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The Penthouse (Season 1)

Title: 펜트하우스 / The Penthouse
Also Known as: Penthouse: War In Life
Genre: Suspense
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-26 to 2021-Jan-05
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00
Related Series: The Penthouse


The drama is the story of a woman who strives to achieve her goal of entering high society by becoming the “queen” in the 100th floor penthouse in Gangnam, which is the pinnacle of success in her eyes. It also tells the story of women who will do anything in order to protect themselves.

Shim Soo Ryun (Lee Ji Ah) was born into wealth. She is now an elegant woman of the upper class and she is like the queen of the Penthouse Apartment. Her husband is Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon). He is successful in business and real estate. Meanwhile, Chun Seo Jin (Kim So Yun) was born into a wealthy family. She is arrogant. Her husband is Ha Yoon Chul (Yoon Jong Hoon). He is a chief surgeon at a general hospital and an ambitious man. Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) comes from a poor family background. She works hard for her children’s success. She wants to belong to the upper class for her children.


Main Cast

Lee Ji Ah as Shim Soo Ryun
Kim So Yun as Chun Seo Jin
Eugene as Oh Yoon Hee

Shim Soo Ryun’s family (100th Floor)

Uhm Ki Joon as Joo Dan Tae
Kim Young Dae as Joo Suk Hoon
Han Ji Hyun as Joo Suk Kyung

Chun Seo Jin’s family (85th Floor)

Yoon Jong Hoon as Ha Yoon Chul
Choi Ye Bin (최예빈) as Ha Eun Byul
Jung Sung Mo as Chun Myung Soo (Seo Jin’s father)
Hye Min (혜민) as Seo Jin’s mother
Shin Seo Hyun (신서현) as Chun Seo Young
Ahn Tae Hwan as Seo Jin’s brother-in-law

Oh Yoon Hee’s family

Kim Hyun Soo as Bae Ro Na (Oh Yoon Hee’s daughter)

Lee Kyu Jin’s family (55th Floor)

Bong Tae Kyu as Lee Kyu Jin
Yoon Joo Hee as Go Sang Ah
Lee Tae Vin as Lee Min Hyuk

Kang Ma Ri’s family (45th Floor)

Shin Eun Kyung as Kang Ma Ri
Heo Sung Tae as Yoo Dong Pil (Ma Ri’s husband)
Jin Ji Hee as Yoo Je Ni (Ma Ri’s daughter)

Go Sang Ah’s In-Laws

Seo Hye Rin as Wang Mi Ja
Heo Ji Na (허지나) as eldest sister-in-law
Lee Cho Won (이초원) as youngest sister-in-law

Chungah Art School

Son Bo Seung (손보승) as Uhm Jang Dae
Ahn Eun Ho (안은호) as Ahn Eun Hoo
Yang Jung Min (양정민) as Noh Ji Ah
Park Soo Ah (박수아) as Song Ye Ri
Jang Ha Kyung (장하경) as Heo Yoo Jung

People with secrets

Jo Soo Min as Min Sul Ah
Lee Chul Min as Yoon Tae Joo
Kim Ro Sa (김로사) as Yang Mi Ok
Na So Ye (나소예) as Joo Hye Min
Park Eun Suk as Goo Ho Dong / Logan Lee


Byun Woo Min as Jo Sang Hun
Ha Do Kwon as Ma Doo Ki
Choi Seo Yun (최서연) as Kwon Hye Mi
Kim Do Hyun (김도현) as secretary Do
Kim Dong Kyu (김동규) as secretary Jo
Jung Da Bin as Bae Ro Na (Yoon Hee’s daughter)
Yoo Jung Woo
Yoon Bok In
Kang Boo Ja
Jung Ah Mi as Chairman Song
Lee Jong Nam as caregiver (ep.14,17)

