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The Great Wives 05

Title: 위대한 조강지처 / The Great Wives
Chinese Title: 偉大的糟糠之妻
Also Known As: Great First Wives
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 121
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-June-15 to 2015-Dec-04
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


A drama about a murder involving friends from the same school and their risky and secretive marriage, divorce and relationships.


Main Cast

Kang Sung Yun as Yoo Jin Yeon
Kim Ji Young as Jo Kyung Soon
Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Oh Jung Mi
Ahn Jae Mo as Yoon Il Hyun
Lee Jong Won as Han Ki Chul
Hwang Dong Joo as Lee Sung Ho

Yoo Ji Yun’s Family

Kim Dong Hyun as Yoo Dae Kam
Choi Ji Won as Yoon Ha Na

Jo Kyung Soon’s Family

Lee Bo Hee as Hong Geum Sook
Jung Yoon Hye as Han Gong Joo
Jin Ye Sol as Jo Soo Jung / Jo Kyung Ja

Oh Jung Mi’s Family

Yang Hee Kyung as Kim Bong Soon
Ahn Hye Kyung as Oh Eun Young


Park Dong Bin as Na Kwang Soo
Choi Won Myung as Na Min Kyu
Jung Yoo Suk as Do Hyung Min
Choi Ji Ho as Charles Jung
Myung Ji Yun as Bang Se Ri
Kim Ri Won as Lee Eun Joo
Lee Sook as Son Heung Ja
Han Kyung Sun as Jo Mi Mi
Kim Kyung Ae as Byun Soon Jung’s Relative
Lee Joo Suk as Doctor
Won Jong Rye as Bae Yong Ja
Park Young Soo
Yoon Soo
Go Seo Hee as Kim Soon Ok / Byun Soon Jung
Kim Tae Han


Han Kyung Il as vocal instructor
Lee Seung Yoon (이승윤)
Kim Tae Han (김태한)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Heung Dong and Kim Sung Wook
Screenwriter: Hwang Soon Young



Actress “Han Kyung Sun” suddenly fell unconscious on 2015-June-30 after having a meal together with the staff following the filming of this MBC daily drama. She was rushed to the hospital, and she regained consciousness for a short time on 2015-July-1, but soon fell unconscious again. She had been in a critical state on 2015-July-03, and it was revealed that she passed away on 2015-07-04. (source)


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94 Responses to “The Great Wives”

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  1. 51
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 57 very interesting, quite comedy and also good to start and continue their revenge. This episode, I have come into the picture to understand that Do Hyung Min loves and missed her daughter.

    Now , am looking forward to watch episode 58 and to find out on what did Do Hyung Min tell Jin Yeon ? Is it apologise to Jin Yeon and also wants back relationship and to start their own family ?

  2. 52
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 58 and I really wonder how come Jin Yeon still did not tell the truth to Do Hyung Min ? Looks like the professor Yoon Il Hyun may leave the cunning witch when he no longer can continue his job as a professor. Do Hyung Min should inform all security guards to stop Yoon II Hyun from stepping into his company to harass Jin Yeon .

    Do Hyung Min has a current girlfriend who is working as a lawyer, trouble will soon comes in, if, Do Hyung Min cannot makeup his mind on his girlfriend and what if, he does not marry her ?

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 59 .

  3. 53
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 59 , it’s a comedy and with nonsense episode The character of jin Yeon gradually makes me feels very frustrated.
    Do you know why ? The reason is, she doesn’t know that Ha Na needs a real father to care and loves her. I suggest that the best solution for Jin Yeon is, she should resign and joins his father’s company instead.

    I guess Do Hyung Min will marry his lawyer’s girlfriend, so the best solution for Jin Yeon is to resign .

  4. 54
    Rose Says:

    @mml — thanks for info on Soompi – for Eng Subs. If I miss one now and then I can catch up on Soompi. The rerun from the night before airs at 7:00 a.m the next morning. But sometimes I miss both of them.

    How many girls does Gi-Cheol have?? The girl that is pregnant, did he leave her?? He doesn’t know that she was having his baby? Then he moved on to Se Ri. I can’t believe his wife gave them the money and then started beating them up. She needs to beat the heck out of her husband and get Se Ri out of the pro shop. Gi-Cheol is embarrassed of his wife. Why did he marry her in the first place?

