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Stormy Woman 03

Title: 폭풍의 여자 / Stormy Woman
Also Known as: Lady of the Storm
Chinese Title: 暴风的女子
Genre: Melodrama, Family, Romance
Episodes: 140
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-03 to 2015-May-15
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50


Hang Jung Im (Park Sun Young) lives in an ordinary life as a wife and mother. However, Her life have problem when her friend has an affair with her husband and she loses her daughter after that.


Main Cast

Park Sun Young as Han Jung Im
Go Eun Mi as Do Hye Bin
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Do Joon Tae
Jung Chan as Park Hyun Sung
Park Shi Jin as Hyun Sung (young)
Hyun Woo Sung as Park Hyun Woo
Park Joon Hyuk as Jang Moo Young


Shin Yun Sook as Ko Choon Sim
Lee Joo Shil as Kim Ok Ja
Song Yi Woo as Jang Mi Young
Yoon So Jung as No Soon Man
Park Jung Soo as Lee Myeong Ae
Park Jung Sook as Oh Bong Sun

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Yong Won
Producer: Kim Seo Gon
Director: Lee Min Soo, Oh Seung Yul
Screenwriter: Eun Joo Young


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73 Responses to “Stormy Woman”

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  1. 51
    sherry Says:

    I agree with Hen, MBC has kicked us to the curb[American viewers] I am so disppointed. i bet that has do to with more demands and wha cable companies are will to offer. what with the increased attention to K-dramas, i’m sure the MBC sees an opportunity to not only stregnthen their neogotiating stance but also make more money. the days for free viewing is i’m sad to say is over.

  2. 52
    phoenix Says:

    MBC shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves MBC “America”. Americans speak ENGLISH! When in Rome …you know what mean. AND it is not free viewing . I pay $30 per month for a Korean package. Also, I’m not sure if the others (KBS & SBS) will follow suit. KBS HAS NOT subtitled their Mon/Tues, Wed/Thurs or weekend dramas. What’s up with that?

    All in all, this has left and extremely bad taste in my mouth for Kdrama. I’ve been watching them for about 15 years, and ALL the stories are basically the same with just a few twists here and there. I’m exhausted from it.

    Good riddance..and am cancelling my subscription to Korean TV! 🙁

  3. 53
    Rose Says:

    If you go up on the below sight — there is an explanation of why they did this — and people who have complained. Not that it will make any difference, but I agree with some of the posters to air the dramas a week or two later after they are aired in Korea with Eng – Subs. I agree with them as who cares when we see them as long as we see them with the Eng Subs. As far as I am concerned, where I live I have always been behind everyone else in seeing the shows. So it would make no difference to me and probably a lot of people would agree.

    Go up on their Facebook page — MBC America

  4. 54
    Rose Says:

    @Hen — I purposely watched a few minutes before Stormy Women, Iron Cha Lady and Apgujeong shows and so far there have been no announcements that there won’t be anymore Eng Subs. So maybe when I get t those episodes where they stopped, they might air it then, or not.

    I think the whole situation is disgusting, I can’t believe they did this.

  5. 55
    Viv Says:

    I watch this drama and if their’s a skeleton in the closet Do Hye Bin will find it, surprise she found Peter’s so quickly. I also think that in order for Han Jung Im to beat all her enemies under the same roof she will have to marry Chairman Joon Tae and he will have to change the will that they’ve been looking for and leave everything to her, of course, they will eventually kill him. So the little brat DHB daughter has come back home and the only thing that will cure her bad manners is to bring back her friend as a ghost to haunt her and her mother, that would be sweet.

  6. 56
    Viv Says:

    I started watching Korean dramas around 2004 and I remember having the same problem then with MBC not showing dramas with subtitles, so I would watch the other stations that shows subtitles, even the chinese stations that shows Korean dramas, like NDTT, I only started watching MBC a few years when they started the subtitles.

  7. 57
    Rose Says:

    On MBC Facebook Page yesterday there was an apology and explanation of why they made the changes. I wanted to copy it here for everyone, but now I cannot find it on their Facebook Page, darn anyway. Sorry – I don’t know if anyone else can find it.

  8. 58
    Rose Says:

    Found it —- it was posted on May 4, 2015. It is on MBC America Facebook
    There are postings by people with their complaints.

    MBC would like to make a formal apology to the fans concerned with the subtitle situation (or lack of) that began this month. MBC has received a large amount of feedback regarding a new policy instilled this month eliminating subtitles on our programming.
    The reason for this is due to a grand majority of customers requesting our content be aired as quickly as it does in Korea. This makes it impossible to accommodate making these subtitles and still air our programming in a timely manner.
    We are not without solutions however. One of the ways you can enjoy subtitles for our content is by subscribing to the Verizon Korean Package which includes MBC HD and includes subtitles on everything we offer.
    We will offer the same package on DIRECTV beginning August.
    We also have MBCD, a free over the air channel that transmits in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Time Warner cable offers this channel in both LA and NY.
    We hope that this remedies some of the distress caused by this policy change. We did not come to this decision without a great deal of consideration and we are sorry if it has been an inconvenience to all those involved.
    We hope that we can be of better service to all our customers in the future. – MBC America

  9. 59
    Rose Says:

    Do girls always carry pregnancy tests with them now???

