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Swallow the Sun

Title: 태양을 삼켜라 / Swallow the Sun
Chinese Title : 吞没太阳
Also known as: All In 2
Previously known as: 히든 / Hidden, 꾼들의 나라 / The Land of Professionals / All In 2
Genre: Romance, Action
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-July-08 to 2009-Oct-01
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


“Swallow the Sun” revolves around three young people in Jeju Island and how they develop Seogwipo, Jeju into a world city.

Kim Jung Woo (Ji Sung) is the illegitimate child of a gangster father and a haenyeo (a traditional freediver) mother. He was raised in an orphanage and soon developed a rebellious temperament.

Lee Soo Hyun (Sung Yu Ri) has a strong will and is focused on achieving her goals. She overcame many unfortunate situations in her life to first study overseas and then become the organizer for a world famous performance team.

Jang Tae Hyuk (Lee Wan) was raised without ever knowing his father. After he entered adulthood, Tae-hyeok meets Jun Kwang Ryul (Jang Min Ho), a wealthy businessman, who claims to be his father. This changes Tae-hyeok’s life entirely as he now works to excel in business management.


Ji Sung as Kim Jung Woo
Yeo Jin Goo as Kim Jung Woo (child)
Sung Yu Ri as Lee Soo Hyun
Lee Young Yoo as Lee Soo Hyun (child)
So Yi Hyun as Yoo Mi Ran
Lee Wan as Jang Tae Hyuk
Han Ji Yun as Han Sun Young
Yoo Oh Sung as Jeuk Seun Ri / Jackson
Jun Kwang Ryul as Jang Min Ho
Kim Jung Tae as Han Suk Tae
Ma Dong Suk as Lee Kang Rae
Kim Sae Rom as Ha Sang Mi
Jo Sang Kyu as Jo Chi Gook
Yun Woo Hyun Jin as Amy
Choi Ran as Choi In Sook
Lee Jae Yong as Hyun Ki Sang
Park Kwang Hyun as Ki Sang (younger)
Kim Yong Gun as Yoo Kang Hyun
Yeo Ho Min as Jang Se Dol
Go Doo Shim as (Mi Yeon’s mother)
Im Jung Eun as Mi Yeon
Jin Goo as Il Hwan
Hong Suk Chun as Jimmy
Kim Byung Se as Tony
Jung Ho Bin as Baek Sil Jang
Moon Chang Kil as Moon Sung Chul
Ahn Nae Sang as Soo Chang
Kim Roe Ha
Son Hyun Joo
Shim Eun Jin
Jang Yoon Seo
Seo Ji Yeon as Jin Sook
Lee Sul Goo as safe breaking criminal
Lee Dong Jin
Hyun Chul Ho as detective

Production Credits

Director: Yoo Chul Yong
Screenwriter: Choi Wan Kyu


– All scenes shot in Korea took place on Jeju Island, while overseas scenes were filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa.
– A shooting site of 6,417 square meters was especially constructed in Seoguipo, Jeju for this drama.
– Production was shut down due to several cases of the H1N1 virus among staff members. This in turn caused the cancellation of the press conference and episode 1 being pushed back to air on 2009-July-09.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-07-08 Special 7.8 (20th) 8.6 (18th)
2009-07-09 1 14.8 (7th) 15.5 (6th)
2009-07-15 2 16.5 (2nd) 17.3 (2nd)
2009-07-16 3 18.5 (2nd) 19.9 (1st)
2009-07-22 4 16.2 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd)
2009-07-23 5 16.8 (3rd) 17.0 (3rd)
2009-07-29 6 17.3 (2nd) 17.8 (2nd)
2009-07-30 7 18.7 (1st) 18.9 (1st)
2009-08-05 8 16.7 (3rd) 16.9 (3rd)
2009-08-06 9 16.9 (3rd) 17.4 (2nd)
2009-08-12 10 17.3 (1st) 17.4 (2nd)
2009-08-13 11 17.3 (1st) 17.3 (1st)
2009-08-19 12 15.3 (6th) 15.6 (6th)
2009-08-20 13 17.6 (3rd) 17.7 (3rd)
2009-08-26 14 14.8 (6th) 15.3 (7th)
2009-08-27 15 15.0 (7th) 14.7 (7th)
2009-09-02 16 15.0 (4th) 14.8 (5th)
2009-09-03 17 18.0 (2nd) 18.4 (1st)
2009-09-09 18 15.5 (5th) 15.6 (5th)
2009-09-10 19 17.8 (2nd) 17.9 (1st)
2009-09-16 20 16.3 (2nd) 15.9 (4th)
2009-09-17 21 17.1 (3rd) 17.0 (1st)
2009-09-23 22 17.5 (2nd) 17.4 (2nd)
2009-09-24 23 17.4 (2nd) 17.1 (1st)
2009-09-30 24 16.4 (3rd) 16.4 (4th)
2009-10-01 25 18.8 (2nd) 18.4 (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : bee Says:

    I am the first make comment. Hope that Sung Yuri and Ji Sung will end up together in this drama, cant wait for this drama to air.

  2. 2 : Kdramaaddict Says:


  3. 3 : Sony Says:

    Yuri Back!

  4. 4 : Sony Says:

    Pls extend the detail of synopsis

  5. 5 : Blackbeans Says:

    Oh my I can’t wait for this one must be really awesome cuz the lead actor and actress are the great one! esp Jisung soooo cute and handsome. I’m sooo excited! Goodluck to everyone!

  6. 6 : Sony Says:

    It’s amazing!

    Hello Bee

    How can you jump to the first place?
    Yesterday, I think Kdramaaddict at…
    Bee! you cheating us.
    Just kidding!
    Good Luck!

  7. 7 : Sony Says:

    I agree with blackbeans.
    Ji Sung ‘s good looking.
    And, Lee Wan’s great too.

  8. 8 : Sony Says:

    I forget to thanks the poeple of koreandrama.org, for extending the synopsis.
    Mmm… I still want more than that if you can.

    Thanks in advance

  9. 9 : honey b Says:

    The story seems complicated like East of Eden, but I think this drama will be interesting to watch.

  10. 10 : jean ",) Says:

    please show the ratings for this drama later.. kumao!!

  11. 11 : lini Says:

    love sung yuri
    she’s the best

  12. 12 : Sony Says:

    I also need to see the rating too.
    Please post it

  13. 13 : admin Says:

    This drama will Broadcast on 2009-July-08. do not have rating yet.

  14. 14 : Sony Says:

    The cover picture is quite attracting and revealing it’s a action drama.
    I remembered watching the drama “Lobbyist” of SBS. A few epi. begining with the long story and attracting by action.
    The swallow of Sun might be better than that.
    It’s a must watch drama.

  15. 15 : livelyhearty Says:

    aww JI SUNG!! 😀

  16. 16 : km Says:




  17. 17 : Sony Says:

    Yuri is so cute.
    Like the way she rides the bike at Las Vegas.

    She’s so beautiful.

  18. 18 : cathy Says:

    im so xcited about this drama. it’s definitely sumthing big and im really looking forward to it. congrats to both sung yuri and ji sung.

  19. 19 : tasmanian Says:

    im a big fan og korean dramas. esp sung yuri. i love this girl. nice plot, perfect couple. i wish it will do well in the ratings.

  20. 20 : well Says:

    sound good

  21. 21 : betty Says:

    I like e ways Sony describe abt this drama and Sung Yuri, hope that this drama will hv a wonderful ratings and comments.

  22. 22 : Sony Says:

    The starting point is not that bad. Let cheer up the swallow of the sun.
    Fighting! Fighting!

  23. 23 : jean ",) Says:


    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,, ji sung oppa is the lead actor!!

    woootttttttttt.. love him so much especially in

    his last drama New Heart..

    he’s so cute and funny,,

    fighting ji sung!!!

    aim high!!

    love ya!

  24. 24 : okeydoke Says:

    i don’t know about yall but
    jingoo is hella sexy..
    its too bad he’s only in the first episode as jisung’s dad (younger version)

    oh well. jisung’s still cute

  25. 25 : James Says:

    I love Sung Yu Ri since watching her in One Fine Day, Snow Queen and Hong Gil Dong. Can’t wait to watch Swallow the Sun!!!

    Read a Korea Times article synopsis on the drama in the hellohallyu blog. Check it out!


  26. 26 : Sony Says:

    Hi James, I’m Sony from Cambodia.
    Thanks for your web citation of Korean Times article synopsis on this drama.
    That’s why I understand well about the concept that the director and script writer put the titile of this drama “The Swallow of the Sun”.

    I’m grateful for your deed.
    Good Luck!

  27. 27 : Sony Says:

    There is a new that Lee Wan has a fever and it has been said that some crew of the swallow of the sun are infected with the symtom as novel influenza A (H1N1) virus.

    Hope Lee Wan has a good health.

  28. 28 : Sony Says:

    It’s fantastic!

  29. 29 : raz Says:

    suond good looks good but there isn’t subtitle in english. please subbers
    we all waiting for your excellent work.

  30. 30 : raz Says:


  31. 31 : Kate Says:

    Oh my god! oh my god!!!!
    Ji Sung play together with Sung Yuri
    This drama really nice……..I can’t miss it 😀

  32. 32 : Sony Says:

    Ah raz remind me. Please add English Subtitle.
    And it’s amazing that it is in first place.

  33. 33 : mumooo Says:


    how can I wach the channel?????

    Iwant the Frequency ????PlZ ..PlZ..

    thank U…

  34. 34 : jean ",) Says:


    i’m so happy to see

    that the rating’s going higher and higher!

    it made me become more eager to see this series!

    fighting ji sung!
    aja sung yuri!

  35. 35 : Sony Says:

    Fighting! Fighting!
    It’ll above the rate of 20.

    But is there no any English Subtilte?

