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Reply 1994

Answer Me 1994 02

Title: 응답하라 1994 / Reply 1994
Chinese Title: 請回答1994
Also Known as: Answer Me 1994
Genre: Youth, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 21 + 1 Special
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-11 to 2013-Dec-28
Air time: Friday & Saturday 08:40pm
Related Series: Reply Series


This drama follows the pop culture events of year 1994, including the emergence of seminal K-pop group ‘Seo Taiji and Boys‘ and ‘Korean Basketball League‘.

The story begin with few teenagers stay together at a boarding house while attending a university in Seoul. This boarding house is run by a couple Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa with their daughter Sung Na Sung (Go Ah Ra)…


Na Jung’s family

Go Ah Ra as Sung Na Jung
Shin Soo Yun as Na Jung (child)
Sung Dong Il as Sung Dong Il (Father)
Lee Il Hwa as Lee Il Hwa (Mother)

Students in Shinchon Boarding House

Jung Woo as Sseu Re Ki (mean: Trash)
Yoo Yun Suk as Chil Bong Yi (mean: seven shutouts)
Kim Sung Kyun as Sham Chun Pyo (mean: Samcheonpo city)
Son Ho Joon as Hae Tae (mean: Haitai Tigers)
Baro as Bing Geu Re (mean: smiley)
Min Do Hee as Jo Yoon Jin


Yoon Jong Hoon as Kim Ki Tae
Yun Joon Suk as Kim Dong Woo (Bing Geu Re’s younger brother)
Yook Sung Jae as Sung Joon
Kim Joong Ki as Micol
Kim Tae Yoon
Lee Jung Min


Moon Kyung Eun (문경은) as himself (ep 1)
Woo Ji Won (우지원) as himself (ep 1)
Kim Hoon (김훈) as himself (ep 1)
Hong Suk Chun as ROTC cadet (ep 2)
Na Young Suk (나영석) as Yonsei student boarder (ep 2)
Heo Kyung Young as interrogative student boarder (ep 2)
Bae Woo Hee as Ha Hee Ra (ep 2)
Kim Min Young as Lee Soon Ja (ep 2)
Kim Kwang Gyu as Sseu Re Ki’s professor (ep 5)
Kim Jong Min as doctor (ep 5)
Lee Joo Yeon as Lee Joo Yeon (ep 5)
Lee Hyun Kyung as patient with two kids
Kim Jung Min as himself (ep 5)
NC.A as Ssook Ssook Yi’s friend in 2013 (ep 6)
Park Kyung Ri as Na Jung’s friend in group date (ep 7)
Park Min Ha as Na Jung’s friend in group date (ep 7)
Lee Hye Min as Na Jung’s friend in group date (ep 7)
Lee Yoo Joon as Sseu Re Ki’s senior in group date (ep 7)
Ji Seung Hyun as Sseu Re Ki’s senior in group date (ep 7)
Yang Jae Young as Sseu Re Ki’s senior in group date (ep 7)
Lee Kyung Shil as herself (Dong Il’s first love) (ep 8)
Jung Sung Ho as songwriter (ep 9)
Lee Jung Eun as Sham Chun Po’s mother (ep 10)
Choi Duk Moon as Kim Yoon Shik (Sham Chun Po’s father) (ep 10)
Jo Yang Ja as Sham Chun Po’s grandmother (ep 10)
Kim Han Jong as Sham Chun Po’s drunk neighbour (ep 10)
Kim In Seo as Hae Tae’s crush (ep 11)
Kim Byung Choon as Jung Man Ho (Dong Il’s friend) (ep 12)
Jo Jae Yoon as Kim Jae Young (ep 12)
Kim Won Hae as Sseu Re Ki’s father (ep 12)
Seo Yoo Ri as Sseu Re Ki’s first love (ep 12)
Kim Min Jong as himself (ep 13)
Choi Jong Hoon as sergeant (ep 14)
Kim Seul Gi as Sseu Re Ki’s cousin (ep 14-15)
Song Min Ji as Min Jung (Sseu Re Ki’s co-worker) (ep 16-17)
Yoon Jin Yi as Jin Yi (ep 16-17)
Jung Eun Ji as Sung Shi Won (ep 16-17)
Seo In Guk as Yoon Yoon Jae (ep 16-17)
Hoya as Kang Joon Hee (ep 16)
Lee Shi Un as Bang Sung Jae (ep 16)
Shin So Yool as Mo Yoo Jung (ep 16)
Eun Ji Won as Do Hak Chan (ep 17)
Kim Jae Kyung as Jun Ji Hyun look-alike (ep 18)
Jun Hyun Moo as Hae Tae’s junior (ep 18)
Go Woo Ri as Uhm Jung Hwa look-alike (ep 18)
Yoon Min Soo (윤민수) as married man (ep 18)
Yoon Seo as Ae Jung (ep 18-19)
Jung Yoo Mi as Sun Joon’s potential love interest (ep 21)
Lee Mi So as Chilbongi’s baseball team manager
Yoon Jin Young as Rock Cafe Space manager
Lee Bong Ryun as same major with Na Jung

Production Credits

Producer: Lee Myung Han
Director: Shin Won Ho
Screenwriter: Lee Woo Jung

Episode Ratings

Date Ep Title Nationwide
2013-10-11 0 Special Episode -
2013-10-18 1 Seoul person 2.60
2013-10-19 2 We are all unacquainted people 2.30
2013-10-25 3 A new generation's love 3.00
2013-10-26 4 Lie 4.20
2013-11-01 5 Words I Cannot Bear to Say 4.70
2013-11-02 6 Introduction to Gift-Giving 5.80
2013-11-08 7 That Year's Summer 6.20
2013-11-09 8 A Moment's Decision Can Affect Your Entire Life 7.10
2013-11-15 9 So, What I Want to Say Is... 8.10
2013-11-16 10 This Might Be the Last Time 8.80
2013-11-23 11 The Only Way to End a One-Sided Love 9.30
2013-11-29 12 The Miracle That Will Happen to Us 9.20
2013-11-30 13 The 10,000 Hour Rule 9.60
2013-12-06 14 The People Who Change Me I 9.30
2013-12-07 15 The People Who Change Me II 8.10
2013-12-13 16 Love, Fear I 8.30
2013-12-14 17 Love, Fear II 8.30
2013-12-20 18 Should I Say I Love You Again 8.70
2013-12-21 19 Do You Believe In Destiny? 9.20
2013-12-27 20 Start of End 10.1
2013-12-28 21 to 1990's 11.9

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Before jumping right into the story, This drama will start up a special episode on 11/Oct/2013 to give a good introduction to this drama.


2016 tvN10 Awards: Special Acting Award – Sung Dong Il (Answer Me series)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Content Award (Drama)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Best Couple: Min Do Hee & Kim Sung Kyun (Answer Me 1994)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – New Actress: Min Do Hee (Answer Me 1994)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Best Director: Shin Won Ho (Answer Me 1994)
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor (Jung Woo)


Answer Me 1994 Poster1 Answer Me 1994 Poster2 Answer Me 1994 Poster3

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Cast Interview – I & II & III & IV & V & VI & VII

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  1. 1 : CJDW Says:


  2. 2 : icegirl Says:

    doubtful if this drama could replicate the success of reply 1997…the producers obviously would want to make a franchise of the REPLY series…so i wouldn’t be surprised if reply 1990 or reply 2000 would be next…

  3. 3 : kimcheejoy43 Says:

    Can’t wait! really hoping Reply 1997 casts will have a cameo… <3<3<#

  4. 4 : AdJae Airashii Says:

    cant waiiitttt <3

  5. 5 : dinaz Says:

    Woww..finally its here.i have two dramas to look forward to now..Heirs and Reply1994 after master sun 🙂

  6. 6 : japs Says:

    so excited to see Yoo Yun Suk!!!

  7. 7 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I don’t know. Part 2 or sequel or prequel are always 2nd on the loose!

  8. 8 : Efvefvefvetvet Says:

    Yiyuuuuuuuhh! Im so looking forward to this! Loving the 90s themee! Uhh daebak!

  9. 9 : clairerosean Says:

    I hope it will be if not better, at least same as Reply 1997 – which is something fast-paced, straight forward and very entertaining..

    @dinaz… nice to see you here.. Yes, hopefully we could continue the exchange of ideas through this show and The Heirs (and perhaps we can include Marry Him If You Dare) now that TMS is over…

    See you around. 🙂

  10. 10 : dinaz Says:

    hi clairerosean,yes we meet again 🙂
    hopefully heirs and reply 1994 will fill the void that master’s sun created..i m missing it alot!
    about marry him if you dare..i might try some episodes to see if i like it..the story does not appeal much to me.. 🙁
    but we will surely discuss about heirs and reply 1994 🙂 🙂

  11. 11 : Just_saying Says:

    clairerosean, totally agree with you. hope it’ll be better if not, it should at least be at par with Reply 1997. Straight forward and the story line is really detailed.

  12. 12 : dinaz Says:

    @admin New update : there will be a special episode on 11th oct before airing the series..i have read this on allkpop..
    Where is the ratings board?

  13. 13 : dinaz Says:

    Thanx admin 🙂

  14. 14 : moko-chan Says:

    So another Reply huh? I actually tought that i saw wrong kkk
    well… i like Go Ah Ra, gonna see this 🙂

  15. 15 : Chai Says:

    Episode one is funny I recommend it

  16. 16 : bibu Says:

    first episode has high rating. wow! 2.60 is the highest rating for first episode of tv cabel drama ever. reply 1997 just got 1.20 in its first episode. yeah, love this

  17. 17 : noct Says:

    i really thought that Go Ah Ra and Jung woo are siblings. i was really confused at that 1st episode and being followed by 2nd eps. Lol

  18. 18 : mango Says:

    This drama is very, very, veeerrrryyyy boring

  19. 19 : mail Says:

    i like dis month since so many new korean dramas are airing….more korean dramas will b added to my collection…:)

  20. 20 : dinaz Says:

    I watched the special and ep1..its quite nice and i can see they have put lots of efforts to recreate the feel and memories of 1994..i m sure korean people will definately relate to this drama.. :-):-) they even brought the basketball players of that time..i really appreciate their great efforts..
    i like the role of na jeong’s brother ‘Trashy’..he is so funny and lovable..na jeong’s hair!i wish to style it abit..hehe!i m so glad to see shiwon’s dad here as well..i love when he screams at his children.. 🙂
    two hilarious but annoying scenes,first na jeong smelling the sweaty hanky of her sangmin oppa,eww!i would never do that..
    2nd,na jeong pulling of her brother’s clothes.its abit too much!lol..
    i wont compare it to reply1997..this version is nice too! 🙂 😀

  21. 21 : rory Says:

    I love Reply 1997 and actually quite hesitate to watch this one coz mostly KD..sequel.failed!
    but hey,so far so good.funny.crazy.cute.euw!

    they still have the same father mother from reply 1997 even same attitude, cooking in large quantity, joking, bickering each other..but I thought that her oppa is her real oppa but actually they are not! and the fact is that trashy boy is a medic student! wowie!

    I will continue to enjoy this! So now, we have an intense & heart wrenching “secret” and this hilarious child memories “reply 1994”..my life is complete! LOL!

  22. 22 : rory Says:

    and Chun Pyo’s blur face just too funny to see..poor but funny! why he didn’t locked that door while having shower? OMG! they are funny & shameless 😀

    That KFC scene is funny too..It will remind our back memories when 1st time go to KFC or fast food restaurant..teehehe~~^^

  23. 23 : rory Says:

    “na jeong smelling the sweaty hanky of her sangmin oppa,eww!i would never do that..” hahaha..crazy fan girling enuff rite!but..even the sweat shirts they won’t mind at all to touch or smell it..

    “2nd,na jeong pulling of her brother’s clothes.” even his undies too..LMAO! this scene is indeed hilarious and crazy!
    and also the kiss/bite scene when Na Jung get drunk..*jaw dropped!

    let’s enjoy watching this dear^^

  24. 24 : dinaz Says:

    @rory hiiii 🙂 so glad you’re here.. 🙂 🙂
    eww i would never smell a sweaty hanky even if my minho uses it..hehe..
    oh i havent watched those scenes as yet i watched the special and till part 5 of ep1..its really funny and crazy drama..after watching an intense drama like secret we can relax watching this.. 🙂
    i guess if we dont compare it to the 1st series this one is quite good too and the rating is awesome for a cable drama..hope it keeps getting better 🙂 🙂

  25. 25 : dinaz Says:

    @admin the timing of the drama is changed to 8.40pm KST.
    source : allkpop

  26. 26 : justsaying Says:

    A drama worth to watch. Similarities between Reply 1994 and Reply 1997: 1. The parents
    2. We need to guess which one will be her husband (don’t care who as long as its not Chun Pyo – they kinda doesn’t match)
    3. Both Reply’s are good drama on its own. Funny, laid back, fun, interesting. It has the same concept by telling the story through flashbacks but that’s about it. The storyline is different.

    And the scene where Trash held her on the hospital bed was so sweet that I wished they were not siblings. And then, it reveals that they ARE NOT. So happy abt it *clap*clap*. At least he’ll be eligible as her husband and that is enough reason to follow up this drama.

  27. 27 : justsaying Says:

    And the ‘brother’ – crazy as he is – I thought he was just a bum, though a cute one but he is actually a third yr med student. How cool is that. Never saw it coming. At one time, he keeps calling Na Young so loudly,desperately into his room just so he can ask her to switch off the light. LOL.

  28. 28 : ggrmarielou Says:

    lets vote for our favorite kpop artists to win in MAMA 2013 by voting here : http://mama.interest.me/visite?s=1382611372095

  29. 29 : dinaz Says:

    ep 2 :yipeeee!!trash is not na jung’s brother..i am so happy!
    when i first saw him in ep1 i was like..why on earth did they have to be paired as bro-sis??they had amazing chemistry but now i am happy that they are not siblings.. 🙂 🙂
    though he is candidate no.5 for na jung but for me he is no.1..love you trash..he is funny,clumsy but woww a medical genius too..she has back problems too so who can take care best of her??TRASH..hehe 🙂
    now that i think of ep1 where she pulled off his pants..how could she??hahahaha!and even enter a bathroom.lol..
    and the lip biting scene.omg!its so funny!so sweet of trash to say ‘ok for 1minute’..hehe!their chemistry is amazing!love it..this drama is really good..must watch! 🙂
    @just_saying me too really happy that our trash is not na jung’s brother..and that hospital scene is my fav too..he held her so delicately when she is in pain,whereas he pulls her cheeks when she is normal.. 🙂

  30. 30 : justsaying Says:

    Now I just need to find drama to watch on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wed & Thurs: Secret & Heirs, Friday & Sat: Reply 1994. Any suggestion?

  31. 31 : rory Says:

    really can’t wait for ep.3…
    this is my happy pills drama !!!

    hahaha!!! —> (don’t care who as long as its not Chun Pyo – they kinda doesn’t match]
    u made me realized my daily days are full of KDs!
    Fri & Sat = Reply1994
    Sat & Sun = King’s Family
    Mon & Tues = Suspicious Housekeeper & MHIYD
    Wed & Thurs = Secret & Heirs

    I vote for that trash boy too..when he’s wearing doc’s white coat I thought he just borrowed it..never imagined this trashy boy is a medic student! love that hospital scene too..I’m going to cry if someone hug me when I’m feeling unwell..auwww

  32. 32 : just_saying Says:

    If trash is my doctor, I’ll be sick most of the years.

  33. 33 : dinaz Says:

    @rory u thought he borrowed the gown.haha.mr trashy is a genius too 😉 same here if someone holds me like when i m sick i would cry too..
    that scene was so romantic..specially his way of holding her gently and delicately
    And the kiss or biting scene,seemed like he is so used to getting bitten by na jeong..coz he said only for 1min.lol.and she bit his chest too.ha ha!
    So till now we have 3 votes 4 trash 🙂 😉

  34. 34 : dinaz Says:

    @just_saying i wish all doctors were as cool as our trash 😛

  35. 35 : nab Says:

    sungjae is najeong’s son. wow, i just realise that sungjae appear in ep 1. i thought that that is seo in guk, they really lookalike

  36. 36 : WSW Says:

    I vote for trash also, I saw him at Lee soon shin is the best and I like him

  37. 37 : dinaz Says:

    ep 3 : Trash is really really cool just that some of his habits are trashy..hehe!
    aigoo that scene where he pulls her to sleep with him was so sweet and romantic but that idiot had to fart?hahahaha!but i still love trash..i really hope he is jeong’s husband!chil bong is good and charming too but i like trash more 🙂
    what kind of game were they playing in the mt?its so loud and needs lots of energy to scream.. 😛
    na jung’s dad is the best i just love it when he screams..haha and the scene where he wanted to pee was so natural..he is a great actor 🙂
    i guess the comp game loving guy cant be na jung’s husband i think he is paired with the other girl..
    now we have 4 votes for trash 🙂

  38. 38 : dinaz Says:

    Just saw that the ratings for ep4 is 5.6 with peak of 6.4?phew!!thats super awesome..
    Reply 1994 fighting!
    lv u trash 🙂

  39. 39 : just_saying Says:

    Ep 4- NJ admit to Trash that she likes him. Wonder what will happen. And today is just Sunday, 5 more days to go. sigh… How can we not fall for a guy who stops his car midway, just to give her his coat so she wouldn’t get cold.

  40. 40 : me_nina Says:

    hai guys…me too..hope for Sseureki Oppa to be Na Jung’s Husband.
    i just love what the director do with the daily atmosphere between Na Jung and Sseureki Oppa. hehehe…Love it…

    Sseureki Charisma, Jjang!!! 😛

  41. 41 : justsaying Says:

    ep4. ‘Oppa, I like you, I’m saying I like you, I love you’. And of all the days, it has to be April Fool.

  42. 42 : -Autumn- Says:

    I am hesitant to watch this drama in the first place but once I started watching it, I am hooked. This drama is so hilarious especially Na Jung’s dad. And I love the chemistry between Sseureki and Na Jung. Really hope that they are together in the end.

