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One the Woman

Title: 원 더 우먼 / One the Woman
Genre: Romance, comedy, Fantasy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2021-Sep-17 to 2021-Nov-06
Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00


Jo Yeon Joo (Lee Ha Nee), a rouge prosecutor gets into a car accident. When she wakes up from a coma, her life changes as she is swapped with that of the youngest daughter of a chaebol, Kang Mi Na (Lee Ha Nee), also the daughter-in-law of BK Group, who just looks like her. Han Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon) is a chaebol, who still cherishes his first love. He left Korea because he felt the savagery of a fight for inheritance. He comes back to find the truth behind his father’s sordid death. Whe he meets his first love by chance, he does not want to lose her again.


Main Cast

Lee Sang Yoon as Han Seung Wook
Kim Young Hoon as Han Seung Wook (young)
Lee Ha Nee as Kang Mi Na / Jo Yeon Joo
Kim Do Yeon as Kang Mi Na / Jo Yeon Joo (young)
Lee Won Keun as Ahn Yoo Jun
Jin Seo Yeon as Han Seong Hye

Hanju family

Song Won Suk as Han Sung Woon
Jun Gook Hwan as Han Young Shik
Na Young Hee as Seo Myung Won
Song Seung Ha (송승하) as Han Sung Mi
Jo Yun Hee as Heo Jae Hee
Shin Seo Woo (신서우) as Han Sun Woo

Hanju group

Kim Chang Wan as Noh Hak Tae
Ye Soo Jung as Kim Kyung Shin
Kim Bong Man (김봉만) as Jung Do Woo
Heu Eong (흐엉) as Trang

People around Jo Yun Joo

Kim Won Hae as Ryu Seung Duk
Jung In Ki as Kang Myung Kook
Lee Kyu Bok (이규복) as Wang Pil Kyu
Jo Dal Hwan as Choi Dae Chi


Park Jung Hwa (박정화) as Park So Yi
Kim Jae Young (김재영) as Lee Bong Shik
Hwang Young Hee as Kang Eun Hwa

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio S (SBS), Gil Pictures
Director: Choi Young Hoon
Scriptwriter: Kim Yoon

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2021-09-17 1 8.1 - 8.2 (5th) 9.0 (4th)
2021-09-18 2 7.0 - 7.1 (7th) 8.0 (5th)
2021-09-24 3 10.6 - 12.7 (3rd) 13.2 (3rd)
2021-09-25 4 10.8 - 12.6 (2nd) 12.7 (2nd)
2021-10-01 5 11.2 - 13.4 (3rd) 14.6 (3rd)
2021-10-02 6 10.8 - 13.0 (2nd) 13.1 (2nd)
2021-10-08 7 12.5 - 15.0 (2nd) 15.7 (1st)
2021-10-09 8 11.5 - 13.5 (2nd) 13.9 (2nd)
2021-10-15 9 11.2 - 14.0 (2nd) 15.1 (1st)
2021-10-16 10 11.2 - 13.3 (2nd) 14.1 (2nd)
2021-10-22 11 11.6 - 14.0 (2nd) 14.5 (1st)
2021-10-23 12 10.1 - 12.5 (2nd) 13.4 (2nd)
2021-10-29 13 13.2 - 16.0 (2nd) 16.9 (1st)
2021-10-30 14 13.8 - 16.9 (2nd) 17.7 (2nd)
2021-11-05 15 13.5 - 16.7 (1st) 17.2 (1st)
2021-11-06 16 15.4 - 17.8 (2nd) 18.5 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : ervina irfareza Says:

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  2. 2 : ervina irfareza Says:

    Nonton Drama Korea Sub Indo Moviemania21 – 21moviemania 21mph

  3. 3 : Kaleem Ullah Says:

    Watch Full Episode of One the Woman with eng sub here https://dramacool.wiki/category/one-the-woman/

  4. 4 : BFJ Says:

    This is a very sweet drama. Love it. Love Lee Ha Ne as Jo Yeon/Kang Mina.

