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The Producer 01

Title: 프로듀사 / Producer
Chinese Title: 製作人
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-May-15 to 2015-June-20
Air time: Friday & Saturday 21:15


A drama showing behind the scenes of what happens on a variety show!

Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun) stars as a variety show PD who needs to make the next big hit. He costars with Cindy (IU), who plays a pop star, Tak Ye Ji (Gong Hyo Jin) as a music show PD, and Ra Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun) as another veteran variety show PD. (Source)


Main Cast

Cha Tae Hyun as Ra Joon Mo
Chae Sang Woo as Joon Mo (teen)
Kil Jung Woo as Joon Mo (child)
Kim Soo Hyun as Baek Seung Chan
Park Sang Hoon as Seung Chan (child)
Gong Hyo Jin as Tak Ye Ji
Ha Seung Ri as Ye Jin (teen)
Lee Ji Won as Ye Jin (child)
IU as Cindy

Ra Joon Mo’s family

?? as Ra Choon Shik (Joon Mo’s father)
Im Ye Jin as Park Bong Soon (Joon Mo’s mother)

Tak Ye Jin’s family

?? as Tak Suk Hwan (Ye Jin’s father)
?? as Kim Young Ok (Ye Jin’s mother)
Kim Hee Chan as Tak Ye Joon (Tak Ye Ji’s younger brother)

Baek Seung Chan’s family

Kim Jong Soo as Baek Bo Sun (Seung Chan’s father)
Kim Hye Ok as Lee Hoo Nam (Seung Chan’s mother)
Park Hee Bon as Baek Jae Hee (Seung Chan’s elder sister)
Park Jong Hwan as Baek Young Chan (Seung Chan’s elder brother)
Choi Sun Young as Baek Yoo Bin (Seung Chan’s younger sister)
Kang Shin Chul as Myung Ji Hoon (Jae Hee’s husband)

People around KBS Entertainment World

Park Hyuk Kwon as Kim Tae Ho (Central Producer)
Kim Jong Kook as Kim Hong Soon (open concert PD)
Seo Ki Chul as Jang In Pyo (KBS’s Director)
Ye Ji Won as Go Yang Mi (administrative staff)
Ki Joo Bong as Park Choon Bong (KBS’s President)

People around “2 Days & 1 Night” Program

Lee Chae Eun as Son Ji Yun (2 Days & 1 Night’s sub-writer)
Go Bo Kyul as Wang Min Jung (2 Days & 1 Night’s youngest writer)
Bae Yoo Ram as Ryu Il Yong (2 Days & 1 Night’s assistant director)
Shin Joo Hwan as Hyung Geun (2 Days & 1 Night’s assistant director)
Lee Joo Seung as 2 Days & 1 Night’s FD
Noh Susanna as 2 Days & 1 Night’s PR writer

People around “Music Bank” Program

Kim Sun Ah as Kim Da Jung (Music Bank’s youngest writer)

People around Byun Entertainment

Na Young Hee as Byun Mi Sook (Byun Entertainment’s president)
Jo Han Chul as Secretary Kim
Choi Kwon as Cindy’s road manager
Jo Seung Hee as member of Pinky4
Kim Soo Yeon as member of Pinky4
Jung Mi Mi as member of Pinky4


Jang Sung Bum as assistant PD of Music Bank
Byun Gun Woo
Yang Hyun Min
Choi Joon Ho as new PD


Jo Yoon Hee as Hae Joo (Seung Chan’s first love, ep 1-4)
Yoon Yeo Jung as herself (1n2d member, ep 1-2)
Hwang Shin Hye as herself (1n2d member, ep 1-2)
Geum Bo Ra as herself (1n2d member, ep 1-2)
Hyun Young as herself (1n2d member, ep 1-2)
Kim Tae Yeon as herself (ep 1)
Seohyun as herself (ep 1)
Tiffany as herself (ep 1)
Park Bo Gum as himself (Music Bank MC, ep 1, 9)
Lee Young Ja as herself (Hello Counsellor, ep 3)
Shin Dong Yup as himself (Hello Counsellor, ep 3)
Cultwo as themselves (Hello Counsellor, ep 3)
Yoo Hee Yeol as himself (potential 1n2d member, ep 3)
Yoon Jong Shin as himself (potential 1n2d member, ep 3)
Jun Hyun Moo as himself (potential 1n2d member, ep 3)
Jo Jung Chi as himself (potential 1n2d member, ep 3)
Hani as herself (potential 1n2d member, ep 3)
Kim Tae Han (김태한) as JYP’s secretary (ep 3)
Park Jin Young as himself (ep 3-4)
Nichkhun as himself (JYP artist video, ep 3)
Jo Kwon as himself (JYP artist video, ep 3)
Sunmi as herself (JYP artist video, ep 3)
Jackson Wang as himself (JYP artist video, ep 3)
Hong Kyung Min as himself (ep 3)
Jang Hyuk as Hyun Sung (Ye Jin’s ex-boyfriend, ep 3)
Lee Chun Hee as Min Chul (Ye Jin’s ex-boyfriend, ep 3)
Sandara Park as herself (1n2d new member, ep 4-5)
Jisoo as herself (1n2d new member, ep 4-5)
Kang Seung Yoon as himself (1n2d new member, ep 4-5)
Minwoo as himself (1n2d new member, ep 4-5)
Kim Min Jae as himself (1n2d new member, ep 4-5)
Yoo Ho Jin (유호진) as himself (former 1n2d PD, ep 5)
Lee Seung Ki as himself (ep 6)
Go Ah Ra as herself (ep 8)
K.Will as himself (Music Bank, ep 9)
Kim Ryeo Wook as himself (Kiss the Radio DJ, ep 9)
Na Hae Ryung as Yuna (ep 9)
Roy Kim as himself (Cindy’s anti-fan, ep 10)
Seol In Ah as Cindy’s hater (ep.10)
Jung Joon Young as himself (Cindy’s anti-fan, ep 10)
Suh Kyung Suk as Lawyer (Cindy’s Ahjusshi fan, ep 10)
Jo Chang Geun
Kim Sa Kwon as PD

Production Credits

Director: Seo Soo Min, Pyo Min Soo, Park CHan Yool, Lee Dong Hoon
Screenwriter: Park Ji Eun, Kim Ji Sun


  • The drama is described as a hybrid of variety and drama genre. The team behind the production team is reportedly will come from KBS variety department instead of drama department.

  • This will be the first drama work for Director “Seo Soo Min” who’s known as star variety PD who have previously work on famous variety show such as “Gag Concert” and “Yoo Hee yeol’s Sketchbook”. She is now the Chief Producer for KBS’s Happy Sunday corner, which includes “Superman Returns” and “2 Days 1 Night”.

  • The drama will marked a second collaboration between Kim Soo Hyun and screenwriter “Park Ji Eun” after their collaboration in 2014 for hit drama You Who Came From the Stars.

  • “2 Days & 1 Night” & “Music Bank” are KBS programs.


2015 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Kim Soo Hyun & Gong Hyo Jin & Cha Tae Hyun (Producer)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Awards (Actor) – Kim Soo Hyun (Producer)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Cha Tae Hyun (Producer)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Daesang – Kim Soo Hyun (Producer) & Go Doo Shim (All About My Mom)
2015 Korea Drama Festival Award – Hallyu Star Award: Kim Soo Hyun (Producers)
2015 Korea Drama Festival Award – Best Director: Seo Soo Min, Pyo Min Soo (The Producers)
2015 Korea Drama Festival Award – Daesang: Kim Soo hyun (The Producers)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-05-15 1 10.5 (10th) 11.8 (8th) 10.1 (11th) 10.5 (9th)
2015-05-16 2 11.2 (4th) 12.3 (5th) 10.3 (6th) 10.7 (5th)
2015-05-22 3 9.6 (15th) 10.8 (10th) 10.2 (10th) 11.4 (6th)
2015-05-23 4 11.5 (5th) 13.3 (5th) 11.0 (5th) 11.3 (5th)
2015-05-29 5 10.8 (10th) 12.3 (8th) 11.2 (8th) 12.0 (6th)
2015-05-30 6 12.8 (4th) 14.4 (5th) 13.5 (3rd) 14.5 (3rd)
2015-06-05 7 11.8 (9th) 13.4 (5th) 11.7 (7th) 12.3 (6th)
2015-06-06 8 13.8 (3rd) 16.7 (4th) 13.4 (3rd) 13.7 (3rd)
2015-06-12 9 11.7 (10th) 13.3 (3rd) 12.6 (3rd) 13.5 (3rd)
2015-06-13 10 13.8 (3rd) 15.6 (4th) 14.6 (3rd) 15.4 (3rd)
2015-06-19 11 13.3 (4th) 15.3 (3rd) 13.4 (3rd) 14.5 (3rd)
2015-06-20 12 18.2 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd) 17.7 (2nd) 17.9 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : the ange Says:

    only 12 eps??? really????

  2. 2 : daebak Says:

    Yeeees!!!!!!! <3 Anticipating drama of the year!!! <3 <3 Definitely a daebak!!!

  3. 3 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    I will indeed look out for this drama “Producers”…Fighting!

  4. 4 : Shinji Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun……OMG!

  5. 5 : Miguel Guimery Says:

    12 Episode 😀 Extend ..! 😀 IU <3

  6. 6 : Emily Says:

    OMG, counting down!!!! …

  7. 7 : monty Says:

    gosh iu looks so gorgeous. just love her. I hope this time iu gets justice from this drama. she has always been victim of bad drama

  8. 8 : nami Says:

    oh my good!!! big 4 !!

  9. 9 : h2 Says:

    so excitedddddddd!!!!! def gonna be hit! wow cant so much wait to watch it <3

  10. 10 : nami Says:

    i just cant belive… they really in one drama… daebak !!!

  11. 11 : Juncipop Says:

    This will be the Korean Drama of the Year!!!!

    will watch this


  12. 12 : qian Says:

    only 12 eps??!?!?!?!?!? WHYYYY??? 🙁

  13. 13 : yerim Says:

    Eventhough this drama will be of 12 ep, each ep will be of 80 min which is as worth as 16 ep normal drama

  14. 14 : geraldi Says:

    can’t wait for this drama , hope reach a great ratings ….

  15. 15 : star Says:

    I want to looking MBC. I don’t want to looking KBS & SBS.

  16. 16 : Igor Sanches Says:

    12 ep? WTF?!