  36. 36 : betty Says:

    I love this drama very much, it is so …. much better than East of Eden.

    I love the pairing of Ji Sung, Lee Wan with Sung Yuri, they are so good to look at, but hopefully Ji Sung can end up with Sung Yuri, this will be an awesome ending.

    Wish them all the BEST in this drama.

  37. 37 : betty Says:

    Sung Yuri is so PRETTY as always. Ji Sung is handsome too, love them together in this drama.

  38. 38 : BlackBeans Says:

    Woooaaaah! I’m totally blast for this series….great story! Ji Sung & Sung Yuri are perfect picture! Ji sung is a great great great actor sooooo in love with him ; )

  39. 39 : Enri Says:

    You gotta make time to Watch this series is really great and worth watching..Ji Sung is YUMMIER!!!

  40. 40 : raz Says:


  41. 41 : Sky Says:

    I’m addicted with this series really a G R E A T one! Love Ji Sung all the way!

  42. 42 : hazel Says:

    Rating should be higher now! Wow! even though the language is korean no english subs I’m feel so frustrating cuz I don’t understand a bit but is ok I can tell by the action cuz I don’t want to miss every episode…love the actor so much! Ji Sung is drooling hot!

  43. 43 : aein Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!though i havent seen it yet,but because its ji seung so its gonna be #1 for me plus its also ALL IN 2,as in great superb.JI SUENG OPPAH NUMO,NUMO SARANGHE.AS UR SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 44 : Sony Says:

    Thanks for add the link to English Subtitle version in this page

  45. 45 : Sky Says:

    Thank so much for the subs I need to go back watching again anyhow just want to see Ji Sung on the screen and the OST love it so much really niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeee!

  46. 46 : Blackbeans Says:

    You guys watch this series one of my second top notch on my list for 2009!
    Shallow the sun

  47. 47 : Blackbeans Says:

    Here’s my top list series for 2009
    Shallow the sun
    That fool

  48. 48 : hazel Says:

    SHALLOW THE SUN is definitely my # 1 romance action 2009! I’m one of your #1 FAN! Yes, finally I can watch him everyday!

  49. 49 : betty Says:

    Waiting for epi 9 now, very nice storyline with awesome scenery.

    Swallow the Sun fighting.

  50. 50 : betty Says:

    Sung Yuri is very casual and pretty here. So are Lee Wan and Ji Sung, so handsome. Hopefully this time the ending for Yuri is good, not like Snow Queen whereby she died.

  51. 51 : keane Says:

    i very very like SWALLOW THE SUN. Kim jung woo very handsome and sung yuri very cute.

  52. 52 : catherine Says:

    very nice drama. absolutely, one of the best korean drama series ever made. and each episodes just keep getting better. im sooo hooked up in this drama. SWALLOW THE SUN, did a great job.

  53. 53 : VH Says:

    one of the best korean drama i
    have seen so far. the drama is fast-paced and the acting from the entire team is amazing… 🙂

  54. 54 : Blackbeans Says:

    Right now my #1 series SHALLOW the SUN! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i can’t wait for the next ep Ji sung and Yuri they will meet in Africa! Thanks for all the staff the director, producer for doing this drama is going to be BIG HIT!!!!

  55. 55 : JiYi Says:


  56. 56 : si foo Says:

    It’s getting more interesting very cool series!!!!! best looking Ji Sung ever! nice muscles and the long hair make you hot!!!

  57. 57 : kate Says:

    So cool *-*

  58. 58 : sam Says:

    anybody please post the link for the wallpaper.

  59. 59 : Tim Says:

    Don’t miss this series! Best ever action, romance in 2009! Why? WATCH AND GO FIGURE!!! You going to fall in love w Ji Sung and Sung Yuri!

  60. 60 : Sam Says:

    its a must watch drama!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! even watching it over over over over again!!!

  61. 61 : Adama Says:

    GREAT DRAMA EVERYONE MUST SEE IT (^____^) Ji Sung and Sung Yuri great acting as well as the rest of all cast!

  62. 62 : Isabella Says:

    I love this film so much. I’ve been watching it on youtube. Since I don’t know Korean, it seems so hard to understand what charaters said :((

    However, it’s such a great drama which I most like now. Ji Sung and Sung Juri are so cute :X

  63. 63 : Sony Says:

    It’s seem that the rate is updated lately.
    I’m looking forward for episode improment of this drama.

  64. 64 : Haede Says:

    AWESOME DRAMA!!(^____^) Love Ji Sung great acting also Sung Yuri and all the cast GREAT JOB!

  65. 65 : Irma Says:

    Worth watching! beautiful scenery! las vegas, africa and jeju island! I like their kissing scene it was really beautiful!

  66. 66 : raz Says:

    love so much the cast keep up the excellent work.
    thanks to the SUBBERS and the SEGMENTERS for your hard work.

  67. 67 : Liza Says:

    episode 11 did you see Ji Sung eyebrow fliped oh man very cool how did he do that! Very interesting drama and he already know his real DAD!

  68. 68 : Meeky_Girl Says:

    I start to hook up with this drama as each episodes is getting exciting..love to watch the scene of the chemistry between ji sung and yuri.. that is so romantic n sweet ~ Cant wait for the episode 12 …Why is it stopped at episode 11??

  69. 69 : raz Says:


  70. 70 : Blackbeans Says:

    What happened it stop with episode 11? Anyone knows why? I been watching it over and over everyday but for the next ep maybe today it will be on geeezzzz I’m so addicted to this series…Thank so much to the subbers without you guys can’t understand a bit.

  71. 71 : hwaimin Says:

    I hv too start to hook up with this drama as each episodes is getting exciting..love to watch the scene of the chemistry between ji sung and yuri, the are so…………lovely together, great chemistry between them.

    Hope that the rating will always stay in no.1 position.

    Sung Yuri is so………….beautiful.

  72. 72 : Sony Says:

    Swallow the sun! Keep fighting!

  73. 73 : Cynthia Says:

    Recommended Drama. Very exciting on every episode. Worth to watch and you won’t regret after watching. Sung Yu Ri is beautiful in this drama.

  74. 74 : PVO Says:

    Com’on you guys watch this series is really a great drama ever in 2009. I’ve watch a lot of drama this year but this one really really one of the best every episode EXCITE YOU!!! MUST SEE IT!!! All the cast are doing really AWESOME job! Give them APPLAUD esp the producer, director and all the staff! Yey! fighting!

  75. 75 : Charms Says:

    Fighting Ji Sung! I love your face and the way you carry yourself being as an actor is soooo amazing! Keep it up! Wish you make more drama & movie! Your one of my list favorite actor muahh…

  76. 76 : Liz Says:

    LOve the SOUNDTRACK (O.S.T.) shallow the sun.

  77. 77 : Tina Says:

    You love the All in the more more and more you going to love SHALLOW THE SUN (All in 2)! unforgetable and interesting scene every episode!

  78. 78 : JaZlyn Says:

    totally AWESOME DRAMA IN 2009!

  79. 79 : Rick Says:

    Woahhh it must be painful losing everything even the girl he loved! I feel you Jung Woo shi. What if this happen in reality? Gosh I really love this drama every episode it made me shaking for something what will happen next.

  80. 80 : Sony Says:

    Ah! It might be the best in this year.
    Yuri is so so so beautiful.

  81. 81 : Cynthia Says:

    I really loves the soundtrack.Kim Jung Woo looked like cool man and I hopes he will has his happy ending with Soo Hyun.

  82. 82 : Kat Says:

    Jung Woo shi don’t get hurt Soo Hyun she loves you very much! If you have a big plan for your dad! is really hearbreaking when Soo Hyun cried the way you treated her your mean to her but anyhow I still love you Jung Woo shi 😀

  83. 83 : hwaimin Says:

    Pls Jung Woo do not hurt Soo Hyun in this drama, they are so meant for each other, so nice to look at in each episodes, I hv to say that Ji Sung is so far the best match actor for Sung Yuri beside Hyun Bin.

    Sung Yuri is as PRETTY as always, she looks mature at the second part of this series but I still love her looks and outfits as she is very elegant and looks very smart.

  84. 84 : Diane Says:

    Wonderful fair Ji Sung and Sung Yuri! I adore both of them in this drama. Sung Yuri she is a great actress and gergous! I watched the Hong Gil Dong soooo hilarious and natural. Ji Sung I also watched all his drama everytime you see him on the screen you will fall in love with him “the cuteness” what an excellent actor he is!

  85. 85 : Shy Says:

    GrEat SceNEs GreAt MusIC^_^

  86. 86 : Julius Says:


  87. 87 : Wilma Says:

    The sun represents many things depending on the characters: For Jung-woo it’s success and family, while for Su-hyun it’s to become a famous show director. Finally for Tae-hyuk, it’s his love toward Su-hyun. We added the verb `swallow’ to bring the determination of the characters trying to fulfill their dreams. ‘WOW’

  88. 88 : ricky Says:


  89. 89 : Jacob Says:

    Cirque du soleil was amazing scenes!

  90. 90 : raz Says:


  91. 91 : hwaimin Says:

    Totally agreed with what raz has written, Swallow The Sun is an excellent drama with awesome storyline and casts (the pairing of Ji Sung, Sung Yuri and Lee Wan was the most perfect pairing) so far in 2009.

  92. 92 : Si Foo Says:

    I don’t believed this! why rating is like that it should be # 1 cuz I almost watched all korean drama for 2009 this is really a TOP DRAMA after watching the BOF! well for romance comedy # 1 BBF but SWALLOW THE SUN action, romance I would rate this as my nUMBER OnE! Golly hello people wake uP! WATCH THIS SERIES AND FIGURE it really a very unique drama the scenery are wonderful also all the cast are really great actor and actress!

  93. 93 : Si Foo Says:

    Ji Sung and Sung Yuri soooooooooooo terrific!

