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The Good Wife

The Good Wife 03

Title: 굿 와이프 / The Good Wife
Chinese Title: 贤妻
Genre: Legal, Political
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2016-July-08 to 2016-Aug-27
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:30


This drama is an adaptation of the American CBS TV series “The Good Wife (2009-2016)“, starring Juliana Margulies.

This drama is about a woman, Kim Hye Kyung (Jun Do Yun) who assumes responsibility for her family after her husband, Lee Tae Joon (Yoo Ji Tae) is thrown into prison after a very public scandal. Lee Tae Joon is a prosecutor with the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office who gets sent to prison and whose wife is then propelled to return to her former career as a lawyer to support her family.


Main Cast

Jun Do Yun as Kim Hye Kyung
Yoo Ji Tae as Lee Tae Joon
Yoon Kye Sang as Seo Joong Won

MJ Firm

Kim Seo Hyung as Seo Myung Hee
Nana as Kim Dan
Lee Won Geun as Lee Joon Ho
Cha Soon Bae as David Lee

People around Lee Tae Joon

Kim Tae Woo as Choi Sang Il
Jun Suk Ho as Park Do Sup
Tae In Ho as Oh Joo Hwan


Choi Byung Mo as judge
Park Jung Soo as Oh Jung Im
Yoon Joo Sang as Seo Jae Moon
Sung Yoo Bin as Lee Ji Hoon
Park Si Eun as Hye Kyung’s daughter
Uhm Hyun Kyung as Lee Eun Joo
Chae Dong Hyun as Jang Dae Seo
Go Joon as Jo Gook Hyun
Ahn Hye Kyung as talk show host
Ray Yang as Amber
Bae Hye Sun as Sim Eun Sook
Choi Myung Gil
Park Tae Sung
Jun Suk Chan
Jung Soo In
Kim Ji Eun
Yoon Da Kyung as Dong Hyun’s mother
Kim Jung Young as Jae Yeol’s mother
Jang Do Yoon
Seo Hyun Woo as Baek Min Hyuk
Seo Hyun Chul as Son Byung Ho
Oh Yeon Ah as Lee Soo Yeon
Yoo Jae Myung as Son Dong Ho
Kang Ki Doong as Shi Yeon’s boyfriend
Lee Myung Haeng as Park Jung Jin
Park Joo Hee as Do Han Na
Kang Dong Yup
Jung Yoo Ahn
Kim Ki Moo as Kim Sang Man
Hong Seo Joon as ob gyn
Lee Kyu Sub
Lee Joo Suk as judge
Park Ah In as Lee Yeon Joo
Lee Ik Joon as law school student
Song Yoo Hyun as Park Dong Hyun’s mistress
Park Ji Ah as Lawmaker
Kang Shin Goo
Lee Chang Jik as Judge


Yoon Hyun Min as Kim Sae Byuk

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jung Hyo
Screenwriter: Han Sang Woon


Jun Do Yun last starred in a drama series in 2005 SBS drama series “Lovers in Prague” which air from 11 years ago.

Jun Do Yun was received 90 million won (approximately $79,000) per episode (the highest pay for a cable drama), break the record of Go Hyun Jung in “Dear My Friends“.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2016-07-08 1 3.966 3.2
2016-07-09 2 3.765 3.0
2016-07-15 3 4.771 4.9
2016-07-16 4 4.503 3.2
2016-07-22 5 5.382 5.1
2016-07-23 6 3.954 3.4
2016-07-29 7 5.183 3.8
2016-07-30 8 3.887 2.7
2016-08-05 9 4.818 4.4
2016-08-06 10 4.313 4.2
2016-08-12 11 4.455 4.4
2016-08-13 12 4.222 4.0
2016-08-19 13 5.203 4.3
2016-08-20 14 4.108 3.3
2016-08-26 15 5.921 4.6
2016-08-27 16 6.232 5.3

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


The Good Wife Poster1 The Good Wife Poster2 The Good Wife Poster3

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Official Poster

Official Trailer
Trailer (Jun Do Yun)
Trailer (Yoo Ji Tae)
Trailer (Yoon Kye Sang)
Trailer I
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  1. 1 : Oogar Says:

    So many new drama !!!

