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Shine or Go Crazy

Shine or Go Crazy 05

Title: 빛나거나 미치거나 / Shine or Go Crazy
Chinese Title: 辉煌或疯狂
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-19 to 2015-April-07
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This drama is based on the web novel “Bitnageona Michigeona” by Hyun Go Woon which was first published from 2014-March-17 via “daum.net“. It takes place during Goryeo’s early years, when various clans jockeyed for power.

The drama centers on Prince Wang So (Jang Hyuk), who later becomes a king pivotal to Korean history. The story is about how Wang So meets and weds his leading light, Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo), the last princess of Balhae.

The narrative begins in 943 AD, with Goryeo’s founder, Wang Geon, still in power as the first king, Taejo. Taejo sees how the jockeying clans threaten the newly unified nation. To counter this, he recalls his 4th son, Wang So, from exile, as his potential heir. Exile has toughened Wang So and taught him to think independently. To help his heir, Taejo plans to wed Wang So to Princess Seo Won (Lee Ha Nui), who has a star-like omen as a birthmark.

Balhae, an empire to the north and east of Goryeo, fell to the Khitans in 926 AD. In the story, Princess Shin Yool is born with a fate to shine for a nation. The Khitans learn this and see her as a threat. They throw baby Shin Yool into an icy river. Her nanny secretly saves her. They flee to China, where Shin Yool grows up to become a successful merchant. But she too has a star-like birthmark.


Main Cast

Jang Hyuk as Wang So
Oh Yeon Seo as Shin Yool
Lee Ha Nui as Hwang Bo Yeo Won
Im Ju Hwan as Wang Wook
Lee Hyun Bin as Wang Wook (young)
Lee Duk Hwa as Wang Sik Ryum

People around Wang So

Ryu Seung Soo as King Jeongjong
Kim Roe Ha as Eun Chun
Shin Seung Hwan as Gil Bok
Ji Soo Won as Empress Dowager Yoo

People around Shin Yool

Heo Jung Min as Yang Gyu Dal
Kim Sun Young as Baek Myo
Ahn Kil Kang as Kang Myung
Jung Woo Shik as Kyung
Lee Eun Woo as Chun Ah
Jung Jae Hyung (정재형) as Na Moo

People around Hwang Bo

Na Jong Chan as Se Won
Kim Young Sun as Yum Shil

People around Wang Shik Ryum

Kang Ki Young as Wang Phoong
Park Hyun Woo as Park Sool

Ho Jok and administrations

Kim Byung Ok as Ji Mong
Woo Sang Jun as Hwang Bo Je Gong
Seo Bum Suk as Wang Gye
Kim Jin Ho as Park Soo Kyung
Lee Jung Hoon as Yoo Kwon Yool
Song Young Jae as Yoo Mok Won
Ahn Suk Hwan as Kim Jong Shik
Choi Jae Ho as Hwang Gyu Ui
Kim Kwang Sik as Baek Choong Hyun


Ji Eun Sung as Wang Won
Park Sun Ho as Wang Wi
Yeo Eui Joo as Wang Jong

Wol Hyang Roo

Jin Seo Yun as Geum Sun
Na Hye Jin as Chun Ok
Hwang Ji Ni as Ryung Hwa


Nam Kyung Eup as Wang Kon
Kim Bup Rae as General Kwak
Jo Jae Ryong as snake eye man
Wi Yang Ho as gambler
Choi Kwi Hwa as administrator

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Chang Sup
Director: Son Hyung Suk, Yoon Ji Hoon
Screenwriter: Kwon In Chan, Kim Sun Mi


The main character name “Wang So” is based on personal name of “King Gwangjong of Goyeo“.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-01-19 1 7.6 10.1 (16th) 7.9 8.7 (19th)
2015-01-20 2 8.0 10.4 (13th) 8.2 8.8 (18th)
2015-01-26 3 8.6 11.9 (9th) 9.8 (14th) 11.4 (8th)
2015-01-27 4 9.9 (16th) 12.7 (7th) 10.2 (15th) 11.7 (9th)
2015-02-02 5 8.6 11.0 (13th) 9.8 (15th) 11.8 (10th)
2015-02-03 6 9.1 (19th) 12.2 (11th) 9.4 (16th) 10.8 (9th)
2015-02-09 7 8.7 12.2 (11th) 9.3 (18th) 10.8 (11th)
2015-02-10 8 9.4 (18th) 12.7 (9th) 11.0 (10th) 12.3 (7th)
2015-02-16 9 9.4 (19th) 12.9 (8th) 11.2 (10th) 13.1 (6th)
2015-02-17 10 11.5 (9th) 15.7 (6th) 10.9 (8th) 11.9 (7th)
2015-02-23 11 11.5 (10th) 15.5 (5th) 13.1 (8th) 15.1 (5th)
2015-02-24 12 12.3 (8th) 16.1 (5th) 14.3 (6th) 16.4 (4th)
2015-03-02 13 9.9 (14th) 13.4 (8th) 11.9 (8th) 14.4 (6th)
2015-03-03 14 12.4 (7th) 16.7 (6th) 13.2 (6th) 15.4 (4th)
2015-03-09 15 10.2 (14th) 13.9 (6th) 11.6 (9th) 13.1 (6th)
2015-03-10 16 11.7 (10th) 15.6 (6th) 12.9 (7th) 14.9 (5th)
2015-03-16 17 11.3 (11th) 14.7 (6th) 11.7 (8th) 12.9 (6th)
2015-03-17 18 11.4 (8th) 15.2 (6th) 12.9 (6th) 14.2 (6th)
2015-03-23 19 10.7 (14th) 13.9 (6th) 11.4 (8th) 12.3 (8th)
2015-03-24 20 11.4 (11th) 14.4 (6th) 13.9 (6th) 15.3 (5th)
2015-03-30 21 11.2 (12th) 13.6 (6th) 12.1 (7th) 13.2 (6th)
2015-03-31 22 9.5 (14th) 12.2 (7th) 10.2 (13th) 11.4 (8th)
2015-04-06 23 10.8 (14th) 13.5 (6th) 11.5 (9th) 13.1 (6th)
2015-04-07 24 11.5 (10th) 14.2 (6th) 13.0 (5th) 14.4 (5th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Shine or Go Crazy Poster 1 Shine or Go Crazy Poster 2 Shine or Go Crazy Poster 3 Shine or Go Crazy Poster 4 Shine or Go Crazy Poster 5Shine or Go Crazy Poster 7 Shine or Go Crazy Poster 6

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Trailer (Oh Yeon Seo)
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Trailer (Lee Ha Nui)
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  1. 1 : Sharon Says:

    I will watch this drama!! Love Jang Hyuk!