  5. 55
    Rose Says:

    @mml Says —–

    Are you saying that Jo Kyung Soon should get involved with No Gwangsoo, who owns the Chicken Restaurant – the guy who got hit on the head and has been sending the scarf, the rock and the notes to them? He is or was trying to get revenge from Jo Kung and Jin Yeon for leaving him in the mud after he hit the rock.

    And Se Ri is working with Na Gwangsoo – the Chicken Rest owner getting what she can from Gi-Cheol for Na Gwangsoo’s revenge???

    Am I missing something here???????

  6. 56
    mml Says:

    @55 Rose,
    Yes, you are precisely correct. Based on my own opinion, I do feel that Jo Kyung Soon should get involved with Na Gwang Soo . Na Gwang Soo is not a very good looking man, but, he has good character in the sense that, he is a very hardworking person who takes care of his son and also works hard in his chicken restaurant business.

    And I really pity Jo Kyung Soon who married a man who is never faithful towards a marriage and it will be good for Jo Kyung Soon to end her marriage and restore back her freedom of being single and to re-start a new relationships if, she can find a man that is faithful and sincere . Otherwise, she should carry on to live a life of freedom rather than to be tortured by a marriage. The reason Jo Kyung Soon was tricked by a failure marriage was because before married, she did not see through the true colours and bad character of Han Ki Chul and after marriage she became fat and never take care of pretty appearance and that’s why no one can guarantee a marriage can be a blissful one .

    Now, back to your question about Se Ri , actually Se Ri and Na Gwang Soo ,both of them grown up and lived in the same orphanage and both of them are born without parents, I think, their parents abandoned them and put them in the orphanage And now, you can know the answer on how come Se Ri and Na Gwang Soo came to know one another and in fact, they knew one another since childhood. Se Ri team up with Na Gwang Soo for the revenge all because, she wanted to trick and cheat Han Ki Chul’s money. And eventually Se Ri betrayed her friend Na Gwang Soo and ran away with the money.

  7. 57
    mml Says:

    I’m getting very angry with episode 60, Oh Eun Young went to threaten Jin Yeon and lied to her that, very soon Dp Hyung Min will get married with her.

    After finished watching episode 61, then I realised that I don’t think Do Hyung Min is really in love with his lawyer’s girlfriend . I guess Do Hyung Min treats her only as a colleague or a lunch partner or brother and sister’s relationships. Looking at a very complicated relationships between Do Hyung Min and his lawyer’s colleague Oh Eun Young, I think, it will be more healthy for Do Hyun Min to tell the truth that, he has never acknowledge Oh Eun Young as his girlfriend . Otherwise the lawyer’s girlfriend Oh Eun Young will continue to interfere Do Hyung Min’s personal matters and wants to control his decisions. And sad to see Jin Yeon is being threatened by Oh Eun Young.

    I guess, Do Hyung Min is a very smart guy, it is a matter of time that ,he can gather all the evidence to prove that he is the real father of Ha Na.

  8. 58
    Mike Says:

    Anyone notice that Ha Na ( the daughter of Kang) has something wrong with her right arm? It looks to me like she has a dislocated shoulder by the looks of the shoulder brace that I happened to catch a glimpse of. She never uses that arm. I wonder if she got jerked too hard by Kang as the pissed off mom if front of her jerk hubby. That GF of his is a psycho. When Kang disappears and she might for a while, it will be that b*t*cH who is behind it. Of course the professor will get blamed.

  9. 59
    mml Says:

    I’m finally at episode 66 whereby, I can see Hana going dating with her real father Do Hyung Min. Everyone is busy with their career, their personal matters and nobody even both to spend time going shopping or willing to spend a day going out with Hana. I guess, there’s a person who can help to reconcile the relationships between Do Hyung Min and Jin Yeon should be Jin Yeon’s father. I believe that Jin Yeon being stubborn to reject Do Hyung Min mainly because of Oh Eun Young. And the second reason maybe, due to the hurt in her heart that Jin Yeon has lost the confidence to trust anyone.

    And I just hope that, the writer can arrange Hana to have more chance to spend time with her own father and maybe, Hana can also help to reconcile the relationships between Jin Yeon and Do Hyung Min. The most pity person is Hana, because she has her own father and everyone is keeping this secret and she doesn’t really enjoy her childhood days and I also noticed that Hana is hurt from one of her arms and hopefully her own father will discover this problem sooner or later.

