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Save the Family

Save the Family 02

Title: 가족을 지켜라 / Save the Family
Chinese Title: 守護家族
Also Known as: Protect the Family
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 123
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2015-May-11 to 2015-Oct-30
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


Jung Woo Jin (Jae Hee) is an ambitious doctor. After he failed in love, he no longer believes in true love. He views marriage as just a business. Meanwhile, Lee Hae Soo (Kang Byul) works as an assistant chef. She dreams of getting married to the right man and having a family. Then, Woo Jin falls in love with Hae Soo and He comes into conflict with love and ambition.


Main Cast

Jae Hee as Jung Woo Jin
Kang Byul as Lee Hae Soo
Jung Hye In as Go Ye Won

Jung Woo Jin’s Family

Choi Il Hwa as Jung Man Jae (Woo Jin’s father)
Lee Hwi Hyang as Bok Soo Ja (Woo Jin’s mother)
Byun Hee Bong as Jung Soo Bong (Woo Jin’s grandfather)
Ban Hyo Jung as Cha Ong Shim (Woo Jin’s grandmother)
Narsha as Jung Hee Jin (Woo Jin’s elder sister)
Park Chul Ho as Jung Ho Jae (Woo Jin’s uncle)
Im Sung Min as Na Ae Ran (Ho Jae’s wife)

People around Lee Hae Soo

Romina (로미나) as Mina (trot singer from Uzbekistan)
Lee Yul Eum as Oh Se Mi (high school student)
Youngmin as Ji Won
Jung Da Bin as Son Da Hye (secondary school student)
Jung Soo Hwan (정수환) as Yang Min Joon (secondary school student)
Lee Joon Seo as Oh Se Ho (elementary school student)
Aleyna Yilmaz as Dong Baek (kindergarten student)
Kim Tae Hoon as Hae Soo’s father

Supporting Cast

Uhm Yoo Shin as Nam Jung Sook (Tae Jin’s mother-in-law)
Shin Seung Hwan as Jung Tae Jin (Jung Woo Jin’s elder brother)
Im Chae Won as Choi Yoon Jung (Tae Jin’s wife)
Kim Dong Yoon as Choi Yoon Chan
Park Ji So as Jung Soo Bin


Kim Hyun Joo as Oh Sun Young
Lee Sang Sook as Ahn Gwi Hee
Yoo Seung Bong as Ko Tae Suk
Kim Hyuk as Jo Min Hwan
Jung Ei Kap as Kim Sung Soo
Lee Doll Hyung as Cha Dong Goo
Baek Shin (백신) as Restaurant Manager
Heo Bo Bae (허보배) as Restaurant Employee
Min Joon Hyun as Deputy Department Head Kim
Kang Dong Yup as Ha Seung Hyun
Hwang Suk Jung as Cook
Go Do Young as Nurse Kim
Lee Jae Yeon (이재연) as Hee-Jin’s Boss
Lee Do Ah
Lee Sang Yi
Park Yong Jin
Kim Kyung Ae
Jung Dong Kyu
Ham Sung Min (함성민)
Jo Sung Hee
Kim Kyung Ran (김경란)
Byun Gun Woo
Kim Gun (2006)


Wi Yang Ho as Event Host 1
Kim Jong Seok (김종석) as Event Host 2
Jung Hae Kyun as Man at Park
Son Young Soon (손영순) as Da Hye’s Grandmother
Kim Neul Mae (김늘메) as Man on Blind Date
Lee Joo Suk

Production Credits

Director: Jun Sung Hong
ScriptWriter: Hong Young Hee


Director Jun Sung Hong and screenwriter Hong Young Hee previously collaborated in 2012 KBS drama series “I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon“.


2015 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Daily Series): Han Chae Ah (Only You, My Love) & Kang Byul (Save The Family)


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  1. 1 : dongrim Says:

    wow so long



  3. 3 : CoolBeans Says:

    Another 5 days a week, 6 months KBS soap opera! I assume it took the place of You Are the Only One. The long dramas tend to be slow, but, watchable.

