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Title: 불한당 / Robber
Also known as: Thief / Con Man / Bandit / Scoundrel
Chinese title : 歹徒 / 不汗党 / 痞子
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-02 to 2008-Feb-27
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Kwon Oh Joon is a swindler who falls for a widow with a 5 year old daughter, Jin Dal Rae. Dal Rae lives with her daughter and mother in law after her husband passes away. Oh Joon is a suave man who can talk women into doing anything.


Lee Da Hae as Jin Dal Rae
Jang Hyuk as Kwon Oh Joon
Kim Jung Tae as Kim Jin Gu

Extended Cast

Kim Hae Sook as Lee Soon Seom (Dal Rae’s mother-in-law)
Hong Kyung In as Kim Man Du (Oh Joon’s friend)
Son Byun Ho as gangster boss
Yoon Yoo Sun
Kim Hwan Hee as Jang Yoo Jin / Soon Dae (Dal Rae’s daughter)
Ma Dong Seok
Im Hyung Joon as the other debt collector
Seo Yoo Jung as Oh Joon’s ex
Jung Gyu Woon as Jang Tae Woo (Dal Rae’s husband)
Kim Eun Joo as Young Sook
Im Il Kyu as Hong Seung Woo

Production Credits

Script writer: Kim Gyu Wan
Director: Yoo In Shik

Official Site 


  1. 1 : mnd Says:

    i am so lookinf forward to this drama

  2. 2 : ph91 Says:

    I’m eagerly waiting …

  3. 3 : pandabear104 Says:

    holey shit! two of my favorite actors acting together!!!!!!!! can’t wait and does anyone have a better synopsis of the drama? and when is it comin out?

  4. 4 : ;) Says:

    it is out on 2 january, together with hong gil dong

  5. 5 : haikah Says:

    lee da hae is the heroine in this drama??.. wow.. my two fave actress lee da hae and sung yuri are opening their drama’s next year.. weeeehh.. cant wait for 2008 to come..

    i love you lee da hae.. good luck

  6. 6 : haruhi Says:

    jang hyuk at the poster doesn’t look like him

  7. 7 : plo Says:

    so looking forward to this drama. like lee da hae since watching green rose. as for jang hyuk, he acted so well in thank you

  8. 8 : min Says:

    love da hae so much. so looking forward to tis dramaa

  9. 9 : Poohs Says:

    anyone know what is the ending of this drama?

  10. 10 : com Says:

    i am so excited about tis drama. haven seen any of jang hyuk drama

  11. 11 : Janice Says:

    Looking forward this drama:o) Buttttt I’m sad!
    Oh no….heard from Singapore NEWS. that Jang Hyuk gg to marry soon. And be daddy Soon.
    So Sad!:i(
    Anyway Congrats!

  12. 12 : Poohs Says:

    wonder if this DVD is coming to Singapore. Does anyone know?

  13. 13 : lirna Says:

    i hope u will get more fans from dis drama Lee Da Hae..i luv u.muah! im ur fan frm Msia!

  14. 14 : miodo Says:

    love lee da hae!!!

  15. 15 : p093 Says:

    i am so intrested in this drama. i like both jang hyuk n lee da hae

  16. 16 : myrie Says:

    viva Jang Hyuk… Miss u Much.. 😛

  17. 17 : natalie Says:

    looks pretty good. i like Jang Hyuk’s actting skills. i really liked him in thank you a very well done drama. well anything he does comes out good. so…..i belive it will be a good drama.

  18. 18 : cookiemonster Says:

    does anyone know what channel its on time warner cable???CA and time:]

  19. 19 : palominooooo Says:

    soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!i love him from thank u and her from my girl!!!!!!! my best people!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. 20 : mnux Says:

    love this series..

  21. 21 : Hollywood Says:

    Watched the 1st & 2nd ep. JH intro. in ep. 1 is really good and funny. I like it. For those who can read Chinese sub. you can watch it @ tudou.com. No english sub. yet for those, U will have to wait. Thanks to the K-drama, I watched enough to now begin to learn a little bit of the language. My 4th.