  17. 17 : DramaChocoHolic Says:

    Second collaboration for Kim Soo Hyun and IU, they both played in Dream High 1!.. Hoping to be an interesting drama!

  18. 18 : OK OK OK Says:

    great casting bc all are good actors actresses
    Will definitely watch 🙂 😛

  19. 19 : tosy Says:

    Omg ksh and iu in same drama. I’m so ready for this. They look so cute together

  20. 20 : lau Says:

    cant wait for thissss!! please make it 16 eps!

  21. 21 : Menchie S. Reolalas Says:

    can’t wait to watch this!!!!

  22. 22 : AnCe Says:

    I love all the main cast!

  23. 23 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Yaaaayyyyyy I’m just too exciting for this drama 👍😆😆😆 Daebak can’t wait 😂❤️❤️❤️

  24. 24 : rairamegumi Says:

    of course I will watch this drama because of kim jong kook….lol

    I hope he will have lot of scenes…

  25. 25 : Xam Says:

    IU is not a victim of bad drama…she is not really good but OA as in over acting in other words shes not fit to drama…my opinion so i stop watching her drama…

  26. 26 : ereka Says:

    I have watched all of the Iu’s drama and I can surely tell she is victim of bad drama. she is only thing I found her watchable on her drama. I skept all the scene except Iu’s. her acting is natural for someone who is less experienced in acting. actually she is better than some of the professional actors.

  27. 27 : rozsa Says:

    me too I find Iu’s acting so natural. so I’ll be rooting for her. haters gonna hate. And I’m so glad she is working with veteran actors like cth,ghj so she could even learn more from them. iu has so much potential in acting.

  28. 28 : mei Says:

    Have been waiting for this…Can’t hardly wait …

  29. 29 : annisa75 Says:

    let’s calmly count down for May 8th…

  30. 30 : admin Says:

    Trailer I

  31. 31 : niczej Says:

    this is it! 🙂 IU <3

  32. 32 : ohanii Says:


  33. 33 : lovita Says:

    by watching the trailer, i wonder whose KSH going to end up with, with GHJ or with IU? how i wish he could end up with IU since they seem look good to paired up with TTTT.TTTT duhhhhh curious as well mannnn cant waitttt

  34. 34 : rita Says:

    I kinda want to see ksh iu and ghj cth pairing but this trailer is directing towards ksh ghj pairing

  35. 35 : OK OK OK Says:

    16 episodes to 20 episodes will be lovely 😛

    i like gong hyo jin’s hairstyles – stylo

  36. 36 : kanny Says:

    y only 12 episodes??

  37. 37 : kanny Says:

    12 episodes not fair

  38. 38 : queens Says:

    Owhhhh… count me in.. Love 4 of them..

  39. 39 : KDnewfan Says:

    Ooh nooo…..!!!
    Pls don’t pair Kim Soo Hyun with another old actress!! 3 – 4 age difference is still acceptable to our eyes but GHJ is 8 years his senior!
    Come on!!!… can’t you give IU a chance…. please….!!!

  40. 40 : Tarja Pihlaja Says:

    I´m defin checking this out,ksh is allways brilliant!

  41. 41 : Yozora Says:

    Wow! great casting! and the story is different from any of the korean drama that i already watched. definitely going to wait for this drama. 🙂

  42. 42 : email Says:

    From the trailer it looks like ghj has crush on cth and she gets jealous of iu and cth’s interactions. So ghj and ksh plan together to make iu and cth jealous. And during this procedure ksh and ghj falls in love with each other. If love line will be like that then it’s a typical korean drama style Which I am not liking it. They should try for more ororiginality. Or I wouldn’t mind story focusing on their friendship and profession just like miseang

  43. 43 : pricillya Says:

    KBS2 really about that??? just 12 eps….
    ok that’s not important… but i really hope this can be a funny drama… I like the actress and the actors….
    can’t wait this drama

  44. 44 : bunny Says:

    seriously,they’re our fav actors ladies n gentlemen..
    hope it will heal my heart if i went back to hyde jekyl n i..

  45. 45 : victoria Says:

    good luck to all cast of this drama.

  46. 46 : inspiriteunjae Says:

    uwahhhh!! IU and GONG HYO JIN!!! Fighting!!!

  47. 47 : nancy Says:


  48. 48 : zina Says:

    I hope iu doesn’t get undershadow between these established actors. I hope she gets enough screen time and good character development so she can shine on her own. IU fighting

  49. 49 : adrianne Says:

    Wow.. this Wil be the most exciting…EXTEND. Why only 12 episodes.?

  50. 50 : NovieAgassi Says:

    can’t wait 🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. 51 : the truth Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun is great but what is up with the dorky haircut???

  52. 52 : KDnewfan Says:

    His character in this drama is a dorky trainee. Would be very contrast to Do Min Joo 🙂

  53. 53 : ohanii Says:

    excited to watch dis dram 😀 😀 😀

  54. 54 : ashiya Says:

    waiting for this drama fighting IU <3 🙂

  55. 55 : Manda Says:

    OMG,, just 12 ep?? it’s not enough..
    all of them are actrees and actor >.<,and I'm so excited for this drama. Seriously!! ^^

  56. 56 : Nana Says:

    OMO OMO OMO I can barely wait for this show, I’m counting down the days till I can watch it. I love Kim soo hyun n IU together.😻😻😻😻😻😻

  57. 57 : clover26 Says:

    Omg kim soo hyun iu and gong hyo jin <3 <3 this will be daebak for sure cant wait

    but why is it only 12eps?? Hope they extend this or something 🙂

  58. 58 : rinda Says:

    love kim soo hyun n gong hyo jin… the best actress. she always do the great job every her drama did a great acting. fighting..

  59. 59 : anna Says:

    yahhh. this drama will be the top drama this year. cannot wait to watch it..

  60. 60 : rei Says:

    what?! SERIOUSLY? Is this only 12 episodes? With beautiful characters in there? I thought were talking about 20 eps here.

  61. 61 : sheli Says:

    kim soo hyun / gong hyo jin

  62. 62 : 维多利亚 Says:


  63. 63 : 维多利亚 Says:


  64. 64 : Vicki Says:

    It seems to me all the older actresses want to have Kim Soo Hyun as their casting partner. He is on the rise and every cougar has to chime in. What is with the trend lately: older actress and younger actor as a pair?? It is like they do not have anyone else to select for casting- where is Park Shin Hyde, Go Ara, and a whole bunch of young good actresses? Search the entire Korean entertainment industry!

  65. 65 : just saying Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun is great but I have a feeling this is such a mismatching casting members. Too much age difference among the cast : 39, 35, 27, 22? Two Aries, one Aquarius, one Taurus? Two Aries could be a pair or Aries and Aquarius but Aquarius and Taurus? Nah.. not gonna to work.

  66. 66 : i think date false Says:

    drama premier date has been pushed back by one week as they have not made much progress with the filming. So the drama would premier on May the 15th instea

  67. 67 : Ki3mca Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama.. ^^

  68. 68 : park jun sung Says:

    i like the trailer. look so cheersful. and IU is so beautiful

  69. 69 : roxan Says:

    cant wait to watch this..kim soo and gong hyo wow daebak,.so much excited.

  70. 70 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Fri-Sat timeslot? New timeslot for KBS right?

  71. 71 : nuam Says:

    Yay, ghj n ksh, love them.

    Would make.me.very happy of they are paired

  72. 72 : Dwi Says:

    Can’t wait oppaa soo hyun, noona gong hyo jin,

    Love them both.

    It would be a list of my favorite drama soon !

  73. 73 : daebak Says:

    Looking forward to IU!!!! <3 <3 And GHJ is also my fave but I hope KSH and IU tandem and CTH and GHJ tandem <3 It will be a very perfect otp!!!!

  74. 74 : milan09 Says:

    High anticipation for this drama. It almost 3 years for Cha Tae Hyun since “Jeon Woo Chi”. Not too long to see Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin since their last drama “Man From Another Star” and “It’s Okay It’s Love.” As for IU, 2 Years since “Lee Soon Shin is the Best.”

    One of High Anticipation Drama in half 2015. I am curious for this drama, since there will be many stars in it. Also wait for Kim Jong Kook in this his debut drama. Hope Park Ji Eun do another excellent job since her last drama writing hit “Man From Another Star”

  75. 75 : mei Says:

    Finally! Now I have something to wait for every Sat.. hehhe

  76. 76 : malou1010 Says:

    Yaaaaaaaay! Oh wow, love love love the main leads! I’m just thrilled that finally, I get to see IU act & sing as well! So excited to watch this drama!

  77. 77 : Snow Says:

    Can not wait to watch this drama!!!!!!!!! It has my all time favorite actress and actor.

  78. 78 : OS19 Says:

    are you guys watching a drama just because you are bias idol is starring or just because its got a good storyline,am amazed by number of comments here for a drama with poor synopsis. guys be open-minded please you a reason the world isn’t changing…Lol u guys are really funny

  79. 79 : Snow Says:

    I am watching this drama because it’s starring two of my favor actors. I have loved watching them in everything they have played in: Kim Soo Hyun and, the actress that can create chemistry with any male lead she co-stars with, Gong Hyn Jin. They both usually pick good scripts, so I’m looking forward to this drama. In regards to UI, I think she has been casted in some great dramas, I didn’t necessarily like her in them. However, this may be the perfect role for her–she can just be herself.

  80. 80 : Lclarakl Says:

    Vicki @ 64, I have always resented women being referred to as cougars for dating a man younger than them. There is a greater age difference of 12 years been Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Tae Hyun, but you don’t have a problem with that. Instead you have a problem with the possibility of GHJ being paired with a man 8 years younger than her. You would rather he be paired with UI who is 5 years younger.

    I don’t see to many people complaining about his, Kim Soo Hyun, pairing in The Moon that Embraces the Sun–she was 6 years older than him. Nor do I see any complaints with him being paired with Jeon Ji Hyun (7 years older than him), You Who Came from the Stars. As a matter of fact, those two dramas have given him a solid foundation as a romantic lead.

    There is a sexist in your comment towards women that, as a woman, frustrates me.

  81. 81 : Lclarakl Says:

    Correction in my above comment, Cha Tae Hyun is 4 years older that Gong Hyo Jin.

  82. 82 : priya Says:

    @Lclarakl: well said.

  83. 83 : melinda Says:

    I really love ksh and ghj..they’re one of my fav korean actors..happy to see them being paired in drama..cnt wait to watch this!!!!