  10. 60
    mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 67 and am indeed very sad to see Jin Yeon being bullied by Jo Soo Jung and on the other hand, Hana was very disappointed towards her fake father and I guess, it’s the right timing for Do Hyung Min to protect Jin Yeon and his daughter Hana.

    Now, am looking to watch the subsequent episodes to see how can Do Hyung Min finds a chance to invite Hana and Jin Yeon to his house for dinner. To me, Hana and Jin Yeon both of them staying at Jo Kyung Soon’s house , it seems like there’s something missing, Hana is lack of parent’s love and why not Do Hyung Min invites Hana and Jin Yeon to his house for dinner to closer up their relationships. Writer, please arrange Jin Yeon to marry Do Hung Min and it will be very sweet to see them getting married by providing Hana with a complete love family.

  11. 61
    mml Says:

    I have seen some funny comedy things happening at episode 68 and however, i’m not very satisfied with the reaction from Do Hyung Min. The reason is, how come Do Hyung Min did not tell his colleague Oh Eun Young that, he has somebody in mind that, he wants to marry rather than mislead Oh Eun Young for thinking that she has a chance to marry Do Hyung Min.

    Writer, please help Do Hyung Min to quickly set a clear cut towards his relationships with Oh Eun Young. I strongly feel that Do Hyung Min should not marry Oh Eun Young as both are lawyers, there will always be conflict of interest and motives. The good thing about episode 67 was, Hana still missed his real father and wanted to find back his own father. And the funny thing about episode 68 was, Na Gwang Soo accidentally hug Jo Kyung Soon. And is it a signal showing that Na Gwang Soo and Jo Kyung Soon will start their sweet romance in the later episodes ? Na Gwang Soo looks like a China Guy, leading a humble simple life. Well, it will be nice and sweet if, Jo Kyung Soon will finally tie her romance with Na Gwang Soo.

  12. 62
    jeweles Says:

    DHM told HEY already that there isn’t any romantic notions behind his kindness to her.He does acknowledge that they are close but that he is just her Sunbae (an alumni who is ahead of a class in the same school or in business) who took care of Hoobae (younger above) who works hard for his company.

    The people at work already know that she is after him although he hasn’t really given her any idea. They were complaining her inviting herself to employee dinner just because DHM is there.

    When he was going to meet Hanna, when she asked where he was going, he told her that he is going to meet someone he is in love with.

  13. 63
    mml Says:

    @62 jewels,
    good that you tell us more detailed information. Am at episode 69 already, am totally unhappy with Oh Eun Young selfish behaviour, well, a one sided love may not last long. Since Oh Eun Young wanted to force Jin Yeon to stay away from her relationships with Do Hyung Min. I guess maybe , there will be a day that, Do Hyung Min tells the truth that Hana is actually her daughter and he wants to marry Jin Yeon for the sake of sincere true love and also to provide a complete healthy family for Hana. I don’t know whether will my guessing be correct and anyway, I do feel that Do Hyung Min does not love Oh Eun Young, they are just lawyers’ buddy friends or buddy friends.

    Now, I hope that tomorrow when I watch episode 70, it will be something very different for me to expect.

  14. 64
    mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 70 and am glad that Do Hyung Min really showed his sincere intentions towards Jin Yeon in every aspect. Oh Eun Young will be in the triangle love obstructing the love line between Jin Yeon and Do Hyung Min.

    I hope that, the writer will pair up Jin Yeon and Do Hyung Miin as a confirmed married couple in the subsequent episodes. Looks like, Oh Eun Young will be another trouble maker unreasonable woman soon

  15. 65
    Rose Says:

    I don’t know how Oh Jung Mi maintains her sanity living with that crazy mother-in-law. I can’t stand her. The husband is loony, but I think he is funny and is doing a good job in his role.

  16. 66
    maja Says:

    mml — its nice reading your comments because there is no eng subs so I cannot understand what they are saying.. I really like this drama but after episode 50 there are no more eng subs for the rest of the episodes 🙁

  17. 67
    mml Says:

    Dear writer,
    please help me to get rid of the lawyer Oh Eun Young because she is the one who is always blocking and trying to control Do Hyung Min.