  43. 43 : dinaz Says:

    ep 4:trash oppa is way too awesome..how can na jung not fall for her..but why dosent he feel anything for her..
    this drama is too beautiful..every scene is well thought of,looks like lots of effort has been given to put together a great show like this one..
    the skinship between trash and na jung omg it really flutters my heart
    the backhug scene with a sweet kiss..droooolllllssss….
    @justsaying it was so sad that she confessed on april 1st which also happened to be her real oppa’s death anniversary.. 🙁 🙁 i cried at that scene when they were describing about Tae Hoon..
    Chil bong is cute and well mannered but our trash oppa is way too charming 🙂 🙂
    even the scene of binggrae talking with his mom is so touching..
    so the ratings are 4.2 its still high for a cable drama..i saw it as 5.6..newaz hope the ratings will keep increasing..
    so we have many votes for our trash here 🙂
    but i am sad to see the next episode preview where they show trash admiring another girl.. 🙁
    i hope trash is na jung’s husband Kim Jae Joon 🙂 🙂

  44. 44 : me_nina Says:

    I wonder..Who’a the girl on ep.5?
    Can’t wait for ep.5…. :'(

  45. 45 : me_nina Says:

    I wonder..Who’s the girl on ep.5?
    Can’t wait for ep.5…. :'(

  46. 46 : Jyenie Says:

    Wow, I will watch this drama after reading all the interesting comments here!

  47. 47 : maknaee Says:

    I love trash chara, but i wish najung end up w/ chilbong *Q*

  48. 48 : rory Says:

    OMG, that fart scene is hilarious and euwwww!!! The recording songs scene really reminds my childhood memories…I remembered I always love to record my own voice and secretly recorded my mom’s nagging..Oma mianhe 😀 and the way Chun Pyo’s interrupted them was the same thing my bro did to me and we end up fighting each other..

    NJ’s dad expression when he want to pee is priceless..I feel u ahjussi..
    “A little came out” LMAO!

    and this trash name is not call for nothing..how can? using foot mat as a towel? *mental breakdown!

    I think Chil Bong Yi ruined my vote a bit..He is so cool and matured..U’re a real namja right? Don’t want to see a repeat char like in Reply 1997..So, CBY got my vote together with trash oppa ya but still can’t beat NJ & Trash sweet chemistry..
    But why on earth NJ’s confessed her love on 1st April but whatever it is we know that is her real feeling..Is trash is her husband?Who is Kim Jae Joon? Sseu Ri Ki?Aigoo…don’t makes us wait till the last episode please..

    *NJ’s phone house is just too cute but I miss public phone the most 😀

  49. 49 : Jyenie Says:

    This is really a feel good drama. Just like Dinaz, Ssiriki and NJ’s skinship really makes me drool and my heart flutter, so sweet!
    The interior of Na Jung’s house is so beautiful and retro, love it!
    I think Ssiriki is NJ’s husband 🙂

  50. 50 : chim Says:

    i’m najung-trash’s shipper…:) ♥

    can’t wait for ep 6

  51. 51 : dinaz Says:

    @Jyenie glad to see u here.. 🙂 hope trash oppa is na jung’s hubby orelse i will be super sad..
    aww..their skinship!! 🙂 🙂
    @rory ya that peeing scene was hilarious..and chilbong poor him he was quite surprised..lol..
    Trash all my votes for u 🙂

  52. 52 : Jyenie Says:

    Jung Woo’s star has finally shined, they call him National Oppa in Korea 🙂

  53. 53 : dinaz Says:

    @Jyenie52 yup i too heard that..really happy for him..the way he interacts with na jeong omg its just too heart fluttering..and he is not so perfect,he is trashy,sloppy and very real that makes him more adorable..
    i see hearts everywhere now..hehe.. 😛 😛

  54. 54 : Jyenie Says:

    We really can’t deny that Trash Oppa is the husband because the chemistry between them is going to pop out from my screen!

  55. 55 : me_nina Says:

    Guys, please look at the costum of Najung and Sseureki on the main poster…so similar, isn’t?
    [Just like a sign that Sseureki Oppa is Najung’s husband :P]

  56. 56 : rory Says:

    Aigoo.the mother really loves cooking but end up all got diarrhea..LOL! My stomach hurts too because of laughing too much 😀 poor them and that troublemaker Chun Pyo is really! i knew it he’s gonna eat that Seo tai Ji’s cornchips after Yoon Jin working so hard brought them back safely…scary Yoon Jin..

    @dinaz @Jyenie
    Our trash! He’s funny, caring, loving, romantic, smart, loves kids and even can play soccer very well.. 0:18…hahaha…what else he can do hurm?perfecto!

    love the ending song in ep.5 so much..memories~~~^^

  57. 57 : Jyenie Says:

    What else can a girl ask for with such a perfect man like this? He can be your brother, lover, confidant, comedian, son, all rolls into one! She must be blind to overlook such a gem!
    This is my crack drama and I am so gonna to watch episode 6 now! 😀

  58. 58 : Jyenie Says:

    After watching ep 6, I have added mashmallow in my grocery shopping list. Ha!

  59. 59 : feikei Says:

    may be chilbong lol

  60. 60 : rory Says:

    shocking and choking!
    Chil Bong kissed Na Jung..
    Trash kissed Bing Geu Re..
    The mother is pregnant!

    I can sense that BGR has feelings towards trash..
    trash seems jealous after watching CB kissed NJ..
    Na Jung will have a lil’ brother soon..kyaaahhhh..can imagine how hilarious will be and me want to see trash playing with baby the most^^

    yes..at the wedding scene especially..the bridegroom’s back really looks like Chil Bong o.O

    dear, this is my crack drama too! I truly enjoyed watching this 😀 so addicted with Secret and Reply 1994 currently..

    What an impressive ratings! congrats Reply 1994 team..fighting!

  61. 61 : rory Says:

    Jo Yoon Jin can talk finally…LOL!
    can’t imagine if Jo Yoon Jin’s destined love is Chun Pyo since they’re always bickering each other 😀

  62. 62 : Rose Says:

    I’m so happy that the rating is rising let alone the characters development

  63. 63 : dinhie Says:

    Wow..! Ep.6 really exciting! I think Na Jung future husband is Chil Bong. Why? Because their wedding date is the same day with soccer match between Korea & Spain. If you a soccer mania, you wouldn’t choose your wedding date same as an important soccer match . It means..you’re only interested in one sport! 😀

  64. 64 : Jyenie Says:

    I think Suksuk is the best present for Trash oppa because he doesn’t need to feel obliged to be NJ’s substitute brother anymore, he can now consider playing another role-to be NJ’s namja 🙂
    Oppa actually likes NJ, he is probably not aware of it or he has a reason to hide it. This explains why he never succeeds to have a steady girlfriend because he is contented to have NJ around and be her brother until someone like CB appears to threaten the situation.

    Awww, this song, To You, really make my heart flutter!

    I just laughed over
    what you said
    But you wouldn’t know
    I like everything about you
    but I’m scared
    right now

    Too many thoughts are blocking you
    But you smile at me (I’m just thankful)
    Your innocent heart is still so pretty

    But I don’t
    know why
    but everything
    is so hard
    The world will
    definitely change

    Our thoughts will change,
    think about it
    It’s just hard
    When you look
    at my warmly
    I sometimes turn away
    But do you feel it?
    It’s not because
    I don’t like you

    After meeting you,
    starting from some point
    I started to have worries
    After I started to like you
    When I think of you,
    I only sigh

    When I see your
    lovable eyes
    My heart gets peaceful
    When I’m holding your hand
    (I dreamed these kinds of dreams)

    When you kiss my cheek, it feels
    like the whole world is mine
    I just want to hug you like this
    But there are still so many things
    in this world that are
    in front of you

    Think about it,
    it’s just hard
    All of the new things
    that you’ll experience
    Everyone will start to
    turn their eyes on you

    Do you know
    how I feel?
    I don’t want to hurt
    your small heart
    That’s what it is

    Adults always tell me, there are
    still more things
    you don’t know
    I just hope your innocent
    heart won’t change

  65. 65 : dinaz Says:

    ep5 &6:i am so glad with the increase in ratings..its superb for cable drama..and it totally deserves it..each episode is so touching i cant keep my eyes off Jung woo..he’s just too good..i dont know how to describe but everything he does seems so cool,even his trashy habits dosent offend me..lol..
    trash looks so cool with the gown on..he an excellent medical student and he is emotional too..i love the way he interacted with the kids and told them he is still watching them.. 🙂 then he kicking the milk packet but it spilled on his face..Priceless..awww!!
    and the last scene of ep5 it really made me cry 🙁
    and trash giving his cardigan and watch to na jung.. 🙂 :)hmmmm..(i m getting all dreamy.. 😛 )
    that scene in which trash picked up bing geu re was so fuuny,it seemed like he was so light..lol..even kissing him omg!i guess he has a crush on oppa!this is similar to Reply 1997..
    i dint like the kiss scene at all 🙁 🙁 i hope now trash realises his feelings for na jeong..please now make your move oppa!
    i was really thinking the mom is sick looking at the doctor’s expression glad that she was pregnant that too on Hoon’s birthday 🙂
    yoon jin and chun pyo are they a future couple?i was thinking she would be with hai tae?
    Na jeong dad’s expressions to scolding i enjoy it alot..he is superb!

  66. 66 : dinaz Says:

    @rory-56 its cute when the silent yoon jin gets all angry and starts her slangs..lol..i am having a big crush on mr perfect..
    @jyenie-58 lol i saw ur comment and i missed eating marshmallows and i got them too..ice cream flavoured.. 🙂
    @rory-60 i dint even think of that-trash playing with the baby!aww..he will look so adorable..his chemistry with the male leads is good too along with na jeong!aigoo mr perfect i cant even see the other guys when he is around 😛
    @jyenie-64 i just hope its like that..i really want trash and na jeong..cant see anyone else for na jeong!woww great song i have to download it.. 🙂

  67. 67 : rory Says:

    trash with white coat..kyahhh..i found it sexy, cool & hot!
    After seeing his interactions with the kids, yes I want to see more! Thank God NJ’s mom is pregnant so we can wish more cute scenes between trash & baby…kyaahhhh!!

    wah..wahh..song for our trash..auw…you’re so romantic~~~

  68. 68 : Jyenie Says:

    I want to see my Oppa-ya! I hope Fri-Sat will come sooner!

  69. 69 : kade Says:

    I love when they tride to make Sam Chun Po reconcile with Yoo Jin. Lol

  70. 70 : kade Says:


  71. 71 : dinaz Says:

    Oppa cant wait to see u..muah 😀

  72. 72 : Jyenie Says:

    I am so tempted to watch live tonite! Should I? I just want to have a glimpse of Oppa-yah even though the streaming will be bad and I don’t understand the language most of the time. LOL.

  73. 73 : just_saying Says:

    as at ep7. I believe that the husband is Trash oppa. Why?

    1. The writers gave so much hints that it is Chil Bong and so, it wouldn’t be Chil Bong because it will be too obvious. Remember Reply 1997, the beginning of the drama implies that the brother is the husband but at the end, it was YYJ.
    2. Trash oppa is one of the main cast.

    That’s all I’ve got. I wonder who Yoon Jin will ends up with?

  74. 74 : Mama Amy Says:


  75. 75 : Jyenie Says:

    There are so many evidences that Oppa is the husband. In the 2013 scene, when Suksuk was talking to his mother on the phone, Oppa saw him and asked him to have something to eat, his mother immediately asked for his brother in-law to talk to her. Ep 7(2013 scene): 1) NJ was calling out “Yeobo”, only Oppa turned his head. 2) NJ had to remind him about his wallet. 3) He managed to catch the wallet very well which was flying in the air toward him.
    In 2013 of ep 7, Haitai said,” She is married with a good husband, she has become gentle.” roughly like that. So, Yoon Jin ‘s husband is Haitai. 🙂

  76. 76 : Jyenie Says:

    OMG, just watched the preview of ep 9 even though I haven’t watch ep 8, the bathroom scene is daebak! Hahaha. Oppa, you can’t live in denial anymore!

  77. 77 : rory Says:

    Aahhh..So, Chil Bong is his glamour name..haishhhh..Kim Jae Joon is Chil Bong? But I believe Sseu Re Ki also not his proper name..teehehe..Don’t worry trash, I still believe NJ’s husband is YOU trash! but it’s funny to see even NJ’s friend[forgot his name] feels hot seeing CB..envy huh?with those perfect body and handsome face, together can play baseball well..

    ROFL, because of the hot weather, they’re willing to sleep on the street at outside their house! this crazy family! But Jo Yoon Jin wins! hands down! crazy..weirdo!such a crazy girl indeed! okay, blame it to crazy weather then…

    trash..trash..trash..he’s gonna be the best son in law, the best son, the best doctor and the best husband! NJ, if u wanna kick him out, pass him to me then..LOL!

    Mother : Our Sook Sook, is craving the soondae from that Soondol’s Snack House..
    hahaha..as expected from the mother, she knows how to ask something..

    hahaha..Chun Pyo..poor him even tho he’s trying so hard! Please try again okay..Fighting! I must say he is perfectly match with this role 😀 funny yet so poor…
    Those saliva scenes, OMG, I’m going to cry in sorrow..and Yoon Jin in crazy action once again..scary!

    Trash..CB..Trash..CB..these 2 perfect namja..I wish my future hubby will be like them..haha 😀

    Thanx to this drama..I laughed for 1hour non stop! Reply 1994 rocks! You’ve got my vote too^^

  78. 78 : SKDaddict Says:

    I don’t Oppa is the husband because in ep 8 (present ) she called him Oppa and all the other time in the present she has been calling her husband honey or kim some thing. If oppa end up not being the husband i am going to cry and ep 7 and 8 scare me I like Chil bong but not as much as Oppa. T.T

  79. 79 : SKDaddict Says:

    *I don’t thing

  80. 80 : just_saying Says:

    @Jyenie. Have u seen ep 8? I really thought YJ ends up with HT as well but guess what? They reveal her husband already. LOL.

    And ep 9. Wonder what Trash gonna do,now that he knows NJ likes him as a man…

  81. 81 : Jyenie Says:

    They settle the mini love triangle issue of HT-YJ-SCP in just one episode. HT answered the phone call but he asked SCP to follow up, SCP was deliberating to meet YJ’s mom after informing YJ that her mom is waiting at the station in the message, he finally went there. Therefore, a split second decision could determine your future 🙂
    CB is getting very cute in ep 8 and look at his body, drooling 😉 I hope Trash won’t take too long to figure out his feeling for NJ. Who can resist CB’s cute smile and romantic move?

  82. 82 : Jyenie Says:

    This drama is so popular right now but why this thread is so quiet all the time?

  83. 83 : just_saying Says:

    @Jyenie79. Me too. Trash better do sth before CB goes in at full throttle. As u said, CB is getting cuter in every episodes and if NJ saw his body again… who knows what’ll happen.

  84. 84 : Jyenie Says:

    Exactly! Hehehe!

  85. 85 : -Autumn- Says:

    Arrgghh, I reli want NJ’s husband to be revealed. So worry that NJ’s husband will be Chil Bong although he is cute and charming too but I already rooting for Trash-NJ in the beginning so can’t accept Chil Bong to be NJ’s husband.

    Reply 1994 is so hilarious. I love NJ’s father and Sham Chun Pyo characters. So funny. Everyone in the cast is doing a good job.

  86. 86 : sdfjkasdjf Says:

    i’d be super sad if nj and trash didn’t end up together….he’s just so sweet…he’s the “older brother” that every girl would want…to protect her…and to take care of her…he may appear harsh to her sometimes…but in the end he does everything for her…i’m also super jealous of how close the two are…and how much natural skinship they have with each…i want a older brother like trash!

  87. 87 : japs Says:

    I think its Chil Bong!!! Na jung’s husband’s name is Kim Jae Joon coz in the episode 6 Chil Bong’s coach ask where is Joon. Check it out guys!!
    I love Yo Yoon Suk!!! go Chil Bong!!!

  88. 88 : Jyenie Says:

    We already knew that the last character of CB’s name is Joon in the earlier episode but we still don’t know the first and second character and also Trash’s real name.

  89. 89 : fan Says:


    Many many thanks Chingo for recommending me this drama. I started just now episode 2, so funny !
    Oh girl ! That goat voice is awsome ! hahahaha !

  90. 90 : just_saying Says:

    @japs87. Didn’t you see ep2? The way Trash cares for NJ in the hospital. I wish my doctor is Trash.
    Yes, CB is cute too but… we’ll see. Regardless, this drama is fascinating and entertaining all around.

    @fan89. your choice is?

  91. 91 : Jyenie Says:

    Welcome to the club 🙂 It is surprisingly good, right? You will be able to catch up with us easily. This is the best drama for me at the moment.

  92. 92 : fan Says:

    I think it’s sheep voice not a goat’s or maybe both ! hehehe !

    @just_saying 90

    After watching ep. 2, for now I’ll choose her oppa “Trash” and the pitcher.

    @Jyenie 91

    I get hooked on it, 6 episodes to go 😀

  93. 93 : dinaz Says:

    Annyeong everyone 🙂
    ep 7 & 8 :enjoyed every moment except when na jeong called trash ‘oppa’ in 2013..that made me doubt whether he is the hubby??coz na jeong calls her husband ‘yeobo’..ah i cant imagine anyone else as na jeong husband other than sseuriki..he is just too good!
    my favourite people in this drama–>Trash,coach-nim and sam cheong po..these three are the best..they totally light up the atmosphere when they are on screen..the dad ofcourse i just love to hear him scream and shout..hehe!and sam cheong po is so cute and innocent,glad to know he is yoon jin’s husband 🙂 it would be interesting to see how did they fall for each other..and lol he is the youngest though he looked the oldest in this drama..haha!yoon jin is cute too specially when she opens her mouth its all trash..haha!scp is so sweet to close her mouth when she was about to disclose about her mom..
    and the ratings omg is breaking its own record!congrats to the whole cast and crew 🙂 specially jung woo..i am specially watching it for him,he is so adorable..he is all sloppy,lazy trashy at home but with his uniform he is so serious..love u sseuriki :)i m rooting only for him 🙂 chilbong is a sweet flower boy but oppa is just too good.. 🙂
    best scene–>when yoon jin was hiding inside the fridge to cool herself scaring the dad and oppa..hahahaha!and also the scene where oppa hugs na jeong and sleeps with her..awwwww!!

  94. 94 : dinaz Says:

    @rory-77 yeah cant stop drooling at his perfect body 😛 😛 i too need a guy like trash in real life..hehe!this drama is longer compared to reply 1997 which was just about 40mins..but there isnt a dull moment at all..i m enjoying this more..
    @jyenie-81 hope so oppa will think differently about na jeong now..but i feel he already likes her?
    @sdfjkasdjf same here i will feel too sad if oppa is not her hubby 🙁
    @fan welcome to this thread glad ure here 🙂 enjoy the rest of the episodes i guarantee u oppa and na jeong’s skinship is going to flutter ur heart 😛 😛

  95. 95 : fan Says:

    Sook sook is almost a grown up, NJ got married in 2002, so she had it before marriage. At the beginning of ep. 6 we see NJ and the pitcher arguing about her son, it looks like a quarrel between a couple. So the pitcher is Sook Sook father, but are they married ? we can’t say !