  84. 84 : amaal Says:


  85. 85 : victoria Says:

    i love ksh.

  86. 86 : mei Says:

    Excited for this coming Saturday ^^

  87. 87 : farahbajri Says:

    완전 기대되요 ^^

  88. 88 : Anzu Says:

    i don’t know why people are making issues in age gap…what is wrong with it…..Acting should be first not the age..anyway gong hyo jin is beautiful and pretty……

  89. 89 : kyu_kyunt Says:

    not so impressed by the pilot episode… a lil bit boring…hope get better..

  90. 90 : CoolBeans Says:

    There is nothing wrong with older women acting with younger men as long as they both can act well!

  91. 91 : CoolBeans Says:

    The first episode started slow. Too many scenes about the dented car. The best scenes were the president’s daughter taking selfies with IU/Cindy, Cindy refusing to change her outfit, the 2 Days 1 Night team abandoning the PD in the restaurant and the blessing of the food around the cake! Hilarious! That scene made up for the entire slow beginning!

  92. 92 : kimchilee Says:

    First episode kind of boring.. if not for Kim So Hyun.. too much dialogue and camera moving.. pity.. hope will get more interesting later.

  93. 93 : Simon Says:

    Rather disappointed. I cannot believe I keep checking the running time to see how much longer remain. I only find it more interesting with the scenes IU was in, not because I am her biggest fan or something like that, just because I hate the pseudo interview format for the other 3 stars. It is interesting for 30s but the directer use it too much. I never like it when “the office” use this format in USA and I certainly don’t like what the director do here. Slow down the rhythm and not interesting at all. Hope it getting better in the next episode. It will be such a big waste if the director don’t change direction, if not for all the stars, the first episode do not deserve a rating of even 5 percent.

  94. 94 : Lin Says:

    After all the anticipation , it just turns out…Meh!!

  95. 95 : tera Says:

    I think the director is too greedy with her/his first attempt…I don’t know, with so many stars in her/his hands, there bounds to be those who glimmer less…..the directing style is new for me, but it doesn’t make me feel excited like tVN directing style for reply series, for queen Inhyun and many others dramas.
    It”s good but i won’t say great here. Some pats come off as dull.

    Anyhow, the actors did a great job.

    I’m looking forward for the plot development. It’s seems realistic like a job documentary.

  96. 96 : tera Says:

    I think the director is too greedy with her/his first attempt…I don’t know, with so many stars in her/his hands, there bounds to be those who glimmer less…..the directing style is new for me, but it doesn’t make me feel excited like tVN directing style for reply series, for queen Inhyun and many others dramas.
    It”s good but i won’t say great here. Some parts come off as dull.

    Anyhow, the actors did a great job.

    I’m looking forward for the plot development. It’s seems realistic like a job documentary.

  97. 97 : KDnewfan Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun was really into the character. His character was trained as a lawyer and yet Baek Seung Chan just couldn’t stand firm when reprimanded by bossy Tak Ye Jin. But I guess I can understand what the writer had in mind. First day of work, no rookie wants to find fault with their superior.

    I’m glad they do away with the interview format after 30 minutes.

    But the last scene left me in suspense… are Ra Joong Mo and Tak Ye Jin in a platonic relationship? Two colleagues “just” living together?

    Can’t wait Episode 2…!!

  98. 98 : nicole co Says:

    IU ur so sexy i want more plssss

  99. 99 : Hope Says:

    Big castings. Great hype. Boring storyline. So anxious for Kim Soo Hyun. Will it be his first boring drama… Over rated hype.
    Orange Marmalade & Sensory Couple are much more better.

  100. 100 : tsellers Says:

    Are you kidding folks, as an American from Atlanta, Ga., I thought this to be one of my favorite kdramas so far. I am sorry to disagree with the responders who thought this episode to be slow or uninteresting. I’ve seen all of these leads in other dramas and am fascinated with their characters here. My biggest problem is keeping up with the translation as the action plays out. It took me awhile to recognize IU, but I believe her character will mellow. The other leads will make this a hit. I predict a 20 rating.

  101. 101 : athuman Says:

    poor start very boring

  102. 102 : lclarakl Says:

    I thought this drama was boring when I watched without subs. HOWEVER, not that I’ve watched the first episodes with subs, I’m actually LOVING this drama. It is a drama where the words do matter–it is what makes the story interesting.

    So, I have to disagree with a number of people who said it’s boring. I say watch it with subs and judge for yourself. It’s a keeper for me.

  103. 103 : lclarakl Says:

    Correction to my post @102, should say NOW that I’ve watched it with subs. IPhones never do what you want them too…..lol.

  104. 104 : OMG Says:

    Boring drama, the true color of kim soo hyun will now show here, 1 hit wonder KSH

  105. 105 : nicole co Says:

    1 hit wonder? LOL ur kidding urself

  106. 106 : tera Says:

    @104 OMG
    Seems like u don’t know your cup of tea…..
    Don’t just spew nonsense if you don’t know the fact……he’s been starring in so many hits drama and he’s the lead actor.
    Dream high was a hits in many country….
    Moon embraces the Sun reach rating of 50 which rarely happens in weekdays drama…It become a viral in 2012/2013……
    And My love from the Stars, I don’t really have to explain about that right….because if you don’t know you must not watch many k-Dramas then.
    1 hit wonder….you are delirium.

  107. 107 : tera Says:

    BtW…sorry for the harsh word use in comment 106…

  108. 108 : nicole co Says:

    @107 i think it wasn’t harsh at all. 104 should get his/her facts right before making a statement.

  109. 109 : KDnewfan Says:

    @104 OMG, if you had watched ‘Song Sam Dong’, then watch ‘Lee Hwon’, and then ‘Dong-gu’, then ‘Captain Ryo Hwon’ (BTW, these two characters are in the same movie and Kim Soo Hyun portrayed them both to perfection)…. aahh…. you will never wrote what you had written up there.

    And do you think just anybody can do ‘Do Min Jun’ stoic, indifferent facial expression, supressing the feeling of being lonely for hundreds of years in a foreign planet?

    And now, we are seeing Baek Seung Chan.

    If you don’t like KSH as a person (for reasons only you know), then it’s your right to do so (no need to publicise it here), but don’t ridicule his acting skills as millions of people around the world have acknowledged his acting skills.

    The Producers episode 2 was hilarious and the story has started to gain momentum. I can’t wait for next Friday to come! I wonder how Seung Chan will defend himself against the two veteran PDs.

    BTW, I read the statement Gong Hyo Jin gave about Kim Soo Hyun being docile around her but manly around IU, and then said that KSH is a good singer but plan to ask for soundproofing to her dressing room which is next to KSH’s.

    Wow….she is one scary lady. Sharp tongue and doesn’t mince her words, sounds like Tak Ye Jin. I wonder if she said all that during the press con just to imitate her character in the drama or that is her real personality. No wonder KSH and IU looked awkward around her in the photos.

  110. 110 : Georgia Says:

    IU’s sexy performance was the best part. Loved it.

  111. 111 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    I also think This drama will be a great hit! So let’s give it a chance and tone down the criticisms…che bai! Mmmmm? kamsa midaa!

  112. 112 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    I also think This drama will be a great hit! So let’s give it a chance and tone down the criticisms…che bai! Mmmmm? kamsa midaa!…let’s keep watching…

  113. 113 : Lysa Says:

    I’ve watched two episode, i agree first eps was slow but for second episode, the story more interesting, especially BSC always be in place and wrong time. so he has always been the target of anger seniors. Poor BSC!!!
    I like the plot & and how they describe the hard work of the producers.

    KSY & GHJ fighting!!!!!!!!!

  114. 114 : Hana Says:

    This document-drama gave me a new feeing, I like it.
    CTH, KHJ, KSH, and IU, they all portrayed their roles really well.
    I feel like SSD (dream high) is back 🙂

    CHT, KHJ, KSH, and IU … F I g h T i n g !
    The producer . . . F I g h t I n g !

  115. 115 : lclarakl Says:

    OMG @ 104, you’re joking right? He’s bee good in everything I’ve seen him in. He first came to my attention in the drama Giant. He doesn’t have a huge fan base for nothing.

  116. 116 : OK OK OK Says:

    the 4 main casts are all A LIST actors, actresses – OK !!!!

  117. 117 : Florelyn Revilla Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. i hope that this drama watch in the Philippines soon .. i am a fan of Kim Soo Hyun .. I really Love his Drama 🙂

  118. 118 : Florelyn Revilla Says:

    sobrang gustong gusto ko talaga sya .. lahat ng drama nya pinapanuod ko at sana maipalabas itong dram na to sa pilipinas .. super excited na ko 🙂

  119. 119 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    this is much awaited drama of all seasons! Super excited to watch this drama can’t wait really!

  120. 120 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    no spoiler please. You have to let other people enjoy the show!

  121. 121 : kenzobella Says:

    I love Kim Soo Hyun and IU!! ‘Producer’ fighting!!!!

  122. 122 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Doris @120 I don’t know who read threads that aren’t looking for some spoilers. I always say that if you don’t want to see spoilers, then don’t read threads. Just watch the drama. People want and need an outlet to express their opinions.

  123. 123 : OMG Says:

    @tera, @iclaraki The most important in any drama series is how you start strong, in Moon that embraces the sun, the success is more attributed to Yoo jin goo who acted the young version. He nailed that young character to perfection catapulting the drama to its success. In my honest opinion anyone who will act the old character will still gain the same success. The reason is because the storyline and that the make or break early part was acted to perfection.

    This is a boring drama

  124. 124 : rr Says:

    IU is a singer not an a good actress . too bad for his partner and to this drama
    looser again like pretty man. Must change the actress IU .

  125. 125 : stacy Says:

    @rr too bad I ‘m watching this drama for iu only and I did watch pretty man for iu only too. Iu was the only person who was good in that not so good drama pretty man

  126. 126 : mei Says:

    I don’t know about anything else, but this drama is GREAT!

  127. 127 : mei Says:

    Having so much FUN, FUN, FUN

  128. 128 : Scorpio23 Says:

    Ok. I don’t really want to criticize this Drama BUT … this is soooo boring! I am already on ep 3, it took me days to watch this. Had to stop in between ep because it was making me sleepy. I don’t mean any harm to the fans of this Drama but I am just stating my honest opinion . I like the actors & actresses in here but it was such a waste. Too overrated for the publicity & anticipation of this Drama. So please again I am just stating my own opinion & observation so anyone who reads this, do not make a nasty comment . I just hope that for the next upcoming episodes it will get better & be more interesting .