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio S, Chorokbaem Media
Director: Joo Dong Min
Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2020-10-26 1-1 5.2 - 6.7 (15th) 8.2 (8th)
2020-10-26 1-2 6.8 - 9.1 (6th) 10.5 (5th)
2020-10-26 1-3 6.5 - 9.2 (5th) 10.5 (5th)
2020-10-27 2-1 6.0 - 8.2 (7th) 9.4 (5th)
2020-10-27 2-2 7.0 - 9.8 (6th) 11.2 (4th)
2020-10-27 2-3 7.4 - 10.1 (4th) 11.6 (3rd)
2020-11-02 3-1 6.7 - 8.0 (9th) 8.6 (7th)
2020-11-02 3-2 9.8 - 11.0 (3rd) 12.3 (2nd)
2020-11-03 4-1 7.8 - 10.8 (5th) 12.0 (4th)
2020-11-03 4-2 10.3 - 13.9 (3rd) 15.1 (2nd)
2020-11-09 5-1 8.4 - 9.6 (6th) 10.8 (5th)
2020-11-09 5-2 11.0 - 12.9 (4th) 14.2 (2nd)
2020-11-10 6-1 9.1 - 10.3 (5th) 11.3 (3rd)
2020-11-10 6-2 12.6 - 14.5 (2nd) 16.1 (1st)
2020-11-16 7-1 10.0 - 10.4 (6th) 11.4 (5th)
2020-11-16 7-2 12.8 - 14.5 (3rd) 15.9 (1st)
2020-11-17 x Soccer Match    
2020-11-17 x Soccer Match    
2020-11-23 8-1 10.8 - 11.1 (5th) 11.8 (5th)
2020-11-23 8-2 13.7 - 15.5 (3rd) 16.5 (2nd)
2020-11-24 9-1 11.2 - 12.2 (3rd) 13.1 (3rd)
2020-11-24 9-2 14.1 - 16.0 (2nd) 17.4 (1st)
2020-11-30 10-1 12.3 - 13.2 (5th) 14.6 (4th)
2020-11-30 10-2 15.7 - 16.9 (3rd) 18.8 (1st)
2020-12-01 11-1 11.4 - 14.7 (4th) 16.0 (3rd)
2020-12-01 11-2 13.3 - 19.6 (1st) 21.2 (1st)
2020-12-07 12-1 14.3 - 16.3 (4th) 17.9 (2nd)
2020-12-07 12-2 16.1 - 19.9 (1st) 21.5 (1st)
2020-12-08 13-1 15.5 - 17.6 (3rd) 19.2 (2nd)
2020-12-08 13-2 18.9 - 22.1 (1st) 23.9 (1st)
2020-12-14 14-1 16.6 - 17.5 (4th) 19.5 (2nd)
2020-12-14 14-2 19.5 - 22.0 (1st) 23.9 (1st)
2020-12-15 15-1 16.9 - 19.6 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd)
2020-12-15 15-2 20.8 - 23.3 (1st) 25.0 (1st)
2020-12-21 16-1 17.4 - 19.1 (3rd) 20.2 (2nd)
2020-12-21 16-2 21.1 - 23.7 (1st) 25.2 (1st)
2020-12-22 17-1 18.4 - 19.1 (3rd) 20.7 (2nd)
2020-12-22 17-2 22.4 - 24.0 (1st) 25.8 (1st)
2020-12-28 18-1 18.0 - 21.0 (2nd) 22.7 (2nd)
2020-12-28 18-2 20.9 - 23.9 (1st) 25.7 (1st)
2020-12-29 19-1 19.1 - 21.3 (2nd) 22.3 (2nd)
2020-12-29 19-2 22.4 - 23.5 (1st) 24.7 (1st)
2021-01-04 20-1 22.2 - 20.4 (3rd) 21.6 (2nd)
2021-01-04 20-2 23.7 - 23.8 (1st) 25.2 (1st)
2021-01-05 21-1 20.6 - 23.6 (2nd) 24.8 (2nd)
2021-01-05 21-2 25.4 - 28.8 (1st) 30.5 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : Emerald Says:

    What a cast!!!!! Deabak!!!!

