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The Spy Who Loved Me

Title: 나를 사랑한 스파이 / The Spy Who Loves Me
Also Known as: The Spies Who Loved Me
Genre: Action, Spy, Thriller
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-21 to 2020-Dec-17
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:30 (2 episodes back-to-back)


Kang Ah Reum (Yoo In Na) is a wedding dress designer who has been married twice. Her two husbands harbor many secrets and Ah Reum gets swept up in them.

Jun Ji Hoon (Eric) disguises himself as a travel writer, but he is actually a secret agent for Interpol. His job as a secret agent is way for Jun Ji Hoon to support himself financially. He is currently divorced. He was married to Kang Ah Reum (Yoo In Na), but they divorced without Kang Ah Reum learning about his secret life as a spy.

Kang Ah Reum now works as a wedding dress designer. She met Derek Hyun (Im Joo Hwan) after her divorce and they eventually married. Her current husband works as a diplomatic official and seems gentle and warm. His secret is that he is actually a cold-blooded industrial spy. Derek Hyun treats his wife sweetly, but, for his job as an industrial spy, he will do anything. He loves Kang Ah Reum sincerely, but he also hides his true self from her.


Main Cast

Eric as Jun Ji Hoon
Yoo In Na as Kang Ah Reum
Im Joo Hwan as Derek Hyun

People around Ji Hoon

Kim Tae Woo as Chief Ban Jin Min (Director of Asian Affairs at Interpol’s Industrial and Confidential Bureau)
Jung Suk Yong as Kang Tae Ryong
Cha Joo Young as Hwang Seo Ra (Interpol agent)
Bae In Hyuk as Kim Young Goo (analytics department member)

People around Ah Reum

Park So Jin as Bae Doo Rae (Ah Reum’s business partner)
Kim Chung as Han Bok Shim (Ah Reum’s mother)
Yoon So Hee as Sophie Ahn
Lee Ha Eun as Yoon Yeo Jung

People around Derek Hyun

Jun Seung Bin as Peter / Baek Pil Ho
Lee Jong Won as Tinker (agent)
Kim Hye Ok as Hye Ra Shin (Derek’s grandmother)


Ji Hyun Joon (지현준) as Jang Doo Bong (Chinese restaurant)
Jang Jae Ho as Kim Dong Taek (CEO of DDK Medical)
Lee Joo Woo as Kim Dong Ran (CEO of DDK Bora Foods)
Ki Eun Se as Kang Yoo Ra
Lee Ahn (이안) as Chen Lee


Hani (하니) as skipping stone from Daedong River (ep 8)

Production Credits

Production Company: Story & Pictures Media
Chief producer: Hwang Ji Woo
Director: Lee Jae Jin
Screenwriter: Lee Ji Min

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2020-10-21 1 - - 3.7 -
2020-10-21 2 - - 4.3 -
2020-10-22 3 - - 3.0 -
2020-10-22 4 - - 3.2 -
2020-10-28 5 - - 1.8 -
2020-10-28 6 - - 2.4 -
2020-10-29 7 - - 2.8 -
2020-10-29 8 - - 2.6 -
2020-11-04 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-04 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-05 9 - - 2.8 -
2020-11-05 10 - - 3.2 -
2020-11-11 11 - - 2.2 -
2020-11-11 12 - - 2.4 -
2020-11-12 13 - - 2.7 -
2020-11-12 14 - - 3.1 -
2020-11-18 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-18 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-19 15 - - - -
2020-11-19 16 - - 3.0 -
2020-11-25 17 - - 1.6 -
2020-11-25 18 - - 1.5 -
2020-11-26 19 - - 2.1 -
2020-11-26 20 - - 2.5 -
2020-12-02 21 - - 2.1 -
2020-12-02 22 - - 2.2 -
2020-12-03 23 - - 2.2 -
2020-12-03 24 - - 2.6 -
2020-12-09 25 - - 1.8 -
2020-12-09 26 - - 2.3 -
2020-12-10 27 - - 2.9 -
2020-12-10 28 - - 2.8 -
2020-12-16 29 - - 1.8 -
2020-12-16 30 - - 2.0 -
2020-12-17 31 - - - -
2020-12-17 32 - - 2.8 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : Fii Says:

    Excited for Yoo in ah 🥰

  2. 2 : happyghost Says:

    Would love to watch it. However, would it be just a hopeless wish? Recently some dramas introduced here did not get screened at where I live. Will this piece too suffer the same fate? Hope not!

