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Sweet Home, Sweet Honey

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 05

Title: 우리집 꿀단지 / Sweet Home, Sweet Honey
Chinese Title: 我們家蜜罈子
Also Known as: My Home’s Honey Jar / The Honey Pot
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 129 (120+9)
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-02 to 2016-April-29
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


A drama about a group of youngsters who get pushed into society.

Even though Oh Bom (Song Ji Eun) is in a difficult financial situation, she is still bright and positive. She works part-time work at a factory. Meanwhile, Kang Ma Roo (Lee Jae Joon) is a kind and simple young man. He is naive about the world.

Ahn Tae Ho (Kim Min Soo) is the section chief of a company. He is an ambitious man. He approaches Choi Ah Ran (Seo Yi Ahn) who is the heiress of a large company. She is smart, but has a painful past. Her younger sister went missing and her parents abandoned her.


Main Cast

Song Ji Eun as Oh Bom
Lee Jae Joon as Kang Ma Roo
Hong Dong Young as Ma Roo (child)
Seo Yi Ahn as Choi Ah Ran
Kim Min Soo as Ahn Tae Ho
Choi Myung Gil as Bae Gook Hee
Lee Young Ha as Choi Jung Ki
Kim Yoo Suk as Ahn Gil Soo

Supporting Cast

Kim Yong Rim as Kim Eul Nyun
Choi Soo Rin as Yoon Sun Young
Yoo Hye Ri as Lee Mi Dal
Choi Dae Chul as Lee Bae Dal
Ahn Sun Young as Choi Jung Mi
Joo Da Young as Choi Ji Ah
Yoo Yeon Mi as Oh Ga Eul
Hoon as Ahn Soo Ho
Lee Jung Ho as Jin Soo
On Jo as Mi Jin
Kim Kyung Eung (김경응)
Kim Neul Me (김늘메)
Ji Sung Geun (지성근)
Park Kyu Jum (박규점)
Im Jung Ok (임정옥)
Choi Hyun
Choi Yoon Joon (최윤준)
Min Joon Hyun
Jun Hun Tae (전헌태)
Lee Jong Goo


Lee Kyung Young as Oh Young Ho
Lee Kan Hee as Kim Hyun Suk
Sun Dong Hyuk as Teacher Kim

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Ji Young
Producer: No Sang Hoon
Director: Kim Myung Wook
Assistant Director: Kim Min Tae
Screenwriter: Kang Sung Jin, Kim Mi Hee


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  1. 1 : Thomas Says:

    Why is Hoon from U-KISS the picture for the show.

  2. 2 : tompark Says:

    It’s not Hoon it’s Jae Joon, the main lead actor on this drama!

  3. 3 : Gigi Says:

    Ji Eun <3

  4. 4 : Secrettime Says:

    Song Ji Eun is the main acctress, she should go the first on the list.

  5. 5 : dramafilmasian Says:

    i’am waiting this drama

  6. 6 : dramafeed Says:

    I’ll be recapping this one for those waiting for subs or not sure about whether or not they want to commit!

  7. 7 : Belita Says:

    Does this drama replace save the family?

  8. 8 : carm Says:

    I am loving this drama. I found it on kbstv youtube channel since it came after save the family. You can watch more episodes on dramanice. I am also into My daughter geum Sa Wol!

  9. 9 : mml Says:

    Who is the romance couple in this drama ?

    After finished watching episode 12 , I do hope that the romance couple is Ahn Tae Ho will match and pair up with Oh Bom . I don’t like Choi Ah Ran who is currently the girlfriend of Ahn Tae Ho.

    Oh Bom is very sweet and kind and I really hope that along the way, there will be changes for Ahn Tae Ho’s romance . And let’s hope that Ahn Tae Ho will change his loveline and fallen in love with the kind sweet Oh Bom.

  10. 10 : Suncha Chong-Baker Says:

    In my part of the country I have just tried to watch episode #2 of this Korean Drama, as I suspected with episode #1 that I would not like this Korean Drama due to the charters, so far I have found three charters that are really irritating, they are Seo Yi Ahn as Choi Ah Ran – irritating charter, Choi Myung Gil as Bae Gook Hee – irritating charter, Choi Soo Rin as Yoon Sun Young – irritating charter. This is an old classic of step mother cannot stand the step daughter bull crap until the step mother realizes she can use the step daughter to assume her huge debt that her husband has left her. I do not like irritating people especially the ones that are always YELLING at people, it just makes me want to reach into the TV screen and strangle them. Usually I can tell from the first episode of a Korean Drama if I will be enjoying the Korean Drama, this one was very iffy, but I thought I would give it a chance because Song Ji Eun from SECRET is in it, but as of today I may pass this one up.