  22. 22 : tammy Says:

    I think the Jang Hyuk is really versatile, in the first 2 episodes, he went from crying coward begging for his life to suave lover in, literally, 2 seconds. And I was this close to peeing myself when he started tap dancing.

    “ASA” haha, too good. Much recommended! Can’t go wrong.

  23. 23 : natsume Says:

    i cant wait to watch this drama!

  24. 24 : Poohs Says:

    anyone know when this drama’s VCD is coming to Singapore?

  25. 25 : jnara Says:

    welcome back lee da hae!

  26. 26 : pahboohchak Says:

    im so looking forward to Jang Hyuk’s acting again!! his suave way of talking .. especially when he’s angry!! LOVE HIM! Da Hae ashould act well here.. grr.. don’t do the “ilove rock n rol” again ok?!

  27. 27 : leee Says:

    i have watch 2 episode of it and the story plot rocks

  28. 28 : Rowena Says:

    Wow, this is something to look forward too. I like the chemistry. Lee Dae Hee’s feminine charm would surely fit Jang Hyuks “brusko” appeal.

  29. 29 : krissyang Says:

    Jang Hyuk is a superb actor. However, in all his shows so far (at least those I’ve seen), he seems to be acting in only those “bad guy” or “bad guy with a good heart” kind or role. It would be interesting to see if he’s as good in some other different kinds of roles.

  30. 30 : pink Says:

    defitnely worth watching

  31. 31 : kdramafanatic Says:

    If you want some detailed cast overviews, go to this site:


  32. 32 : Karen Park Says:

    Owww…. i’m looking forward on watching this drama…

    i can’t wait to see Lee Da Hae again in dramas..:)

    if anyone knows where i can find this drama with english Sub. please tell me.. umm.. or just post the site here..:)


    ko ma wo..

    Jal ja yo..


  33. 33 : lirna Says:

    hope dis drama mke us feel so enjoy to watch it….hope so!!

  34. 34 : diana belle Says:

    I love you Jang Hyuk, hope you could come here in the Phils.

  35. 35 : citi Says:

    Quite an interesting series so far. Not terribly gripping or fun or captivating but still worth a watch… The male lead has been in these types of roles so often that there’s nothing surprising here. The female lead’s image has been so entrenched in her role in My Girl & Hello Miss that it’s difficult to shake it off even though her role is quite different here.

  36. 36 : faza Says:

    jang hyuk and lee da hae…great! but where can i watch it with english subtitles?

  37. 37 : Poohs Says:

    anyone know what is the ending of this drama? what is this show’s rating in Korea?

  38. 38 : chiqueeismyname Says:

    i like the casts.
    i really lab them.
    hope they will make a good tandem.
    looking forward for this!

  39. 39 : rosmiza Says:

    I like Lee Da Hae so much. (my girl) I like to see she act again with Lee Dong Wook with new drama.

  40. 40 : mery Says:

    i love so much da hae and jang hyuk….
    i can’t wait to watching this drama….

  41. 41 : alberto Says:

    It’s really a dry spell now. No really great show that grips you or tugs your heart strings or gives you side-slitting laugher. The only slightly promising ones are ‘robber’ because of jh & ‘bad love’ because of ksw. But even then, they are not terribly impressive…

  42. 42 : haha Says:

    the ost to this drama is really good…listen to it on youtube..^_^

  43. 43 : ria Says:

    “Jang Hyuk’s wedding will be held on 6/2. His bride-to-be is Kim Yu Jin who is two years his senior. They met in 2002 when Jang Hyuk learned Pilates dance from her. After dating for 5 years, they were engaged in June 2007. Currently Kim Yu Jin is 8-month pregnant and the baby will be due in February. They have named the baby “Tae Hee”. (So she’ll be as beautiful as kim tae hee? teehee xD) ”

    is that right???