  3. 3 : Raionkisaki Says:

    Always love Eric’s drama!
    I see it’s free on iQiyi

  4. 4 : Rose Says:

    @ happyghost

    This drama is not airing in the Chicago area, nor was “Dinner Mate.”

    All MBC dramas that are airing are all re-runs, same re-runs that I have seen several times.

    “When I Was The Most Beautiful” just finished on Wednesday and Thursday, and Monday – Friday in the a.m. “My Wonderful Life” is airing. This show was to air in the evening.

    MBC does not seem to be making any dramas any more. After their strike, they never seemed to get back to normal. Very disappointing.

    “Dramanice” — you can see dramas for free also.

  5. 5 : happyghost Says:

    #4 Rose

    Whattt you sayinggg ?? MBC not producing dramas anymore ? Really ! Not joking eh ?

    There was a strike at MBC ?? Sorry. Asking too many questions. I am giving the impression that I’ve just crawled out a cave ain’t I ? Maybe so!

    What I’ve noticed was that over here MBC had been showing old re-runs but it was fine with me, cuz I have not seen these re-runs before, so I treat them as fresh and new productions. Surprisingly, these e-runs were great pieces.

    Thanks for the info.

  6. 6 : USA Says:

    It seems K-drama writers are feasting on divorces with so many dramas involving divorced characters. The lead character in this drama was already divorced once or twice in her 20s-30s? In the mid- to late 80s here in the states, the first time divorcées was in their 50s, generally speaking. Today, too many in their lates 30s/40s are on their 3rd marriage. Is this what South Koreans are looking forward to become?

    Why normalize divorces in Korean culture? Yes divorces happen, but K-drama writers shouldn’t glamorize divorces or promote it. Too many broken families end up dealing with multiple step-in-laws, step-kids, step-families. Can you imagine going home during the holidays with you 4th or 3rd spouse and h/her kids?

    Plus Americans in their 40s worry about their divorced parents dating – in their 60s! What grandkids think hearing grandma got dumped by her boyfriend? Keep on divorcing & will happen to grandkids in Korea.

    Life is beautiful; it is a daily struggle. The divorce rate on 2nd marriages are 75%, and 3rd is 95%.

  7. 7 : Rose Says:

    @ Happy Ghost —
    MBC and KBS were on strike for a few months in 2017 and when the strike was over, MBC for some reason did not resume making as many dramas as they used too prior to the strike. Now they are airing mostly re-runs, or they are airing new dramas on NetFlix.

    While airing re-runs is OK, most of them have been aired several times if not more. I have been watching Korean shows since 2013, and I enjoy seeing dramas that were aired prior to 2013, but…..not the same ones over and over. A few I do watch twice as they were so good.

    See info below on the strike —–
    Unionized workers at the Munhwa Broadcasting Company (MBC) and Korean Broadcasting Service (KBS) went on strike September 4 complaining of what they say are unfair labor practices and, perhaps more significantly, political interference in news coverage.Sep 28, 2017

    Enjoy the dramas.

  8. 8 : sweetpea Says:

    USA #6

    Life is short.


    Just mind your own business and take care of yourself. Covid19 is looking for the perfect victim.

    Take a look at yourself.

    Hope your coming days taste less bitter.

  9. 9 : USA Says:

    sweetpea #8
    Indeed life is short, and perhaps all the more reason as to why we should be less self-serving, and consider our decisions/actions leave indelible marks on our loved ones. Self-centered and self-serving ones should live a single life — as my family members & friends as their children have lived through enough divorces. Hopefully your loved ones fair better from live & let live motto. Good luck.

  10. 10 : sweetpea Says:

    USA #9

    Just as I have said, life is short. Just go live your life and let others live theirs, whereever they may be.

    No need to teach people how to live. Nobody asked you to.

    Leave people in peace. And may you live in peace too.

    You dont seem to be at peace with yourself. So much hatred and bitterness spewing from you. You need professional help. Are you currently being treated?

    May you find peace with yourself.

    Goodbye !

  11. 11 : happyghost Says:

    Rose #7

    Thanks for your infirmation.

    Have a nice day!

  12. 12 : Pixcake Says:

    The entire series is available with various subtitle options and free at iQIYI – https://www.iq.com/play/cug87lqpc1?frmrp=search&frmb=list&frmrs=title
    It was sad to watch Eric feeling the heartache whenever he saw Ah-Reum together with Derek. Hope you guys enjoy as much as I did!

  13. 13 : Sky Says:

    I like the 3 leads, but not really hooked with the story / lines.. I barely made it to Ep08 then watch the last ep straight away..
    Different ppl, different cup of tea.. This is just not mine.. Anyway, still.. Good job for all 🙂

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