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Solomon’s Perjury


Title: 솔로몬의 위증 / Solomon’s Perjury
Chinese Title: 所羅門的偽證
Also known as: The Trial of Solomon
Genre: School, mystery, crime, legal
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2016-Dec-16 to 2017-Jan-28
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:30


Based on the novel “Solomon no Gisho / ソロモンの偽証” by Miyuki Miyabe which was published from 2002-Oct to 2011-Nov. This novel have been made into Japanese TV drama “Solomon’s Perjury (Part 1 & Part 2)” which were released on 2015-March-7 and 2015-Apr-11.

A male student’s body has been found at the school in Christmas morning. After the police has determined it as suicide, an anonymous note citing it was actually a murder, suddenly spreads widely. To prevent further chaos and witch-hunt, Go Seo Yun (Kim Hyun Soo), one of the students who first found the body, decides to take matter into her hands by conducting an independent trial.


Main Cast

Kim Hyun Soo as Go Seo Yun
Jang Dong Yoon as Han Ji Hoon
Seo Ji Hoon as Bae Joon Young
Seo Young Joo as Lee So Woo
Jo Jae Hyun as Han Kyung Moon

Jung Gook High School’s Class 2-1

Shin Se Hwi as Lee Joo Ri
Baek Chul Min as Choi Woo Hyuk
Woo Ki Hoon as Kim Min Suk
Ahn Sol Bin as Lee Yoo Jin
Kim So Hee as Kim Soo Hee
Ahn Seung Kyun as Choi Seung Hyun
Seo Shin Ae as Park Cho Rong
Lee Do Kyum as Lee Sung Min
Hak Jin as Kim Dong Hyun

The school’s staffs

Shin Eun Jung as Teacher Kim
Oh Yoon Hong as Head of student affairs
Ji Yi Soo as homeroom teacher
Yoo Ha Bok as the Principal
Ryu Tae Ho as the Vice Principal
Lee Ho Jae as President of School Board


Ahn Nae Sang as Go Sang Joong (Seo Yun’s father)
Kim Yeo Jin as Seo Yun’s mother
Shim Yi Young as Detective Oh
Heo Jung Do as Reporter Park
Choi Joon Yong as Director Choi (Woo Hyuk’s father)
Kim Jung Young as Joo Ri’s mother
Lee Kyung Shim as Joon Young’s mother
Kang In Ki as Joon Young’s father
Uhm Soo Jung as Min Suk’s mother
So Hee Jung as Choi Woo Hyuk’s mother
Park Kyu Young as Baek Hye Rin


Choi Duk Moon as Kim Sang Duk (the fired security guard)
Yeo Hoe Hyun as Lee Tae Woo (Lee So Woo’s older brother)

Production Credits

Production Company: IWill Media
Chief Producer: Ham Young Hoon, Jo Joon Hyung
Producer: Kim Jong Sik
Director: Kang Il Soo
Screenwriter: Kim Ho Soo


Go Ah Sung, Chae Soo Bin and L was first offered the lead role, but declined.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2016-12-16 1 1.422 1.5
2016-12-17 2 1.106 0.6
2016-12-23 3 1.731 1.3
2016-12-24 4 0.970 1.0
2017-01-06 5 1.614 1.1
2017-01-07 6 0.836 0.6
2017-01-13 7 1.204 1.2
2017-01-14 8 1.268 1.1
2017-01-20 9 1.537 1.3
2017-01-21 10 0.730 0.7
2017-01-27 11 1.142 1.3
2017-01-28 12 0.722 0.8

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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Official Site

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Trailer II or here
Trailer III

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  1. 1 : JubJang Says:

    I have seen the japanese version. Hope this one will make better than japanese version.

  2. 2 : liyana Says:

    i hope too… daebak

  3. 3 : iris Says:

    Please make sure to follow the Viki channel and submit their title request forms.

    I will watch just about anything with Jo Jae-Hyeon; He is such a good actor. I loved the leading lady Kim Hyun-Soo as Lee Joon-Gi’s character little sister in Joseon Gunman. I adore Seo Young-Joo in anything he is in. No wonder he got Best Actor at the Japanese Film Festival (for Juvenile Offender). I am thrilled this drama is giving a chance to a whole lot of new talent.

  4. 4 : Solomon’s Perjury, o novo drama de suspense da jTBC Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama […]

  5. 5 : dadah Says:

    daebak… I am so in love with this drama…
    very interesting drama…

  6. 6 : 성현애 Says:

    대박! 완전 대박이다.. 난 정말 배진영 그리구 한지훈 좋아요.. They’re so cool. I hope .. They can be in a drama again together. It must be cool !

  7. 7 : NovieAgassi Says:

    i love this drama… and i’m so cry in last episode 😭😭😭

  8. 8 : Dian Says:

    Very recommended who love mystery

  9. 9 : Sabi Says:

    @NovieAgassi i also cried on the last episode. good to see a lot of new talent 🙂

  10. 10 : OK OK OK Says:

    I enjoy watching this drama though 90% are youngsters as they all acted very well and the story is interesting. 😛

  11. 11 : Seria “School” continua cu un nou proiect intitulat “School 2017” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Jang Dong Yoon este un actor ce a debutat in emisiunea de televiziune “Game Development Girls” in 2016. Pe acesta ati mai avut ocazia sa il vedeti in drama “Solomon’s Perjury (jTBC, 2016)”. […]

  12. 12 : Devo Says:

    My husband and I are binge watching this and love it. Both of us are writers, Scott having written for Star Trek: TNG and myself been a studio exec, university teacher of film and written for TV, too. We just think this is one of the most compelling, best written, best executed shows we have seen in a long time. Twists at every turn, wonderful commitment by cast as all of the talented support team – especially like the shot choices to support the story. We have three episodes to go — not looking forward to this being over. Thanks everyone for a job well done. Important topic and explored from so many POVs!

  13. 13 : Kay Says:

    The genre of this drama wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but it’s a really well series, and I think most people would enjoy it 🙂

  14. 14 : Weng Says:

    I will watch it because of Kim Hyun Soo I hope it worth watching

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