  129. 129 : rian Says:

    this drama is boring.

  130. 130 : tagalog salita Says:

    @124 rr
    sumasang-ayon ako.
    dahil lahat ng drama ni iu ay walang kwenta.
    sa ”dream high” extra lang yan.
    sa ”pretty man” boring talaga kaya ang ranking nun ay 34 dahil din sa iu na yan. sa madaling sabi pahamak yan.
    kaya itong ”producer” na ito ay nasa mataas ang ranking dahil sa iu na yan.
    hindi marunong umarte tapus hindi pa kilala.

  131. 131 : nicole co Says:

    so many boring people here

  132. 132 : naj Says:

    Waaaaaahhhh KSH daebak!! i love BaekSeungChan so much!!so cute and funny!
    Producer is a great drama..

  133. 133 : OMG Says:

    Kim soo hyun the one hit wonder now exposed. overrated actor who happened to be lucky to land good projects

  134. 134 : sue Says:

    Why boring? This drama is fantastic so far. Its not the loud flashy kind that gets in your face. Everything is done slowly and subtlely. KSH is really good. So are the rest of the cast. KSH’s deadpan, impassive, straight-jacket face really makes me laugh out loud. He looks like he’s feeling deeply and yet not at all. It gives more comedic punch than those loud screams and wild runs around courtyards. The indirect jab at the ent scenes and the subdued dialogues are just right for me. Hope it remains this way.

  135. 135 : nicole co Says:

    OMG OMG OMG : Im so bored

  136. 136 : NovaKarlin Says:

    Well.. Producer is an awesome drama and yessss i’m hooked ! the last scene of episode 4 was just made me fluttered kyaaaa.. really love you Seung Chan and Cindy ♥~ cute OTP !!!

  137. 137 : NovaKarlin Says:

    Haters gonna hate ! 2 digits rating and PRODUCER worth it ! Producer team fighting ^.^

  138. 138 : nicole co Says:

    Who loves the Umbrella Couple? Me 😀

  139. 139 : stacy Says:

    Umbrella couple own over me. They are just cute. Hope they end up together

  140. 140 : sarah Says:

    woow this is so interesting drama.
    can’t wait ep 5 🙂

  141. 141 : andiong Says:

    ..I hope ksh will be paired with iu until the end.. and let cth and ghj couple

    Noona-doodaeng relationship.not good in matchmaking… it just doesnt fit into the viewers eye.. rating like this wont go up.so it will be boring…

    Umbrella couple suit iu and ksh

  142. 142 : Sim Says:

    people still watch this? its not my cup of tea

  143. 143 : CoolBeans Says:

    Episodes 3 and 4 show the drama picking up pace with character development. The romance lines are evident between the leads.The drama needed this boost. It is 1/3 over, so, not much time left to fix the slow start in the first two episodes. Kim Soo Hyun’s shy passive, yet, sincere character is not the Do Min Jun viewers expected. I applaud KSH for not taking on the same character just to keep his fan base happy.

  144. 144 : sheli Says:


  145. 145 : donna Says:

    KSH is an overrated actor, he is lucky to have his strong agency backup and media over boosting, just my personal unbiased opinion. Note: there are many other more excellent actors, if you look around, 忠诚

  146. 146 : Immi Says:

    “Noona-doodaeng relationship.not good in matchmaking… it just doesnt fit into the viewers eye.. rating like this wont go up.so it will be boring…”

    What do you mean? KIM SAM SOON for instance was a classic. YOU FROM THE STARS was successful. Noona romances are not problematic, which is why there are so many of them and it has skyrocketted those past 3 or 4 years.

  147. 147 : Immi Says:

    Or maybe you were talking about those two in particular? If so my apologies. Anyway, this show has been BORING so far!!

  148. 148 : Immi Says:

    The ratings are surprisingly decent. WHAT???

  149. 149 : Myvilvil Says:

    Then stop watching if you’re bored! It’s still gonna earn millions.

  150. 150 : Dou Says:

    @ Immi, and why do u change names every time u need to post a comment? Please stick with only one so everyone can easily recognize u.such a loser lol!

  151. 151 : nicole Says:


  152. 152 : mattalie77 Says:

    IU very amazing in this drama. Can’t wait to see her again and again.

  153. 153 : Kii chee Says:

    please count myself as a “100 votes” being first in rating for this kdrama. it is just splendid. in the early EPS, IU acted here so professionally being a ‘meany Cindy’. she just appeared so cute and in par excellence portrayal. it is not easy to act meany like this compared to her used to be sweety-tweetums roles, this is a challenging role for her i bet. and Kim Soo Hyun, you did it again kid, some kind of another award in the making. fighting!The Producers casts.

  154. 154 : niczej Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun and IU The umbrella couple.. 😀

  155. 155 : dong Says:

    Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun fighting!

  156. 156 : ashiya Says:

    waiting for next dramaaaa 😀

  157. 157 : ashiya Says:

    🙂 waiting for next episode..

  158. 158 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I think it looks unfair that Kim Soo Hyun here seems the 2nd male lead actor to CTH.

    I really dont feel good with the billing part esp. the POSTER. KSH is at the side while CTH is on the middle with GHJ.

    Duh all I know is KSH is much relevant and popular than CTH!

  159. 159 : OMG Says:

    Boring drama, overrated actor kim soo hyun. Now this is the real KSH, his only lucky that he is being manage through good marketing. empty kim soo hyun

  160. 160 : tera Says:

    @159 OMG
    who are you? are you KSH anti-fan leader? you seem like one….
    Why KSH is the only one that you bad-mouth in this drama?? I notice that all of your comments just say bad things about KSH….

    Don’t feel inferior that he is more famous and more well like than you…..
    I’m sure there should be something that people can like about you too…or may be not… :<

  161. 161 : tera Says:

    i want to say something nice about ep 5….the plot nail it this time and i like this episode very much. However my happy mood got spoiled when reading bad comment about KSH.
    I’m not saying that he’s really good or he’s the best actor and all(actually I’m not even his fan though I like his work. I’m here for GHJ,she’s my favourite actress and btw So ji Sub is my only love for this life) but I don’t understand why it looks like for ‘some people’ their only life goal is to chew KSH alive.
    Some people don’t like KSH and they are very open about that but they don’t try to turns others to hate him too…

    And honestly, I hate that I turn irrational and wrote some irrational things when reading those type of comment. I really hate that side of me.

    Try watching the drama objectively…..Is KSH the only one to blame when a drama turn bad. And to be honest this might not be some hit fantasy-like drama about unending love and all but it’s a pretty nice drama. I like the plot and the actors. They are good and try their best to deliver the best character.

  162. 162 : gfgf Says:

    My vote for ‘most boring drama of the year’ goes to ‘The Producer’.
    What a borefest…and i thought it will be epic since they spent so much money marketing and hyping this drama with crazy expectations, how wrong was i?

  163. 163 : Kii chee Says:

    according to write-ups ‘Producer’ is receiving both positive and negative feed-backs. so that means this k-drama won the public attention in being talk of the town or a visible topic elsewhere, which means this is famous whether positive or negative acceptance, all around, you are well publicized. fighting,,, expecting for eps extension not only 12eps., not fair. at least until ep20?, no make it ep30,,,

  164. 164 : abi Says:

    so far i like this drama…and the story became “life” at ep. 4, really… i bored when watching first ep. the comedic so forced but i like KSH acting here, it remembered me to dream high. i hope this drama not end like TH drama. maybe IU is just to cute to be meany, hehehehe. love innocent KSH here..khekhekhe….

  165. 165 : mili Says:

    I think people who said this drama is boring didn’t understand what the real brilliant story. They just want watch drama with the ordinary romantic comedy story. Honestly i just found what concept will writer take after i watch ep 3. I also feel bored in ep 1 and 2. You have to think little if you want to enjoyed this. It’s very unusual concept but very interested with very talented actors and actress. KSH, He really knows what the brilliant story is. He accept to play in this drama even he played as junior who always bullied, haha.

  166. 166 : wawanie Says:

    Cindy was so arrogant…I don’t like her…

  167. 167 : nicole Says:

    Poor Cindy She has nobody on her side T_T

  168. 168 : nicole Says:

    stupid writer

  169. 169 : Scorpio23 Says:

    Sorry for the fans of this Drama…while watching ep 5, it was so boring I fell asleep halfway and barely finish this. I had to stop. Cam’t barely finish this episode. Watched the previous 4 episodes which was slow & boring as well. Had my hopes that it will get better but had not improved yet. Thisi is IU’s worst role from her previous dramas No wonder rating of this Drama went diwn. BUT please this is just my own opinion. I am entitled to mine & you are entitled to yours so don’t leave any nasty comments about my own personal comment about this Drama !!!

  170. 170 : Max Says:

    Funny how people who find this drama boring and decided to lash out here. If I find one particular drama to be boring, I’ll never bother to find its page in koreandrama.org and post a comment of how BORED I was watching that drama and pull out craps about being entitled to have a personal comment slash personal right and whatnot. Instead I’ll move on to find the next drama that might interest me hahaha.

    Btw love Cha Tae Hyun here…so who’s gonna lash out on me next?

  171. 171 : panja panja Says:

    this is a great drama, full of humors, entertaining and informative. especially kim soo hyun I love his expression and character !! 대박 !!

  172. 172 : Simon Says:

    Max, I want to make it clear that you are entitle to your opinion. I think comment section is only useful if people state their honest opinion, both good or bad. I like the main leads in the producer but I personally also find the drama frustrating slow, borderline boring. If only positive opinion should be posted on this web site, that will be the same as only A grade should be pass to student. I may not agree with others opinion but it is good to know what others think, as long as it is not some weird anti-fan attack on the actor/actress. I believe for Korean audience if they watch 2-day-1 night or music bank, they may find the producer more interesting. I think the director move the story too slow, I can imagine cut 15 min off each episode and I still won’t miss anything.

  173. 173 : luke Says:

    So far cindy is my favorite character but writer isn’t doing anything For her as she has so much less screen time.

  174. 174 : phill Says:

    Oh man I feel so sorry for cindy. She’s so lonely and sad. She’s going to get hurt even more for her one side crush on seunghchan. Iu is doing great job as cindy as I can feel so much emotions in her. I love chemistry between iu and ksh but I don’t think they will end together. I hope cindy gets love and happiness at the end

  175. 175 : neea Says:

    I am on TYJ side. TYJ is the misunderstood one. TYJ tried to save Cindy only to hurt herself and accidentally injuring Cindy, and what does she gets? She got fingers pointed at her for injuring Cindy. IT’s good that BSC was on her side.

