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Noble, My Love 01

Title: 고결한 그대 / Noble, My Love
Chinese Title: 高贵的你
Also known as: The Noble You
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: NAVER tvcast
Broadcast period: 2015-Aug-23 to 2015-Sep-16
Air time: Sunday to Thursday 00:00


Based on Web-novel “고결한그대 / The Noble You” by “고결 / Go Gyul” which was published from 2014-June-30 to 2014-Aug-18 through Naver online.

This drama telling the romance between Lee Kang hoon (Sung Hoon) who was an heir of plutocrat and Cha Yoon seo (Kim Jae Kyung) who was an attractive, innocent and lovely looking veterinarian.


Main Cast

Sung Hoon as Lee Kang Hoon
Kim Jae Kyung as Cha Yoon Seo

Supporting Cast

Park Eun Suk as Woo Sang Hyun
Kim Dong Suk as Lee Kang Joon
Park Shin Woon as secretary Kang
Lee Seung Yun as Heo Jin Kyung
Seo Young as Moon Yoo Ra
Lee Bit Na as Choi Ra Mi
Seo Geun Soo (서근수) as Cha Yoon Soo

Production Credits

Director: Kim Yang Hee
Screenwriter: Ji Soo Hyun

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Noble, My Love1 Noble, My Love2

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60 Responses to “Noble, My Love”

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  1. 51
    Tammie Says:

    I really love the show watch it on Netflix best show Ive seen in a while…

  2. 52
    Marrion Says:

    Yes,one of the best dramas the writers and directors did an excellent job. Hope to see more like this.

  3. 53
    Helen Says:

    Yes just got it on Netflix in the UK and love it. Please keep more coming to us.

  4. 54
    Zoofi Says:

    How old is Lee Hang Hoon in this ?

  5. 55
    Olivia Carr Says:

    Loved the movie (Noble My Love) I just can’t get enough of the movie. Netflex, has been on, the couple has so much chemistry, they look like they really are a couple. I watch it when I get up, then again before I go to sleep, I have watched it the passed month at least 2 to 3 times a day. The actress is like a Lucy Ball, she makes faces, snores, falls over, and she is just great. Now the young man fits his role, very strong headed, but you look into his eyes and sees he cares, I would give the movie a 9, I really didn’t see that much faults, the one you get right away the dressing put on rt. side when he was stabbed on left. But other than that the movie was terrific. Also do these 2 actors star in any other movie. Tell them I thought they had a lot of chemistry together, they should do more movies together. Let me know if they come on any other movies. Thank you, Olivia Carr

  6. 56
    Maria Abigail Says:

    I like this drama……

  7. 57
    Fransiska Says:

    I like this drama too… the couple has so much natural chemistry…

  8. 58
    Dreamcaster Says:

    I am into web drama lately because I can finish watching the whole drama in 1 day. I really love the story of this one – very light, romantic & just happy feeling… Episodes are short but the story is well expressed. Good job to all!

  9. 59
    Amber Says:

    What is the name of the mother in the show? I know I’ve seen her in something else and it’s been bothering me not knowing.

  10. 60
    dkorea Says:

    This drama is an insult to the viewer’s intelligence.

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