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Noble, My Love

Noble, My Love 01

Title: 고결한 그대 / Noble, My Love
Chinese Title: 高贵的你
Also known as: The Noble You
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: NAVER tvcast
Broadcast period: 2015-Aug-23 to 2015-Sep-16
Air time: Sunday to Thursday 00:00


Based on Web-novel “고결한그대 / The Noble You” by “고결 / Go Gyul” which was published from 2014-June-30 to 2014-Aug-18 through Naver online.

This drama telling the romance between Lee Kang hoon (Sung Hoon) who was an heir of plutocrat and Cha Yoon seo (Kim Jae Kyung) who was an attractive, innocent and lovely looking veterinarian.


Main Cast

Sung Hoon as Lee Kang Hoon
Kim Jae Kyung as Cha Yoon Seo

Supporting Cast

Park Eun Suk as Woo Sang Hyun
Kim Dong Suk as Lee Kang Joon
Park Shin Woon as secretary Kang
Lee Seung Yun as Heo Jin Kyung
Seo Young as Moon Yoo Ra
Lee Bit Na as Choi Ra Mi
Seo Geun Soo (서근수) as Cha Yoon Soo

Production Credits

Director: Kim Yang Hee
Screenwriter: Ji Soo Hyun

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Noble, My Love1 Noble, My Love2

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  1. 1 : mokochan Says:

    I don’t know why, but I’m really looki forward this one! *-*

  2. 2 : OK OK OK Says:

    know Sung Hoon but no impression about the lead actress.

  3. 3 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:

    i miss you bang sung hoon! i can’t wait to see this tv series of yours, hope to see more of your handsome face forever. good luck! saranghae, i loveyou……

  4. 4 : freedomdemon Says:

    today release of with subtitle~!!!!! *o*
    sure straight watch~!!!!! ^^Y
    happy so much, this drama is Monday till Friday, 5 episodes per week~!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    Thank you so much~!!!!! (~v ~)

  5. 5 : Jenn Says:

    Any idea where to find the torrent to download the series?

  6. 6 : ezacessline Says:

    You can download the videos thanks to that site
    You just need to copy the link of the videos.

  7. 7 : My Love Says:

    I like it and “I have a lover”

  8. 8 : Hansika Says:

    How can I play this drama in you tube

  9. 9 : Anita Says:

    Where can I see this series online?:) Really I want to watch (raw and eng sub version too). I saw first 5 episode on youtube, but they stopped… And I can’t find anywhere more episode… Naver is not option (because of country bans I can’t watch).
    There is hope that I can see this drama ever? And will they translate later??? I would be very grateful.

  10. 10 : ruby placheta Says:

    handsome ever……..saranghae bang sung hoon

  11. 11 : aznative Says:

    Attention Administrator/Moderator

    Dramafever has gotten license for this drama. It is not yet running however.


  12. 12 : jane Says:

    I can’t find the site where I can watch the full episodes with eng sub. Please check and let me know.

  13. 13 : milkyas Says:

    I look forward of it is it Korean drama but I don,t think so

  14. 14 : tera Says:

    I want to see sung hoon in weeksays mini drama…he always partook role in family type drama, long and sometimes his role is, i don’t know how to say but lack of charm?
    haha, since i like him, i want to see more of his macho side. Hope he will have that kind of role soon. maybe in this drama….:)

  15. 15 : Rose Says:

    I think Drama Fever said it would be available September 24.

  16. 16 : Rangkel Says:

    I love this drama…
    I love jae kyung unni

  17. 17 : Ash Says:

    Try to watch in dramacool, it is good site

  18. 18 : Snow Says:

    Sorry, but I wouldn’t take my dogs to her as a vet. They have depicted her as unsanitary in her methods–ep 2&3.

  19. 19 : Snow Says:

    Other thing that gripe me is that his wound is on the left side, but they show him again and it’s on the right side—where are the editors?

  20. 20 : Snow Says:

    Okay, the lead female by episode 6 just gets on my nerve. I can understand she not wanting to take his money, but he’s wanting to reward her for savings his life. Her burners isn’t doing that great because of the location, her resisting his offers just makes her look stupid in my eyes. Not only that, not really caring for her acting style.

  21. 21 : Snow Says:

    I’m done. If I can’t like the lead female, then it’s no use of watching,

  22. 22 : mila Says:

    where website can watch this drama?

  23. 23 : Kaylee Says:

    You can watch this drama on DramaFever. I justed finished watching it in 2 days. LOVED this drama…its very light hearted & cute drama. The 2 main leads were great.

  24. 24 : hnyJo Says:

    just pass by n seen this @dramacool….wowW soo refreshing lead actor…n maraton watch this drama….hmm interesting n worth it to watch!! happyend

  25. 25 : ruby placheta Says:

    i love this drama! im inlove again..hahaha! as expected, sung hoon oppa the best. so handsome that every women feel shiver inside them only by looking at his face. but why is this drama only have 14 to 15 mins per episode??? why they did not make it into 1 hour every episode so that the viewers and fans of sung hoon like me will enjoy watching it. pls!!! next time there will be more more more more more. thank you. good luck! saranghae sung hoon….

  26. 26 : Luisa Says:

    I love that the drama was only 15 min long an episode. So many times I feel like other dramas are way too long and spend a whole episode just showing someone crying and upset. This drama is sorry and sweet.