    Cindy, she is lonely because she was never nice to anyone, for whatever reason. She was nasty, haughty and she thinks herself as the princess. She wants others to treat her sincerely well, but she doesn’t treat others well in return, so…

    Would anybody wants to befriend such a character? In order for Cindy to get happiness, first and foremost she needs to look inward, look at herself, not look outward, not for someone to treat her well nor for BCS to love her. I do hope Cindy will get what she truly yearns for, true happiness from within

  176. 176 : Scorpio23 Says:

    @Max 170

    Funny that you are so quick to make another impulsive nasty comment. As a matter of fact, I have been watching Kdramas now for years hundreds of Dramas and me having a sibling in the movie industry… I know which is boring or not. And as I previously stated, my OWN observation is that this Drama is slow & boring that can put people to sleep. I have about 10 dramas currently watching between Viki & DF of both which I am paying so I know which Dramas are worth watching or not. I am trying so much to get through this Drama hoping next episode will be better than the previous but for some reason there is no improvement. @ least the writer,producer & director decided to do only 12 ep otherwise if they go beyond that it will be a waste of money & time. I have to push to get through ep 5 and put ep 6 on hold so I can watch other Dramas that are worth to watch. You have your own opinion so do I. Just mind your own business !!!

  177. 177 : Scorpio23 Says:

    BTW… @least I am not criticizing the actors & actresses because they are absolutely good portraying their character as what they were told . I don’t have the right to judge their personality because I personally don’t know them. I have seen the Drama Hyun Bin had made before with the same plot & that was a far more better than this.

  178. 178 : OK OK OK Says:

    just started watching ep 1

    Its interesting to me to find how the lives of the people working in a TV station. – just don’t like the actor Park Hyuk Kwon as Kim Tae Ho (Central Producer) – somehow his acting in whichever drama he is in – just don’t attract me. Hope he act less in this drama.

    The rest are quite OK so far.

  179. 179 : phill Says:

    @neea but did you ever wander why cindy is cold. I think you don’t know well about the character of this drama. Cindy has been in entertainment since the tender age of 13. She knows the real world behind as she has been suffering from it. She knows the feel of being used And being not loved. Bcoz of the harsh reality of entertainment industry she has wore that mask of cold persona but inside she’s still warm and innocent. Anyway I dont care about the pairing, I just want cindy to get happiness

  180. 180 : eela Says:

    So far cindy is my favorite character. Her character has so many layers but I don’t think writer will be unfolding it as focus is being made only on other leads

  181. 181 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep2 – so funny

    Kim Soo Hyun hang the rubbish bag onto Cha Tae Hyun’s car’s mirror out of jealousy. Ha ha. 😛

  182. 182 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 2

    I just don’t like Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin or all the seniors bully Kim Soo Hyun on his first day at work. What an unpleasant company to work in and hurting of feelings by the harsh words from superior……..

    I guess Cha Tae Hyun likes Gong Hyo Jin without knowing his true feelings until he is drunk. Guess they both will end up together 😛

  183. 183 : lisa Says:

    love this drama
    character descriptions

  184. 184 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 3

    oic, so Cha Tae Hyun & Gong Hyo Jin likes each other without even realising it. 😛
    Very interesting drama – people working in tv stations. 😛

  185. 185 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 4 – content rejected = cannot watch 🙁

  186. 186 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    damn who says that this drama is boring. Look at the ratings! Waaah!

    Then u would talk back, quality weighs more than quantity.

    I answered, Korean viewers are not dumb or stupid to prefer watching this drama than any other dramas.

    If this one is boring to u, then your standards are way too high that even God can’t make up to you. #Bitter

  187. 187 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 4

    Cindy so cute – she wants to join 2 days 1 nite bc of Kim Soo Hyun and she tells him that. ha ha.

  188. 188 : nicole Says:

    looks at the ratings after episode 6.. I conclude koreans girls love young boys lolz 🙂

  189. 189 : OK OK OK Says:

    Gong Hyo Jin’s relationship with all her boyfriends did not last more than 3 months.

    So this time round, she is staying in Cha Tae Hyun’s house for 4 months before moving to a new house should solve her spinster’s life. ha ha bc both likes each other long ago………………… 😛

  190. 190 : dory Says:

    Come on…Guys, IU can not act! Seriously, the story is boring.

  191. 191 : da fan Says:

    Episode 1 was not impressive and almost decided to not watch the rest. However, curiosity kills the cat (wondered why ratings was increasing), therefore ventured to ep.4 and 5 ..6. Okay the plot got better and the focus was on GHJ and KSH. Thank goodness! Sorry fans of IU. I really am not impressed with her singing and acting except for Dream High (many actors did better though).

  192. 192 : eureka Says:

    Plz don’t say IU cannot act. I know she wasn’t good in ep 1 and 2 but from ep3 she has been stealing my heart. She is showing so many different emotions as cindy. Now all I care about in this drama is IU’s character. Her chemistry with ksh is just awesome. Sadly she doesn’t get much screen time

  193. 193 : raionkisaki Says:

    It is true that the first two episodes is kinda boring.
    But as the story goes, it gets more and more interesting.
    And now I can’t wait to see the next episode!
    Would Tak Ye Ji get shaken by Baek Seung Chan?
    Or would Baek Seung Chan get shaken by Cindy?
    I love both of the result! Haha

  194. 194 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    Its never good to” judge a book by its cover”…i am glad this drama is doing well as some critics dint give it a chance…there is a lesson to be learnt from that…let’s continue to move along with this drama till its final destination!

  195. 195 : SUDHA KHALKHO Says:

    go go go go on………….fighting!yep go it.going crazy by enjoying it love u keep on providing the drams of u all! aha welcome back after a short break on the screen….!

  196. 196 : ashiya Says:

    excited to watch next eposide….

  197. 197 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Cindy is my least favorite character. I really want to skip her scenes, but then I would lose some of he meaning of the drama.

  198. 198 : kalki Says:

    Cindy is my favourite character. I watching this show for only cindy

  199. 199 : Kii chee Says:

    i always lie in wait for every new ep. like in ep.7, the kissing of Cindy to Seung Chan, heei, that is a rerun from Dream High 1. that’s a cute part. this kdrama is just a simple one but i like to watch it becos’ of this kid KSH. in fairness i love the whole casting though. fighting!!!

  200. 200 : dony Says:

    can we get 4 more episode please !! hahaha

  201. 201 : tera Says:

    oh no!!! that kiss….i’m disappointed.
    I always ship Tak ye Jin with Baek Seung Chan although it’s clear that they are ill match couple and Tak ye jin is more suitable for PD ra Joom Mo. But I do not expect cindy to be so fast in her move. That kiss make every image of TYJ and BSC couple crumble in my own head. it’s clear that the young couple was better than the mismatch couple, but i still feel sorry for TYJ. No…I like her character better than cindy so i always hope that she will have the best.
    I think I’ll exit this drama for now and wait for the last episode. At least I’ll be spared from wasting my time shipping the wrong couple and be more disappointed later.
    Honestly, only the build up romance between TYJ-BSC couple keep me up with this drama. But Park Ji eun writer keep meddling with that tiny rope….I’ve lost my interest now.
    If there are good news wuth TYJ-BSC couple laer, then i’ll tune back into this drama.

  202. 202 : me_nina Says:

    please..chakkannim…let ye jin to be with seung chan~
    i’m root ye jin side, not for cindy. i don’t know why, but i love to see seung chan with ye jin. too cute.. >,<

  203. 203 : me_nina Says:

    i love noona dongsaeng!!!

  204. 204 : merry Says:

    I feel for u cindy. Cindy deserves better. I hope she’ll be happy forever

  205. 205 : nuam Says:

    Am gonna take a break from this drama now and might consider to cintinue after it ends too.

    Though there is a gap in age between bsc and tyj, I am still rooting for this couple coz i do not like cindy here. And RJM pd, dont like his character either, sorry cindy n rjm fans, personal preferance.

  206. 206 : wendy Says:

    Noona dosang relationship is overrated in k drama.tyj and seunghchan looks like brother and sister. I really can’t see them as couple. Where as cindy and seunghchan have fresh chemistry

  207. 207 : Ms Says:

    Seriously can’t wait for next episode! IU n kim so hyun r so cute together ❤

  208. 208 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Merry @ 204, Cindy will more than likely get her man, but Cindy has an attitude problem. I don’t feel for her at all. She keeps inserting herself into his life. She’s not likeable to me.

  209. 209 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Also, there is zero chemistry between Cindy and SC–zero. SC looks better with Noona to me.

  210. 210 : Lclarakl Says:

    Naum @ 205, although I don’t plan on taking a break from the drama, I do agree with you concerning Cindy’s character and RJM. I don’t care for either of them in this drama. They both are doing what they want to do regardless of how the other person feels. RJM knew that noona has liked him for years, but still dated other women in front of her– that’s a bit heartless. Also in the way he treats her. I hope noona wakes up and stops liking him.

  211. 211 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 6 – very funny

    1) Lee Seung Gi trying to project a courteous good guy image and he says is very stressful.
    2) UI Cindy ask LSG why he makes himself suffer. LSG is so envious that Cindy image is the kind of “Heck Care” type………. ha ha ha 😛

    This episode also makes Cindy’s heart pumping when Kim Soo Hyun is so close to her in the tv studio

  212. 212 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 6

    Don’t like Korean culture.

    How can Cindy’s Manager slaps her assistant because she got injured in the tv studio when its not his fault.

  213. 213 : OK OK OK Says:

    sorry – the correct term is Cindy’s Ma ma Boss slaps Cindy’s male manager bc she got injured………

  214. 214 : da fan Says:

    Frankly I too don’t go for older women and younger men kinda of shows. But somehow between Ye Ji and Cindy I go for the former. Yes the chemistry between Seung Chan and Ye Ji is better and YES Gong Hyo Jin has the ability to pull at your heartstrings when it comes to emotions whereas when Cindy was explaining her sad past, I just couldn’t feel sorry (which I normally do). It was like – really? And the silly kiss – is it necessary ? Kim Soo Hyun as Seung Chan is wonderful. He is able to act naive, silly, seriously infatuated etc. Fits the character.