  4. 4 : mml Says:

    I have been watching from episode 1 to episode 7 and I totally did not see Lee Hae Soo ‘s parents. Where is Hae Soo’s parents ? And how come the writer made Hae Soo this young girl with an aunty look ? I think Hae Soo will look very sweet and pretty wearing dress. Look sad, with such a young age, the writer made Hae Soo looked very old and dull. Why ???

  5. 5 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 8 to episode 10 and I have found Hae Soo’s father, but it seems that Hae Soo’s father, I think he is re-married, that’s why Hae Soo did not stay with her father and also her stepmother. The strange thing is, how come Hae Soo has her own house with all those kids and friends staying with her ? Is it the house bought by her father and when her father re-married, her father let Hae Soo to stay at the house owned by her father and then her father setup his own family and then abandon Hae Soo ? Looks like Hae Soo’s father own his own shop and running a food business selling ramen something like that and that means, Hae Soo’s father is considered not poor and is from average or better living standard.

    And on the other hand, Woo Jin’s father is always upset being frightened to be terminated or being retrenched from his job and the relationship for Woo Jin and his family is not good. I think, maybe oneday Woo Jin will come to Hae Soo’s house to stay with those lovely kids, just to avoid his family problem.

    Not sure, is it a nice drama, but, it seems that, maybe oneday, Woo Jin will be a friend of Hae Soo .

  6. 6 : Mike Says:

    I like this drama. They usually start of slow but pick up as new storylines are introduced. The theme of forced retirement is coming up more often as is the theme of the rich people treating poor people like dirt (Nut Rage Girl).

  7. 7 : Mike Says:

    I like the way ManJae stood up to his boss. BUT I admire the boss for having a heart and not letting him leave without his full retirement. It happens to us all. I think that one needs to plan early on for retirement but more so than this, educate your kids to plan now.
    I like the actress who plays his wife. She is versatile.

  8. 8 : Mike Says:

    That Grandma did something with Grandpas sea faring money. She always plays a sneaking person like in Rosy Lovers. That oldest son is a slug from the word go.
    I like this drama. PLUS THEY SUB TITLES. Are you listening MBC???

  9. 9 : Mike Says:

    Well I guess I was wrong. It was the grandfather’s Dad who was a gambler and this was the reason Man Jae could not go to school. SOS for Korean dramas: The Elders get to sell their daughters (Twinkle Twinkle), swap kids at birth (Ill give you everything), have kids out of wed lock and then pass judgment on others (you name the drama) BUT I LOVE them anyway!!!

  10. 10 : phoenix Says:

    The Hae Soo character is extremely annoying. Can’t stand her.

  11. 11 : is Says:

    where can i watch this

  12. 12 : Mike Says:

    This show is on SBS Plus in California. That Grandma is way too much but typical for these shows…full of it. The Grandfather is turning out to be a really sincere generous warm person. The doctor’s rich girlfriend is a jerk as is the match maker daughter. That loser rich brother is the father of the blonde girls kid. Everyone has to get mad first and think later. This is typical of people with no experience in life as to how to handle difficult situations BUT what I find totally unrealistic is how the rich business men and women can be the same way and still succeed. Saying you are sorry even when it is not your fault to “an elder” is cultural. (and dumb) How many times has some one that was older, higher at work or outranked you wrongly accused you of something? You have to defend yourself…it is NOT talking back. Dumb!! That brother who lost his business is a real clown just like his spoiled wife. I like that tough two fisted high school kid who always helps the lead female star….that girl has a really good part. The oldest boy character is a good kid too. The poor familys oldest son is a slug!! His Mother in Law is a worthless jerk. I am just getting over surgery so I am froggy today .Enjoy these dramas. They are the best. BRING BACK SUB TITLES>

  13. 13 : Mike Says:

    Did you guys see Fridays episode? The second brothers wife took that money that Ones Foods chairmans wife gave the family to leave her son alone. Opps. The old grandma will keep quiet and then blame the older sons wife for not giving up their house to the loser second son. What a crock!!! BRING BACK SUB TITLES.

  14. 14 : Mike Says:

    Guess what? The second son (aka brother with financial probs) helped the doctor Ujin pay for his schooling. They owe him.

