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Title: 소울메이트 / Soulmate
Chinese title : 灵魂伴侣
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 22 (aired on 12 days) + 1 special
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Mar-13 to 2006-Jun-05
Air time: Monday 23:05


The person you meet once in your lifetime that fate has brought to you! This person you call your soulmate. The year 2006, your soulmate is secretly creeping up on you… What if my other half is really living somewhere out there; will I be able to notice them? It is a question that can be asked by anyone who is in their marital age. A time when matchmaking agencies are flooded with people! Try re-identifying the true meaning of marriage and love while watching 6 couples live the same life that you’re living in.

We will show you everything you need to know in the love game!

This is a sitcom young adults and adults can enjoy. Members of all age groups can enjoy it, and benefit from its honest and ongoing talk about love. It gives its viewers some final answers to the “love game” questions and presents confusing issues in a way that everyone can understand. The drama will tell you everything you’ve always wanted to know, from spending a night with a guy you don’t like, to how to completely win over a guys heart; and much more!! It spills out all the secrets of the love game.

“It is easier to stir up a women’s heart than to drink wine.” Dong-wook, a playboy who no one can even dare to follow. “My boyfriend of 5 years!! He is definitely my soulmate!!” Soo-kyung, a girl who only looks at one man like a sunflower; a perfect, pure hearted character. Two people who have never seen each other, and who live on the opposite sides of the world from each other live and love in their own way, but from some point on they start to move towards the same dream and feel the same physiological feelings. Two people who have met by fate in a world full of mixed up fates. Now, the most amazing things, which no one could have ever thought of, start to unfold between the two.


Shin Dong Wook as Shin Dong Wook
Lee Soo Kyung as Lee Soo Kyung
Choi Phillip as Phillip
Sa Kang as Hong Yu Jin
Otani Ryohei as Ryo Hei
Jang Mi In Ae as Jang Min Ae
Jung Hwan as Jung Hwan
Kim Mi Jin as Kim Mi Jin
Ha Joo Hee as Joo Hee
Joo Ho as Lee Joo Ho (Soo Kyung’s brother)
Park Myung Soo (cameo, ep 1,2)

Production Credits

Director: Noh Do Chul (노도철), Sun Hye Yoon (선혜윤)
Asst. Director: Heo Hang (허항)
Screenwriter: Jo Jin Kook (조진국), Park Eun Jung (박은정), Nam Ji Yeon (남지연)

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : soreya Says:

    Hei guyz..jus wanna let u knoe that Soulmate is one the best comedy, romance drama i have seen, especially the leading man is Shin Dong Wook. He is so cute and talent in dis drama.

  2. 2 : dewi Says:

    woow….i want to watch his film as soon as possible

  3. 3 : jas Says:

    it looks good =)

  4. 4 : sheng Says:

    ah…this guy looks kinda cute.. and i have never heard of this drama… loks interesting but probably had low rating thats y i never heard of it….. i want to watch it though.. looks good…

  5. 5 : Tika Says:

    Shin Dong Wook….He sounds familiar….Where have I heard of him?! He’s hot though! >__

  6. 6 : Tika Says:

    Shin Dong Wook….He sounds familiar….Where have I heard of him?! He’s hot though! I’ve never heard of this one cuz I think it has low ratings too. Or maybe they haven’t aired it yet here in Texas. I hope to watch it someday!

  7. 7 : puddlemini Says:

    very interesting…I’ve been hunting for a good drama (I’ve just finished watching Snow Queen and it’s kinda hard to find something close to it’s cuteness)…

    The synopsis of this sounds ~okay~

  8. 8 : virginia Says:

    shin dong wook is from my girl for everyone that doesnt remmeber ;D

  9. 9 : yvette Says:

    Virgina, Shin Dong Wook was not in “My Girl”. LEE Dong Wook was.

    This is a GREAT drama/sitcom. Definitely DIFFERENT from your usual “cliched” Korean dramas. It’s FRESH and really interesting. Keeps you tuned till the very last episode.

