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Oh My Ghost 02

Title: 오 나의 귀신님 / Oh My Ghost
Chinese Title: Oh 我的鬼神君
Also known as: Oh My Ghostess
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2015-July-03 to 2015-Aug-22
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:30


This is a drama about a girl who is possessed by a ghost and a chef who doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) has an extremely timid personality and low self-esteem, doesn’t have any close friends, and is constantly getting reprimanded at her job as a restaurant sous chef. She also occasionally sees ghosts, thanks to a shaman grandmother. One day, Bong Sun gets possessed by a lustful virgin ghost named Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi). To make up for the lack of romance in her short life, Soon Ae is determined to seduce as many men as she can by possessing various women, and she finds the perfect vessel in BongSun.

Bong Sun’s boss is arrogant star chef Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk), whom she secretly has a crush on. Sun Woo still hasn’t gotten over an old girlfriend, but when Bong Sun seemingly gets rid of her shyness and suddenly changes into a confident, dynamic woman, she finally catches his eye.


Main Cast

Park Bo Young as Na Bong Sun
Jo Jung Suk as Kang Sun Woo
Im Ju Hwan as Choi Sung Jae
Kim Seul Gi as Shin Soon Ae
Park Jung Ah as Lee So Hyung
Shin Hye Sun as Kang Eun Hee

People at Sun Restaurant

Kang Ki Young as Heo Min Soo
Choi Min Chul as Jo Dong Chul
Kwak Shi Yang as Seo Joon
Oh Ui Shik as Choi Ji Woong

Kang Sun Woo’s family

Shin Eun Kyung as Jo Hye Young (Sun Woo’s mother)

Shin Soon Ae’s family

Lee Dae Yun as Shin Myung Ho (Soon Ae’s father)
Lee Hak Joo as Shin Kyung Moo (Shin Soon Ae’s Brother)


Lee Jung Eun as fortune teller
Kim Sung Bum as Han Jin Goo
Park Ji Yeon as Ilpalgwi


Lee Ha Na as Radio DJ Jin Yi (voice – ep.1)
Goo Jae Yee as Wang Joo (ep 1)
Choi Woong as Joo Chang Kyu (ep 3) / Yoon Chang Sub (ep 16)
Jo Han Chul as Doctor Hong (ep.5)
Tae Hang Ho as Yoon Chul Min (ep 6)
Kim Hwan Hee as Yoon Chae Hee (ep 8)
Ryu Hyun Kyung as Officer Kang (ep 13-14)
Lee Joo Shil as Bong Sun’s grandmother (ep 13)
Ray Yang as Hye Jin (ep 14)
Kim Seung Hoon as Sung Jae’s father (ep 9, 15)
Seo In Guk as Edward Seo (ep 16)
Bae Yoo Ram as PD

Production Credits

Production Company: Chorokbaem Media
Director: Yoon Je Won
ScriptWriter: Yang Hee Seung


2016 tvN10 Awards: Content Award (Drama)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Best Chemistry – Park Bo Young & Kim Seul Gi (Oh My Ghost)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Two Star Award – Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghost)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2015-07-03 1 2.654
2015-07-04 2 2.655
2015-07-10 3 3.365
2015-07-11 4 2.978
2015-07-17 5 3.592
2015-07-18 6 3.348
2015-07-24 7 3.802
2015-07-25 8 3.600
2015-07-31 9 3.662
2015-08-01 10 3.488
2015-08-07 11 4.210
2015-08-08 12 4.389
2015-08-14 13 5.077
2015-08-15 14 5.450
2015-08-21 15 5.339
2015-08-22 16 7.337

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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225 Responses to “Oh My Ghost”

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  1. 201
    Agata Says:

    Oh my god!!! Kim seul gi is killing me!

  2. 202
    Shahida Says:


  3. 203
    DINA Says:

    hoho…. funny drama, you must watch this drama 🙂

  4. 204
    winnie Says:

    I think this is one of the few dramas without negative comments from the viewers. So glad i watched this with 4 more episodes till ending, I’m beginning to miss it already. Not really a fan of Pby bt i’ve been watching dramas of JJS since King to Hearts day

  5. 205
    ruby placheta Says:

    nice drama! thanks.. love you all especially seo in guk i miss you. more more more….

  6. 206
    Mega Theresia Says:

    Chef 😍😍😍😍

  7. 207
    paz linda Says:

    Jo jung suk you are a great actor. Love the kissing scene, the chemistry is so beautiful. You are really so handsome. Thank you and I hope to see more of you.