    Mi-Young is at work, has trouble eating, goes to the rest room and comes out finding that she is pregnant and she just happened to have a pregnancy test somewhere or do they have them in the bathrooms in Korea??? Some of the scenes in these dramas just don’t make sense and are stupid.

    I wonder how this will end now when Hye Bin finds out. Or will Hye Bin give Hyun Jung a divorce? I am not that far in the episodes yet, but some of you are probably at that point already.

  10. 60
    HEN Says:

    Hey, Rose, MiYoung is the same pregnant; and later… not. She doesn’t stay pregnant. She is a “fool for Park Hyun Sung” either way.

    When he uses the miscarriage as a way to dump her, she bargains to regain his favor by offering her services as his spy, stoolie, or whatever he wants her to do..

    Hye Bin lashes out when she finds out about the affair because of her posessiveness , not jealousy. Their marriage is a business arrangement to take over the company–and each has a different reason.

    I think we are up to EP134. I still record them, but I fast forward since there is no subbing. At this point, you only need to note the basic expressions:
    1) I won–you didn’t
    2) I won–wait, no I didn’t

    The two camps just go back and forth.

    I just want to SEE if Han Jung Im will pick Do Joon Tae or Park Hyun Woo.

  11. 61
    Diana Says:

    I agree 100% with HENs comments!!!

    Keep them coming!!!!

  12. 62
    Diana R. Aleka Says:

    Hello! HEN,

    I agree with you 100% on ‘Stormy Woman’!!!

    They are showing back to back Episodes!!

    The next drama is called ‘Eve’s Love’ 120 Episodes!!! This drama is about a woman who is betrayed by her friend and struggles to recover what she has lost. Sounds sooo familiar…just like Stormy Woman…

    Thank you for your comments!


  13. 63
    HEN Says:

    Thanks, Diane.

    Has anyone realized that Hye Bin hasn’t visited her daughter once since she was carted off to the looney bin. I mean, she wasn’t there when they took her away, and the writer didn’t even show Hye Bin running to her side–even to bribe the doctors & nurses.

    For that matter no one has mentioned or visited her.

    Interesting…if you think about it, didn’t Hye Bin detroyed Han Jung Im’s life because of her devotion to her daughter. The daughter whose father was vetoed by her family and later killed. (In the KDrama, the Korean driver gives new meaning to the term “killer streets” ).

    Before the subs stopped, Hye Bin never even mention making visits to her daughter. Out of sight-out of mind…at least with this writer.

  14. 64
    Rose Says:

    Why does stupid Jung Im conduct all her personal business at Hye Bin’s house and leave her personal private things in that room she has??? That Hye Bin always hears everything she is saying on the phone. Like can’t she go outside or at her friend’s house to handle her private matters??? She doesn’t use her head. Wow – everyone is waaay ahead of me. Episodes 74 and 74 aired Tuesday. I missed the 2 episodes today.

  15. 65
    Chloe Says:

    Has the great American Dream of making “MONEY’ taken away the English subbing?

  16. 66
    Rose Says:

    How stupid can a person be??? Like what is wrong with Jung-in????? Why would she continue to keep Mi Joon working for her in the office??? And then to top that off she has Habin’s mother come back to work for her??? Does Jung-In not get the message yet that they are out to get her and have screwed her over several times??? They put her thru hell with her daughter, she goes to jail and she still associates with them!!! What is wrong with this woman anyway??? Someone needs to knock some sense into her head. They are all a step ahead of her all the time. How stupid – geez– so frustrating!!!

  17. 67
    Rose Says:

    I just saw Ep 94 and 95. Way behind everyone else.

    I can’t believe how stupid all of this is.

    Why in the bloody hell would stupid a-hole Moo-Young go to Hye Bin and start yelling at her about the phone that Dong Hee’s dad has with the evidence that Min Joo pushed Se-Yoon. Like how stupid can a person be including this show. After meeting with Dong Hee’s dad, Jung In should have gone back in the café and told her idiot ex-husband not to say anything to Hye Bin about the phone with the evidence. Everyone in this show is stupid.

    When is Jung In going to wake up to reality and get rid of that dam sister-in-law. What is wrong with that stupid Jung in — she knows that Mi-Young is not on her side. She only cares about herself and Jung-In. Jung-In is more important to her than finding out the truth about her brother’s daughter. What a piece of crap Mi-Young is. She doesn’t care about what happened to her niece. How low class can you get to suck up to some guy who is only using you. What a dumb broad. And Jung-In has no brains either keeping her and Hye-bin’s mother around her. Who is writing this stupid show.

