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Title: 불한당 / Robber
Also known as: Thief / Con Man / Bandit / Scoundrel
Chinese title : 歹徒 / 不汗党 / 痞子
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-02 to 2008-Feb-27
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Kwon Oh Joon is a swindler who falls for a widow with a 5 year old daughter, Jin Dal Rae. Dal Rae lives with her daughter and mother in law after her husband passes away. Oh Joon is a suave man who can talk women into doing anything.


Lee Da Hae as Jin Dal Rae
Jang Hyuk as Kwon Oh Joon
Kim Jung Tae as Kim Jin Gu

Extended Cast

Kim Hae Sook as Lee Soon Seom (Dal Rae’s mother-in-law)
Hong Kyung In as Kim Man Du (Oh Joon’s friend)
Son Byun Ho as gangster boss
Yoon Yoo Sun
Kim Hwan Hee as Jang Yoo Jin / Soon Dae (Dal Rae’s daughter)
Ma Dong Seok
Im Hyung Joon as the other debt collector
Seo Yoo Jung as Oh Joon’s ex
Jung Gyu Woon as Jang Tae Woo (Dal Rae’s husband)
Kim Eun Joo as Young Sook

Production Credits

Script writer: Kim Gyu Wan
Director: Yoo In Shik

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110 Responses to “Robber”

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  1. 101
    bella Says:

    Jang Hyuk is hot hot hot just beautiful I love him the best actor in Korea without a doubt.

  2. 102
    rari Says:

    this drama is so boring . watching this drama makes me hating the main male lead ><

    he is such bad guy in this drama,the story is not good T.T

  3. 103
    nadz Says:

    jang hyuk! U’re so0o0o hot!

    Via MebApp.com

  4. 104
    mylz Says:

    touching…funny drama….try it and i gave you a 99.99% enjoyment assurance! Love can happen to any kind of persons…and once it happened …love can move mountain! It changes lives!

  5. 105
    roxy Says:

    every1 has d rght to express whs n mind..i mght be protagonist or antogist,..dpending on whats d mpact on urself once u had watchd ths *robber* for me il based it on the lesson to learn. To Love! No matter good or bad u are. No matter hw much or less u owned n ths world.wether u hav blood or no blood related u can express ur love up to d fullest xtent. That only prsons nvolve can change cn made d imposible to make d world bliv that love truly exist! Ths s what ths drama implies that it was GREATFULLY & PERFECTLY portrate by jang hyuk , lee da hae n d rest of d casts. A very touchng, heart warming, funny ,action entertaining drama..highly rcommendd to watch for n ur free 2 expres ur thought hw it moves n touches u aftr u watchd it!

  6. 106
    zarima Says:

    worth wathching,, i like this kind of drama,, a nice one… LOVE can really conquer all odds///:D

  7. 107
    ♪♫ Sayahomis ♫♪ Says:

    Ah,hyuka! u Are the best in dramas and all of cinema.
    wherever u exist,its the edge of art! Really.its the fact.
    Olmana Chova!

  8. 108
    Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    ROBBER did not ROBBED my ATTENTION at all. This one is the most boring K-drama I ever watched (I Didn’t even finished coz of the SLOW, SIMPLE, COMMON STORYLINE) 🙁

  9. 109
    tamarexxe Says:

    I’ve just begun this and I’m loving it (episode 6). I watched it because of Jang Hyuk, who I firmly believe is the finest actor in the world today. I’m french, and there is absolutely no european actor that touches him, and I currently live in the USA and the same can be said here as well. He also chooses more complex roles and avoids silly dramas that are so popular in Korea. Also Lee Da Hae is a revelation. I realized that her character in Chuno was under-directed and suffered from extreme Mary Sue itis. But in this drama she was amazinly funny and her acting skills are tremendous.

    All this being said, I’m not sure I can keep watching this drama now that I have found out the Jang Hyuk dies at the end. After Chuno and Tree With Deep Roots, I’m not sure my heart can take another tragic ending. I will keep it as I do all the brilliant work of Jang Hyuk, but maybe watch it later when my heart has healed a bit.

    Lastly, a word for the writers of Kdramas. Korean Dramas are wonderfully entertaining, but you, the writers, need a little restraint when it comes to tragic endings. To have even “heart-warming” dramas constantly end in tragedy is in itself very cliché. The overcoming of great odds should sometimes be the very point in and of itself. Think about it.

  10. 110
    Raymond Says:

    Another piece of art by tragic couple (da hae & jang hyuk). Their chemistry is terrific yet sad as usual, i still hoping, one day they are going to make the fourth project for tragic couple that has a happy ending 🙂 until that day, robber, chuno, and iris 2, will be a piece of art that sad yet unforgettable.

    #31 jan 2017

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