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The Sun’s Seasons

Title: 태양의 계절 / The Sun’s Seasons
Also known as: A Place in the Sun
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 102
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2019-Jun-03 to 2019-Nov-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


This drama is a story about the inherently selfish humans fiercely fighting to take the throne of the Yangji Group, a conglomerate which has been a core of the economic history of Korea. It’s a game of all sorts of nasty tricks and betrayals. The fight sacrifices a man and he is taking revenge; leaving a paradoxically romantic success story behind.


Main Cast

Oh Chang Suk as Oh Tae Yang / Kim Yoo Wol
Choi Seung Hoon as Oh Tae Yang Oh / Kim Yoo Wol (young)
Yoon So Yi as Yoon Shi Wol
Uhm Chae Young as Yoon Shi Wol (young)
Choi Sung Jae as Choi Kwang Il
Ha Si Eun as Chae Duk Shil

Yangji Group

Jung Han Yong as Jang Woo Chun (Yangji Group President)
Choi Jung Woo as Choi Tae Joon
Ji Il Joo as Tae Joon (young)
Lee Duk Hee as Jang Jung Hee
Son Sung Yoon as Jung Hee (young)
Kim Na Woon as Jang Sook Hee
Yoo Tae Woong as Park Jae Yong
Ji Chan as Park Min Jae
Kim Joo Ri as Hong Ji Eun
Seo Kyung Hwa as Yang Nam Kyung

People around Oh Tae Yang

Hwang Bum Shik as Elder Hwang
Lee Sang Sook as Im Mi Ran
Lee Soo Yong (이수용) as Kwak Ki Joon


Kim Hyun Kyoon as Jung Do In
Kim Ji Wan
Sung Hyun Mi (성현미)
Yoo Hye Min (유혜민) as Kyung Ja
Lee Ha Young (이하영) as Kyung Hee
Lee Joo Young (이주영) as Kyung Sook
Lee Chang
Lee Ye Rin (이예린) as Mi Ran
Choi So Hyun (최소현)
Hwang Bo Kwon (황보권)
Dok Go Young Jae
Kim Do Yun

Production Credits

Production Companies: KBS Drama Production, Samhwa Networks
Director: Kim Won Yong
Assistant Directors: Kim Kyung Jin, Kim Young Jin
Screenwriter: Lee Eun Joo


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  1. 1 : Sam Says:

    What is with this title of a drama that has nothing to do with the seasons or the sun? The title might make sense if the whole thing revolved around agriculture or businesses that produce seasonal products.

    I’m willing to submit that the title is a reference to an allegory. I’m usual disappointed.

  2. 2 : tigerb Says:

    the sun’s seasons? the earth has seasons, not the sun. have not watched it yet, but maybe ‘a place in the sun’ title is better, just like the song.

  3. 3 : Stevie Says:

    It’s yet another rehashing of a theme in kdramas. The chaebol child is born abandoned or swapped out and ended in an orphanage. But fate placed him in a car accident and wait for it . . . amnesia.

    The love of his life at the time of his accident learns she’s pregnant and discovers it was no accident. So decides to take revenge on the bastards that wronged her. Invoking her super power, she flew to the evil gang’s lair . . . err . . . no, that didn’t happen.

  4. 4 : Stevie Says:

    Observant @tigerb noted the sun has no seasons, the earth has seasons, exposing the silliness of the minds that came up with the title. As this drama’s storyline is a rehashing of a Korean common drama theme, an appropriate title might be; “Nothing’s New, Under The Sun”.

    Seriously though; the leads are good. I’ve always loved So Yi’s bright smile and warm personality having seen her in various variety shows. Chang Suk is cast well opposite her. They’re great together.

  5. 5 : Fado Revere Says:

    Duk Shil saves Yoo Wol’s (Oh Tae Yang) life then raped him . . . Lol! Now she’s with child—his child.

    Her mother had a part in the conspiracy that put Yoo Wol in an orphanage at birth. Now they live in Yoo Wol’s house nextdoor to the household that Yoo Wol was whisked away from at birth, by his step-father replacing him with his biological son, Choi Kwang Il.

    The love of Yoo Wol’s life married Kwang Il to take revenge on the family that killed her true love and the father of her child. She suspects Oh Tae Yang is really Yoo Wol.

    Duk Shil, whom the writer had bestowed certain powers of logical deduction worked it out—the two were lovers. She, for whatever readson hasn’t told Yoo Wol. Why? Probably cos the drama would pick up pace and we can’t have that in a marathon of a drama.

    And now Yoo Wol learns he put Duk Shil up the duff, though he doesn’t remember much of the night that it happened. She took advantage of his drunken state. Now mother and daughter are co-conspirators in his life, unbeknownst to him. Man, the guy has some bad karma.

