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Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus 04

Title: 오 마이 비너스 / Oh My Venus
Chinese Title: Oh 我的维纳斯
Previously Known as: 오 마이 갓 / Oh My God
Genre: Romantic, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-16 to 2016-Jan-05
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This is a drama about two Childhood friends meet again in their adulthood and find themselves making a bet on a “diet challenge”. The story focuses on their journey of searching for love and health.

Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. Even though he comes from a wealthy family background, he suffered a devastating injury during his childhood days. Now, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness. Meanwhile, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) is 33-years-old lawyer. She has struggled to support her family. Now, she is overweight and challenge her-selves for a diet.


Main Cast

So Ji Sub as Kim Young Ho
Shin Min Ah as Kang Joo Eun
Jung Gyu Woon as Im Woo Shik
Yoo In Young as Oh Soo Jin

Kim Young Ho’s Family

Ban Hyo Jung as Lee Hong Im (Kim Young Ho’s Grandma)
Choi Il Hwa as Kim Sung Chul (Kim Young Ho’s father)
Jin Kyung as Choi Hye Ran (Kim Young Ho’s stepmother)
Lee Seung Ho as Kim Young Joon
Kim Jung Tae as Choi Nam Chul

Kang Joo Eun’s Family

Kwon Ki Sun as Kwon Ok Boon (Kang Joo Eun’s Mom)
Ahn Ji Hoon as Kang Jae Hyung

People Around Kim Young Ho

Henry as Kim Ji Woong
Sung Hoon as Jang Joon Sung
Choi Jin Ho as Min Byung Wook

People Around Kang Joo Eun

Jo Eun Ji as Lee Hyun Woo (Kang Joo Eun’s Friend)
Song Yoo Ha as PD Ko (Lee Hyun Woo’s husband)
Kwon Soon Joon as Ko Min Joon (PD Ko & Lee Hyun Woo’s son)

Luck Firm

Kim Jung Pal as Law Firm Representative
Hong Yoon Hwa as Jo Hyun Jung


Jung Hye Sung as Jang Yi Jin
Nam Ki Ae as Ji Sun Ja
Kim Ik Tae
Kim Min Kyu

Production Credits

Directors: Kim Hyung Suk
Screenwriters: Kim Eun Ji


2015 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – So Ji Sub & Shin Min Ah (Oh My Venus)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Mini Series): Shin Min Ah (Oh My Venus)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor: So Ji Sub (Oh My Venus)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-11-16 1 7.4 (19th) 8.6 (15th) 7.4 8.1 (19th)
2015-11-17 2 7.0 (20th) 8.7 (13th) 8.2 (18th) 9.3 (14th)
2015-11-23 3 7.4 (18th) 8.7 (15th) 8.4 (17th) 9.5 (15th)
2015-11-24 4 8.1 (18th) 9.9 (10th) 9.4 (16th) 10.5 (11th)
2015-11-30 5 7.1 (19th) 7.7 (18th) 8.8 (17th) 9.5 (16th)
2015-12-01 6 7.9 (18th) 8.8 (15th) 9.7 (15th) 10.7 (9th)
2015-12-07 7 6.6 7.4 (19th) 8.2 (18th) 8.8 (16th)
2015-12-08 8 7.0 (19th) 8.5 (15th) 9.4 (16th) 10.2 (13th)
2015-12-14 9 7.2 8.4 (12th) 8.7 (19th) 9.5 (18th)
2015-12-15 10 7.4 7.8 (16th) 8.9 (13th) 9.8 (11th)
2015-12-21 11 6.5 7.2 (20th) 8.4 (18th) 9.1 (16th)
2015-12-22 12 6.7 8.0 (13th) 8.6 (17th) 9.5 (11th)
2015-12-28 13 6.7 7.4 (16th) 8.7 (17th) 8.8 (18th)
2015-12-29 14 7.5 (19th) 8.5 (11th) 9.9 (13th) 10.9 (10th)
2016-01-04 15 6.7 (<7.2) 8.4 8.9 (18th)
2016-01-05 16 7.5 7.4 (19th) 8.7 (16th) 9.0 (13th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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So Ji Sub at the Gym
So Ji Sub, Sung Hoon and Henry at the Gym
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  1. 1 : Peace Says:

    Can’t wait this drama. wanna watch very soon.

  2. 2 : Qorina Says:

    wow!! so excited with this drama. I hope the rate is very high

  3. 3 : hnyJo Says:

    can’t wait to watch this, just 4 see Sung Hoon acting again, I fall to him so much…wish this drama success and Sung Hoon oppa will get a lead role in drama, fighting Sung Hoon si !!

    SJS u still one of my fav actor too, nice to see u act again :))

  4. 4 : Rex Says:

    oppa is back so ji sub

  5. 5 : admin Says:

    New Trailer

  6. 6 : ayi Says:

    waaa i cant wait 4 this

  7. 7 : Hannah Says:

    omo omo MAMA MIA !!!
    Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub <3
    Brava brava *claps*

  8. 8 : ghazwa Says:

    cant wait cant wait plz nov. 6 come faaaaassssssssssssssst

  9. 9 : pudji Says:

    daebak……so ji sub oppa…..azza..azza..fighting…can”t wait the drama…. 🙂

  10. 10 : DramFan Says:

    OMG!! So Ji Sub. Definitely going to watch this!! 🙂

  11. 11 : Mia Andriyani Says:

    Wonderful actres n actor. I’m so waiting So ji Sub Oppa n Shin Min Ah Onnie able to acting in the drama..

  12. 12 : Birddybuddy Says:

    I’m glad after my Fav drama She Was Pretty end I’ll have this drama too enjoy cus they both just Daebak 😍 I just can’t wait !! Sound abit similar to She Was Pretty ( Childhood Friend ) it’s a trend I guess ❤️

  13. 13 : Dramalover Says:

    OMG TWO of my FAVOURITE korean actors playing the lead. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!! Shin Min Ah is adorable and Ji Sub ugh (drools) one of the handsomest manly-looking korean guys. Fell in love with him in Masters Sun. CANNOT WAIT till this drama airs, hope it will be a good one!!!

  14. 14 : bunny Says:

    i love this couple…uwaahhh!!!!!!cant wait

  15. 15 : Zoey Says:

    I’m so exited…..bring it on….

  16. 16 : Spilty Says:

    I wannnnna watch thisssssss! opppa

  17. 17 : dood Says:

    Oooo, So Ji Sub!!! Wonderful actor!

  18. 18 : tera Says:

    overweight??? shin min ah???

  19. 19 : era Says:

    Wuahhhh cant waiiiit… shin min a and so ji sub are my fave

  20. 20 : KDCraze Says:

    I will definitely watching this. I like So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah. Both of them are my favorite actor and actress. Hopefully the story is great too. Looking forward for this drama.

  21. 21 : Chan Says:

    I really can’t wait for this drama. <3 Oh My Venus

  22. 22 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    Can’t wait. So far I have 3 dramas that are going to be airing in a week or two that I can’t wait to see.