    It’s MODERN and not as “traditional” as most Korean dramas. None of the tragic cliches, no life shattering misunderstandings, nor any complicated marriage contracts.

    Basically evolves around SIX individuals and their love lives. Although none of them are “huge” stars, they play their characters well.

    THAT SAID, this drama/sitcom isn’t the “BEST” around — but definitely amongst the “watchables”.

    I highly recommend it.

    clubbox.co.kr/iyagi (under completed sitcoms)
    clubbox.co.kr/creidesca (under MBC)
    check “missDORK10” at youtube.com (add her as friend)

    ***FURTHERMORE. I recommend the OST, great selection of songs.

  10. 10 : miki Says:

    the ending was superb and the storyline is hilarious. a must watch!

  11. 11 : Rowena Says:

    Shin Dong Wook is the male lead star in Cloud Stairway opposite Han Ji Hye. He’s also good looking like Lee Dong Wook. I have already a good copy of Soul Mate. This is next to what I am watching right now. Hope it has a nice storyline.

  12. 12 : aurore Says:

    I heard that there was going to be a season 2 for this sitcom. i hope so – the ending of season 1 was pretty open-ended. does anyone know?

  13. 13 : julisha Says:

    i really hope there’s season 2 coz season 1 ends up leaving us with one question in mind. haaayyy…

  14. 14 : pinklover Says:

    awesome sitcom…after watching i became a SDW fan…a must watch sitcom…so looking forward for the 2nd season…

  15. 15 : Yupi Says:

    not bad…but to crowded…

  16. 16 : lovethisshow Says:

    Soulmate 2! some good news. guys, I wrote the people over at MBC and they replied promptly:
    “Thank you for your compliment on MBC’s SOULMATE. Your email’s being a lot help to promote this program. I am working in the business department where we sell our contents worldwide. Because sit-coms are not the big selling content, and because the charaters in SOULMATE are not the ‘well-known’ ones in Asia or in other countries, that this ‘good’ program did not mark the bug sale. But being encouraged by your email, I might try once more to try to introduce SOUlMATE again to more viewers worldwide.
    I will also forward your email to the producer to encourage him to fight for the time block for ‘season 2’.!! ^^
    Thank you!!
    Haewon Chin
    International Business Division

    So, if we could write them to show that there are a lot of fans out there (cause the ones who don’t live in Korea haven’t been counted in the ratings) it might encourage them to have the second season. and if we could all spread the word so that other people will watch the show when they reintroduce it, it would really help a lot. So we can all enjoy this show once again.

    And it definitely pays to write!

    here’s the site with all their email contacts. just cc all of them, that’s what I did.

  17. 17 : naoise Says:

    I just discovered the gem that is Soulmate. This sitcom is so good, fresh, funny, and smart! Highly recommended for people who likes something different that the usual kdramas. I couldn’t stop watching from the get go, great pacing and I especially like the non-linear story telling. The soundtracks are so awesome, I am so hooked on the “C’mon Through” song now.

  18. 18 : Flonkerton Says:

    This series is sheer excellence. To quote a friend and fellow “Soulmate” and Shin Dong Wook fanatic, “Every episode is like gold.”

    The conversation is witty, the writing smart, and the leads attractive. Its humor is original, though there are moments when it relies on scatalogical situations, which I actually thought was the funniest moment. Maybe I just love watching others feel humiliated.

    This show managed to sway my perspective a bit on the existence of soulmates. It makes me want to walk through revolving doors, drink soju in a food tent, and run down the aisle of a church. Haha. Watch it to see what we mean!

    Does anyone know if it’ll be picked up for a second season? In the series finale, the subtitles said “Season 2 Coming Soon!” -__- The ending was too conclusive though, I felt.