  2. 2 : chika Says:

    wow….bori bori is back…love this drama love bori n jang hyuk,best combination…i hope this is not sad ending…i think this drama get high rating…

  3. 3 : ana Says:

    Mannn, Jang Hyuk is on fire, he’s been doing so many projects in 2014, and one more as soon as 2015 started, all of them sooo good, he is my fav actor, I can’t wait to watch him again, I think this drama will be really good, and he and Oh Yeon Soo will make a great pair!

  4. 4 : JAA Says:

    I can NOT wait!!!!! Ae-gon is back! lol

  5. 5 : lenn Says:

    I count the days till this historical drama begins but still I’m a little bit disappointed by the number of episodes, why does it have to be always twenty-four when it comes to see Jang Hyuk in a sageuk? I just hope that “to be confirmed” will be not in the end.

  6. 6 : amaal Says:

    im waiting for this

  7. 7 : myls Says:

    …well i should say this story is almost the same with the chinese drama “Lanling wang” starring my favorite taiwanese actress ARIEL LIN – (it started with a kiss)…and her handsome chinese leading man together with George Hu my fave taiwanese actor..indeed a very nice story..

  8. 8 : Lysa Says:

    Posters are too dark & only one Im Ju Hwan.
    I wait this drama because of him.

  9. 9 : Adeul Says:


  10. 10 : Adeul Says:

    Duk Hwa as the (nasty) elder Wang with the toupe?

  11. 11 : kez Says:

    I think I will be very busy this season.
    There is so many good dramas already….and this??? Ahhhh!!!! Waaaaahh!
    For real I’m looking forward to this drama.

    Just read the Synopsis and, will 24 episodes be enough for this? Just asking.

  12. 12 : paras Says:

    Cant wait for jang hyuk:)

  13. 13 : mayleaf Says:

    Jang Hyuk Oppa, jiayou!!

  14. 14 : Gloria Stern Says:

    Waiting patiently in LA for this incredible pair.

  15. 15 : tigerb Says:

    it’s that guy with the crazy laugh! ep. 1 looks promising, hope this is a good one!

  16. 16 : CoolBeans Says:

    It’s a funny first episode! All the things I love about Jang Hyuk, including the obnoxious laugh, is back in this drama! The female characters are intelligent and a great match for Jang Hyuk’s character. I am looking forward to the remaining episodes!

  17. 17 : Shine or Go Crazy 빛나거나 미치거나 [2015] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] trailer viki ondemandkorea dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum top star news soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramajjang dramabeans stuck on hyuk the talking cupboard ikurate facebook tumblr blogs […]

  18. 18 : Adeul Says:

    Such a nice feeling Yeon Seo brings to her dramas. Together with Jang Hyuk and his goofy antics, these two are surprisingly very good together.

  19. 19 : rosie burgos Says:

    Jang Hyuk fighting! im happy coz i can watch you again…
    Mahal Kita!

  20. 20 : [email protected] Says:

    Love this drama!

  21. 21 : Sharon Says:

    Started ep 1 and I like it a lot. It held me at ep one, has Lots of emotions.
    Could someone snip snip that elder man’s eyebrow and who used a crimp Iorn to curl his beard?

    Can a mother be that cold? Poor guy.

    Watched ep 2, I could not stop. It’s that good really! I was a bit surprised and will continue watching. JH is doing a good job with his signature laugh and comedic ways of handling his opponent. The story is pretty good.
    The story is about a prince that was prophesied to cause bloodshed to the
    At about 7 yrs old he found some goodies/ sweets in his room ran to his big brother, whom I think may be about 9 yrs old and showed him the sweets. They thought it was from his mom who scold him earlier. However, the sweets was poisoned and kill his brother, couple of their friends and the guards. His mother saw this and believed he was cursed and he was exiled to live in the mountain.
    Upon his father’s request ( the king) he returned to the palace with hurt in his heart, but his father asked for forgiveness and wished for his return.
    Assassin were sent to kill the king, by his brother and the prodigal son went to search for the killers in China. While in China he met SY who asked him to marry her so she won’t be able to marry this older man. WS agreed to marry her for just one night.
    Guys, I will end here and you continue watching.
    The story is not bad and JH acting make the story even better. He showed such emotion especially when seeing his mother and her denial of him and the scene where his father was poisoned and his anger toward the doctor. It’s was a tear jerking moment. This story has great potential and JH is doing his job well.

  22. 22 : [email protected] Says:

    Ep 3 preview

  23. 23 : JAA Says:

    I like really thsi drama his acting its totally good and too good , his emotions on film it’s so natural!

  24. 24 : Adeul Says:

    I’m not a fan of Lee Duk Hwa. His acting is so-so but he has the physical appearance and its that of an aging maori warlord, minus the tats.

    The wonderful addition of Kim Sun Young and Ahn Kil Kang makes this drama most enjoyable to watch. Oh Yeon Seo in period costume…O my, my! Excuse me while I blush!

  25. 25 : mayleaf Says:

    can not wait for watching this drama today ^^, the rating is getting up, keep fighting!!

  26. 26 : WSW Says:

    This drama have great potential.

  27. 27 : Sharon Says:

    Waiting for subs!!!

  28. 28 : love sumner Says:

    Great drama, great actor Jang Hyuk, keep it up

  29. 29 : [email protected] Says:

    Good drama

  30. 30 : Adeul Says:

    @Sharon “…Could someone snip snip that elder man’s eyebrow..”

  31. 31 : kez Says:

    Jang hyuk still has the Fated to Love You laughter!!!! Hahahahaha!

    I think i will like this drama, coz I surely am after watching only 4 episodes. Can’t wait for Mons. & Tues. this coming month.


  32. 32 : rory Says:

    HAHAHA! YES! that Lee Gun’s laugh still there..LOL! I’m so loving this drama right now & I love the leads characters so much! Hope these two will be together again coz they still can’t forget each other. can’t wait to see what happened next!