  215. 215 : Jazz Says:

    Seriously…. I dont feel like seeing [email protected] SC together. Ye jin is far more better for me.Age gap doesnt matter to me as long as chemistry is there✌🏻️

  216. 216 : iammee Says:

    I love the actors and actresses in this drama. The storyline is something new to me but not that exciting but I still watch it because the leads could somehow give life to the story. Cameo appearances of my fave stars add delight to the drama. I happen to enjoy seeing Jang Hyuk, Lee Seung Gi and just recently Go Ah Ra. I think Go Ah Ra is an underrated actress: She has the beauty, charm and talent but I wonder why she seldom appears in a drama. Instead oif casting Yoo Na, UEE and other boring actresses why won’t they take Go Ah Ra instead.

  217. 217 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 8 is good because get to hear Kim Soo Hyun & IU sings in the karaoke – Cindy’s birthday

    Wow, Love IU voice and this songs – wonder what is the title. Strong vocal… 😛

  218. 218 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 8

    When Koo Soo Hyun & Cindy, Gong Hyo Jin & Cha Tae Hyun – 4 standing side by side watching the fireworks in the amusement park. Very matching.

    I also don’t mind younger guy with older women in age – but looks must match on the outer – lady must look younger than the guys (in my opinion).
    in this drama, Kim Soo Jyun definitely looks like a younger brother to Gong Hyo Gin and I find it funny, weird….. ha ha 😛

  219. 219 : OK OK OK Says:

    IU Cindy characters ???
    She is so good in housekeeping…………… I wish I got this plus ++++ point.
    She is kind hearted too…. Not wanting PD Gong Hyo Jin to be misunderstood by her fans and she wrote to in her fans blog explain …………..

    Anyway, I enjoy this drama so far because all the 4 main casts acting well….

  220. 220 : Adeul Says:

    Me too. I’m enjoying it because of the cast, but the documentary format is an unwarranted additional layer of complexity. I thought what if they really exposed the actors…but of course that would ruin the illusion altogether. Entertainment is all about the illusion after all.

  221. 221 : aimar Says:

    I have watched this drama(episode 8),I like it and I feel sorry for Cindy(IU) because Baek Sung Chan(Kim Soo Hyun) doesn’t care about IU feeling.

  222. 222 : aimar Says:

    I hope IU will be together with Kim Soo Hyun in the end of the episode.

  223. 223 : Daebak Says:

    Rooting for Cindy. To the people whose saying that IU cant act, you dont even know her tv drama youre the best lee soon shin!!! Pathetic people.

  224. 224 : Sandy 2 Says:

    People keep saying that Cindy is kind hearted, she’s not. As a matter of fact after her fans meet her, they become anti-fans. Even her manager is part of an anti-fan club. I will hate it if SC goes with her just because he feels sorry for her. She’s been giving a sob story and crying to get him to like her.

  225. 225 : Sandy 2 Says:

    De Fan @ 214 and Jazz @ 215 I couldn’t agree with you more. Cindy with SC is not working for me at all. Actually, I’m tired of her chasing behind him. She just kissed him when he gave no indication that he was remotely interested in her. I much prefer YJ–I just love the way she acts. She is such a great actress that brings her characters to life.

  226. 226 : me_nina Says:

    @Sandy 2 love your comment! jjang! 😀

  227. 227 : tempt Says:

    Cindy is not chasing seunghchan. If you confess somebody Then it’s natural for searching for reply. Cindy sobbed infront of Seung-chan only one time when she was telling about her parents. She opened herself for the first time but people are saying she’s clinging on to him. People are Forgetting that yejin is not saint either how she bullied seunghchan, used him to keep her secret in. Out of all the characters I find cindy most brave. She’s first one who confessed her love. Who would dare to be admin of own anti fan club? From my view she dares to take criticism on her own and deal with it. By the way her manager is not her anti club member. It’s just that she suspects him. Cindy is cold Bcoz she has been so familiar with cruel entertainment industry. So that she can’t trust anyone so easily and now with the help of yejin, Seung-chan and RJM she’s learning to be real Cindy, kind hearted good cindy.

  228. 228 : Sandy 2 Says:

    me-nina @ 226, Thank you!!!!

    tempt @ 227, Cindy was chasing after him before she confessed. She kissed him before she confessed. She got in his car because she saw him with YJ and he barely knows her (before she confessed), she guilt tripped YJ into letting her stay with her because she wanted to be near SC.

    Who would dare to be admin of their own anti-fan club? Cindy so that she can delete all the negative posts about herself–out of the mouth of Cindy. She’s mean towards her own fans. They spend money to buy her album, but she can’t take 1 minute to smile as she takes a picture with them. Those girls summed her up correctly.

    I’m sorry, and I really mean this, but who has Cindy been kind to that isn’t due to her wanting to be with SC? YJ–well it’s the least she can do for the woman who tried to save her from been ran over by a stage and then let her move into their home; especially after she disrespected YJ by being skimpily clothed after she pretended that she would honor YJ’s wish and cover up. Cindy and SC currently do not have a relationship, but because she didn’t want him singing a Noona song about YJ, she just stopped the song. Also she barely knows him, but thought it was okay to just kiss him–it would be different if they were mutually attracted to each other.

    Cindy kind hearted–even her own manager who appears to be a kind hearted man is a member of her anti-fan club. Cindy does what Cindy wants to do regardless of who it hurts. The writer may try to change her in the next 4 episodes and have SC start liking her. However, if that happens, it will only make SC appear wishy washy.

    Also, all the crying that Cindy has been doing only makes me think she’s trying to make SC feel sorry for her–that is the worst way to get a man—one that feels sorry for you and not necessarily out of romantic attraction. Part of me thinks it’s on purpose just like she kissed him–so that whenever he’s at a theme park he will think of her…….brave? More like plotting.

  229. 229 : suin Says:

    i love KSH with GHJ couple in this drama… even tough GHJ is a bit older than KSH… at first i tough KSH with IU.. (I’m happy) but then when i see the next ep.. i think better KSH and GHJ together…

  230. 230 : Simon Says:

    All 4 main actors are doing a wonderful job. IU is surprisingly good, much better performance compare to “pretty man”. The director also cut down many of the “new ideas” and now the drama is more traditional and a lot better than the first 2 episodes.

  231. 231 : debbie Says:

    I really really like seung chan.i hope he will fall for cindy too.i like ye jin to end up with ra joon mo.im always excited to watch every episode;)

  232. 232 : Sandy 2 Says:

    I actually think IU’s acting in this drama is very one dimensional–bored diva. I read this on another thread and completely agree: ‘IU and the actress playing the ball girl/office worker have the same bored diva style. There character is the exact same’. GHJ is a top notched actress. We have seen so many different facets of her character’s personality. YJ (GHJ) seems full of life and Cindy (IU) seems lifeless.

    I don’t like IU’s acting in this drama because I don’t find her endearing like I did the actress who played in the drama “You Who Came From the Stars”. She was a diva but I truly felt her vulnerability and her kind heartedness. Cindy is supposed to be a similar character, but I’m failing to connect with her. I find her character irritating. However, I did like IU in “Lee Soon Shin is the Best”; I have not seen her in Pretty Man–I just didn’t think she and the lead would connect.

  233. 233 : freza Says:

    CINDY has more depth than yooina’s character in Ywcfs. Their roles are not similar. Anyway IU is doing great job here. Her character seem to be most interesting. Cindy’s is favourite character. Even if cindy doesn’t end with anyone I would like her to be happy at the end

  234. 234 : tera Says:

    WE r not pathetic!
    Almost all of us here have been watching korean dramas forever. We can judge finely who can act and who’s still need to polish their acting.
    I watch all of IU’s drama…..she’s good in lee soon shin, but i’ll not say great. Even in that drama I’ll say IU is still a newbie.
    And in this drama, the first feeling that I get when I watch Cindy in the 1 and 2 ep is dislike and the character seems unnatural. Looking from some of Kpop Diva personality like Ivy, Seo In Young, Baek Ji Young….cindy gives off the feeling of arrogant rookie and not a seasoned idol as she’s supposed to be.

    It’s different from TYJ. TYJ character are suppose to be more dis-likeable with her ego as a senior PD and her harsh attitude towards others. But TYJ seems more loveable to me because Gong Hyo Jin know how to bring out TYJ innocent and sweetness . But that is what was expected since GHJ is an experience actress.

    Being Line up with seasoned actors like Cha TH, GHJ and trained actor KSH, I do not expect more from IU. She tried her best. A few more experience will make her better and I believe criticism from audience is honest and doesn’t mean any harm to her.
    Looking from each ep. with the increase of her airtime and development of her character she’s improving and becoming better. But still I think she has a lot more to learns.

  235. 235 : hiravee Says:

    @Vicki : I think that you have made a wrong statement. Kim so hyun could stand at the peak of his success now, it is because of his roles in his all dramas with the older actress. Trying to watch Kim So hyun’s dramas before his booming role in the drama of the moon that embraces the sun. Have you know him previously?? I don’t think so. After knowing his potency in acting with older woman, producers always offer him dramas which cast older woman as kim so hyun’s girl friend in the dramas.

  236. 236 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Tera @ 234, Bravo!!! Well said. I agree completely.

  237. 237 : debbie Says:

    I think IU is not a bad actress.but i keep on imagining what if bae suzy or UEE act as cindy?maybe its better.

  238. 238 : lily Says:

    @Debbie. Hell no. IU is doing perfectly fine.

  239. 239 : lily Says:

    @Terra I agree IU was not so good in ep 1and 2 but each ep she’s getting better and better. She has now become such good actress that I am loving her character even more As usually I am not lover of such character . But this time I am liking such character as I can really feel for cindy’s character through Iu’s acting. cindy feel is kinda different from those people who u have mentioned Bcoz character cindy is really different from them. IU is less experienced actress among the leads but she is not loosing here too. Although comparison can’t be made as all the Other leads are veteran actors.

  240. 240 : OK OK OK Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun in this drama is not as innocent as his outer good guy looks.
    1. Falling in love with noona (the lady during school days whom Cha Tae Hyun broke off with her).
    2. Then fall in love with Gong Hyo Gin noona (reason? both are pretty – ha ha)

    I find KSH’s character is quite “cunning” , smart, mischievous at times.
    He hang the garbage on CTH’s car, he found out both GHJ & CTH staying together….
    He manage to get Cindy’s HP number by giving umbrella’s reason as excuse

    In the bathroom, he turns away the shampoo with Cindy’s picture…..

