM was a breath of fresh air from what we normaly see ., i was bored this morning so i decided to start dong yi drama i had it on my list for dramas to watch , did y ever get a chance to watch it ?, well i better get back to it , have a blessed day were ever u are

  460. 460 : KDaddict Says:

    Just want to let u know that AGD will air ep 19 tmr night after all, as soon as the game in the time slot preceding it ends. So it will not have its regular air time, but maybe a bit earlier or later. Then they wait 2 weeks to air the final ep, if that makes any sense!
    Dong Yi isn’t my cup of tea. I’m working on Chaser, Ghost n Bridal Mask. I want a change of pace from rom-coms after a whole string of them.
    I loved K2Hs up till the min. Eun Shi Kyung died. Then I had a disconnect w the rest of the show.
    You Canadian! Ah, I lived in Vancouver and Toronto! Went to UT for 1 sem. It was too cold for my genetically tropical blood. I still go to Vanc fr time to time.
    You seem to me more mature than your age. Perhaps being a working student is the reason for it. Youth is a time when you take in what happens around you, learn, work hard. It’ll all pay off later. With you sensibility, n sense of responsibility, I believe you’ll be a great social worker. Here’s looking at you, sweetie! Chin up!

  461. 461 : imaginationship Says:

    @ngun ngun

    iya setuju banget…

  462. 462 : angel Says:

    Yup !!! i’m agree ….
    AGD is so great..
    i love kim do jin 🙂

  463. 463 : angel Says:

    i don’t like kim kyung tak character,
    honggildong is also illegitimate son but he is not pityful and stupid.
    please, make him better !!! i’m so sad to watch him.

  464. 464 : torri Says:

    it realy makes no sense that they will air one ep then wait another week or two for the last one , that will be a long wait then , i live in toronto , i love it , i live down town , well its nice to know u once lived here and u are right its realy cold here during winter ,so u use to go to UT, wah!!, i live like 30min from UT, am taking my college programme in social works now but i plan to do my degree programme at ryerson university next sept, am realy glad to hear u once lived here, being african and moving here was not easy to get use the cold, i have not been to vancouver yet but i have visited calgary , but even with the cold i love canada more than the u.s my parents live down in baltimore md, but i prefere toronto , i will check out chaser and bridal mask, i was not very sure about bridal mask but if y are watching it then it must interesting will check it out , maybe i should put dong yi on hold and start with chaser, i feel we have something in common now , now that i know u once lived here, thanks again for the encouragement comments ,

  465. 465 : Sugus Says:

    The story of this series is very exciting and having the specified conclusion in every episodes. I love this series, of course, Dr.Jin, Kim Hyung Tak and Mina as well, even if this series hardly shown the romantic scenes. Jae jung as the actor was excellent. By the way hair style of Dr.Jin made me fall in love him more. I love u, Song Seung Hun(*^^*)
    **sorry for my poor english!

  466. 466 : kljk Says:

    PMY so borring

  467. 467 : KDaddict Says:

    The didn’t air ep 19 Sat night after all!
    Chaser is abt a father avenging his daughter’s death when the system backs him into a wall! The acting is gt, but it is Not a feel good show; don’t know if you’d like it. Bridal mask is good but you can’t finish it yet. So I suggest some K movies: My GF is an agent; She’s on duty; my tutor friend. Will tickle your funny bone!
    MD? I lived in MD. Still keep a house an hour outside of DC! So we share more than 1 connection!
    If u want to chat, this is my email: [email protected] Ppl might get upset if we keep up this conversation here. 😉

  468. 468 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr Jin Ep 19 Eng sub

  469. 469 : zarima USA Says:


    thank u…..thank u… your my IDOL:)

  470. 470 : torri Says:

    will check out all the movies u listed , and u right people may get upset if we keep this up , if there is one thing i notice on this site is how sensitive some people get sometimes and take things very serious and personal, will send u an email to the email adress u sent

  471. 471 : Sandra Says:

    Enjoyed the drama so far. I am up to episode 18. What interests me the most is how Dr. Jin adapts tools that are available to him in the Joseon Dynasty Period to modern tools and applications. I watch Dr. Jin on HULUplus.com

  472. 472 : imhel Says:

    long time no hear
    what happened to AGD? when r they showing ep19 & 20?

    Time slip Dr Jin seemed to slip in the ratings>>>=(

  473. 473 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi there. The Olympics bring most dramas to a stand still. AGD should return Aug 11, 12.
    I’m enjoying DBs recaps and visitor comments on Dr. Jin tremendously, esp the recaps on ep 16, 17. Cheers.

  474. 474 : Fanne Says:

    I love this drama so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Kim Jae-Joong !!!