  33. 33 : [email protected] Says:

    Punch and Shine or Go Crazy beat out Healer in Korean ratings

    It’s a tough battle for the top ratings spot, and this week, Kim Rae Won and Kim Ah Joong’s Punch beat out the competition to rule the Korean ratings once again.

    Healer may be all the rage in the DramaFever Weekly Top 10, but it’s a different story in Korea, where Punch has held the top spot for the last two weeks since the end of Pride and Prejudice. The gripping melodrama won a 12.2% rating on Tuesday. Jang Hyuk’s new historical series Shine or Go Crazy moved into second place with a 10.2% viewer rating, and Healer dropped to third place with an 8.9 rating.

  34. 34 : jala Says:

    I always curious for the next episodes… i love jang hyuk although i don’t know the actress well.. it has a good story and some romances.. lovely.

  35. 35 : Sharon Says:

    Watched ep 3&4 finally!!!! Guys, they really took a long time to sub this draMA.

    So, after Wang So father’s death (the King) he became an undercover agent to weed out all the bad apples that’s a treat to Goryeo. This was a request of his father.

    Ok, so, WS join this secret affiliation to rid the country of corruption, got married a second time and had no relation with his wife. I don’t think his wife mind because her plan is to put her brother on the throne.

    Wife #1 saw WS at a slave auction although dressed like a man SY hoped he would recognize her, but he did not he took her as a drinking buddy. When SY found out WS is married a second time she was hurt and treated him badly. WS who was confused of his buddy’s new found friend reaction try to figure out what’s up , but was unable to put it together.

    WS’s wife #1 started to place things in motion to get her brother on the throne. While her brother is having the hots for WS’s wife #1.

    WS starting to realized that his buddy might be a girl and decided to become friends due to his curiosity and he has to be a part of her Trading Company to get the bad guys. I won’t tell all story, so others can watch for themself.

    I must say the story is not bad at all. I was quite surprised to see such smart women characters in this historical drama. You know, back then a woman must be seen and not heard, so it was a treat to see them highlighted. Also, the comedy that’s trown in the right places make the drama a little lighter to injest. Overall, this drama is not bad at all and I can see it getting better.

  36. 36 : WSW Says:

    jang hyuk signature laugh will make this drama shine and go crazy

  37. 37 : Adeul Says:

    Agreed!! Hahaha!

  38. 38 : Adeul Says:

    One thing I like about the drama, the story kinda rolls along nice and easy, just like the characters — fun loving. Yet there’s a sadness, a deep longing as it turns out…for each other. It seems to transcend their apparent social class and gender assignment. She is drawn to him inspite of being a penniless swordsman with almost zero prospects, and inspite of the attention she was getting from a very handsome pounce..I mean prince.

  39. 39 : Sharon Says:

    Why don’t you check out the drama Maid. I think you would really like it, it’s 4ep in progress. Try it! I love it!!!!

  40. 40 : Adeul Says:

    #39-Sharon. Oh yea Maids is great. I’m following it as well. Love it.

  41. 41 : [email protected] Says:

    Ep.7 preview

    Translation of the video preview of Ep7:

    WS: I’m crazy…I must be mad! I must be possessed by something…
    I won’t visit Chung Hae company for the time being.
    SY: When I hug anybody else, I don’t feel anything…but when I hug that person, my heart starts beating fast. Whenever I’m in front of him…!
    CA: That’s love!
    SY: Love?

    Text preview:
    Episode 7 – When I hug that person…my heart starts beating fast.
    Wang So (Jang Hyuk) and Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) starts feeling different emotions when seeing each other as opposed to seeing other people, and Chun Ah says that is love.
    WangSo, after his identity being exposed, decides not to visit ChungHae company for the time being…

  42. 42 : WSW Says:


    Thanks for the preview translation, this drama is really shine and making me go crazy when they did not show me the preview for Ep7.

    Usually i will wait for the drama to be complete before i watch and i totally regret that i did not endure and started watching it. The agony of waiting every week for the next 2 episode is making me crazy.

    Damm jang hyuk, yeon seo and the writer for making my life so miserable. LOL

  43. 43 : [email protected] Says:


    You’re welcome,
    I’m waiting for the next ep with crazy like you too. LOL

  44. 44 : JAA Says:

    guys watch it this drama it’s fun!
    why I can’t stop laughing when Jang Hyuk start his laughing lol

  45. 45 : ChoHyura Says:

    Belum nonton 🙂

  46. 46 : pineapple Says:

    There are many great drama on this season, currently i am watching The legendary witch, Shine or go crazy, Kill me heal me, Hyde jekyll and me, Healer, Heart to heart, Maids.
    But Shine or go crazy is my favorite drama nowadays.

    Usually “I hate Monday”, but now “I love Monday” ^^

  47. 47 : agnesia Says:

    Soooooo greaaatt….!!!
    I love jang hyuk!! You’re getting hot ….

  48. 48 : amber Says:

    can’t wait for the next episode!

  49. 49 : WSW Says:

    there is no ep9 preview, i am gg crazy again.

  50. 50 : janah Says:

    i love the story but i really dont like the lead actress*sorry*

  51. 51 : lamia24 Says:

    this drama is debakkk, i love you jang hyuk oppa you are the besttt

  52. 52 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 9 preview

  53. 53 : Soma Says:

    This drama is seriously the best .. It should be rated as one of the best dramas for this year .. The chemistry between the actors is deabak one of my favourite .. Even though I never taught that I’d watch a historical drama but when I watched this one I was seriously stunned .. Really recommend it it has the most sad and funny moment .. This drama is life

  54. 54 : WSW Says:

    Spoiler Alert

    This drama is so good that i watch raw and the only thing i understand is that the heroine finally know that So So is the prince. LOL

  55. 55 : KDCraze Says:

    Just started watching this drama last week. I’m still at ep.6. and I’m quite like the story. I like fictional historical drama like The Moon Embraces The Sun and The Princess Man. This drama is also fictional historical so it should have happy ending which I like. Jang Hyuk and Oh Yeon Seo is also quite a good match. They both cute and funny together. And I can’t believe Im Ju Hwan looks prettier than girl in this drama. LOL. He is a good looking flower boy. Anyway I will continue watching this drama since the story is quite interesting. Hopefully this drama will be great until the end.