  2. 2 : Madchen Says:

    From the synopsis, I gather that the story here is about the artificial world of high society, where they live, love and love by a different set of rules from the general public. It takes a certain set of people only to be able to live like that.

    Oh gosh!! Dont get me wrong. I”m not jealous of them. Never have been and never will be. Never been tempted too. The thought of such a lifestyle always make me cringe then and now.

    Very likely I’ll not watch.

  3. 3 : Diana Says:

    Will there be eng-sub titles?!! What happened????

  4. 4 : Diana Says:

    This drama sounds like it’s something I would enjoy watching. Where can I see it with Eng-Sub Titles???

  5. 5 : Madchen Says:

    #4 Diana

    I believe the answers you looking for are in the introduction above.

    It says the broadcast station is SBS. From what I know, productions ex-SBS are normally readily available in most countries stations outside SK. And in such case, usually it is English subbed or subbed in language of country screening it.

    Otherwise, as indicated in introduction above, you can get to watch it online via Viki.com. Viki’s English subs are good and precise.

    Hope I am of help.

    Have a nice day!

  6. 6 : OK OK OK Says:

    Eugene’s name is at 3rd in the list here. Does it mean she is not the 1st leading cast.
    Oh I am disappointed and rather have Eugene acted a leading actress in a good drama elsewhere.

  7. 7 : Rintin Says:

    Too scary…how the children of the hera palace became an evil bullying their math private teacher? This film wasn’t good enough watched by age under 18. How does Korean people like this drama looked from the rating?

  8. 8 : YDG Says:

    This is a copycat of Skyastle. Quite overdone.

  9. 9 : YDG Says:

    A copycat of the OUTSTANDING drama Skycastle which had better and natural acting. This Penthouse is quite overdone and too unrealistic. Not worth watching.

  10. 10 : Dahae Says:

    Director must’ve been high when he ok’d the script, acting, and editing.

  11. 11 : Bingbing Lu Says:

    Love all the artists, must watch!

  12. 12 : nischuu Says:

    way too similar with sky castle with the penthouse and residential realism to achieve their home kid success, and we all knew nothing could even come close to sky castle work either

  13. 13 : Shirohana Says:

    English Subs in Netflix or Dramaload…perfect English subs at these two sites

  14. 14 : dodo Says:

    Yeah this drama’s plot is similar with Sky castel while, but it has different aura, more hard, more complicated, worth watching

  15. 15 : YDG Says:

    Really, really, too evil characters! Waste of time!

  16. 16 : vidly Says:

    Love all the artists, must watch!

  17. 17 : emerald Says:

    love it… deserve the ratings…

  18. 18 : N.O. Says:

    What a great thriller Korean drama! Lee Ji Ah is so mesmerizingly beautiful but at the same time, a strong & intelligent heroine! Revenge is sweet! No weak & stupid heroine & hero for me!

  19. 19 : N.O Says:

    Really great gripping storyline, NO stupid & weak good guys here! Another natural beauty, Eugene – as strong & intelligent Heroine!

  20. 20 : Yuni Says:

    Really great drama ever. I never skip any single episode and acting all actress and actor is perfect👍

  21. 21 : N.O Says:

    Bong Tae Kyu – he’s simply adorable! He’s always so hilarious despite being Mr. Nasty!!

  22. 22 : N.O Says:

    True indeed Yuni, this is really great Thriller drama!

  23. 23 : N.O Says:

    Park Eun Suk is also so adorable, and so funny!

  24. 24 : Jinhwa Wang Says:

    Great drama! The last generation’s leading actresses are becoming mothers, the younger generations are also looking good here.
    Finally, a good drama since the love-falling-out-of-the-sky drama. Great story!

  25. 25 : 🐳Mickeycin Says:

    This is a very nice drama!! Hope to have more episodes!!