  23. 23 : CUITE Says:

    Finally SHIN MIN AH is out … can’t wait for this drama..excited ! ~

  24. 24 : Heba Ahmad Says:

    Deabaaaaaaaak !! Love the chemistry between them 😍😍

  25. 25 : kyu Says:

    Aaa~ Shin min ah eonnie~ Finally she is back. Cant wait for this drama 😊😊

  26. 26 : salma mhdh Says:


  27. 27 : fitri fazillah Says:

    omo omo MAMA MIA !!!
    the bak.. nomo nomo cuao….
    i can’t wait for this drama..excited ….
    Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub <3
    gak sabar nunggunya pasti reting tinggi neh

  28. 28 : azfa illa Says:

    @27 : fitri fazillah

    “the bak.. nomo nomo cuao….”
    did you mean… : daebak neomu neomu jeoha ?

    kkkk :’D

  29. 29 : Cute Says:

    waiting 2 days again

  30. 30 : dood Says:

    can’t wait to watch~!!!!!

  31. 31 : YSJlovesss! Says:


    so yeah, I think I’ll watch this..hehehe! 👍😊😁

  32. 32 : Oh My Venus, o drama esperado do canal KBS2 Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama, DramaFever […]

  33. 33 : Chan Says:

    Finally it’s tonight 😀

  34. 34 : Rex981 Says:

    great start

  35. 35 : Diane Says:

    Saw the ep. 1 and it looks good! Looking forward to the next ep. !!!

    So Ji Sub has soulful eyes!!! Glad to see him with a new haircut. Tired of the male actors with the bangs (Kdrama ).

    Shin Min Ah is looking good too! She’s a natural beauty!!

  36. 36 : Kaylee Says:

    Loving this drama already!!! Main leads are great so far!!! Can’t wait for next episode!!!

  37. 37 : dood Says:

    great start 2))

  38. 38 : susy Says:

    Sjs soooo hansome n very good actor

  39. 39 : Oh My Venus Says:

    Loving this drama!
    all the players are very good 🙂
    and tonight has been running 2 episodes,..

  40. 40 : Hannah Says:

    Watched the 2 episodes! What can I say, I’m already hooked! Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub make a wonderful couple!!

    And Jung Gyu Woon and Yoo In Young, both of them can carry antagonist character!

    And Sung Hoon!! I love him in New Tales of Gisaeng <3

  41. 41 : MISSBENJAMIN Says:

    im so loving this drama!!!

  42. 42 : saam Says:

    i am sure the rating will increase like she was pretty’s ratting , i am already in love with this drama.
    So ji sub is one of my favorite actors.

    Looking forward to the next episodes <333!!

  43. 43 : Irin Says:

    Not disappointed hehe

  44. 44 : Meela Says:

    I have watch 2 ep this drama..n makes me uncomfortable b’cause im so addictive n can’t wait for monday n tuesday anymore.ha3.#so ji sub saranghae

  45. 45 : meita17 Says:

    2 episode done..but why my lovely sunghoon just have a lit scene….not enough , need more to make this drama more great pleaseeeeee writer nim more scene 4 the bromance !!

  46. 46 : Finnyana Says:


  47. 47 : Dy.K Says:

    Okay i’ve watched 2 eps so far, and sooo KYH has a what i like to call as white knight syndrome. And KJE is a strong damsel in distress (?)…but i like KJH strong character here actually.
    So far i like the OST and the cast. And i hope the writer know how to make a good storyline with this GOOD cast…

  48. 48 : OK OK OK Says:

    Shin Min Ah looks very cute with double chin.
    Looks so natural.. Make up artist – great job 😛
    I am going to watch this drama.

  49. 49 : dood Says:

    Love it!!! Love it!!!

  50. 50 : lisa Says:

    download link

  51. 51 : MJ Says:

    I had high expectation since I see the cast are So Ji Sub n Shin Min Ah, watched 2 eps already and stay put because of So Ji Sub, for me eps 1 is not too interesting and the plot is really slow, the things that interesting only few minutes before the end of eps 1, eps 2 still slow but not too bad, i wonder why Super Junior member lately got this kinda character who cheerful and yet showing how good their english *justsaying hopefully the story will become intense and interesting that made me wouldn’t have to pause and do something else and then play again ;p Ususually I like shin min ah character but until eps 2 i don’t really like it and So Ji Sub in here..hmmm..as usual..awesome!

  52. 52 : MJ Says:

    *usually *sorry
    But for sure I will watch next eps~~ since i still have expectation ;D

  53. 53 : Yulie yuta Says:

    Dae baaakkk,.

    Tak sabar menanti this couple,.
    So ji sub 💋 Shin min ah_

    Berry looove them😍😍😘😘😘

  54. 54 : Lime Says:

    What song ep 2 when min ah with gyu woon..so lovely song..please tell me

  55. 55 : Sousou Says:

    Good chemestry between Ji Sub and Min Ah

  56. 56 : DSant Says:

    Looks very promising, hopefully; the writers will not do crazy plot. Love the OTP and bonus of Sung Hoon’s participation.

  57. 57 : Chan Says:

    Can’t wait for next episode

  58. 58 : Hehehehe Says:

    OMGGGGG the first two episodes were so good! So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah fighting! Henry and Sung Hoon Fighting!

  59. 59 : DramFan Says:

    Very good chemistry bet ween Ji Sub and Min Ah. So ji sub so hot. OMG!! I DON’T HAVE WORDS. Looking forward to watch a great show. I’m loving it 🙂

  60. 60 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 3 ending. I so in love with the song — OH MY BABY ONLY YOU WHOO….. 😛

  61. 61 : Shpsi Says:

    Awesome main leads. Fantastic OSTs. Great settings. Unique plot. This drama is being underrated…

    Perhaps some more chemistry and plot improvement could spice it a little bit..

    this drama is definitely on my list! 😊

  62. 62 : tigerb Says:

    a lawyer wearing eyeglasses frame with no lenses!

  63. 63 : Happy Says:

    I thought this is a drama with a common story…after watched it,i can’t believe i’m laughing at some scenes at ep 3…yup!!this is getting better…
    What i like,this show shows how a person get into a struggle to overcome the problem..no instantly..a will and a chance…

  64. 64 : lena Says:

    episode 4 already… still no chemistry…. but very interesting. Cant wait for next week.

  65. 65 : Shaggy Says:

    Hohoho!!! Episode ratings start to raise…It’s a good story and worth to watch..Fighting!!

  66. 66 : OK OK OK Says:

    Shin Min Ah really takes care of her skin really well – just like new born baby, so fresh, smooth and healthy 😛

  67. 67 : susy Says:

    Seru…tokoh cewek tak langsung dibuat cantik seperti drama pada umumnya…yaaa walau gendut tetap cantik sih

  68. 68 : susy Says:

    Can’t wait next week!

  69. 69 : Dy.K Says:

    I like the interaction between Lawyer Kang n JK teams, but of course after KJE n KYH momment..that collar grab n “Your Body…mine!” scene 😀 and how the director took that scene it’s just like steady KJE world start to spinning around coz of KYH (Can’t take my eyes away from SJS high cheekbone..mm..mm..mmm, bronzer or natural it surely look so fine)
    I love many scenes in the 3-4 eps. But i think the writer need to work out for KJE n KYH relationship, yeah i know KJE just recently broke up n KYH has a pain to heal..but this is 16 eps drama, so can we now move on to developement of their relationship writernim..please?

  70. 70 : Noy Says:

    So Ji Sub never missed watching his drama or movie since 2004 (What happened in Bali), hope to see your next drama with Ha Ji Won…. 🙂

  71. 71 : novakarlin Says:

    Whoooaaa.. FINALLY !!
    I really love this drama so much !!
    As expected from Shin Mina unnir and So Ji Sub oppaa.. both have a GREAT acting !
    I love Ji Woong and Korean Snake too..
    Aww.. these 3 are so adorably charming ♥~

  72. 72 : novakarlin Says:

    And DEFINETELY YESSS !! this drama need more love and support !! Keep higher rating-nim. Oh My Venus deserved it!!!