  94. 94 : Si Foo Says:

    If you all watched Ji Sung in Save the last dance his soooooo adorable the more your going to like him in SWALLOW THE SUN! GREAT performance he played!

  95. 95 : Blackbeans Says:

    I’m addicted to Ji Sung CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF HIM~! really AWESOME drama!

  96. 96 : Faith Says:

    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeee this drama sooooooooooo much esp JUNG Woo Shi (Ji Sung) saranghae!

  97. 97 : hella Says:

    Wonder what will happen with both these couples in the end? Obviously very much in love.

  98. 98 : hella Says:

    Ji Sung in Swallow the sun here in this show his sooooooooooooo manly and intense!!

  99. 99 : Boss Says:

    Ji Sung OMG he is so hot in the suit!

  100. 100 : Doll Says:

    EVerything about Ji Sung just so intense and love him more and more!!!!

  101. 101 : Quest Says:


  102. 102 : Raven Says:

    Ji Sung your TEARING UP MY HEART!!! your sooooooo severe and MANLY!!

  103. 103 : gardenia Says:


  104. 104 : flow Says:

    Swallow the Sun is really impressed me hopefully millions of people will watch this unforgetable DRAMA!!!!!!Ji Sung surely HOT and magnificient actor!

  105. 105 : EnRi Says:

    Jung Woo shi you are very mean to Soo hyun but oh man, you hit me direct thru my heart ; )

  106. 106 : Lovely Says:

    One of the FINEST DRAMA I’ve ever watch I don’t really like action but this series I would say WoW! director, producer, writer and all the staff I salute you guys! Fighting!

  107. 107 : cHLOE Says:

    THE REAL OUTSTANDING DRAMA Swallow the Sun this year!! Ji Sung your always be my favorite actor!

  108. 108 : Pinay Says:

    I love k drama is my routine to watch everyday I’m really into this very interesting Swallow the sun series definitely a lot of people should watch this. Ji Sung also a rare korean actor as well as Sung Yuri!

  109. 109 : flow Says:

    Swallow the Sun is really impressed me hopefully millions of people will watch this unforgetable DRAMA!!!!!!Ji Sung surely HOT and magnificient actor!!!

  110. 110 : Sony Says:

    I’m really sweat right now.
    It’s because everybody here is so hot!!!

    It’s might be of the stars, Ji Sung and Sung Yuri are so so so hot!
    And this drama become hotter and hotter!
    Then It will be the hottest Kdrama of the year!

  111. 111 : lanlan Says:

    Yes, Ji Sung is always my favorite actor. He is so cool, so good, so affectionate, so natural in acting. I just love his acting.

    On contrary, Sung Yuri is not a good actor. She was cold, so stiff and so lousy to express her feelings. She was so bad at the beginning of the drama I can not stand her acting. Now she’s getting a little bit better, at least a little better than in her Snow Queen’s day. I prefer to watch a not so pretty face who knows how to act than a pretty one with lousy acting which is unfortunately Sung Yuri’s case.

    Ji Sung is always a good actor in any drama no matter what. Sung Yuri is trying with all fancy clothes but could not conceal her bad acting. I will never watch any movie with her face in it. It is so boring!

  112. 112 : Sony Says:

    Ji Sung is not my top Kactor yet. As I never contact with his previous drama nor his current drama “Swallow the Sun”. But I think acting might be great, since there are a lot of his fans in this forum.

  113. 113 : Sony Says:

    I really addict with Hyun Bin drama, either The Snow Queen or My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Kwon Sang Woo is also my favorite actor in either Bad Love or Stair Way to Heaven. And Rain is my Kstar since I watch my first korean drama “Full House”

    And Ji Sung might be one of my top 10 Kactor after I watch Swallow the Sun.

    This is my top 10 of Kactor
    1. Hyun Bin
    2. Sang Kwan Woo
    3. Gong Yoo
    4. Oh Ji Ho
    5. Song Il Gook
    6. Rain
    7. Lee Min Ho
    8. Kim Hyun Joong
    9. Bae Yong Jun
    10. Jae Hee

  114. 114 : Jacob Says:

    then you all should watch the SAVE THE LAST DANCE w/ Ji Sung and Eugene! first time I fall for him (^_____^)

  115. 115 : Christian Says:

    this drama is so good why the ratings keep falling???

  116. 116 : gardenia Says:

    for me REMARKABLE k actor

    Bae yong jun – Winter Sonata/hotelier
    Lee min ho – BBF
    Ji Sung – Save the last dance/swallow the sun
    Kim Rae Won – love story in Harvard/which star
    Oh Ji ho – Oh carl oh su jung/single dad
    Kwan sang woo – Stairways to heaven/sad sonata
    Rain full house
    Song Il Gook – Jumong/kingdom of the wind
    Hyu Bin – first love millionaire
    Daniel Henney – spring waltz/seducing Mr perfect
    Hwang Jung Min – That fool

  117. 117 : Ribon Says:

    People watch this series you won’t regret it! the remarkable one!

  118. 118 : Disney Says:

    SWALLOW THE SUN really wonderful series in 2009 looooooooove my favorite actor Ji Sung! sarannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghe!

  119. 119 : mandolin Says:

    Love Ji Sung in this series as well as Sung Yuri and all the cast of swallow the sun great job guys!

  120. 120 : Belle Says:

    I can watch this series over and over everyday…hai Ji Sung is drooling hot I wish I could see him in person anyway my ultimate dream now is to hug him! I know I can only dream ; )

  121. 121 : Daly Says:

    Swallow the sun is a G R E A T S E R I E S!!!! every episode is sooooo interesting!

  122. 122 : Sony Says:

    I’m always the fan of Yuri.
    That’s way I’m interest in this series.

    Some say she performs better than her previous series.
    So it’s might be remarkable for her acting skill in this drama.

    I really addicted with her performance in Hong Gil Dong. I really like her funny face, as stupid girl. She really improve in that series.

    The Snow Queen is always my top romantic drama.
    I really fell in love with her beautiful face and her poor lonely life…and finally death.

    These are my top 10 Kactress:
    1. Sung Yuri
    2. Yoon Eun Hye
    3. Lee Ji Ah
    4. Lee Da Hae
    5. Song Hye Gyo
    6. Han Hye Jin
    7. Kim Ah Jung
    8. Koo Hye Sun
    9. Kim So Eun
    10. Park Min Young

  123. 123 : Raven Says:

    Ji Sung message to his Dad ” I’ve got the power to bring you down! You’ll have to watch and wait!

  124. 124 : leslie Says:

    Somehow I have to make you pay. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience success would be the best revenge. Love this series!

  125. 125 : leslie Says:

    But some people would rather get even instead of get ahead.

    No more tears now; I will think upon revenge. I l o v e y o u Ji Sung!

  126. 126 : Stax Says:

    Excellent leads and all supporting cast~ MUST WATCH!

  127. 127 : Sky Says:

    ~~~~Really great~~~~excellent actors~~~~storyline~~~~ writers~~~~director~~~~TWO THUMBS UP!!!

  128. 128 : Ribon Says:

    I really like the guy who played ” JIMMY ” he is sooooo cute and act really great and natural! everytime I see him make me laughed out loud~

  129. 129 : Blackbeans Says:


  130. 130 : Blackbeans Says:

    Also, to the SUBBER GREAT JOB!!

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    i really loved korean drama……..

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  134. 134 : Lilian Says:

    yes! Ji Sung’s new drama!

  135. 135 : Lilian Says:


    Watch ‘Save the last dance for me’ and I GUARANTEE THAT U WILL LOVE JI SUNG MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is magnificent!

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    holly golly you can’t miss any of this episode really make you watch over and over Ji Sung was sooooo amazing in everyway he act I really like this guy since I watched THE LAST DANCE drama and even more like him now in this series dang he is soooooooo cute and so manly!

  137. 137 : Angel Says:

    oh the soundtrack of this series gets me going and even sing with them while watching even I don’t understand a bit . I wonder who’s band was singing though? Anyone knows the title of the song on ep 17 7/7 I can’t wait to buy my own dvd.

  138. 138 : Ere Says:

    I watched him over and over in SAVE THE LAST DANCE DRAMA and last year NEW HEART his MAGNIFICIENT ACTOR!

  139. 139 : Mickey Says:

    oommg! what a nail biter! I really can’t wait the episode! great drama, great new music is getting soooooooooooo INTENSE!!! can’t wait for the next week!

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  141. 141 : Devine Says:

    THE BEST SERIES N 2009! can’t miss any episode.

  142. 142 : kt Says:

    Swallow The Sun fighting, best drama for 2009, I personally find it better than East Of Eden.

    Ji Sung, Sung Yuri and Lee Wan, best couple for the year too.

  143. 143 : kt Says:

    Love to see Sung Yuri with more lovely scene with Lee Wan too as they dont hv any sweet scene together in this drama so far.

  144. 144 : lanlan Says:

    yuri is so old for lee wan. her roommate is a better match for him.
    yuri is piece of wood when it comes to acting. wish her a lot of luck for her next drama.

  145. 145 : raz Says:


  146. 146 : Sony Says:

    The rate is higher even better than My Fair Lady.
    It’s really exciting two of best drama of the year.
    They come out at the same time!

  147. 147 : Sony Says:

    Some said Yuri is too old.
    I agree for this, and I should call her “noona”.

    But I think regardless of her age, aslo long as she can make her drama to live, It’s still a good drama.
    Take one instance, actress Umh Jung Hwa is nearly 40s now. Her drama: Get Karl! Oh soo jung is really good. Her latest drama: The man who can’t get married is really funny to watch.

    I think Sung Yuri is still the Queen of Beauty

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    Swallow the sun deserved to be a # 1 Yes! fighting! can’t wait, can’t sleep and keep thinking that what will be happen for next episode.