  56. 56 : Adeul Says:

    I must watch Shine.. or I will go Crazy.. Gaebonga! Ha-wah-wah!

  57. 57 : [email protected] Says:

    This drama getting better!

  58. 58 : rrr Says:

    i loved your laughing jang hyuk i idolized youre laughing…

  59. 59 : tigerb Says:

    will anyone tell me this, please: i understood that wang wook is a hwang family member as hwang bo yeon (wang so’s wife) referred to him as her brother and would do her best to make him the next king. but why is he a prince and bearing the last name wang and wang so referring to him as his brother? i missed that part. any response is appreciated, as i don’t want to re-watch the past episodes.

  60. 60 : Nadege Says:

    Love this drama but am confused about the familial relationship of some characters. Wang Wook is one of the sons of first king as is Wang So, right? So how is Wang Wook also the brother (not brother in law) of Wang So’s wife, Bo Yeo Won???? Can someone clarify that for me?

  61. 61 : Nadege Says:

    @tigerb, that part has been confusing to me as well.

  62. 62 : Snow Says:

    Nadege @ 60, I have the same confusion. I know that Wang So and his King the brother are both children to the queen so they are truly in line for the throne first. The other children/brothers are via concubines. However, I’m very confused. This weekend I’m going to watch again.

  63. 63 : Queen_alea Says:

    i really really love this drama…..just like watching fated to love you in historical background…hehehe….the chemistry between the leads are daebak! the sory line also nice….btw, i also have the same confusion about the royal family relationship….but, if i could share my opinion, i thing wang so and wang wook are the first (previous) king child. so probably wang wook and other pinces father also one of the king before wang so father become king…in other words, they are cousin (but shouldn’t the throne inherit to the first son of the king?)…hahahaha….another confusion arise….i think i will just watch the drama and enjoy it, and forget about the royal family relationship confusion….hehehehehe

  64. 64 : rrr Says:

    Most of the story is ending ugly mess, pure chattering, worthless

  65. 65 : rrr Says:

    happy chinese new year

  66. 66 : Gan3117 Says:

    I’d like share what i understood about the familial relationship of the characters. Back then, there’s the so called royal marriages, meaning it should be marriage among family members. So wang so, wang sook and his sister ( wang so’s wife) are all children of the 1st king but different mother. Royal marriages were customary for them to maintain purity of their bloodline.

  67. 67 : [email protected] Says:

    Relationship of Royal family

    Queen Daemok (대목왕후), half-sister of Gwangjong (Wang so)


    Queen Sinmyeongsunseong (신명순성왕후) (Wang so ‘s mother) King Taejo’s thrid wife
    1.Crown Prince Tae (태자 태)
    2.King Jeongjong (정종)
    3.King Gwangjong (광종) or Wang So (925–975)
    4.Vice King Moonwon (문원대왕)
    5.Jeungtong Gooksa (증통국사)
    6.Princess Naklang (낙랑공주)
    7.Princess Heungbang (흥방공주)

    Hwang family

    Queen Sinjeong (Hangul: 신정왕후, Hanja: 神靜王后) Hwangju Hwangbo clan (Hangul: 황주군 황보씨, Hanja: 黃州郡 皇甫氏), daughter of Hwangbo Jegong(Hangul: 황보제공, Hanja: 皇甫悌恭), King Taejo’s fourth wife

    Queen Sinjeong (신정왕후) Wang Uk and Yeo Won (Queen Daemok)’s mother
    1.King Daejong (Wang Uk Daejong (d.969)(대종), Father of King Seongjong
    2.Queen Daemok (대목왕후), Only daughter of Queen Sinjeong.

  68. 68 : tigerb Says:

    thanks everyone for your inputs! to some, my question may be unimportant, but since this is based on history although depiction is not exactly correct, i still like to learn some things while watching a drama so i only not get entertainment. ta! ta!

  69. 69 : Richard Johnson Says:

    [email protected], it could be exactly correct in the sense of recorded history. Recorded history doesn’t include all that happened. This gives a writer scope for his or her imagination.

    Soompi translates the written statement that opens each episode as, “This is a fictional drama based on historical facts.” DramaFever translates it as, “This is a fictional drama. We inform you that the events differ from history.” Viki translates it as, “This is a fictional drama based on historical facts. Therefore, events depicted may differ from actual historical events.”

    Each of these translations has a slightly different meaning. The Soompi translation suggests that the writers use a lot of license. The Viki translation suggests that the writers favor actual history (“may differ”). This is important if you’re trying to guess how the story will end. To me, this fuzziness adds to the suspense.

  70. 70 : [email protected] Says:

    @ Richard Johnson 69

    I agree with you.

  71. 71 : tigerb Says:

    @Richard Johnson and [email protected]: thank you! i can understand why the writer/production has a disclaimer as some comments i read on dramas based on history that i’ve watched in the past have differing opinions and i think that’s an issue they like to avoid. and translations by different web sites can be different too. i don’t know korean history, and watching these dramas are fascinating, and i pick bits and pieces of information. @[email protected], guess i should read your wikipedia links! as to guessing how this drama will end, i may read the history but the writer may have something else in mind. thanks again!

  72. 72 : [email protected] Says:


    You’re welcome!

    Just enjoy watching this drama!

  73. 73 : Edward Says:

    That Guys’ laughing skill is a kind of HoWOOOOW..

  74. 74 : angelmiaka Says:

    Just finished ep10 cant wait for the next eps….already hooked in this drama like fated to love you

  75. 75 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 11 preview

  76. 76 : kimchilee Says:

    Pardon me all the Jang Hyuk’s fans here but I am beginning to get irritated with his pretentious laughter .. can see that its really fake and forced laughing altho his character in the drama requires him to do that but it became unnatural and at times, very annoying. Even when he is sad, it doesnt feel like he is sad.. i dont know.. i dont get his feels in this drama.. sorry.. no offence to the fans of his.

    At least the heroine is more natural and the other prince more natural acting.

  77. 77 : [email protected] Says:

    Monday! 🙂

  78. 78 : da fan Says:

    @kimchilee… I am not a die hard fan of Jang Hyuk. But some of his dramas I follow. Couldn’t agree more about his laughter. I find it extremely annoying. I think I would have enjoyed his dramas if not for that shortcoming.

  79. 79 : Nadege Says:

    Thanks guys in explaining the familial relationship!