  73. 73 : DramFan Says:

    I’m loving it every minute. This is becoming more and more interesting. Such a good natural chemistry between the two leads. And OMG they both are cute. I’m repeatedly watching the episodes again and again. I can’t help it. Waiting for the next episode. Story is natural, touching and at the same time funny. WOW! WOW! WOW!
    So Jo Sub. You are the definition of PERFECTION. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  74. 74 : Ami Says:

    this looks so boring. main characters are a disappointment

  75. 75 : Wi song Says:

    Wow I love this drama sooooo much 👌 😍 😗 😙.

  76. 76 : Jo Says:

    Can’t wait for episode 5 ,I saw on viki it is already released

  77. 77 : tigerb Says:

    @Jo #76: i don’t understand. i thought ep. 5 will air on nov. 30, how come you said ‘I saw on viki it is already released.’ what does that mean?

  78. 78 : florensianaisay Says:

    I love wacthing this drama,fun and there is my fave actor ji sub

  79. 79 : Jo Says:

    @tigerb #78: yesterday about 7p.m on viki i say it on air then a few hour later they have the new ep.

  80. 80 : Sousou Says:

    Of course interesting to watch … but the plot is too slow.
    I hope that from now it will have more comics effects and that things will accelerate.

  81. 81 : tigerb Says:

    @Jo: you mean viki is ahead of showing it than KBS?

  82. 82 : barry allen Says:

    i like this couple..i want to watch this drama

  83. 83 : Jo Says:

    @tigerb: i think so…

  84. 84 : Jo Says:

    finally the movie is coming out! tomorrow is the day…

  85. 85 : susy Says:

    It was wrong number chapter

  86. 86 : susy Says:

    Andai so ji sub main drama romantis komedi tiap tahun….

  87. 87 : Jo Says:

    Why aren’t the movie out yet?it is already 30/11

  88. 88 : Jo Says:

    When will the movie out ?

  89. 89 : DramFan Says:

    A drama cannot be boring or go wrong when So Ji Sub is in it.
    I love this drama. I keep on watching it again and again. 🙂

  90. 90 : d14h Says:

    love this drama

  91. 91 : Jo Says:

    episode 5,soo jin and ji sub accidentally kiss!SO SWEET~

  92. 92 : evaf Says:

    i can’t wait for the next episode….really like it

  93. 93 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 6
    Miss Shin Min Ah double chin 😛

  94. 94 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 6
    So Ji Sub is so manly with all his actions in this drama, especially when he says “those se xy words” to Shin Min Ah outside the cafe in a rainy day. ha ha 😛

  95. 95 : Gugu Says:

    Oh My Venus pace is picking up with episode 6. Was watching because of Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub, but after epi 6, its all about the story. Can’t wait for the next episode! Woohoo…

  96. 96 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 6 was great!!! Love the kids at the end. Love how the romance is building its not too slow, just going at the right pace.
    I see turbelance ahead for everyone. There is a stalker problem, there is a family problem, there is a self esteem problem, there is letting go problems, there is rejection problems, there is domestic violence problem, there are weight issue, but not in the sence of been skinny and avoid all what society deemed as junk food, but have a balance. It’s saying exercise, eat healthy, but don’t deprive your self of life’s pleasures sometime enjoy junk food do the unexpected sometimes that’s what makes life rich, creamy and beautiful.

  97. 97 : Sharon Says:

    Not kids, Kiss.

  98. 98 : Nomon Says:

    I finally see this couple together

  99. 99 : Nam Says:

    Oh My Venus: Episode 6
    by LollyPip | December 2, 2015 | 142 Comments | 2,087 votes, average: 4.74 out of 52,087 votes, average: 4.74 out of 52,087 votes, average: 4.74 out of 52,087 votes, average: 4.74 out of 52,087 votes, average: 4.74 out of 5 4.74 out of 5 stars (2,087 votes)

    Joo-eun’s hard work starts to yield results… some expected, and some very much unexpected. Her evident physical changes begin to enact emotional changes in the people around her, affecting how they relate to her and each other. And as the past slowly starts to become clearer, present actions begin to make more sense – let’s hope they lead to honesty and healing.


    Joo-eun gets all worked up over Anna Sue and Young-ho’s scandal (since he’s let her think he’s gone to the US to see her), but starts her workout faithfully. He arrives home in the middle of a balancing exercise, making her tip over and knock both of them to the floor. Young-ho sees Joo-eun’s noticeably thinner face, and her dimple winks at him, mesmerizing him instantly.

    He ignores her complaints and smiles in wonderment, poking a finger into her dimple. He’s so utterly charmed that her grumpiness flies right over his head. Flustered, Joo-eun puts her glasses back on, and Young-ho ruins the mood by pointing out that people lose weight from the top down, and her tummy hasn’t changed. Ugh, stop while you’re ahead.

    But Young-ho is in a great mood, and admits that it’s nice to hear her voice in person again. Joo-eun asks about his trip “to the States,” and Young-ho vaguely says that he experienced a moment he’s been waiting for for a long time. At that, Joo-eun screams in his face, “You bastard, get over here!” HA, she means her stuffed sloth, who she’s named You Bastard.

    After beating the crud out of You Bastard, Joo-eun is still angry over Young-ho’s comment that he had a moment he’s been waiting for while he was gone. Thinking he was with Anna Sue, she assumes they had a sexy night together, and laughs wryly to herself. She finds Young-ho glaring suspiciously at a snack she left out for him, muttering that she regrets making it, when he says he doesn’t eat carbs or sodium.

    Joo-eun argues that home-cooked meals are warm and comforting, with lots of flavor, grumbling that it’s no good to be so sexy when he lives a bland life. He ignores her, more curious about the meal cover she used to keep the food fresh, and she asks if his mother never used such a thing. Sadly, he says he’s never seen one before.

    Joo-eun wanders off saying she’s going to get a massage, and Young-ho says massages are best from a man. But then he imagines Joo-eun, moaning ecstatically while getting a sexy massage from a muscle-bound masseur (holy crap that guy is huge), and panics a little. He hollers at her not to get a massage, offering to do it himself.

    HAHA, and then he just lets her use his massage chair. That’s cheating! But he covers her torso with a pillow, saying that the bouncing of her body looks suggestive, and he doesn’t want her getting too turned on. Right, I’m sure it’s her comfort you’re thinking about.

    Now Joo-eun is embarrassed, and Young-ho seems to be enjoying her discomfort. She asks him to stop the chair, dropping to banmal, and he pretends offense and leans way over her to chastise her for speaking to her coach that way. He’s right on top of her while she bounces underneath him — this is awesome.

    In spite of their suggestive position, Joo-eun proposes that they act more like friends from now on. Young-ho asks if she means the kind of friends who kiss, and adjusts the chair vertically, bringing her even closer to himself. Joo-eun’s heart starts to pound as she remembers their accidental “kiss” during jiu jitsu practice.

    Stepmom brings Grandma tea and offers her a massage, but it’s obvious that Grandma prefers to keep her at arm’s length. She says that people talk about her as if she cares more about the company than her dead daughter, and that she somehow used her son-in-law by having him marry Stepmom, and she says that it hurts her to know that people think that way. She compliments Stepmom on the way she’s raised Young-joon, but warns her not to give him any ideas about inheriting the company.

