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Taxi Driver

Title: 모범택시 / Taxi Driver
Genre: Action, Crime, Revenge
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2021-Apr-09 to 2021-May-29
Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00


This drama is based on webcomic “Mobeomtaxi” written by Carlos and illustrated by Lee Jae Jin which was published via naver “comic.naver.com“.

Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) is a Korea Naval Academy graduate whose mother was murdered when he was young. He now works as a taxi driver for a company which offers a “revenge-call” service to its clients.


Main Cast

Lee Je Hoon as Kim Do Ki
Esom as Kang Ha Na

Rainbow Taxi Company

Kim Eui Sung as Jang Sung Chul (CEO)
Pyo Ye Jin as Ahn Go Eun (hacker)
Jang Hyuk Jin as Choi Kyung Koo (engineer)
Bae Yoo Ram as Park Jin Eon (engineer)

Seoul Northern Prosecutors’ Office

Yoo Seung Mok as Jo Jin Woo (vice chief prosecutor)
Lee Yoo Joon as Wang Min Ho (investigator)

Paradise Credit Information

Cha Ji Yun (차지연) as Baek Sung Mi / The Godmother (CEO)
Lee Ho Chul as Koo Suk Tae (Baek Mi Jung’s secretary)


Kim Hyung Mook as Park Sang Yeop
Park Sung Woong as Park Jin Young
Park Eun Suk as Park Jin Hyung
Song Young Chang

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio S (SBS), Creative Leaders Group Eight
Director: Park Joon Woo
Screenwriter: Oh Sang Ho


Lee Na Eun from idol group “April” was first cast to play Go Eun, but she dropped out of the drama series by March 7, 2021 due to bully accusations made against her and her bandmates by the younger brother of an ex-member.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2021-04-09 1-1 7.3 - 8.7 (7th) 9.4 (5th)
2021-04-09 1-2 8.7 - 10.7 (3rd) 11.2 (3rd)
2021-04-10 2-1 5.7 - 7.3 (9th) 8.5 (5th)
2021-04-10 2-2 11.4 - 13.5 (3rd) 15.0 (3rd)
2021-04-16 3-1 10.0 - 9.8 (5th) 10.3 (4th)
2021-04-16 3-2 12.7 - 13.6 (3rd) 14.5 (2nd)
2021-04-17 4-1 - - 11.5 (4th) 11.8 (5th)
2021-04-17 4-2 - - 15.6 (1st) 16.3 (1st)
2021-04-23 5-1        
2021-04-23 5-2        
2021-04-24 6-1        
2021-04-24 6-2        
2021-04-30 7-1        
2021-04-30 7-2        
2021-05-01 8-1        
2021-05-01 8-2        
2021-05-07 9-1        
2021-05-07 9-2        
2021-05-08 10-1        
2021-05-08 10-2        
2021-05-14 11-1        
2021-05-14 11-2        
2021-05-15 12-1        
2021-05-15 12-2        
2021-05-21 13-1        
2021-05-21 13-2        
2021-05-22 14-1        
2021-05-22 14-2        
2021-05-28 15-1        
2021-05-28 15-2        
2021-05-29 16-1        
2021-05-29 16-2        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : kissasian9.me Says:

    Watch in high quality videos available in multiple hd videos. You can watch Online on our website. Don’t forget to bookmark our website.

  2. 2 : changeling Says:

    Watched Ep 1 last night.

    It has the kind of criminal busting vibes that gives a satisfying, feel good childish vibes to it. A refreshing change from the dark bloody mindless dramas we have lately.

  3. 3 : changeling Says:

    Hahaha .. it sounds childish… but who’s to envy me? I got my full load of revenge satisfaction from this drama herem. Makes up for the harrowing experience I have had to go through each time I watched Mouse. Any remedy to get my sanity balanced out …….

  4. 4 : Desa Says:

    I want this team in all countries. They deserve happy ending

  5. 5 : changeling Says:

    #4 Desa

    Hahahaha … no harm having wishful thoughts. Its my wish too. I hate bullies, especially school ones.

    If only … I were to have superpowers, I would hang each and every bully from a tree.

    I like the last two episodes about the school bullies. Loved how they met their match in Kim DoKi (Taxi Driver).