    It is so disgusting to see Oh Eun Young in episode 92 and after being forced to leave the company , she lied that she’s pregnant in coming episode 93 .

    I really hate to watch this drama ,whenever I see the face of the wicked devilish face of Oh Eun Young . And I really hope that, Do Hyung Min will eventually never end up Oh Eun Young . It will be something sweet to see .if,
    Do Hyung Min can finally have back his daughter Hana and form his own happy complete sweet family !!!!!

  18. 68
    mml Says:

    This drama should stop at episode 100 , as I think it’s too long winded . The character of Yoo Jin Yeon , Do Hyung Min and the bitch lady Oh Eun Young really disappoint me.

    Yoo Jin Yeon cannot be firmed to fight for yourself to value the importance of her daughter Hana having her own father and re-unite a complete family with Do Hyung Min .

    The bitch lady Oh Eun Young only think of how to want and must want Do Hyung Min to marry her and must have him as her husband.

    At episode 93 , I have finally wanted to give up this drama . The reason is , maybe Do Hyung Min will end up with the bitch woman Oh Eun Young .

    Shit, waste my time in watching this drama ………don’t like this drama anymore.

  19. 69
    Mike Says:

    I am wondering if Kang will get hurt or disappear and her ex will get blamed. Who is that lady that plays the north Korean with the kid that likes her boss/BF?? Anyone know???

  20. 70
    cw Says:

    Me too. I gave up with lawyer fake pregnancy, been done too much. This drama now boring……disappointed spent so much time watching, hoping the pace would pick up…

  21. 71
    Diane Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song or artist that plays at the end of the episode lately? I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you

  22. 72
    http://willysobsession.com Says:

    I guess finding useful, reliable information on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

  23. 73
    Mike Says:

    This drama is getting out of hand. Moral: keep your mouth shut, your zippers zipped and always remember that sworn enemy might just be a brother or sister.

  24. 74
    Rose Says:

    That lady that is working with Gi-Cheol at the Golf shop is dingy. What is she up too??? Gi-Cheol needs to get rid of her. I don’t know if she is trying to get money from him or what??? Some man called her and she told him “to give her more time.” She said she was not in on the deal asking Gi-Cheol for the $30,000 that Gyeong-Soon paid her for Gi-Cheol getting someone pregnant, but….???? She is one weird lady for sure.

    I kind of liked that the story was going in the direction that Dae Geum was the father of evil Soo Jung. She is so nasty to Jin Yeon and Il-Hyun does not even care. Il-Hyun I believe does not know all the wicked things she has done to get her hands on him. Some of their scenes are all chopped up. First he can’t stay with her, then he is with her, then he can’t marry her, then the next scene they are looking at wedding dresses for her. Geez….

    I have a feeling the money Soo Jung gave to that lady and man is past history. I don’t think they are going to get Il-Hyun any job at any college. That money should be Jin Yeon’s and idiot Il-Hyun doesn’t even care that she doesn’t get the money back.

    @mike — are you referring to the ding bat lady that works for Gi-Cheol in the golf shop?????

    And what happened to Gi-Cheol’s other golf pro shop where he was fooling around with Se Ri????

  25. 75
    Rose Says:

    Ep 83 —-

    What is wrong with Geum Sook?? She doesn’t want to forgive Gi Cheol for cheating on his wife, her daughter, but YET she wants Jin Heon to forgive her evil daughter Soo Jung for breaking up her marriage with li Hyun!!! Doesn’t makes sense to me. both Soo Jung and Geum Sook are in the wrong for what they are doing?? Not that it doesn’t happen in real life, but ….

    While the 3 woman are close, they are meddle some at times in each other’s lives.

    That jerk Il Hyun lets that dum Soo Jung say and do whatever she wants to Ha Na. Instead of pulling Soo Jung her out of the restaurant, Il Hyun made her say whatever she wanted to little Ha Na to hurt her. I feel so sorry for Ha Na. Brave Ha Na for telling idiot Soo Jung off. She is so stupid thought she doesn’t get anything anyone tells her. I supposed idiot Il Hyun will have a tantrum fit over the money Soo Jung lost, but the next scene everything will be OK with them. While Il Hyu said Soo Jung changed and that she was sweet at the beginning, her true self must have come out and he didn’t know it.