    Ji-woong bounces into bed with Young-ho to welcome him home with an attack-hug, excited to hear that he’s gotten a clean bill of health. He chatters about Ma’am and how she wasn’t kidding about being Daegu’s Venus, and Young-ho admits that her long-unseen dimples are pretty cute.

    Joon-sung spends the evening in his car, perking up when he sees an older woman walking past. He recalls someone telling him that “they” refused to met him — is this his birth mother? He sighs and heads home, just missing the woman arriving at her door to find herself confronted with a drunk, abusive husband.

    Young-ho is woken the next morning by all three of his house guests grinning at him, excited for Joo-eun’s weigh-in. They hold their breath as she steps on the scale… then celebrate. Joo-eun and the boys bounce in circles, but Young-ho is curiously unmoved. He asks why they’re doing this, and Joo-eun and Joon-sung both turn to Ji-woong to shoot him dirty looks.

    Apparently, they promised to grant Joo-eun a wish if she lost fifteen kilos (about thirty-three pounds), and Young-ho waves at them to go grant her wish and let him sleep. But the boys insist that all three of them have to do it, so Young-ho reluctantly asks what the wish is. When Joo-eun says it’s to live as Kang Joo-eun for a day, both boys slink away like they’re expecting to get swatted, hee.

    All she wants is for the guys to experience some freedom in their lives, but Young-ho doesn’t like the idea — that’s how she became unhealthy in the first place. Joo-eun comes prepared for his objections, showing him her improved blood results, and says there’s room for compromise. Being unhealthy for one day won’t hurt them.

    First stop — the coffee shop, where Joo-eun orders everyone fancy drinks with extra whipped cream. Young-ho orders a plain Americano, and Joo-eun has to re-enforce that today is her day to make the decisions.

    Hyun-woo’s ex comes back from the States without having found John Kim (mostly because he wasn’t there) but with some interesting footage of Anna Sue. He’s certain the man she’s with in the film is John Kim, but he’s less concerned with fact than he is with getting a good story. If he’s wrong, let John Kim sue him — at least he’ll get to see his face that way.

    Joo-eun arrives at work in a great mood, at least until she runs into Soo-jin and her supervisor. He chastises Joo-eun for focusing more on her diet than her job, ordering her to take the harassment case Soo-jin assigned her to (that Soo-jin also happens to be working on). In her office, Soo-jin notices Joo-eun’s smaller face, and gives Joo-eun a new case. It’s a copyright infringement case, guaranteed to be difficult and boring, that she admits she’s too busy to handle.

    Ji-woong gets a text from Joo-eun, thanking him for not complaining about his day living as Kang Joo-eun, and gives the guys their next mission. They must get comfortable, and do nothing. Ha, sounds easy, but it’s going to be torture for Young-ho!

    Joon-sung shows up in time to participate (with a new, sexy haircut), and the guys take pictures of themselves lying around like slugs. Even Young-ho looks like he’s having fun with it. Later they’re told to watch a romantic movie and get emotional, and awww, Joon-sung even cries a little. He’s definitely the marshmallow of the trio.

    Joo-eun forbids Young-ho to exercise, which seems to break his brain a little, hee. Then it’s naptime, which is definitely not a problem for Young-ho. He’s so squishy when he’s sleeping.

    Woo-shik delivers information on Young-ho to Uncle, including a photo so that now he knows what his nemesis looks like. They discuss getting the CEO on their side, and how he’ll probably want stocks as incentive. They agree that it’s worth it to give up something in order to gain more.

    Soo-jin visits the chaebol daughter who’s being accused of sexual harassment, and she seems like a real nasty piece of work (she’s naked in the bathtub getting a massage while talking to her lawyer — need I say more?). The woman is insulted that she got the firm’s deputy president instead of the president to handle her case, but Soo-jin informs her that no matter how much money she throws at lawyers, the press is going to eat her alive.

    She advises the spoiled princess that, since her assault on her employees is public knowledge, she needs to lay low while she’s supposed to be under house arrest — no more plastic surgeons and massage parlors for a while. Princess spits that Soo-jin thinks she’s all that because she’s a little bit pretty, but as a lawyer, she needs her money to live. Soo-jin valiantly holds her tongue, unimpressed.

    Joo-eun gets the hilarious pictures of her boys following orders to be lazy and unproductive, squealing at how cute they are. Her secretary, Hyun-jung, expresses worry over her weight loss and justifies that her own weight is mostly muscle, though Joo-eun just sighs that she has to get healthy for her thyroid.

    She goes to Hyun-woo’s for a good solid meal on her day of freedom, but the restaurant is under construction and she’s left hungry. Hyun-woo does notice that Joo-eun’s face looks thinner, but shakes her head at the rest of her (oh come on, she didn’t lose thirty pounds in her face, people!).

    Joo-eun tells Hyun-woo that she’s staying with a friend, which triggers the memory of Young-ho getting all close and asking if they’re the kind of friends who kiss. Hyun-woo mentions that her ex says he found out where John Kim lives, which makes Joo-eun sit up in alarm.

    She calls Ji-woong and has him put her on speaker phone, ordering the guys to put down the bland food. Their day of living as Kang Joo-eun isn’t over, and they’re going out to eat. Expecting a fancy meal, they get dressed up in slick suits which is totally adorable, only to find themselves at a fast-food place, ha. Young-ho tries to bail (“I don’t eat carbs!”) but Ji-woong and Joon-sung force him to go inside.

    Joo-eun in ecstatic over the food, while the boys eye it suspiciously. Finally Ji-woong digs in, and even Joon-sung picks at it, though Joo-eun tells him to just fight in a higher weight division. She tries to feed the stonefaced Young-ho something yummy, and he’s no match for the combined power of her cuteness and the boys’ muscle, though he threatens to make them pay for this tomorrow. But he does smile when Joo-eun wants to take a group selca.

    Woo-shik gets a call from the police station, but on his way out, Soo-jin calls him to ask where he is. He says he’s at work, unaware that she’s watching him from her car and can see that he’s lying. He heads to the police station, where he finds out that Stalker is suing him for assault. Apparently Stalker spent three weeks in the hospital after Woo-shik punched him (as if) and even recorded Woo-shik’s threat to kill him if he goes near Joo-eun again.

    When he’s asked if he has a lawyer, Soo-jin pipes up that she’s his attorney — she followed him to the station. She shoots Woo-shik a Look, and he knows he’s busted.

    Soo-jin calls Joo-eun to the police station as well, to serve as witness. It’s not a funny scene, but I can’t help but laugh when Woo-shik and Joo-eun send Soo-jin identical glares when she tells the cops that they were each other’s first love. But she keeps it professional, explaining that after fifteen years, of course Woo-shik would be worried when someone is stalking Joo-eun. Young-ho shows up as well, since he was the witness for the first confrontation with Stalker.

    After coming to a settlement, Woo-shik wants to talk to Soo-jin, but she says that he and Joo-eun should probably talk first. He shyly notes that Joo-eun looks good, and admits that he probably overreacted when he confronted Stalker — he didn’t know she had someone looking after her.

    Joo-eun is angry that he pities her, but Woo-shik says that he didn’t totally stop caring just because they broke up. He wonders if she really knows who Young-ho is… maybe there’s more to him than she knows, and he might be playing with her. He says he’s worried that she may be falling for Young-ho, but Joo-eun counters that he’s being too nosy.

