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Answer Me 1994 02

Title: 응답하라 1994 / Reply 1994
Chinese Title: 請回答1994
Also Known as: Answer Me 1994
Genre: Youth, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 21 + 1 Special
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-11 to 2013-Dec-28
Air time: Friday & Saturday 08:40pm
Related Series: Reply Series


This drama follows the pop culture events of year 1994, including the emergence of seminal K-pop group ‘Seo Taiji and Boys‘ and ‘Korean Basketball League‘.

The story begin with few teenagers stay together at a boarding house while attending a university in Seoul. This boarding house is run by a couple Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa with their daughter Sung Na Sung (Go Ah Ra)…


Na Jung’s family

Go Ah Ra as Sung Na Jung
Shin Soo Yun as Na Jung (child)
Sung Dong Il as Sung Dong Il (Father)
Lee Il Hwa as Lee Il Hwa (Mother)

Students in Shinchon Boarding House

Jung Woo as Sseu Re Ki (mean: Trash)
Yoo Yun Suk as Chil Bong Yi (mean: seven shutouts)
Kim Sung Kyun as Sham Chun Pyo (mean: Samcheonpo city)
Son Ho Joon as Hae Tae (mean: Haitai Tigers)
Baro as Bing Geu Re (mean: smiley)
Min Do Hee as Jo Yoon Jin


Yoon Jong Hoon as Kim Ki Tae
Yun Joon Suk as Kim Dong Woo (Bing Geu Re’s younger brother)
Yook Sung Jae as Sung Joon
Kim Joong Ki as Micol
Kim Tae Yoon


Moon Kyung Eun (문경은) as himself (ep 1)
Woo Ji Won (우지원) as himself (ep 1)
Kim Hoon (김훈) as himself (ep 1)
Hong Suk Chun as ROTC cadet (ep 2)
Na Young Suk (나영석) as Yonsei student boarder (ep 2)
Heo Kyung Young as interrogative student boarder (ep 2)
Bae Woo Hee as Ha Hee Ra (ep 2)
Kim Min Young as Lee Soon Ja (ep 2)
Kim Kwang Gyu as Sseu Re Ki’s professor (ep 5)
Kim Jong Min as doctor (ep 5)
Lee Joo Yeon as Lee Joo Yeon (ep 5)
Lee Hyun Kyung as patient with two kids
Kim Jung Min as himself (ep 5)
NC.A as Ssook Ssook Yi’s friend in 2013 (ep 6)
Park Kyung Ri as Na Jung’s friend in group date (ep 7)
Park Min Ha as Na Jung’s friend in group date (ep 7)
Lee Hye Min as Na Jung’s friend in group date (ep 7)
Lee Yoo Joon as Sseu Re Ki’s senior in group date (ep 7)
Ji Seung Hyun as Sseu Re Ki’s senior in group date (ep 7)
Yang Jae Young as Sseu Re Ki’s senior in group date (ep 7)
Lee Kyung Shil as herself (Dong Il’s first love) (ep 8)
Jung Sung Ho as songwriter (ep 9)
Lee Jung Eun as Sham Chun Po’s mother (ep 10)
Choi Duk Moon as Kim Yoon Shik (Sham Chun Po’s father) (ep 10)
Jo Yang Ja as Sham Chun Po’s grandmother (ep 10)
Kim Han Jong as Sham Chun Po’s drunk neighbour (ep 10)
Kim In Seo as Hae Tae’s crush (ep 11)
Kim Byung Choon as Jung Man Ho (Dong Il’s friend) (ep 12)
Jo Jae Yoon as Kim Jae Young (ep 12)
Kim Won Hae as Sseu Re Ki’s father (ep 12)
Seo Yoo Ri as Sseu Re Ki’s first love (ep 12)
Kim Min Jong as himself (ep 13)
Choi Jong Hoon as sergeant (ep 14)
Kim Seul Gi as Sseu Re Ki’s cousin (ep 14-15)
Song Min Ji as Min Jung (Sseu Re Ki’s co-worker) (ep 16-17)
Yoon Jin Yi as Jin Yi (ep 16-17)
Jung Eun Ji as Sung Shi Won (ep 16-17)
Seo In Guk as Yoon Yoon Jae (ep 16-17)
Hoya as Kang Joon Hee (ep 16)
Lee Shi Un as Bang Sung Jae (ep 16)
Shin So Yool as Mo Yoo Jung (ep 16)
Eun Ji Won as Do Hak Chan (ep 17)
Kim Jae Kyung as Jun Ji Hyun look-alike (ep 18)
Jun Hyun Moo as Hae Tae’s junior (ep 18)
Go Woo Ri as Uhm Jung Hwa look-alike (ep 18)
Yoon Min Soo (윤민수) as married man (ep 18)
Yoon Seo as Ae Jung (ep 18-19)
Jung Yoo Mi as Sun Joon’s potential love interest (ep 21)
Lee Mi So as Chilbongi’s baseball team manager
Yoon Jin Young as Rock Cafe Space manager
Lee Bong Ryung as same major with Na Jung