    @dinaz 94

    You’re right they’re so good that I can hear their heart beating 😉

  96. 96 : fan Says:

    Sook sook is almost a grown up, NJ got married in 2002, so she had him before marriage. At the beginning of ep. 6 we see NJ and the pitcher arguing about her son, it looks like a quarrel between a couple. So the pitcher is Sook Sook father, but are they married ? we can’t say !

    @dinaz 94

    You’re right they’re so good that I can hear their heart beating 😉

  97. 97 : dinaz Says:

    @fan i so want to tell u about sook sook but i dont want to give u spoiler..u will be glad to know about sook sook.. 🙂 which ep are u in?enjoy the heart fluttering scenes 🙂 🙂 i keep rewatching them..
    cant wait for the next episode.. 🙂

  98. 98 : Jyenie Says:

    You are right, this is that kind of drama that you definitely cannot watch with spoilers as the fun will be gone 🙂

  99. 99 : dinaz Says:

    @jyenie hope @fan will be updated soon so that she can enjoy this wonderful drama with us 🙂
    @fan dont read the spoilers dear 🙂

  100. 100 : rory Says:

    BINGO! my what if guessing was become reality! JYJ + SCP, they’re husband & wife now..yerp, I’m so touched by the scene between JYJ, her mom n SCP..it was sooooo touching yet really sweet of SCP..finally this spoiled brat shows us something meaningful 😀

    Right now I’m going to enjoy the show without thinking [I hope so 🙄 ] who’s gonna be NJ’s husband coz I’m so in love with all these chars here, everyone have their own charms and personalities that makes this drama being so special in my heart..Reply 1994 rocks my life!

    And oh..That magic castle song..The feels…the legend of DBSK and also it reminds me of I Miss You drama…Love that song to bits!

    @Dinaz, let’s make a wish to have a future husband like Trash or CB..LOL!

  101. 101 : dinaz Says:

    woww 100th comment already!hope more people joins in 🙂
    @rory it would be really interesting to see how the innocent and stupid scp and trashy mouth yoon jin fall for each other!!love them too..
    i always thought it would be yoon jin and haitai..
    yeah you’re so right each character has its own charm..i love coach-nim too he is just too cute..hehe!
    aigoo if i meet someone like Trash i would consider myself so lucky. 🙂 😛 hmm..for me cb is a boyfriend material and oppa is a total husband material..hehe 😛 i choose oppa 🙂
    even in the 2013 scenes oppa looks more like a husband and cb looks like a young guy..really hoping that oppa is the husband the hand that caught the wallet is oppa 😉

  102. 102 : dinaz Says:

    @rory hope GOD will grant our wish 🙂 🙂

  103. 103 : rory Says:

    I know most of us here or outside thought that YJ will end up with HT but I saw some weird chemistry between YJ & CP which is possible for them to be a sweet weirdo couple..ha! Both are weirdo and funny 😀
    Trash our perfecto namja, it’s hard to resist u oppa ya since I love seeing man in white coat and has a sexy brain at the same time..The way he speaks, not only with NJ, even with YJ when she got drunk, really soft and charming right 😳 😳 But I do love sports sooooo much and saw how cool is our CB holding his bat, makes my heart flutter a bit..So right now, which one should end up with me?LOL! joking…joking..

    “If you love TWO people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the 1st one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second” – Johnny Depp.

    But I still hope since trash already heard from YJ’s mouth, he will take an action immediately since he seems had a feeling too towards NJ..

    #102, let’s pray hard..Fighting!!! 😀

  104. 104 : fan Says:


    I started ep. 7, now I know Sook Sook position, so back to the beginning : Who’s NJ’ husband ? aishhhh !
    I’m afraid after finishing ep. 8, it’ll be harder to wait a whole week to see what happen next.


    I’m sure that Trash has feeling for NJ because he looked so touched when she confessed to him in April 1st, and his reaction when he saw her with the pitcher after coming back home. He just wants to be sure of NJ’s feelings towards him, as you said or as Depp said :”if you really loved the 1st one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second”, he thinks that she needs time to be sure of her feelings mybe it’s not love it’s just that she’s just used to him be around.

  105. 105 : just_saying Says:

    “If you love TWO people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the 1st one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second” – Johnny Depp.

    Hmmm… Based on Johnny Depp’s wisdom saying, it seems that CB is the husband because Trash is NJ’s first love BUT… after falling for CB, somewhere in the middle of the drama, NJ falls back in love with Trash and thus, Trash became the ‘second person’ and thus became NJ’s husband. By then, the drama has come to an end and there’s not enough time for NJ to falls back in love with CB and became the new ‘second person’. LOL.

  106. 106 : dinaz Says:

    @rory sexy brain?lol..thats such a cute comment..aww!well let chilbong end up with u so dat oppa would be na jeong’s or mine.. 😛 😛 😛 😛
    Awesome quote by johnny depp 😉
    fighting sis 😉
    Sam cheong po is so cute but i cant imagine him romancing yoon jin..so it would be very interesting to watch their love story as well..

  107. 107 : maknaee Says:

    I think CB is NJ’s husband. ’cause NJ keep calling him ‘yeobo.. yeobo..’
    but, she’s still call Trash ‘oppa’ on 2013.
    CB and Trash, both of them shine on their own way kkks

  108. 108 : dinaz Says:

    @fan sis hope u finish up with ep8 soon so that we can discuss about the latest episodes.. 🙂
    my votes for trash 😉

  109. 109 : soel Says:

    hi everyone,after reading your comments,i checked out the drama and its daebak!…i couldnt stop laughing,so many funny scenes.i hurriedly checked out the reply 1997 and that too is great. oppa Trash is amazing.i have always had a thing for men in white coats and he looks the husband material even in 1994,so so adorable,aigoo!..but i think the writers might surprise us more than we imagine.

  110. 110 : soel Says:

    but CB too is super cute!…it wouldnt be bad if he is the husband.

  111. 111 : fan Says:

    @maknaee 107

    I agree with you, NJ called Trash oppa and asked him to buy mayonnaise for her, in the other hand she call her husband yeobo, and like ordered him to go buy beers. So Trash isn’t NJ’s husband 😛

  112. 112 : fan Says:

    I started now ep. 8, fortunately tomorrow is ep. 9, I hope the subbers will be fast and it’ll be posted soon.

  113. 113 : rory Says:

    I do think so trash also has feeling for NJ..maybe he just want to deny because of their “the so called sibling” relationship..actually yes, from those evidences, we can say that CB is NJ’s husband but let’s wait and see & enjoy the show instead..they might make a twist later…teehehe


    Yup, our oppa ya has a sexy brain, he’s intelligent, romantic, caring, loving, understanding 😳 😳 😳
    I admit he’s the best oppa ya in this drama..but CB is also great..but right now we are very sure that SCP was out of the list already 😀 hahaha…dear, I’m anticipating to see CP & YJ romances..pls show us director-nim..must be so epic!

  114. 114 : fan Says:

    Too many hilarious moments, the funniest is when the coach was caught in the highway then started to look for restrooms.
    “Why the restrooms are all closed, do they steal poops in Seoul ?”
    “they have crisis, they live in the restrooms too !”


    I’m not sure that the pitcher is NJ’s husband, it’s too early to say. Maybe they dated but I think they broke-up and she ended marrying another one.
    You’re right it’s too early to say, we still have 12 episodes to go and many things can happen.
    I don’t know but I have feeling that NJ’s husband can be Bing Geu Re 🙂

  115. 115 : just_saying Says:

    In a way, I don’t really mind who NJ’s husband because all the characters in the drama is so interesting and they are ‘sweet’ in their own ways. I am able to say this because I know SCP is not in the list. LOL. But my vote still goes for Trash.

    When NJ lies in bed at home because of her back pain, she asked Trash to buy her snacks and at first, Trash said no. Because he’s late for training but then, he surprised us by throwing snacks on the floor for NJ. He can’t say no to NJ. Anything for NJ. How sweet is that…

  116. 116 : just_saying Says:

    @115. My vote still goes to Trash.

  117. 117 : dinaz Says:

    Hi @soel yes our oppa is the typical husband material..as long as oppa is the husband i dnt mind being surpsised..hehe 😀
    @fan 112 glad that ure updated.. 🙂
    @rory-113 yes CB is nice n sweet but ottoke i cant see him at all when oppa is around..lol 😛 omg just imagine yj and scp going out 4 a date,it would be so funny to watch those two weirdos..hehe..
    @fan-114 isnt bing geu rae gay?i thought he had feelings for trash..

  118. 118 : dinaz Says:

    @just_saying glad that ur votes are for trash 😉

  119. 119 : fan Says:

    @just_saying 115

    You get attached to all the characters, and the 5 candidate are all good(4 now). But yes, Trash is toooooooooooooooooooo perfect. He’s diligent, mature, wise, intelligent(sexy brain 😉 ), comprehensive, considerate, kind, affectionate, cool…. He’s definitely the perfect husband.

    @dinaz 117

    Who can possibly choose the date of his marriage the day of a world-cup soccer match of of his country ?! Someone who has absolutely nothing to do with sports ! Or because he doesn’t want someone to be there for his marriage ?!
    I don’t think Bing Geu Re is gay, he just got attached to Trash because it seems he doesn’t have an older brother to guide him and he’s not in good terms with his father.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure she didn’t married Trash, but WHY ?!!!!!!!!!!!! Fool girl !

  120. 120 : the leak Says:

    hohoho…just looking untill the end…
    and we can know who’s the real hubby..

  121. 121 : rory Says:

    “Reply 1994 – the HIT CABLE DRAMA almost hit the 10% peak as the ep9 wrapped up last night with an average of 8.1% and a peak of 9.8% .. Beating MBC’s MTT despite having big names (Actors/Actress) & being broadcasted in a Major Network..”

    cr to Best Of Korea: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=548152861933511&set=a.153563064725828.38443.131389230276545&type=1&relevant_count=1

    wow..keep it up Reply 1994 😉

  122. 122 : Rose·Kr Says:

    This is a drama that makes us feel energetic friendship and love,who is SNJ’s real husband?this must be the most attractive topic in this drama ~kekeke~^_^~

  123. 123 : Sharon Says:

    Guys!! I am here!! The mother and father are the same on R1997. Thy are entertaining!! This one is about basketball Idol, while R1997 is about KPop groups.

  124. 124 : just_saying Says:

    Ep 9. Anybody know what’s the picture shown in the ‘Magic Eyes’? I even crossed my eye and look at one spot as CB said, but still couldn’t figure it out.

  125. 125 : chie Says:

    kiss agaaaaaaiiiiiiiin,,,,,,,,yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………..

  126. 126 : fan Says:

    I’m watching ep. 9 right now and guess who’s wearing couple slippers with heart in it ?

  127. 127 : fan Says:

    @just_saying 124

    Like NJ, I didn’t see anything ! hahaha !


    Welcome ! You’ll definitely enjoy it !

  128. 128 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks kiddo!!! Will try to catch up!!

  129. 129 : dinaz Says:

    @fan noooooo..i hope she marries oppa..hope she is not that foolish to let go off trash..hmm u maybe right bing geu rae might not be a gay but the way he got all nervous after the kiss..hope he is not a gay!
    @sharon welcome sis glad to see u here 🙂 u will definately enjoy the show! 🙂

  130. 130 : just_saying Says:

    ep 10. I do believe that Trash is the husband. CB may have confessed to NJ and maybe NJ will date CB but in the end Trash will be the husband.

    1. When NJ confessed, Trash actually wants to confess too but NJ stops him.

    2. Trash did not ‘watch’ the movie as well. He just pretended to watch it to put NJ at ease.

    3. I think Trash didn’t make a move because he wants NJ to be sure that she really likes him not as a brother. And that’s why in ep11 preview, if I interpret it correctly, Trash is moving out of the house. Once he’s out, then he’ll make a move towards NJ as a man. Not as a brother.

    4. BTW – during the wedding, NJ’s father ‘joked around’ by not letting NJ’s hand immediately because; a) it’s Trash and they are comfortable with jokes like that. b) NJ’s father hesitated because he knew ‘what’ Trash is like – supposedly lazy, a bum etc.

    But, I applaud CB for confessing to NJ and he doesn’t expect NJ to feel the same way coz he knew she likes Trash. He just don’t want to regret anything. You never know until you give it a shot right. It’s a bold move.

    Oh… SCP and YJ: they are such a sweet couple. SCP treated YJ’s mother with respect at the bus station. And YJ did the same when she drank the coffee from SCP’s mother. Perfect couple.

  131. 131 : fan Says:

    I’m sure now that the husband is Bing Geu Re. Everything in 2013 point to that. At the beginning of ep. 10 I got another evidence. It’ll be unpredictable as NJ said about their first kiss !

  132. 132 : soel Says:

    i love this drama and i love CB,but Trash oppa too gosh,he is the icing on the cake,just perfect!

  133. 133 : dinaz Says:

    ep 9 & 10 :
    i am sad to see the kiss 🙁 i want na jeong and oppa kiss..
    but scp and yoon jin are supercute cant believe that idiot finally kissed..haha!at the beginning they were far from being romantic..she is a total bully but scp loves to annoy her more..lol..
    oppa ya why are u so perfect huh!staring from the way he looks to the way he hugs,the way he takes care of na jeong!!i am really in love with this guy 😛
    the funniest scene:when trash’s collegue came to say that his professor fell down..hahahaha!that was so mean..lol!
    the scene of na jeong confessing to oppa was so sweet with the snow outside,so romantic!!wish she could let him talk too..
    lol..i dint know in Samcheong po people danced in protests..haha!but even i had the same idea as sung kyun about naming the city..so i m an idiot too.. 😛
    btw did anyone figure out the magic words..i wear glasses so i am scared to strain my eyes..lol..since chilbong said its a picture i think it must be a kissing pic??oppa was disturbed too looking at the pic!
    that grandma is so funny and naughty!!marrying for the 4th time..lol..
    i cant stop laughing whenever i m watching this drama!EXCELLENT!!

  134. 134 : dinaz Says:

    @just_saying-130 loved point no.4 i dint think of that..i so badly want oppa to be the husband!!

  135. 135 : chim Says:

    i still want oppa to be nj husband..

  136. 136 : tyarachunnie Says:

    luv trash oppa…oppa yaaaa
    #na jung-trash shipper till the end

  137. 137 : fan Says:


    Idiot ! Me too ! hahahaha !
    I tried and tried but I couldn’t see anything hahaha !
    SCP is so brave, who could predict that his confession won’t be words but a kiss, naughty boy 😀 I love watching him bickering with YJ, they’re so funny and so sweet.
    What I like about this drama is that we don’t have 2 leads only but all of them are leads. Maybe the story focus on who’s NJ husband but every character has his own story and I love it. Of course, we don’t get bored at all, very very funny !

  138. 138 : dinaz Says:

    @fan lol..u too?hahahaha.. 😀
    i thought yoon jin might kick scp after the kiss but surprisingly she leaned on his shoulders.so cute.. 🙂 scp even replaced coffee with hot chocolate for yoon jin,so our scp is sweet too 🙂
    after rewatching the episodes now i feel oppa too couldnt concentrate on the movie..but cant analyse what he is thinking!!
    Oppa ya missing u..

  139. 139 : dinaz Says:

    @admin there wont be any episode on 22nd due to MAMA Awards..and the ratings for ep 10 is 8.8% with a peak of 10%..

  140. 140 : krisyness Says:

    Husband is Chilbong Oppa… Sure about it… hehehe… 🙂

  141. 141 : krisyness Says:

    at episode 10 when Chil said “the groom is entering” -it was just like he was saying “pay attention as I (Chil) am entering”… and Na Jeong let them drink the liquor after Chil said that it was OK… 🙂 another was chil throw the can @ SCP… as if He was the owner of the House…

    Well trash is way too good also… but… I was disappointed in him as he went straight to billiards when freed then watch movies with Bing than to go to Na Jeong…

    and Chil was so great to confess before 1994 ends… Reply 1994 title will be irrelevant if the love confession of the Husband will be after that year…
    Love Love Love <3 <3 <3 Chil Bong and Na Jeong!!!!

  142. 142 : soel Says:

    i really hope its so true…is trash oppa gay holding hands with bing or just close friends ??well,that will kill most of his fans.i love chil bong.u just cant ignore him and i keep lookin for clues to make him the husband.

  143. 143 : elkleyr Says:

    This drama is Daebak and the plot is great! This is way better than the The Heirs. 😀

  144. 144 : reply94 Says:

    the drama is very good and make my heart fly..i love Chil Bong with Na Jeong so much..and as of the current I believed chil bong is the husband, I hope the writer don’t change it towards the end. Even though trash is very good and kind but Chil Bong chemistry with na jeong is stronger! trash is good to remain as oppa..I go for chil bong..pls have more romantic scenes with na jeong.

  145. 145 : dinaz Says:

    So sad wont get to see one episode of reply94..cant get enough of oppa in two episode and now one episode is cut.damn!
    oppa ya cant wait to see u 🙂 🙂
    fighting sseuriki 😉

  146. 146 : dinaz Says:

    So,yoon jin and scp’s daughter’s name is shin ae?would love to see her.. 🙂
    even eunji and seo in guk will make cameo appearances soon..i wonder if they will play their original roles or not..if they do then they will be shown younger isnt it?
    newaz missing oppa alot.. 🙁

  147. 147 : mayme Says:

    i hope chilbong be the husband.. he already ahve 2 kisses. haha in every drama
    the leading man always gets to kiss the girl.. dreaming much!!

  148. 148 : maknaee Says:

    I’m still wavering from CB’s confessed scene :3 gyaaa~
    I wish more people watching this drama. Once you watched you will get addicted kk

  149. 149 : fan Says:

    You’re right, we waited the whole week to only have one episode ! Aish !
    I don’t think that Trash loves NJ, he smiled when she told him to just hug her when she’s like that meaning when she’s vulnerable, and because he ran to the club to play billiard instead of going to join them at scp ?!