  44. 44 : Ploy Says:

    where can i watch this with Eng subtitle???? AHHH!! wana watch it so badly!! someone please tell meee!! =)

  45. 45 : Poohs Says:

    what’s the ending of this drama? can anyone tell me.

  46. 46 : Ji-hyun Lee Says:

    this drama still on air in Korea TV^^ It does not end yet;;

  47. 47 : pinl Says:

    from what i had known, the ratings of this drama is rather low as compared to hong gil dong and new heart, less than 10.0, usually around 6.4. the leading drama is mbc new heart follow by kbs hong gil dong and lastly sbs robbers

  48. 48 : Hollywood Says:

    This is not as good as expected. The acting is also mediocare, not bad but not great. Guess to many stories about single mum with Kids. It kinda of get rather cliched after a few ones.
    Like the comments made by some viewers, recent dramas are nothing that are captivating or original except for HGD.

  49. 49 : aidafira Says:

    yes i m excited!!!

  50. 50 : Maggy Says:

    Hey friends, this series have started on http://www.mysoju.com, episodes 1-6 right now, so let´s go watch it. Enjoy. I liked her acting in MY GIRL, so does him, Lee Dong Wook.

  51. 51 : pinl Says:

    yes, agree with hollywood totally. hong gil dong seems to be a much better drama even though i like lee da hae so much, i still prefer hong gil dong

  52. 52 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    I always agree with Hollywood, but, I’m looking forward to watching Robber w/eng subtitles. Love both actors…

  53. 53 : sany Says:

    it is good movie?its looks like borring…

  54. 54 : Janice Says:

    Ya…..waiting for this drama. But hope won’t disappointed me. Jang Hyuk congrats!

  55. 55 : rene Says:

    the drama is getting really boring towards the end now.
    seriously the rating of this drama is really bad.. from a starting of 9.0 something to now only 3.0 something..
    its not as good as everyone had imagine.. i guess i just watched it cuz of my fav actor and actress…
    its getting boring..and everyone thinks that if jang hyuk dies in the end it will be the saddest ending among all korea drama..
    he always get whack by all those gangsters plus he got on home no family no money and whats worst he’s dying of some kind of brain disease…? goodness..

  56. 56 : Janice Says:

    Hey rene,

    You means Jang Hyuk Dead!? Sure? He suffered Brain illness? Oh my god i think i won’t wanna to watch. Such of sad story! Like you said watching Favours “Actor & Actress”.

  57. 57 : Janice Says:

    oh I skipped to Ep 16. the stories seemed like “Mr. Goodbye”.

  58. 58 : rene Says:

    ya he died in the end i suppose didnt really mention even till the very end moment..
    lousiest ending ever…

  59. 59 : oly Says:

    well. i know this is the lousiest drama ever but i still like it anyway, i love both hero&heroine…it’s just different from any other drama…i like typical korean drama, i like cinderella story or romantic comedy …well, i don’t know but i like this drama…even i skipped the 10 sec. dance… hahahaha… forget to mention, i love all the song and the song sang by the mother with piano

  60. 60 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    This drama is rich with interesting characters, the thread weaving them together a little thin… The endling isn’t sooooo bad, I usually hate this type of ending. Thankfully either the writers or the Director saved us from “watching” a sad goodbye.

    It is worth the watch, funny, romantic and sweet.

  61. 61 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    This drama is rich with interesting characters, the thread weaving them together a little thin… The endling isn’t sooooo bad, I usually hate this type of ending. Thankfully either the writers or the Director saved us from “watching” a sad goodbye.

    It is worth the watch; funny, romantic and sweet.

  62. 62 : oly Says:

    you say it right kimberly, i like the ending too….we know how the”ending” and they make it so sweeeet…

  63. 63 : Paper Walls Says:

    Is it good or bad ??
    I heard, ‘They’ said its a bad drama. So was the rating.
    Is Jang Hyuk deserve to died ???