  19. 19 : angie Says:

    ahhh there won’t be a second season due to low ratings?! that’s what i found out. >

  20. 20 : allmykoreanz Says:

    i love this show, and 2 leading actor & actress have such great chemistry. the only thing is they only got together in the last 3 episodes and the ending is abrupted like a cliff hanger .. it should be good if there will be season 2 which they will pick up where they left off ..

  21. 21 : Pearl Says:

    I love Shin Dong Wook….my heart melts for him esp when i didn’t want the drama to end haha but i heard there is a soulmate 2 aaahhh my soju!

  22. 22 : sammy Says:

    i love this show but in da end it made sad cuz and wonder. i though dey were going to be together but anwayz der is another 2 part of this so im looking foward to watch it wen it comes out :]

  23. 23 : soulmates Says:

    waaaaa I fel sad because of the ending but the story was superb…I LOVE IT!!! ^_^ hope to see the part 2

  24. 24 : solange Says:

    i hated that show…i really didnt like the turning of events..

  25. 25 : HannyBae Says:

    Since there’s 24 responses, the drama might be interesting. Okay, I’ll watch it!

  26. 26 : yuii Says:

    This drama is definitely under rated and overshadowed by other main stream dramas which is why it isn’t really well known. but no doubt, once you watch it, you’ll get really hooked into it 😀

    as to whether its really good… why not try it before judging it? this drama is highly recommended, and I love the way the story is being portrayed, from different viewpoints, different angles and beliefs. not only were the casts great, the concept was good too!

  27. 27 : joel Says:

    this sitcom is really refreshing and the actors and actress have done a good job. Looking forward to season 2.

  28. 28 : faika8989 Says:

    This drama is really awesome!
    It’s different from other kdramas,
    because : no one ended up dying from a terminal illness or had amnesia or involved a huge family feud…
    I like every character in this drama and i like how they solve the problems!
    You’ll never regret ’bout it ( as i am ^^)

  29. 29 : pans85 Says:

    oh. I just finished watching this drama! I love it! it made me think about my own present relationship and the past and the future. Will I be with the one I love?? AHH! great story line. VEY VERY different from all the others ones..it is a must see..and argh!! the ending..gosh..i want them to be together!!! i am hoping that there is a season 2..if not, at least one more episode to show that they do meet and get together!!!

    but, where can i buy this drama?? does anyone know?? THANKS!!

  30. 30 : mik Says:

    nice, shin dong wook used his real name here..

  31. 31 : sk_group1 Says:

    This drama was full of jokes! + music made it all “right there”

    I highly recommend this drama to those who want to take a break from the usual, common triangular love relationship korean dramas.

    I definitely was hoping for season 2. but i guess thats not happening 🙁

    For those ppl who only watch drama because of “hot” actors/actresses, lol this might not be it for you. although there are few good looking pplz, they aren’t that HOT per se.

    Storyline-wise –> aWeSomE!!!!! x 100.

  32. 32 : koreandramaluv Says:

    i love this drama so romantic,luv it…..i want Soulmate 2…:D

  33. 33 : chiaye Says:

    OMG season two CANTTTT be cancel!!!! I got down to the last episode and I thought to myself WHAT? why isn’t the next episode working!!! then I realize.. That WASN’T the end.. there’s a part II.. but but reading these comments .. OMG I’m so sadden!!! I can’t believe this sitcom is so underrated! WHYYYYy? soulmate is JJANG! *really realllllllllly hoping for the part II*

  34. 34 : laureniii Says:

    I think everyone should email MBC for the second season. I saw on daum.net that the director/PD person and the actors/actresses would love to do a second season but because of the low ratings, they couldn’t. I don’t think it’s too late to ask them again! 🙂

  35. 35 : yippieee Says:

    beautiful drama! i loved the whole idea of soulmate. Like the rest of them, this is definitely not the typical drama. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I AM IN LOVE

  36. 36 : stellar Says:

    This show has been really underrated. It is definitely one of the best! Romantic, funny, magical, sad, all these & more. It’ll definitely have you wishing for more… Season 2, please!!!

