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My Son-In-Law’s Woman

My Son-In-Law's Woman 06

Title: 내 사위의 여자 / My Son-In-Law’s Woman
Chinese Title: 我女婿的女人
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2016-Jan-04 to 2016-June-17
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:30am


Lee Jin Sook (Park Soon Chun) treats her son-in-law, Kim Hyun Tae (Seo Ha Joon) like her real son. Kim Hyun Tae then meets Park Soo Kyung (Yang Jin Sung) and marries her which causes conflicts.


Main Cast

Yang Jin Sung as Park Soo Kyung
Seo Ha Joon as Kim Hyun Tae
Park Soon Chun as Lee Jin Sook
Jang Seung Jo as Choi Jae Young

Park Soo Kyung’s Family

Kil Yong Woo as Park Tae Hoe
Lee Sang Ah as Jung Mi Ja
Sul Jung Hwan as Park Soo Chul
Seo Woo Rim as Ms. Bang

Jae Young’s Family

Hwang Young Hee as Ma Sun Young
Kim Ha Kyoon as Choi Dal Suk

People around Jin Sook

Lee Shi Won as Oh Young Chae
Jang Jung Hee as Chun Ok Soon

People around Hyun Tae

Lee Jae Eun as Oh Young Shim
Kim Seung Han as Kim Hoon


Han Young as Baek Jin Joo
Yoon Young Ah as Lee Ga Eun
Park Jae Min as Cha Ik Joon
Park Sung Geun as Goo Min Shik
Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Woo Shik
Shin Hyun Soo
Min Jung Sup
Lee Se Young as Jang Mi
Kim So Ra
Lee Ro Woon as kid at playground
Lee Kyu Sub

Production Credits

Director: Ahn Kil Ho
Scriptwriter: Ahn Seo Jung


2016 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards – Yang Jin Sung (My Son-In-Law’s Woman)


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  1. 1 : VV Says:

    Seo Ha Joon is handsome but i never watch his acting before.

  2. 2 : jeweles Says:

    That picture isn’t Seo Ha Joon.

  3. 3 : AI Says:

    He is Jang Seung Jo.

  4. 4 : tigerb Says:

    presumably the son-in-law’s first wife died, and now he is marrying someone else? more often than not, the first mother-in-law would hate the second wife and problems arise.

  5. 5 : krisnalyn Says:

    the story sound interesting.

  6. 6 : tricia Says:

    I will definitely not miss this one..love the girl from bride of the century and my unfortunate boyfriend.

  7. 7 : freedomdemon Says:

    continue on wait till it release~!!!!!
    been attract by it synopsis~!!! ^^Y

  8. 8 : Ronel Says:

    Je suis sourd. Je regarde tv korean

  9. 9 : DSant Says:

    A bit of twist on this drama, cause the son in-law is going to marry her biological daughter that got separated from her when she was an infant. Hopefully, this will not be a total makjang since this will have at least 120 episodes.

  10. 10 : Maja Says:

    So far so good but 120 episodes? C’mon it would be better if it would only be 50 episodes …..

  11. 11 : natalia Says:

    pls can you tell me how to download srt sub?

  12. 12 : LY Says:

    Seo Ha Joon is such a handsome, young man. This is the first time I’m watching him act in a drama and I think he’s really good. I’m at episode 18 and I find this drama worth watching.

  13. 13 : sylvia soo Says:

    @ LY I agree with you this drama is good n worth to watch

  14. 14 : Fourgreenrose Says:

    Like all long dramas until episode 30 will be ok. Let’s see when start to became boring. I hate dramas with endless victories of evils and only pain for goods.

  15. 15 : 211202 Says:

    good drama…. worth to watch

  16. 16 : Torri Says:

    Ok so am not very fun of long dramas but lately I have watched two long dramas that had me pin to my seat because of the story line (1) ugly alert (2) Apgujeong Midnight Suni really enjoyed this two dramas and now am really loving this drama and I wish I had not yet started the drama that way I watch it all when it’s complete but still I love everything about so far , for those of y who are not sure if y should watch it trust me it’s a bueatiful loving drama there is very little evil in drama at least for now ,love the show !!!!!!