  80. 80 : sileng Says:

    great drama! love wang so and shin youl…..

  81. 81 : [email protected] Says:

    Ep. 12 Preview

  82. 82 : [email protected] Says:

    Shine or go crazy ep. 12


  83. 83 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha! You guys are funny.
    However, his laugh is to camouflage of who he really is. Everyone take him for an idiot, especially his brothers because of that laugh. There is a method to his laughter. He laugh when he is nervous, he laugh when he is about to kill, he laugh when he is thinking and especially when he wants no one to suspect that he is smarter than they think. So, he uses that laugh to his advantage.

  84. 84 : WSW Says:


    Yes his laugh is his signature. It can irritate others but still it caught everyone attention. Because of his laughter i went to watch fated to love you. I initially skip fated to love you because i have watch the taiwanese version before. Thanks to jang hyuk laughter i never miss out on the drama.

  85. 85 : Ms L Says:

    nice drama and good storyline….

  86. 86 : mayleaf Says:

    Yes, I am agree with Sharon, sometime he is lauging to pretend to be an idiot


  87. 87 : myrna Says:

    I love Jang Hyuk’s laugh. He is one of the best korean actor.

  88. 88 : WSW Says:

    Going crazy again, we need ep13 preview

  89. 89 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness, ep 12 was the bomb!! I love the romance the childish giggles, the touchy feely, the walking in the market, the way they play around with each other especially when he had to hide in her room under the table. This story take sageuk romance to another level. I mean it’s relatable to viewers of the 21st century, where the leads show their love. I love how the writer made their romance relatable.

    My question is, will Prince WS sleep with wife number two?? I truly hope not, because she has no love for WS only her agenda to aquire power. Enjoyed the mother son drinking of the pearl tea brought a little tear to my eyes.

    Ep 12 had he happy, laughing and crying. I love this drama, although their are parts were I think is a bit slow and could speed up, or not relevant to the story. Overall, a good watch. I would recommend.

  90. 90 : Sharon Says:

    Where is ep 15 preview!!

  91. 91 : Sharon Says:

    Not 15, but 13 sorry.

  92. 92 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, you are correct its his signature laugh. You know what I have noticed that I haven’t before? He is a sexy piece of man!! I was watching his moves, his body, his looks and I am like Damn, he is fine and I am just getting it!!
    He is sexy and very attractive.😉

  93. 93 : WSW Says:


    LOL i was a fan of jang hyuk since Tazza and Windstruck. He is a good actor and i enjoy most of his roles

    I dont know how to appreciate men but sexy wise i voting for Ji Sung in Kill Me Heal Me. He is another good actor.

  94. 94 : [email protected] Says:

    Ep. 12 so sadddddd……

  95. 95 : Sharon Says:

    Girrllll, like I have said before, Ji Sung acting is on FLEEK!!!! Listen, he worked those characters to the bone. Awards, her he comes!!

  96. 96 : KDCraze Says:

    Not all Jang Hyuk acting have his laugh. Only in Fated To Love You and this drama that Jang Hyuk laugh became his signature. LOL. In his previous drama like Tazza, The Story of The Bright Girl, Thank You and Chuno he still doesn’t have his laugh. That’s his previous drama that I like. Anyway, I like Jang Hyuk acting and this drama story so I will keep watching it. Rating is up so this drama has a good sign.

  97. 97 : WSW Says:

    It is Saturday and there is still no ep13 preview. Is there aby kind koreans out there who can download the ep13 preview to youtube.


  98. 98 : Sharon Says:

    You are correct about JH’s laugh began in “Fated To Love You”. I never saw him as a man before this drama. I don’t know, there is just something about him.

  99. 99 : vhelle Says:

    Love this a lot❤❤❤

  100. 100 : [email protected] Says:

    Ep. 13 preview


  101. 101 : KDCraze Says:

    @Sharon#98, You should watch Thank You if you like Jang Hyuk. I think that his best drama for me. It’s a heartwarming drama. Btw thanks for your recommendation of this drama. It’s quite a good Historical Fantasy drama to watch although it’s not as addicted to watch as Kill Me Heal Me at the moment. LOL. For Me the Best Historical Fantasy Drama is still : The Moon That Embracess The Sun, The Princess man, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Iljimae.

  102. 102 : WSW Says:

    Ep 14 preview

  103. 103 : Adeul Says:

    The writer hasn’t let me down. Oh the drama is elegance. There are no pyros or drawn out fight scenes. We are spared the oft protracted clandestine political meets of a compass-point faction. Yet the adversarial tension is palpable, I’m on the edge of my seat. A roar breaks out in our living room as the episode ends with a charming cliff-hanger. All smiles and good vibes.

    So why is this such a good drama?

    The romantic scenes could have turned cheesy; it did not. It would not. There’s a natural levity in the two main actors, helped along by the script. Yet the emptiness the characters harbor in the deep recesses surfaces at times and we are yet again invested in their journey, their ultimate union.

    I just love Oh Yeon Seo’s look. The period costumes really highlight her beauty. The eyes like lotus petals and the mouth, skin, dimples, smiles… ah..what a beauty.

    And Jang Hyuk one can see has lived. He’s no mama’s boy. In many ways, his character So So has a bit of Jang Hyuk. I sure hope his candle don’t burn out too soon, I’d like to see more of him. He’s an interesting actor with I suspect a whole lot more to bring.

  104. 104 : iammee Says:

    Jang Hyuk can full through with any kind of roles. He is one of the best actors in Korea. I’ve watched every dramas that he apperared in. I am glad that he got to do dramas with not so serious plot so I could enjoy his cool acting. I hope that I could see more of him in the coming dramas.

  105. 105 : WSW Says:

    We need ep15 preview

  106. 106 : pinkyoink Says:

    Ep15 preview please…..

  107. 107 : Isay Rendor Says:

    I first liked Jang Hyuk in “Thank YOU” I think that he was really cool in that drama and with such depth! I hated him in “Fated to Love YOu” I expected so much from that drama with him on the lead role and was dearly disappointed. He carried over the annoying laugh here and I almost stopped watching, but glad I didnt because the story and the rapport between him and Oh Yeon Seo is simply thrilling! Glad they tone down the laughter though. So I hope he makes more dramas (minus the laughter)…I’m watching you! The Moon that embraces the sun is still the best sageuk drama for me followed by Arang, Rooftop Prince, Gu Family Book, Sunkyunkwan Scandal ( not necessariy in that order), they are all wonderful and oh there’s Fate and Time Slip Dr Jin. Hope to watch more of these amazing dramas!