    Lee Ha Na plays the character Jo Yeon Joo and Kang Mi Na very well.

    Jo YJ is so mixed up in her personality as KMN and herself. She’s this and that all the time, switching personalities. Ends up funny.
    But one trait that stayed constant, dont change, is … she’s a hard core Nagger. She nags at everything and gets away with it.

    Full of fun.

  5. 5 : dramachuma Says:

    Both Lee Ha Nee and Lee Sang Yoon are good actress n actor. The drama is interesting. Lee Ha Lee is the soul of the drama.

  6. 6 : BFJ Says:

    OoooThat’s right. Lee Ha Nee is the soul of the drama. This role is meant for her. I just simply like her. She’s a natural. Hehe !!

    I must learn how to nag like Jo YJ. When she nags people listen to her. She must have got a special style to it. When I nag, I would find myself the only one left standing, making noise …

    The Art of Nagging … even the prosecutor when indicting her automatically switched to reporting to her ? 😊

    Shall I say, watch and learn … ?? Hehe !! 😊

  7. 7 : annmasae Says:

    Enjoying this drama. Lee Ha Nee is such a great actress although often over the top. She did a good job in the Fiery Priest too. Lee Sang Yoon is great too and so tall and handsome.

  8. 8 : OK OK OK Says:

    NICE!!! ❤️

  9. 9 : theworstme Says:

    Love this drama. Honey Lee is such a good actress. Honestly, this is my first time to watch her drama.

  10. 10 : Cheorin Says:

    Enjoying the drama but unless Kang Mi Na and Jo Yeon Joo are identical twins, it’s difficult to believe that family members won’t notice minor physical differences bc doppelgangers are not as indistinguishable as identical twins can sometimes be

  11. 11 : BFJ Says:

    #10 Cheorin

    In this case I think its possible that family members did not notice minute diferences between Kang MN and Jo JW for these reasons :

    1) Kang MN is very much a recluse as well as a very private person (info from ep 5). She leads a life of isolation. She does not spend time to socialise much, which includes with her family members. Meaning nobody gets to know her warts and all. As such it does not leave much chances for people to pick out minute physical differences betweem KMN and JJW.

    2) I doubt the people around her being the chaebols that they are, are more into themselves to care or notice any differences in anybody, including KMN and JJW. Unless if J JW were to come dressed as a gorilla ?

    And luckily for the “con”, the new Kang MN happens to be a witty, law smart upbeat and cool character, not to mention an artful hard core nagger as well, that she could naturally create enough distractions to cover any doubts away from her authenticity as KMN. Plus, an added confidence that she’s got the backing of an americanised handsome chaebol who will catch her when she falls ? Hehe !!

    The actress Lee Ha Nee suits this role very well. She was very cute too in Fiery Priest.

    Have a fun time watching the drama !!

  12. 12 : BFJ Says:

    Ooohoohh … !! Spoke too soon. Fake Kang Mi Na’s cover is about to be blown open.

    Underestimated one KMN’s family member who is rival for the Chairman post of Yumin Conglomerate. Can JJW beat off this rival?

    Then there is an observant opportunistic outsider who noted the fake conspricacy. And he has plans to use this secret info to ‘milk’ off as much money as he can from Team JJW.

    Will our resilient fast talking hardcore nagger JJW get away from these stumbling blocks. Where is the real Kang Mi Na ?? Please hurry back…

  13. 13 : BFJ Says:

    Dear Chingus

    ❤ Congratulations !! May Baby be blessed with good health, love and laughter !! ❤

  14. 14 : BFJ Says:

    Episode 7 is more or less a transition period of being fake Kang Mina to Prosecutor Jo Jeon Wu.

    JJW’s curiosity about her life as Prosecutor kept her questioning her past. And she is also becoming more aware of the devious and conniving ways of Kang MN’s in laws. This means, JJW is very much alert to the present situation she’s fallen in.

    To cut the story short … her lost memory is beginning to stir. Wont be long she will regain her full memory.