  15. 15 : mml Says:

    As i continue watching this drama, i have realised that i like to watch this drama more and more. From episode 1 to episode 19 , i just watch for the sake of wanting to more about the drama. And ever since Lee Hae Soo rented a room from Woo Jin’s mother, that is the time i really like this drama .From episode 20 to episode 41 , i have noticed that Woo Jin tends to be more caring towards Hae Soo and became a more understanding person towards Hae Soo’s feelings.

    The true fact about this drama is, the cruelty of being poor and the evil of rich people abuse and humiliate the poor and weaker ones.

    I wonder which episode will tell me an answer that Woo Jin falls in love with Hae Soo ? And which episode will tell me that Woo Jin will realise that he’s in love with Hae Soo ?

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 42 and continue to support and like this drama and hopefully Woo Jin will choose Hae Soo instead of Go Ye Won.

    Now, i really like to watch this drama.

  16. 16 : phoenix Says:

    This drama SUCKS big time. MOST the characters in this drama are either greedy, weak, conniving or useless.

    Haesu is out of control. Always flying off the handle. Coveting someone else’s man. Behavior on the job and would get you fired on the spot. Lying to get a place to rent, yet they don’t want to be treated like liars & beggars. Those so called siblings (the older one) are also disrespectful..keying cars etc.

    The main family doesn’t fare much better either. Ujin is also weak and useless. Taking Heasu side ALL the time when she is clearly wrong and off the chart most of the time.

    With family and renters like this, who need enemies.

  17. 17 : mml Says:

    I have finally reached episode 50, and am happy and glad that Woo Jin has finally made up his mind and break off his relationships with Go Ye Won .

    I have a strong feeling and hope that Hae Soo’s real mother is a rich mother so that in future , if Hae Soo wants to marry with Woo Jin, then at least Hae Soo also has a better family background to be suitable to match with Woo Jin. Although, in reality Hae Soo’s real mother divorce with her father , but, the writer did not show viewers that, Hae Soo’s real mother ever come to look for her own daughter Hae Soo and pitiful Hae Soo cannot accept to stay with her father, stepmother and step brother and ended up renting a room staying with Woo Jin’s family and in long run Hae Soo will still look weak as her own family background is still a disadvantage to match Woo Jin unless Hae Soo’s real mother is a rich mother then can have convincing power to stay matching with Woo Jin.

    From the appearance of Hae Soo, I guess Hae Soo’s real mother maybe is a rich mother. Hae Soo has a cute elegant look and with good character, she looks suitable for Woo Jin, but sad that Hae Soo has no power, no status then how to stay matching with Woo Jin ?

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    Okay, I got some obvious hint at episode 53, Hae Soo told Woo Jin that her real mother re-married to a rich family and her mum looks very pretty. And on the other hand, Woo Jin’s mother discovered the background of Go Ye Won’s stepmother . And now, I really suspect that Go Ye Won’s stepmother is actually the real mother of Hae Soo and that means, if Go Ye Won’s stepmother is actually Hae Soo’s real mother, then by the time Hae Soo’s mother found out that Hae Soo is actually renting a room from Woo Jin’s mother and staying in their house then there will be another different kind of “fighting”. Am going to have a big laugh as Woo Jin is given an even better opportunity to start a better sweet suitable romance.

  19. 19 : Mike Says:

    BINGO!!!! mml. You nailed it. The rich woman is her mom (or so I think).

  20. 20 : Mike Says:

    I kinda get the feeling that the GM hates that blonde kid because she thinks GP used to mess around on her. I wonder why she never told him that his father was a gambler? Oh yeah…no disrespecting elders. Dumb. The oldest sons mother in law is going to get the house from the family. That oldest son that works for ONES is really dumb. His brother is an idiot. That oldest daughter is a useless clown and will get screwed over by the boyfriend. That ONES FOOD daughter is really not at fault. She knows no other way but $$$$. Too bad. Hae Soo is too stuck in her pride just like the others. PRIDE does not feed ou. Favors are a way of life IF you want to make it big.

  21. 21 : Mike Says:

    Finally the doctor realizes that he actually loves the cook. That rich B*T(# girl is really messing up by the numbers. The oldest son (dad of doctor) will become a big star. His brother will continue to be poor. The rich girls step mom will fall hard later on. I really hate that rich boyfriend guy. I hope he gets run over by a truck…a really big truck and the good doctor saves him. Typical Korean Drama style move. Hee Hee.