  155. 155 : Optiplex Says:


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  157. 157 : Gardenrose Says:


  158. 158 : chiles Says:


  159. 159 : Linenwater Says:


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    i just started watching today and i can’t stop…here goes my house chores pending again cause of yet another good drama from SBS. It’s a good drama so far & since i love Ji Seung I’m really hoping to see this aside from the fact that i heard it’s a hot drama these days!

  161. 161 : jinjoo Says:

    i wondered though why this is All In 2, is this some sort of a sequel? i saw part of All In & Ji Seung was also in there so I’m a bit baffled. Can somebody shed some light on this pls? Thnx a bunch! (I’m liking it and it’s getting addictive).

  162. 162 : Jisungfan Says:

    Ji sung is really cute & handsome! He doesn’t seem to age at all! His looks is a cross from Son seung hyun, ahn jae wok I think! i really like this actor! he’s not only handsome but good in acting!

  163. 163 : Shalisa Says:

    ahhhhhh. what do i do????? I’m so addicted with Ji Sung love him is swallow the sun!

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    LOL Jimmy’s so funny!! Hoping it will be a happy ending for Ji Sung & Sung Yuri!

  165. 165 : Shantay Says:

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  166. 166 : Ashelyn Says:

    You know what else? Jung Woo shi is better at expressing his emotions thruogh facial expression of love to Soo Hyun when he bow and cried made me cry too.

  167. 167 : Rania Says:


  168. 168 : Belle Says:


  169. 169 : Blackbeans Says:

    Love Ji Sung so badly….XD

    Hope all the best for you!

  170. 170 : Beast Says:

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    It’s so messed up is Soo hyun want the revenge too from her parents death! ayayyyyy! she is scary!

  172. 172 : Jezreel Says:

    Oh wow… very pretty cast love both Ji Sung and Sung Yu Ri. All In was a very good drama, with a tight plot and strong acting. Wait… wasn’t Ji Sung in All In as well?

  173. 173 : Aqua Says:

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    Strong casts with great performances and storyline.

    Love ……. Sung Yuri and Ji Sung together, they look GOOD.

  176. 176 : Flamingo Says:

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  177. 177 : Whitepeach Says:

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  179. 179 : Noah Says:

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  180. 180 : Taurus Says:

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  181. 181 : Taurus Says:

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  184. 184 : Amber Says:

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    This is just another version of East of Eden ,all the casts are just ok except father , good acting . Storyline is boring , SY makes it worse , my opinion.

  186. 186 : lanlan Says:

    I’ve never seen East of Eden and never will. I like STS because of Ji Sung. He’s a great actor and also my favorite. I hate that Sung Juri and wondering how she could be a main lead girl. It’s much easier for the eyes with Mi Rain than Sung Yuri. She was the one who ruined the drama’s rating I guessed. No wonder why she was kicked out fom Queen of Seon Duk. She can not even act and her voice is terrible. How could she manage to be a singer, probably because of her swinging mini skirts far above the knees. I find it’s very hard for the eyes with her eyes rolling from side to side. The rest of the casting casting is great. They did a fantastic job.

    Story line is great. Ji Sung’s performance is fabulous: his manner, his facial expression and talking eyes are unbelievable.

  187. 187 : Minnie Says:

    Lanlan~You’re absolutely right! I’m hoping everything will turn out a happy ending for Ji Sung he experienced too much pain hate the most Sung Yuri she snitch n ruined everything Ji Sung planned!

    Ji Sung he’s just an AMAZING ACTOR! by expressing his feelings and every moves he make truly greatly! VEry rarely acting from the other korean actor i’ve ever seen actually 2 valuable actor Ji Sung and Kim Rae Won only it’s just amazed me everytime I watched them in their series!

  188. 188 : Bulky Says:


    Love all the cast! great job!!!!

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    my God! i love this drama soooooo much! EVERY EPISODE IS WORTH WATCHING FOR.. how i love the way ji sung act so simple but great.. such a good actor! and i want to congratulate them for the high ratings they earned in korea.. i wish they will top until the end.. i cant wait to watch the next episode.. wwooooaaaahhhh!!! i really wanna shout right now and let the whole philippines know that this k-drama is definitely amazing!!! im truly hooked into this drama! STS, hwaiting! sung yu-ri and ji sung-sshi keep safe!

  190. 190 : raz Says:

    cherie! you took every word you wrote from my muoth !!!
    I love so muce the development of the plot. I’M very excited twoards
    the ending. I hope there will be a happy ending.
    ajja ajja fighting :keep the first place in the rating.

  191. 191 : kt Says:

    I agreed with what raz and cherie have written. Hope that STS will be still on the 1st place for the next upcoming episodes.

    Hope to see a happy ending between Ji Sung and Sung Yuri, they were the first reason why in the beginning I wanted to watch STS. After I have watched STS for a few episodes, it is the storyline that keep me watching as it is very different plot from other dramas.

  192. 192 : Sony Says:

    The rate is not improve so much
    but Swallow the Sun is still in the first place

  193. 193 : Cookies Says:

    I’m watching ep 20,21 OMG…just kill me now..! how can the director do this?!? what will happen tomy HOTTIE Jung Woo shi!! he’s suffering to much in his life so far…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let have some happiness!!!!

  194. 194 : MrsField Says:

    I feel I want to kiss Ji Sung holy cow “HE IS SOOO GERGOUS!!!! short hair or even long hair!

    There something bout this unbelievable actor!! that everytime you look at him the more he gets more more more more handsome oh man the cuteness that kills me!

  195. 195 : Eza Says:

    Ji Sung is such a Hottie..he looks good with whatever he wears no matter its business suits or casuals..yeh he is the best man I have ever seen everytime he moves my heart go’s BOom BOom BOom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. 196 : Lolly Says:

    I wonder what would happen if JW & SH can get back together in the end…don’t make me sad I don’t want JW killed pleaseeeeeee!

  197. 197 : mAggie Says:

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  198. 198 : katie Says:

    One of my favorites. Very good drama indeed. Please watch it. You won’t be disappointed : )

  199. 199 : Cutie Says:

    2 THUMBS UP!!! for this series though im just still on ep 13. IM A SUPER BIG FAN of JI Sung ( NUMO SARANGHAE). UR SUPERB!!! UR THE MAN OPPAH!!!!!!!!but with the story,all the cast, the scene its an all star cast. DEFINITELY THE BEST EVER swallow the sun!

  200. 200 : Mrsfield Says:

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  201. 201 : Meline Says:

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  203. 203 : Boston Says:

    THE BEST!!!…I would say that this drama series is one of the best korean drama series that I had see the lead actor really impress me with his acting he makes you in love with him…Ji Sung makes me appreciate the sacrifice a man and love he has to his woman whom he loves most and his friends from getting hurt. This is a five star drama can’t erase to my viewing addict mind….hope to watch another JI SUNG drama or movie in the future…

  204. 204 : Bunny Says:

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  208. 208 : Sunsan Says:

    Oh man I feel your pain watching your new series Swallow the Sun! but anyway you are really HOT here…

    This series I would REALLY RECOMMEND TO ALL. It’s really intense story, beautiful scenes will really move your heart.

  209. 209 : Bisquit Says:

    For me is top korean drama I had watch. It gives great cliffhangers which cause you to want to watch more ep hahaha. which I would say is the best of the whole show, super indescribable.

  210. 210 : Asian Says:

    ~~~~Yes! Definitely highly recommend to ALL~~~~

  211. 211 : Rainbow Says:

    wohohohoho! Ji Sung he is totally Hottie in here with his new hair sooo very manly & handsome. Watching him the last series New Heart with that new hair do of his is a down to earth, funny, comical, blur, straight forward and emotion guy. Swallow the sun you’ll love him more and more!!!

    Seriously, I encourage ALL of you to watch this!

  212. 212 : JC Says:

    O M G!!!! I have chills all over my body I hope nothing happen to Ji Sung he is just so loyal and gergous!

  213. 213 : Jacob Says:

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  214. 214 : Wanda Says:

    ~~~~Ji Sung~~~~
    I think you’re amazing
    A very wonderful man
    You pulled me in your web
    I became your greatest fan.

  215. 215 : Minna Says:

    I have always been a fan of Ji Sung so I must see all his drama or series!

  216. 216 : Axie Says:

    I watched ep 22 last night eng sub not completed yet but still I’m very thrilled and can’t explained my feelings especially when Ji Sung n Sung Yuri get together that moment scene gets me on and on also the real dad find out everything! My body was shaking my eyes was open wide can’t miss any of the scene! golly I had to watch it over and over my favorite part is when they hug each other! aaaahhhhh! both lead character are very gergous!!

  217. 217 : Rosie Says:

    VERY IMPRESSIVE performance Ji Sung! that’s why I love you to the max!!!!!also all the cast really awesome job!

  218. 218 : lanlan Says:

    After watching episode 22, 23, I would like to have people to stone the character SH (Sung Juri) to death, including the DA. I’ve never had developed such a hatred feelings toward a female lead like this time, especially with that Yuri. I just hate looking at the Botox face and boring acting. I begin not to like Ji Sung toward the end, maybe because of the way the writer put it together but his acting is excellent.

    I love Jang Min Ho’s acting especially now, his love for the lost son while he keeps thinking about revenge.

    Up to now, I prefer the 1st ALL IN. There are some things about the story line toward the end made me lose interest.

  219. 219 : LY Says:

    i too think that sung yuri’s acting here is pretty odd… i actually find the scenes of her rather boring, esp towards the end of the show.

    but i think that jisung and Jun Kwang Ryul (Jang Min Ho) are simply fantastic in this show! it’s worth it to just watch the scenes they were in (:

  220. 220 : burberry Says:

    I’m sorry if I’ll offend anyone but has Ji Sung done something with his face? I watched an episode and I didn’t recognise Ji Sung at all. His eyes & nose must have been done up. But why make changes to such a gorgeous face.