  108. 108 : [email protected] Says:

    Ep.15 preview


  109. 109 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 16 preview http://youtu.be/-CSdzBIgRTs

  110. 110 : Gan3117 Says:

    What are the odds Shin Yool and Se Won are the long lost siblings from Balhae? I got curious when Se Won saw Shin Yool in front of the trading house, i think that was ep 13?

  111. 111 : WSW Says:


    The odds are 100%. LOL

  112. 112 : kimchilee Says:

    I love this drama’s storyline.. its a good story but its a bit spoilt by So So’s annoying laughter and the way he always shouted whenever he called Gaebong aaaah! its really annoying and made his character sooo.. no class for a prince.. good grief.. he has to tone down that annoying over the board laughter and shouting Gaebong in that loud unclassed manner. Very unprincely indeed. My apologies to Jang Hyuk’s fans.. i am just speaking from my observation of his character in this drama.

  113. 113 : tigerb Says:

    @Gan3117: ep 16 se won saw half of the butterfly pendant that yool held when he was about to kiil her. he asked yool if she was born in the balhae palace, although she did not say yes or nod, he knew that pendant belonged to his mother and did not kill yool, meaning he knew or strongly suspected that yool is his sister.

  114. 114 : tigerb Says:

    although i’ve watched only a few of jang hyuk’s works, i think he is an old soul in acting so he can pull off any role. i am enjoying this series, so looking forward how yool becomes his queen like what the synopsis says.

  115. 115 : Sharon Says:

    @KDCraze 101
    Thanks for the info, I will certainly tune in. JH is growing on me like crazy. I never saw him as a man until this drama, he is HOT. Love his facial expression, his seriousness, his comedic antics and how romantic he is in this drama. Damn why couldn’t I be YS??? Love the drama, MTETS

    I could not have said it better. The love between them is a bit realistic in nature, were the urge is so strong that they can’t help themselves from breaking rule and promises to see/touch each other.

    You have to understand that WS was not raised as a prince he was living in the mountain, hunting, drinking, fighting, loving the girls in the house of ill repute. So, WS is going to have some of his environmental attribute. Omg, I love when he yells, GAEBONG ahhhhhhh. Believe me, WS showes his princely character when he wants to, or when needed. Gaebong ahhhhh, Gaebong ahhhhh.😀😀

    Wasn’t the name of the baby that they lost in “Fated To Love You” name Gaebong?! Dog poop, but I am not sure.

  116. 116 : WSW Says:

    Gaebong ahhhhh we need ep 17 preview

  117. 117 : KDCraze Says:

    @Sharon#115, The baby name in Fated To Love You is Gaedong not Gaebong. I’ve been busy lately so I’ve still have few episodes to catch up on Shine or Go Crazy. I’ve finished KMHM last night. Totally love that drama. Now I’m going to marathon Shine or Go Crazy this weekend.

  118. 118 : emilykosan Says:

    @ Sharon

    I completely agree with u. if anyone remebers, his personality isnt like that before his father die. He only puts on the act to lay low. I m not saying I absolutely love that crazy laugh, but whenever he does that it would put a smile on me because of his craziness. 미친넘!! Lol

    I have been following Jang Hyuk’s work since the drama “Thank You”. I loved all of his work except for “Midas”, he was okay in it but the drama’s storyline was so bad that I couldn’t even finish it. Perhaps u can try Tazza as well. It’s slow at the first few episodes, but I got pretty addicted after that.

  119. 119 : [email protected] Says:

    Ep.17 preview


  120. 120 : Exotic Says:

    what even is going on what please explain

  121. 121 : Pinkyoink Says:

    Thanks for writing this drama. Even if it means losing my beauty sleep I am alive being able to watch this drama. Thanks Jang Hyuk for being So so and prince wang so. Hope to see more of you in nice dramas like this one and fated to love you. Fighting!

  122. 122 : AnCe Says:

    it’s getting closer to the end and i’m still not satisfied with those little scenes between Wang So and Shin Yool…please give us more…i like those sweet scenes but i want more…hehehe!

    Wang So & Shin Wool fighting!

  123. 123 : Shine or go crazy | Hannie - just about anything that get my attention Says:

    […] it is call “Shine or go crazy” (辉煌活疯狂). More about it here. It is […]

  124. 124 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 19 preview

  125. 125 : [email protected] Says:


    Thank you!

  126. 126 : kimchilee Says:

    @sharon 115 @WSW 116

    aeeeeeeeeeee…. the way he talks is still not dignified and classy to me.. his acting still looks very pretentious to me.. he suits role like slave hunters.. that rugged unkempt fighter.. better for him..

    gaebong aaah… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuu! gaeboooooMMM! ear drums burst!

  127. 127 : kimchilee Says:

    oh NO!!!!!!! Gooddrama shut down for good..!!! my lifeline for Kdramas with english sub!!! any one knows where i can watch kdramas with english sub.. purleeease… tell me…what other websites are there.. Viki is banned in Spore..
    KDramas are my addiction and i feel like dying without my daily fix.. ahhhhh.. what kdramas do to me and my life.. i swear i’ve become so addicted, am becoming less healthier, fatter.. unsociable but happier, satisfying and at peace just watching Kdramas.. sigh…

  128. 128 : [email protected] Says:

    @kimchilee #127



  129. 129 : Peejay Says:

    What a disappointing ending! Enjoyed this drama except for how they (scriptwriter and director) did the ending. Sorry, but I like Jang Hyuk, not just because he is so handsome, but he is also a good actor. It is just that the character calls for a joker to play Wang So in the drama.

  130. 130 : WSW Says:

    It is still not the end. Lets wait to see how the story develop. I believe So So and Gaebong will end up together based on clues from the first episode and illustrations from the web novel

  131. 131 : tania Says:


  132. 132 : kimchilee Says:

    Thank Youuuuuu [email protected] and Tania!

