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The Road: Tragedy of One

Title: 더 로드: 1의 비극 / The Road: Tragedy of One
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2021-Aug-04 to 2021-Sep-09
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30


This drama is based on 2002 Short story collections ‘The Tragedy of One’ by Rintaro Norizuki.

It’s a drama about the ugly desires, secrets, guilt, and salvation of people in ‘Royal The Hill’ where only the top 1% of Koreans live.


Main Cast

Ji Jin Hee as Baek Soo Hyun
Yoon Se Ah as Seo Eun Soo
Kim Hye Eun as Cha Seo Young
Cheon Ho Jin as Seo Ki Tae
Ahn Nae Sang as Choi Nam Kyu
Kim Sung Soo as Shim Suk Hoon
Kang Sung Min as Oh Jang Ho

Royal the Hill

Kang Kyung Hun as Bae Kyung Sook
Kim Roe Ha as Hwang Tae Seob
Ha Min (하민) as Yang Sung Ja
Jo Sung Joon (조성준) as Seo Jung Wook
Lee Seo (이 서) as Choi Se Ra
Kim Min Joon (김민준) as Baek Yun Woo
Nam Ki Won (남기원) as Choi Joon Young

Press people

Baek Ji Won as Kwon Yeo Jin
Oh Yong as Kang Jae Yul
Joo Ye Eun (주예은) as Park Moon Hwa

Supporting casts

Lee Jong Hyuk as Yoon Dong Pil
Jo Dal Hwan as Park Sung Hwan
Son Yeo Eun as Lee Mi Do
Hyun Woo Sung as Jo Moon Do
Han Joo Wan as Kim Young Shin

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon, The Great Show
Director: Kim Noh Won
Screenwriters: Yoon Hee Jung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2021-08-04 1 3.365 -
2021-08-05 2 3.970 -
2021-08-11 3 2.735 -
2021-08-12 4 3.201 -
2021-08-18 5 1.900 -
2021-08-19 6 2.115 -
2021-08-25 7 1.845 -
2021-08-26 8 2.161 -
2021-09-01 9 1.733 -
2021-09-02 10 2.470 -
2021-09-08 11 1.957 -
2021-09-09 12 2.856 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Sosuke Says:

    The Penthouse’s alternative. Please stop doing the same things

  2. 2 : Tira Says:

    A bit suspense and corruption kind of drama. Quite interesting. Love my two favorite actors Ji Jin Hee and Kim Sung Soo…….

  3. 3 : Quinn Says:

    Right from the start the drama is full of action and hell already.

    No wonder only the top 1 pct of Koreans live at Royal The Hill. Sane people would not choose to live there.

    I am usually not attracted to this kind of drama but since I have already watched Ep 1, it will do no harm to carry on watching Ep2. Would be interesting to see how this breed of the1pct Koreans live. I’ll quit watching if it becomes too disgusting.

    As for the cast members, I am only familiar with 4 names. But never mind. I am sure the others are great actors too.

    Jia You !! Fighting !!

    Have a nice day !! Take care !!

  4. 4 : Ling Says:

    Episode 1. Unexpectedly good.
    Never seen ji jin hee this good. The end of the first episode, on finding XXX spoiler, his acting was simply masterful – the way his face crumpled – wow!

    The direction of that final scene is masterclass stuff. The wrenching emotions, sense of terrible tragedy palpable. Truly truly sad.

    Cheon ho jin – the artist actor. The look in his eyes can express any character he chooses to portray. The once-rich torn conflicted loving father in My golden life, the great leader warrior general in Six flying dragons, the penitent father awaiting his daughter’s forgiveness. And here, so handsome but so rotten evil and heartless. Ahhh, what a terrific actor!

  5. 5 : Quinn Says:

    Watched Ep 2. What’s the verdict ? What do I think of this drama ?

    Classified as a mystery thriller. Well, I agree this drama is as what its said, a mystery thriller … with an additional punch !! Exciting and suspenseful !! Woahhhh !! Investigative tv dramas have advanced to this level. No more plodding of rubber-gummers footwork. The thrills, chases, punch ups and all sorts of actions command viewers full attention !! Luv it !!

    In just two episodes, we see surfacing, the hype, the pretensions, the lies, the tensions, the mysterious meetings, plottings, kidnapping and murders happening … for what ?? Imagine. A little black book has this power to cause so much choas and madness amongst this rarified 1 pct denizens of Royal The Hill.