    That dingy lady that works for the golf shop has a son. Would it be Gi Cheol’s Son???? She was the with the man asking for the $30,000, but she claims she was only the in between person. Did Gi Cheol ever meet her with the money???? Gyeong Soon paid her off, but I don’t think Gi Cheol ever saw her. He would know if he had an affair with the dingly lady wouldn’t he? She is definitely up to something with Gi Cheol. Gi Cheol didn’t give his sperm to a hospital or something to try to get someone to have a boy for him??? This is far fetched.. sorry guys.

  26. 76
    Rose Says:

    On second thought maybe she is hoping Gi Cheol will marry her so he then can support her and have the son he wants. All this is guessing on my part.

    Stupid Il Hyun should have taken the bank book and given it to his ex-wife instead of telling Soo Jung to give her the money back. Did he not know it was in the cabinet drawer next to the bed. He is an idiot to say the least.

  27. 77
    Rose Says:

    I guess I was wrong about the ditzy lady that is working at the golf shop having Gi Cheol’s son. Maybe she needs a place to live with her son. I like to see how Gi Cheol is going to get her out of there. He told her to leave but she is not about to. He should have got rid of her a long time ago but then he needed some one to work for him and cook for him. What a mess.

    Does idiot Il Hyun really love that evil Soo Jung? He is always leaving her but never does. I am sure he will marry her eventually. Poor Ha Na – she is getting it from all ends. That evil Soo Jung doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she is with Il Hyun. In my opinion she has been mean throughout the whole show and I would hope Il Huyn would dump her but he is too stupid. She has no one because she is so mean and doesn’t do anything to make anyone like her. Just stupid Il Hyun will stay with her

  28. 78
    Rose Says:

    Jung Mi keeps saying that something is fishy with the crazy lady living with Gi Cheol, but I wish she would get her act together with Jin Yeon and Gyeong Soon and try to investigate her. She is one wacko to say the least, and idiot Gi Cheol decides to marry her. The truth should be coming out soon about her I assume.

    Is the travel agency making any money to support 4 people? The beauty salon was not making hardly any money either.

  29. 79
    Ida Says:

    Thank you for all the synopsis on The Great Wives. I missed many eps. while away. Unable to find show with English subs. Can you ( mml) pls give complete address of website to view with Eng. subs. Greatly appreciated.

  30. 80
    Rose Says:

    Duh – Soo Jung hired a guy to scare Jin Heon!!!! Where is she getting the money to pay this guy???? She doesn’t work and Il Hyun is not doing much. How stupid is this???? Il Hyun is the one chasing after Jin Heon, she is not chasing him. Soo Jung is becoming more psycho. Her mother has no idea what she is really like. If Il Hyun marries her at the end of this show, I will be sooo mad, the idiot.

    So the crazy weirdo lady has Gi Cheol now where she wants him. He always wanted a boy and he is getting attached to the boy. Just perfect. Poor little boy also has a psycho for a mother.

  31. 81
    Rose Says:

    I don’t know if anyone is watching or watched the morning program Monday – Friday – Eve’s Love, but there is a character on there name Se-Na. Every time she has something happen to her that she doesn’t like – she goes crazy and just stands there and screams, screams, screams. When Oh Eun Young and Soo Jung keep nagging Jin Yeon, she should just starting screaming in front of them and when she is finished, just walk away from them.

    Jin Yeon is getting it from both of the evil witches. Jung Mi has no idea what Eun Young is doing to Jin Yeon with the continual confrontations. I suppose if Eun Young got hurt falling down the stairs, Jung Mi will be more upset with Jin Yeon. Eun Jeong can build a bigger case against Ji Yeon now. Well, I have to wait for Ep 96 to see what happened to Eun Jeong with the fall.

  32. 82
    Rose Says:

    @Ida == you can watch this program at —–


    Mike was correct when he said that Soo Jung would be the downfall of Il Hyun. I just hope at the end of this show, he doesn’t end up marrying Soo Jung. Soo Jung doesn’t go out and try to get a job either. How are they paying the rent on their apartment???? Then next best thing would be for them to get kicked out of their apartment.

  33. 83
    cw Says:

    Don’t have time to go through all the notes, but has anyone else noticed that the total number of episodes is down to 121?

  34. 84
    Rose Says:

    @ CW — I believe when the show started it was 120 episodes.