    I don’t get a chance to watch this often, but when I do watch it, nothing has changed, the stupid people are still stupid.

  18. 68
    Rose Says:

    Hen — I don’t know if you still are viewing your tapes of this show.

    I just saw Episodes 120 and 121 today and Hae Bin went to see her daughter at the mental facility. They did not show it but she told her mother in the kitchen when she was having a drink. Hae Bin’s mother was trying to take the drink away as she said she is drinking too much. Hae Bin said she needs to drink after putting her daughter in a mental facility. HaeBin went to hospital to see her daughter after the mausoleum.

    This should be before the above paragraph. Have it back words.
    The lawyer – forgot his name – who worked for the Director – who is dead – his wife brought a black book to the company to give to Park Hyun-Sung. but as usual Hae- bin just happened to be there and went up to her and got her hands on the book. After studying the book she figured out the will was buried with the father. She showed the black book to the Director and now is working with him to find the will. But after she finds the will, she plans on bringing down the director, her husband and Hyun-Woo.

    Hae bin and the Chairman went to the mausoleum or whatever they call it in Korea to look for the father’s will, but they didn’t find it there. It is in a pen in a box with an apricot tree on the top of the box in the Director’s desk drawer.

    Stupid Jung-In’s ex-husband who is working again at the company to supposedly find out what he can to get revenge against Hae-bin. He saw her looking at the black book and was wondering what it was.

    Jung-In while in the hospital after getting hit by Hyun=Sung, is pretending to be in a coma and trying to find the will herself. She figured out from what the Director’s mother said about an apricot tree that the will is buried around an apricot tree. Jung-In and her friend head out to look for an apricot tree but of course don’t find anything. So she went to the director’s office and finds the box with the apricot tree and takes it to the hospital with her. While leaving the hospital, of course, Hae- Bin sees her but she gets away with Hyun–Woo’s help.

    Then the attorney’s wife found Chief Jang thinks the love of her life is cheating on her and she puts a location tracer on his phone so she knows where he is every minute of his life.

    The end has Haebin going to the hospital to see for herself if Jung-In is in a coma, Jung In is not at the hospital as she went to put the box with the apricot on it back in the Director’s office before he misses it as she didn’t find the will in it. Jung-In gets to the hospital room and Hae-Bin is there trying to get in the room and Jung-In’s friend won’t let her in and then the Director comes out of the room. And stupid Jung-In is watching all this from around the corner and the Director sees her. Jung-In was in view of the Director and her friend and if Hae Bin turned her head she would have seen Jung-In How darn stupid is this? That was the end.

    Idiot Chef Jang and her brother think her mother is secretly dating a guy as she goes out every day and Chef Jang told the mother she is happy and supportive of her dating and she wants to meet the guy. The mother said she was not dating anyone

  19. 69
    Rose Says:

    Oh – I made a mistake in the 5th paragraph — last sentence…

    when Jung-In is leaving the company after finding the box with the Apricot, Hae-Bin is on the way out and sees her. She runs after jung-In, but luckily Hyun-Woo managed to get Jung-In and hide her in a closet.

  20. 70
    Rose Says:

    I got a phone call and it appears something got deleted as they are missing.

    Hyun Sung found out about the black book as the attorney’s wife called him to tell him she found a few sheets from the book and he didn’t know what she was talking about. She asked him if he got the book she gave to his wife. At home that night he dumped everything out of Hae Bin’s purse and no book. they banter back and forth.

    Next day after Hae Bin leaves her office, Joon Hyuk goes to her office to look for the book, finds it and as he is looking through it, Hyun Sung comes in and takes the book. Stupid Joon Hyuk calls Hae Bin to tell her. Why he did that is beyond me.

    Both Chief Jang and her brother think their mother is dating. Chief Jang told the mother she is happy for her and supports her and wants to met the man. The mother tells her she is not dating anyone.

  21. 71
    Viv Says:

    This drama ended pretty much what you would expcted that everyone involved would go to jail, the marriage did not happen which was good for all concerned, well done writers good endding.
    Thank you actors for all the hard work trying to pull off all those plots. Good luck to everyone in this production!

  22. 72
    Rose Says:

    Hyun Sung, Moo-Young and Hae Bin all went to jail.

    If Hae Bin ever gets released from jail -she needs to be committed to a mental institution. She insisted right to the end that she was OK, it was everyone else who committed all the evil deeds.

    Joon Tae was doing charity work and felt very satisfied.

  23. 73
    Rose Says:

    Jung Im – continued to work at the gallery and the sign read – “Grace Han – A New Beginning.”

    Jung Im went to visit her daughter’s gravesite and found flowers there already.

    Hyun Woo told her he brought them, the flowers were the same as the flowers she painted on her daughter’s dresser.

    Jung Im had the necklace on Hyun Woo gave her, he smiled at her when he saw the necklace and she smiled back.

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