  8. 208
    tiam Says:

    best best best dramaaaa

  9. 209
    suti Says:

    this is definitely the best drama of 2015… i’ve watched all 8 nominated best dramas but have no doubt that OMG really is the best…
    should also win the best couple since the main leads were soooooo damn good, the chemistry is soooo good…
    it’s my first time watching PBY, she really is a great actress, the character swing is so good, she really changes into someone else…
    JJS is also great in here, i love the scene when he cried for missing na bong so much because she didin’t call him for months… it’s so funny….
    kissing scenes are so beautiful, especially the one in ep.16… so sweet, so natural, they don’t even seem like acting… the sweetest kissing scene i’ve watch so far…
    wish to watch both of them playing together as romantic couple in another drama.

  10. 210
    Rosemary Says:

    The best 0f 2015 and one of the best of all time!!!

  11. 211
    kpop mANIAC Says:

    This was super V…no dull episode…every episode was funny,interesting and you’ll excited to watch the next episode. Super kilig chemistry between the two main cast……Recommended to watch this drama….and theres a lot of kissing scene and sweet moments…..PERFECT Drama for 2015!!!

  12. 212
    Shellbell Says:

    Loved this drama full of fun witty cast is the bomb. I plan to watch it again

  13. 213
    2015 – 2016 | It's Dinhie! Says:

    […] drama Warm & Cozy sama Missing Noir M . Setelah itu gak ngikutin k drama lagi sampe nemu drama Oh My Ghost. Klo drama OMG ini lucunya seger. Walopun ada misterinya, tapi genrenya rom-com jadi gak terlalu […]

  14. 214
    ajussi Says:

    I couldn’t help but giggling with that translation “man of vitality”. No problem with that It is eye catchy and can make me laugh, why not? However, did the team behind that, made some discussion before deciding the word? I dunno Korean at all, but I did lots of translation jobs in my previous job, not Korean of course. Maybe it is the Korean thing. I mean, if you speak english and say, “he is my man of vitality…”, probably the other person would say, “say what..?” because it is just that awkward. Anyway, I am very grateful that I can watch the memorable drama. Kumawo so much…

  15. 215
    mamoush Says:

    Another great simple but intelligent drama!

  16. 216
    rosas12 Says:

    Does anyone know the song(trot song) that Shin Soon Ae sings in beginning(min 1:40) ?

  17. 217
    Azziris Says:

    Park bo young is so cute and so sweet with jo jung suk

  18. 218
    Tirangue Says:

    Best drama.

  19. 219
    Badette Says:

    A very heartwarming story..after watching ep
    1, i was already hooked😍..every episode is worth watching… Very good ending.. I miss Chef already♥️

  20. 220
    bes Says:

    I really love this drama , the actors are great. Especially na bong sun your acting is great you amazed me . Thisbis my first time i saw you. Kang sun woo you are really good actor and handsome too. The four chefs are funny too . So far this drama is really good. Two thumbs up. The kissing scene are cute and sweet. I hope to see another drama couple for park bo young and jo jung suk. FIGHTING!!!!!. I keep on watching it. So cute……..

  21. 221
    bes Says:

    I really love this drama , the actors are great. Especially na bong sun your acting is great you amazed me . Thisbis my first time i saw you. Kang sun woo you are really good actor and handsome too. The four chefs are funny too . So far this drama is really good. Two thumbs up. The kissing scene are cute and sweet. I hope to see another drama couple for park bo young and jo jung suk. FIGHTING!!!!!. I keep on watching it. So cute……..and the scriptwriter and the director are great.

  22. 222
    Leslie Uy-Andrion Says:

    i like this kdrama. very light story! Saranghaeyo Jo Jung Suk!

  23. 223
    FanJungSuk Says:

    If like me U wanted to skip after 1st episode, don’t!
    The last 5 episodes ate epic!
    Refreshing storyline
    And Lee Jung Suk- you ARE SO…… sexy, man, charming- Daebak actor!!!
    The ghost so spontaneous!
    Restaurant guys so funny!

  24. 224
    Diogo Alves Says:

    Isso deveria ter mais temporadas, parabéns a todos

  25. 225
    Diogo Alves Says:

    “Isso é muito bom deveria ter mais temporadas, parabéns a todos”

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