  133. 133 : Billy Says:

    Its terrible how the story is unfolding. A typical korean drama that makes you bleed before you get the happy ending. Jang Hyuk does not fit the role. The character of Wang So calls for somebody, regal, dignified, yet rugged who knows how to rough it out in the mountains. I can think of a few who can fit the role, but their names usually elude me…(Im not Korean, you see. Its too hard to remember all the names! sorry!) There is Lee Sang Yoon for one, Jo Hyun Jae, Ji Hyun Woo and theres Kang Ji Hwan…I wonder how the story could have developed with one of these actors on the lead. Going back to the storyline, I hope something come up to stop this marriage with Prince Wang Wook. i believe Wang So and Shin Yool will end up together in th end.

  134. 134 : Adeul Says:

    They end up together. That was established at the very beginning.

    Sweet story.

  135. 135 : Carmarie Says:

    It would be great if Wang So and Shin Yool ended up together; however, if they follow history, even loosely, then Wang So, who will become the 4th king, King Gwangjong. King Gwangjong (Wong So) will have all his recorded children, including the future king, by Queen Daemok, who is Hwang Bo Yeowon.
    I was wondering how they were going to resolve this love story, and they did it by marrying Shin Yool off to Wang Wook.
    I loved episode 20, it was a so sad. All of the actors deserved a round of applause for this episode.

  136. 136 : Carmarie Says:

    Let’s try this again.

    It would be great if Wang So and Shin Yool ended up together; however, if they follow history, even loosely, then Wang So, will become the 4th king; King Gwangjong. King Gwangjong (Wong So) will have all his recorded children, including the future king, by Queen Daemok, who is Hwang Bo Yeowon.
    I was wondering how they were going to resolve this love story, and they did it by marrying Shin Yool off to Wang Wook.
    I loved episode 20, it was a so sad. All of the actors deserved a round of applause for this episode.

  137. 137 : Snow Says:

    I’m hoping it stays with the book and not history. However, if it stays with history, what was the purpose of this drama? It will be a waste of time. Let’s see what happens in the next 4 episodes.

  138. 138 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 21 preview

  139. 139 : John Says:

    The leads laugh is so annoying and irritating. He laughs like that in all his movies and dramas

  140. 140 : ayaueto Says:

    @kimcheelee: try (w’ English subs and free w’ads):
    http://www.dramafever.com/ (also on Roku TV)

  141. 141 : Hanako 花子 Says:

    I have not finished watching the whole drama, to me it is one of the best for Historical this year. Jang Hyuk is a real and talented actor I love to watch. i watched his drama for the first time “Successful Story of a Bright Girl (SBS, 2002)”. He is a better actor in all action dramas, particularly this one. To me it is an exciting , thrilling, romantic drama to watch. Lee Ha Nui also suits to be the “evil” woman in this drama, whereas she does not really fit in “Modern Farmer”. As for OYS she is fits to be the fragile person and it suits this drama well for her character. I am sure the ending will be good and I will vote for this drama as one of the best five for this year…besides Healer, Punch, Kill me Heal me & Birth of Beauty. Worth watching …applause to the Producer, Director and screenwriter..Best of the Best Historical Drama this year

  142. 142 : WSW Says:


    I vote for shine or go crazy, healer and kill me heal me also. Punch i have not watch but i don’t like birth of beauty.

  143. 143 : tigerb Says:

    i’ve watched the guy who plays wang sik ryum in two dramas. does he always play s.o.b. roles? he’s good at it, though.

  144. 144 : tigerb Says:

    two more episodes and wang so will become king!!! since this is fiction, who will be queen?

  145. 145 : kimchilee Says:


  146. 146 : pineapple Says:

    so sad.. this week is the last week of Shine Or Go Crazy…… 🙁

  147. 147 : Adeul Says:

    #143 Lol! Yes he does mostly play a bad guy.

  148. 148 : Adeul Says:

    Watched Ep24. Credit goes to the author Hyun Go Woon who wrote the web novel. She’s balsy and I wanna make babies with her.

    The pacing of this drama is the best, never faltered. It didn’t meander to the point of annoyance. It kept me there all the way. What a ride.

    I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to see the ending.

  149. 149 : tigerb Says:

    #147: thanks! he’s a character actor then. i’ve yet to watch him in an amiable role.

  150. 150 : Rose Says:

    Where I live they showed two episodes Monday and Tuesday night back to back. And The Legendary Witches which is still airing in the Chicago area the last two weeks they did the same with Saturday and Sunday night two shows back to back. MBC has never done that before. I wonder what is up?
    It is a very good drama and the leads are good.

  151. 151 : OMG Says:

    bad ending, instead of ending it properly the writer opted for another open ending. This is the weakness of a lot of korean writer, good in the beginning but can not finish story in a way they really want to convey.

    They should have the mentality of either you hate me or love me i’ll end it the way i want. instead of becoming a great drama with resale and rewatch value, it loses all.

  152. 152 : Adeul Says:

    I trust everyone’s watched the ending

    I agree the ending could have been better. It is fiction after all. As a work of fiction, the pleasure of the audience comes before the hollow compliance to historical records.

  153. 153 : Theresa Tan Says:

    Great drama and acting! Kudos to Jang hyun for his performance. I do not quite understand the ending though. Can someone explain.

  154. 154 : es Says:

    I love this drama…..and I’m satisfied with the ending…great job every!!!

  155. 155 : OMG Says:

    what a waste of time, the story started and centered with the love story so it should have concentrated on finishing the love story, what happened to them was not answered properly and who was the 3 kids. This is why this will not be sold to other countries for it has no ending

  156. 156 : tigerb Says:

    it’s a very good watch. the writer bridged the gap between the fiction written of wang so and shin yool’s love story with what was recorded in history. clearly shin yool could not be queen, and being a proper woman, she decided to leave and told wang so that when the opportunity would come in the future that they would meet, she’d be happy to meet him and say hello. wang so, as king, could not leave goryeo as he had big dreams and plans, abdicating was out of the question. the children were his by his queen, as how succession to the throne is secured. not all love stories end like we want to, so the ending is acceptable to me. leaving wang so with the chance to meet him in the future is very better than if shin yool died, as there’s hope to be happy.