  221. 221 : kate Says:

    Hi! again 😀

  222. 222 : Asian Says:

    Ji Sung is Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT ; )

  223. 223 : Jude Says:


  224. 224 : Haven Says:

    Everything is GREAT! And of course Ji Sung is just amazing!!!

  225. 225 : Dan Says:

    The DAD Jang Min ho face expression when he saw the bloody Jung Woo( son) was! THIS ACTOR IS AMAZINNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!

  226. 226 : Rocky Says:

    WoW GREAT PERFORMANCE by Jang Min Ho. made me crying right NOW….WoW hat is the most heart breaking scene ive ever seen…oh man I feel him.

  227. 227 : Milo Says:

    That what I really love about this series cuz it has tons of EXCITEMENT and it got glued to every episode thou, I love the ep 21to 23 more cuz it shows a lot of emotions esp on part of d father who can’t deny d love to his son..his very loyal to his mom since when they met. sad sad sad…..

  228. 228 : Boston Says:

    the one who played the Dad (Jun Kwang Ryul) and Ji Sung ( Jun Woo) are truly truly great actor!!!

  229. 229 : Blackbeans Says:

    oh my huhuhuhuhuhuhhuhhhhhhhh episode 23 it was totally heartbreaking made me cry esp the part of Jang Min Ho cried on the grave (jun woo mom)! What a real real real actor he is!!

  230. 230 : Blackbeans Says:


  231. 231 : Echo Says:

    Tha’t right!
    I SWEAR SWALLOW THE SUN one of the BEST !!
    lOVE Ji Sung and DAD Jun Kwang Ryul!

  232. 232 : love_sungyuri Says:

    i want to say the drama is great with many excellent actors (ji sung,sung yu ri and ji sung’s dad )
    i hope ji sung and sung yu ri are a real couple.
    the love in the drama is too pain and deep. love them.

  233. 233 : love_sungyuri Says:

    everybody says that sung yu ri’s acting is bad in some last episode. i don’t agree. you can see her character is really angry because her parents death and the police ‘s death. she is angry. she is good acting when she turn into evil face with ji sung.
    i believe that her acting skills is great.

  234. 234 : kt Says:

    Yes I hv to agreed with what love_sungyuri has written on no.233. Sung Yuri is a great actress, she is the only actress I can think of when to act in a crying and angry scenes, she so…………….GOOD and REAL in these kind of scenes, thump up, her crying is so painful in all her dramas.

    Sung Yuri and Ji Sung hwaiting.

  235. 235 : kt Says:

    Hope to see Ji Sung and Sung Yuri together in the last episode, keep my fingers crossing.

  236. 236 : lanlan Says:

    Yuri’s tears look like crocodiles’ ones, so fake. Her acting is awkward and boring! Can not wait for the last episode to finish and i will never watch any drama with her face in it again. Hope that Ji Sung will team up with another female leading role for his next project; otherwise she will bring the rating down. I endured a great deal with her in Snow Queen because of Hyun Bin. Now, it’s the same thing with Ji Sung. I like him and had to endure her boring acting again.

    Thank God! the drama is almost done.

    Yuri should take Acting 101 or learn how to act from Song Hye Gyo.

  237. 237 : Axie Says:

    BOTH LEAD CHARACTER Ji Sung n Sung Yuri they act pretty amazing!!! SUPER GERGOUS!

  238. 238 : Sony Says:

    I agree with no. 234 & no. 233, even i’m not yet watch Swallow of the Sun.
    I really really appreciate the acting of Sung Yuri in The Snow Queen.
    She’s good at crying scence mix with her beautifully sad face.
    It’s made me addicted.
    That’s why I am interested in this series.

  239. 239 : Sony Says:

    I am excited in waiting for DVD of this drama.
    I think this is the best drama year.
    Cos every one really excited in this drama till the end of the seiries.

    Today, It’s might be a wonderful ending of this series.

    Come on!
    Swallow of the Suners!
    Keep Fighting!

  240. 240 : Shy Says:

    Yeah!!!It’s almost the end of this series can’t sleep can’t wait I’m so totally blast from the last episode……unbelievable actors and actress! I swear I’m going to buy the dvd for my collection!

    Please everyone watch Swallow the sun…no regrets!

  241. 241 : Bulky Says:

    I want more of Ji Sung series! his fantastic actor love him on the screen!

  242. 242 : kate Says:

    Hey!!! today is the last episode of “Swallow of the Sun”
    “o” it must be cool…i really really want to watch it tonight but not possible so only waiting for DVD. I hope it ll release soon…hehe..

  243. 243 : kate Says:

    one more thing i wanna see Yuri have a performance on stage as a singer again, since i used to see her have a nice, cool, sexy dance in “Prince’s first Love” one scene. i think if she start to be a singer again, she can be compare with Hyori(her friend)…

  244. 244 : Twinkle Says:

    I like all actors who play this kdrama, Ji Sung BEST action on drama!!

  245. 245 : Eugene Says:

    My personal favorite is Ji Sung as always oh he’s beautiful he’s so hot. I called him hot Ji Sung he was so hot. I loved him in this series I have watched over over again and his beauty takes my breath away.

  246. 246 : Mat Says:

    Sung Yuri she’s really gergous.

  247. 247 : Shen Says:

    Right now, the only actor I’m really into is Ji Sung! please make more series or movies.

  248. 248 : Ismil Says:

    I absolutey ADORE Ji Sung in this series!

  249. 249 : Marnie Says:

    Ji Sung acting captivate me love this series.

    He always amazes me with his ability to deliver emotion.

    He is so consistent with his works and is fantastic in his scenes esp w/ his Dad.

  250. 250 : Mary.London Says:

    The series had its moments, I suppose, since I kept watching the uploads, but numerous verbose and awkwardly made and scripted passages burdened the plot unnecessarily. Ji Sung is a very nice, promising actor with an interesting, expressive face that lights up the screen, but the leading actress was such a disappointment! Wooden, shallow, and so lacking in comprehension of the character she was portraying (in fact her lack of effort is what annoyed me the most). She completely failed to convey anything that could arouse even the mildest interest in her character or her story(by the way, why set her character up as someone invested in music, only to thrust a totally artificial ‘dream’ on her character later on? Music is already a big, demanding dream and wanting to be a perfect cellist is an exciting ambition, yet out of the blue she drops music completely, and turns to some tedious career in the entertainment business, replacing creativity with pseudo-creativity). The lack of chemistry between her and Ji Sung (although he tried hard) was all too obvious. I’ve never seen such boring kisses to be honest. I know that 236 and I are in the minority here, but I don’t mind that at all. It would not surprise me to find that there’s a big number of people who are satisfied with such poor acting (and I also consider poor acting the utterly off-putting laying it on thick in the melodramatic moments) or don’t really mind the total absence of imagination in an actress. Ji Sung should have been paired with a better, more subtle and imaginative actress, given that Korean series are, usually, very good at hitting the right chemistry between their protagonists (e.g., the far superior All In , or the ménage à trois in What Happened in Bali, where the chemistry between Jo In Sung,So Ji Sub and Ha Ji Won saved the day from the hysterically baroque plot).

  251. 251 : lanlan Says:

    Thank you, 250. You said it all and that was exactly how I’ve been feeling.

    Sung Yuri’s acting annoyed me the most. I could not disagree with you that there was no chemistry between the two main lead even though he tried very hard. There was a bed scene between them again in episode 24 and I just pressed the fast-forward button.

    And you are absolutely about Ji Sung should have been paired with a better, more subtle and imaginative actress.

    Well said! 250 and thank you, thank you again!

  252. 252 : Jon Says:

    I want Ji Sung to team up with Song Hye KYo, Eun Hye and Eugene again! It would be exciting! : )

  253. 253 : Mary.London Says:

    Not at all, lanlan! I was going to say something about the actress who played ‘Soo Huyn’s’ flat-mate/friend in my previous entry, but one can write so many negative things within a small space. I think she’s by far the worst actress I’ve ever come across. Compare to her Sung Yu Ri feels like the reincarnation of Dame Peggy Ashcroft. Mercifully, her part was small. The casting director(s) have a lot to answer for. I’ve yet to see the last episode and from your note I gather it has already been aired in Korea (?). I shall have to wait until all those marvellous translators and subbing groups, who work for nothing, put it up. I’d love to see Ji Sung again (very, very soon please) in another drama, for I already miss his face and quiet but virile voice (unfortunately, this drama does not inspire repeated viewings like, say, City Hall does, so I’m bound to stay hungry). On a positive note, the actor who played the dark, dangerous and criminal father was good -at once paternal and menacing- as, indeed, was ‘Jackson’. The best parts, I thought, were those with Ji Sung and his ‘father’, Ji Sung and the detective, Ji Sung and ‘Jackson’, and ‘Jackson’ and his beloved -their passion outshone that of the leads, in my view, although the series spent far too little time on it. The lady’s character could have done with better scripting (my stomach churns when I see women dominated by their fathers/lovers in dramas and it is treated as a ‘normal state’ of affairs) but the actress did a pretty decent job with her material. In the end, an all male affair with the female characters thrown in for decoration and relief.

  254. 254 : Josh Says:

    Sung Yuri first caught my attention when i was checking Dramawiki. She has a pleasant face, charming, beautiful and pretty.

    I then started watching her dramas and began to know more about the other actors and actresses. Sung Yuri has improved a lot since Thousand Years of Love. She was stiff initially but she is getting better and better with every new drama. In no time she will be one of the most popular actress.

    Keep it up Yuri…. Everybody in Swallow the Sun did a good job and making it one of the top if not the top drama of the year!!!

  255. 255 : Josh Says:

    Sung Yuri – keep it up… fighting… fighting….