    Little black book … do you know what you are worth? You are priceless !! Your worth depends on whose hands you fall into. I surely would like to know. Are you are the mystery?

    Well, little black book, my curiosity and interest are piqued already. I think I will stick around to find out what will become of you at the end of the story.

    Bye, for now !! See you at next episode. Have a good day !!

    Vaccinate. Protect yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷

  6. 6 : Quinn Says:

    Oh shit !! Looks like what I fear most for the drama, might happen … a clone of Mouse, a recent kdrama where the writing is all over the place.

    The story here seems like its is beginning to become a hotch-potch of everything Writer-nim thought might thrill viewers.

    This episode (Ep3) that I’ve just watched emphasised sex in various forms that its become boring and cliqued. There is the bastard son, a product of a sex affair and who unfortunately has to die according to the script. How pitiful. His life is already sad and lonely as it is, with parents who are not interested in him. Then there are the extra marital affairs between family members, between friends, between employer and employee, sex blackmail, sex on demand (haha, this one is interesting), drug sex, sex parties, etc. A late comer to this drama might be led to think that they are watching a porn show, not a mystery thriller. Oh venus !! Have mercy on the innocents (??!!). Hehe !! 💕

    Writer-nim, shall we come back to the story? Try to solve the murders and kidnapping and the secrets of the black book? Forget about sex on Royal The Hill. Leave that to the porn industry to take care of. Let’s just stick to solving the crime mystery here, please ?? ✌

    This is one drama I realised how much I missed Hercule Poirot and his crime busting adventures.

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  7. 7 : Ling Says:

    Too bad. Looks like another one bites the dust.
    Ep 3 and 4 all over the place. The story’s lost. Another drama trying to be too smart : (

  8. 8 : Quinn Says:

    Episode 4 showed some improvements. No senseless meanderings. Focus was back on the story and the progression of the investigations.

    I have been trying to figure out what the hotch-potch/mesh is all about and come to this conclusion. I think there are two parts to the drama’s story.

    First – there is the story of Anchorman Baek SooHyun’s investigation into the corruption in connection with slush funds, money laundry, embezzlement of election campaign funds, etc of which his father in law Seo KiTae seems central to the curruption. BSH is looking to lay hands on the original documents to prove his case. This is supposed to be the core of the story.

    Second – Unfortunately, along the way a mysterious somebody took advantage of this occassion to avenge their hatred or revenge on who(?) … (yet to find out) by killing Choi JY the son of Anchorwoman Cha SeoYoung (she and BSH had an affair at one time). Poor boy, from the autopsy report, the boy was practically smashed up. The killer must be either deranged or high on drugs or they were mad with hatred when they killed the poor boy. Parents sinned. He had to pay with his life. Not fair !!

    As these two events are intricately related to each other in so many aspects … this is where I think the characters and drama of Royal The Hill are intertwined into one big mess.

    Much to the characters horror, their private lives and secrets are beginning to surface, to bite them bit by bit. The big picture … no one, not even the sweet Seo EunSoo wife of BSH is without any ugly secret. Nothing is what it seems at Royal The Hill after all. Oh gosh !!

    BSH and his police officer found themselves buried to their eyeballs in the midst of this complicated mess.

    Who is the killer of CJY ?? Why did they choose this time to kill him and in such a frenzied brutal manner. Killer must have known that CJY is the secret son of BDH and CSY ? And did the killing for maximum impact. Why ??

    Who has the original copy of the “black book” ?? The killer or the personal aide to CSY, or Mido, wife of JangHo?

    Will Baek Soo Hyun (BSH) survive this disaster ?

    I guess there might be lots more stuff that will surface as the drama goes on. Let’s wait and see what they are ….

    Folks, above are my personal assumptions only. May not be correct. Please feel free to correct. Thank you.

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  9. 9 : Quinn Says:

    Oooops forgot one more suspect who might have the original black book as well, is the killer of CJY. CJY’s dad Choi Nam Kyu husband of CSY.

  10. 10 : Quinn Says:

    The story is getting more complicated, interesting and exciting. A feast for our curiosity… our amature detective tendencies are awakened !!

    I have counted, so far three murders have been committed. The one that stands out is that of CJY. His death was unexpected and uncalled for. Possibly it might have opened a can of worms too, turning the Hill into a hub of surruptitious activities upon what already are happening there.

