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Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 05

Title: 우리집 꿀단지 / Sweet Home, Sweet Honey
Chinese Title: 我們家蜜罈子
Also Known as: My Home’s Honey Jar / The Honey Pot
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 129 (120+9)
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-02 to 2016-April-29
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


A drama about a group of youngsters who get pushed into society.

Even though Oh Bom (Song Ji Eun) is in a difficult financial situation, she is still bright and positive. She works part-time work at a factory. Meanwhile, Kang Ma Roo (Lee Jae Joon) is a kind and simple young man. He is naive about the world.

Ahn Tae Ho (Kim Min Soo) is the section chief of a company. He is an ambitious man. He approaches Choi Ah Ran (Seo Yi Ahn) who is the heiress of a large company. She is smart, but has a painful past. Her younger sister went missing and her parents abandoned her.


Main Cast

Song Ji Eun as Oh Bom
Lee Jae Joon as Kang Ma Roo
Hong Dong Young as Ma Roo (child)
Seo Yi Ahn as Choi Ah Ran
Kim Min Soo as Ahn Tae Ho
Choi Myung Gil as Bae Gook Hee
Lee Young Ha as Choi Jung Ki
Kim Yoo Suk as Ahn Gil Soo

Supporting Cast

Kim Yong Rim as Kim Eul Nyun
Choi Soo Rin as Yoon Sun Young
Yoo Hye Ri as Lee Mi Dal
Choi Dae Chul as Lee Bae Dal
Ahn Sun Young as Choi Jung Mi
Joo Da Young as Choi Ji Ah
Yoo Yeon Mi as Oh Ga Eul
Hoon as Ahn Soo Ho
Lee Jung Ho as Jin Soo
On Jo as Mi Jin
Kim Kyung Eung (김경응)
Kim Neul Me (김늘메)
Ji Sung Geun (지성근)
Park Kyu Jum (박규점)
Im Jung Ok (임정옥)
Choi Hyun
Choi Yoon Joon (최윤준)
Min Joon Hyun
Jun Hun Tae (전헌태)
Lee Jong Goo


Lee Kyung Young as Oh Young Ho
Lee Kan Hee as Kim Hyun Suk
Sun Dong Hyuk as Teacher Kim

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Ji Young
Producer: No Sang Hoon
Director: Kim Myung Wook
Assistant Director: Kim Min Tae
Screenwriter: Kang Sung Jin, Kim Mi Hee


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61 Responses to “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey”

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  1. 51
    Lito Says:

    Worst drama ever! Not worth rushing through the traffic jams to be able to catch this! I’d rather watch/listen to the local evening news showing the incompetence and corruption of our politicians or Duterte and Mar Roxas bickering with each other or even the antics of Donald Trump! It’s also a good thing that relatives and friends either are having birthdays or visiting from aborad so they keep on inviting me to dinners

  2. 52
    cw Says:

    They say “too many chefs spoil the soup’, well in this case, too may twist & turns spoil the plot, what there was of it. And….now here we are with only a few episodes to go and what do the writer(s) do…they add another character to making it even more stupid. Can I get a “yeah!!!!”

  3. 53
    Kdrama_fan Says:

    Just stop this drama. Writers lack imagination and storytelling.

  4. 54
    Gina Says:

    Kang Sung-Jin I think this person had a problem in their life because the plot becomes ‘plots’ characters and synopsis are all wrong, very misleading and need to be carefully described to at least explain the plot a little better.
    I have seen different versions of the various plots within this drama in other drams. In other words a kind of plagerism but then when that does’nt work the scene jumps to something else that was going on 20 – 20 episodes ago, thinking we the audience wouldn’t notice or whatever just pisses me off.
    As usual the drams starts off with a delightful togetherness of 2 young people on a path to strieve to do their best in a hard enviroment only to be totally dropped into something else….why do some wriers think only one thing suspense suspense and total bullshit compared to a good story and good scrpt.
    Sorry but again this Drama is not a drama it’s a joke…better to classify these kind of dramas not as dramas but as funny, rediculous clips put together to upset the audience.

  5. 55
    lclarakl Says:

    CW @ 52 and Gina @54 I was going to start watching this drama but your comments saved me. I’m already watching a drama that was sailing right along then the writer sent us literally into the Twilight Zone with the plot (Witch’s Castle). The lead female can only be described as stupid. I can’t call her kindhearted because even kind hearted people get a clue. The writer has written some really great dramas in the past so I can’t believe that WC has turned out to be this crazy. Reading what you’re saying about SHSH, it’s almost like reading my thoughts about WC.

    Thanks for the review. Saved me lost of time.

  6. 56
    amin Says:

    When I first saw the first few episodes, I think it’s a good series. But the series had some ridiculous characters and no script at all. My only because of Kim Yu-suk. Seo Yi Ahn And Choi Soo Rin I met them this serial.

  7. 57
    sg16743 Says:

    This drama is the catastrophe of Korean movie industry. Every character is stupid as a human being could be. The storyline is poor written. You could never ask for what is reason of this and that because everything stupid can happened in this drama out of no where. Please read all comments before watching this drama. Good Luck!

  8. 58
    ann hayes Says:

    months after watching the finale I returned to see if I graded too
    harsh. no, it is still the worst drama by far

  9. 59
    Angel Says:

    I like the drama show. Could get good moral for the family. All actors and actresses were very good. Makes me laugh also when it comes to the couple baedal . thry were funny

  10. 60
    B Says:

    This drama is way too terrible. Never seen a female main lead so stupid before, she is like a idiot. This is the worst and frustrating drama ever. It is insulting the viewers intelligence. It hurts my eyes. Cannot take it anymore.

  11. 61
    Random Says:

    Don’t be so mean . It is just a drama and if you don’t like it just don’t watch it . No one forced you to watch it . Also , every storyline in k dramas are similar so don’t only blame the scriptwriter of this drama about it

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