  2. 2 : tigerb Says:

    i can’t be watching this. i’ve watched the american original series for two seasons.

  3. 3 : MaxT Says:

    So many new dramas with unknown actors/actresses with boring plots.

  4. 4 : CoolBeans Says:

    This should be a 50 episode drama. Because 16 episodes wont be enough to cover the very good aspects of the Good Wife drama. I have seen every season of the original USA version. It is great and award winning! The drama is complex. I wait to see which parts the writer keeps. it has a storyline for all ages from the children of the broken family, to the invasive mother-in-law, to the ambitious, forever cheating husband and the rekindled romance with the college sweetheart after her divorce. I hope they have a Kalinda Sharma type character. She was the person doing all the dirty work for both the cheating husband and his wife’s law firm! Kalinda is fierce!

  5. 5 : CoolBeans Says:

    The leads are great. The storyline could ruin this drama. But, I am hoping for the best.

  6. 6 : Paula Says:

    Wow Jun Do Yun and Yoo Ji Tae. They are very respectable actors in Korea. I think its going to be awesome.

  7. 7 : Kurumi Says:

    You don know her ypu don t know anything.

    She s like the best korean film actress and been nominate for canne festival more than once. The husband is a actor director (is in old boy”) and don t need to mention yoon.

    Casr is magnificience ! Must be see i think

  8. 8 : Igor Sanches Says:


  9. 9 : JustRozy Says:

    Very much looking forward to this. I love everything I’ve seen that Yoo Ji Tae has done–imo, a terrifically gifted and charismatic actor!

  10. 10 : Freeman Baker Says:

    Nana from After School my bias, love her so much, After School we need a comeback, same with Orange Caramel comeback please.

  11. 11 : tera Says:

    wow…the casts make me speechless…I expect great from a drma who manage to gather those great actors in one screen..

  12. 12 : The Good Wife - novo drama de política da tvN Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama […]

  13. 13 : Iris Says:

    If you want to see this subbed, please submit sub requests:
    1. Viki
    Follow the channel
    Submit sub request:
    2. DramaFever.
    Submit Sub request

  14. 14 : Sinopsis The Good Wife Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Lihat pemeran lainnya di sini. […]

  15. 15 : flo Says:

    Some wifes can forgiving but they never can be forget
    be strong ladies….

  16. 16 : Krasy4KD Says:

    AWESOME 1st episode! Intense! Bye! Gonna chase it now!
    Uncontrollably fond such a drag, SUZY sucks n storyline so lame. A total waste of KWBin.
    This is 100 times better

  17. 17 : Violet.viol Says:

    Interesting story, made me addicted to this drama always looking forward for the next episode, very recomended ..

  18. 18 : Marchioness Says:

    One of the best dramas I have seen to date. And though the cases are not shown in detail, the outcome is reasonable and thus acceptable. I am totally mesmerized by Yoon Kye Sang. Amazing storyline.

  19. 19 : Mr. Ding Says:

    Awesome drama and excellent casting………..highly recommended. I watched each episode over and over again. I prefer this to the US original version.

  20. 20 : Yaya Says:

    A drama not to be missed.

  21. 21 : unima Says:

    It is a pleasure to watch Korean drama where actors/actresses are talents, not only pretty faces.

  22. 22 : Anne Ali Says:

    Love the chemistry between Joong Won and Hye Keung. Body language and characterization were superb. The best Korean drama that I’ve ever seen. Please continue The Good Wife for the second season….16-episode drama of this standard is too short.

  23. 23 : Serena Says:

    Another intelligent and excellent drama!!

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