    Apart from the suspects already mentioned in previous posts, another additional suspect is CJY’s mom, Anchorwoman Cha SY. She was missing from the charity event the whole night. Was she really at home as she claimed? Could she have been a secret participant at the drug party at the “white house” ? And CJY happened to have seen her there too? In a drugged craze state, CSY killed him in order to keep him quiet about it ? (People high on certain drugs have been known to kill brutally in a frenzied state).

    The position of CJY’s body when found gave the impression that the person who buried him knew him well. CJY’s body was treated with love. He was covered with leaves to keep him warm. His face was exposed to preserve his dignity and his body seem to be placed in a comfortable sleeping position. He was buried with care and love. Who could have buried him ?

    Well, this is all guess work on my part. We will know better in coming episodes.

    Bye. Have a nice day !

  11. 11 : Quinn Says:

    The ratings for the latest two episodes have dropped a little. Does not matter. The story and mystery are still good.

    My thougts :
    Now, my problem is, I am stuck. Cant seem to be able to unravel this ever so tight ball of mystery to get a clue. The mystery is getting deeper as each episode comes.

    I think I will take a break from trying to be a detective. Sit back, relax and just watch the drama ?? Leave the sluething work to the experts.

    As he goes about investigating the Hill’s crimes, BSH finds himself caught in a dark abyss where his past secrets are colliding with his present life. He thought he could hide his past, but no. Fate would not have it, neither would CSY. BSH realised he is trapped in the hypocritical life he had created for himself on the Hill. What is he to do now ?? Choose – Truth or Deception?

    The Road. Tragedy of One. Is this mainly about BSH’s story ??

    Or about a breed of people who choose a life in sandcastles ??

    Have a nice day, folks !! 🌞

    Be happy, wherever you are. 💕

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others.

  12. 12 : Quinn Says:

    Hello, good morning !! The half-baked amateur detective is back !

    Just to drop off a thought or two about this complicated drama.

    I think what is happening now at the Hill is a revenge. Its very much linked to the murder of a young girl years back in time and her body thrown into the pond. The murderer was not caught. Three teenagers witnessed the murder. One, named DongPil was made a scapegoat and sent to jail. His two friends kept silent. Did nothing to save him.

    These other two friends are Baek SooHyun and Shim SukHoon. BSH told his friend DongPil that he would save him but did not keep his word. Instead, he conveniently forgot and left DongPil to rot in jail. BSH eventually became a successful Anchorman at a broadcasting station, got married to chaebol Seo KiTae’s daughter SueEun, a throphy wife. And he also had an illegitimate JoonYoung from his affair with Anchorwoman, Cha SY.

    Coming back to the present, this was the past that has caught up with BSH. His abandonment of his friend DongPil and his silence regarding the murder of the young girl.

    JoonYoung was targetted and kidnapped for the very reason that he was an abandoned son of BSH. (BSH has a legitimate son who is of the same age as JY).

    Was this kidnapping of JY and his subsequent death a message to BSH, punishing him for what he had done to DongPil long ago and for not reporting the murder of the young girl as well? From BSH’s current demeanor and his actions, I think, yes. BSH could have come to the same conclusion. Now his guilt has come to haunt him in a murderous and sad way, the death of JY. Karma is a bitch to the guilty !!

    So who could these avenging suspects be ? Who are they actually?
    DongPil – he is dead. The person who was unjustly jailed. Murdered. His killer not known yet.
    Mido – blind wife of JangHo, BSH wife’s secret lover. On closer observation her blindness seems doubtful. Could she be a family member of the murdered girl?
    And another person – i.d. currently unknown. Could be a staff member on the Hill or Choi NamKyu?

    As for the mystery of the missing original copy of the “black book” – after DongPil’s death – I suspect it’s in Choi NamKyu’s possession. I think this document will surface at the right time and will be broadcasted to the public. This is the only legitimate way to catch Seo KiTae “with his pants down”. Otherwise he would be too powerful to be brought to justice. This is the payback for killing the young girl years ago.

    One thing not clear is who really is Cho NamYuk. I think he was involved in the whole “blackbook/kidnapping” plot, working with DongPil. He now has the “black book”. His main aim is to destroy Seo KT using the “black book”. And he did not expect JY to be killed. Therefore regretted JY’s death.

    Well, the above are my guesses only. Please feel free to correct.