  37. 37 : dada Says:

    I really love this series, beautiful storyline and great acting from the cast (though none of them, I am familiar with, I think they act better than some of those well known Korean stars). The dialogues are superb and the soundtrack is amazing. There might be some flaws in it but I am too deep in my thoughts to notice them. It made me evaluate my beliefs regarding love and falling in love…

    It is so sad to not notice a beautiful series just because they don’t have the famous stars in it. It happens to a lot of local shows. I hope they would consider the response from outside viewers to determine the true quality of this series. To all of you behind this wonderful series, thank you! I may not know you but you touched my heart… THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  38. 38 : lucy Says:

    GREAT DRAMA, you can wacth in on mysoju.com, if you havn’t!!!!

  39. 39 : y Says:

    its a must watch! hope there is a season 2…cant wait to see what will happen next..huhu

  40. 40 : lea85 Says:

    i love this drama so much!! its so refreshing from other kdrama i have seen and the chemistry between all of them are so believable! the ost are the number one for me!! must watch this!!

  41. 41 : charlene Says:

    Hi! i really love the Soulmate! Is there any way we can really have them push thru with season 2? They left the story hanging… i really was hoping for a good ending for Dong Wook and Su-gyeong.. Please tell me how.. thanks!!!

  42. 42 : Linda Says:

    SHOULD DEFO WATCH..i literally finished this like the other day a great drama..it teaches you a lot but i think it like you can;t force love by using this games and technique just be straight.Also that your soulmate waiting for you..Dong-wuk Hot and all the cast r awesome..Su-gyeong really pretty and great too

  43. 43 : alma Says:

    Im alma from the Philippines.
    Im just finished watching this series and I really love it.
    I do believe in soulmate coz i found one in my husband.
    So I really recommend this series for you to watch if you want
    to find out how it feels to love someone and believe in faith.

  44. 44 : Ging Says:

    ONE OF MY TOP 5!
    I love the story line.
    Very funny and you’ll definitely fall in love with it!

  45. 45 : kukuli Says:

    I just watched and I must say it is one of the best, it demostrated that true feelings of men and women about love, and their hopes.
    It is a MUST

  46. 46 : Soulmate Fan Says:

    the SOULMATE DVD (high quality) will be released on June 10, 2008. It has both English and Spanish subtitles. You can purchase the dvd on http://www.mbc24tv.com. I’m still waiting word of any possibility for a second season. Right now they told me that it isn’t being made but I wrote to find out if there is anything us fans can do to get the second season going. Hopefully if there is a good amount of sales on the dvd they can see a demand for it, plus if we write directly to the ones in charge in Korea as well. I freakishly love this show and I seriously hope that the second season comes cause I need some closure!

  47. 47 : sakuragi Says:

    there real name is also there name in this series right?

  48. 48 : Soulmate Fan Says:

    “Soulmate” DVD released today! Here’s the direct link to where you can purchase the “Soulmate” dvd (quality) with English and Spanish subtitles from the official site at MBC:

    And oh the person from MBC told me that he’s still searching for the right person to get in touch at the headquarters in Korea so that we can find a way to get the second season of Soulmate going. I’m still pretty hopeful!

    Region Code: 1, 4
    Picture Format: DVD
    Cast: Shin Dong-Wook, Lee Soo-Kyung, Choi Phillip, Sa Gang
    Release Date: June 10, 2008
    Language: Korean
    Subtitles: English, Spanish
    Number of Episodes: 22
    Number of Discs: 5
    Approx. Running Time: 1110 minutes

  49. 49 : sakuragi san Says:

    very underrated series.. nice storiy and this one had a nice ending..

  50. 50 : ana in philippines Says:

    hi guys hopefully the season 2 will be aired by this year. I really want to watch it. Its refreshing story and cutes character go on guys make a season 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you make it this year 2008?

    Advance thanks!!