  11. 11 : diah Says:

    after watch until ep.8. not recommeded. too many bad and stupid people. dont like this drama

  12. 12 : kat Says:

    this could have been a nice drama, but there are many scenes where the characters are always shouting. it’s so annoying. i hope they change the concept of the characters and there will be less shouting. i will still continue to watch this drama but if they will continue the shouting scenes, i will stop watching.

  13. 13 : David Says:

    I like this show! Oh Bom is a TOTAL doll! The grandma is a TOTAL PAIN IN THE NECK! Oh Boms stepmother is like all the evil stepmothers in famous stories(Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc…). The main PROBLEM WITH THE SHOW IS the female parental figures spend the majority of their time SLAPPING people. Is that a common practice in Korean society today? I hope not! The producers need to cut that out of the show, as it is sending the wrong message to the youth of Korea AND to people who might be thinking about visiting Korea. Otherwise, I am enjoying this show VERY MUCH!

  14. 14 : mml Says:

    How come until episode 25, I still did not see that there’s a sign of Bae Gook Hee being able to know that Oh Bom is actually her own daughter ?

    I really hope that, the writer can quickly let Bae Gook Hee being able to find out the truth that her long missing daughter is actually Oh Born . And looking at the bad character of Choi Ah Ran , I still prefer Ahn Tae Ho will eventually choose Oh Born to be the right girlfriend instead of Choi Ah Ran.

    There should be a switch couple for the romance of this drama. Choi Ah Ran
    should match make with Kang Ma Roo . As Kang Ma Roo is more suitable to be the so call “brother relationship ” with Oh Born.

    And it’s high time that Bae Gook Hee should spend more quality time to love Oh Born instead of Choi Ah Ran . Oh Born is such a pitiful child , she should deserve more love from her own mother Bae Gook Hee . This pitiful child Oh Born at such a young age , never eat properly, never sleep properly, never enjoy a proper happy family life and how can Bae Gook Hee so silly to love and depend all hopes on Choi Ah Ran ? It’s high time that, Bae Gook Hee should love and care more about the future of Oh Born , groom her missing daughter to be bright and hopeful.

  15. 15 : Debbie Triplett Says:

    I agree with comments 10, 12 and 13. What is up with all the shouting and slapping? Very very annoying!

  16. 16 : mml Says:

    I like to watch episode 32 and maybe, it should be a right and good start for Ahn Tae Ho to fall in love and must take good care of Oh Bom . Both of them look very suitable to be the perfect match couple.

  17. 17 : mml Says:

    I like to watch episode 38 and I have noted that the brave guy Ahn Tae Ho , he’s decisive and firmed enough to understand that his heart speaks the truth, that he no longer love Choi Ah Ran anymore and he even threw away the engagement ring for Choi Ah Ran to the sea . Well done to the writer, the writer should make Ahn Tae Ho totally gives up his love towards Choi Ah Ran as Choi Ah Ran a bad tempered and rude lady, disrespectful towards people that surrounds her and she thought that Ahn Tae Ho must be her stupid puppet that will definitely under her control and must marry her,

    Let’s hope that Oh Bom and Ahn Tae Ho will become the couple cos I really
    don’t like to see Kang Ma Roo being the irritating stocker who always following Oh Bom. I think ,Kang Ma Roo should go after Choi Ah Ran, maybe the family will be more happy to see Kang Ma Roo going after Choi Ah Ran .

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching up to episode 41 and strongly feel that, the writer should allow Kim Min Soo to pair up as a loving couple with Song Ji Eun in this drama and that means I am still hoping that Oh Bom will marry Ahn Tae Ho .