  150. 150 : dinaz Says:

    girls oppa looked so handsome in MAMA Awards..i m drooling absolutely!
    Phew!cool and handsome.and ara too looked so stunning in red 🙂

  151. 151 : dinaz Says:

    @fan149 aigoo chingu :-(( i really am expecting that he too feels something 4 her..
    btw did u watch the 2nd preview of ep 11 seemed like now the two of them are competing 4 na jeong..
    Team trash forever,no wavering at all.hehe..

  152. 152 : fan Says:

    @dinaz 151

    She’ll be dumped by trash, he won’t meet her after moving, so she’s sad and haiiti will comfort her and become an admirer too.

    2nd preview ? I didn’t ! Where can I watch it ?

  153. 153 : just_saying Says:

    @fan. I agree with you about this drama not having just two or three lead roles but all of them are lead roles by themselves. And they are all funny and interesting.

    Like to comment about why Trash didn’t go to NJ during the new year – I believe he is still shocked about NJ’s confession. I mean, all the years, he’s been leaving as NJ’s brother and when NJ confessed, only then he realized that he actually love NJ as a man. He needs time to sort things out. That’s all. In the coming episodes, Trash will start to court NJ properly as a man.

    Plus, Trash and NJ presented in MAMA award last night as a ‘couple’ – what could be a better hint than that? LOL.

  154. 154 : yuukichan Says:

    i totally in love with chil bong…hope he is na jung’s husband, sham chun pyo and yoon jin story is really lovely and simple, i can’t stop smiling when SCP kiss YJ on the boat ♡.♡ so happy to see it _(≥▽≤)/

  155. 155 : zelize Says:

    i’m crazy here….stop watching until final episode was release…every friday and saturday make me crazy…wonder who na jeong hubby…arghhh……hate this feeling…

  156. 156 : fan Says:

    @just_saying 153

    Or maybe because he sees her as his sister and don’t want to hurt her feelings.
    Anyway, we will see tomorrow what will happen between them and what a pity ! There is only one episode this week, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
    We have to wait another week :'(

  157. 157 : هستی Says:

    i’m in team of CHILBONG <3

  158. 158 : krisyness Says:

    just watched ep11 unsubbed… gosh another confusion guys.. Picture of the 5 men… left side trash right side chill bong… but in the very middle is bingguere… waaaahhhh…. i like to see the ending so badly but i dont want to end it so soon…

    love CB and NJ so much…

  159. 159 : hm... Says:

    aish… each episode it switches from favoring one guy to the other… i’m thoroughly confused.

    still on chilbong ship tho XD

  160. 160 : Angelina Says:

    Team trash all the way. Oppa ah my heart aches because of u r going to be heart broken

  161. 161 : just_saying Says:

    Finished ep 11. The ‘Race’ starts.

    Trash admitted that he actually loves NJ and as most of us guessed (for Trash team at least), he didn’t confess earlier because he felt the responsibility as NJ’s brother. But now, he moved out and he is going all the way to fight for NJ’s love.

    And CB is not going to give up as well. At least it’ll make the drama more interesting. And did anyone else has the feeling that HT also ‘likes’ NJ especially when he comforted her after NJ was depressed that Trash didn’t show up at the bar?

    And, one more clue that Trash is the husband – last scene, when NJ father told SS that the husband’s is ‘ugly’. He wouldn’t say that to CB. He only dares to say that to Trash.

    Regardless who the husband is (which is Trash, LOL), this drama is very funny.

  162. 162 : krisyness Says:

    Children don’t lie… “Brother-in-law is most handsome”… Chil Bong 4-ever!!!!

  163. 163 : krisyness Says:

    i was so stressed this past days because of work and other things… but when i watched ep 11. gosh… all my worries melts… such a great stress reliever… Chil Bong really is a great guy to not give up on NJ though he knew that the two loved each other… He’ll going to fight for NJ until the end… but come to think of it… Trash or Chil Bong or other male cast be the husband… It was amazing that they keep their Friendship until 2013… Very nice and ideal friendship that is way too impossible in true life stories… How I wish I could have this kind of Friendship…

    “When a guy confessed to his beloved and was rejected it means that He will never see the girl again” – this what i learned in Reply 1997…

    Reply 1994 was different…. They tend to maintain the friendship even though one will be rejected…. They would carry on no matter what…

    Have a nice rest everyone… Monday again tomorrow… 🙁

  164. 164 : dinaz Says:

    ep11:omg finally oppa confessed..yipeeeeee..i am so happy 🙂 🙂
    thanx chilbongie u made oppa confess..cant forget his confesssion and his facial expressions when he finally admitted and realised he loved na jeong..awwwww!
    oppaya u make my heart flutter every week..thanx to u my weekends are always very exciting and beautiful 🙂
    it was so funny when yoon jin and scp admitted to their relationship near everyone..lol..oppa was like ‘should i lend u money’..hahahaha!he is just too cute..and yoon jin looked so cute with her curtains gone now.. 🙂
    scp is so caring towards yj,nice to see them lovey dovey 🙂
    and coach-nim its always a delight to see him shouting at everyone..lol..
    hey girls i just read that the little sook sook in ep11 is actually Sung Dong Il’s real son..he is a cutie 🙂
    Haitai lol..i dint know he’s such a perv..hahahaha!the scene of his pants falling off was too funny!
    cant wait for next episodes….i m so confused what else to watch along with reply now that secret is over!!

  165. 165 : dinaz Says:

    ep11 ratings-9.3% its increasing every week 🙂 Chukahanda 🙂
    @fan and @just_saying do u all think haitai will also have feelings for na jeong?i cant see that till now..i see them as good friends only.
    @Angelina please dont give up as yet..cheer up team Trash 🙂
    @krisyness-163 liked what u wrote about friendship.. :)hope we support the same actor in another drama..hehe 🙂 but your chilbongie is cute too but my heart and mind is full of Sseuriki 😉
    @just_saying-161 hope its like how u predicted..oppa all the way 🙂

  166. 166 : Jyenie Says:

    What is NJ’s husband’s name again? In ep 11, Oppa refers his brother’s name as Jae Yun. Does it give any clues?

    @dinaz 164
    “.i m so confused what else to watch along with reply now that secret is over!!”
    Unemployed Romance is not bad too 🙂

  167. 167 : Nonool Says:

    Na jeung’s husband’s name is Kim Jae Joon. Chil Bong last name is Joon. And Trash is Dr. Kim. So frustrated to know who the husband is. Anyway, team Chil Bong here! ^^

  168. 168 : fan Says:

    Binggrae Binggrae Binggrae is definitely NJ’s husband ! Another evidence in 2002.

    I’m still watching heirs and marry him if you dare, and I started Pretty man, not bad.

    Sure Haiti has feelings for NJ too, and I love the way his face looks when he speaks to or about NJ, so sweet from a mischievous and playful guy 😀

    But what makes me curious is how NJ will fall in love with Binggrae to the point of marriage ! I’m really looking forward it. Sure most of you want NJ to marry Trash but I don’t think it’ll happen. She won’t marry CB neither, even being so tenacious to win her heart, so sweet !

    YJ so cuuuuuute with her hair up !

    Haiti : “When it rains I’m planning on hiding under there”. HAHAHA ! Umbrella bangs !

    Haiti and dog howling ! hahaha !

  169. 169 : Jyenie Says:

    Hey, are you trolling us that Binggurae is NJ’s husband? 😮

    I have already dropped Heirs and MHIYD, the dramas I am enjoying so far are Empress Ki, The Woman Who Marries 3 Times, AM1994, Unemployed Romance(total 10 episodes, I watched 8 episodes in one day!)and Ando Llyod( so glad that Kimutaku looks handsome again)

  170. 170 : krisyness Says:

    @dinaz 165… thank you very much… well trash is not bad too… Baro is good too… twist could happen anytime… let us make this conversations a friendly one… 🙂 can’t wait for ep 12…. finding for leaks but since it is not yet aired… i got none… hehehe….

    @nonool … me too team Chil Bong!!!!! So handsome in his teary eyed look… hhhhmmmmmnnnnnn

  171. 171 : krisyness Says:

    try Golden Rainbow too.. the actors are so pro… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  172. 172 : fan Says:


    hehehe ! No, till now I’m sure that he’s the husband !

    Among all the dramas you’re watching, which one is the best that you recommend us ?

  173. 173 : Jyenie Says:


    They are all nice but Empress Ki is highly recommended. Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo and Ji Chang Woo are excellent, no complaint from me at all. Ta Hwan(JCW)’s cuteness and charm are shooting the roof, and the love line of HJW & JCW will sail me through this 50-episode Sangeuk drama effortlessly 🙂 Yes, I am shipping for HJW/JCW in this drama. Hehe. Hope to see you in EK thread soon 🙂

  174. 174 : wow Says:

    i really wants the writer to surprise us with one we cant expect for Na Jung to marry.. but this is kdrama after all they will make it obvious between trash and Bong Yi ..

  175. 175 : rory Says:

    Yuhuuuu guys…
    Here i am, late again..But better late than never..Missing this thread so much..We are still on guessing game right..I am confused just like
    @hm… Says:
    “each episode it switches from favoring one guy to the other… i’m thoroughly confused.” HA!

    I think I’m not shipping anyone here..LOL! I will support whoever NJ’s choice..Trash, if he really loves NJ, he should make a move faster since he knows NJ’s heart already coz NJ might change her choice later..palli wa oppa ya!!!! Or are u waiting for my love confession first??? 😆 😳
    Dear CB, good luck to get ur love too, but if NJ dumps u, remember,u have me here 😆

    guys, I’m dying of laughing the scene when BGR go to that girl’s house!!!! Especially when he says “Sunbae-nim, I don’t think I can’t hold back” then his trousers fell down in front of her family..OMG, what a shame but it’s so funny!
    I, too, love YJ & CP’s sweet romance..they look cute together & not awkward at all..too cute!

    Glad to see Joon in ep.11, thanx for bring ur son in this show..Hope to see him more..He is so cute, love this dad son in Appa Oddiga 😉

  176. 176 : fan Says:


    It looks like impossible, but that make it more interesting to me 😆

    @rory 175

    LOL 😆 ! They’re all good, even though I prefer CB 🙂

  177. 177 : fan Says:


    I started yesterday “Dokushin Kizoku” and watched 5 episodes in a go :D, I have 2 more episodes to watch then I’ll go for “Ando Lloyd”. And of course I’ll fellow your recommendation and will start Empress KI because besides “R1994” there is no other interesting k-drama.

  178. 178 : dinaz Says:

    @jyenie-166 hmm its going to end soon,so maybe i can watch it at one go..
    @fan-167 i watched Heirs till ep2,i remember giving your woonie a name-caterpillar eyebrows..lol..i will complete heirs soon..
    i m still thinking if i should try Pretty Man i dont want to watch another Playful Kiss..so i m still deciding..i watched some very awesome dramas this year like i hear your voice,master sun,secret and now Reply1994 so i cant find another good airing drama to follow..cant watch Empress Ki coz i dont like historical drama..i somehow cant relate to them.. 🙁
    aigoo binggrae if it happens,i will cry the loudest..lol..in ep12 we will see her hair a little tamed..lol..haitai is very cute too but just as a friend..
    @krisyness-170 yes its nice to have friendly conversations eventhough we are in different teams..lol.. 🙂 🙂

  179. 179 : luna Says:

    @ dinaz-178,l think you should watch pretty man.i hope you will enjoy it.story of this drsma is interesting.acting of JKS and IU is very good.ep.1 was not good .but ep.2 was interisting.

  180. 180 : fan Says:

    @dinaz 178

    I’m still hanging just because of Caterpillar eyebrows 😀
    Pretty man looks like a manga not as an ordinary drama, for now I find it not bad little interesting but it doesn’t make me wait for it each week.

    You don’t see Binggrae nor Haiti as possible lover for NJ because their love is not shown in the drama like CB and trash, I’m sure if NJ chooses Binggrae because she will really love him, I bet it’ll be a good love story which will make our heart flutter.
    Why don’t you try J-dorama ?

  181. 181 : coffeenlucia Says:

    this is my favorite airing drama right now… <3 the heart + humor

  182. 182 : dinaz Says:

    @fan-180 well,ur woonie is getting very popular these days.. 🙂 i would love to try some gud j-dorama please suggest me a good romantic one.i watched only love in tokyo and rich man poor woman among the latest ones..
    for my next kdrama i think i better wait 4 ‘the man from the stars’..
    i have totally fallen for jung woo maybe thats why i cant look at other flower boys..lol.. 😛
    @luna thanx 4 ur suggestion dear..eventhough i m confused but i may end up watching pretty man..hehe..

  183. 183 : Jyenie Says:

    Try to give Empress Ki a chance as the pace, the fun and the cuteness of the love line between SN and TH will make you overlook its historical premise 🙂 I am totally happy with their acting 🙂

  184. 184 : kirara Says:

    TRASH OPPAAAAAAA! NJ and him really have a great chemistry on screen! really hope that he’s going to be the husband 😀

  185. 185 : tyarachunnie Says:

    after rewatch ep 1-11 i believe that trash will become NJ’s husband…cuz no one always forget to take the wallet except trash…n the way he is smile and talk to najung is the way husband do
    go go nareki couple…

  186. 186 : Jyenie Says:

    I am 99 percent sure that Oppa is the husband.

  187. 187 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 186

    And 1 % goes to …………………..

  188. 188 : Jyenie Says:

    0.7% for CB, 0.2% for Haitai and 0.1% for Binggrae 🙂

  189. 189 : anny12 Says:

    no matter how perfect and sweet CB to NJ, it seriously did nothing to me. since i didn’t get any butterflies on my stomach when i watched their sweet moments, hehe :p aigoo, idk i think it’s bcause i’m too attached to sseureki… but i have this feeling that NJ will end up with CB. ah meollaaaaaaaaa

  190. 190 : soel Says:

    i soo love CB but it seems she is ending up with trash oppa.i wan to cry.read sumwhere that oppa’s brother’s name is kim jae yoon and thats so close.awwww…

  191. 191 : maknaee Says:

    OST part 4 : Na Jung – Trash oppa ~ http://k2nblog.com/single-hi-ni-reply-1994-ost-part-4/

    OST part 5 : Na Jung – Chil Bong ~ http://k2nblog.com/single-lim-kim-reply-1994-ost-part-5/

    lol at the ‘egg incident’, yeokshi uri na jung kkk

  192. 192 : krisyness Says:

    it will be revealed soon… 🙂

  193. 193 : just_saying Says:

    Finished ep 12. NJ and Trash is officially dating – and really, they look so adorable together. Plus, we are seeing Trash as an ‘adult’ now. More mature and so good in white coat.

    BTW – NJ cried because of CB. She was so worried about him when the dept. store collapsed and that scene is also priceless. At that moment, thinking that CB as the husband is also acceptable but, after that, Trash and NJ went on a date.

    This drama keeps getting better in every episode. It’s not focused solely on NJ or who the husband is but all the characters plays an important role.

  194. 194 : kirara Says:

    eh? i dont think they’re dating yet (although i hope they do) since oppa hadnt properly confessed to her. didn’t he say to his hyung that he was going to confess once he’s done with the medical training whatsoever? the last scene only showed that they were only going on a date but not that they were dating? CMIIW

  195. 195 : krisyness Says:

    my heart was shaken really… watch ep 12… I almost give up on CB… 12 and 13 were Trash’s episodes… Na Jeong was totally hooked… I really almost am taken and thought on shifting to Trash and Na Jeong being together… but when I saw trailer for ep 14… When Chil Bong cried… waaahhh… It was unsubbed so I dont know exactly what he said… ‘I will wait’ if i am not mistaken is what he said… Haizt… until now… I am really really sad for Him…. seems like my heart will be really broken if he did not end to the Husband… I might swear that I will not watch other Replys’ Sequel in the future anymore… Please make CB the Husband… Please!!!!

  196. 196 : soel Says:

    this kiss was really passionate .but does that mean he is the husband??this writer is really good.though there are similarities with that of R97,the writer is hiding so much unlike 97 which was obvious..am dying with curiousity!

  197. 197 : soel Says:

    i like CB too..a guy who never gives up in love sincerely will be worth all my love and time but will that still prevent me from glancing at the perfect guy who keeps staring at me??.i guess if the writer make NJ end up with oppa Trash,then it means he was really worth it.still keeping my fingers crossed.

  198. 198 : Jyenie Says:

    OMG, the collapse of the Sampoong shopping mall killed 501 people back then 😮

  199. 199 : re~lily Says:

    I was sad cuz chilbong mightbe broken heart in ep.14… i love chilbong ^*^
    i think najung ends up with trash oppa..
    but,if u look properly at weeding scene in ep. 6, the groom’s parents is not like trash oppa’s parents (ep.12).
    it’s makes me confused..
    i hope najung’s husband is chilbong,but these ep. is all about trash oppa :,(

  200. 200 : dinaz Says:

    200 comment 😉
    oppaya saranghanda..muah muah..

  201. 201 : tyarachunnie Says:

    trash kiss najung…

  202. 202 : just_saying Says:

    Trash and NJ is finally together but it’s not finalized yet that he is NJ’s husband. I’m a bit worried coz there’s 8 more episodes to go.

    To CB fans, as I said, CB is not a bad candidate as well. Even now, when he knew NJ is together with Trash, ep 14 preview;

    CB: What can I do, NJ really likes sunbaenim (trash), but if its not now, I will wait. (he’s not going to give up)

    And at the scene where NJ talks to Trash on the phone, CB said in his interview; It ain’t over till its over.

    The writer really know how to satisfies all parties. They didn’t give out definite hint till the last ep. I guess we’ll have to wait till the last ep. then. Good job.

    The looks on Trash’s face when he saw NJ outside the hospital is priceless. The smile and the way he can’t wait to hold NJ and kissed her is so romantic. Trash all the way.

  203. 203 : re~lily Says:

    now, trash dated najung, But groom’s parents (ep.6) n trash’s parents (ep.12) are a different… Think about it..

  204. 204 : chie Says:

    you right,,,the parents is different,,,so i think CB is the NJ husband,,,except we know Binggeure parents,,,because HT parent is different too,,,,,

  205. 205 : just_saying Says:

    Really? Didnt realize it. Need to rewatch the episodes then. Though i do have that feeling after watcing ep 13- if Trash is NJ husband, they shld have revealed the husband when NJ starts dating Trash but it didnt. Hmmmm…

  206. 206 : Ybiebs Says:

    I support Chilbong!!! Please let him be Najeong’s husband!!! Dono why, I don have any feeling when seeing NJ and Trash having sweet moments together.. But I feel the sweetness when NJ and CB getting along together. That’s my personal feeling. So… Hope CB and NJ will be husband and wife!!!