  22. 22 : Dy.K Says:

    Watched in on KBS World so kinda left behind 7 eps. Currently on ep 63, and i know that Daily drama can be soooo draggy and yes i realized that the tittle is Save The FAMILY. But come on!!! Ujin’s uncle borrow money (AGAIN) from Ujin’s dad shortly after the dad received contract payment with the EXACT ammount??? Plizzz zzz zzz.
    I think Hee Su deserve another man’s love beside Ujin, that give her opportunity as a chef or at least fly away from One Food. And just because i cannot imagine 120 eps will only fatten me up about HS, UJ, YW triangle luv story..put one kind of seasoning just too many can make the delicious taste disappear. Only the luv bickering between HS n UJ that make me try to watch another eps.

  23. 23 : Mike Says:

    Ms Go (One’s Food manager) really messed up threatening Hae So with termination of her father’s contract. Too bad she will not tell Ujin her real bf. PEOPLE HAVE SO MUCH PRIDE IN THESE DRAMAS THAT IT GETS IN THE WAY OF ACTUAL WORK AND GETTING AHEAD but that is part of Korean culture as is the bad tempers and flying of the handle when mad (the mom). Ujins uncle is a leech. His dad is a fool and the mom is a SAINT. Mina the trot singer will become famous in song for the pain she feels. WHY did she not tell that jerk producer what happened?? Why:because it would not do any good and it adds 20 episodes. This drama pisses me off. BUT I still watch it because unlike the MBC clowns, this drama has sub titles because it is broadcasted in AMERICA where they speak ENGLISH and BUY in ENGLISH because money is green. BUT MBC pride will not let them admit they screwed up. Deliver better service to whom???

  24. 24 : cecella escopete Says:

    im always watching this movie,everyday,i hate if saturday and sunday,coz its like the whole movei im not watching,i really love it,i hope not finish soon,i like doctor and the cafeteria girl,becoz the are both good,anyway im always watching korean movies and tv series,i wish i can go there to meet the korean actor and actresses.

  25. 25 : Mike Says:

    You watch. Mina will become a great singing star (on the drama) because of her sad songs. Ujin’s dad will become a great singer nd give all of his money to his loser younger brother. The grandfather will get worse and Hae Su will help him

  26. 26 : Mike Says:

    That brother of 300Gs and his ole lady are two peas in a pod. They both suck. 300Gs is an idiot for helping his brother. The guy who got Mina prego is a loser and a half. His tatted up GF (OOOOOOOO yeah she has got tats like a lifer at New Folsom. Look for the band aids). Tats might be cool on some people but seriously folks….. I don’t like her anyway. Ujins mom is crazy. Yewon is bat [email protected] crazy and will try to hurt HaeSu one day. I like this soap because it has SUB TITLES unlike MBC who forgets their customers.

  27. 27 : connie Says:

    where can i watch these drama? Its not uploaded in goodrama or dramabay. Please let me know.

  28. 28 : Belita Says:

    Where can I watch! We no longer get it on NJ! THANK YOU WMBC!

  29. 29 : Johanna Says:

    Connie and Belita, you can watch it on youtube. Go to kbsworldtv and find “save the family.” You’d be able to watch the full episodes there! 🙂

  30. 30 : Mike Says:

    Now we know what Ko has!!! YUP. She is Bat [email protected] crazy. Poor girl. Poor Haesu. Ujin’s mom is nuts but is coming around. Her hubby is a jerk like his stupid brother. All he has to do is tell her that Ko’s dad told Ujin to renounce his family and he would APPROVE OF HIM. WELL, HE CHANGED HIS MIND. too late JERK. Your wife is going to screw you over. Bummer, cant trust a step mom in a Korean Drama hahahaha. I hate that weasel BF of Kos (the rich one). No one else likes this drama? It has sub titles!! MBC (clowns)

  31. 31 : Maryann Says:

    Hi all I watched on myasiantv.se up to episode 85 with full eng subs. You can further watch on YouTube to episode 94 raw i.e. No subs yet. Does anyone know when myasiantv.se will air eng subs on episodes after 85? Note YouTube indicates episodes with eng subs but when you watch it has no eng subs!!!