  475. 475 : Marie Says:

    I find this drama interesting…. after finishing I Do I Do, which I love so much… I watch also A Gentleman’s Dignity and I love it too… now while waiting for the next episode of AGD, I started watching Time Slip Dr. Jin and as usual I’m addicted to it!!!! I just love KDrama!!! Always interesting and exciting!!!! Now I’m in love with Song Seung Hun!!!

  476. 476 : Juliana Hoang Says:

    I love to watch all your Korean Drama Movies only with the Movie Star Name. Song Seung Hun. He was my favorite Actor and the best looking gentlement of Korean Movie. Can I please have the list for all the Drama Movies that he in it??? Thank you so much.
    [email protected] yahoo.com

  477. 477 : BIna Says:

    the image that’s creppy for me why so much blodd revealed in there Dr Jin i now this story about med but………. that’s so scary for me. I see many blood on my work i hope if i’m home i not see any blood again see is creeppy even for me. I wacth K drama for fun not for thinking

  478. 478 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr Jin Ep 20 Eng sub

  479. 479 : KDaddict Says:

    @imhel-472, 473,
    I’m now hearing that they might show AGD’s last 2 eps this weekend. You might want to check on Aug 4, 5.

  480. 480 : Sina Says:

    I only watch this drama because of Lee So Young. The other actress in this drama is annoying.

  481. 481 : pizzahead Says:

    This drama makes no sense…

  482. 482 : 52drama Says:

    I have just watched episode 21 with subtitles. It is broadcast on August 4th.

  483. 483 : erika Says:

    love this drama eventhough the storyline went slowly..

  484. 484 : gogo Says:

    ow…jaejoong, you become a great actor now. many people give you compliment. hwaiting jaejoong!!!!! you make every nuna cry…..TTT___TTT

  485. 485 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr Jin Ep 21 Eng sub

  486. 486 : padma Says:

    great acting, jaejoong-ssi! i wonder how if both you n yoochun-ssi play in a same drama..

  487. 487 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    one more eps to come,, cannot wait what’s going to happen with kyung tak character,,
    @Padma, yes i’m waiting too for jaejoong and yoochun in the same drama (again) like they did in dating on earth (and yes once again jaejoong didn’t get the main female lead heehee..poor him)

  488. 488 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ tar mu nany ttg ssuatu dund..bs mnt id bwt chat??

  489. 489 : ance Says:

    i can’t wait for the finale…even though there isn’t much romance it’s still interesting…will dr.jin be able to return? i feel sad for jae joong’s character he’s so loyal to his family and his love for “young rae”…i hope “kyung tak” ends up with “young rae” coz “dr.jin” already has “min ah”… since in the joseon dynasty they’re really not meant to be together because dr. jin have to come back. thanks for this drama!

  490. 490 : padma Says:

    @taraluvjj haha..yup! if they cast in a same drama, how its rating n storyline will be? jyj fans will be divided into 2 group, pro-yoochun’s character vs pro-jaejoong’s character..lol..hope jaejoong will be the main lead for his next drama… :p

    aaaaa dr.jin is going to its last episode, can’t watch kyung tak anymore.. :'(

  491. 491 : LB Says:

    is this film good?
    please tell me

  492. 492 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @meyramjeje, sori br bc komenmu hr ini,,, waduh q jrg chating,,, ada sih account twitter tp cm follow jyj doang jrg q pk cz q online cm pk hp hehe,,, tar ngerumpi di koreandrama ni aja ya ato di blog jyj3 or koreanindo,, maaaaaf bgt ya meyra,,,,,

  493. 493 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @padma, yeah we will miss kyung takkie so much for sure,,,
    but jaejoong’s movie “jackal is coming” will reales next november, cannot wait for that,,, and this time he’s the main lead,,, hoooorrraaaay!!

  494. 494 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @LB, depend on your taste dear…
    if you like saeguk (plus you’re song seung hoon orjaejoong’s fangirl), you should watching this drama,,, but if you don’t like seeing a lot blood and you’re prefer to rom-com drama, don’t watch it,,,

  495. 495 : Lorem Says:

    This drama was set for 24 eps. Was it not? They might have done better to have focused the budget on just 11 eps, a number which might have had the director turn out decent work… or not.

    Yea, the directing was a total disaster. The lead actor seem disinterested or simply did not know, or was not advised proper, on how to approach the role. The writer could not save himself.. totally clueless. In the writers case it is probably too much writing school and not enough “life”.

    Heh.. And I think those responsible for this dramatic failure, should stick to arranging peanut butter jars on supermarket shelves. That is about the extent of the talent displayed here. With the exception of the great Kim Byung Hee and several other fine talents who should fire their agencies for putting their careers in jeopardy.