Production Credits

Producer: Lee Myung Han
Director: Shin Won Ho
Screenwriter: Lee Woo Jung

Episode Ratings

Date Ep Title Nationwide
2013-10-11 0 Special Episode -
2013-10-18 1 Seoul person 2.60
2013-10-19 2 We are all unacquainted people 2.30
2013-10-25 3 A new generation's love 3.00
2013-10-26 4 Lie 4.20
2013-11-01 5 Words I Cannot Bear to Say 4.70
2013-11-02 6 Introduction to Gift-Giving 5.80
2013-11-08 7 That Year's Summer 6.20
2013-11-09 8 A Moment's Decision Can Affect Your Entire Life 7.10
2013-11-15 9 So, What I Want to Say Is... 8.10
2013-11-16 10 This Might Be the Last Time 8.80
2013-11-23 11 The Only Way to End a One-Sided Love 9.30
2013-11-29 12 The Miracle That Will Happen to Us 9.20
2013-11-30 13 The 10,000 Hour Rule 9.60
2013-12-06 14 The People Who Change Me I 9.30
2013-12-07 15 The People Who Change Me II 8.10
2013-12-13 16 Love, Fear I 8.30
2013-12-14 17 Love, Fear II 8.30
2013-12-20 18 Should I Say I Love You Again 8.70
2013-12-21 19 Do You Believe In Destiny? 9.20
2013-12-27 20 Start of End 10.1
2013-12-28 21 to 1990's 11.9

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Before jumping right into the story, This drama will start up a special episode on 11/Oct/2013 to give a good introduction to this drama.


2016 tvN10 Awards: Special Acting Award – Sung Dong Il (Answer Me series)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Content Award (Drama)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Best Couple: Min Do Hee & Kim Sung Kyun (Answer Me 1994)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – New Actress: Min Do Hee (Answer Me 1994)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Best Director: Shin Won Ho (Answer Me 1994)
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor (Jung Woo)


Answer Me 1994 Poster1 Answer Me 1994 Poster2 Answer Me 1994 Poster3

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Trailer I & Trailer II

Cast Interview – I & II & III & IV & V & VI & VII

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431 Responses to “Reply 1994”

Pages: « 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 [9] Show All

  1. 401
    kirara Says:

    OPPAYA is the husband! YAY!

    aside from the fact that i love the ending, the warm story about this drama is what totally what makes me love this drama. the friendship, family, love combined.

    REPLY 1994 JJANG!

  2. 402
    Aisawa Says:

    I like this drama….

  3. 403
    ance Says:

    what’s Die-Die’s name? was she the girl from A Gentleman’s Dignity?

  4. 404
    Mia Says:


  5. 405
    rista Says:

    daebak!!! i like this drama. their acting so natural, funny and romantic.

  6. 406
    maknaee Says:

    @ance Yoon Jin Yi. yep~ the one with Kim Min Jong

  7. 407
    Dhie27 Says:

    Awesome drama…!!!😍😍

  8. 408
    suzyy Says:

    this drama makes me laugh and cry. loveeeee<33
    also teach me a lot about life, love, and friendship.
    i think reply 1994 better than 1997. but i love both!
    i like chil bong and because of him, i cried a lot. what a pity :(( i love happy new year kiss hehehe

  9. 409
    tanya Says:

    Seriously, the best ending in Korean Drama! I always love oppa’s character here, he’s so funny but gentle in the same time. Good that he’s the husband! Nice drama!

  10. 410
    dee Says:

    I want a husband like trash oppa. He’s my ideal type. Where can i find a husband like him. I love him so badly. He’s handsome, genius, and kind. Oppa yaaaaaa sarangheee

  11. 411
    dee Says:

    I think i got jung woo syndrome like most of korean girls have now. LoL

  12. 412
    reply1994lover Says:

    The writer took a good decision to make trash as the husband.
    I read some articles about how the writer will take audience opinion to decide who will be the husband (Trash or Chil Bong). I’m glad that the writer choose Trash. If we look at the story of this drama, it will be miserable if Na Jung didn’t end up with Trash. From the early episode, she already love Trash. Even when they broke up, and she’s getting closer with Chil Bong, it will be a good ending if she still married with her first love. Actually some clues already pointed to Trash since the beginning. The story of this drama is really good. Some points that I like from this drama:

    1. There’s no bad character in this drama. every characters are good and funny. Actually I’m getting sick with most Korean Dramas lately, because there will be a bad characters and that bad character can be really bad. The lead female will be the poor one and have a rough character. Getting bored with that kind of story. That’s why, reply 1994 is like a fresh drama for me. It contains funny moment, romantic moment, friends moment, etc. The story is so good. This is the first korean drama that I didn’t skip and watch every single episodes without skip it (because the story getting interesting every episode). I’m enjoying this drama so much, even watching it more than 3 times now.