  32. 32 : Mike Says:

    I hate Ujin’s mom. She is killing Ujin with her “need” to do the best for him and being a “good son”, he will obey. Until of course, Ujin’s mom overhears what they really think of him. SOS for all Korean Dramas BUT remember The mom in this story once said: “don’t you watch dramas, this is how it will go” or words to the affect. The high school student will save the day by making the evil rich womans son turn to the good side.

  33. 33 : sheesh Says:

    There are so many hateful characters in this drama. Any redeemable characters to watch? No. So what is there to watch? None.

    Anybody needing to use a punching bag? Watch this drama, otherwise, stay away!

  34. 34 : ana Says:

    KissAsian shows Korean drama with subtitles….but right now Save the Family is on 94….just shows what will be on in the evening…Very Good Picture too.

  35. 35 : Faye Says:

    This drama is crazy just like the tales of the 2 sisters. The evil one always gets her way through out the entire show. It is frustrating and stupid not real at all. The weak Dr. Ujin is so weak always feel sorry for Yewon’s past life it’s her weapon to hang on to Ujin for dear life and Ujin is so weak to do anything about it then, he gets hurt because he’s not having the woman he loves by his side. Please Ujin, man up and go get Haesu. You love someone and miss them like crazy, then save the time and go do it and stop being a menace to us viewers who are waiting for you to do the right thing by the woman you love. Sometimes, I just want to reach into the tv and pull your hair out and make you go get Haesu and stop pouting it’s making you old. By the way, Mike, I love your recaps….good job save me the time looking for the next happening.

  36. 36 : Faye Says:

    You know, the poor family is too much. except the grandpa and Ujin, each and everyone of them is greedy to the point of no return. I hate when grandma sides with the daughter-inlaw. They are so money-hunger it’s not funny. And now Manjae and his wannabe high-society wife are such losers. They want money and yet, they can’t even hold a good job and they think they deserve money given to them by the brother. I just hate Ujin’s mother. She’s such a sorry excuse for a true mother. She expects her son to have a rich wife just because he’s a doctor. What a let down. What if the rich wife is a sorry excuse for a wife then what. Still money comes first not happiness with someone you truly love. This family needs to all go see a psychiatrist.

  37. 37 : KBS Fan Says:

    I had thought that Tale of 2 Sisters was well bad enough. Now, this drama comes to take the cake. Horrid !!!!

    Why does the TV Station never want to improve on the quality of their drama materials? They keep being stagnant by contracting the same style and format of dramas and showing them year after year. For goodness sake, lets have an improvement on the quality of the drama materials.

    The TV Station has to know that viewers have become sophisticated and matured in their tastes for better quality productions to keep them interested. But sad to say the TV Station does not want to change at all or improve at all. It keeps wanting to keep to its comfort zone and feel save by sticking to the same old all the time. It has remain STAGNANT. BORING and UNCOMPETITIVE !!!!!!!! The TV Station should inject some new blood in its production department and liven up the Station if it wants to capture more overseas viewers.

    No wonder MBC and SBS are catching up on this TV Sation not to mention the other cable tv stations who will be catching up soon also.

    This is sad news, really !!

  38. 38 : Faye Says:

    I’m so unsure about this show due to the fact that it seems like the wedding between Yewon and Ujin is about to happen for real. What a sad situation. Can’t Ujin man up and go get this girl that he really loves. When is he ever gonna find out that his mother made Haesu promised her to forget Ujin just to statisfy her greediness. I bet you that will really change Ujin’s mind about Yewon and her crazy self. What a big mess it’s so frustrting

  39. 39 : Mike Says:

    Thanks Faye. I can see Yewon blackmailing her stepmom because of the money club deal. Yewon screwed Haesu again and now she has her Mom’s issue to deal with. Ujin’s Mom is really going get hers for messing up Ujins life with Haesu BUT Haesu will forgive her. I absolutely hate the brother of Ujins Dad.

    Yewon will bring down One’s Food because of her dishonesty.