    I really love and enjoy watching this drama whenever I see Ahn Tae Ho and Oh Bom are being together, but, whenever I see the face of Kang Ma Roo trying to be Oh Bom’s boyfriend that is the time, whereby I hate to watch……

  19. 19 : mml Says:

    I really hate to see the face of Kang Mo Roo and I don’t like him getting close Oh Bom . Maybe, I cannot like this drama anymore since the writer likes to pair up Kang Mo Roo romance with Oh Bom. Writer please change the heart of Oh Bom and I hope that Oh Bom will never falls in love with Kang Ma Roo .

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    I hate to watch this drama as the character of Choi Ah Ran, she’s very wicked and I also don’t like to see Lee Jae Hoon acting as Kang Ma Roo an irritating stocker, always trying to get close with Oh Bom .

    I think, very soon I will give up in watching this drama, if the romance is to pair Kang Ma Roo with Oh Bom . I only like to watch Ahn Tae Ho to be together with Oh Bom .

  21. 21 : Ode To My Father Says:

    Can someone advise which episode Oh Bom’s biological mother found out her missing daughter (Paran)?

  22. 22 : bob Says:

    The biological mother finding out Oh Bom is her daughter…. this is around Ep 53 or a bit after, if I recall correctly.

  23. 23 : almira Says:

    The story is very nice but I can’t watch the 54 episode cause its very loading, I hope it can be transfer in Youtube….

  24. 24 : almira Says:

    The story is very nice but I can’t watch the 54 episode because its very loading in other web. so I hope it can be transfer in Youtube….

  25. 25 : Linda Says:

    Sorry mml but I disagree Bom should be with Ma roo. He is a lot nicer and from the start of this show he has a good personality. Tae ho was pledging his love to Ah Ran and now he just lost his love just like that. Ma Roo has been treated badly by that evil grandmother. Maroo Mom took care of them and that evil grandmother is now treating her son badly. Also, I would like to see Bom put up a fight with evil vicious Ah Ran, I think it will be more exciting to watch as almost all of korean dramas portrays the pitiful nice character so powerless and pitiful, if it changes a little and it will be more realistic and exciting. Time for a change every now and then, howerr, I like this drama and will like it more for a little change on Bom character.

  26. 26 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    What a joke this drama is! Every character is absurd. Their characters change every day. Very disappointed.

  27. 27 : Chasing_Blinx Says:

    I`m not sure why a lot of people want Bom and Tae Ho to be a couple. To be honest I find Ma Roo and Bom`s relationship to be sweet and how is wanting to be with a person you love and have interest in annoying or irritating at all? Also I think at this point it would be even more strange if she suddenly decided she wanted to be with Tae Ho. A numerous of times she has turned down Tae Ho and even said he should marry Ah Ran. Now I`m not saying Ah Ran and Tae Ho should be a couple, because personally I dislike Ah Ran and thing it would be highly stupid of Tae Ho to marry her after knowing how horrible she is. However this is a Korean Drama so I can sort of guess the ending, but then again I might be wrong. This is just my personal opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree with it. ^.^

  28. 28 : stela Says:

    I cant take the stupid lines the characters are forced to say in the drama, why are the characters so unintelligent and senseless, the story seems to be always going back and forth. This is my least liked drama of all.

  29. 29 : civiram Says:

    at first i really want.this drama but now it’s so disgusting. the hatred of aran is never ending. it reached episode 73 but until now the wvil works of.aran is not yet discovered by Ms. Bae. it.goes the same with the older Mr. An. every episode you will only see the evil works of aran and mr. an. when you watch one episode you will know immediately where the story goes. i’m just wasting my time watching this

  30. 30 : Marie Says:

    One of the worst drama of the century. Totally disappointing with the storyline going in circles. How many more wrong doings have Ah Ran had to do to reach 120 episodes.

  31. 31 : Yvonne Says:

    Please end everyone suffering by cutting short this drama!!! Please!!

  32. 32 : CoolBeans Says:

    Watch the first 10 episode. Rinse. Repeat. The drama does not get better than the first 10 episodes. Ah Ran is evil forever. Bom is stupid forever. This is like a joke where no one laughs. It is a punishment to use valuable air time on all 120 episodes!

  33. 33 : siok Says:

    After watching over 70 ep. I hope Bom will end up with Maru as he is so caring for her as compare with the rest of the family. Ms Bae should find out the truth of the whole missing child stories and how evil her older daughter is. The father is useless so is the mother in law. I hope both of them will be kick out of the family. What the use of keeping them there, causing Ms Bae heart ache.