    What is wrong with Gi Cheol anyway???!!!! How stupid he is – he is letting that crazy lady handle his money. As if he was not strong enough to grab her and get his wallet back. How stupid is this?? I would like to knock her out and through her in the Han River. He just goes along with the program and lets her do what she wants.

    Jin Yeon has to stop taking the blame from what those 2 crazy woman are doing to her. She needs to tell Jung Mi, Hyeong Min and Gyeong Soon exactly what happened on the stairs with crazy Eun Young. She didn’t push her, it was an accident and that she was trying to pull herself away from EY when EY grabbed her, and she fell down the stairs.

    And poor little Ha Na, she is always by herself. I feel sorry for that cute little girl. Her life is all upside down. What a mess.

    When Eun Young came in to Hyeong Min’s office from the hospital on her crutches, and EY said “why don’t you move your desk in here to Jin yeon, JY should have answered “what a splendid idea, I think I will.”

    Jin Yeon n

  35. 85
    Rose Says:

    Why doesn’t Soo Jung get a job instead of getting paranoid and going ballistic every time Il Hyun is not in front of her eyes 24/7? Both Soo Jung and Eun Young are psycho.

    I would like to put a golf ball in the mouth of the weirdo lady’s mouth that is making a darn fool out of Gi Gheol and he doesn’t even care as long as he has some one to cook and clean for him. He is sinking deeper into her plan – the idiot.

    I don’t know why the station has to run advertisements or whatever it is across the Eng subs when the show is airing. I miss what the actors are saying. It is frustrating.

  36. 86
    Esther Says:

    I saw the episode 121 raw (wish they had English Subtitle) but it appears that Yoo Jin and do Hyung Min aren’t together – I know in one of the episodes she broke off the engagement – but since Yoon Il Hyun died, I thought they would get back together and be a happy family with their daughter Ha Na.

    It’s sad if they didn’t get back together since they both loved each other and he appears to be very nice guy.

  37. 87
    Rose Says:

    I just saw Ep 97 Friday night.

    How long is Yoo Jin going to put up with the aggravation from Eun Young and Soo Sung???? She just takes everything they dish out to her.

    I was surprised that the security guard listened to Eun Young to tell Hyeon-Min that the security camera was broke. Who is the boss at the company – isn’t Hyeon-Min!! Guess he feels he will get something monetary from Eun Young by lying. But, I kin of think that young man overheard their conversation in the hallway. And the other security guard knows it is not broken.

    Maybe Gyeong-Soon should talk to her ex-husband to see what he wants to tell her. He tried to talk to her but she would not give him a chance to say anything. But I maybe would not want anything to do with him either with allowing that lady to live with him and take charge of everything. Geez…

    Who is Choi Min Jung? That name came up in a conversation in Ep 97, but I can’t find that name in the line up???

    I think Hwang Dong-Joo is doing a great job in his role.

    Ep 98 was not aired tonight (Monday). In Ep 97 something was being run 3 times at the bottom of the screen. don’t know what it was all about.

  38. 88
    Rose Says:

    I thought where Hyeon-Min proposed to Jin-Yeon was very pretty in how it was decorated. Beautiful candles and the nice song he played for her.

    I hope Eun Young gets caught with what she did by printing out the info from Jin-Yeon’s computer. Is there a camera in their office?? Who goes home for the night and leaves their computer on with important information??? I always lockd everything up for the night, computer, files etc.

    I don’t know why Gyeong-Soon doesn’t tell her mother that Soo-Jung tried to have Jin–Yeon run over???? Gyeong-Soon always hides everything from her mother.

    Gyeong-Soon should also tell Jung Mi eveything Eun Young is doing to Jin-Yeon. Jung Mi should be aware of all that she has done to Jin-Yeon and then she can make her own decisions on what is true and what is not.

  39. 89
    Rose Says:

    I don’t know why they continue to run whatever it is they are advertising or saying across the Eng subs in this show all the time. The station or whoever continues to do it all the time.

    I feel sorry for Jung Mi loosing her baby she wanted so badly. Too many shocks at one time. Her sister Eun Young supposedly moving to America and finding out that the uncle is really Sung Ho’s husband. I wonder if he really is dying of liver cancer, or just wants to move back in with his ex-wife as I believe he is broke. I wonder how they selected the town of Schaumburg, IL for where he lived in America. It is a half hour from where I live.