  207. 207 : krisyness Says:

    well originally the story plot is of 16 ep only… so by this time this scenes are perfectly shoot so that we’ll think that NJ and Trash would end up and if they will finish it with 16 eps they can easily declare that the Husband would undoubtedly be trash. however twist had been made weeks ago. it was still unconfirmed but the minimal episodes were 20… within these eps we dont know what will happen… right now the fight is 50/50… they bought confessed and kissed NJ… CB is patiently waiting coz of TR and TR was motivated by CB. NJ however right now is in favor with Trash… but CB will never give it up until He realized that it is over or until He get NJ’s favor… Wow…. The production of this drama was really amazing!!!!

    But something got my attention while watching ep 13… the scene where the two ajumas were talking… They can be thought as closed to NJ family because they were seated at the back of her parents… They talked about the groom…”He has a good Body”… but they could barely remember What He is doing in life… As we all know… Trash is a famous doctor in 2013… by that year (2002) He would definitely be practicing it already… How come those ajumas wont remember it??? Just thinking….

    Well CB here Forever….

    (The kiss of NJ and TR gave me a goose bumps) -that’s what i felt

  208. 208 : krisyness Says:

    sorry for the spelling i mean “both confessed”… hehehe got so excited… that’s why…. forgive me…

  209. 209 : krisyness Says:

    Read this guys…..


  210. 210 : re~lily Says:

    well maybe trash is najung’s husband, because he likes to study, thats why in najung’s apartement (2013) she has a lot of books. but given the groom’s parents and the parents of trash is different, so it’s probably trash is not the husband.

    Then about chilbong & haitai, we also do not know what the job they’re get. I hope chilbong be a lawyer or something .. hahaha .. chilbong fighting!!!

  211. 211 : sdfjkasdjf Says:

    I think i’m going to abandon the show for a while until the last episodes come out…i just can’t bare to see Trash oppa not being the husband…going to just wait until it’s all clear and if the ending is decent maybe i’ll watch backwards then…a lot of ppl are saying there is no chemistry between nj and oppa…what are they talking about…they must be kidding me…i feel no chemistry btw CB and NJ…anyhow…it doesn’t matter what we think…it’s the korean audiences’ opinions that matter and may ultimately dedicate the fate of the husband…here is what i think…i think in the end the loser may do better as an actor…b/c we tend to feel sorry for the “losers” and give them more love so they become more popular so if oppa loses agains this war…so what…there will be more fans and ppl who feel sorry for him…he just acts so well…love his smile…more charismatic…

  212. 212 : -Autumn- Says:

    After reading the comments here, I’m really worried that there is a twist for the last few episodes that Trash might not be NJ’s husband. I can’t bear the thought. They looked so good together and understand each other so well. They ought to be together. But we never know. Like CB says, It ain’t over till it’s over.

  213. 213 : rory Says:

    Just watched ep.12..straight away dropping comment here..I’m not going to read spoilers above until I finish watching ep.13 😀

    Eps.12 was the most touching episode even though we are very sure that CB will save from that tragedy but still can’t stop my tears from falling especially after seeing how strong&nice was their friendship..huhu…

    but guys, finally!!!! this is it! i’m glad that our trash oppa yah finally has confessed his love towards NJ..yayyy…how ro resist this oppa yah?The way he looked at the kids, having conversations with elders, staff nurses, arghhhh…my heart is beating dugeun2…can’t wait to see their lovey dovey scene..I hope he will move back to NJ’s house but surely will make an awkward situation between trash n CB..haishhh..

  214. 214 : dinaz Says:

    Ep12 and 13 :these two episodes were the best episodes so far specially for a crazy trash fan like me..so happy to see the kiss,one of the best i have seen so far.. :-):-) oppa is a great kisser.hehe!
    Coach-nim and oppa steals the show every week..scp too the idiotic cutie..lol..
    love the scene at the wedding and the way he looked at his na jeong..i just drool everytime i see him..
    but i m scared if the writer brings about a twist now..noooo..plz i wont be able to take it.. 🙁

  215. 215 : dinaz Says:

    @jyenie-183 i realy thought of giving ek a chance bt dang!50eps its way too much.so i m thinking i better wait 4 ‘a man from the stars’..will u watch that?

  216. 216 : dinaz Says:

    @211 i too thought of giving up the drama and watching the whole drama at one go,the very thought of oppa not being the husband makes me very sad..but i cant give up coz i cant stay without looking at oppa..so lets just watch eventhough the ride maybe difficult..
    team trash fighting!

  217. 217 : dinaz Says:

    Now with Haitai gone to serve in the military his room is empty and now oppa can move back again..oppa plz return to the boarding house again plzzzz..
    lol..oppa and his hyung’s room was so messy wish i could tidy up 😉 i wish the drama would end on ep16..with 8 more eps to go i m worried for oppa.. 🙁
    newaz oppa i m always your side,will never waver..love u Jung Woo <3 <3

  218. 218 : tyarachunnie Says:

    maybe trash and najung will break up..in ep 15-18 and there is time jumping etc…but im so sure that trash is najungs husband…
    # all clue in 2013 is :najungs husband :sseureukii

  219. 219 : kirara Says:

    i once read a tweet mentioning abt how i-fans are mostly team chilbong while k-fans are definitely on team trash side……lets hope that the
    PD will make a the husband since it’s what k-netizens’ opinion that matters

    team trash, let’s keep the faith!

  220. 220 : kirara Says:

    coreection. PD will make trash the husband. sorry got too excited :p

  221. 221 : fan Says:

    Who can bring a star to his wedding if he doesn’t work in the entertainment industry or music industry, and who wanted to do it ?!
    I’m getting impatient to see how NJ and Binggrae will fall for each other !
    It seems that I’m the only one who think that Binggrae is the husband hahaha ! 😆

    @kiara 219

    Cable channels are not like free channels, this drama was entirely filmed and wrapped before it started airing, so it doesn’t matter if the public wants this or that, nothing will change.

  222. 222 : dinaz Says:

    @kirara lets just hope oppa is the husband cant imagine anyone else for na jeong..my heart will be totally broken if it dosent happen..in 2013 my eyes are always at oppa..trash lovers dont lose hope.. 🙂

  223. 223 : dinaz Says:

    @fan lol..ure still after binggrae?aigoo the way he covers his face with the blanket after oppa listens to music with his headphones..what am i suppose to think?lol..why do i find him gay??
    i think filming till ep21 is not yet done..

  224. 224 : luna Says:

    @dinaz. i agree with you. i also think binggrae is gay.coz the way he was watching trash back….

  225. 225 : dinaz Says:

    @luna i wish he was not a gay but the way he keeps looking at oppa..i get doubts..lol..

  226. 226 : fan Says:

    OK ! So it was NJ’s dad who knew Kim Min Jong and asked him to sing in his daughter wedding, but still Binggrae is the husband. Bichosso ! I’m crazy !

  227. 227 : Jyenie Says:

    @dinaz 215
    EK is packed with good acting, non draggy and simple storyline, cute loveline makes your heart flutter, the interaction between the cute emperor and the female lead will make you giggle at his silliness… 50 episodes will be a breeze 🙂

    @dinaz 225
    I am not so sure about Binggrae’s sexual inclination but i am very sure that he is really a very confused and lost soul, he is still searching the direction in life.

  228. 228 : Jyenie Says:

    They only completed the first 10 episodes, they are still shooting the rest of the episodes while this drama is aired.
    I hardly see any scenes of NJ and Binggrae together, so it’s a meh from me.

  229. 229 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 228

    That means it’s possible that the direction may change ! Or maybe it’s already started to change !
    Anyway I’ll wait and will confirm the next week if Binggrae still the husband.

    There is no scenes between the 2 of them because none of them is thinking of the other. Binggrae ,like you said, is confused and don’t know yet what direction to take, so he has no time for romance and NJ is in love with trash.

    But there is evidences that he’s the husband :

    1- He changed his hairstyle at his wedding, you can confirm who did it by looking at the picture at the wedding.
    2- He was in the center of that photograph.
    3- NJ asked her husband to bring her coffee and to YJ juice, Binggrae was holding 2 cups and drinking the 3rd while the others had only one cup when they all arrived to the apartment.
    3- From the beginning NJ’s dad preferred CB while her mom preferred Binggrae.
    4- Mom and daughter have the same taste and opinion about men, they both choose the same man from the drama they were watching.
    5- NJ was little concerned about her age while putting cream on her face after looking at their wedding photo, it means that the groom is younger or same age (Trash is older than her)
    6- He was the only one among the 5 men wearing slippers with heart on it.
    7- He was the first to speak to sook sook when he returned back home.
    8- He was the only one who responded to NJ’s wink while they were speaking about drinking habit by a kiss.
    9- “Who doesn’t look bumpkin at his wedding” he said to YJ.

  230. 230 : -Autumn- Says:

    In ep13, when NJ turns to look at her husband at the wedding, i find that her husband is quite tall because NJ herself is tall already. And yeah, trash’s parents look different from the wedding one. So my guess is ChilBong. He is tall and he has a huge crush on NJ. He is going to be popular in present because of the baseball.

  231. 231 : maknaee Says:

    aigoo uri chilbong’s crying on eps 14. Oppa, pogi hajimara…
    It ain’t over ’til it’s over <3
    Waaah this drama is really something, wanjeon daebak ~~~~

  232. 232 : re~lily Says:

    Sung Dong Il.. Sung Dong Il.. Sung Dong Il.. Fighting!!!

  233. 233 : Jyenie Says:

    @fan 229
    I really admire your observation but I still have to say “No way”. LOL.

  234. 234 : soel Says:

    after watching the wedding again and again,am beginning to believe that oppa trash is the husband from the way the father keeps making those comments about the groom and oppa seems to be the person saying less about the wedding video.reply 1997 had similar stuff..am heart broken alredy for my CB.

  235. 235 : fan Says:



  236. 236 : Sera Says:

    i think najung’s husband is Trash. cuz in the poster of reply 1997 they wear same shirt and shoes (red color).

  237. 237 : Sera Says:

    ups i’m sorry i mean reply 1994..

  238. 238 : krisyness Says:

    how can you explain the individual pics that NJ ang CB wears same Yonsei uniform and in blue color??? anyways… excited for tonight ep…. Whatever NJ pick it doesnt matter anymore…. For NJs happiness I’ll support her all the way…

  239. 239 : dinaz Says:

    @jyenie-227 seems like ure enjoying ek alot.. 🙂 i still cant make myself watch a historical,which needs to change..hope to watch ek soon.jyenie will u watch ‘you who came from the stars’ and miss korea?
    yeah he is confused,but eventually he will continue with his medical studies coz when oppa and binggrae went out to smoke they mentioned doctors,so it would be interesting to watch what prompted him to continue with his studies..

  240. 240 : dinaz Says:

    @fan-229 woah..hawk eyes huh!good points chingu i too noticed the wink and the kiss.but i cant see anyone else other than oppa..hehe!
    @jyenie 233 lol i second that..hehe!
    Every episode is risky cant see my oppa getting hurt 🙁
    Reply1994 fighting!!

  241. 241 : No name Says:

    One vote for CB!

  242. 242 : chie Says:

    my heart is broken after watching eps 14,,,still hope CB for the husband,,,

  243. 243 : dr Says:

    What happened in ep 14?

  244. 244 : chie Says:

    more kissing between Nj and Trash,,,,,,and more painful for CB,,,hiiik,,,hiiik,,,watching with raw so i don’t understand what all they say,,,

  245. 245 : just_saying Says:

    Just finished ep 14. I believe that Trash will end up with NJ.

    As at ep13, I was a bit worried that CB could be the husband becoz, when NJ and Trash starts dating, they would have shown that Trash is the groom but it did not. So, I thought, there must be a twist. They want to show NJ and Trash dated for a while but at the end, somehow, CB will end up with NJ.

    But then, ep14 comes in, the most obvious is the last scene in 2013, when CP asked abt the baseball. Everybody were very sensitive abt it, as if there’s a ‘sad’ story behind it. Even CB pretends to look for his hp. The baseball is the most precious thing to CB and somehow in 1996 I think CB gave it to NJ to show how much he likes her. But, NJ can’t accept it as it is – that’s why it became a ‘sensitive’ story. If CB is the husband, he wouldn’t care abt it anymore becoz he’s NJ’s husband. It is sensitive becoz CB didn’t end up with NJ and thus, it still hurts CB’s feeling.

    Plus, there’s medical bookSSS in NJ’s house. Who else could it belong to if not Trash’s? Well, unless as @fan always said, it’s Bingeure’s? Sorry @fan, but I doubt it. LOL

  246. 246 : fan Says:


    Where did you watch ep. 14 ? I watched last episodes in gooddrama.net but they didn’t post ep. 14 yet.

  247. 247 : fan Says:


    She call Trash oppa in 2013, but she called her husband before yeobo 🙂

  248. 248 : asdkfjslkdfjksajflkwsjf Says:

    I think oppa is so funny…in ep14 (sorry for the tiny spolier) when NJ asked him what did you want to tell me earlier (she’s referring to his confession of love…) he goes like “what?….what?….[ause….oh…didn’t i tell you with my body…”that was super cute….

  249. 249 : re~lily Says:

    I saw ep 15.. it’s more painful for CB :,(

  250. 250 : rory Says:

    Even tho I am neutral here but I feel sad for CB..haishhhh…hugs u CB..u have me..me..me!
    But i love the kissing scenes between trash n NJ <3 <3 <3
    Trash's cousin is really something..creepy!but i love this girl since FBND..she's funny and weirdo!
    Seems ep.15 is more happening..can't wait for the sub!

    @Fan, it's fun to read ur observations and those might be reality!

    @jyenie, @Dinaz halo girls! I'm too bz these days to chat with u girls here..Actually i'm starting watching EK too but I will be a silent reader in that thread..so far I enjoy it…but there's only one thing I hate watching sageuk, the torture part really can't be separated! too cruel sometimes..

  251. 251 : reply 94 Says:

    new clue:
    1. trash oppa’s wallet isn’t same as NJ husband’s wallet.
    2. SCP said “what’s wrong with having a baseball in this house?”
    3. why NJ take a menu, why not trash oppa take a menu since he stand up from sofa? (if he is the husband)

  252. 252 : omo Says:

    Argh.the writer really knows how to play with my heart.im in teamTrash so i really hope NJ n Trash will end up together.but looking at the baseball clue at first i think yes.im confident from Trash reaction the husband is Trash but then since the writer always know how to trick us and because of Trash’s cousin prediction im a bit worried.just look at how she asked Trash for taxi fee bcause she said the bus will not coming and nahh..the bus is Really broke down or something..oh.sobs.hopefully my worry is baseless.
    Writer-nim.please..please make NJ end up with Trash oppa no matter what.Please dont kill the love between them.LOL

  253. 253 : krisyness Says:

    Chibbie’s sadness will not gone to waste… I bet on it… I often watch heavy dramas like Golden Rainbow and the like but never did i cry… But while CB was talking with the boarders…gosh…My eyes got teary… His eyes were so sad…

    To CB can you not be that nice…When will you take your move??…I read from your interview that you wanted to be the husband so that the ‘nation’s bad guy title from Go family book be change to the ‘nation’s nice guy… waaahhh… can you be a little bad this time… take a hold on NJ’s hand… fight for her badly please… make your move… time is slipping so fast…(6 eps to go)

    Clues to fonder again:
    -the Japanese called Chilbong ‘Mr. Kim’ (a matter of name in the middle remains untold)
    -Dr. Kim’s brother named Jae (he must be a ‘Tae’ then…but his last(or first) name hasn’t yet revealed)

  254. 254 : krisyness Says:

    Chil Bong… your pain will end soon… so just hang in there… Na Jeong will definitely see you… You will going to have your baseball back… According to the PD’s interview… they will going to reveal the husband on the last episode… that interview happened before they announced the additional 1 episode… our thoughts will be in whirlwind till episode 20… perhaps the special episode will be the explanation why they have come up with it… I really hope for our Chibbie be the husband…

  255. 255 : krisyness Says:

    Chil Bong how about be the ‘Nation’s Nice Husband’… hehehehe Sarangheo!!!!Fighting

  256. 256 : star Says:

    If anyone noticed, in the ep 12 or 13, before singer Kim Min Jong sing in the wedding, Sung Gyun the mc, mention the groom’s name : Kim Jae Joon but no one in the boarding house has that name…i think Chill Bong is Na Jeong’s husband..:)

  257. 257 : dinaz Says:

    @rory hi sis 🙂 i have the same prob as u,i cant watch saeguk dramas too..but i dont know why i dont like them??
    I too hate that cousin of his,how could she say such things to her oppa..should i squeeze her neck?haha..ah yes,now i remember her,the dark circled reporter.she was cute there..but here i want to kill her.hehe.

  258. 258 : dinaz Says:

    @omo-252 same here team trash..its getting so difficult now,the writer really keeps confusing us..they dint show us what his cousin said after he asked her if her prediction was true or not..hope she is just angry and she dint mean it..damn that stupid girl..newaz team trash fighting 🙂

  259. 259 : Fannie Says:

    I think chill bong is the husband. Remember the scene where they want to order food. The booklet of delivery store was given byNJ to chilbong, it shows that they were the hosts. And when their kid was on the date, it says that the dad was famous. Another clue, the baseball, i think it was back into CB’s hands . I hope it is really CB, thry look good together and i ink he really loves her.

  260. 260 : krisyness Says:

    and the song…. same song in their wedding and in the scene where CB was focused (bus scene going to trash)… Chil Bong…. can’t wait to see you in your tuxedo…

  261. 261 : Jyenie Says:

    I will definitely watch You Who Comes From The Star because I like Kim So Yeom’s acting especially in The Moon Who Embraces The Sun, another Sangeuk 🙂
    @Rory250, @Dinaz
    Eventhough I like EK but I always fast forward the fighting and cruel part, and replay the cute and romantic part. Ha!

  262. 262 : luna Says:

    I have a felling that in next two ep.something might be happen in NJ-Oppa’s relation and oppa’s cousin’s predaction might be true .we did not see what was the conversation between NJ’s father and trash about their relationship? after the coversation when he was talking to NJ over the phone ,he looked little sad.I think mow, the writer will give a chance to CB.

  263. 263 : just_saying Says:

    Finished ep 14. This drama is killing me. But you have to give the writers a HIGH high five. Because, they are giving both CB and Trash ‘supporters’ a chance to have hopes that either one will be NJ’s husband.