    She turns serious and says that they aren’t kids anymore, but that she’s the same Kang Joo-eun she’s always been, and that gaining weight didn’t mean she destroyed herself. She tells him to think again about what she’s changed in the last fifteen years.

    Declaring Soo-jin the better lawyer and Woo-shik in good hands, Joo-eun leaves. Young-ho gives his statement, and we see that he overheard Soo-jin’s explanation of Woo-shik and Joo-eun’s longterm relationship. He calls Manager Min to ask him a personal favor.

    Woo-shik waits to speak to Young-ho, and officially introduces himself as an employee at Gahong, Young-ho’s family’s company. Young-ho says he hasn’t decided if he’ll be the new director yet, asking if Woo-shik is doing this because of Joo-eun. Woo-shik concedes that he has no right to worry about her, and thanks Young-ho for coming to help.

    Young-ho says that he’d better go because Joo-eun doesn’t like being cold, which bothers Woo-shik. On the other hand, Young-ho looks pretty tickled that Joo-eun waited for him to drive her home rather than take a cab. So cute.

    Soo-jin slumps once she gets home, remembering that same lunch where Joo-eun set her up with the engineering jerk, and how Woo-shik had brought her chocolates. After the jerk had told her that “people like her” should stay at home, Woo-shik had come back to punch the guy out for speaking to her that way. He’d dared the guy to sue him, saying that his friend Soo-jin here just passed the bar exam and could defend him. Aww, he really is a good person.

    But in the present, Soo-jin had overheard Woo-shik’s recorded threat to Stalker, and how he’d warned him to stay away from Joo-eun. She spots her reflection in the window, seeing her old, overweight self huddled there.

    Joo-eun makes Young-ho stop at a coffee shop, happily chirping that she still has thirty minutes before her day of freedom is over. Young-ho objects to caffeine so close to bedtime, but his face goes all soft to see how excited she is for a simple cup of coffee.

    Manager Min agrees to Young-ho’s request, which involves himself and all the minions showing up at the police station in a show of force. Min talks to the cop handling Woo-shik’s charges, and makes sure that the word won’t get out that Young-ho was involved. He calls Young-ho to warn him to be more careful, and Young-ho retorts that Min should be more careful not to nag. I freaking love these two.

    Whoops, Young-ho is illegally parked, and he narrowly escapes getting towed. It’s raining when Joo-eun comes running back to the car, and the sight of her pretty face in the soft rain makes Young-ho go all wibbly. He’s so flustered, he doesn’t even object when she hands him a fancy coffee for himself, but he recovers enough to ask if she had fun today doing everything he told her not to do.

    She softly says that the coffee was just a gift, that she wanted him to experience a sweet part of life. She continues that humans have the right to pursue happiness, and Young-ho looks as though this is resonating with him. He asks if her gift symbolizes their right to be happy, and she says yes, just for this one day.

    She suddenly seems to realize the atmosphere in the car has changed, and gets out for some fresh air. But the coffee shop has now closed, and she’s stuck in the rain, which makes Young-ho go all mushy again. Her wish for him to experience the good things in life echoes in his head as he watches her, and he gets out to say that this is too sweet.

    He joins Joo-eun under her patio umbrella and casually drinks her coffee, but cringes that it’s too sweet. She catches him staring at her dimple and gets shy, but he doesn’t back down. She wonders when the car will be fixed, thinking that’s why the tow truck came, but Young-ho says the car is fine. He’s just hanging out here because he’s enjoying the sweet things in life. Okay, ~swoon~.

    He can’t seem to get over Joo-eun’s dimple and reaches out to touch it, and she tells him to stop messing with her, remembering Woo-shik’s warning. Young-ho says thoughtfully that she really has no idea, that men do other things when they’re only messing with a woman.

    Opening his umbrella to shield them from onlookers, Young-ho reminds Joo-eun that her body belongs to him, takes off her glasses, and gently kisses her.


    Well sir, when you finally figure out your feelings, you don’t waste any time, do you? Young-ho is just the best thing ever, with his fascinating mixture of insecurity and confidence, pairing confusion over his feelings with a willingness to get closer to Joo-eun to see what will happen. He seems so hard to read, and yet every thought is right there on his face once you know how to look. He obviously finds Joo-eun interesting as a person, and has for quite a while, but I love that it’s that adorable dimple that mesmerizes him to the point that he can’t keep his hands off her anymore. It’s a great way to take the focus off of Joo-eun’s physical body, yet still make his attraction to her very physical.

    I just love Joo-eun and her boys. It’s so cute how she’s really becoming one of them, so much so that Joon-sung and Ji-woong are even willing to make deals with her even when they know it will annoy Young-ho. Their eagerness to participate in the “day of Kang Joo-eun” was the cutest thing ever, and I love how they all really got into it, even grumpypants Young-ho. It really shows that they like and respect Joo-eun, and that they’re up for her shenanigans (though honestly, if she really lost that much weight, she’d probably be thin as a rail already — she wasn’t THAT heavy to start with!).

    I wish we could get a little clarification on what Woo-shik’s deal is, why he’s following Joo-eun and getting involved in her business. I think he’s given some clues, such as when he told Soo-jin that he could never get remarried if he ever got divorced, because he would feel too guilty. But I can’t tell if he still cares for Joo-eun or if he’s just feeling guilty for “abandoning” her after dating for so long, and I wish we were shown a bit more of how he feels. In any case, it’s strange how he keeps watching and following Joo-eun from behind the scenes, since she seems to be doing quite well all on her own. She doesn’t need his help, and has truly moved on, and he definitely knows it, even conceding to Young-ho on several different occasions. It’s like he knows she doesn’t need him anymore, but he’s still stuck in being the knight in shining armor and can’t seem to let go of fulfilling that role for her. Huh, maybe that’s why he’s having trouble letting go — because she was able to let go so easily.

    But I was cheering for Joo-eun when she pointed out that they’re not the same people as when they first met, and that her gaining weight wasn’t, as he put it, “destroying herself.” Because she’s right — people grow and change, but they stay fundamentally the same on the inside no matter how they change on the outside. Someone can gain or lose weight, or decide to change their style or their career, gain scars or even choose to alter their bodies purposely through tattoos or surgery, but it doesn’t make them somehow less. Joo-eun’s weight gain never affected her negatively other than a small loss of confidence in some situations. She never lost her sense of self, her pride in her accomplishments, or her determination to be successful. If Woo-shik saw her body changes as a loss, then that’s all on him, and says a lot more about him as a person than about Joo-eun. Good for her for knowing that, and for having the courage to say so out loud.

  100. 100 : Chan Says:

    Hmmm waiting for another week

  101. 101 : cw Says:

    OK, the men in this drama are buff, but there’s more to being buff to being a man or manly. Henry is cute and so is his character, and he has just as much manliness. Hope there are young ladies that think the same way. And other than this drama, wow! his musical talents. He reminds me of my grandson.

  102. 102 : aal Says:

    i started because of SJS but they are so cute together that i really really can’t take my eyes off them and the training scene was so sexy in ep5, wow!!

  103. 103 : 메타 Says:

    oh hi i like this drama

  104. 104 : Ezzety93 Says:

    OH MY VENUS! i like this drama soo much..

  105. 105 : dood Says:

    Wonderful actress n actors! Wonderful film!!!

  106. 106 : Azza Says:

    Shin Mi Ah and So Ji Sub so cute together. waiting for next episodes.FIGHTING!!