    * 2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Kang Ji Hwan for Hong Gil Dong
    * 2008 KBS Drama Awards: Popular Actress Award (Hong Gil Dong)
    * 2008 44th Baeksang Awards: Popularity Award
    * 2006 KBS Acting Awards: Popularity Award
    * 2006 KBS Acting Awards: Best Couple Award with Hyun Bin for The Snow Queen
    * 2003 SBS Actors Awards: Netizen’s Choice
    * 2003 SBS Actors Awards: Best Actress in a Special Drama
    * 2002 SBS Actors Awards: New Star
    * 2002 MBC Awards: Best New MC, MBC Broadcasting & Entertainment Awar

  256. 256 : Equate Says:


    Yes! Ji Sung is soooo cool and manly compared to new heart….so grown up both drama i love!!!

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    Ji Sung is an excellent actor!

    In ‘New Heart’ he acted as someone boyish, childish, happy go lucky…

    Here, he is COOL and MANLY…watch on and YOU will agree…I’m at episode 17…very intense acting by him.

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    Also that crying scene when your character find out about your real dad your eyebrow flip was so intense!

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    I feel really bad & sad when dad killed himself in his mom grave.

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    and your chemistry with Eugene is brilliant basically this series is amazing and its got the blend of everything including the love you most in the world & family.

    As this drama is going on I am adoring your character a lot.

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    Your acting is indeed excellent and very professional.

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    Jang min ho and Jung Woo shi that scene made me cry literally you both outstanding!

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    Ji Sung had na awesome here….

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  277. 277 : raz Says:


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  283. 283 : Oley Says:


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    M waiting ur DVD….

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    He’s a fantastic actor on screen, I completely admire him for that, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s incredible charming as well. Now, while I do adore him and have a crush on him, I don’t know him well enough, haha, but as an actor I suppose I love him.

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    hai………………..your so handsome…….and sexy…………..
    Great performance! Looking forward for ur new drama…

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  298. 298 : Zwinky Says:

    Ji Sung is such an amazing actor and finally deserves to be on this list. He has amazing work every scene and I look up to him in many ways even though…he has the ability to deliver such powerful and emotion performances, while staying true to himself. So glad he made the list. He is someone I look forward to seeing in more series.

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    Ji Sung is AWESoNE! He is my fav from Korea! I have to agree that Jason Statham, Matt Damon are my favorite actor as well here in the u.s.
    meaning Ji Sung has a lot of the potential to be the action legend.

  303. 303 : Swadey Says:

    One of the best scenes ever devised in K-Series the way Ji Sung is so cool about the whole situation impressed me a lot in swallow the sun.

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  315. 315 : Ging Says:


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  327. 327 : Coolman Says:

    Swallow the sun is one of the series I love to watch bcuz the actors and actress know now to act and I can learn a lot from them.

  328. 328 : Rach Says:

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    Ahh i’ve seen the series! so good, and yet so incredibly sad….just about anything all the cast are brillian in and the way Ji Sung portrayed Jung Woo always gets me too.

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    Ji Sung,
    Could not even stop blinking when watching in this drama. I was completed mezmorizied by your character. You definitely know how to make a woman go crazy. I swear if I meet you in person I would melt in your hands when I look in your eyes i feel that a rose is growing from my heart. Thank for making my dreams come true keep it up you are my #1 fan in the world and i mean it. I am really lookin for the next series and then movie bcuz i want to see your face and remind me that you are the guy I am looking forward to cuz you my man in swallow the sun and don’t you forget that when you are filming and you are very nervous then just think of my letter and i hope it will make you feel better.xoxoxoxoxoxoxox love you my idol and you can’t let your fans down and your my number ONE..you rockon and you can. You rock my world you know that fan me. love ya.

  332. 332 : Lauren Says:

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  334. 334 : Jaron Says:


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  336. 336 : deanaz Says:

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    love this drama. best ever…oh can’t forget every single of the plot and the scenario between ji sung and sung yuri. they are one of the best couple. love them. and the kiss between ji sung (kim jung woo) and sung yuri (lee soo hyun) was so romantic…. hope that the director and the screenwriter make ALL IN 3…

  356. 356 : Marie Says:


  357. 357 : Jay Says:

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  362. 362 : Rory Says:


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  364. 364 : Marian Says:


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    Fell in love with Ji Sung when I watched Save the last dance he does it for me, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I respect if other people find other actors more atractive than him, for me he is the best looking actor of our generation, just my opinion.

  370. 370 : Kane Says:

    Seriously… none of the comments about how sexy Ji Sung are actually tell me anything about this show. Is it any good?

  371. 371 : Carmel Says:

    Watch and GO figure really really really intense story ever for 2009! All the cast did a very good job!

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  373. 373 : Vanessa Says:

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  375. 375 : layla Says:

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  379. 379 : Elly Says:

    Ji Sung makes me feel good to see him in action. I watch him everytime I start feeling down. He is a magnificant posture of a man and I simply love to hear him talk and his series are intense, exciting and SEXY.

  380. 380 : lilian Says:

    yanti… he has a girlfriend. she is the supporting actress in the drama ‘save the last dance for me’
    the one that ji sung was suppose to marry but did not.
    I fell in love with ji sung after watching that drama 🙂

  381. 381 : lou8 Says:

    ji sung real life girlfriend is lee bo young

  382. 382 : Ana Says:

    oh for real! Ji Sung & LBY she’s pretty though! WoW so Ji Sung is taken huh. I’m so jealous more! hic hic hic..but still I love this actor too much! his my screen saver from my house to work! He keeps me going everyday everytime I see him on my cp! ha.ha.ha..

  383. 383 : kmg Says:


  384. 384 : rein Says:

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    PRETTY INTENSE DRAMA!! super nice!!!!!!!

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  387. 387 : Raquel Says:


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  389. 389 : xangel Says:


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    Ji Sung are so cute! 😀 I love this series.

  391. 391 : indri Says:

    Good work Ji Sung,.. nice series,…

  392. 392 : pjd Says:

    Good drama. Actor who played the father stole the show. He is excellent. Who killed the policeman? Who killed the leading lady’s parents? Some episodes were broken, were the answers there?

  393. 393 : asiangoodsdvd Says:

    buy this korean drama and all your asian drama at affordable price at:


  394. 394 : kitty Says:

    i am waiting for the dvd to come out in singapore. just fall head over heel with ji sung and sung yuri, they are so handsome and beautiful.

  395. 395 : molla Says:

    luv diz!!
    does any1 here knws where i can watch ep 12 n 13??
    dat eps r not available at mysoju
    i googled it but cant find any websites
    all vids of ep 12 n 13 r broken
    where shud i watch it????
    if u knw, can u plz email me at
    [email protected]
    i wud reli appreciate ur help.thx!

  396. 396 : mah Says:

    there is this song that is played in the end of ep 22 and in the beginning of ep 23, this song is also played in the first episode, if I can remember it right. I would really be grateful if anyone can help me find out about this song.

  397. 397 : Arai Says:

    Love this drma…

  398. 398 : dianne Says:

    i like the story on the first episode… all of the cast are goodlooking..and cute theme song=)

  399. 399 : JC Says:

    Hmm..I’ve only just started watching this drama n so far, not too bad. Visited this site n was surprised with all the praises for Ji Sung. I didn’t think he was goodlooking at all n his acting was so so. In fact I thought the role would have been played to perfection by Go Soo (the hunk in Will It Snow For Christmas). Personally, I prefer Lee Wan. I thought he has more charisma n better looking n I was hoping that he’d win the girl but alas! Hope I’d get to see him in more dramas.

  400. 400 : ALI PACKET PC Says:

    the besttttttttttttttttttttt dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,all actors and actress very good playing^____^

  401. 401 : Serious Says:

    The overall storyline could have been better if the ending episode is not abrupt cut and end. The father should have lived on to do more charity and help the citizens in the township that he had caused too much burden. Even his lost son had come forward to acknowledge him as a dad at last. Aiyah…..the end is errr…………

  402. 402 : Lisa Says:

    You can find missing episodes with English hardsubbed subtitles at veoh.com

  403. 403 : kim Yukie Says:

    best drama …

  404. 404 : Mayra Says:

    The drama is excellent. I enjoyed every bit of it. Ji Sung looks exceedingly handsome and attractive in this drama. two thumbs up!! Good work to all the casts!

  405. 405 : Sushi Says:

    I love Ji Sung And Sung Yu Ri so much…they acted so well!
    This drama is good and nice!

  406. 406 : sushi Says:

    I luv JS n SYR!!

  407. 407 : candy Says:

    Can’t take my eyes off you, Ji Sung. Your beautiful eyes expresses so many many things. I waited for watching Swallow the sun since they announced filming. Just only say that LOVE this drama much. Especially U..my Ji Sung.

  408. 408 : kysha Says:

    there should be more scenes between JS and SYR…..they make a great couple.

  409. 409 : Thel Says:

    Love Ji Sung!!!!

  410. 410 : Wanda Says:

    I like him in all in, then in new heart… am going to watch out for this!

  411. 411 : Susie Says:

    I hope JI SUNG and EUGENE have project again 😉 love them..

  412. 412 : Cheyene Says:

    watching ep-2 right now.

    Ji Sung is Soooo HOT

  413. 413 : Debb Says:

    Now on ep 19. I like it!

  414. 414 : Debb Says:

    Awesome drama…idk y its called all in 2??
    on ep 19..

  415. 415 : Tany Says:

    So in love the OST

  416. 416 : May05 Says:

    Man I just watch ep 20-21 and I must say the plot from ep 1 till now is GREAT though everything is starting to get revealed I’m wondering and excited oh oh oh OMG!!!. Oh man I love this drama cerainly one of the best of 2009…. DON’T MISS THIS ONE ONE OF THE BEST!!!

