Yoo Hyun Yung

Yoo Hyun Young is a South Korean entertainer, model, TV show host, actress, singer, and instructor for Public Relations & Personal Financial Planning at colleges and companies. She graduated Yong-In University. Yoo appears in numerous Korean television shows and was a mainstay on KBS’s variety show. For her work on various shows, she won the 2006 Best Female Star award (for variety/comedy) on both the KBS and MBC Entertainment Awards.

Hyun Young has recorded the Korean version of "Dragostea din Tei" (otherwise known as the Numa Numa song), titled "Nuna’s Dream"; the "Numa Numa" lyrics are changed to "Nuna Nuna" (the Korean term used by males for an older woman) in 2006. The album did not achieve great sales, nor was the song officially promoted and sung on the music charts. Hyun Young instead sung it on the variety shows she appeared on, which allowed it to become somewhat popular as a novelty song with its own novelty dance (called the "Nuna Nuna" dance). Her video for the single became the most-watched music video in 2006, according to M.net.
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Yoo Hyun Yung Facts

Native Name: 현영

Birth Name: Hyun Yung Yoo

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: September 6, 1976

Gender: Female

Height: 172cm

Weight: 51kg

Blood Type: O

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