    Thanks to a hit by a brick (by criminal Lee Bong Sik) JJW regained her memory completely. The new combination of Kang Min Na/ Jo Jeon Wu is going to be formidable.

    JJW immediately sets out to go after corrupt Chief Prosecutor. At the same time she’s fending off Kang MN’s in laws from trying to grab the inheritances of Han Seung Wook and Kang MN. Can JJW make it? Of course she can? She’s a smart wily girl.

    Meanwhile, she is not without some sad personal matters which she has to sort out, i.e. to get the people responsible for her grandma’s death, her dad’s false accusation that he started a fire which killed Han SW’s dad, plus Han SW’s growing attachment to her.

    In Episode 8 JJW was told by Lee BS that Kang MN had fled to China. Can this be true? I doubt it. Its more likely that she’s been kept a prisoner somewhere. Or she could really have fled to China to avoid her greedy and murderous in-laws ?

    BTW now that JJW is back, we get to see a more serious artful hard core nagger and a less canterous Kang MN. This is fine with me. She still is kicking a***** like nobody’s business !! Yeah … fighting !!

    A question : Could JJW and Kang MN be twins ? They were separated when very young?

  15. 15 : BFJ Says:

    I’ve lagged behind watching this drama for the past two weeks already. Could not catch up due to time constraints.

    So, I have decided to bow out this time. Sorry !!

    Hope to see you folks again somewhere sometime in the near future.

    Bye !! Wish you all, everything nice !! 😊❤

    Adopt a homeless pet. Give a homeless pet a kind home. 🐾🐾🐾 ❤

  16. 16 : BFJ Says:

    I have been lagging behind watching the drama for two weeks already. Reason is I cannot catch up, due to time constraints.

    So, I have decided to bow out. Sorry !!

    Hope we can meet again somewhere sometime in the near future.

    Bye !! Wish you all, everything nice !! 💕

    Adopt a pet. Give a homeless pet a kind home. 🐾🐾🐾❤

  17. 17 : BFJ Says:

    Dear Admin

    I have tried twice to post my comments. But both times my posts did not show.

    Would appreciate if you could look into this. Thank you

  18. 18 : BFJ Says:

    Dear Admin

    It would be nice too if you could explain why my note to you is published but not my earlier comments?

    Thank you.

  19. 19 : BFJ Says:

    Dear Admin

    Re your response. Exactly duplicate posts. Its cuz the first one was not published. So I tried posting again !!

    Why cancel off even the second try ? Dont deserve it.

    Wait !! Am I really talking to a robot ?? Hahaha !!

    Have a nice day robot !!

  20. 20 : BJF Says:

    Dear Admin aka Robot

    Hahaha .. please do not cancel this post off. Thank you

    Per my last two unpublished posts, this one too is messaging my fellow viewers here that due to time constraints, I cannot catch up with this drama. So I am bowing out.

    I hope we get to meet again somewhere sometime in the near future.

    Bye !! Wish you all, everything nice !! 💕

  21. 21 : MN2021 Says:

    Whatever this Bitch Seo Myung Won will Do, at Ep12. She Can’t Really make the Present Chairman Kang Mi Nah a fake since The Body really belongs to her, that’s why the DNA is 99.9% matched to any of her family members.

    Not knowing them, the Spirit only isn’t Kang Mi Nah but it’s Prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo.. The Only Mystery for me here, is Where is the soul of the Real Kang Mi Nah?. While watching this drama, i can also sense that Jo Yeon Joo might really is adopted&the real Kang Mi Nah might her Real Twin Sister….

  22. 22 : BJF Says:

    #21 MN2021

    Since I am unable to catch the drama when it screens, I get an idea of the story from your comments.


  23. 23 : Hanako Says:

    One of the best drama this year. I love the story and all the actors and actresses were real good in this drama. Exciting, comedian, romantic as well as emotional. Love the ending part where everyone sing and dance .
    Thanks very much for this great drama :
    Production Companies: Studio S (SBS), Gil Pictures
    Director: Choi Young Hoon
    Scriptwriter: Kim Yoon

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