    However, from observation, Trash is still the likely candidate as NJ’s husband. The baseball, CB gave to Trash because he is saying that he is not giving up on NJ. First season, he lost the game but a year later, he won with the same ball. When he gave to Trash, he admits defeat at that time but he is confident that he’ll win in the end. BUT, in 2013, he passed back the ball to Trash – as if admitting that he didn’t win after all.

    I’m on Trash team but I can’t bear to watch CB suffer episodes through episodes. I was hoping that they reveal the husband soon so either CB team or Trash team can ‘mourn’ properly. And someone mentioned that they only reveal the husband till episode 20? Arghhhh…

    Apart from that, I was laughing at YJ theatrical tantrum when Seo Tai Ji and the Boys breaks up. And I was so touched when CP brings back the toilet bowl for her.

  264. 264 : omo Says:

    @dinaz yep.been rooting for oppa ya since ep2.lol.i hope that girl heard about the bus from someone else beforehand just like she heard about NJ from pasha oppa.aishishishi..

    @just saying agree.the writer for me is giving both team (CB n Trash) equal hope and the toilet bowl was epic!after whining about YJ being a thief all and suddenly SCP himself bring the toilet bowl for YJ. I laugh out loud. never thought he would do that!at that time,i’ve been thinking how lucky YJ is to has someone who can accept you as what you are.

    I am now preparing myself to face the worst possibility of NJ-Trash didnt end up together.But deep down my heart i still believe they will be the end game.kekekeke

  265. 265 : just_saying Says:

    Based on ep 16 preview, seems like Trash is going somewhere and he has to part with NJ. As sb commented, I think its CB’s turn to have his moment with NJ. Fair enough. BUT… back to Johnny Depp’s wisdom saying;

    “If you love TWO people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the 1st one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second”

    Ep 16 onward may belong to CB but as at ep 20, Trash has become the ‘second’ person again and they live happily ever after. Because not enough episodes for CB to become the ‘second’ person again. hehe

    Plus, we should truly applaud YJ and CP’s relationship. Even after all the nagging, the way he left YJ drunk because of STJ, he has became a thief himself. Stealing the toilet bowl for YJ. Priceless.

    And, I miss HT. Wonder when will he be discharged. I miss his friendship with NJ.

  266. 266 : rory Says:

    Let’s eat 1 chicken per person..ROFL!!

    OMG..Trash’s house! Trash is real XDDD
    I like Trash & CB equally but sometimes I feel Trash’s love towards NJ not strong enough compare to CB until I watched the kissing & hugging scene..heee..love it..coz sometimes i feel that’s because he has strong rival which makes he confessed his love..i’m waiting for more oppa ya..err..am I too greedy? 🙄

    I know YJ is scary&weirdo enough but I do feel sad watching her scene..I understand her feeling..sincerely..hey girl, pls stay strong..at least u have SCP by ur side and see what he did for u..OMG, brings that thing from Seo Tai Ji’s house! never expected that! thanx SCP..love this weird couple so much 😉 just sweet to see..

    And with that baseball symbolic meaning + trash’s psychic cousin appearance, arghhh…dizzy! once i feel NJ will end up with trash but sometimes my feeling says it’s CB! I just can’t with CB’s sad face..haish..

  267. 267 : fan Says:

    Some craziness Girls ! Neither trash nor CB are NJ’s husband, sorry girls 😉

    Another evidence in 2013 ep. 14 :

    Haiti :”I’m hungry, why don’t you buy this time” to Binggrea
    Binggrea : “Why should I ?”
    Haiti : “Are you going to pretend ignorance”
    Because they’re at his house, he must buy for them but instead he said big brothers are here they buy, if he was the one invited he won’t say that, he will say NJ’s husband must buy.

    NJ’s stood up to bring the book to CB, if it was trash’s home he will do it because he was just standing near the drawer from where NJ took the book.
    While giving the book to CB, NJ called him Joon not yeobo. And after that, she yelled at trash oppa not yeobo 😀

  268. 268 : rory Says:

    @Dinaz, hang in there girl..hang in there..LOL! she shows us another her psychic power in ep.15..I’m speechless now..and seriously they only will reveal the husband till episode 20 @just_saying? gulp!

    I think I will try You Who Comes From The Star [why the heck with this long title?] too later..I watched KSH in DH & TMETS and like his acting..speaking about sageuk, Dinaz, have u watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal?It’s a sageuk drama but it’s so sweet and cute..no cruel torturing part, just torture ur heart a bit coz many eye candies there 😀 😀 😀 It’s one of my favorite sageuk..My 1st sageuk is Jewel in Palace, for me, it’s the best sageuk^^

  269. 269 : just_saying Says:

    @fan. Admire your will power to stick with Bingeurea. Who knows, it could be him because you have good argument as well. It ain’t over till its over rite. Again, high five to the writer because they made it possible for all the viewers to hope that the character they like will be NJ’s husband.

    So, now we have Trash’s team, CB’s team and Bingeurae’s team. But is Bingeurae taller than NJ?

  270. 270 : rory Says:

    I know..I know..that part gives me chill a bit actually..
    HT to BGR: “Are you going to pretend ignorance”…
    But me was so bad to pretend & ignore like hey don’t worry, nothing will be happened between BGR & NJ..hahaha..

  271. 271 : krisyness Says:

    Yes.. According to Tag/allkpop.. interview about when they will reveal the HB.. PD said that they can easily reveal HIM as early as ep 16. but since the review is so high… and the crowd enjoys the CB and Trash’s ship reactions… They might and tend to reveal the husband at the last episode (not the special one)…

  272. 272 : krisyness Says:

    about Binguerre issue “Are you going to pretend ignorance” maybe HT just teasing him because BG always depend on Trash… He always skip his turn to treat them because he keep on saying ‘Hyungnim is here’… ahahahaha….

  273. 273 : krisyness Says:

    and about the baseball… CB throw it to Trash… can we bet on it????

    I bet that Trash will throw it back to CB… 🙂 when that happens… then it is decided to be CB…

    and one more thing… when Trash want to order sujo…NJ dont want it and lectured Trash still using the endearment ‘oppa’…. NJ shouted at CB furiously which we only do to our family…. 🙂

  274. 274 : krisyness Says:

    i believed that the story of the baseball runs around CB also… He might give up playing for NJ…because 4 years in Japan is so long… He might die missing her…. 🙂

  275. 275 : krisyness Says:

    read this CB shippers


  276. 276 : krisyness Says:

    Amanda Seyfried also choses our Chil Bongie… ahehehehe


  277. 277 : dinaz Says:

    Ep14&15 : the kiss..omg the sweetest kiss by nareki couple 🙂 na jeong is really expressive about her feelings,and she loves skinship more..lol..she is supercute when she leaves no chance to touch him.haha..they have superb chemistry..but its sad that her dad is not accepting him as her boyfriend.. 🙁 Ahjusshi jaebal..oppa can take the best care of ur daughter.Please say yes..please..
    omg i dint know korean fangirls are that crazy to keep faucet,toilet cover and tiles as a sovenier..eww!scp was the cutest to bring the toilet pot.lol..and the scene of yj crying and singing,eating the expired corn chips and spitting it out..lol..and na jeong’s dad carrying her on his back and banging on the wall.haha..Priceless!gosh this drama can lighten anyone’s mood 🙂 i m sure even in 2013 the toilet pot is still there in scp’s house..lol..
    and glad that our confused Binggrae too found his goal and is now a Dermatologist 🙂 i love his little bro’s facial expressions,he is always so cute and confused..
    aww..poor Haitai he is having such a tough time in army..

  278. 278 : dinaz Says:

    @jyenie-261 i m planing to watch that see u there 🙂
    @omo Same here rooting for him since ep2 but i liked him from day1 🙂 Dont lose hope please,team trash needs to be strong 🙂
    @rory 266 yeah one chicken per person.impossible!lol..
    @rory and @omo gosh that girl,i need to borrow CB’s baseball bat to break her legs.lol..i hate her really!

  279. 279 : dinaz Says:

    @just_saying just noticed when u pointed out that scp has actually become a thief now..lol..Same here i miss Haitai..
    @rory-268 i heard about that drama but dint watch..the cuties pyc,sjk and yai are all there but saeguk 🙁 i need more time..hehe..
    @krisyness i m glad that cb and oppa are friendly in 2013 🙂 and cb even called him hyungnim 🙂

  280. 280 : No name Says:

    HT : “Are you going to pretend ignorance”
    I think BG has highest salary 😀

  281. 281 : krisyness Says:

    Can’t wait to see this… Reply’s Cast 97 and 94 will be together as 97 orig casts take cameo part in Reply 1994 ep 13…


  282. 282 : dinaz Says:

    @krisyness-281 same here excited to see them..but if they are playing shiwon and yoon jae they will be younger than our reply94 characters..newaz excited to see them.. 🙂

  283. 283 : krisyness Says:

    yup yup… sorry for my caption… its Dec 13 not ep 13… hehehehe….

  284. 284 : krisyness Says:

    it says that there role will be friends from Busan….

  285. 285 : maknaee Says:

    Yoon Jin feels… Stay strong girl~ you’ve SCP beside you kkk.
    I’m gonna get heartbreak too if my idol group announce their retirement. No…

    I wish that ‘Busan friends’ come to the boarding house. When sees NJ’s parent, Shi Won will be surprised “Why my parents here?” lol

  286. 286 : krisyness Says:


  287. 287 : krisyness Says:

    THE ending of the Heirs is way disappointing…Hope Reply 1994 wont do that… Rushing at the end after a slow story….daaahhh…. if not for the casts i really wont watch that… JGS is also disappointing me in Bel Ami Pretty Man…

    Right Now Reply 1994 is the best for me even its casts aren’t that famous as LMH ang JGS….

  288. 288 : maknaee Says:

    well yeah, Pretty Man’s getting boring.
    Have you watch The Prime Minister and I? It’s pretty hilarious~

  289. 289 : krisyness Says:

    positively hilarious or negatively??? I’m afraid to start watching new drama… i expect too much frm kdrama… they were the best last year but this year… naaahhh….

  290. 290 : omo Says:

    For me The PM and I had a good start. The first 2 episodes were fun to watch.
    Did anyone watched ep16 already?Im happy to see Yoon Jin Yi (Meahri) in there as well after we have Kim Min Jong in earlier episodes. Oh my.did i still ship this couple??kekeke.I guess in this episode we really can confirm that Grae grae Bingrae is gay right?This is disappointing for me.but the last scene when the cast of reply 1997 made their appearance was pretty funny for me.why oh why Trash need to had a fight over a song with 18 years old student?lol.
    And..and..in 2013 did Bingurae is waiting someone who drives a red sport car???dont tell me it’s Hoya.Lol!!!

  291. 291 : chie Says:

    I wanna cry watching eps 17….hik…hik…poor uri CB……oppa propose to NJ…I hpoless…but i still think CB is husband, maybe im to confident…

  292. 292 : maknaee Says:

    positively~ TPMAI is like refreshing my mind. Well, just don’t expect too much from the start. just a ‘lil bit anticipation. I’ve high expectation from Heirs and Pretty Man, and for me they are dissapointing hft..

    yes, they had a good start. the first two eps made me laugh and giggle enough kk

  293. 293 : maknaee Says:

    our 94’s trio kkk k2nblog.com/single-jung-woo-yoo-yeon-suk-son-ho-jun-reply-1994-ost-part-7/

  294. 294 : krisyness Says:


  295. 295 : omo Says:

    Oh.thank god Bingurae is not a gay. Lol.now waiting for them to disclose the husband.Do CB still has the chance?Hopefully not.lol

  296. 296 : krisyness Says:

    waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Please don’t do this to me…. 2 episodes No CB at all…. what’s happening…. Please…Chaebal…..

  297. 297 : Maria Says:

    I want CB with NJ. The so call love between Trash and NJ is getting childish and more like brother and sister. Furthermore, I just don’t get it that Trash can fight with a school girl.

  298. 298 : just_saying Says:

    Finished ep 17. It is confirmed (at least for me but I am a little bias for Trash) that Trash is the husband.

    Si Won (heroine frm Reply 97) – she was shocked to see the husband at the door and at that time, a flashback when she saw Trash at the ring shop. And I think she remembers the husband (Trash) when they fought in the bus. So, Trash, will be NJ’s husband. hehe

    Plus, I think CB fell for someone during his years in Japan. In the interview, he said he likes someone – ‘is it in Korea or Japan? No comment.’ The writer made us believe that he is referring to NJ but that could be the twist. Look at Bingguerae, we thought that he may be gay and in just one episode, the writer manage to write the storyline smoothly and gives him a wife. And I was sooo happy about it.

    @fan, sorry. But Bingguerae is out of the list already. But I’m so happy for him. Though its just a brief moment about them but it was so sweet. The way he waits for her and the way she insist a kiss from him. No complaints here.

  299. 299 : fan Says:


    Yes, Binggrae is out and haiti will be next so we still have CB and Trash. I think it’s trash, but it could be CB. I’ll say 75% for trash and 25% for CB.

  300. 300 : fan Says:

    @dinaz & krisyness

    Why don’t you try the prime minister and I, I find it good and funny so far after watching 2 episodes, sincerely it’s the only one I’m waiting for it impatiently of course besides R1994.

  301. 301 : bias an94 Says:

    If u have trash oppa as your real husband, would u happy?
    i’m definitely not happy. maybe he is nice, smart, care etc. but he also childish, clumsy, don’t understand women feeling.

  302. 302 : kirara Says:

    the proposal was REAL GOLD. no, this man doesnt need thousand flowers, candles or even doves to make it romantic all he needs is just a sincere and genuine heart that is clearly shown through his action <3

  303. 303 : caondami Says:

    @bias an94
    If trash oppa were my husband, I would not happy after the honey moon period. I would feel that I get a son instead of husband to take care of that would drive me nuts. His room is like a dump site, wonder how he is a top medical student who award the scholarship, no healthy sense at all. It’s totally not acceptable for he is a medical student. Chil Bong is way better than he as a husband.

  304. 304 : sdfjkasdjf Says:

    trash all the way…yes he’s childish, he’s clumsy, he’s dirty, he’s “trashy”…but you know what? that all makes sense…b/c he’s a human being…CB is too perfect and unrealistic…no one is that good in real life…he doesn’t understand woman’s feelings?…I completely disagree with that…of all the people he understands NJ the best…he knows she was sad on the date of her brother’s death anniversary…he knows she’s really hurt her back and can’t sleep through the pain…he knows she’s tired from waiting for him all night long and needs sleep…trash is the warmest person in this drama and he’s acting is superb…i’m glad the director and scriptwriter decided to chose jung woo as trash b/c honestly there are very few korean actors out there that can portray this character so well…no offence some famous actors have terrible acting…he doesn’t deserve to be a doctor?…that’s a little to harsh…what happened to “don’t judge a book by its cover?”…

  305. 305 : missmonk Says:

    @sdfjkasdjf I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU 😉
    CB is just too dramatic. He’s just too perfect, I’m tired with that kind of character in kdrama zzz. No offence, CB is pathetic but I have no sympathy for him. Maybe people support CB just bcs he is more handsome than Trash oppa. That’s ridiculous. If I were NJ, I will also fall to Trash. NOT bcs he’s handsome or he’s a med student, but bcs he understands me better than anybody does.
    I will be really disappointed if NJ isn’t with Trash in the end.

  306. 306 : Maria Says:

    After watching this drama er maybe 2 or 3 times, it is still hard to decide who is the husband. But lets look at Trash, yeah, he was considerate to NJ and care for her but they are so childish that I am getting bored with the drama. Give me passion, not just the kisses. It is like Trash is getting it all easy and NJ is doing the running and housekeeping and well..everything. She is acting like hero worship Trash. There was no moment in the drama that they worked for this relationship. Maybe the next 4 episodes? I do hope so or else frankly this dramas that was my best choice for this year would not get that good response from most viewers. And as husband? Would I want Trash? No. I doubt I want to babysit him all the time. Does he understand a lady? Not really. And I don’t like his behaviour fighting with a young school girl over a music volumn.

    Now Chilbong, I would say, he has little or no airtime these last 2 episodes so everybody is giving up on him. However, is he perfect? Look back the series and remember he work hard for his baseball and not just a given thing. I think I would want a husband who wants to work hard for the marriage. And the love and care he gave NJ is very touching. Looks wise, I think both men has their charm.

    Am I still rooting for Chilbong, yes, I still do. It aint over till its over. See what happen to Binguerae, I just hope it does for Chilbong and NJ

  307. 307 : dinaz Says:

    Ep 16 &17: The proposal omg it was so touching..i was really touched,with great acting from jung woo and ara..wish it would have happened in real life too..aww!
    the more they show oppa and na jeong’s romance the more it scares me..coz i knw pd nim will bring in twists..but oppa has to be the husband please..
    woww na jeong’s crazy dance was so daebak 😉
    Glad that binggrae found his love,glad to see jin yi after Gentleman’s dignity,she matches well with our binggrae..i guess he admired and looked upto trash but was confused until miss die die sunbae came into his life..
    I guess haitai still cant forget his 1st love..
    we have seen everyone’s interaction with suk suk except for his noona..want to see them playing together..

  308. 308 : dinaz Says:

    And yes the reply1997 cast..so glad to see them again.the bus scene was so funny with two crazy people fighting like cats and dogs.lol..and all the 4 fell on oppa.haha..
    Lee shi un-the moment i see him i feel like laughing,his facial expressions are awesome and natural just like oppa..the scene was so funny when he was about to cry when his electronic pet got spoilt..lol..
    the song Feeling you is awesome,i listen to it alot.. 🙂
    cant wait for another friday..oppa fighting 🙂

  309. 309 : dinaz Says:

    @fan-300 i m planning to watch miss korea and ywcfs..lets c how many i can manage..hehe..
    @kirara-302 absolutely agree with u 🙂
    About oppa being trashy it dint offend me even one bit when he drank expired milk,or wiped his head with floor mat.lol.i would love to tidy up his room though if na jeong allows me to..lol 😛

  310. 310 : kirara Says:

    @bias an94
    i would be damn happy if i could marry him! dont understand woman’s feeling you say? he’s the one who noticed when NJ wasnt feeling well, the one who patted her hair until she got to sleep, the one who gave the thing that NJ actually needed (the marshmallow, mangas) without even parading it, the one who exchanged her almost full cup of soju with his almost empty cup of soju, end the list goes on (you dont want to read a realllly long post just to prove my point right? 😉 )
    about he’s being clumsy, trashy, childish, isn’t it part of how we accpet other’s imperfection and flaw, no? bcause without that, there wont be any room for us to actually grow in the relationship itself

  311. 311 : hjkjhjkhnmiouh Says:

    @Maria about bringing up how trash was childish and fights with highschoolers on the bus… you know why he did it for no reason…obviously cause the scriptwriter was desperate to bring the cast of reply 1997 to the show in some way…probably didn’t think it out properly so it ended up weird like that…i know you’re rooting for CB which is fine…but no need to put down trash…i think

  312. 312 : hjkjhjkhnmiouh Says:

    you’re getting desperate cause you think CB is not the husband…whatever the case it is as long as NJ is happy that’s all that matters…plus i’m sure who ever is without NJ will end up with someone else…

  313. 313 : soel Says:

    so its oppa trash i guess??.this drama reminds me of the drama You Are Beautiful where Yonghwa was almost perfect i thought he should end up with Park Shin Hye..i guess sometimes its the flaws that make you love someone more.