  51. 51 : jamie Says:

    is it any good

  52. 52 : jamie Says:

    is it any good!? =]

  53. 53 : yuexu Says:

    It’s the best drama ever!

  54. 54 : kath Says:

    i really hope for this series to have a 2nd season.. i really love this series and after watching this i realized that it is not a typical korean drama that we often see.. it has a different touch in it.. a very unique story indeed.. and shin dong wook’s acting can really move the audience to tears.. you can feel that she really love lee su-gyeong.. i’m not losing hope in this one.. Soulmate should have a 2nd season because it deserves to have one! it’s just frustrating that they can’t distinguish a really good series from a not-so-good ones.. i really hope that the higher officials of mbc could hear our voices.. hope that our messages would reach them..

  55. 55 : portman Says:

    i really hope there is 2nd season,,very love this movie,,

  56. 56 : portman Says:

    hey where i have download ost??i hve tried but i was failed to download,,pliz send to my email,n pliz make 2nd sezson…really luv diz movie..tengz so much.

  57. 57 : Jen Says:

    A must see drama. This is the best drama I’ve ever watched for several reasons. People always seem to be obsessed with rich, snobby guys falling in love with poor, but free spirited girls or the opposite. It’s tiring to watch dramas with the almost same plot over and over. This drama is nothing like it. It got me hooked on the first episode with it’s great plot, acting and soundtrack. It’s great to watch the series from different viewpoints of all characters without the unnecessary misunderstandings and cliches in other dramas. Although, the cast is not popular, they sure did a damn great job in this and I was totally blown away with their amazing job. And wow was the soundtrack good! Although, I disliked the telepathy between the two individuals which ruined the Soulmate idea a little for me, it was not enough to keep me away from this great, great drama.

    And yes, people. Let’s support this series and persuade MBC to make the second season. The ending left me hanging and I won’t be satisfied until seeing the 2nd season.

  58. 58 : airliebird58 Says:

    I have just finished watching this drama and absolutely loved it! All the characters are well drawn and acted, and the whole story has a nice pace to it.
    I do hope a new series can be made, as the end had a lot of loose strings to be tied up. I just have to mention how well music was used in this series, it really added to the mood.
    Make a new series MBC!! 🙂

  59. 59 : Bombona Says:

    there is a season 2?

  60. 60 : bobo Says:

    I loveeee the songs from the movie. I also hoped for season 2 but it was bad rating in korea or asia.
    I think the movie was allright but not WOW. The cast and the ost just enough for me to watch.
    most of the songs are in english and so our taste(not for the people there) hehe maybe thats why it was bad rating there. Anyhow after I watched this I do believe there’s soulmate for everyone….

  61. 61 : nate Says:

    hello i am thai i am feeling like this drama

  62. 62 : Sun Says:

    OMG!!! sooo ahhh did they meet again!! or not!! Such an antagonising end!

  63. 63 : marc Says:

    this was a fantastic show! i really hope a second season gets aired.

  64. 64 : amanda Says:

    i agree with everyone here.. its a special drama n i luv it a lot.. the cast members r not famous but so what? good acting + its really out of the ordinary… i am disappointed at the loose ending but lets hope there’s season 2 out soon!!!

  65. 65 : hanim,malaysia Says:

    even i don’t watch overall of this drama but i also one of the person, who always believe with fate, soulmate etc.i kno,everyone in this world have their lover fate..but depend to the way they live if it can carry them to their lover fate or not

  66. 66 : sophia Says:

    AAH! I love this drama but when is season 2 gonna come out???

  67. 67 : PN Says:

    OMG!!! “SOULMATE” wuz overall D BEST k-drama i’d eva watched!! >_____

  68. 68 : olheen Says:

    this movie is beautiful..

    it is true dat everyone of us has

    a soulmate…

  69. 69 : MEHVAH Says:

    I’ve watched this drama a long while now and still waiting if there will be a season 2. It’s a great drama and I just love the meaning of it.