  6. 6 : Fado Revere Says:

    Duk-shil has animal cunning and is hissy in the latest episode dropping the marriage bomb to ward off Shi Wol.

    The sharman said the two are a bad match and Duk-face herself knows she has no chance in hell to replace the one in Yoo Wol’s heart. But the wicked will push on against the odds cos she’s enamoured, spellbound by the very handsome Yoo Wol.

    Let’s face it Duk-ee, you’re the ugly duckling with that cool wind through your hair, you hurriedly lead the inebriated prince into your lair. A motel room where the cicadas outside and the ghosts are the only witness to what becomes of the broken-hearted. Lol!!

  7. 7 : Fado Revere Says:

    Duk-shil’s is quite cruel and manipulative.

  8. 8 : Fado Revere Says:

    It would have been the compassionate thing to do had Shi Wol simply told the chairman of Yangji Group that Oh Tae Yang is his biological grandson and that Kwang Il is not. Then everything would fall into place.
    Shi Wol’s was not only an error in judgement but morally reprehensible. Her decision precipitated an avalanche of violations of ethics, misdemeanours and misery.

  9. 9 : Emcee Says:

    On the title of the drama it is relevant because Oh Tae Yang means Sun in Korean. Sam please get your facts right. Fadi ,if Shi Woi was to reveal the truth to the chairman, then there would not be 100 episodes to watch. Maybe only 10 episodes. The end. LOL

  10. 10 : Sissi Says:

    The only victims are Oh Tae Yang and Choi Kwang Il
    Everybody else is cruel.

    Jang Woo Chun (Yangji Group President)

    How can you ask someone to raise somebody else’s child to pass down the inheritance?

    Jang Jeong Hee
    How can you tell your husband that you are not having another child knowing the child you’re carrying is not his?

    Choi Tae Joon
    I understand you want to raise your child. How can you try to kill Oh Tae Yang twice knowing he is your wife real son?

    Im Mi Ran
    Why didnt you raise your own son? I agree that you want your son to be rich. Instead of sending Oh Tae Yang to an orphanage, just raise him.

    Throughout the drama she only care about Chae Duk Shil and Choi Kwang Il even she is living off Oh Tae Yang.

    Yoon Shi Wol

    I know that you want to avenge Choi Tae Joon for killing your boyfriend. Why did you drag your own child into that mess. Choi Kwang Il’s feeling toward Shil wol was too sincere. I feel bad for him. She even begged him to stay quiet when Kwang II found out he’s not the real son.

    Chae Duk Shil

    When a man doesnt love , his feeling will stay the same until the end.
    I felt like he slept with her husband once .
    How can you stay in a relationship like that.
    Become evil when the man still loves his ex girfriend.

    The Park family is the only one I tolerate.

  11. 11 : Vicki Says:

    grate show keep up the good work

  12. 12 : Fado Revere Says:

    I don’t understand why Kwang Il would choose to stay married to Shi Wol when he admitted to not having feelings for her. The divorce would benefit Shi Wol and presumably it won’t change things for him.

    Duk Shil is a mental case set to live a life of bitter resentment. Quick, summon the big C!

    And how about Duk Shil’s mom. What a sorry excuse for a human being.

    The lead actor and actress have a nice chemistry happening which gives the drama warmth.

    Enjoying the drama.

  13. 13 : Fado Revere Says:

    Kwang Il stood pointing the gun at Shi Wol. He deliberates raised the gun and pulled the trigger. He didn’t look too stressed to shoot himself or anyone. The signs of stress on his face was like he couldn’t decide whether to go with Kraft or Skippy peanut butter.

    Terrible acting from everyone in that scene. So, bad I’m question my own sanity watching this drama.

  14. 14 : Ganjae Says:

    When will they release episodes 101 and others? Is it a Korea holiday or something these days?

  15. 15 : Steven Says:

    Also is there a website with all the episodes released if so someone pls tell me the link to it

  16. 16 : Fado Revere Says:

    #15 The drama is not finished but here’s a url; https://kissasian.sh/Drama/A-Place-in-the-Sun

  17. 17 : Fado Revere Says:

    #15 Steven — KBS World TV has episodes on YouTube.
    Myself, I use torrents to download and watch offline. In some instances the quality can be better than watching online especially if the uploader uploads blu-ray or just high quality HD video files.

  18. 18 : Fado Revere Says:

    Episode 102 is the end it seems. There is no episode 103.

    The published number of episodes was a little confusing with some sites listing 104 and others 103.

    The ending is so-so . . . for me at least it was not so satisfying. It’s like; this and that happened and brought about homeostasis. We’re done. If you have problems with that, too bad. Just get over it.

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