  314. 314 : anna Says:

    one of the best and unforgettable kdrama in year 2013. I like the typical , day to day life story. For me it’s ” Na jeung and Chil Bong”

  315. 315 : just_saying Says:

    I may be on Trash’s team but if NJ ends up with CB, I don’t mind. I just like the drama coz its funny, makes me laugh and reminds us of real life. Let’s not make the drama into a ‘war’ zone between Trash and CB by attacking each characters. Both has their own pros and cons.

    Let’s just enjoy the drama as it is. There are other characters that are fun to watch too.

    Trash: The fun and crazy type. He may be childish, but he really understands NJ – he was there when NJ was in the hospital etc. And he is a hard working person as well. He studies hard to become a doctor.

    CB: More to the romantic type – he portrays a ‘perfect’ guy but he has his own story – divorced parents, works hard for his baseball career etc.

    I loved the comments made in this thread in the beginning coz we just present our findings/clues on who’s going to be NJ’s husband. There’s no attacks on each of the characters behavior.

  316. 316 : just_saying Says:

    Finished ep 18 & 19. I guess it’s really true. NJ’s husband will only be revealed in ep 20. Until now, the writer is torturing us – no clue whatsoever who’ll be NJ’s husband.

    Ep 18, I thought that when NJ broke up with Trash, I believe that in ep 19, they’ll get back again somehow. Then, throughout ep 19, it seems that she’s willing to give CB a try. And I was already trying to accept that CB will be the husband. THEN, last scene, and preview of ep 20, seems like Trash is trying to get NJ back. And they still love each other (NJ/Trash) so how can they not get back together? Hopeful…

    Regardless, we’ll see what happen next week.

    Plus, CP is the most gentleman man – he doesn’t simply conform to others by proposing to YJ just for the sake of proposing and holding on to her. He actually has plans for it and when he propose, he wants it to be meaningful. And YJ, attending CP’s get-together, so sweet. I never thought she’ll do it but for CP, she’s willing to break her own rule.

  317. 317 : just_saying Says:

    BTW: The title for ep 19, Do You Believe in Destiny – is perfect.

    For CB: Even though CB and NJ never dated and CB being away from Korea, seems like he never has a chance. But as shown in ep 19, it seems that he does/may have a chance. Is it his destiny to be with NJ in the end despite everything?

    For Trash: Though he broke up with NJ for a year, does it mean that he’ll not be NJ’s husband? But as previewed in ep 20, seems like he wants to get NJ back. Is it his destiny to be with NJ despite their break ups?
    And when Trash cried during his meeting with SD (NJ’s father), it was so sad that I still hope Trash will be the husband to make up for SD’s hurts.

    Writers, you’ve done a remarkable job. But I hate (in a good way) you for making us wait till the last ep to reveal the husband. Good job.

  318. 318 : Roar Says:

    The scene trash oppa with nj dad is sad it makes me teary. They understand each other’s pain while talking. I feel sad for cb back then but now I feel so sad for oppa.

  319. 319 : krissyness Says:

    A realy awsome storyline… very very very good… the best ever drama i watched so far…
    I never commented in this for about 2 weeks already becoz i hve already given up in NJ and CB… but right now… at least the writer gave CB a fair fight… it doesnt matter who will
    be her HB but i still root for CB… It may be a bunos then but the story itself is History…
    Distance really is a factor to see wether the love yoy have for someone is true and strong… as time is also a factor but it doesnt matter How Long… It is How you uses the time… The Chance is always there… the thing is will you use that chance accordingly in a proper timing no matter how far you are from one another??? Gosh…. I will miss this drama….

  320. 320 : krisyness Says:

    Today is my birthday… and my bday wish is for CB and NJ to end up together….

  321. 321 : soel Says:

    really @krisy,happy birthday!
    ..thats a big wish there.if only wishes were horses!!.but will pray for u to get ur wish though i am beginning to doubt that after the writer spends soo many eps building the relatnshp between NJ and Trash oppa unless he has a great reason for that .will be glad too if it happens but Trash isnt bad either.hehe

  322. 322 : omo Says:

    Seeing Trash cried when he met up with NJ father made my heart hurt and cried along. I know in the present time they all are happy with their life now but my heart just cant take it. If the writer wants CB to be the end game they need to give us a solid reason for NJ to choose CB or else i would be really disappointed with the drama. Looking at the rating in ep19 makes me wonder who’s korean nitizens favor to be the husband.hmmmm
    Will wait and see how this drama ends next week…

  323. 323 : krisyness Says:

    thank you so much Soel(321)… we’ll know next week if wishes do come true…. hehehehe…

  324. 324 : dinaz Says:

    I m totally heartbroken seeing oppa crying..this is the 1st time in the whole series that i dont know what to write,oppaya :-(( :-((

    Dear krisyness wish u a very Happy birthday.GOD bless u 🙂

  325. 325 : krisyness Says:

    Thank You So much Dinaz(324)…. God Bless us all…Let FRIENDSHIP prevails in this Thread…

  326. 326 : tyarachunnie Says:

    still sure 100% oppa yaaa is the husband…:)

  327. 327 : caondami Says:

    I just had a flash back that in 2013, the gathering, nj called her husband “jong” (don’t know the exact spelling). At the wedding, the priest called the groom’s name is “Kim ? jong”. Is anybody recalled this?

  328. 328 : soel Says:

    both the leads go by the name Kim and for now we know Chil Bong is Joon too and its also possible that trash oppa is Kim Jae.as to whether CB has Jae and trash oppa has Joon,we will find out on friday.

  329. 329 : dinaz Says:

    hello everyone,wish u all and everyone in the admin a merry christmas 🙂

  330. 330 : caondami Says:

    Thank you soel. Merry Christmas.

  331. 331 : krissyness Says:

    Two more days… and it will be revealed…

  332. 332 : krissyness Says:

    Guys…better expext that the husband will be revealed in ep21 as written in an article published recently… according to what i read… the scrypt for the last eps was finally completed.. and the husband whoever it will be will be revealed on the very last episode which is episode 21… and wether they will have a post production is yet to be announced… waaaahhhh…. anyways… ep 20 and 21 is this week… so 1 day waiting wont be a huge effect afterall…. have a nice thursday morning everyone…

  333. 333 : krisyness Says:

    Come to think of it… Even though CB is barely seen in the drama He got the most important Scenes ever…
    1. NJ first Kiss
    2. Confessed to NJ 10 seconds before 1994 ends
    3. NJ drinking buddy before the Millennium
    4. Whenever there is snow there is Chilbong
    5. NJ’s Ramen session buddy
    6. NJ’s Driving Lesson buddy
    7. Whenever NJ is in emergency ChilBong is always present and ready to help

    That’s why I admire his character so much….. 🙂

  334. 334 : soel Says:

    haha..thats some clues you have gathered up there.will love to see u so excited if its Chil Bong.you never lost hope and i think he suits u better bcos you are both determined.make sure to post ur comment here on saturday,will read it before i watch it since that will give me the result.fighting!!!

  335. 335 : krisyness Says:

    @soel… If only ChilBong could be mine…hehehehe… I almost gave up on CB but then these important facts made me realized… that I shouldn’t stop… It ain’t over till its over…

  336. 336 : dinaz Says:

    Hmm..i m nervous this week dont know whats going to happen to my trash..oppa fighting!
    either i’ll cry a bucket of tears or jump and dance all about..
    i m scared to even watch the last two episodes..

  337. 337 : caondami Says:

    3 more clues to support CB is the husband:

    NJ’s brother said to his girl friend that his brother-in-law was famous. Only CB was famous among them.
    When NJ heard that the department store was collapsed, she was so feared that CB was dead. This proved that CB was very important to her that she didn’t realized.
    When taking the wedding photo, Bing Geu Re was asked to stand next to the groom because he is the groom’s cousin.

  338. 338 : maknaee Says:

    This drama makes me so desperate but can’t stop loving them -__- I think I would be okay who will be the husband, but when it’s two eps to go.. I feel a lil bit scared. What if CB didn’t get the girl… NJ’s back to Trash. His heart will be broken twice. Enough. I’ll always open up my arms, ready to give him a big hug.
    However I’m still sure CB is the husband. High difference between NJ and ‘husband’ on wedding photo is a proof that he’s CB. NJ and Trash didn’t have that much high difference.
    And on eps 16, 2013, CB called NJ’s Dad ‘Aboeji’, before he used to called him ‘Coach-nim’.
    Anyway… last two episodes… fightinggg. Whatever will be, will be. kkk

  339. 339 : maknaee Says:

    That collapsed building episode.. I remember crying hard while watching that episode. And NJ’s hug for CB… gyaaah, it’s a relief that he’s okay <3

  340. 340 : maknaee Says:

    ups, (338) I mean height difference. lol

  341. 341 : krisyness Says:

    CHILBONG!!!! Forever….

  342. 342 : tyarachunnie Says:

    oppa yaaa…:)

  343. 343 : caondami Says:

    Yeah, NJ’s hug for CB is so touching that gave me a message that NJ loved CB. She didn’t realized it because she was crazy about Trash at that time.

  344. 344 : dinaz Says:

    Gosh i m really nervous for these last two episodes..oppaya u must be kim jae joon ok..its too scary to watch the last two episodes..Jung woo oppa fighting.i will miss u badly my Sseuriki..love u and now go and get Na jeong.. 🙂

  345. 345 : rory Says:

    I just finished watching 4 eps last night coz I don’t want to wait more longer for the finale..kekeke..can’t wait for these 2 episodes today and tomorrow..Eventhough it doesn’t matter who will NJ choose but still my heart feel dugeun dugeun…but I hope she choose trash so I can have CB 😆

    Next drama looks great and fun too..I love Ji Hyo[especially in RM] and Choi Jin Hyuk..will looking forward..

  346. 346 : dinaz Says:

    @rory hi sis 🙂 i wondering where have u and jyenie been..so u watched the 4eps at one go?lol..
    same here my heart is going dugun dugun too..i m really hoping trash will get his girl,yeah u were eyeying cb from the very start so u deserve to have him.lol..
    where have my team trash gone?
    which drama are u talking about sis?emergency man or something?i m watching ‘lets eat’..only for food.lol.. 😛 and also ‘you who came from the stars’..

  347. 347 : krisyness Says:

    Our Chilbong will be KING in his New Movie next year… and His Queen will be non other than Park Shin Hye… They will portrait a couple in chuson era… ahehehehe… according to some sources it will going to be the first ever mature role of our heiress Shin Hye… I wonder how mature they are talking about it…. and I got so excited… Yoo Yun Suk… is now paired to one of the Top stars… Excited Much!!!


  348. 348 : krisyness Says:


  349. 349 : AMIRA Says:

    i’m pretty sure thet it will be trash oppa because it’s all about the &st love for the girl so as shi woon married with yoon jae trash is the husband because she didn’t even think in CB as mor then friend so i’m sure and i hope that oppa it is

  350. 350 : AMIRA Says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S_742FvWQk :'( ²²² don’t say it pleaaaase

  351. 351 : lenny Says:

    in one of the episode, one of the roommate asked about the baseball on the book shelf. if the house belongs to the baseball guy, the guy who asked the question wouldn’t had asked, since a baseball player probably would have balls lying around the house…..therefore the house belongs to thrash!!!!

  352. 352 : dinaz Says:

    yeyy @lenny good logic! 🙂
    i m going crazy thinking about who will be na jeong’s husband..phew!oppaya ure kim jae joon right!u are u are..sniff sniff 🙁 feeling very very nervous about these two episodes!
    i guess i will cry alot if he dosent get na jeong..

  353. 353 : tyarachunnie Says:

    oppa yaa…is the end game…:)

  354. 354 : lenny Says:

    it all boils down to ballsense opps.. I mean common sense;;hehehe wink at dinaz

  355. 355 : lenny Says:

    episode 20 title is the beginning of the end. well both trash and na jeong tot that their relationship is ending..but its actually the beginning ..

  356. 356 : dinaz Says:

    @lenny lol.. 😉 😉 wink wink.. 🙂
    ah but it seems oppaya is crying in episode 20 too.. PDnim u have to make up for all the tears that oppa shed..
    @tyarachunnnie hope so 🙂 wishing the best for oppa 🙂

  357. 357 : lenny Says:

    in a few minutes time, u can watch epi 20 at koreandram.com

  358. 358 : lenny Says:

    its out already at koreandrama.com…..happy viewing guys

  359. 359 : AMIRA Says:

    i can’t see it :/ so can any body tell me how it happend???

  360. 360 : rory Says:

    Hai Tai piggy back sooksook n cooking..kyaaahhhh..i feel hungry looking at that spaghetti even though SCP said it’s under cooked..

    YJ : there is one and only Sung gyun in the world..hahaha..love this couple so much!

    I’m pretty sure CB will let go NJ coz he knows NJ’s heart still for trash..how come to be a lovey dovey couple when her head full of trash oppa ya, I think CB is such a cool man and understand NJ’s heart really well..feel a bit sad coz it’s finale today..I need another rom com!

    Yes, I mean “Emergency Man & Woman”..hope this one will be fun too..Currently I’m watching Empress Ki and You Who Came From the Stars and enjoy these two dramas so much..I’m following King’s family too but watching via television only on KBS World 😀

  361. 361 : krisyness Says:

    guys you can also watch it here in full subs


  362. 362 : krisyness Says:

    well tonight’s episode will finally end our confusion… Miracle it is… but I still not giving ChilBong up… I don’t know but I feel that his heart will not be broken as this drama bid its goodbye… He is a good person… He never let NJ chose him but always gave the way… He deserve a HISTORICAL, MAGICAL and VERY HAPPY ENDING… I may sound selfish here but this is what I feel… It is about time that CB leads his way…. Way to where his heart will be at Peace and at LOVE… and it is only in NJ’s side…

    If my birthday wish didn’t happen… Then this comment would be my last… ’cause I don’t want to comment badly in this thread… for I might say bad comment at all because I might gotten hurt… a couple of hours from now and we’ll see…

    Happy New Year to everyone… If my happy ending wish won’t happen… I will still read your messages here… Fighting to all of US…

    May we all have a blessed 2014…

  363. 363 : zelize Says:

    chilbong or trash???????????

  364. 364 : just_saying Says:

    The writer is really killing us. Up till ep 20, the husband is not CLEARLY defined yet.

    @krisyness, the writer kind of fulfill your wish because as you said, there’s still hope for CB. It ain’t over till it’s over’

    But, regardless of what happen, CB is the hero for ep 20. He graciously let NJ goes and that is a praiseworthy conduct. He could have made her stay with him but he don’t want to see NJ’s hurting.

    But just wondering; when HT said in the elevator ‘I guess first love does work out’…
    CB’s first love – NJ
    NJ’s first love – Trash
    Trash’s first love – is it NJ? Because he already had his first love.

  365. 365 : Ana Says:

    oppa ya is the husband !!!!!!!!

  366. 366 : zelize Says:

    chinca???? ha..ha..finally…thanks ana!

  367. 367 : soel Says:


  368. 368 : dinaz Says:

    my oppa is Kim Jae Joon..i just got the news in facebook!!yessssssssssss!
    cant control my happiness!hehehehehe! 🙂 🙂
    cant wait to watch it..please subbers hurry up!
    cant wait to watch it..
    ah finally i can relax now!was nearly in tears yesterday!
    Team trash high five! 🙂

  369. 369 : soel Says:

    i guess he is the most deserving from what we watched,ryt??..awww krissy,reali wanted ur wish to come true too.i loved CB and liked oppa too.its all good..

  370. 370 : Ana Says:

    Yay TEAM TRASH!!!!!!!! I am very Happy right now !!! High 5!!!

  371. 371 : dinaz Says:

    @krisyness a big hug to u sis..i know ure feeling bad!and u must be angry too,if i were in your place i would feel bad too..dont worry yoo yeon suk will lead many good movies as u wrote previously hope it starts filming soon so that you will see him again.. 🙂
    wishing happy new year to u..have a good year ahead.. 🙂

  372. 372 : just_saying Says:

    Highest five!!! @krisyness, sorry. As dinaz said, yys will start playing main role frm now on. Have u watch ‘born to sing’ movie? He is one of the main char.
    Though cb is not the husband, he played an important role here. Without him, the drama wouldnt be as exciting rite.

  373. 373 : Ana Says:

    That’s right , without Chil Bongi 6this drama wouldn’t be that great

  374. 374 : rory Says:

    LOL! spoiler alert! u guysssss! but it’s okay since i’m okay whoever she will choose..Congrats Team Trash..team CB, don’t be sad ya..better luck in his next project..

  375. 375 : lenny Says:

    chibong is not a hero by letting nj go, the very fact is nj has never been in love with him. it was always oppa rightfrom the beginning, when chibong let go of nj, hes just doing himself a damn great favour cos however hard he trys, the result is going to be the same, ccs nj only see him as a friend,,,nothing more.

  376. 376 : lenny Says:

    the only role that chibong played in this drama, is making the love life of nj and oppa more exciting..haha..just like a side kick…hes always around, but hardly in the picture at all…hahha

  377. 377 : No name Says:

    The writer is really too much. If the trash is the husband why there are eps 20 & 21? That’s only make Chilbong looks so pathetic. Really disappointed 🙁

  378. 378 : dinaz Says:

    Just watched ep20..cant wait for the last episode to be out..
    this episode has very few oppa moments 🙁 this episode itself gives hints that oppa is the husband..newaz i m too happy today 🙂 🙂
    loved Haitai and sook sook together..sadly we never got to see sook sook and na jeong playing together.. 🙁
    coachnim is so funny with his broken nose and wrong predictions..he absolutely dissed won bin and jeon ji hyun..the biggest hallyu stars..lol..
    loved to see sung kyun putting all his company’s clothes on chilbong..haha!he is so innocent..lol..