  64. 64 : Luv_Bi Says:

    love the main actor & actress tat y i watched.
    ending was good, sad drama (as all korean drama like) but got abit bored in between..
    but still finished watching it.
    ya..i agree..storyline like another korean drama called “Mr. Goodbye”.

  65. 65 : meggie Says:

    Loves this drama… good story, good plot, n loves the casts…

  66. 66 : Gemini Says:

    …watching this drama has been a worthwhile one. Jang Kyuk is again at his best performance. I like Lee Dan Hee’s character here unlike her previous series. The tragic ending was presented in an ?untragic” way… and that is cool… we have had enough of those types of endings. I would like to acknowledge the director’s way of handling the scenes, subtle yet moving and touching.

  67. 67 : Lumi Says:

    Scoundrel or Con Man would have been a more appropriate name for this drama. I didn’t like Jang Huk’s character from the start and only watched it because I wanted to see more of the other characters stories, especially Kim Jin Gu’s. I though it was predictible and just another story where the girl fals for the jerk. I am glad I hung on. I realized what a fine performance Jang Hyuk gave. There’s a lot of violence and crying going on, but love, in its different forms, is conveyed, making this, in a strange way, an uplifting story.

  68. 68 : Ayukrika Says:

    It’s sad movies ???

  69. 69 : zzzLovezzz Says:

    just love both characters! it’s really an uplifting story. “It’s never too late to change you ways”- that’s a lesson i learned from this drama. LEE da HAE just rocks my world and she always does!

  70. 70 : supple Says:

    Hey! Im confused,Is it good or bad drama?I have a copy already but my dvd player cannot read it..I have to change it first but if its not good then ill just look for a good drama.waaahhhhhhhhhhh…I thought the tandem of my favorite characters will be interesting.

  71. 71 : Cm22 Says:

    I really wanna watch this! It kinda reminds me of the Japanese drama, Kurosagi, yep.

  72. 72 : HannyBae Says:

    For me, it’s a good drama. If you like Jang Hyuk and Lee Dae Hee, it’s a must seen drama. They both really show their best perfomance here. It’s a kind a sad ending drama, but a beautiful one.

  73. 73 : janice Says:

    ya, or those lousy series. Which sad ending. But luckily got Jang Hyuk & Lee Da Hae. If not i think i won’t watch it. Hahah.
    Jang Hyeok “Wedding Bells” coming soon @ 2nd June 2008!

  74. 74 : eujin28 Says:

    the actors really good in crying and that make them a must watch drama, the character of jang hyuk is at a best performance and i’m looking forward for another good drama of him, he’s indeed a good looking actor, but i don’t understand why korean dramas have their talents in making sad endings, do korean people have sad endings in their real lives too? they make people eager and exited to watch in the beginning of the drama but make them frown at the ending, can’t you (writers) make viewers smile on the last episode? please

  75. 75 : Jos3phz Says:

    wuwu ~~ sob ~ this drama is indeed soooo awesome… I love it so much. I’hv finished watching and it was great and is a MUST WATCH DRAMA !!! and the OST was great too.. gogo and watch it and see how a life of a thief changed into a loving and caring person its soo touching to watch Jung hyuk and Da Hea acting together

  76. 76 : gracie Says:


  77. 77 : Haidy Says:

    Super great love story,with such an amazing actor Jang Hyuk and actress Lee Da HAe,good job SBS and congrats!!!

  78. 78 : Coreysl Says:

    Very very Nice!!!!

  79. 79 : janet Says:

    omg i cant go to mysoju.com!! how will i watch robbers?? D:

  80. 80 : marina Says:

    Jang Hyuk is great! i watch all his series hes so good and very handsome Lee Da Hae very pretty! this drama is very very very nice!