  26. 26 : Misu Says:

    This story is pscyho drama! As a mother, no matter how desperate you are. You cannot murder a human being for Oh Yoon Hee. You are teaching your daughter that it is ok to murder in order to get your spot. The rest of the moms are all crazy that it is ok to cheat, bully, etc. What is a sick society for the rich people.
    The only sophiscated mom is Shim Soo Ryun. I like her revenge plot on her husband. Chun Seo Jun is a psycho mom and her daughter too. She left her dad died. Karma for her dad because he teach her daughter that it is ok to cheat ,steal or murder. End up daughter left her dad dead on on the spot.

  27. 27 : Shelsav Says:

    Of course plot twist! It was clearly saw in the latest epiaode. Hope worth to watch the rest, i heard it will be season 2, please keep the story nice, don’t be reckless with the story line, keep the quality ok. Can’t wait for the next episode

  28. 28 : N.O Says:

    I cannot believe it!! Eugene has become the Demon’s BITCH!!

    BITCHES & DEMONS like these on real life – should be swallowed by the HOT LAVA!!

  29. 29 : N.O Says:

    Wow, rpiside 19 has got to be one of the best revenge plot in a Kirean drama; really gripping! And mesmerizingly beautiful & strong Lee Ji Ah (Soo Ryun) & dashing but funny Park Eun Suk (Logan) are just so heroic!! Love it!!

    Eugene TRAITOR Witch – you should be the first to be swallowed by HOT LAVA, later on, to be followed by all the Evil Bitches & Demons with their equally nasty and spoilt kids!!

  30. 30 : N.O. Says:

    More of similar kind of gripping but hilarious revenge plot in Korean Thriller dramas, like this great Episode 19 of Penthouse, one the greatest Korean Thriller drama!!

  31. 31 : rosie Says:

    How can i watch this drama

  32. 32 : Chihatsu Says:

    Rossie: You can watch this drama in the website Viu.com or https://dramaid.tv/ , https://youwatch.pro/ ,

  33. 33 : Chihatsu Denshi Says:

    To rossie:

    In english language the penthouse korean drama. Link: viu.com, viki.com, or https://kdramacool.su/episodes/the-penthouse-war-in-life-episode-1-english-sub-free/ , https://kissasians.org/watch/penthouse-war-in-life-episode-1/

  34. 34 : CARKE Says:


  35. 35 : mml Says:

    21 episodes not enough for me to understand this drama .

    1) Oh Yoon Hee did not kill Shim Soo Ryun .

    2) Chun Seo Jin the culprit who caused her father into death . Why did Chun Seo Jin did not go to jail ?

    3) Chun Seo Jin , Joo Dan Tae , Joo Dan Tae’s servant and Joo Dan Tae’s bodyguard all together who team up to hide the truth of causing the death of Shim Soo Ryun .

    4) The person who murdered Shim Soo Ryun was actually Joo Dan Tae . Joo Dan Tae was the one who used the knife to murder and killed Shim Soo Ryun.

    5) Epsiode 21 shown Oh Yoon Hee serious injury ,bleeding at her neck is it fainted or is it upon injury resulted to death lying on the floor ? This one a little not clear towards my understanding .

    More subsequent episodes to cover this drama . For example by having Penthouse War In Life season 2 to make me understand this drama .

    Looking forward to be able to watch Penthouse War In Life Season 2 .

  36. 36 : Ulita pepe Says:

    Hoping for season 2 😁

  37. 37 : Ann DB Says:

    Those looking for eng sub. Watch at kissassian.sh much better. Enjoy watch. I heard coming season 2 and 3.

  38. 38 : waktu21 Says:

    You can watch this drama in the website :

  39. 39 : Rizdo Says:

    Nice story but very unrealistic. Another skycastle story.

  40. 40 : bleh Says:

    Enjoyed the show initially.. but it started to get ridiculous (not that it wasn’t in the first place) and messy with far too outrageous plots and twist. AND THE WORST IS THE ENDING. I MEAN YOU WATCH AN ENTIRE SERIES THAT HAS NO ENDING AND NO CONCLUSION. Season 2? The worst kind to have to wait for long time, people would have forgotten etc etc. Such an anticlimax.. like you go for a special event to have your meal and they say sorry, come back another day! Bleh!!!

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