  379. 379 : dinaz Says:

    @rory360 hmm..that drama page is not out yet so dont know howz the story like..if its interesting i would love to watch it..newaz meet u in ywcfm page..i am enjoying that too..
    u all are right chilbong is the sweetest rival,who i cant hate at all..he let her go instead of clinging onto her..
    subbers hurry up please..cant wait..
    High five again Team trash 🙂

  380. 380 : reply 94 Says:

    dissapointed…trash more suit as brother rather than husband. the chemistry is not as strong as chil bong and the main lady.

  381. 381 : lenny Says:

    Where got chemlstry bet nj and cb ? Nj had always like him as a good friend. Its just cb choose not to admit that fact till he finally had to admit and to stop . Its all wishful thinking on his part.

  382. 382 : Nyasu Says:

    I think korean drama story all about he or she canang forget about her/him love,They Would came back to This love No materi what…i Felt dissapointed to CB…but as long its Happy ending…Its okay…stiil hope CB the husband

  383. 383 : omo Says:

    Yeah.different people have different viewpoint i must say. From my viewpoint, you must be kidding when you say CB and NJ had more chemistry compared to Trash..I seriuosly think Jung Woo and Go Ara potray the character and convey the feeling very well..You might think it’s a brotherly love if only you see it on the surface of it..but if you really understand the wholestory then you can see the unconditional love between NJ-Trash not as siblings but as a lovers..

    @Dinaz..high five!!!yay!!!finally..the ending is just like what we hope for..hooray! 🙂 Im truly happy.winkwink

  384. 384 : clairerosean Says:


    I’ve been so quiet lately but i’m glad to see my girlfriends from the drama ‘Secret’ here.. @dinaz/ @rory – wazzup? wazzup?

    (I wonder where @Sharon and @usa-mary are lately though…) how have you been gals?

    So.. I kinda lost the track here, i’m a NJ <3 Trash, I do wonder though what you gals thought.. I hope it's not like before in SECRET, i'm the only ADH supporter LOL..

    Back to the drama, I totally bought the final episode. Not because i'm a PRO Trash but I kinda liked how they presented the entire story in one episode.

    Honestly, i'm not sure if it's just me but there were times when I need to skip few scenes on the earlier episodes coz I feel t'was overly done but in EP21, I even have to replay some scenes quite a few times coz i completely enjoyed it.

    Loved the part where NJ end up cried while in the cab (when Trash finally started to open up about what he really felt via sms…) like, she's overwhelmed with emotions (perhaps a lot of happiness? or with all the suppressed worries of him being ill?)

    Also loved the scene near the door – pulling-resisting-then kissing, just so sweet! …and that scene at the dining table – where Trash keeps on doing those funny unintentional mishaps..(food sticking on Appa's face and all..) that's just hilarious!

    Well, hope to talk to you gals again soon. At the moment, i'm only following You Who Came From the Star – but I haven't participated on the thread yet.. darn, so busy me lately.

    Anyways, Happy Holidays to All!!!! cheers!! 🙂

  385. 385 : japs Says:

    I just don’t get the point of the writer/s, they ruined the story in just one episode.. I don’t mind Oppa being the husband, its just they should made a PROPER EXECUTION!! Watching the last episode it seem so unreal..

  386. 386 : no name Says:

    This drama teach us even hard effort cannot fight against so-called fate, miracle is doesnt exist. Thanks writer

  387. 387 : uh-0h! Says:

    Miracle does exist when eomma get pregnant at her age or when someone you like have the same feeling to you (NJ-Trash) or when you hate each other but because of an event you end up being a couple (SCP-YJ)??

    This drama told us that what’s meant to be is meant to be..and basically this drama is not all about NJ and Trash..it’s about friendship and family.even you are disappointed NJ didnt end up with CB, maybe you can look it at the bigger picture..how they started their friendship, how SCP try to adjust his life with Haitai, how they get along with each other and SCP closing at the end of the episodes summarize it all i suppose..

  388. 388 : chim Says:

    i always love jong woo oppa^^
    the best drama this year…bringing us laughter..tears..and happiness..^^ look forward for the next project from the actor and actress in this drama^^

  389. 389 : -Autumn- Says:

    Yes!!! So happy that Trash is Na Jung’s husband. Finally NJ’s husband is revealed after weeks of anticipating and curiosity. Love Trash and NJ. They make a good couple. And feel sorry for Chilbong. He is a great guy too but NJ is just not suitable for CB.

  390. 390 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Finally……That’s really nice because Na Jeong’s husband is Jae Joon Oppa,,, their relationship is so special, even the handsome Chil Bong can’t break it. This story is so great, made me laughed a lot.. I really really enjoy watching this drama. Thanks for all the casts, screenwritter, director, and all crews..you’re did great job! REPLY 1994 & REPLY 1997 DAEBAK!!!

  391. 391 : tyarachunnie Says:

    happy me…:)
    just like BGM song for oppa yaaa….
    oppa yaaa…chalghaaa….T.T soo sad this drama ended..

  392. 392 : jessjg Says:

    Tsk tsk! It just puzzles me how “The Heirs” was voted as the best drama of 2013 over this gem.

  393. 393 : rory Says:

    hey ya!!! nice to see u here…I wondered too, where’s our secretoholic gang gone? still hiding in snow? making snow man? eating ginger bread? 😆

    I haven’t watched for finale ep yet..LOL! since we got spoilers earlier so I will watch when my heart is ready to watch CB sadness face..For me, once I loved Trash so much and sometimes my knees go weak seeing CB’s charming & cool personality..but I still support for TRASH & NJ since we clearly see that NJ’s heart was only for Trash so I’m not really disappointed if CB has to let go NJ..But how come dear writernim once again made same guessing game like Reply 1997? I truly enjoyed watching R1994 but I think it’s not a big deal to reveal about NJ’s husband a bit earlier coz for me I’m watching this to recall my 1994 memories..If there’s one more Reply after this, I just hope please no more guessing game coz it makes viewers hurt & tiring to wait till finale for that especially when we have two team here..but I do agree with @uh-0h!
    Let’s enjoy for other things instead of NJ’s future husband..see their friendship and enjoy their funny moments instead 😉

    Anyway, congrats NJ & Trash couple^^ I’m happy for both of u but I think I will miss our weirdo + bittersweet couple more 😆

  394. 394 : dinaz Says:

    @omo wink wink i still cant forget ep21..what a daebak episode it was.. 🙂
    @clairerosean hi dear,long time no see!i too miss the Secret conversations,it was so much fun with u,rory,usa_mary,sharon,jyenie and many more joined later,our creative ways of torturing adh..haha!miss all that alot..i met sharon in lets eat page.i havent seen usa_mary anywhere..
    wish another drama will bring us together again..i really miss all of u..
    i am watching ‘you who came from the stars’ and lets eat..
    i am team trash from day 1 till the final episode 🙂 🙂
    @rory u should watch the finale,your chilbongie is happy too..its a very good episode..must watch!

  395. 395 : Jyenie Says:

    My favourite episodes of this drama are the first 6 episodes and the last episodes! The rest are OK to me and this is one hell of a long drama – almost 90 to 110 minutes for each episode!
    What else does one want if he/she is able to spend his/her life time with the ‘right’ one!?

  396. 396 : nina Says:

    uri Oppa ya (uri Ssereki)~ get Award as The Best New Actor on KBS DRAMA AWARD…
    chukahe Oppa ya~ <3

  397. 397 : lenny Says:

    heir is such a boring show. the plot is so stale and predictable…retarded is the word. compared to reply 1994…hmm.. come to think of it how to compare? they are in a total different league. reply 1994 is one of the best Korean drama ever produced. a good drama doesn’t need to depend on good looking actors and actress to lift their ratings, and reply 1994 is a classical example of that.:):)wink wink…

  398. 398 : rory Says:

    Put aside about Na Jung’s choice coz I personally love the finale..
    OMG, their lovey dovey scenes just love love love..it’s looks like a real couple!
    It’s funny to see how Trash persuades NJ’s dad..all became crap but in the end he’s the one who bragged about Trash to his friends..funny!
    When NJ’s mom prepared their last breakfast, I feel a bit emotion there..It so sad to see and I can feel how empty will be their house after that..
    It must be a great moment to have friends and live like a family right..
    Arghhh..I miss their beautiful relationship..

    So congrats once again for Trash & NJ..Their kids, too adorable, they’re so cute especially the youngest one in the middle..

    Dinaz, I watched Trash in KBS drama Awards last night and he cried when giving his speech..huhu

    Annyeong Reply 1994 gang! Happy New Year everyone^^
    “It ain’t over till it’s over”- Hai Tai…

  399. 399 : dinaz Says:

    @nina 396 me too soooooo……happy to see my uri oppa winning the award.. 🙂
    @rory i just saw the pics..he looks so handsome in the award show..yup he is overwhelmed by the love showered on him..hope he wins more award shows he totally deserves it.. 🙂 🙂 cant get enough of him..
    rory hope u are happy with chilbongie being happy and smiling at the end.. 🙂
    wishing all of you a very happy happy new year.. 🙂

  400. 400 : dinaz Says:

    400th comment..woww!!
    Ep21 : sniff sniff!i am already missing oppaya.. 🙁
    loved this episode..specially the revealing of the husband..oppa oppaya jae joon oppa..OMG..i was like kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….he looked so handsome in the wedding suit..and his prank on the video camera..sseuriki will always be sseuriki..lol..and the three kids..aww they are so cute,specially the youngest one,he is the chubbiest and cutest..na jeong is such a brat even if she turned into an ahjumma,she wouldnt let her kids enjoy kpop songs..and the kids too are so obedient..lol..love the bed scene it looked too real.. 🙂
    so Haitai married late because of long distance relationship..lol..aww he was so funny in the whole series..will miss watching his friendship with na jeong and his stupid fights with yoon jin..
    Samcheong po he was the most honest and innocent one in the series..lol..loved his sense of humour..i still cant forget the scene when he asked chilbong when was the first time he ate pizza..lol..
    Yoon jin the crap mouth..lol..loved how she turned girly and soft and even removed her curtain hair for scp..love how she talked all crap when she got angry..
    Na jeong/Go ara she did a great job here even though they styled her crazily in the beginning she still looked so pretty,she is flawlessly beautiful..and did a great job here..
    Sung dong il is awesome as always,love when he screams and shouts at everyone,love his facial expressions..
    Chilbong is a sweetheart,glad he is happy too..really want to watch him in a new drama..
    and lastly OPPAYA i m missing u already..my sseuriki i will miss u alot..hope jung woo oppa makes a comeback soon after sufficient rest..
    sseuriki is the only guy who i dont mind being trashy..hahahaha!
    but seriously going to miss him and the whole reply series..hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful drama..
    Will miss u sseuriki..

  401. 401 : kirara Says:

    OPPAYA is the husband! YAY!

    aside from the fact that i love the ending, the warm story about this drama is what totally what makes me love this drama. the friendship, family, love combined.

    REPLY 1994 JJANG!

  402. 402 : Aisawa Says:

    I like this drama….

  403. 403 : ance Says:

    what’s Die-Die’s name? was she the girl from A Gentleman’s Dignity?

  404. 404 : Mia Says:


  405. 405 : rista Says:

    daebak!!! i like this drama. their acting so natural, funny and romantic.

  406. 406 : maknaee Says:

    @ance Yoon Jin Yi. yep~ the one with Kim Min Jong

  407. 407 : Dhie27 Says:

    Awesome drama…!!!😍😍

  408. 408 : suzyy Says:

    this drama makes me laugh and cry. loveeeee<33
    also teach me a lot about life, love, and friendship.
    i think reply 1994 better than 1997. but i love both!
    i like chil bong and because of him, i cried a lot. what a pity :(( i love happy new year kiss hehehe

  409. 409 : tanya Says:

    Seriously, the best ending in Korean Drama! I always love oppa’s character here, he’s so funny but gentle in the same time. Good that he’s the husband! Nice drama!

  410. 410 : dee Says:

    I want a husband like trash oppa. He’s my ideal type. Where can i find a husband like him. I love him so badly. He’s handsome, genius, and kind. Oppa yaaaaaa sarangheee

  411. 411 : dee Says:

    I think i got jung woo syndrome like most of korean girls have now. LoL

  412. 412 : reply1994lover Says:

    The writer took a good decision to make trash as the husband.
    I read some articles about how the writer will take audience opinion to decide who will be the husband (Trash or Chil Bong). I’m glad that the writer choose Trash. If we look at the story of this drama, it will be miserable if Na Jung didn’t end up with Trash. From the early episode, she already love Trash. Even when they broke up, and she’s getting closer with Chil Bong, it will be a good ending if she still married with her first love. Actually some clues already pointed to Trash since the beginning. The story of this drama is really good. Some points that I like from this drama:

    1. There’s no bad character in this drama. every characters are good and funny. Actually I’m getting sick with most Korean Dramas lately, because there will be a bad characters and that bad character can be really bad. The lead female will be the poor one and have a rough character. Getting bored with that kind of story. That’s why, reply 1994 is like a fresh drama for me. It contains funny moment, romantic moment, friends moment, etc. The story is so good. This is the first korean drama that I didn’t skip and watch every single episodes without skip it (because the story getting interesting every episode). I’m enjoying this drama so much, even watching it more than 3 times now.

    2. I watched this drama pretty late actually (I start watching it after it ended in Korea). When I watched this drama until episode 4, I’m totally in love with Trash character. That’s why I feel curious and wanna know who’s the husbad (I hope it’s Trash) and I directly watch the last episode! Feel so good that i found out that Trash is the husband. After that, I continue watch the rest of the episodes lol If the husband not Trash, maybe I can lose interest for this drama. But I will probably still watching it as I love the story lol Thank you writers for making Trash as the husband. You never make audience disappointed! ^^

    3. I’m addicted with the goat sound every time funny scenes happens!!! LOL

    4. Director and writer, please make Reply 2002. So the story will be about Na Jung and Trash married life (until they have 3 children), Yoon Jin married life, Baro’s relationship with Die Die, Haitai’s relationship, and how Chil Bong find his wife and who’s the wife. Please make Reply 2002!!!

    I recommend this drama for everyone who’s not watching it. It will not make you disappointed.

    Big love from Indonesia for this Daebak drama!

  413. 413 : monstie Says:

    Die Die’s name is Yoon Jin Yi(Yim Me A Ri in Gentleman’s Dignity).

  414. 414 : krystal Says:

    Sometimes Do Hee looks like Lee Yoon Hee and sometimes she looks like Ha Ji Won

  415. 415 : aulia Says:

    who is name sung na jung little brother

  416. 416 : La Says:

    I’m finished this drama today..
    The story daebak… ~jjangia injong

    The best k-drama for this year,,

    Oppaya saranghea..^^~♥

  417. 417 : rikawindiyani Says:

    I like na jung n chil bong…..chil bong so hansome

  418. 418 : zharradita Says:

    i like yoo yeon seok !! huaa… why isn’t him to be go ahra’s husband 🙁

  419. 419 : Ida Says:

    Gak nyangka bagus banget dramanya…. Mereka kayak lagi gak acting…natural banget dan settingnya benar2 kerasa lagi di awal tahun 1990-an…Hebat !!!!

  420. 420 : Birrdy Buddy Says:

    OMG glad that I start watching this drama as my Ching Gu recommended lol I thought this 1 gonna be 5/10 but I’ll give this 1…. 10/10 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😂😂😂 Daebak 😂 really recommend if ü haven’t watch this 1 yet 😄

  421. 421 : Celine Says:

    Really LOVEEEE all Reply series! Can’t describe it. And cant wait for Reply series this year! I hope Sung Shi Kyung will bring the ost again. THE BEST!

  422. 422 : rinz Says:

    because of this drama I become a fan of Jung woo(trash)… hope to see him in another romantic comedy drama.. I just love the way he smile.. <3 <3 <3 one of the best drama 😉

  423. 423 : sakuragi Says:

    The series really affects me.

  424. 424 : choopatiu Says:

    Reply 1997 n Reply 1994 are on my favorites list.

  425. 425 : Reply 1988 | Mblembong.com Says:

    […] period: 2015-Oct-30 to 2016-Jan-02Air time: Friday & Saturday 08:40pmRelated Series: Reply 1994 & Reply […]

  426. 426 : yoon jang mi Says:

    the rating is good for tv channel

  427. 427 : doris Says:

    Among the 3 series of Reply, I would say that this is the best series. the casts are just great! Perfect combination.

  428. 428 : Jaja Says:

    This is the best among the reply series… seriously!!! I can’t stop loving Sseureki Oppa & Na Jeong

  429. 429 : tiffany Says:

    i nvr thot i’d like this drama but i did tremendously! son ho joon brought me to watch it N just love the story n the characters! a wholesome entertainment! 4 stars & more! daebak!

  430. 430 : Janus Says:

    Just happened to watch this after postponing for a long time…

    The story is good but think about how they grew up as siblings; when they were both kids living under the same roof, grew up together and whatnot. I cannot understand why the writer will do that.Even the father is upset as shown in the episodes – why? because they are siblings.. Why are you going to marry them together? stupid logic…

    Being friends since childhood is fine – you can marry them BUT SIBLINGS(even though they are not blood related)..SIBLINGS!! SIBLINGS!!. They both leave as brothers and sisters and they ended up together – I cant believe it. This is supposed to be a slice of life story but it went so wrong if you are going to marry siblings. What will other people tell you? lol

  431. 431 : Jocurile de putere, subiectul noii drame marca jTBC, “Untouchable” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Rules of the Time”. Pe acesta l-ati putut urmari in: “I Hear Your Voice” (SBS, 2013), “Answer Me 1994” (tvN, 2013), “Cunning Single Lady” (MBC, 2014), “Reply 1988” (tvN, 2015) si “Moon Lovers – Scarlet […]

  432. 432 : Laura Says:

    I already watch reply 88 and i prefer this one.. Best scene… Couple and friendship.. Nice family and sooooo funny

  433. 433 : Laura Says:

    I agreed shes with her first love… A girl would fall in love with a guy who always stand by for her. Girl use her feeling not logic

  434. 434 : Laura Says:

    @reply1994lover agree 100 with you

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