    Now lemme say this about Park Min Young; she, and the lovely Lee So Yeon, made this drama bearable for this red-blooded average male viewer.

  496. 496 : Lorem Says:

    Woops! I meant to type; “..the great Kim Eung Soo” and not the character he played.. haha. Ah well. I’m still getting the hang of Korean names.

  497. 497 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    now officialy i hate the writer,,
    why have on earth kyung takkie has to be died,,,,,,,*crying mode*
    but i’m glad jaejoong did great job in that scene….

  498. 498 : padma Says:

    @taraluvjj are you indonesian? i’m indonesian too :p *just wanna improve my english skill..hehe
    i haven’t watch ep 22..but i’ve already predicted it :'( jaejoong’s character gonna have the same fate with jung il woo’s character in moon-sun..

    yeah, i’m waiting “jackal is coming” too and the thieves..hehe

  499. 499 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ yaaah gada yaa,,pnonton kcewa :p ak pgn sharing ttg bias qt j sii cz tmn2ku sk jyj tp klo personal bkn jj,,jd pas ada tmn yg sk jg pgn crita2 j gt..hehe,,klo dblog org gpp ni qt ngmongin si “ganteng” LOL ato ak follow twter km,,ak lmyn sring ol dsitu,,jd wlopun km jrang buka nyantai j,,paling nanti pas km bk twit lgsg byk pesan deh dr ak…hehe (id twitter ak sm ky user ni)
    stjuuu,,nangis darah liat kyung tak,,wlopun blm nonton,,hehe,,tp ak pkir klo dy tetep idup,,masa depanny suram d..:(

  500. 500 : zarima USA Says:

    hey can anyone post a comments regarding the ending of this one?

    a REVIEW please

  501. 501 : yenzkie Says:

    oettokae?? jaejong.. y??? you should be alive.. :((

  502. 502 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @padma, yes i’m indonesian..
    still graving of takkie death :'( but i agree with meyramjjeje, if takkie still alive i think he has no future,,

    @meyramjjeje, di koreandrama ini ada profil jaejoong, qt bs ngomongin ‘si ganteng’ d st deh hehe,, kasian jj jrg yg post komen,,,

  503. 503 : KDaddict Says:

    I checked in to see the final ep, cos I want to know what is the deal w the gummy bear baby in Jin’s head.
    Here’s a brief review for you, @zarima-500:

    Lee BS n his followers go to fight the French at Kang ha Do. Their opposition the new Left prime minister’s camp, wants them to fail, so they tell the French the route n time of the supply ship. Supply ship is attacked. Lee BS’s army is left with insufficient fire power. As a distraction for French, they decide to start the counter-attack from 2 locations simultaneously, from within the city, as well as fr Kang Ha Do, so as to spread thin the fire power of the French. Jin and KyungT (JJ) are sent into the city to inform the army there of this strategy. The French manage to enter the city anyway. KT dies trying to save the life of Young-rae. Young-rae gets hit. Jin operates on her, but he himself gets stabbed after the operation. He falls off an embankment.
    When he wakes up he is in modern Seoul, in an hosp room, with his colleague next to him. He finds Mina in another room, still in a coma. He is told that he was found a couple days ago on Kang Ha Do, dressed in funny clothes. They operated on him, n took out the tumor shaped like a gummy bear baby from his head. There has been no other patient with such a tumor.
    Jin goes to check the history books. He finds a record of there being a Hong Yi Won, the first n only female medicine person in the Joseon era.
    Suddenly, Mina’s pulse slows, n is near death. Jin revives her. Where Mina is recuperating, Jin runs into a child from the past in the hospital corridor. He tells the child that when he goes back to where he comes from, if the child sees Jin again, to please tell Jin that Mina is alright. Mina wakes up and tells Jin that she has had the weirdest dream but it is most vivid. In the dream, she calls him Jin Yi Won, just as Young-rae did.
    Then Jin goes to a modern day palace where ppl r filming a sageuk. Lee BS walks by n they greet other casually. After a short conversation about the lives of the ppl, Lee leaves n disappears into thin air!
    The end.
    I still don’t know anything about the gummy bear baby! Boo.

  504. 504 : Park Min Young | Magic Elixir Says:

    […] Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC, 2012) Glory Jane @ Man of Honor (KBS, 2011) City Hunter (SBS, 2011) Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2, 2010) Racing Heart (MBC, 2010) Princess Ja Myung Go (SBS, 2009) Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2008) I’m Sam (KBS2, 2007) Unstoppable High Kick (MBC, 2006) […]

  505. 505 : bblve07 Says:

    i want to watch it, another drama of park min young…

  506. 506 : rayya Says:

    Hik… hik…. hik….