  107. 107 : Gugu Says:

    Just watcged epi 7. As expected, epi was great. Can’t wait for epi 8 tonight. Oh My Venus, fighting!! The ratings are not doing them justice.

  108. 108 : Jo Says:

    how to watch the ep on this website?i forgot the way?

  109. 109 : eko Says:

    yes they deserve 10 to each ep they are great and great story great so ji sub

  110. 110 : dood Says:

    Henry is so funny, I can’t stop laughing. Love him.

  111. 111 : pc Says:

    i guess my expectation was way too far for this pairing and the story line…i like it but i don’t love it!…LOL

  112. 112 : elly Says:

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  113. 113 : susy Says:

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  114. 114 : Skyl Says:

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    does anyone know the website that I could download korean drama? please tell me……………

  116. 116 : mariana Says:

    I like this drama a lot and the presence of the Sung Hoon is a nice surprise for me. I saw him in New Tales of Gisaeng (2011 – main actor), a wonderful drama. I hope that I will see him more often in the future. For the whole team – Fighting and Good luck!

  117. 117 : bigeye Says:

    i like this drama bec very funny and cute..henry is cute bec he make me non stop..thank you

  118. 118 : TraceyKim Says:

    am i the only one who want to watch chemistry between Jang Jung Soon adn Jang Ji Yin? Lol!
    i love couple of So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, but i think i am more interest chemistry of Jung Soon and Ji Yin.
    Ji Yin is so clumsy and cute on this drama ^^
    but I do love how So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah getting their chemistry, they do it slowly but sure 🙂

  119. 119 : Hannah Says:

    Young Ho and Jo Eun relationship is so a relationship goal. I love how this drama shows their maturity in relationship, unlike any other dramas, whenever the hero has health problems or whatever, he would run away from the girl he loves, and act as if it’s the best for the girl. But not this drama!! I love how Young Ho said to Chief Min directly that he’s dating Jo Eun. And I love how Young Ho let Jo Eun to see his weakness, and they both pat each other after YH overcomes his pain.

    And anyone knows if Korean Snake’s mom is Hyun Woo’s mother in law???

  120. 120 : era Says:

    good actors, great chemistry
    But the story was flat flat flat….
    Too bad…

  121. 121 : ida Says:

    Drama ini sebenarnya bagus tapi kenapa ya kayaknya kurang greget kurang greng gitu…..padahal bintang nya bagus2 dan bintang2 papan atasnya korea.

    Apa krn penggarapannya terlalu B…biasa ya jadi kesannya drama ini kurang cetar gitu… atau krn idenya yang jadul banget…

    Kalo dibandingin ma drama2 yg ada di saluran ONE 164 atau saluran 166 di Indovision, drama yg ada di KBS kok terkesan jadul ya ????

    Ini perasaan saya aja atau ada yg lain yg juga ngerasa kayak gini ????

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  123. 123 : Ichul Says:

    Jajaja… Yup, OMV is a good drama defends on the individual views. The actors really good! It is undeniable they act with excellent especially the main actors. Until ep9..I found that the story still not fascinating me. That is my problem since I watch too much drama and movies, I guess. Need some enthusiasm watching this drama since the main actors are superb. Hopefully something different happen in the next episodes. Ramyeon is my favourite, but I usually stop eating in the middle if it is lost appetite to eat.
    Oh My Venus…fighting!!!

  124. 124 : DSant Says:

    True, simple story line and not everyone can’t get excited about it, but; that’s the beauty of it and I love watching it esp the OTP, their chemistry is great. It always come to this ” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as an individual we are entitle to our own opinion.

    Looking forward to the coming episodes!!!!

  125. 125 : Ichul Says:

    Ramyeon is just a simple instant noodle, but I often take it with kimchi as a topping or on the side.. and the taste is so great, so nice and very appetizing, always thinking to eat ramyeon. Ramyeon makes my day. But my brother dont like kimchi much. Lol.
    What happen to Kang Joo Eun’ voice?! Love it, so sexy. Oh My Venus…fighting!!!✌

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    really enjoy this drama.
    looking forward to ep 11 & 12 😛

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    Leading actor acts so so and lead actress acts poorly. Sometimes she overacts, other time she fails to act. Seeing this drama is just the waste of time. Bye!

  128. 128 : Dy.K Says:

    Omoo this drama is like the word they always use is “jeongmal jeongmal sexy~”.
    I just like how LKJ n KYH complete each other. Usually in dramaland the flirty or catch n release stuff could be long enough (yeah i know it’s where the fun part is, right?). But a little diffrent with this drama, maybe it was slow at start but now i enjoy the ride…love how they built their relationship. And the last part in ep 10 so sweet n sexy…

  129. 129 : Dy.K Says:

    And i agree with #119 Hannah, this drama shows their maturity in relationship. They know each other problem and worked it like a real couple. So yeah, they go steady instead of wasting time to flirt, burn, and dim away. :p

  130. 130 : Dyasari901 Says:

    Well i guess it’s a norm to have mixed views regarding any drama. Personally i think the plots and characters are alive, fresh and spontaneously beautiful in the sense that the story line is almost real to us. This drama is definitely different and it is not typical. I really admire the chemistry between both lead actor and actress, though knowing that this is their first debut together in drama. Well done everyone in the production! (p/s: Not sure whether the lead actor was required to look so thin as if he was recovering from the illness but definitely i miss his handsome face huhu)

  131. 131 : Rose Says:

    @OK OK OK — Did you see Angry Mom with Baro as a student in her daughter’s class?? Baro wore glasses no lens either.

  132. 132 : michael Says:

    i really like this drama.. they are so cute together.. OMV is the best

  133. 133 : Sam Says:

    I have been in a drama slump for the last year, and then this drama comes along…I find the characters, the acting, and the sincerity/maturity in this drama so refreshing! Fighting!!!

  134. 134 : Hannah Says:

    After watching ep 11, the ending is a prove of behind a great man there is a great woman. I love how Joo Eun finally supports Young Ho instead of ignoring him (not that she wanted to do it, she just didn’t know what to do and YG wouldn’t let her in and she respected that). Now, I just hope that YH’s grandma won’t meddle with the their relationship. They are so perfect for each other.

  135. 135 : bigeye Says:

    yes it nice watch this drama but not sure they can together or not

  136. 136 : eko Says:

    really it’s an amazing drama,actors and writter till now it’s great i love the treatement between the main casts i wish that the end be sooooooooooo happy if not really i will not see it they have to be together plzzz

  137. 137 : Gugu Says:

    The start of epi 12 was lovely. The end of epi 12 was heart wrenching. Can Monday come faster.

  138. 138 : bigeye Says:

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    can’t wait for the next episode….

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    Monday night is still five days away ..
    can not wait!!!!!

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    So Ji Sub Oppa….:'(

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  146. 146 : Susan Says:

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  148. 148 : Trina Says:

    What I love most in this drama is the chemistry between the two lead characters.. So natural and heartwarming. 🙂

  149. 149 : petriska dilla Says:

    They look good together 😙

  150. 150 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 13 & 14 will be more agonising…. so sad lead actor involves in a car accidents…. 🙁

  151. 151 : OK OK OK Says:

    @131 rose

    Watched Angry mom but cannot remember Baro’s spectacles…….. who is Baro? I can remember only main actors actresses name or their faces, but not their roles names… sorry… ha ha

    Unless like Empress Ki’s actress name and her role’s name… I super love this drama

  152. 152 : BB Says:

    Till now I still cannot accept he met an accident. Hope is a good ending, he is so pity. They look so good together, but the story line is sickening, why he needs to suffer so much…..