    School bullies are a scourge of schools. Once some friends and I were bullied in school too when we were in year 4 elementary. The bully was a big fat girl. We nicknamed her “10 cows thick” for her thick skin cuz she did not feel shameful when she bullied us. One day during recess, we ganged up on her (me included). I joined in catching her. Hehe !! The brave among us (excluding me, not so brave, hehe !) gave her a good hiding. She looked horrible after the beating. Her shoulder length hair was all over her head and face. Her uniform looked like it had not been washed. Our victory cry was “ten cows thick” over and over at her. It was a good laugh. Since then… there was peace, even during class. Hehe !!

    Now we have this drama that goes after bullies. How nice ! Nostalgia !!

    The is only the introduction of the revenge taxi. Expect that it wont be long when Kim DK will be facing very very bad people. Vicious killers. Just as well? This will be a chance for him to eventually get to meet his mother’s killers. Can’t wait to watch this part of the drama.

  6. 6 : Çiğdem Says:

    Watch this series
    This episode was very good, ı mean 4. ep.

    I felt justice.
    Jung Min’s mom, ı’am still soryy for her.I don’t care what they do because it feels right to me. I’m sure one of the events they’ve shown and will show has happened to us.

    The musics are great, I feel like I am in the 80’s. And of course the serial killer is alive and they will face him too.

    Everyone in the team has a story, they lost their loved ones, I so wonder.

    The next episode is about bad bosses who keep people running and shouting all the time. Already excited.

  7. 7 : changeling Says:

    #6 Cigdem

    Is there really a serial killer in this drama? Kim DK’s mom could be a victim of a serial killer? Oh no !! No, no, NO !!

    Oh gosh !! Please do not rain serial killers again….

    I supposed it wont be so bad if Scripwriter were to write a sensible story. Promise it will be only ONE serial killer?
    Scripwriter you hear me? Thanks.

  8. 8 : Çiğdem Says:


    Actually not sure there is a serial killer maybe not,
    Korean screenwriters love serial killers ı hope so not but when he (DK) attacked the killer in the first episode, As far as I remember killer said ”its not first time for me”

    Anyway someone killed his mother ı just so wonder about this why!!!
    but I think the real killer is someone else. I’m still waiting for the main villain of the serial, the kind that will force the team.

  9. 9 : changeling Says:

    #8 Cigdem

    I think there is a killer in the story .. but this killer could not be a psychotic one. Hope he’s someone with a misguided grudge/hate who kills for revenge, not for the thrill or to feed an addiction as in a psycho killer.

    ATM the story is still in its early stage. There surely is a back story to tell regarding the reason for the murder of Kim DK’s mom. And KDK’s mom could be just a collateral victim.

    Looks like fate is drawing KDK to meet his family’s killer. KDK is so ready for it now. Fighting, KDK ?

    Btw what happened to Jung Min’s mom? Something bad happened to her? Hope not. She’s just a hardworking single mom though she lives in fear of the bullies.

    Did you see the rating for Ep.4 ? 15.6 pct.

  10. 10 : Çiğdem Says:


    Yes, DK’s mother may have been killed for revenge. I thought about that too and we haven’t seen his father yet. Then the killer is the enemy of DK or his father. Actually, I liked this story.

    There may be corrupt corporation and individuals behind this story.

    There is more time to learn. Because we will see the story of the other members of the team first.

    Jung Min’s mother is fine. She is a very strong woman, I just still feel sorry for her, when Jung Min crying in the bed, she was so helpless.

    And the ratings will get higher. Of course.

  11. 11 : changeling Says:

    #19 Cigdem

    I like this drama too. The story is basically about good vs bad, kind of story. A forever kind of staple of story telling. And yet I do not get fed up of it. I love it instead. Haha ! Sounds like a fairytale. Hehe ! Its OK. We are allowed to fantasize. This is life…

    I wont deny that the appeal of this drama is that we get a sense of satisfaction when the bad guys get back what they deserve, better still in double dose.

    I am a stickler for feel good stories. Haha !

  12. 12 : Çiğdem Says:


    There are so many wronged people in the world. I know this is a series, but it feels good.

    People maybe will want to fix something when watching this drama. So keep watching.

  13. 13 : changeling Says:

    #12 Cigdem

    You are right. There are many wronged people out there. This drama feels like a pill to heal their hurts. Good theraphy.

    Yeah, will continue to watch this drama if it continues to give out good vibes.

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