  81. 81 : doremi Says:

    Lee Da Hae looks so different compared to MY GIRL. Just a personal view, not surprising if she has gone for further beauty surgery. As a whole, she looks so pretty in this drama. Hmm…Jang Hyuk is kind of ‘untidy’ in this role but his sincerity touches viewers’ heart. Honest, not a too-bad drama after all…

  82. 82 : joo Says:

    Worth watching. Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk acted so well here. Their emotion are so well displayed on their face and eyes that I felt their pain and hurt.
    A meaningful show. Worth watching !

  83. 83 : Less Says:

    tis is a very good drama. there are lots of single mum out there nowadays. very touching…

  84. 84 : RaShzT3r Says:

    i hope that lee da hae will have a nice project in thae future!!!

  85. 85 : hunny Says:

    do u noe that i read in some website…they mentioned that this is one of lee dae hae poor performance! i totally disagree!! in fact i love her in this drama…she acted very well and something diff from my girl and hello miss! and they mentioned that lee dae hae is trying very hard to prove herself after this drama! i don think she needs to…alot of us love her acting!

  86. 86 : Sony Says:

    that’s really romantic. And the songs accompany with the story adding it become lovely and lovely. I love it!

  87. 87 : Pat Says:

    This drama is not good. I practically forward half of the show and its very predictable and Jang Nguk look like drug addict in drama. Very hard for me to believe he can attract so many women with his skinny and sick look. Lee Da Hae was just normal in this drama. Not recommended very boring drama.

  88. 88 : Changmi Says:

    I agree with you…this drama soo boring make me want to skip every single scene on it.

  89. 89 : ratmooi Says:

    i like “robber” very much!!! u must see!!!
    I really like “ROBBER” must watch it because every scene was very touch and make the relationship lee da hae and jang Hyuk increasingly have chemistry
    the changing nature of “kwon oh joon (jang hyuk) ” make so touched, his acting very natural …
    after watching this drama I hope lee da hae and Hyuk can unite again on the next play… can’t hardly wait

  90. 90 : jenn Says:

    To ratmooi

    Both lead actors have teamed up together in Chuno aka Slave hunters and the drama has enjoyed top ratings. The drama ended just a couple of weeks ago.

  91. 91 : mel Says:

    i wanna watch this movie… looks like interesting

  92. 92 : nining Says:

    i love korean drama..

  93. 93 : diefan Says:

    i wanna watch it.. looks interesting.

  94. 94 : diefan Says:

    hmmm I was kinda disappointed watching this series. although, i love both actor and actress i thought they were great actors watched some of their kseries before like, ‘ thank you’, ‘my girl’ and hello! Miss’ both excellent acting but this one (robber) i’m kinda disappointed I don’t know why. sorry. hmmm

  95. 95 : titi Says:

    I LOVE IT! Any drama with Jang Hyuk in it is okay with me. I already fall in love with his acting. Lee Da Hae is a perfect match. A beautiful love story. LOVE IT VERY MUCH!

  96. 96 : ali Says:

    Must be nice

  97. 97 : gucci outlet Says:

    I LOVE IT! Any drama with Jang Hyuk in it is okay with me. I already fall in love with his acting. Lee Da Hae is a perfect match. A beautiful love story. LOVE IT VERY MUCH!

  98. 98 : Cathe Alvina Says:

    Very moving
    Single moms r vulnerable
    Worth watching…

  99. 99 : Gasenadi Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by Lee Da Hae’s character in this kdrama as compared to her role in Chuno. I’m a fan of Jang Hyuk and after watching Thank You and Chuno, have watched as much of his “ouvre” as possible. I cannot BELIEVE the silence surrounding Robbers on the kdrama websites as it has solid subplots and wonderful supporting actors. More surprising, still, is the silence surrounding the gay character (brilliant writing and acting for this role) and the response of family members and friends. Just exquisite! Also, the silence surrounding domestic violence, the abused woman syndrome and the possible connections to alcoholism. Not to mention the loving relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. A jigolo doesn’t have to be handsome; he does need charisma and a knowledge of seduction. Jang Hyuk’s role was well written and, as always, well acted. Just loved it!