  153. 153 : mamei Says:

    Based on the ep 13 preview, young ho is asking jo eun to let him go. Tap tap… remember? Sad sad sad. I hope there’s a twist in the end of the ep and the show will make us all happy again.

  154. 154 : dood Says:

    a really heartbreaking episode

  155. 155 : Gugu Says:

    Major cry fest epi 13. But the ending was sweet. Thank goodness.

  156. 156 : leone Says:

    where can i watcingh drama with english sub.
    please any one tell me . thanks

  157. 157 : dood Says:

    156 : leone Says:

    drama with english sub. https://www.viki.com/tv/28538c-oh-my-god

  158. 158 : mamei Says:

    Thank you writers….☺

  159. 159 : tigerb Says:

    in ep. 12, oh soo jin, in a very sad moment for her, said ‘i am like salt water’ (at least that’s what the translation read). in s.k., what does that statement mean? i can only understand it that salt water cannot be imbibed (literally!). any response is greatly appreciated. in a lot of s.k. dramas i’ve watched, they have so many sayings and i try to understand them.

  160. 160 : Riadini Says:

    Episode 13 & 14 … very touching and make cried throughout the episode …
    satisfied with the story..KYH & KJE really cool ..

  161. 161 : leone Says:

    157.dood any ather than viki ! because i cant open this site .


  162. 162 : Lu lu Says:

    Very suspicious, why ji sub looks sad eventho he finally meet her again after one yr?? His legs still got prob that he keeps a secret?? Dont make sense. Something in his acting thats not right. He was supposed to be very happy and exciting to be able to walk again but dont look too happy, there’s a bit of bitterness somewhere somehow. Pls dont let it be a sad ending. This is supposed to be a romance comedy. But still got 2 ep left, sure they wl gve a twist here and there.
    anyway… Ji sub ep 14 the ending soooooo sexy, i swear to God, i am addicted to him now. He was like shy and sexy at the same time, omg cannot wait nxt wk finals.

  163. 163 : lia Says:

    episode 14 is the most comforting scene so far. even the first 30 minutes was agonizing scene in which kim young ho was struggling so hard to get his healthy back, they ending it with sweet bed scene, kang joo eun and kim young ho lying side by side, kang joo eun snuggling into kim young ho’s arms, kissing each other forehead, show how much they miss each other must be after long and painful year. it was so sweet. the couple are really fits to each other. i wish they are couple in real life.

  164. 164 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ending super sweet though So Ji Sup still hv worries on his face???
    Don’t tell me he has artificial leg (hope it didn’t happen) & he has no confidence that Shin Min Ah will still loves him… ??

    Shin Min Ah childhood friend – Yoo In Young as Oh Soo Jin – don’t tell me she has illness and no good ending for her….. 🙁

  165. 165 : OK OK OK Says:

    After watching ep 14, still have many Q.
    Writer Nim
    Hope everything turns out lovely ending… 😛

  166. 166 : dood Says:

    161 : leone – just http://www.youtube.com ))

  167. 167 : tigerb Says:

    @admin: at another web site, someone identified the actor playing the role of ‘kim young joon’ as lee seung ho. i checked his page in this web site and it indeed looked the same guy. i thought let’s give credit to him.

    Happy New Year to you and your staff!

  168. 168 : amaal Says:

    she was really VENUS of kbs drama award

  169. 169 : nuam Says:

    @leone 161

  170. 170 : Gugu Says:

    Episode 15 is totally great! Am in love.. Oh my venus!! If only they could extend two more epis to show happily ever after. Like till both grey and old and very much in love.

  171. 171 : leone Says:

    @ Nuam

    thank’s for the info ! thats web side can work again .

  172. 172 : Riadini Says:

    already miss this drama…

  173. 173 : Jyenie Says:

    I am quite concerned when some people said that he still looked worried after his full recovery from his accident, now it’s clear that he knows his grandmother would be against his relationship with his Venus. Since there is only one episode left, the ending is quite predictable.

  174. 174 : endah Says:

    akting so ji sub oppa keren kayake cocok jd real couple dg shin min ah….sayang cuman 16 ep …smg ada project baru utk mereka berdua…ost jg ok …terutama key yg love like this…dimple venus kiss yg plg daebak …kang jeung eun day jg bikin ngakak

  175. 175 : juls Says:

    Great show. Big fan already of So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah. Loved the ending. So many times that just taper off. This one is in my top 5.

  176. 176 : mamei Says:

    I am missing it already😢

  177. 177 : Iammee Says:

    Another feel good drama had ended. It is very rare that dramas could find a perfect chemistry for the leads and it was just so great that they were able to cast So Ji Sub and Shi Min Ah on this drama. I am a big fan of SoJi Sup and I watched all of his dramas, he will forever be my number one idol among all korean actors. I amhappy that he has been accepting roles with a romance-comedy genre. I don’t know when he will have another drama but I hope that it will be soon again. I amalso afan of Shi Min Ah, she’s a very natural actress and very pretty too. The fans of korean dramas were so happy to be able to see a great and beautiful casts in one amazing drama.

  178. 178 : tigerb Says:

    this is a nice ‘thirty something’ series, a meeting of matured minds and matured feelings for the lead couple, a series that although you already know that everything is going to be fine and dandy to the end, you’d stick watching it because you feel good when there are no hitches. glad that affection is shown at the last episode as it was an issue for me that the father, although he showed concern for his young sick son, did not treat his son as a father should, that maybe a show of love and affection would have accelerated young ho to getting cured, or, not get psychosomatic pain when confronted with having to become the director of the company. fortunately, for young ho, he found that taking care of people needing help, he felt what was lacking in his childhood. it would have been so unfair for the half brother to experience the lack of father’s love if things didn’t change. it’s a good watch!

  179. 179 : Tanchiong Says:

    So fast to the ending… will miss both of the leading casts.

    If can please add in 2 more episodes, have their wedding screen and how did they raise their twins…

  180. 180 : CoolBeans Says:

    Excercise and relationship goals all in one sweet romantic drama! Prepare to cry!

  181. 181 : Hannah Says:

    This drama has been all sweet and give the viewers feeling of being in love with the right person is the best thing ever. But I’m a lil bit disappointed with the last episode. It seems like the writer doesnt have much left to write for the ending. It just seems this drama is cutting cost, or maybe just to lazy to care about the ending that it keeps showing the flashbacks. And it’s way too cliche for the ending to have Jo Eun gained weights again. I feel like her hardwork just being wasted away just like that.

  182. 182 : kdrama freak Says:

    i agreed with you Hannah, nevertheless I enjoy it.

  183. 183 : Hanako Says:

    Not bad drama, it was good starting from the beginning, but the last two episodes isn’t that great , if this drama was to be in the selection for best drama I am sure it wont be selected.

  184. 184 : Gugu Says:

    Too many flashback for the last two epis. The producer, director and writer must hv decided to cut cost thus put in flashback for everything. Happy ending but does not provide certain happiness to the ending. Wasted. All in all, still a good watch.

  185. 185 : susy Says:

    So bad ending

  186. 186 : dood Says:

    Great show. Great show.

  187. 187 : aj sharin Says:

    Yeyyy…he alive!!! Thank god 🙂

  188. 188 : aj sharin Says:

    Yeyyy…happy ending & SJS is still alive!!! Thank god 🙂

  189. 189 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Not too good but not too bad, of course, its Seo Ji Sub. Hot as ever.

