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The Uncanny Counter

Title: 경이로운 소문 / The Uncanny Counter
Also Known as: Amazing Rumor
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2020-Nov-28 to 2021-Jan-24
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 22:30


This drama is based on same name webcomic written by Jang Yi which was published from 2018-Aug-23 via “Daum Webtoon“.

It’s tells the story of demon hunters called “Counters” who have come to the earth posing as employees of a noodle restaurant in order to capture evil spirits that have returned to earth in pursuit of eternal life. They each have their own special abilities.


Main Cast

Jo Byung Kyu as So Moon
Kim Se Jung as Do Ha Na
Yoo Joon Sang as Jang Chul Jung
Yum Hye Ran as Choo Mae Ok
Ahn Suk Hwan as Choi Jang Moo


Moon Sook as Wigen (Moon’s partner)
Kim So Ra as Kim Ki Ran (Mo Tak’s partner)
Eun Ye Joon (은예준) as Woo Shik (Ha Na’s partner)
Lee Chan Hyung (이찬형) as Soo Ho (Mae Ok’s partner/Mae Ok’s son)
Woo Mi Hwa (우미화) as The Prosecutor of Yoong

Humans possessed by evil spirits

Lee Hong Nae (이홍내) as Ji Chung Shin
Ok Ja Yun as Baek Hyang Hee

So Moon’s family

Yoon Joo Sang as Ha Suk Goo (Moon’s grandfather)
Lee Joo Shil as Jang Choon Ok (Moon’s grandmother)

So Moon’s school

Lee Ji Won as Oh Joo Yun
Kim Eun Soo (김은수) as Kim Woong Min
Jung Won Chang as Shin Hyuk Woo
Kim Min Ho as Baek Joon Kyu

Jungjin’s police department

Choi Yoon Young as Kim Jung Young
Lee Kyung Min (이경민) as Kang Han Wool

Jungjin’s City Hall & Taeshin Group

Choi Kwang Il as Shin Myung Whi (Mayor of Jungjin City/Hyuk Woo’s father)
Lee Do Yub as Jo Tae Shin (Chairman of Taeshin Group)
Kim Seung Hoon as Noh Hang Kyu (Director of Taeshin Construction/Chang Kyu’s older brother)

Supporting Cast

Jun Jin Oh (전진오) as Noh Chang Kyu (Hang Kyu’s older brother)
Kim Jung Jin (김정진) as Jang Hye Kyung (Secretary of Mayor Shin)
Kim Yi Kyung (김이경) as Kim Young Nim
Kim Kwang Sik as Song Man Ho (Ha Na’s uncle)


Jun Suk Ho as So Kwon (ep 1, 11, So Moon’s father/police)
Son Yeo Eun as Ha Moon Young (ep 1, So Moon’s mother/police)
Lee Sun Bin as Heo Hee Young (ep 1,3, a coffee shop owner)
Sung Ji Roo as Jang Chul Joong (ep 1, a late member of the Counters)
So Hee Jung as Heo Hee Young’s mother (ep 3)
Lee Do Kyung as Chairman Jun Ki Hwan (ep 4)
Han Kang Ho (한강호) as Han Seung Woo (ep 7-8)
Park Seung Tae as Han Seung Woo’s grandmother (ep 8)

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon, Neo Entertainment
Director: Yoo Sun Dong
Screenwriters: Yeo Ji Na (ep. 1-12), Yoo Sun Dong (유선동) (ep. 13)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2020-11-28 1 2.702 -
2020-11-29 2 4.350 -
2020-12-05 3 5.329 -
2020-12-06 4 6.724 -
2020-12-12 5 6.060 -
2020-12-13 6 7.654 -
2020-12-19 7 7.721 -
2020-12-20 8 9.302 -
2020-12-26 x x x
2020-12-27 x x x
2021-01-02 9 8.386 -
2021-01-03 10 9.093 -
2021-01-09 11 8.677 -
2021-01-10 12 10.581 -
2021-01-16 13 9.372 -
2021-01-17 14 9.926 -
2021-01-23 15 8.995 -
2021-01-24 16 10.999 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Official Site

Official Poster

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Trailer II (15s)
Trailer II (30s)
Trailer III (15s)
Trailer III (30s)
Trailer IV (15s)

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  1. 1 : annmasae Says:

    Enjoying this drama on Netflix. Hope more people tune in.
    A little crazy and unbelievable but very fun to watch.
    I can’t wait to see how all the “bad guys” who murdered So Moon’s parents get punished.

  2. 2 : Dannn Says:

    It is a very great drama, love all the casting specially Do Ha Na ! Love the story of So Moon and everyone else in the noodle restaurant! Will continue to support this show! Hope it will be a mind blowing ending! Pretty much cried on every episode… lol love all the action scenes!

  3. 3 : Sari Says:

    The first and second episodes, always become my clue to continue watching or stop. This drama have a spirit to attract me watching til the last episode. Good plot and cast. I love this

  4. 4 : MISS B Says:

    WOW! WOW! WOw! Good drama, good acting.

  5. 5 : Raa Says:

    I am not that kind of type who will watch an ongoing drama, but SERIOUSLY THIS ONE IS WORTH THE WAIT! This drama is crazy (in a positive way). Once I tuned in, I can’t let go. I am thirst for moooreeee. But, I have to wait patiently every week.

    SEJEONG’S acting is ridiculously amazing. She is indeed a life character!

    This drama is a full package! There are comedy, cool action scenes (a lot of women action scenes), and drama that will also make you burst into tears!

    I remember watching 4 episodes, but cried so many times already. WATCH IT! IT WILL BE THE BEST DECISION YOU HAVE EVER MADE!

  6. 6 : Juwita Says:

    The rating says a lot. This is a wonderful drama. Amid this pandemic, watching this kind of drama is worthy. It gives me goosebumps, heart flutter, even the chemistry of the actors and actresses is wonderful!

  7. 7 : Hana Says:

    Damn. The Uncanny Counter is reallllyyyy gooooddddd. Fed up with the romantic dramas already. Found it so fresh and it’s rating is considered high for a cable tv

  8. 8 : Nineninedan Says:

    After waiting a for two weeks today the episode 9 will be aired I’m so excited can’t wait for eonnie gang to catch the demons

  9. 9 : Janrue Says:

    If you don’t watch this drama, it’s your loss

  10. 10 : Kiki Says:

    This drama is so good. Definitely one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Perfect casting, love the actor who played Ji Chung Shin(evil guy). The only bad thing I have to say was the final epic fight was a big letdown.it was rather funny. But overall I love this drama and will rewatch it one day.

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