    There MUST be a season 2. They haven’t got reunited!!:(

  70. 70 : Maneerattana Says:

    omg. i thought i was by far the only one begging for season 2…there are so many fan waiting for this. i hope the producer sees all of this and set his foot to it. love >soulmate

  71. 71 : zehra Says:

    hello everyone, l’ve only watched the first 2 episodes of it as the other parts aren’t on youtube. and mysoju is under repair and l can’t open the videos. where else can l watch it with english subtitles?

  72. 72 : catherine Says:

    guys, this is one of the best dramas! its not liek the usual ones where you know whats gonna happen and what not. its just soo good!!!! you can watch it at http://www.dramafever.com if you want you can email me and i can send you an invite. my email is [email protected]

  73. 73 : josie Says:

    where can i watch the movie?:)

  74. 74 : upi Says:

    sooo love this drama!

  75. 75 : michelle Says:

    you can watch the complete series on http://www.crunchyroll.com

    its super cute

  76. 76 : arnie Says:

    very good drama. the soundtracks are cool. shin dong wook and lee su-yeong are awesome. i love the drama, simple but sweet and romantic.

  77. 77 : arnie Says:

    season 2, please….

  78. 78 : linh Says:

    There is no need for a 2nd season. Every thing that needed to be said has been said. Dong wook and Soo kyeung will be together : if destiny has crossed their paths so many times already, why would it be any different ? Dong wook confidently thought so in the airport parting scene. The ending is realistic ; I mean for Dong wook and Soo kyeung to be soulmates Yi jun has to be crushed. The drama just can’t have a big wedding scene for the two leads with Yi jun in deep depression. She does not deserve her pain, not being a bad, nasty , manipulative person. She loved and she lost. If Soo kyeung and Dong wook don’t bump into each other in Tokyo then they will meet again back in Seoul.
    Being soulmates certainly does mean every thing will be perfect, hunky dory in their life together.

  79. 79 : zexion Says:

    wuahh.. great drama~!!
    i hope there will be make a 2nd season..
    hmm.. i think, there isn’t the end.. because soo kyoung and dong wook will meet in japan.. huahuahua..
    maybe we must send a message to the official website and MBC to make the 2nd season.. kwkw.. i want it~~ very love this drama~

  80. 80 : Karl Says:

    I saw this sitcom on 2007 and I still love it.

  81. 81 : chonoh Says:

    i love this movie make me crazy.. please season 2

  82. 82 : yue Says:

    YA!! it just cant end this way! season 2 please!

  83. 83 : cecelya Says:

    it seems like reali a gud movie as it hav many fans….
    but pls tel me whr can watch tis movie?
    i had try al d way above but stil cant watch it…

  84. 84 : panda Says:

    i really really love this series..
    the show seems like a dream, yet it still felt realistic..
    everyone should watch 🙂
    it’s really different from normal korean drams which nowadays have almost the same storyplot..

    heh sidetrack!
    i think dreams are really wonderful, and they somehow draw me to them with a very special feeling.. sometimes i wake up feeling sad that i didn’t dream or perhaps feeling sad cause of my dream.. they just keep me thinking about them!

  85. 85 : aichouss Says:

    this drama is really good. i love it.

    really different from the otehrs.
    and i think that it’s one of the best. =)

    i’m so sad to know that it didn’t have good ratings in Korea (don’t know why)

  86. 86 : Berlin23 Says:

    This drama was good. It was my 1st k-drama and I’m glad it was. I highly recommend it, you’ll fall in love with the characters and the comedy.

  87. 87 : seohyun Says:

    i think it was kim bum and so eun

  88. 88 : melanie Says:

    Hope there will be SEASON 2 Can’t WAIT!!!!hope it will be same cast…. Thanks for posting…..

  89. 89 : melanie Says:

    Beautiful story….something different….I love it…..

  90. 90 : diana Says:

    good drama…..