    The story line is quite weak, if not of the actor, I doubt if I gonna watch it.

  190. 190 : Nicole Says:

    The first few episodes were really funny! So much fun to watch! Can’t wait to finish the rest of the episodes.

  191. 191 : ADIVI Says:

    Hasta ahorita el drama con mas romance que he visto me encantooo… la pareja es genial….So Ji Sub excelente como siempre y ella tambien 10 de 10 de las pocas que volveria a ver……….EXCELENTE Kdrama

  192. 192 : ADIVI Says:

    EXCELENT ADORABLE Kdrama………I loved it…So Ji Sub like always superb
    wonderful chemistry…….and all the caps had lovely romance One of the Kdramas i will see again and the Lead Actress was very well too Love Love Love the Kdrama

  193. 193 : mila Says:

    lovveeeeee…loovveeeeeee….looovvveeeee this drama!!so ji sub..😍😍😍

  194. 194 : ADIVI Says:


  195. 195 : cuity17 Says:

    Sung hoon.. You are the reason I’m watching this (after sma n jjs of course 😀 ). Faith..noble my love..Venus.. You are hot n cute. Wanna see you in your next drama as a leading man.. Mmmmuuuah

  196. 196 : rian Says:

    fighting! for the final poll closed.

  197. 197 : nicole Says:

    Highly recommended!

    A very light drama but you’ll surely be entertained. So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah are so cute together. Especially the scene whenever SMA flashes her dimples to SJS and he will jokingly pretend to be struck. It’s just so cute! Love henry too! Love the way he calls SMA, “ma’am!” So adorable. Everyone should see this.

    Daebak!!! =D

  198. 198 : eko Says:

    excellent drama and excellent main actors

  199. 199 : Mui Says:

    This is a light and refreshing drama which needs us to FEEL it. It sent viewers healthy tips and the importance to exercise regularly. Not only being pretty but inner beauty is important too. It also bring out the message that every one of us is somehow suffering some hurt or loss in our daily life but life just goes on. This drama is about healing, one to heal her body and the other one to heal his soul. It’s slightly different from other Kdrama, it does not have much ups and downs, simple but yet heartwarming and the chemistry between the two leads are super.

  200. 200 : kathlyn Says:

    i love it.good job!!!

  201. 201 : princessmyumi Says:

    A very refreshing and enjoyable drama…..from the very start the chemistry of the lead actors are visible….the ratings dont shows justice for this….

  202. 202 : loveKDrama Says:

    Totally love this drama! their chemistry is so good! <3
    Storyline the BEST!!!!!

  203. 203 : bing Says:

    i love this drama… i love the cast specially to So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah. they were cute together… and the story itself… i hope to see both of them again in a drama…. a big fan here from Philippines… mwah mwah fighting!!!!

  204. 204 : shue Says:

    Am i the only one who keeps on comparing this to Birth of a Beauty? Even the cheating partner is the exact same actor Jung Gyu Woon. Same theme. Only the previous got skinny through plastic surgery and this one through exercising.

  205. 205 : punchcha Says:

    Sweet. Simple. Light. Love. Good concept.
    Makes me wanna do some excercise.
    Yeah! XD

  206. 206 : Erielav Says:

    I wish they have part two

  207. 207 : Jenny Says:

    I love this drama so much..especially the chemistry between SJS & SMA really daebak !! I hope they can be a real couple..

  208. 208 : dabit Says:

    Cant overcome what i feel with this OMV. This is my first time to watch Koreanovela…I love SJS so much. I repeatedly watch it four times already and counting…hahaha…

  209. 209 : DINASN Says:

    Very funny, romantic and sad movie but the end is happy ending ^-^
    oppa you are still handsome saranghaeeeee 🙂

  210. 210 : ss Says:

    i love their chemistry both. love you!! fighting!!

  211. 211 : Oh My Venus - gudang sempak | gudang sempak Says:

    […] Oh My Venus […]

  212. 212 : Oh My Venus - gudang sempak Says:

    […] Oh My Venus […]

  213. 213 : mangolis Says:

    I really enjoy this drama. So refreshing and enjoyable although a little bit slow at first but more interesting towards the end. I cried a lot at ep. 13 and 14.
    Because of this drama, i like SJS. Actually this is the only drama SJS i watched. But after this i will tried to watch master sun. I dragging watching it because of the ghost.
    I watching this drama first because SMA. She is really a natural actress, her acting is so good. The chemistry in here between SJS and SMA really good. They are so sweet and funny together. Very recommended drama and have deep meaning too.

  214. 214 : OMG Says:

    my favorite dramas these year are —-
    SAIMDANG LIGHT’S DIARY (oct 2016 – jan 2017)
    Legend of the Blue Sea (nov 2016 – jan 2017)

  215. 215 : LLS Says:

    I really like Shin Min Ah and her acting. One thing I love about her was she always have this chemistry with whoever her partner is. From the nine-tailed fox to Arang and this. I can’t stop myself from smiling when they are trying to hide their relationship. And their couple exercise? It’s SUPERB!

  216. 216 : LLS Says:

    I really like Shin Min Ah and her acting. One thing I love about her is she always have this chemistry with whoever her partner is. From the nine-tailed fox to Arang and this. I can’t stop myself from smiling when they are trying to hide their relationship. And their couple exercise? It’s SUPERB!

  217. 217 : Pawinee Wongeiam Says:

    Love Sojisub and very good actor.

  218. 218 : porpla Says:

    i love so jisub

  219. 219 : Altagracia Dilcia Melo Gonzalez Says:

    Love SJS. I thinks he and Shin Min Ah are the perfect couple.
    Excelent and funny drama.

  220. 220 : Amy Says:

    Love So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, perfect couple! Love the story line, great drama, watched it over and over ^_^

  221. 221 : Kade Says:

    Still can’t get over from this drama, the story very light yet funny, & of course the chemistry between SJS SMA 💕

  222. 222 : Julia Says:

    Love it!

  223. 223 : mee Says:

    I like this drama….a good Chemetery with shin mi ah & sojisub oppa..I like him….Good luck for u two..🙆🙆

  224. 224 : rakiah Says:

    d story looks lyk birth of beauty but mehn i love its cos of its romance

  225. 225 : Itsme Says:

    Its feel good drama. 😘

  226. 226 : Fernanda Lishet Lopez Says:

    o es extraordinario esplendido grandioso super emocionate me facino esta novela me asombre cuandp la vi vi que vi mi propia vida de gordita hahahaha sinceramente extraordinario

  227. 227 : reny laura mc Says:

    so ji sub and su min A …. hmmmmmm perfect ..funny and the best

  228. 228 : Laura Says:

    So let me tell you to someone who want to watch this movie. This is really good, excellent, and the best Korean I ever seen. The story was perfect! Really made your day cheerful, they are funny not only jisub or min ah but all the actress and actors was played good and professional. You would not be tired about the antagonist cast .. this movie can motivation for us to live health and patience .. they chemistry perfect.. honestly I didn’t like min ah too much ..but after this movie I love her and hope ji sub like her in real. She’s good in acting ..good ending ..and lines of the story was perfect … So watch this movie again and again. This one of my fav movies ♥️🙏

  229. 229 : Kay Says:

    A fun rom-com for the most part. Entertaining couple and a good story that deals with interesting issues. Easy watch 🙂

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