    I think he will fall in love with Cindy sooner or later because Cindy is also a pretty girl. ha ha… 😛

  241. 241 : Sharlene Says:

    I can’t believe only 12 episode that sad. I getting to love this drama coz this is really funny and it will end up soon. What the heck!!!!
    So far, I love BSC and Tak Yejing love team. Fighting!

  242. 242 : debbie Says:

    Okie;)lets stop talk about IU:)
    Hey i love the scene where the 4 go to videoke bar.seung chan sang very well to impress ye jin.haha he’s so cute.and cindy sang too.wow it reminds me of dream high1:)

  243. 243 : DRamaGo Says:

    Gong Yo Gin is acts the sammmmmmmmeeeeeee shie is boring and definitely ugly! I can’t watch her for too long!

  244. 244 : COCO Says:

    @DRamaGo, you are GHJ’s anti-fan? I have to say that apart from some of anti like you, Producer’s watchers don not think so:)

  245. 245 : tagalog salita Says:

    ksh ang panget ng hair dito.

  246. 246 : tagalog salita Says:

    super panget ng story

  247. 247 : ayu potter Says:


    gong hyo jin eonni 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

  248. 248 : da fan Says:

    All IU fans out there keep your cool. Don’t worry about her outcome at the end of the show. Whether she can act or not, IU is her country’s favorite (heavily Marketed) for ‘something’. The writers won’t risk any unfavorable criticism even from her local fans. IU has been used by their government as a face to promote their tourism, sports and etc (again her agency has very good connections and professional marketing).
    Personally I still think her acting is mediocre. Yes she tried doing a lot of tantrums and crying in “Lee Soon Shin is the best” but that doesn’t make you a good actress.
    As for Kim Soo Hyun, he became very popular in The Moon that embraces the sun and You who came from the stars. Every actress young or old wants to be connected to him for extra mileage in popularity (advertisements, more acting opportunities, etc). Fortunately so – KSH can act!
    If you have seen most IU’s dramas, you’ll notice the directors will throw in a few very talented actors to water down her acting. Frankly, the other three more experienced and talented actors are a great contribution to making this show worth watching together with a ‘so far’ entertaining script. So IU fans, who knows, she may end up with Seung Chan after all !! (to my dismay)….
    Keep it up writers.

  249. 249 : DRamaGo Says:

    Gong Yo Gin acts the sammmmmmmmeeeeeee she is boring and definitely ugly! I can’t watch her for too long!

  250. 250 : seeshow Says:

    I’ll give this drama a pass, its just an overstuffed pudding, losing the original flavor …

  251. 251 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    DRamaGo @ 249, please take a look in the mirror before commenting on anyone’s looks. Gong Hyo Jin is beautiful to me and I love her as an actress. She brings life to this drama. Without her, it would not be as much fun to watch.

    Please keep your childish comments to yourself–it’s very telling on your maturity level.

  252. 252 : Sandy 2 Says:

    De Fan @ 248, love your post. I agree with it completely.

    DRamaGo @ 249, you are being downright hateful and those comments are not nice and is a reflection of the person who write them. There is no cause to be hateful to my absolute favorite actress of all time. Gong Yo Gin is the complete package in my books.

  253. 253 : COCO Says:

    kiss scene, love love

  254. 254 : katherine Says:

    OMG SC kiss yj she reject him or falls for last 2episode? and then Rjm didn’t move until this episode jm reveal he like yj so end up together?
    sc end alone?i don’t think sc-cindy end,cindy not likehim she need good friend.this drama made me disappointed.I honestly said i’m not enjoy KSH characrer BSC he not showing well PD newbie variety industry like JGR from Miseng work drama
    coz its only 12episode.however goodlukProducer

  255. 255 : asdfgkjh Says:

    To be honest cindy is only likeable character in this drama. I loved how she has grown to.be mature. Her winning speech was the most tear jerking scene

  256. 256 : risolli Says:

    @da fan IU is doing great job here and she is above mediocre. Only her character seems interesting. Sorry to say but all other characters seem to be flat. iu is already a topstar of korea. who doesn’t need support of any other actors And she gained this position solely Bcoz of her talent and hard work.

  257. 257 : JEROME Says:

    wow what a fantastic development to bsc and tyj shippers.clapX2. gonna watch it until the end!

  258. 258 : lclarakl Says:

    Really loved this episode. That was such a romantic confession and kiss that it made me smile from ear to ear. I had to watch those scenes about 5 times.

  259. 259 : rania Says:

    i want BSC and TYJ to end up together!!! i just love both of them! pls make it happen writer! not enough for romantic development! only 2 episodes left. we want more romance in the story for both character before the drama ends!

  260. 260 : heena Says:

    Cindy is life of this drama. I love how she thanked yejin junmoo and seunghchan during her winning speech. Her speech and her song was so emotional. IU you are doing great job

  261. 261 : funky Says:

    @heena you are right I teared upon that scene
    Cindy’s speech moved my heart. Now I just want to see cindy kicking ceo byun’s ass and live happily ever after. I don’t care about the love-lines

  262. 262 : Simon Says:

    Nobody talk about Cha Tae Hyun, I have not watch him since “my sassy girl friend”. He always look funny to me even though it is not intentional. “The producers” also down play the “2 days 1 night” show. There are only 2 episodes left, there is no mentioning about what happened to the show, do Cindy help bring up the rating (from 6.8)? I wonder how the series will end.

  263. 263 : gary Says:

    I am in love with cindy. I love how she didn’t cling on to seunghchan and moved on eventhough she still feels for him. Even when she was broken in love she made herself strong and dared to fight against ceo. Cindy is the figher who doesn’t want to give up easily. She is my fav character.

  264. 264 : cathy Says:

    I love badass cindy with kind heart. I hope to see cindy and RJM teaming up to kick ceo byun ass

  265. 265 : Adeul Says:

    Entertainment agencies are the same the world over. Ruthless and greedy.
    Love this drama. Beautifully written and a great cast. Two more episodes.

  266. 266 : Adeul Says:

    #262 Simon, in a recent episode of “2 Days & 1 Night”, someone asked Cha Tae Hyun if he would put it to IU to come on the show to boast their ratings. He didn’t say anything. Might one take it the show could really be axed? Who knows.

  267. 267 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 9 is about 1 1/2 hour long.

    Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Gin & Kim Soo Hyun are all on IU Cindy side when Cindy’s boss trying to get someone new to take over Cindy’s place….
    I am so touch with Gong Hyo Gin when she speaks well and praise Cindy infront of everybody.

    I am so touch by IU speech on stage. I can feel how she felt = Good actress.

    4 months works. Finally Cha Tae Hyun asks Gong Hyo Gin to rent out her new house and ask her to stay put in his house bc he could not let her go…. 😛

  268. 268 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 10 is about 1 1/2 hour long too

    Cha Tae Hyun ssi
    Why are you so timid to tell Gong Hyo Jin ssi DIRECT & not just hint :
    Please don’t leave. Sarang Hae. Will you marry me? 😛

    Girls don’t like unclear hint…..

  269. 269 : daebak Says:

    @tera affected much? Haha She acts on ep 1 and 2 because thats what she gave her, being arrogant idol. But in every eps she becoming really good, she portraits the character so much better. That’s were written on her script, so why being so negative on IU? Yes you gave her good point but why is it that you ended up insulting her acting? Anyways thats your pov so I dont care anymore.

    Anyways, guys she’s the one that building up this drama. Still hoping for Cindy and SC but she’s so much hurt.

    PLOT TWIST EP12: Cindy is now moved on and found a guy who will love her forever named Shin joon-ho(Jo jungsuk) sadly BSC realized that he love her more but its too late. (What a sweet revenge, lol kidding)

  270. 270 : yanzy Says:

    @daebak now i dont want cindy to end up with seunghchan. Cindy deserves better And i really want her to move on from seunghchan And get someone who will love her the best.

    Constructive criticism is good but insulting one is just no no. Anyway I am enjoying IU ‘s work in this drama and her character has become my fav one

  271. 271 : zhian Says:

    I think baek seung chan dan IU will not end up with anyone..

    and Ra jung mo will endup with tak ye jin.

    baek seung chan will be sucess PD
    and Cindy will be great actress and singer

    but who knows??? all about what the writter want heheh

  272. 272 : Dalyber Says:

    Watch this drama based on the high ratings and all the A-list actors but why I found it is sooo boring and getting nonsense plot by the writer?
    I know many people here don’t agree with me but this is me, give my own opinions. I am watching a lot of K-dramas too but really don’t like this type of documentary drama. Yes, they try to explore some of real lives of KBS staffs and their commitments but somehow, they are not and now, focus on love-triangle between the main actors.
    IU in this drama gives her a bad reputation as an arrogant and dull role, really makes her downfall in her acting abilities.
    Feel guilty when watch the K-dramas based on all this ratings. “The Lover” is more fun to watch if you think the truth fates of lives and all the actors are unknown or famous but the meaning of the plots is interesting.
    I am a woman too, really don’t like Korean ideas about young guy fall for older women especially wider gaps. Women are not baby-sitting for young boys, please!

  273. 273 : Anju Says:

    If u know many people don’t agree with you..then why u r pressuring your finger to type this nonsense comment..just go and watch your favorite one..

    I don’t understand why people should post comment about not liking this actress that actor..and blah blah blah….Everyone in drama making are working hard…they are trying their best but nobody cares….this drama seems a little bit different one…….i appreciate the team for that.

    AND finally age different is becoming issue in this drama….why?? I wonder….then what’s about the My love from another star..No complain was there then….

  274. 274 : mattalie_77 Says:

    Can’t wait to watch last 2 episodes. IU really sweet, and Cindy as actress makes the drama really different, as the other main cast are PD. I even re-watch “Lee Soon Shin is the Best” many times while waiting Producers (and Cindy) every week. She’s very talented and makes me feels what she’d feel : sadness, lonelyness, worry, etc. No wonder Lee Soon Shin is the best almost in 1st rank rated every episode. Wish Cindy get the best, with BSC or not.

  275. 275 : COCO Says:

    Everyone has their own ideas. Many criticize writer nim for focusing too much on square loveline not “Producer”, whereas they give bad attitudes toward the 2 first episodes because they are so slow and boring. Other, nonsensically say that they will not continue to watch the film just because their shipped couple doesn’t end up. Yes, it ‘s ok, but please don’t say if you can’t do, because the rating still increases, and I swear you are looking forward to seeing a happy ending like me.
    From my point of view, Producer is quite interesting: new style, new plot, not mention excellent characters here, even IU is so good, she is better and better every episode. GHJ, KSH, CTH, omg, they are all of my lovers.
    Writer nim, hwaiting! Producer Fiting!
    From my heart, I ship couple GHJ-KSH, please come true.