  91. 91 : paris Says:

    The lead guy is HOT! & Dong wook and Soo kyeung are just simply meant too be, that Yi jun just needs too get over it, they didn’t suit from the beginning… had some moments… but no.

    There has too be a season 2!

    though wouldn’t they have made it by now? :/


  92. 92 : mel Says:

    hmmm… so interesting..
    i wanna watch this movie..

  93. 93 : nining Says:

    it’s a good drama,,

  94. 94 : anonymous Says:

    the puppy in this drama, what breed is it??

  95. 95 : diefan Says:

    hmmmm.. I don’t get it. this drama not sure what is all about, you can call it a destiny, a faith perhaps??? so predictable..

    hey, I watched all epis but still I don’t get it.. I liked the ending thought who knows they might see each other there in Japan what destiny might be in their path. Its OK. I gave it 2 stars out of 5. OK to 3stars.

  96. 96 : sandy Says:

    it is new and fresh but the first 8 episodes are boring the rest of the cast except the leads are annoying the fact that we only get to see the leads togather in just 2 episodes is not enough but overall a good drama and the best thing about it is the lead guy Shin Dong Wook great actor and very adorable

  97. 97 : Chinue Says:

    i thought the drama was great. i think the producers wanted us (the viewers) to anticipate their fate….is it true or not. Now that they’re both in japan, will they spark again? the love that they shared, was it real? i hope they do make a season 2 even though the ratings weren’t the best. WE WANT TO SEE SEASON 2. please make it happen :))

  98. 98 : GerovitalFan Says:

    Such a great drama. I want a sequel, buy either way, I loved the ending : it let me imagine my own ending.:). Great series, a series I could relate to (and I’m Romanian, not Korean).Very likable characters and situations I could relate too. Without a doubt one of the most entertaining Korean series I watched.

  99. 99 : dude Says:

    whats the name of the song thats played when they meet?

  100. 100 : liechien Says:

    really such a good drama…. i’ve just finished this drama yesterday….
    really want to watch the 2nd season… must see the real real happy ending… i want to see their respond when they meet again each other….
    why the producer do not make the 2nd season… in end episod i saw that it’ll be the 2nd season….. Love this couple… plz reconsider for the 2nd season…….

  101. 101 : maria cristina bencio Says:

    Hello, i’m Cristina from Philippines…

    I love Soulmate!

    where’s the continuation by the way?

    this is the best korean drama/comedy i have ever seen so far…

    Praises to all people involved in this project!

  102. 102 : chonoh Says:

    I love this drama so much… I watched this drama so many time. I love this couple.. I hope that they will be happy together. Please reconsider for the 2nd season.. Please make us happy.. Thank you..

  103. 103 : Cristina Says:

    I haven’t seen this series but my sister said it was nice!

  104. 104 : gloria Says:

    Wow! This is the kind of drama you would want to watch if you wanna feel good. Very light but a hooker!

  105. 105 : aner Says:

    wow…what a nice drama series……..;b

  106. 106 : aner Says:

    wow!!what a nice drama series.;b

  107. 107 : Dar Says:

    i love this drama…i wish i could buy it though so i wouldn’t have to watch it online all the time.. :(..anyway…love the drama and the song! omg…shin dong wook is soooo hot!!

  108. 108 : Christina Says:

    I was looking after a good drama,
    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this,
    I picked it because of the good comments,
    After I watched it I want a season 2.!

    I really liked the fate thing. Like they were fated to meet eachother.
    I liked the way he could hear her thoughts.
    I wanted her to hear his thoughts too,
    I don’t know if I liked the ending,
    But the only thing I wanted was to see them meet eachother again,
    I want them to be together,
    I want to see it with my own eyes,
    Therefor plzzzzzz make a season 2 or a movie.! Plzzzz

  109. 109 : Bee Says:

    I’m satisfied with the ending.
    I’m glad there’s no season2. (i think the story will drag.)