  40. 40 : Mike Says:

    Well, well I see Ujin’s mom may get a taste of her own medicine. Yewon told her off at the family meeting. Where is Yewon’s Dad? Ujins mom is about to doom her wonderful son to a fate similar to the older son. Whatta laff.

  41. 41 : Jaytee Says:

    I have been watching a lot of kdramas and Watching these type of drama makes me generalize that Korean men are mama’s boy and do not have the guts to say no to their on how they should marry. I am surprise that divorce rates are low. They just want to sacrifice and be miserable for the rest of their lives. I think the option of having a mistress may be common and the wife just do not mind. What about the young Korean generation? Do they follow this concept or are they very vocal as to who they want to marry.

  42. 42 : Mike Says:

    Most boys can not believe that their parents or mother in this case would betray them so badly. It takes a while to reconcile this but usually results in the son or daughter cutting off ALL ties with the parent. This is seen in Korean culture as very bad since children must always obey their parents or suffer some horrible fate (example would the Christian Bible commandment to honor your father and mother. Since there are no exceptions to this rule, it would seem to be an absolute that if not followed would result in sometime bad happening but what if the parent really screws over the kid??Too bad. But it always makes for a great drama and a lot of real heart ache in real life until one realizes that we as humans are not DEVINE. We are just humans like our parents and their parents before them. Bottom line is: screw your kids over and they will hate you. It happens sometimes in dramas and real life.

  43. 43 : tigerb Says:

    i’m not interested in this drama because long series drive me nuts watching every detail of everything, like following the lives of people around you. anyway, surprisingly, or maybe not, this series has the highest rating for oct. 22 and 23. what does that tell you?

  44. 44 : Jeekoy Says:

    As mentioned by tigerb, ratings were high during the 2nd last week because like me with this long run I am only interested on the first one week and the last week of the series. In between, there is no substance as the plot is always the same and most of the time ridiculous. If I may suggest, producers should do away with long drama. 50 daily shows would be good ballpark. And for the weekend, 50 is too long, they should cut it down to 30. This way scriptwriters will be force to come out with interesting story. For example, I like the twenty again, you are ghost, she is pretty. Thoug All about Mom is good but the long episodes make it boring and uninteresting.

  45. 45 : Mike Says:

    I guess everyone gave up on this drama. I am up to 113 I believe. The last episodes will be really good. Haesu has proven herself to be a saint. Ujin is the typical conflicted son over his love for Haesu and his need to be a “good son”. Just like real life, tragic things will happen. Only in a drama, bad people get forgiven. Ujins mom is an idiot. Yewon is nuts. Bad people always get theirs in a drama and that is why I LOVE DRAMAS!!

  46. 46 : Faye Says:

    How tragic to even think that this is the 21st century and Koreans are still practicing that mother’s chooses their son’s wives. How sad. Then he sons get overwhelmed almost to the point of suicidal because they can’t go against their mother’s. wishes. What’s bad when the mothers would say, if you marry this girl I will die. How can they threaten their son’s happiness with death. That is so stupid. Sometimes, I just wish the sons would stand up to their mothers right in the face (in a respectful way) and tell them to back off or I will disappear and never see you again. Always the mothers threaten the sons, and the sons become helpless. After that, the sons are pitifully hopeless because they can’t be with the women they love and just obey and satisfy their mothers.

  47. 47 : Mike Says:

    Faye: Very true. But it is also tragic that mothers (any ethnicity or country) still screw over …I’m sorry teach their daughters in law until the poor woman hates the MIL. Makes for a good drama but happens in real life too. Turns son against mother also.

  48. 48 : Mike Says:

    For those of you who have not seen the ending yet, I really want to tell you how it ended. I wanted Ujins mother to pay for her stupidity but she learned. The last episode is fast. No wasted scenes. You will love it. I love KBS world because of the use of sub titles. I loved this drama because the characters were well played.

  49. 49 : Belita Says:

    What drama follows this one? What will replace Save the Family?

  50. 50 : lclarakl Says:

    This drama has been on my ‘to watch list’ for a while, so I’m finally going to watch it. The first thing I noticed is it has the the same house form Five Children.

  51. 51 : Long Series Kdrama Review Save the family | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Save the family review […]

  52. 52 : Maurice Says:

    Love this drama

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