    Have a great day !!

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  13. 13 : Quinn Says:

    The ratings for Ep 7 and 8 have not improved. Wonder why? What a waste. This drama is good. The cast’s performance is commendable too.

    This time (ep 8) more information are beginning to surface, providing a clearer picture of what’s happening.

    BSH was about to end his life when a phone call came. It was about a new clue to the last whereabouts of murdered Reporter Park SH. Followed by another clue to where the original “black book” was. Things are beginning to move now ….

    Questions :

    At Park SH last whereabouts, an unoccupied home, BSH found an insurance claim in which Park SH was a benefiary, and a picture of the accident he was involved in. Caught in the picture standing nearby was JangHo and Mido. What were these uninvited guests JangHo and Mido doing at the Hill on the evening of the charity event/JoonYoung’s death ??

    Choi SR has possession of the Original Black Book. Unknown to her, she was followed to the cemetary by BSH where JY’s grave was. There she hid the Original Black Book before leaving for her meeting with Seo KT. Quickly, BSH retrieved the Original BB from its hiding place. Finally… BSH has the Original BB.

    Choi SeRa had thought that she could use the Original BB to bargain with Seo KT to be let off the criminal drug charges against her. Naive of her. Seo KT will eat her up instead !! Let’s wait and see what will happen next, now that she’s lost the Original BB.

    Now we ask the question – where and how did she come to be in possession of the Original BB in the first place?

    Answer – she could have stolen it from her dad, Choi NamKyu. So was the Original BB with Choi NK all this time?? How did Choi NK get it? Killed DongPil for it? Or he had been in league with DongPil ?

    Well, Seo KT too came to the same conclusion. Choi NK must have been in possession of the Original BB before his daughter stole it. He then threatened him to produce it by whatever means. Choi NK searched everywhere for it including at JY’s grave. He obviously did not know that BSH had already taken it. (SeRa was by now, already in police custody taken in by Det.Shim for questioning).

    What is going to happen to Choi NK and daughter now?? By now, Seo KT must be mighty furious … so near (to retrieving his BB), yet so far !!
    Lets wait and see .. coming episodes ….

    Back at home, BSH was seen downloading the black book (supposedly) onto his p.c. Hope he’s made more copies and had stored them elsewhere.

    Coming back to BSH. Haha .. he’s got another big headache to reckon with. His wife’s affair and her druggie lover !! Oh gosh !! What a bloody mess !!

    He and JangHo had a showdown. JangHo is a suspicious character. His behavior seems mentally off center at times but at other times he is normal. Is he putting on an act? Just as well BSH wants him to stay away from their property and family for good. But JangHo was stubborn. He refused to abide by BSH’s request.

    Is he really obsessed with Seo SE or with her deceased twin Seo SH? Or it is neither? I would think neither. It is only an act. I think he is using Seo SE to gain access to Seo KT for a reason. So is his “wife” Mido, fake. Both of them could possibly have a motive for their sudden appearance at the Hill inspite of an enforced ban placed on them from the Hill..

    In the end, BSH went to “borrow” Seo KT’s hunting rifle, kidnapped JangHo and threatened to kill him. He shouted at JangHo “you are using SE to get to Seo KT”. Woah … could this be true?

    Has anyone wondered why Seo KT’s wife kept cleaning the wine cellar/basement so hard. I think she was trying to get rid of evidence. It was cuz that location has a secret hidden pathway leading to the outside perimeter of the Hill. And on that particular night … this secret pathway was busy with some human traffic. Who ? We have yet to find out. Who needs cctv cameras on the Hill when there is one very secret passage way that no camera can catch ??

    Seo KT, you have wondered how could the Original Black Book be stolen and taken out of the Hill without getting caught, when you have secret cctv cameras installed in every nook and cranny of the Hill ?? And you command all monitor screens in your den. Are you not aware of the secret passage in your wine cellar/basement? Or that was how JoonYoung was taken out of the Hill after his kidnapping? Who were the culprits using this secret passage way on that fateful night when JY died? Any fingerprint evidence left behind in the cellar/basement ?? Go ask Mrs Seo KT.

    Oh well … I had better stop here. Until next episode, folks.

    Have a good weekend !!

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  14. 14 : Quinn Says:

    Cant resist leaving a few lines here regarding the murder of the innocent little boy, JoonYoung. I feel for JY most than for any one of the adults here. The adults all can be swept away by the slush fund scandal tsunami. I don’t care.