    I find the story between philip and sookyung boring. (but i understand the need of showing their story)
    I fast forward their parts quite often.
    My favourite episode is the 5th episode of 22episodes .
    I think it’s a really cool drama.
    I think there is right amount of everything. (mybe there should be ore dong wook being a playboy?)

  110. 110 : Makii-San Says:

    This very drama takes my breathe away and i love how the way they put the whole season very gewd with the music and the meanings. They really did a great job with the way the Game of Love is.. :]

    I may only be 16 year old girl but for what i’ve witnessed…this show really came together. ♥

  111. 111 : soulmate | Blog Orang Lidi Says:

    […] struggle menghabiskan menonton drama Soulmate. Drama 22 episode yang menceritakan tentang percintaan, kepercayaan kepada jodoh pertemuan, dan […]

  112. 112 : shila Says:

    the worst drama I’ve ever seen, didn’t like it at all

  113. 113 : Alehn Says:

    I really like it when Dong wook feels everything that Soo Kyung is feeling, knows her thoughts. I wish it could happen in real life 🙂 Superlike!

  114. 114 : Vicky Says:

    I love this drama!!!! Dong Wook is to sweet!!!

  115. 115 : Lee Says:

    I’m Korean and..this is one of my favourite daramas 🙂
    It has been a long time that I had watched this, but I still listen to the ost very often. I love those soundtracks.
    ‘Yoo jin’ has.. kinda very special and different way of speaking and it’s very funny and cute, but it’s nearly impossible to catch those hilarious points if you’re not Korean or are really good at Korean language. Shame for ‘yoo jin’ haha.

  116. 116 : Haythi Says:

    Love this drama. When I finished watching this drama, I become to think that if we really have our soulmate. I want them to meet again in the ending.

  117. 117 : lian Says:

    realy love this drama..

  118. 118 : Kia Says:

    This is such a good drama.. The songs matches the movie… just sad how they departed.. wish there was a season 2.. So you know what happens in Japan..

  119. 119 : claudia Says:

    the drama is greattttttttt BUT THE END SO SUCKSSSSSSSSS I HATE THEY DO NO END UP TOGETHER …..of course they try to show us that the destiny will made they end up together but they ..there any scene who shows it!!!!!!!! I so hate thattttttt
    :,( frustrated forever as with the drama LOVE TO KILL =____=’

  120. 120 : paupau Says:

    season 2 please !!! i really love this drama and also the ost !! the ost are overwhelming !! i really like it .. i’m looking forward for the second part …

  121. 121 : paupau Says:

    love this drama .. i looking forward for the part 2 .. love love it !!!!

    i also love the ost. very heart overwhelming !!!

  122. 122 : Hanako Says:

    I cannot say this is a good movie and I never like to watch that actress Sa Kang ( Yu Jin ) acting so dumb . I do like the main actor and the main actress Lee Soo Kyung. Overall it is quite boring like some says not that kind of movie that made you want to watch a second time..
    I only watched till episode 12 not sure about other episodes cos all with English sub..it is not a fantastic romance movie, it is more like a fantasy movie which is so unreal and never exists..with a dumbbell like Yu Jin spoilt the whole story

  123. 123 : ance Says:

    I’m a little disappointed…it took them too long to meet each other and what’s with that ending? I was actually thinking that this drama was just so so but it turned out nice…i wished they showed that they met in the end…i really want them to have more sweet moments…i feel that they rushed the ending after all those chasing around in the first half of the whole drama…this is the first drama i’ve watched that the main actors really meet in episode 7…with an ending like that, i feel that they ruined a good drama…and what’s with su kyung can’t hear dong wook’s thought while he hear her thoughts… i think it’s unfair…i was waiting for her to hear his so she’ll know how he truly felt for her. 🙁

    i love all the songs here though…

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    good information for readers.

  126. 126 : [email protected] Says:

    i only like this drama cuz of Shin Dong Wook.
    too bad he doesn’t make dramas anymore

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