  417. 417 : Deveny Says:

    My second favorite drama of 2009. The actors, the plot, everything is great!!!. And of course, Ji Sung is just amazing.

  418. 418 : Jane Says:

    Love it every episode is good to me.. can’t wait for the last ep.

  419. 419 : Janius Says:

    Yes! a great drama ended…… <3

  420. 420 : Lenlen Says:

    how do u rate this drama?

  421. 421 : Cisie Says:

    20 out of 20 of course!!! FANTASTIC!!!!

  422. 422 : ironwoman Says:

    Ji Sung is Awesome!

  423. 423 : Magaret Says:

    Swallow the Sun will probably find more popularity simply because the storyline & genre will appeal to a majority of viewers. I’m sure the lead actresses will generate a good amount of interest in the shows but it all boils down to how many people are watching it, right? Moms, kids, grandparents, etc are probably going to watch the generic k-drama rather than a suspense/thriller show. Everyone watch this drama you won’t regret it!

  424. 424 : Mime Says:

    ‘Swallow the Sun’ to Capture Love, Revenge’ just love it and love love love Ji Sung 😉

  425. 425 : NatalieBeh Says:

    JI SUNG, maybe ur not reading it but i have to say how much i love u,u r the best for me,love u.and wish all the best in your life…i wish i could ever talk to u and say these words live..kiss mpwaaaaa

  426. 426 : kae Says:

    hey, you my the best actor!! i`m crazy for you!!

  427. 427 : lori Says:

    wOW he’s so cool

  428. 428 : Jen Says:


  429. 429 : Bebe Says:

    The man of my dreams(Ji Sung) living in the city of my dreams(Seoul korea and Japan)……..uhhhh!

    No wonder he can speak Japanesse fluently!

  430. 430 : Angelie Says:

    I love you when you’re angry
    I love you when you’re sad

  431. 431 : Chearm Says:

    Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

    If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

  432. 432 : Levy Says:

    It takes a minute to like someone, an hour to love someone, but a lifetime to forget someone. I love you Ji Sung~((hug))

  433. 433 : Eric Says:

    When the world says, “Give up,”
    Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”

    Love you father bcuz you just don’t know that your father loves you more! very good storyline~

  434. 434 : Ava Says:


  435. 435 : Rachell Says:

    Definetly high recomended drama spend your time watching this. I truly enjoyed this one such a beautiful act.

  436. 436 : Fdood Says:

    I truly enjoyed this one. Such a beautiful and sad drama I recommend the watch 10/10.

  437. 437 : boble Says:

    Ji Sung and Sung Yuri sooo really cute.

    rewatchability factor!!!

  438. 438 : Bebe Says:

    Yup!! Worth of watch….good drama

    love it. clever script!!!

  439. 439 : Sophie Says:

    Fantastic drama ….Watch this before it’s taken down.

  440. 440 : Trica Says:

    I can’t stand his smile OMG~~~ it’s too warm like him much~~~ oh this man can alson sing! i watch some of his video,,,so wonderful and handsome man I need it. Can we sing together lol!

  441. 441 : Pam Says:

    I love this drama it must WATCH korean drama strongly recommend I couldn’t kjeep eyes off is a sad drama amazing Ji Sung like always!

  442. 442 : Jiinx Says:

    One of the bestest korean drama i’ve ever watched…it is SUPERB…love all the character esp Ji Sung and Yuri~

  443. 443 : Phyramid Says:

    Ji Sung always looks yummy here…I like him w/ long hair so intense very intense!!! drama is so sweet and sad.

  444. 444 : Myrae Says:

    damn due Ji Sung is hottie and Sung Yuri is beautiful! I want Ji Sung to make drama with Song hye so exciting…

  445. 445 : Denise Says:

    he ‘ s hotttttttttt (L) the guy is so buff

  446. 446 : Daphne Says:

    I love the way he’s talking:)

    Such a lovely and sexy voice he has :O

    I love all of his dramas…(L)

  447. 447 : Johnette Says:

    You bet a very good drama! lovve himxx

  448. 448 : Gary Says:

    Ji Sung rules!!!

  449. 449 : Janet Says:

    sexyyyyyy rock on Ji Sung! ur da best! one of the great drama ive ever seen…your the man

  450. 450 : Bebe Says:

    Seriously he is so freakin hot!!!! for an korean guy anyway….

  451. 451 : Zicie Says:


  452. 452 : mutiara Says:

    i think i’m gonna watch this…

  453. 453 : ardhan Says:

    good action film 🙂

  454. 454 : mutiara Says:

    oh, so this is the all in 2? i’m gonna watch this..

  455. 455 : mel Says:

    good action series…

  456. 456 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. great job

  457. 457 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^t

  458. 458 : Jed Says:

    You will not regret watching this film very good acting for all the cast!

  459. 459 : Oceans Says:

    Yup super acting FANTABULOUS!!!! Ji Sung and Yuri very good chemistry loving it! hope they can make another one drama!

  460. 460 : Javs Says:

    Can’t get enough of it. VEry interesting film ever made…people should watch it.

  461. 461 : Sasa Says:

    Wonder why people in korea don’t watch this film there are so many korean filmdrama are very interesting to watch ! I never stop watching esp romance/comedy actually I have a 2 copy of this drama. fighting!!!

  462. 462 : Corey Says:

    Yup is true! just like me am soooo addicted to krdama! I love Ji Sung of coarse.

  463. 463 : Wen Says:

    Love Ji Sung and the OST in this drama.

  464. 464 : R-lay Says:

    I like Ji Sung style.

  465. 465 : R-lay Says:

    သူရဲ့ေနပုံထုိင္ပုံက အတုယူစရာေတြပါ။

  466. 466 : lin Says:

    this drama is very…very… gooood!! two thumbs!

  467. 467 : Jpey Says:


  468. 468 : coonie Says:

    I have 2 dvd on this drama love ji sung!

  469. 469 : Joy Says:

    so hottie of Ji Sung! more of him please!

  470. 470 : Joy Says:

    what an IMPECcable drama!

  471. 471 : Rena Says:

    VEry well Ji Sung! Now am watching your new kim soo ro!

  472. 472 : Jade Says:

    I told you all this drama is winner!

  473. 473 : Kimber Says:

    I know that it is in my TOP drama at all time!

  474. 474 : Hazel Says:

    100% wonderful drama.

  475. 475 : Johnette Says:

    Yup all the CAST top for this performance!

  476. 476 : Cindy Says:

    love the OST beautiful fit in the drama.

  477. 477 : nona Says:

    Can wait to see this drama

  478. 478 : nhu Says:

    Ji sung is the best actor, Sung Ju Ri very beautyful, I love them

  479. 479 : Keever Says:

    watching this intense drama I fell ultimate inside! I love all the Cast! Ji Sung so hottieeee! yuri so cute~

  480. 480 : Maribel Says:

    his the actor from Kim Soo Ro oh gosh such a remarkable actor watching all his drama cannot be missed.

  481. 481 : Jody Says:

    Can’t stop thinking him I feel him though! scenery was amazing! combination of 3 countries very interesting to watch!

  482. 482 : Rekha Says:

    Love this drama ultimately! Never stop thinking every episode gives more intense! All the cast am so speechless! Well done.

  483. 483 : Cyril Says:

    What more can u ask bout this intense drama~ the more you watch them the more you love all the CAST! great job to all the writer, directing and all the staff.

  484. 484 : Alia Says:

    Never forgot this intense drama is my favorite at all time!

  485. 485 : Ashlyn Says:

    It is truly amazing to me watching this intense drama you can really tell they portray their role what i find most amazing about these drama is how their mirror the viewer’s experience, dealing with life.

  486. 486 : Xoxo Says:

    to infinity Swallow the sun makes you non stop to watch this film!

  487. 487 : badcraziness Says:

    watch swallow the sun you’ll enjoy this alot!

  488. 488 : Therese Says:

    i recommend HIGH TENSION!!

  489. 489 : Maxwell Says:

    Excellent film have seeen this one three times put me on the edge of my seat. I would recommend this drama.

  490. 490 : Carole Says:

    wow Ji Sung he’s one of my favorites, i’ve watched him in countless drama one of my favorites is Save the last dance! now swallow and kim soo ro.

  491. 491 : C,J, Says:

    I like lee wan too, his cute though.

  492. 492 : Vivian Says:

    I would say what an SPECTACULAR intense drama ever!!! Thank you to all the wonderful CAST again kamshameda;)

  493. 493 : Vivian Says:

    also great great great OST!!!

  494. 494 : kitty Says:

    I love sung yuri so much, she, ji sung and lee wan are e reasons that I watch this drama, they all look so good together, just too hard for me to choose whether yuri should be with sung or wan as she look so cute with e two actors.

    THUMP UP, great drama, love it.

  495. 495 : kitty Says:

    Love to see sung yuri and lee wan and ji sung in another drama or movie again.

  496. 496 : lin Says:

    i like this drama..it’s very good 2 thumbs

  497. 497 : jackie Says:


    ALL THE CAST AMAZED ME!!! fighting :O

  498. 498 : Maddie Says:

    I super agree with that they deserve to be on the LIST!

  499. 499 : cLARA Says:


  500. 500 : Shannon Says:

    Yes, my friend told me to watch this and I watched it you feel something ULTIMATELY inside!!!!

  501. 501 : Janjan Says:

    very nice scenery…STUNNING…

  502. 502 : Gretta Says:

    Shows very sincere feeling for love triangle here!

    shocking when he find out that rich man is his real father! everything his plan screw them!

  503. 503 : Reba Says:

    The lead actor is very convincing role! I starting like this guy for sure I won’t miss all his drama. I think he has a new film name KIM SOO RO is he really him wow I figured can’t miss that!