  27. 27 : Foreigner Says:

    I really enjoy watching “Noble, my love”. The chemistry between the main characters is good and the romance is so sweet and natural…
    The storyline is fluent and it attracts the attention. Even if it’s short, the subject is very well treated.
    Of course everyone’s styles and ideas are différents, but it was a great pleasure for me. I recommend to all of you.

  28. 28 : Michelle Says:

    I like the length of the show but is this dating without marriage

  29. 29 : KEngSub Says:

    Oh, i watched movie with Eng sub at: I watched movie with English subtitle at: Noble my love Eng sub. Great !

  30. 30 : Joy Says:

    You may download Noble, My Love free at My Asian TV. com

  31. 31 : LY Says:

    The drama is okay but I didn’t like the lead actress. Her acting doesn’t seem natural at all.

  32. 32 : es Says:

    I really did enjoy watching this drama…Its short drama but its cute and sweet….

    Well done!Noble, My Love….

  33. 33 : es Says:

    Sung Hoon acting was great ..Hope to see him again in another drama….

  34. 34 : Krystal Says:

    I like her rington so much,i cant figure out which song is it .

  35. 35 : hnyJo Says:

    haha…. I love Song Hoon he has cute side in his acting…glad to find him as my favorite actor on my list . hope can see his new drama soon, miss him already ;))

  36. 36 : kdrama freak Says:

    where can i watch this drama in Chinese sub or English sub??? Help ???

  37. 37 : akhnis Says:

    I love this drama , llthe story line, the
    woman n the man lead, the characters
    and special like to mal reng? (im not sure yoon seo’s cat name) also the secretary he is so cute anyway haha

  38. 38 : Trish Says:

    Just finish watching this drama and surprisingly I liked it a lot the story line was cute, fresh and right on point. Being just 15 mins per episode is also a plus so if you are looking for a clean, relax and light drama I would recommend this drama for all age group out there. Cheers to the actors and actresses job well done.

  39. 39 : adivi Says:

    Fantastic short story ….I liked sooo muuchhhh……….Lovely Lovely Drama

  40. 40 : meita17 Says:

    finish watch this…it’s to short series need more episode..can’t get enaught to see the lead actor…he catch my eyes *_* Sung Hoon I hear u will participate at new upcoming drama with so ji sub ” oh my venus” in november 16…can’t wait to watch ur act again. good luck!!

  41. 41 : es Says:

    @36 kdramafreak
    you can watch it in dramacool or myasiantv with an english sub.

  42. 42 : cuity17 Says:

    light n entertaining, sometimes… i like this typical drama…, sung hoon, hwooww, your face looks like mc caulay culkin (kid/home alone) 🙂 cute…. !! recomended , love the accidential kissing here…ke..kek…kek… 🙂

  43. 43 : asahel rachel Says:

    Loveee this drama

  44. 44 : mml Says:

    I like this drama , comedy, a little like fairy tale story .

  45. 45 : Pamela Says:

    Where can i watch the full ep. In youtube 22mins only. Any link

  46. 46 : Pamela Says:

    Any link for full episode

  47. 47 : Sinopsis Noble, My Love Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Review Drama: (klik di sini)Koreandrama.org Rate/Rekomendasikan Drama Ini : (klik di sini) Reader Kdramastory.com dapat memberi […]

  48. 48 : agasshiseben Says:

    watching it coz of SH. luv the light romcom drama. SH really makes my heart goes dugeun dugeun lol

  49. 49 : deernora Says:

    i like this drama..please this couple play again..i wait yaaa

  50. 50 : jnxdoe Says:

    really good drama. worth to watch. with only 15 minutes for each episode, you can get all the comedy, romance and refreshingly drama. it is really a good choice for you who want to get rid the boredom from 16 episodes’ drama 🙂

  51. 51 : Tammie Says:

    I really love the show watch it on Netflix best show Ive seen in a while…

  52. 52 : Marrion Says:

    Yes,one of the best dramas the writers and directors did an excellent job. Hope to see more like this.

  53. 53 : Helen Says:

    Yes just got it on Netflix in the UK and love it. Please keep more coming to us.

  54. 54 : Zoofi Says:

    How old is Lee Hang Hoon in this ?

  55. 55 : Olivia Carr Says:

    Loved the movie (Noble My Love) I just can’t get enough of the movie. Netflex, has been on, the couple has so much chemistry, they look like they really are a couple. I watch it when I get up, then again before I go to sleep, I have watched it the passed month at least 2 to 3 times a day. The actress is like a Lucy Ball, she makes faces, snores, falls over, and she is just great. Now the young man fits his role, very strong headed, but you look into his eyes and sees he cares, I would give the movie a 9, I really didn’t see that much faults, the one you get right away the dressing put on rt. side when he was stabbed on left. But other than that the movie was terrific. Also do these 2 actors star in any other movie. Tell them I thought they had a lot of chemistry together, they should do more movies together. Let me know if they come on any other movies. Thank you, Olivia Carr

  56. 56 : Maria Abigail Says:

    I like this drama……

  57. 57 : Fransiska Says:

    I like this drama too… the couple has so much natural chemistry…

  58. 58 : Dreamcaster Says:

    I am into web drama lately because I can finish watching the whole drama in 1 day. I really love the story of this one – very light, romantic & just happy feeling… Episodes are short but the story is well expressed. Good job to all!

  59. 59 : Amber Says:

    What is the name of the mother in the show? I know I’ve seen her in something else and it’s been bothering me not knowing.

  60. 60 : dkorea Says:

    This drama is an insult to the viewer’s intelligence.

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