  17. 17 : deernora Says:

    i like this drama,.sweet..i cant watch next episode

  18. 18 : colo Says:

    Joo Jae Young-he gives me the creepSS…his ears are ugly….his eyes too, and his persecution with that girls gives me really to be scare of him, he thinks she belongs to him, and she is so BLIND AND SHE REALLY HAVE A BEAUTIFULL HEARTH, IT IS UNBELIAVABLE ….I WANT HER AWAY FROM THAT BAD GUY…..

  19. 19 : LY Says:

    Could anyone tell me the name of the soundtrack at the end of every episode, please? Thank you.

  20. 20 : LY Says:

    I’m at episode 55. I like this drama more than All About My Mom.

  21. 21 : RR Says:

    too long episodes 120 please reduced . i love my daughter geum sa wol and i have a lover

  22. 22 : LY Says:

    This drama has still managed to retain my interest even after I have watched the 70th episode. It is so much better than Best Couple which have become more cartoonish as you go along.

  23. 23 : Ирина Says:

    Мне нравится, почему нет ссылок какие серии когда выходят

  24. 24 : Carmen Says:

    How in the world a men that used to be your fiance will treat you later after you maried a diff men, like a sister OMG that is so’ lame, can’t you think he will look for revenge…..and anyway why going out with another men when you are marries to a dif men–that is not good at all!!!I hate dramas that when a couple is happy some bad people do bad things to separate them….

  25. 25 : LY Says:

    I feel like giving Soo Kyung a tight slap for her uncouth behaviour towards her birth mother (Jin Sook).

  26. 26 : carmen Says:

    OH come on enough is enough, the mother needs to act more strong—this is driving me crazy—That dgter Soo Kyung, does she have a hearth? even with the most poor people you will treat with dignity, and respect…why she has to be so mean with her mother? because she left her??? did she leaft her in a hospital or something like that…come on she did have a good life growing up…she is been so stupid and inmature. hope for better episode I do not think I can get more of this for now..I will keep FF until better episode. Good luck.

  27. 27 : Kingtez64 Says:

    Yes i agree.. Sookyungs behavior is immature to act as torturing her mom for the resentment she kept for years.. I dunno whom person she would believe after all the people around her explained the story.. Unless her granny will tell the truth behind it or some person from the family who really saw what happened then like the housemaid or the driver?

  28. 28 : DSant Says:

    I think this drama should end, this is going in cirlce and not moving forward. Writer nim, what is the end game of this madness? Very frustrating story line.

  29. 29 : DSant Says:

    I checked the rating of this drama and no wonder the PD and writer nim are calm, the rating of this drama in the domestic market is not bad and included in the top ten on a weekly basis, whoaa!! they could careless for the international viewer like me. Anyway, just wanted to share this info.

    Now, PHT old assistant is haunting him with the accident that killed HT/Kim Min Soo no end in sight!!!!

  30. 30 : DSant Says:

    Correction, mean to say that killed HT first wife( not HT being killed) sorry about the error.

  31. 31 : jess Says:

    this drama is a good family drama however its so annoying!! im 52 episodes in and the story keeps going in circles and circles.. all characters are too weak and jaeyong and his mom are psychos… and the plot has too many holes.. why didnt jinsook go to the police when her mother in law first took bo bae? and why hasnt the police been called on jaeyongs violent mom.. she should be put in jail she goes every where and makes a mess and barges in every where. So ridiculous!

  32. 32 : Maja Says:

    I have long given up on this drama because i was expecting that the father and the biological mom will end up together because the biological mom was wronged by the grandmother from the start… I did not like the father with the stepmom ..

  33. 33 : DSant Says:

    Finally, this drama has ended; happy ending for our OTP and the rest of the family. Kim Hyun Tae become the Chairman of KP

    JY in jail and his Mom pretty much loss everything and now working with his Dad as a cleaner at KP.

    Overall. a typical daily drama that can drive everyone nuts (just for me anyway)

  34. 34 : Liah Says:

    Almost similar storyline to Seo Ha Joon’s last drama, Only Love. Boring boring drama. The script writer, actors/actresses, the production team, aren’t they tired of it?

  35. 35 : Mr Ghost Says:

    Im watching this drama very late tho haha..im on 73 now..so far so good..i understand why peoples find this drama kinda stupid..but still im liking this..

    Jae young really evil..his acting skill very on point..

    Soo kyung oh my god..im watching this because of her..super cute girl..never heard of her before..kinda surprised she acted with lee hong ki and nam min woo before..fell in love with her..yang jin sung fighting!

  36. 36 : Timpf Says:

    Korean mother-in-law is the pits.

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