  504. 504 : raz Says:

    I’m quite contented with the ending.
    it was enjoyable drama!!!

  505. 505 : Hunny Says:

    wahhhh i really like this drama of course is my Ji Sung in it!!!!

  506. 506 : Gretta Says:

    Gosh sexy Yuri here!

  507. 507 : Lion Says:

    I recommend this drama to everyone who likes Sung Yu Ri 🙂 she was so beautiful again as always. Ji sung also was good in acting. A successful drama with Beautiful actresses and actors and the scenery.

  508. 508 : Veronica Says:



  509. 509 : Janis Says:

    My dear Ji Sung,

    yOu may not Love me TODAY, tomorrow, or ever, but i will love you until it kills me, and, even then, you’ll be in my heart ; )

  510. 510 : Ethel Says:

    Yeah Ji Sung I admire you ALOT!!!

  511. 511 : Gemma Says:

    people pls watch his new epic file ‘ KIM SOO RO’ love itttttt!

  512. 512 : Lilian Says:


    Name of lead actor is Ji Sung
    He is a damn good actor!

    U must watch ‘save the last dance for me’
    I started to like him there!!!!
    Next there’s ‘new heart’ 🙂

  513. 513 : shayan Says:

    I from Iran but I saw that drama because Sung Yu Ri play in that serial.she is very good actress and if evry one has a her mail please send it.
    my mail:[email protected]

  514. 514 : minoo Says:

    just watch it….so fantastic

  515. 515 : Rhana Says:


  516. 516 : Dana Says:

    Fighting Ji Sung love all your drama!

  517. 517 : Joyce Says:

    hi you are sooo hottie here! Love all the cast! God bless all!

  518. 518 : Jocel Says:


  519. 519 : Magnetic Says:

    Ji Sung is the best actor of ALL TIME. He always plays tough, uncompromising types that know how to fight and I hear he’s nothing like that in real life.

  520. 520 : Igls Says:

    Excellent in ” KIM So ROO”

  521. 521 : Jedi Says:

    He has been brilliant in every drama of his that I have seen.

  522. 522 : Caroline Says:

    His best performances are easily: “Save the last dance”, ” New heart, Kim soo ro, swallow The Sun”

  523. 523 : Jen Says:

    he’s alright I suppose. I loved Kim Soo Ro

  524. 524 : Shan Says:

    Without a doubt, Ji Sung is one of the outstanding actors fighting!!!

  525. 525 : kAtie Says:


  526. 526 : Dona Says:

    I like Ji Sung as an actor he was brilliant in Save the last dance and New heart.

  527. 527 : Cutegirl Says:

    Ji Sung acting ability stands out without question his ability to deliver so deep into a characteer that for a moment we forget it is an actor and not a person he is portraying puts Mr Ji Sung in the leagues of such save the last dance, all in, swallow the sun kim soo ro certainly one of the best.
    Ji sung is worth whatever you have to pay him , or put up with.

  528. 528 : Womanizer Says:

    A flawless performer in save the last dance, new heart! One of the few entertainers who strive for perfection & actually attain in their films. More drama!

  529. 529 : Lilian Says:

    Ji Sung is awesome in this drama!
    Another good production by him and I just find that he is very under-rated in Korea.

    But its good to see him well loved in Japan 🙂

  530. 530 : Laila Says:

    Sweet and hot!

  531. 531 : Jayjay Says:

    I did love him is Save the last dance!

  532. 532 : pho Says:

    I was impressed w/ him in New Heart and save the last dance, he brought that role to life so PERFECTLY!

  533. 533 : shebee Says:

    I’m still watching this drama. Great one. It’s the first time I ‘meet’ Ji Sung and OMG…his acting and appearance makes me amazed. Go Ji Sung!!

  534. 534 : toh quan ming Says:

    i rent this korean drama because i like ji sung as the idol and he is very handsome and cool.

  535. 535 : kdfan Says:

    I find Swallow the Sun much better than All In although much of the story is similar. And I prefer Jisung playing the lead much better than Lee Byung hun in All In too. Sung Yuri’s character too has a little more depth than Song Hye Gyo’s. The casting of the support casts are quite good this round.

    Jisung is awesome, much more charisma than Lee Byunghun. And definitely much more better looking too. Love the scene at Ep 16 when he showed his controlled burst of anger being provoked by Lee Wan’s right hand man. Really envy Lee Boyoung for having Jisung as a real life boyfriend.

  536. 536 : sss Says:

    ji suuuuuuunnnnnnnnggggggggg

  537. 537 : molly Says:

    bagus banget drama ini, tp 2009 gak terlalu terkenal. tp mnrt aku bgus akting dan jalan cerita nya. value of this drama from me, 85

  538. 538 : ladan Says:

    I from iran
    Ji sung is the best actor.

  539. 539 : Isti Harfiantha Says:

    nice drama…like it
    Ji sung so cute…^.^

  540. 540 : swanyeehtet Says:

    swallow the sun is my favourite movie and Ji Sung is a best actor in my mind

  541. 541 : fall Says:

    Kim Soo Ro ,Swallow the Sun ,New Heart ,Save the Last Dance for Me ,All In
    Ji Sung is the besy

  542. 542 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    Jun Kwang Ryul
    talented player, he played very professionally and amazing .
    I really enjoyed seeing him play.

  543. 543 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    Amazing movie, I really enjoyed seeing him, all the cast playing great and professionally,
    JI Seong very easy to fall for you You’re charming and incredibly handsome.

  544. 544 : The most popular korean site in Iran » Blog Archive » Sung Yuri_ Biography Says:

    […] Town (KBS2, 2011) Swallow the Sun (SBS, 2009) Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2008) The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) One Fine Day (MBC, 2006) Prince’s […]

  545. 545 : Chai Says:

    What about lee wan. Maybe no one knows him but he’s the best. I cried over him many times in tree to heaven. I like hes quiet attitude

  546. 546 : cindy Says:

    Protect the boss, swallow the sun, save the last dance for me, new heart…
    Ji Sung, is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  547. 547 : Kayla Says:

    love dear ji sung!!
    good for you lee bo young!!!!!!!!

  548. 548 : NILZA Says:

    i also really admired Jin Goo who played Il Hwan,Kim Jung Woo( Ji Sung) biological father in this drama,i mean the gangster…i love the way he act,cool and cold.hahaha…and for sure as a son in this drama ,Kim Jung Woo(Ji Sung) resembled his father..although he not a well known actor still his act skill is superb also beside Ji Sung,Lee Wan and other actor in this drama.but Ji Sung is the most hotter in this drama

  549. 549 : Yuya Skramz Says:

    Hi I’m from malaysia. This exciting drama is up I can not wait for this drama show. ji sung a very talented actor and very handsome. sung yu ri is very pretty and talented. lovely face makes me interested to see it. if given the opportunity I would like to meet with ji sung and sung yu ri. aja aja hwaiting .

  550. 550 : Construction Savings Says:

    Hi there very nice web site!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally?I am happy to find a lot of useful information here within the publish, we need work out extra techniques in this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  551. 551 : tugs Says:

    Hh jajaajaj 1 ana ! kaan

  552. 552 : tugs Says:

    haww ea bhha swallow the sun

  553. 553 : Beverly Strand Says:

    Please tell me what classical music was played by the leading girl as a young cellist as well as when she played it later that caught the attention of the leading man. Would like to know the composer as well as the name. Thank you. I was fascinated by this drama and enjoyed all the characters.

  554. 554 : dsd Says:

    PLease watch Swallow the Sun Eng sub

  555. 555 : kcp Says:

    I am in shock how great this drama and not had swift every 2009 drama awards. Great casting! Thanks for such awesome drama. Love Sung Yu Ri from the Feast of Gods but this drama showcased her talent best. Am a new fan of Ji Sung and all the rest of the cast.

  556. 556 : eryn Says:

    boring drama..
    not recommended

  557. 557 : eryn Says:

    This is long and boring drama.First 4 episodes are not bad, but the show becomes boring and stupid.Jung Woo character isn’t every interesting. He kills many Africans but could not kill any Korean, what is this all about?
    plus,worst ending.

  558. 558 : biola Says:

    i love this drama but what really happen dat it did not end in season two nd it is said to be 25 episode

  559. 559 : uzor Says:

    I real love this movie.. I personally award JI SUNG da best Korean actor.. His movies are so! So!! Interesting. I hav watched “a man called god, the iron king, and now am watching swallow the sun. Am also looking forward to watching many of the korean movie he featured in…. GO JI SUNG!!!!

  560. 560 : hninsi aung Says:

    I like that movie.

  561. 561 : Swallow The Sun | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] selesai menonton drama Swallow The Sun. Punyalah lama menunggu hendak menghabiskan drama ini. Sudahlah 25 […]

  562. 562 : luna Says:

    I love….love…..love…..this drama action….romance…..exellence……

  563. 563 : coachy Says:

    when will season 3 b out, its just wonderful

  564. 564 : Jae Says:

    This series starts out boring and stupid but gets a little better along the way. The bad guys turn out to be good guys and the good guys turn out to be bad guys, as usual.

  565. 565 : sahin Says:

    Nice movie. But r u planing to release season two. The problem with u korean u know how start something but fail to finish. I mean all korean dramas i watched there z no season two of any of them. Only iris so far. u guy bore.

  566. 566 : K. Smee Says:

    @Beverly Strand,
    The Same as you!
    I though only me who interest in that OST!
    But you!
    Do you know about that yet?
    I have tried to find so many year, still can’t see

  567. 567 : Jocurile de putere, subiectul noii drame marca jTBC, “Untouchable” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] sud-coreean foarte indragit la nivel international datorita rolurilor sale din seriale precum: “Swallow the Sun” (SBS, 2009), “Tokyo Shower” (SBS, 2008), “Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek” (KBS2, 2013), “Falling for […]

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