  34. 34 : orhan yeginsu Says:


  35. 35 : Rose Says:

    There are too many flaws in this drama and not realistic. Firstly, I don’t think there is such a person like Bom or her biological mother in real life. Secondly, the writer tried to prolong the story n it is getting too long winded. Thirdly, how can Ah Ran’s father in law go to Bom’s bedroom while the rest of the family members are downstairs having dinner? How can Ah Ran’s biological mother and Bom goes into the in-law’s house without anyone opening the door for them? How can Ah Ran’s biological father so “boneless” after betraying the wife and come back to live with them? Why the blackmailer has to wait for Ah Gil So instead of the telling Bom’s mother the truth? Why Mr Kim did not report to the police to clear his name n how he was almost drown, and who was involved etc?

  36. 36 : Rose Says:

    I agree that they should cut the story short and end the show.

  37. 37 : siok Says:

    I agreed too. They should cut short the story line

  38. 38 : Rags Says:

    To tell you the truth I liked the begging of this drama. Oh Bom was strong no matter what came her way. Now I don’t even watch every day. I watch once or twice to see if anything has changed. But it hasn’t, Oh Bom is letting everybody tell he what to do. She is no longer the strong girl that always stood up to anyone. If you follow tradition this drama can’t end with everyone being happy. I hope everyone gets what they deserve!!!!!

  39. 39 : Ann Hayes Says:

    The scenes are repetitious. Bom mutters when she speaks she has a wide
    eyed deer in headlights look on her face,she is clumsy and is constantly
    falling down or someone has her hand forcing wherever they want to take
    her. The dad and his tacky family are boring. the CEO appears under the
    influence of a substance The script writing is bad and most of the acting is
    This drama was painful to watch so I’ll stop!

  40. 40 : Nila Says:

    I hate Choi Aran’s character of lying and the An family conniving with her. I guess the director should change this part. While the Director i suppose is trying to show to people however wicked you were, you will fall someday. But it’s not nice for the viewers. I hate Ms Bae’s husband and her husband family. Their characters are really not good especially the Mother of Ms Bae’s husband. There is nothing much to get from this drama. However, i loved this show because of Kang Maru and Bom. I loved them being partnered with each other. Also i love the character of Kang maru’s father.

  41. 41 : cw Says:

    I see I’m not alone in some of my thoughts about these characters. The writer has portrayed most of the women as submissive, and with no backbone. Bom’s stepmother was obviously mean to her and didn’t want to have anything to do with her other than get money from her. Now all of a sudden she is loving and caring stepmother as if that’s the way she was all along. There are too many flip-flop’s in the characters. Mrs. Bae is strong enough to create an empire, but can’t stand up to anyone; mother-in-law, sister-in-law, ex-husband, etc. I, too, only watch this once in a while, and it seems as if same plots keep repeating in order to drag the story on… story should have finished a long time ago.

  42. 42 : alii Says:

    hi this drama is not that interesting and educational i think the writer make bom most stupid caracter in this whole movie most of bom acting are just the same the writer coudnt think outside the box worst korean drama i ever seen why dont u just end this drama now and start another new drama

  43. 43 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Just stop this non-sense drama. This drama is fragmented, not connected to the previous episodes. The lead female is so stupid, not telling the truth.

  44. 44 : DSant Says:

    Really surprise that this drama has a high rating, the story line doesn’t make sense. How can the writer makes the lead so stupid and the character development for her is NIL!!! Anyway, just voicing my opinion. Stop this madness NOW😁

  45. 45 : imel Says:

    Agree to comments 39-44. What a ridiculous drama. The story about how Bom was lost was stretched for the whole length of the drama, how Bom tries to tell her mom how she got lost was stretched for as long as the drama. the writers didn’t seem to have creative minds, just recycled the story. They beat the crap out of that storyline. besides the acting of Bom is so mediocre…how she got the role of Bom, in a 100+ episode drama is so questionable

  46. 46 : mml Says:

    I hate this drama and I have given up not to watch anymore . This is a very stupid drama which circles round and round with this woman Choi Ah Ran .
    I have never like the actress that is acting as Choi Ah Ran and it is very good for all those who are like me sharing the same thinking that they never like this drama.