    2. I watched this drama pretty late actually (I start watching it after it ended in Korea). When I watched this drama until episode 4, I’m totally in love with Trash character. That’s why I feel curious and wanna know who’s the husbad (I hope it’s Trash) and I directly watch the last episode! Feel so good that i found out that Trash is the husband. After that, I continue watch the rest of the episodes lol If the husband not Trash, maybe I can lose interest for this drama. But I will probably still watching it as I love the story lol Thank you writers for making Trash as the husband. You never make audience disappointed! ^^

    3. I’m addicted with the goat sound every time funny scenes happens!!! LOL

    4. Director and writer, please make Reply 2002. So the story will be about Na Jung and Trash married life (until they have 3 children), Yoon Jin married life, Baro’s relationship with Die Die, Haitai’s relationship, and how Chil Bong find his wife and who’s the wife. Please make Reply 2002!!!

    I recommend this drama for everyone who’s not watching it. It will not make you disappointed.

    Big love from Indonesia for this Daebak drama!

  13. 413
    monstie Says:

    Die Die’s name is Yoon Jin Yi(Yim Me A Ri in Gentleman’s Dignity).

  14. 414
    krystal Says:

    Sometimes Do Hee looks like Lee Yoon Hee and sometimes she looks like Ha Ji Won

  15. 415
    aulia Says:

    who is name sung na jung little brother

  16. 416
    La Says:

    I’m finished this drama today..
    The story daebak… ~jjangia injong

    The best k-drama for this year,,

    Oppaya saranghea..^^~♥

  17. 417
    rikawindiyani Says:

    I like na jung n chil bong…..chil bong so hansome

  18. 418
    zharradita Says:

    i like yoo yeon seok !! huaa… why isn’t him to be go ahra’s husband 🙁

  19. 419
    Ida Says:

    Gak nyangka bagus banget dramanya…. Mereka kayak lagi gak acting…natural banget dan settingnya benar2 kerasa lagi di awal tahun 1990-an…Hebat !!!!

  20. 420
    Birrdy Buddy Says:

    OMG glad that I start watching this drama as my Ching Gu recommended lol I thought this 1 gonna be 5/10 but I’ll give this 1…. 10/10 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😂😂😂 Daebak 😂 really recommend if ü haven’t watch this 1 yet 😄

  21. 421
    Celine Says:

    Really LOVEEEE all Reply series! Can’t describe it. And cant wait for Reply series this year! I hope Sung Shi Kyung will bring the ost again. THE BEST!

  22. 422
    rinz Says:

    because of this drama I become a fan of Jung woo(trash)… hope to see him in another romantic comedy drama.. I just love the way he smile.. <3 <3 <3 one of the best drama 😉

  23. 423
    sakuragi Says:

    The series really affects me.

  24. 424
    choopatiu Says:

    Reply 1997 n Reply 1994 are on my favorites list.

  25. 425
    Reply 1988 | Mblembong.com Says:

    […] period: 2015-Oct-30 to 2016-Jan-02Air time: Friday & Saturday 08:40pmRelated Series: Reply 1994 & Reply […]

  26. 426
    yoon jang mi Says:

    the rating is good for tv channel

  27. 427
    doris Says:

    Among the 3 series of Reply, I would say that this is the best series. the casts are just great! Perfect combination.

  28. 428
    Jaja Says:

    This is the best among the reply series… seriously!!! I can’t stop loving Sseureki Oppa & Na Jeong

  29. 429
    tiffany Says:

    i nvr thot i’d like this drama but i did tremendously! son ho joon brought me to watch it N just love the story n the characters! a wholesome entertainment! 4 stars & more! daebak!

  30. 430
    Janus Says:

    Just happened to watch this after postponing for a long time…

    The story is good but think about how they grew up as siblings; when they were both kids living under the same roof, grew up together and whatnot. I cannot understand why the writer will do that.Even the father is upset as shown in the episodes – why? because they are siblings.. Why are you going to marry them together? stupid logic…

    Being friends since childhood is fine – you can marry them BUT SIBLINGS(even though they are not blood related)..SIBLINGS!! SIBLINGS!!. They both leave as brothers and sisters and they ended up together – I cant believe it. This is supposed to be a slice of life story but it went so wrong if you are going to marry siblings. What will other people tell you? lol

  31. 431
    Jocurile de putere, subiectul noii drame marca jTBC, “Untouchable” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Rules of the Time”. Pe acesta l-ati putut urmari in: “I Hear Your Voice” (SBS, 2013), “Answer Me 1994” (tvN, 2013), “Cunning Single Lady” (MBC, 2014), “Reply 1988” (tvN, 2015) si “Moon Lovers – Scarlet […]

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