  276. 276 : zomby Says:

    People are criticizing IU but to be honest she is the only one who is keeping me this drama to watch. I really find her character most interesting and IU is doing great job

  277. 277 : debbie Says:

    Oh no seung chan kissed ye jin.i feel bad for cindy:'(
    I really really really dont want seung chan to end up with ye jin.whenever he is with ye jin,he looks like a dog not a man.obviously ye jin doesnt see him as a man.how come she always pat his head like a dog?but please dont get me wrong i still like ye jin’s character:)
    2 more episodes left.cindy dont lose hope fighting!!!

  278. 278 : KDnewfan Says:

    Episode 10 left me with a mixed feeling of sad, angry and satisfied.

    I feel sad for my dear Seung Chan… huhuhuuu…. eventhough I shipped him with Cindy, to see him crushed to pieces like that (twice in this drama) hurt me too ;(

    I feel really really sad for Cindy…. oh… Cindy…. you have friends now girl… don’t cry anymore….!

    I feel angry at Ye Jin for taking her time to tell Seung Chan the truth. Why do you have to take him to movie and do stuff like that??? That is just like giving him hope!

    I feel really angry at what CEO Byun did to Cindy. Oh gosh…! I wish somebody could just punch her hard in the face! Manager Kim! do something!

    And I feel satisfied…..
    that Joon Mo has finally found his courage to do something bold!
    It’s about time, man!

    Writer Park,
    After all the twists and turns, the anguish and anxiety you put us through, I guess you have done okay. I know you have to succumb to the demand of the industry and the fans… hence the script turned out like that.

    Hope, your future project will not be like this anymore.

    I hope the finale tonight will satisfy all fans/viewers… especially me! 🙂

  279. 279 : Junci Says:

    Tonight is the finale

    i hope it’s

    Seung Chan & Ye Jin 🙂

    Cindy & Joon Mo 🙂

    …but however it will end tonight, i will miss them… 🙂 🙂 🙂


  280. 280 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 11

    I had a good laugh about the meeting room – the seniors will bully the junior though the junior will speak up their rights who book first.

    Luckily Cha Tae Hyun turns up at the meeting rooms door before his team nearly got kick out. 😛

  281. 281 : OK OK OK Says:

    My bet is Gong Hyo Gin will end up with Cha Tae Hyun but not with Kim Soo Hyun….. 😛

  282. 282 : ayu Says:

    arrrrggghhhhh… why ???

    Baek Seung Chan and cindy????


    really Sad…. worst ending ever….

    Gong Hyo Jin eonni (><)

  283. 283 : Simon Says:

    I like how the series end, overall it is very enjoyable except the first two episodes. One thing that I don’t get is the big chested rookie writer on Music Bank, whatever she did was not related to the main story and I don’t find her funny. Can someone explain whether there is a person like this in other Korean TV series?

  284. 284 : tera Says:

    argh….I don’t know…
    I feel worse than when I started this drama….maybe becoz the couple that I ship do not end up together.
    The ending was urgh….
    Well, it was a happy ending but I think the only merit of this drama is just about each PDs antics while doing their works. It feel like some excited scene in ‘Misaeng’ but that’s all. The romance and all is….I don’t know…only if baek sung chan role were not taken by KSH, i might root for RJM…
    Too many star actors can damage the balance of the drama also,I think this is one of the problems with this drama. Instead of rooting for only one person from the beginning to the end, viewers end up being confused in each episode and the plot and the fans started to sway….I don’t know, this is just my opinion

  285. 285 : zhian Says:

    Yess.. congrat CINDY…
    My couples end well….
    see you all in the next project

  286. 286 : Saoirse Says:

    Loveee the ending!! Season 2 please!!!

  287. 287 : hiravee Says:

    After reading your comments guys of the end of this drama that kim so hyun ends with IU, i stop watching ep 12. Beyond my previous expectations. If there is producer season 2 and the main leads are kim so hyun and IU, i will ignore it. I really dislike her after her photo scandal with euhnyuk.

  288. 288 : daebak Says:

    OMYYYY!!! SC and Cindy??? OMOOOO!! Really guys?? Kyaaaa~ Gonna continue watching this! 😀 <3

  289. 289 : Ms Says:

    Yeay, season 2 please! umbrella couple ❤

  290. 290 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 12 – almost 2 hours drama

    Good ending but I find it a little “short” for it. Could be better if it has more time for the ending scene story………….

    I had a good laugh when Kim Soo Hyun is drunk…. sooooooooo CUTE!!!
    something we don’t see about his past performance. 😛 😛

    Thanks for this entertaining drama. I enjoy it.

  291. 291 : ruby Says:

    I would like to have season 2 mainly focusing on lovestory of ksh and iu. Their chemistry was amazing till the end

  292. 292 : debbie Says:

    Wow the scene when cindy cried coz she was surprised to see the whole cast of 2days 1 night inside her room was really really really touching.i cried too:’)

  293. 293 : debbie Says:

    This drama is realistic.we can understand the feelings of the characters that it can reach our hearts easily.and i think this one is wholesome.very good:)
    THE PRODUCERS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE KDRAMA THIS YEAR!(but not the best one falling for innocence is the best drama for me so far).

  294. 294 : mattalie77 Says:

    At last this drama is finish.. I can’t wait to see next IU’s drama. She’s still the best.

  295. 295 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    Though i havent watched this drama yet…i have been following commentaries on it from here and other Kdrama blogs…i am happy Cindy and seuchan ended together…i am all for Noona dramas,but i felt this drama dint Particularly fit into that mold…and IU is one of my favourites actresses from Kdrama world! cheers!

  296. 296 : ninobobobo Says:

    i am dissappoint with the writer..
    u know that everyone WANT A PERFACT COUPLE.. PRETTY WITH HANSOME AND UGLY WITH UGLY… i love KSH role.. if u ask us to vote of couse THE PERFACT WE WILL VOTE.. it seems like this drama is 4 popularity n not for the storyline… i am really dissapoint… next time choose an idol to become the 4 main cast and ask us to vote… and it can become fair.. i know why the writter can’t made cindy and BSC a couple because there are too many TYJ and BSC scene.. these drama is all about raking!!!! RAKING!!
    if there a season2 of couse TYJ will end up with BSC.. N RJM with Cindy..

  297. 297 : tigerb Says:

    this is a fun series to watch! it’s like a reality show/sitcom, and although it depicts a sad but very possible life situation of a celebrity, most scenes are funny. all the actors are very good. I watched this because of gong hyo jin but I think kim soo hyun played his role as a nerdy rookie p.d. a lot better than when he portrayed a centuries old alien in his previous drama.

  298. 298 : Silverswan Says:

    Sorry to say I do not enjoy this drama as the whole story is boring , i skipped many parts . When one love to watch a drama they wont skip even a single part.
    wont vote for this one. Waste of time watching this drama and lousy ending

  299. 299 : DramFan Says:

    I LOVE this drama. The love story is so realistic. Not so dramatic and it’s so natural. I really enjoyed the drama very much. Didn’t skip any part.
    Honestly first 2 episodes are not so entertaining I thought it’s not going to be a good drama.
    But then it got better and better. I love all characters of this drama. Specially the main 4 characters.
    The story is funny, good music, realistic love story and great cast. I really love how all the main characters bond with each other.

    Thanks team for this great drama!! 🙂 🙂

  300. 300 : krisnalyn Says:

    KSH kissing scene, not 1 co-star, not 2 co-star, but 3 co-star….. haha…. daebak KSH👏👏👏

  301. 301 : omma2015 Says:

    I really liked the series, especially Cha Tae Hyun who I had never seen before. I want to see him in other dramas. Gong Hyo-Jin has been a favorite ever since Pasta. I thought the endin as very fitting. CTH and GHJ finally found each other; the two younger people were not ready for each other yet but maybe will be in the future.
    Who played the “ghost” in the prop room?

  302. 302 : Daisy Vega Says:

    Very disappointed in this drama called PRODUCER. The cast was outstanding but the drama itself was a flop, in my opinion. I kept waiting for it to get better but it DID NOT improve. The last episode was the best. Better luck next time.

  303. 303 : Yozora Says:

    @omma2015 Cha Tae Hyun had many movies and korean dramas, but i’ve seen him every weeks in 2 days and 1 night as the regular member, u should check it out, he’s awesome in there. 🙂

  304. 304 : Amy Says:

    Hmm.. I am so excited when i saw KSH , IU, and GHJ in the same drama. Bcz they were so good actrees and actors.. But, when i watched this drama, its really made me boring in the first episode..
    Hmm .. Not so good drama ..

  305. 305 : james tay Says:

    It was bored in the first episode, but it seems getting more entertaining from the 2nd episode and beyond. It is different from other typical drama, it more like a reality show. I like it overall.

  306. 306 : Drama Korea “Producer” | mylittlethoughtssite Says:

    […] kalian sudah menonton film drama korea “Producer”? Film ini diperankan oleh artis dan aktor yang cukup terkenal (Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo […]

  307. 307 : winnie Says:

    I started watching last night. episode 1 is a bit boring, i’m hoping for exciting and interesting scenes in the coming episodes. The rating is high so i guess it wont be disappointing. i think “my love from another star ” would be hard to beat.

  308. 308 : Shellsbells Says:

    This was really fun and funny. I enjoyed watching it but the ending sucked. Not enough to ruin it for me but it was such a dissappointment to end so badly

  309. 309 : paras Says:

    Cant stop laughing and actualy this real life around people working. Morethen that story . Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Hui Jun , first reason want to watching coz both usualy have gud drama. Like so much for watching , this normaly how people working with they positions 🙂

  310. 310 : Onie Says:

    Is there any chance of Season 2 this coming 2016?
    I really hope they continue the story of the 4 leading Characters.

  311. 311 : Choi Tae Joon Instagram | trending info Says:

    […] Producer […]

  312. 312 : jhed n delena Says:

    I’ve trying to watch it but YouTube deleted all the video…can suggest what site can I watch it???

  313. 313 : Kay Says:

    Producer is a fun drama with lots of relationship hijinks. A great set of actors and an interesting story with humor, romance, drama, and heart make this a great watch 🙂

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