  47. 47 : Stop the Misery Says:

    This has been the most painful and frustrating and unwatchable KBS drama ever!!! Please put us out of our misery and end the series now. In fact, the series has outstayed its welcome by at least 50 episodes… Apart from the older couple storyline – Mr Kang and Bom’s stepmother – the other characters are not engaging… In fact, most of them are downright bland and/or irritating! KBS – please do not insult or shortchange your viewers with all these twists and turns and really going nowhere storyline!

  48. 48 : phoenix says Says:

    Worst ever!

  49. 49 : QT Says:

    Worst drama I’ve ever seen. Poor writing, characters are weak and stupid.

  50. 50 : Kathy Says:

    Drama seems to revolve around Devils and Angels except that the Angels are stupid and the Devils aren’t punished. Makes you gripped with anger. The funny episodes are really funny. Dragging and getting more and more boring. Will just wait for final episode. Episode 120?

  51. 51 : Lito Says:

    Worst drama ever! Not worth rushing through the traffic jams to be able to catch this! I’d rather watch/listen to the local evening news showing the incompetence and corruption of our politicians or Duterte and Mar Roxas bickering with each other or even the antics of Donald Trump! It’s also a good thing that relatives and friends either are having birthdays or visiting from aborad so they keep on inviting me to dinners

  52. 52 : cw Says:

    They say “too many chefs spoil the soup’, well in this case, too may twist & turns spoil the plot, what there was of it. And….now here we are with only a few episodes to go and what do the writer(s) do…they add another character to making it even more stupid. Can I get a “yeah!!!!”

  53. 53 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Just stop this drama. Writers lack imagination and storytelling.

  54. 54 : Gina Says:

    Kang Sung-Jin I think this person had a problem in their life because the plot becomes ‘plots’ characters and synopsis are all wrong, very misleading and need to be carefully described to at least explain the plot a little better.
    I have seen different versions of the various plots within this drama in other drams. In other words a kind of plagerism but then when that does’nt work the scene jumps to something else that was going on 20 – 20 episodes ago, thinking we the audience wouldn’t notice or whatever just pisses me off.
    As usual the drams starts off with a delightful togetherness of 2 young people on a path to strieve to do their best in a hard enviroment only to be totally dropped into something else….why do some wriers think only one thing suspense suspense and total bullshit compared to a good story and good scrpt.
    Sorry but again this Drama is not a drama it’s a joke…better to classify these kind of dramas not as dramas but as funny, rediculous clips put together to upset the audience.

  55. 55 : lclarakl Says:

    CW @ 52 and Gina @54 I was going to start watching this drama but your comments saved me. I’m already watching a drama that was sailing right along then the writer sent us literally into the Twilight Zone with the plot (Witch’s Castle). The lead female can only be described as stupid. I can’t call her kindhearted because even kind hearted people get a clue. The writer has written some really great dramas in the past so I can’t believe that WC has turned out to be this crazy. Reading what you’re saying about SHSH, it’s almost like reading my thoughts about WC.

    Thanks for the review. Saved me lost of time.

  56. 56 : amin Says:

    When I first saw the first few episodes, I think it’s a good series. But the series had some ridiculous characters and no script at all. My only because of Kim Yu-suk. Seo Yi Ahn And Choi Soo Rin I met them this serial.

  57. 57 : sg16743 Says:

    This drama is the catastrophe of Korean movie industry. Every character is stupid as a human being could be. The storyline is poor written. You could never ask for what is reason of this and that because everything stupid can happened in this drama out of no where. Please read all comments before watching this drama. Good Luck!

  58. 58 : ann hayes Says:

    months after watching the finale I returned to see if I graded too
    harsh. no, it is still the worst drama by far

  59. 59 : Angel Says:

    I like the drama show. Could get good moral for the family. All actors and actresses were very good. Makes me laugh also when it comes to the couple baedal . thry were funny

  60. 60 : B Says:

    This drama is way too terrible. Never seen a female main lead so stupid before, she is like a idiot. This is the worst and frustrating drama ever. It is insulting the viewers intelligence. It hurts my eyes. Cannot take it anymore.

  61. 61 : Random Says:

    Don’t be so mean . It is just a drama and if you don’t like it just don’t watch it . No one forced you to watch it . Also , every storyline in k dramas are similar so don’t only blame the scriptwriter of this drama about it

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