    I suppose now Eun Young will not move to America that Jung Mi lost her child. She my want to stay close to her for awhile. Too bad, I was happy she was going to be out of the picture, but I doubt it.

    I can’t believe the evil conniving Soo Joon finds out where Il Hyun is all the time. She should be a detective. Poor Hana having to face the creep everyday. It is bad enough that Jin Yeon spends most of her time at work and not enough time with Hana. Hana needs her dad for sure. Even Il Hyun could spend some time with her, but evil Soo Joon probably would interrupt them. Poor little Hana.

    I wish Gyeong-Soon would listen to what Gi-Cheol wants to tell her. It will be too late soon, and the sneaky creepy lady is going to take all of his money and he will be penniless. I feel sorry for the little boy as he seems to have been pushed all over. He has a creep for a mother.

  40. 90
    Norm Says:

    I am disappointed in jin yeon marrying that director do guy. from your comment in #88 you liked the proposal. to me he is nothing but a sperm donor ji yeon told him a few episodes back. there are other guys out there. why live in a microcrosym world? it seems like ercycling partners from the past. you move on, you don’t come back. If she really goes with the marries him, well, she has just lowered her self to the level as Baek Ya. I guess being a guy, I see things a little differently.
    what ever happen to bang sa-ri? is she off the screen? i feel sorry for the gulf guy. too bad he’s got ESCa. the chinese witch will be the end of him. feel sorry for the little boy. I think the best thing for hanna is for her mom to get away from Do, the professor and the rest of the bunch. just stay in touch with just a few of them. she and hanna have the world in front of them. break out of the egshell world and move on.

  41. 91
    Rose Says:

    Ep 112 – What kind of tracking device does crazy lunatic Soo Jung have on Il Hyn? Is it in his phone?? Can’t be his car. She needs to be locked up – in a mental institution.

    I thought the accident when Jin Yeon was going to get hit by car – well – why did not Hi-hyun just go with her when he pushed her. I would have pushed her and kept moving right along out of the way of the car as much as I could, not stop and look at the car coming at him.

    I am tired of Jin Yeon continually saying “it is her fault” everytime some thing goes wrong. It is getting boring.

    Sung Ho’s father is a piece of work. I don’t believe he has liver cancer. I think he ran out of money in America or some woman got smart and cleaned him out and he decided to go back and live off his ex-wife. Wha an act he put on at his parents grave site – pretend crying and turning if on and off in a second.

    @ Norm- … POSSIBLE SPOILER — read the following at your descretation —- hmmm not sure but you may get your wish about Jin Yeon and Hyeong-Min not getting married.

  42. 92
    Rose Says:

    @Norm – from what i read on other websiteswhere people post on dramas, the post I read by men felt differently with their thoughts than you with regard to Han Khung Sun (Do Hyeong-Min). That is what I like reading all the positings as there as so many different thoughts. It is fun.


    I thought that Yang Hee-Kyeong (Bong Soon) knew that her ex-husband was taking vitamin pills and saying they were for his liver cancer??? Bong Soon caught him episodes back and said “he was not fooling her when she looked at the vitamin at the table when they were eating as she was an RN. So does she know and is letting him carry on??? He looks so healthy, good appetite etc. compared to Gi Cheol who is really sick with cancer. I am sure the truth of his lies will come out soon.

    I sure hope the psych, Soo Jung, gets her just dues when this drama ends with all her lies and the terrible things she does. Her mother, Yang Hee-Kyeong believes what ever Soo Jung tells her. I can’t believe Hee-Kyeong believes what Soo Jung told the detective another lie about the accident, plus saying “she can hardly move.” Her mother has seen her in action running around the hospital and no one can control her. Duh – how stupid is she.

    I feel Il-Hyun went in to a spasm and it upset his body when the witch Soo Jung was in his room talking to him. She is so stupid, she doesn’t know Il-Hyun needs calm, quiet and rest. She should be tied to her bed, but she probably would get herself loose somehow or other.

  43. 93
    Vina Says:

    Is this drama series coming up with more episodes. I have watched till ep 121. I saw that ep 122 is going to be aired on 07-01-2016. It would be nice to watch what happens next with Yu Ji-Yun and Do Hyeon-Min. Ha-na definitely needs better parents.

  44. 94
    visi Says:

    what is the piano song at episode 24 at 16:32 ?

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