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Since We Met

Title: 그대를 알고부터 / Keu-dae-reul Ahl-go-bu-teo
Chinese Title : 自從認識你/自從遇見你
Also known as: Since I Met You / Since I Knew You
Episodes: 48
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2002-04-28 to 2002-10-20
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 7:55 PM


Choi Jin Shil stars as Lee Ok Hwa, a good-spirited “yun-byun” (Korean person living in China) girl from China. Ryu Shi Won is an entertainments reporter that happens to find himself in trouble when he’s in China. He is played around with by kkang ppaes, but Lee Ok Hwa saves him when she finds out one of the kkang ppaes is her own brother. When Ok Hwa comes to Korea to work under Ryu Shi Won’s uncle, Ryu Shi Won tries to pretend like he never knew Ok Hwa, which doesn’t work out. They always get in fusses and fights, but those are what bring them closer together. On the other hand, Ok Hwa lives with her boss’s sister and her two children. The twins, Su Jin and Mi Jin (Park Jin Hee) are bright kids that grew up very well despite the difficult financial problems. Mi Jin is still in college, and secretly loves Lee Suh Jin. She coincidentally works for Lee Suh Jin’s outrageous grandmother, and while working there becomes closer to Lee Suh Jin. The only problem is that Mi Jin’s cousin (also Ryu Shi Won’s sister), Hae Won (Park Yae Jin) likes Lee Suh Jin too. The struggles and love that bonds a family together is beautifully portrayed in this drama.


Choi Jin Shil as Lee Ok Hwa
Ryu Shi Won as Cho Ki Won
Park Jin Hee as Kim Mi Jin
Lee Seo Jin as Kang Min Suk
Park Ye Jin as Cho Hae Won

Extended Cast

Kim Hye Ja as Cho Nam Deuk (Mi Jin’s mother)
Oh Seung Hyun as Hwang Bong Sook (Su Jin’s girlfriend)
Jin Tae Hyun as Kim Su Jin (Mi Jin’s twin brother)
Han In Soo as Cho Nam Uk (Ki Won’s father)
Lee Hyo Choon as Kim Young Sook (Ki Won’s mother)
Kim Chang Wan as Cho Nam Sik (Ki Won’s uncle)
Yang Hee Kyung as Hong Ae Kyung (Nam Sik’s wife)
Kim Gyu Chul as Cho Nam Ki (Ki Won’s uncle)
Kim Do Yun as Lee Geum Hee
Hong Choong Min as Reporter Hong Eun Jae (Ki Won’s co-worker)
Kim Young Ok as Min Suk Hee (Min Suk’s grandmother)
Kim Hyung Ja as Yeon Ja (Bong sook’s mother)
Song Jae Ho as Prof. Piao (Nam Deuk’s teacher)
Seo Hyun

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Jung Sung Joo
Director: Park Jong

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  1. 1 : Rowena Says:

    Thanks for providing a very nice synopsis. I am contemplating on ordering a copy of this k-series for myself. One of the things that caught my attention is that one of my fave actors is in this series, Ryu si Won. I think he’s the lead actor… thanks again.

  2. 2 : nessel romero Says:

    just wanna ask where can i buy a copy of this series?
    i really wanted to watch this
    im a big big fan of lee seo jin
    here in PHILIPPINES
    i hope i can have a copy of this series
    kindly let me know by mailing me in my email add
    thank you
    salamat po

  3. 3 : Lys Says:

    It’s great film!

  4. 4 : karen ong Says:



  5. 5 : RSW106 Says:

    Check out Poh Kim or TSC…they have… enjoy

  6. 6 : livelyhearty Says:

    THIS drama is NICE!

  7. 7 : steph Says:

    hey u can watch it here.

  8. 8 : ontak Says:

    love family drama!!

  9. 9 : mutiara Says:

    another family drama.. I’m lovin it…

  10. 10 : mel Says:

    is this drama good recomended?

  11. 11 : louis vuitton Says:

    It’s great film!

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