  507. 507 : meyramjjeje Says:

    @taraLuvJJ tar cek dprofilnya yaaa 🙂

  508. 508 : tyarachunnie Says:

    takkie is death…T.T

  509. 509 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @rayya, hei long time no see,,
    so you already watch the final eps? me too.. still crying like a river ;(

    @meyramjjeje, i already post my comment in jj’s profile 🙂

  510. 510 : meyramjjeje Says:

    anyeong ed..
    yeah n he acted very well..TOP BGT kekeke

  511. 511 : padma Says:

    where can i watch dr jin ep 22 subbed? kimchidramas n epdrama still haven’t uploaded it yet 🙁

  512. 512 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @padma, try on dailymotion,,,
    or you can check on jyj blog called jyj3, they have the latest eps,,, and even some dr.jin bts, ng and interviews with the cast,,,,

  513. 513 : zarima USA Says:


    @KDaddict…… thank u

  514. 514 : zarima USA Says:


  515. 515 : dsd Says:

    Time slip Dr Jin Ep 22 (Ending) Eng sub

  516. 516 : padma Says:

    @taraluvjj n @dsd thank you!

  517. 517 : OK OK OK Says:

    #503 KDaddict

    Me too. I watch until blur too. Don’t know what the past and present and what is the mini doll about….. & the courtesan’s secret ….. ????? hee hee.
    Watch for the sake of Song Seung Hun & Hero Kim Jaejoon. KJJ is a good actor. I feel his emotions !!!!

    Hope KJJ will act as leading man in next project. Happy romance category 🙂

  518. 518 : menchie Says:

    i just finished watching this drama…. the genre is so amazing… I’m looking forward to see the next project of this awesome actors and actresses…

  519. 519 : Pippee Says:

    I like Yong Hwi & hope to see ur series next.

  520. 520 : Tia Mirza Says:

    May i know why the last rating was dropped, far different from the previous ones?

  521. 521 : zarima Says:

    finally i finished watching this kdrama…and im satisfied with it… though asking why and maybe some other who watched this what was the connection or what were the significance of that small fetus in the head of dr.jin on this series,, just asking mr writer:

    still i can give a four star for the story jejejeje:):P

  522. 522 : Lilliet Says:

    I really love Hero Jae Joong but Dr. Jin is the worst kdrama I ever seen.

  523. 523 : ina Says:

    I like this drama bcause of great lead actors and actress like SSH, PMY and KJJ… Good Job for them.. espcially fr SSH. :))

  524. 524 : htayapril Says:

    I like Jin Yi Han ( Hong Young Hwi)

  525. 525 : Ika Says:

    Anyeong haseyo…if i can conclude, that the gummy bear baby describes of person who reborn. Actually, a man who got a surgery from Dr.Jin to his tumor is Dr.Jin himself from the other world. That’s why there is no person remember about the surgery except him and he said that he have to go back to save the Lady as well as save Mi Na. Happy ending…. ^^ khamsa hamnida for making an amazing drama really like it!

  526. 526 : farah Says:

    du grand n’importe quoi !!! j’ai pas du tout aimé –“

  527. 527 : dinda Says:

    This drama is good. But why should waste the time to the end

  528. 528 : Norodin Ibrahim Says:

    For me, this is also a great korean drama of the year! I am currently watching it now… And I hope that it would have a very nice ending… Can’t wait to see it! ^_^

  529. 529 : Rea Says:

    Two thumbs up! 😉 Love this drama so much.. One of the best drama in 2012! >_<

  530. 530 : limitzi Says:

    jaejoong’s acting skill has sure improved a lot, bravo! very little romantic scenes but overall its ok except the ending could be better …

  531. 531 : weng Says:

    Hmmm, both the 2 main character acting is good as well as the supporting role actor is impressive too … one of the best drama this year

  532. 532 : Icha Says:

    Finally I’ve finished watching this very boring drama-for a month- Actually I like Hero Jaejoong and Song Seung Hun, but why they trapped in this drama. Very strange, too fast to cure for the patients, no scars in the ‘open’ head. What happen to fetus in a bottle. And why French clergyman become ‘warlord’? Hope Hero Jaejoong and Song Seung Hun will work in good drama next time.