    (I have not yet watched Ep 9 & 10).

    The story is so well written and coming to an end soon. But yet I still could not fathom who could have killed JY. Why kill him ? I asked.

    So far, these are my suspect killers :

    JANG HO – mental case – revenge – a relative of murdered school girl (ep 1) – victim of hunting accident?
    CHA SEONG YOUNG – mental case – bio mom of JY – out of spite and hatred for ex lover, Baek SH, JY’s bio dad.
    CHOI NAM KYU – husband of CSY, stepdad of JY – Queen controlled – helped to bury JY’s body.
    SEO KT – Devil. Biggest criminal. Hobby hunting and taxidermy. JY got in the way when DongPil was killed. Had JY killed.
    MOONDO – SKT bodyguard. Killed JY on orders of SKT.

    Who was the last person JY was with before he died ?? We saw him in Lawmaker Hwang’s car. He was bloodied and hurt. Could LHwang have killed JY when JY tried to get away from him? LHwang is a paedohile.

    And CNK was blackmailed by LHwang to bury JY? LHwang somehow could have a “hold” on CNK on some secrets CNK wish to hide?

    (But how then could the original copy of the “black book” and DongPil’s handphone be in CNK’s possession before Sera his daughter stole them? If he were not involved in anyway in the criminal activities except for burying JY how did he get them? Ref msg 23)..

    Questions. Questions. Got no answer.

    We will get to know soon. All will be revealed in the forthcoming two episodes …

    Well, till then .. bye.

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  15. 15 : Quinn Says:

    Hahaha … after all the fumbling around, I think I have found the likest scenario surrounding the slush fund and the death of Joon Young….

    At another site elsewhere, somebody had posted what she thought could have happened. And I think her conclusions are the closest possibility. Thank you Lilla.

    Have a nice day !! 😊

  16. 16 : Quinn Says:

    Oh heavens !! Dont know when was the last time I’ve come across such a heart wrenching story as told here. Its soooo saaad and painful. Oh gosh … humans … !!

    Tragic !!

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  17. 17 : Quinn Says:

    Finished watching the finale.

    After much mulling and reflecting on this very sad story (accompanied by a reciprocal dark mood), here are my thoughts.

    After the aftermath of the tragedies that have happened at Royal the Hill, my comments will be based generally as a whole about the inhabitants of the Hill. Its because all the characters in the story are responsible, one way or another for the tragedies that happened. No one is absolved. Blame it on their kind of nature Ultimately, the Hill inhabitants deserve the kind of endings and punishments they got. It was their choice. It is a tragedy of all.

    The core of the story is basically not a “detective” story. It is more about the human nature. That it can either make or break a person, depending on how we as owners of ourselves control our nature and how we choose to live. The inhabitants of the Hill chose to live their very selfish lives by their own codes and rules. In the end, they self destruct – the domino effect way.

    No point pin pointing at Seo KT, or Seo ES, or Baek SH or Jang Ho, Cha SY, her husband Choi NK etc etc for their part in their destruction. They are all to be blamed. How powerful and invincible is Royal the Hill after all? One unloved, neglected and dead young boy named JunYoung had that power to bring the Hill down. Sand castles dont last. The laws of nature do.

    For all that is said and done, JunYoung is the hero of the Hill. He is finally avenged.

    For more details of the drama, please go watch the drama.

    The story is good. The script is well written. The cast performed well and very realistic. The Production Crew too did a good job. Finally, thank you tvN for showing this drama !! 💕

    Well, folks this is how I feel about the story. No offence meant to anyone whose opinion might differ.

    Bye. Have a nice weekend !! 😊

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others.

  18. 18 : Quinn Says:

    Choi JunYoung the poor unloved and neglected little boy was a brave boy. His courage outshine any one of the dastardly adults on the Hill.

    During the final moments before his death, bloodied and bleeding bad, he dared claim his rights as the birth son of Baek SH. He insisted he had a right to live in the same house where his father lived. (So he had known all along that his bio dad was Baek SH).

    But Seo SE and son JeonWu were selfish. They wont even share their home with him. Instead they “chased” him to return to his own home. But he had no proper home to go back to. It was a place of hell. This is very sad indeed. He was just a little boy.

    He died fighting for recognition and the warmth of a family life.

    So starts the beginning of the end for all on the Hill.

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

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