  157. 157 : tigerb Says:

    ,,,,so with the chance to meet him in the future is much better than if shin yool died, ……

  158. 158 : korean movie fan Says:

    Finished the 20+ hours of this series. I’m not crazy about the 5 minute good bye between the man who would moved mountains for Yool to let her go with a 5 minute ‘I’m leaving now’ scene! The ending was confusing; what I gathered, is I think when Wang So said to Yool looking like they did at the time they separated: “Sorry it took so long” meant how long it took him to die to go to heaven to see her; which, we assume means Shin Yool died first. But who the heck knows. I felt like–WHAT–you drain my eyes dry throughout the series then I get a ‘what the heck’ chuck it all ending! Booo! I find it a let down that the 20+ hours of build up only gave us 5 minutes of good byes with no tears or protest from other lovers of loosing the other forever. BAD call on the writters and director. So that’s the trick, the life mimicking start, the emotional ride, and an ending with flat tires. They wasted all that time and effort of the actors and the audience to leave us with flat tires to fix. The ending was pretty much a 5 minute “Hey, it was fun, good bye, and good luck!” They could have saved the last three episode of how they go through the break-up and save the final decision to separate for the last episode. Okay, bad ending but I did enjoy the movie–Jang Hyuk was doing his usual magic–BUT he has to change his movie laugh, it’s getting too be the “same” type of laugh in every movie.

  159. 159 : Doris Moreno Says:

    Jang Hyuk performance super good, specially in the expression of love and emotions. Great drama

  160. 160 : lahnz Says:

    well the story is great but the ending is sucks…

  161. 161 : Adeul Says:

    @korean movie fan. Good analogy with the flat tires.

    Drama writers have yet to come up with a method to solve this very real problem of leaving the audience to fix the flat tires. It happens too often. I think the problem is they do not believe it is something that requires a method.

    Perhaps it is fated that Korean dramas are not to receive anymore than the popularity that it is accorded to date. Lol!

  162. 162 : KDCraze Says:

    Well, I thought it’s going to be a happy ending since it’s a fantasy historical drama and Shin Yool character is fictional but it is following history in the end. Although the ending doesn’t satisfied me. But I like the drama story and the acting of Jang Hyuk and Oh Yeon Seo is good. It’s quite a good drama for me. The best drama for me this year is still: Kill Me Heal Me, Pinocchio and Healer.

  163. 163 : OK OK OK Says:

    i manage to finish the 20 episodes drama.

    Jang Hyuk is a good actor – so are the rest in this drama. Yes, his laughter is the SAME as fated to love you. ha ha ha !!! 😛

  164. 164 : Carmarie Says:

    I knew that Wang So and Shin Yool had to part because Bo Yeo Won became his queen once he ascended to the throne. It would have been better if writers had written the script where they depart in the 23rd episode and use the 24th to focus on So’s ascension to the throne, not just the last few minutes, (at some point he had to reconcile with Bo Yeo Won, she worked hard to help him to become king.) I did like the scene where his children slipped into his private chambers. It would have been nice if his advisor, when he caught the childen tell of Wong So and Shin Yool’s love story and at that point we see the flashbacks especially some of the tender kiss scenes. This was a great drama.

  165. 165 : lgunasetiawan Says:

    Jang Hyuk is really a great actor. I enjoy watching this drama. All the actor and actress put their effort for the best.

  166. 166 : Esra'a Says:

    I like Jang Hyuk but in this drama he was very bad I heated the way he laughed he look like a crazy!! I don’t know what the main actress (Oh Yeon Seo) did for him that he loved her so much!! I think the princess in the beginning was sort of wicked but she later be the queen of the country and helped him more I liked her(Lee ha Nui) she did much better than the main actress.

  167. 167 : Rose Says:

    In all the drama’s that I have seen Lee Deok-Hwa (Wang) he always play and extremely evil person. I have not seen him in any other role.

    I saw him on Immortal Songs once and he is a nice singer, but there is something about him I don’t care for for some reason.

    Lim Ju-Huan = I have seen him in another show. He has a quiet voice. I kind of felt bad for him, he couldn’t have the girl he loved and wanted to be King and that didn’t work either.

  168. 168 : winnie Says:

    I saw billions of dramsa. That is one of the worst and boring dramas I saw realllly.

  169. 169 : ja Says:

    I really like this drama but I am not satisfied how the story ends and it made me feel sad.

  170. 170 : Rose Says:

    I enjoyed this show – I thought it was good and I liked all the characters, except Lee Duk Hwa. I am not fond of him. I have only seen him portraying mean and hateful characters. I saw him on Immortal Songs – he is not a bad singer, but I was not all that crazy about him even as his real self.

    I saw Jang Hyuk for the first time in “Thank You.” I really liked the character he played in that movie and the story also. It seems he manages to select good dramas to be in.

    Think he and his wife had a baby girl recently.

  171. 171 : Catherine Says:

    It is wasted all my times to watch this drama, try many times to stop watching it but once into it, become curious to know how the ending? Kill me, the endings is so sucked. Waste of my precious times, the main actor don’t even look attractive to me, he more looked like a beast to me. Lousy drama still got good ratings, really cheated me to watch it.

  172. 172 : Ginny Says:

    Just finish watching…..nice drama,happy ending.worth for watch…..jang hyuk was cool….

  173. 173 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:

    Im Ju Hwan looks like a real prince. He’s cute. it does suit him. i like he’s role in this drama. the actor’s and actresses of this drama suit their role very well. congratulations to all.

  174. 174 : winnie Says:

    Lee duk hwa played the good guy in the Iron empress aka lady chunchu. he had extreme loyalty to the queen up to te last to the last scene. For once, i saw him as not the evil guy

  175. 175 : jessa Says:

    im addicted hoho..

  176. 176 : 👍🏻JangHyuk Says:

    Was bored after Moonlight n came upon this cos of Jang Hyuk. He’s really good.
    Watch it!
    Found Legend of the Blue Sea boring

  177. 177 : Gaebong Says:

    It’s a travesty how the writer ended the drama. It makes no sense that she just picked up and left him only to reunite after their passing, decades later. She could not handle being away from him, falling ill after separating from So, at times in comatose state for days.

    Makes no sense at all they’d separate especially when Wang So became king and can properly protect her.

    I’m peed-off at the writer. It proves that they learned the methods but fail to understand what the audience want in a fictional romantic tale.

  178. 178 : mylz Says:

    ……..hey guys…this drama is based on History… YOu can’t blame the writer. They just follow what’s on the history of Goryeo….. In real life history only few end up in a happy ending ! Hope settle your mind once you are watching a drama based on History… Expect no happy ending !…

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