  533. 533 : Jae Says:

    i don’t think it was a boring drama…… actually i like it a lot and its one of my favorite drama…. the drama was nice but hero was there it was more better…………,,,, but i don’t this tragedy about jaejoong… you know why does he had to die… whenever i watch the ending i always shed the tears ………………………………………. the song living like a dream also is sad………………………. jae…: “whatever other say, you ,,, you are my woman” so sad also cooollllll……. 🙁

  534. 534 : Jae Says:

    i don’t think it was a boring drama…… actually i like it a lot and its one of my favorite drama…. the drama was nice but hero was there it was more better…………,,,, but i don’t like this tragedy about jaejoong… you know why does he had to die… whenever i watch the ending i always shed the tears ………………………………………. the song living like a dream also is sad………………………. jae…: “whatever other say, you ,,, you are my woman” so sad also cooollllll……. 🙁

  535. 535 : mark Apacible Says:

    i don’t think it was a boring drama…… actually i like it a lot and its one of my favorite drama…. the drama was nice but hero was there it was more better…………,,,, but i don’t this tragedy about jaejoong… you know why does he had to die… whenever i watch the ending i always shed the tears ………………………………………. the song living like a dream also is sad………………………. jae…: “whatever other say, you ,,, you are my woman” so sad also cooollllll…….i don’t think it was a boring drama…… actually i like it a lot and its one of my favorite drama…. the drama was nice but hero was there it was more better…………,,,, but i don’t like this tragedy about jaejoong… you know why does he had to die… whenever i watch the ending i always shed the tears ………………………………………. the song living like a dream also is sad………………………. jae…: “whatever other say, you ,,, you are my woman” so sad also cooollllll…….

  536. 536 : Nancy thuận Says:

    I love kim jaejoong.

  537. 537 : Lizzie Bettiee Says:

    I love the movies but sumthing is not clear how could dr jin contacted brain tumor,though i’m yet to watched it finished it still remain 2 episode but i’m confused.

  538. 538 : 孙天晓 Says:


  539. 539 : kimmy Says:

    why jin hyuk change his haircut??it’s look ridiculous..:(

  540. 540 : 256 Says:

    when ep did park sun ha show up in?

  541. 541 : jane Says:

    i liked this drama much better than faith. although the main actor of faith is much more attractive, i found the plot of this one better. whenever there is time travel, there are always a lot of ridiculous things going on. this drama has its faults but really not all that bad. on the other, faith, being the same type of drama, is worse directed and i just found that one really boring. watched faith up til ep20 and couldn’t even finish the next 4 ep coz it was way too boring.

  542. 542 : Kapatid Asianovelas Says:

    Time Slip Dr. Jin will be aired soon on TV5 in the Philippines.

  543. 543 : taraJJ Says:

    yaayy finally there’s a good news about this drama.. “Living Like a Dream” Time Slip dr.Jin Ost.. sang, written and composed by Kim Jaejoong just won Best Ost category on Seoul International Awards 2013… congratulation JJ…!!!!

  544. 544 : blossom nagr Says:

    Most of all, I like Park Min Young <3 <3 <3. She is lovely!

  545. 545 : Sodasister Says:

    Is that Julien Kang cameo in the last episode?? 😀

  546. 546 : haryor frm Nigeria Says:

    it’s a great drama so far i still have four episode left bur i hope the end will be good it’s a great drama really love it

  547. 547 : Bisola Says:

    Dat why park min young can’t be compare wif other actress…am a fan here 4rm nigeria…Nd seung hun oppa u look like gook il sung nd kip it up hero thumb up 2 d 3 of u

  548. 548 : Aminat Says:

    I watch dis drama because of my favourite actors and actress kjj is cool,pmy is nice and lee bs too is okay great job guys, jj and lee bs is also great in triangle they make a perfect combination song seung h oppa hwaiting!!!

  549. 549 : cassie Says:

    I know its too late..but I enjoy watching it at TV7..KJJ is a great actor..and now he’s in millitary,!!!!! I miss him soo much..thank you TV7. Jaejoong oppa take care of ur health in military..I will waiting for u..gidarilke oppa!!!luv u

  550. 550 : mangolis Says:

    I recently finished watching this movie although its way too late. I don’t like many blood which shown. But the story quite interesting to me. Faith with the same genre about time travel have more realistic story. But Faith have slower plot, and i hate the ending. Why can the writer make it more.
    About acting just like comments above, personally i don’t really like PMY. PMY indeed looking beautiful and sweet but her acting is the same like when in Sungkyuwan Scandal.
    I like JJ, because of this film. I don’t know about him before watched this, but right know i’m looking for his project. In ep.21 his body being treatment by PMY. He have really nice body. 😄
    Also is anyone realize that how JJ walking is similar with mickey yoon chun in Sungkyuwan Scandal? I don’t know because he is also in JYJ maybe.
    Tough i still like him and his voice so good also.

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