  100. 100 : KIM Says:

    hot Jang Hyuk is looking very good and beautiful in this drama in general is undoubtedly one of the best actor in Korea beautiful and talented.
    It is important to say that I really liked his drama robbers AND CHUNO of course. He has amazing chemistry with Lee Da Hae is highly recommended for those who have not watched THE Dramas yet.

  101. 101 : bella Says:

    Jang Hyuk is hot hot hot just beautiful I love him the best actor in Korea without a doubt.

  102. 102 : rari Says:

    this drama is so boring . watching this drama makes me hating the main male lead ><

    he is such bad guy in this drama,the story is not good T.T

  103. 103 : nadz Says:

    jang hyuk! U’re so0o0o hot!

    Via MebApp.com

  104. 104 : mylz Says:

    touching…funny drama….try it and i gave you a 99.99% enjoyment assurance! Love can happen to any kind of persons…and once it happened …love can move mountain! It changes lives!

  105. 105 : roxy Says:

    every1 has d rght to express whs n mind..i mght be protagonist or antogist,..dpending on whats d mpact on urself once u had watchd ths *robber* for me il based it on the lesson to learn. To Love! No matter good or bad u are. No matter hw much or less u owned n ths world.wether u hav blood or no blood related u can express ur love up to d fullest xtent. That only prsons nvolve can change cn made d imposible to make d world bliv that love truly exist! Ths s what ths drama implies that it was GREATFULLY & PERFECTLY portrate by jang hyuk , lee da hae n d rest of d casts. A very touchng, heart warming, funny ,action entertaining drama..highly rcommendd to watch for n ur free 2 expres ur thought hw it moves n touches u aftr u watchd it!

  106. 106 : zarima Says:

    worth wathching,, i like this kind of drama,, a nice one… LOVE can really conquer all odds///:D

  107. 107 : ♪♫ Sayahomis ♫♪ Says:

    Ah,hyuka! u Are the best in dramas and all of cinema.
    wherever u exist,its the edge of art! Really.its the fact.
    Olmana Chova!

  108. 108 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    ROBBER did not ROBBED my ATTENTION at all. This one is the most boring K-drama I ever watched (I Didn’t even finished coz of the SLOW, SIMPLE, COMMON STORYLINE) 🙁

  109. 109 : tamarexxe Says:

    I’ve just begun this and I’m loving it (episode 6). I watched it because of Jang Hyuk, who I firmly believe is the finest actor in the world today. I’m french, and there is absolutely no european actor that touches him, and I currently live in the USA and the same can be said here as well. He also chooses more complex roles and avoids silly dramas that are so popular in Korea. Also Lee Da Hae is a revelation. I realized that her character in Chuno was under-directed and suffered from extreme Mary Sue itis. But in this drama she was amazinly funny and her acting skills are tremendous.

    All this being said, I’m not sure I can keep watching this drama now that I have found out the Jang Hyuk dies at the end. After Chuno and Tree With Deep Roots, I’m not sure my heart can take another tragic ending. I will keep it as I do all the brilliant work of Jang Hyuk, but maybe watch it later when my heart has healed a bit.

    Lastly, a word for the writers of Kdramas. Korean Dramas are wonderfully entertaining, but you, the writers, need a little restraint when it comes to tragic endings. To have even “heart-warming” dramas constantly end in tragedy is in itself very cliché. The overcoming of great odds should sometimes be the very point in and of itself. Think about it.

  110. 110 : Raymond Says:

    Another piece of art by tragic couple (da hae & jang hyuk). Their chemistry is terrific yet sad as usual, i still hoping, one day they are going to make the fourth project for tragic couple that has a happy ending 🙂 until that day, robber, chuno, and iris 2, will be a piece of art that sad yet unforgettable.

    #31 jan 2017

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