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Title: 마우스 / Mouse
Also Known as: Mouse: The Predator
Genre: Action, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Sci-fic
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2021-March-03 to 2021-May-19
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30


This drama follows Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi), a steadfast police officer, whose life changes when he encounters a psychopathic serial killer. This drives him and his partner Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) to unearth the truth behind psychopathic behaviours. This also raises the questions, whether it is possible to scan a psychopath in the mother’s womb using fetal genetic testing? And if the child in the womb is a psychopath, will it be wise to have that child?


Main Cast

Lee Seung Gi as Jung Ba Reum / Han Jae Hoon
Kim Kang Hoon as Jae Hoon (young)
Seo Woo Jin as Jae Hoon (child)
Lee Hee Joon as Go Moo Chi
Seo Dong Hyun as Go Moo Chi (young)
– Song Min Jae (송민재) as Moo Chi (child)
Park Joo Hyun as Oh Bong Yi
Ahn Seo Yeon as Oh Bong Yi (young)
Joo Ye Rim as Bong Yi (child)
Kyung Soo Jin as Choi Hong Joo
– Park So Yi (박소이) as Choi Hong Joo (young)

People around Jung Ba Reum

Lee Seo Joon (이서준) as Na Chi Kook
Woo Ji Hyun as Koo Dong Koo

People around Ko Moo Chi

Kim Young Jae as Ko Moo Won
– Jo Young Ho (조연호) as Moo Won (child)

People around Oh Bong Yi

Kim Young Ok as Bong Yi’s grandmother

Police Department

Ahn Nae Sang as team leader Park Doo Suk
Hyun Bong Shik (현봉식) as team leader Bok Ho Nam
Yoon Seo Hyun as detective Kang Ki Hyuk
P.O as detective Shin Sang
Kim Min Soo as detective Lee Min Soo

Supporting Cast

Ahn Jae Wook as Dr. Han Seo Joon
Kim Jung Nan as Sung Ji Eun / Sung Jin Ah
Jung Ae Ri as Choi Young Shin (The Secretary of Blue House)
Yoo Ha Bok as Shin Sung Min
Kwon Hwa Woon as Sung Yo Han
Jo Jae Yoon as Daniel Lee
Jung Eun Pyo as Kang Duk Soo (a child sex offender and psychopath)
Kim Ha Eon (김하언) as Kim Han Kook
Jung Suk Yong as Woo Jae Pil
Song Jae Hee as Woo Hyung Chul
Kang Mal Geum (강말금) as Jung Ba Reum’s aunt
Park Jung Eon (박정언) as a judge


Ha Young as Song Soo Jung (ep 1)
Seo Jung Yeon as Moo Chi and Moo Won’s mother (ep 1)
Jo Wan Ki as reporter (ep 4-5)
Son Woo Hyun (손우현) as Kim Joon Sung
Kim Soo In (김수인) as a girl in Ba Reum’s memory (ep 9)
Go Woo Ri as Jennifer (ep 9, Daniel Lee’s sister)
Yoo Yun (유연) as Hyung Chul’s mother (ep 10)
Lee Yong Nyuh as neighborhood Grandma (ep 14)
Ji Tae Yang (지태양) as Kim Byung Tae (ep 14, a butcher)

Production Credits

Production Companies: HIGROUND, Studio Invictus
Director: Choi Joon Bae
ScriptWriter: Choi Ran


Choi Jin Hyuk was offered the second lead role, but declined.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2021-03-03 1 4.948 -
2021-03-04 2 4.044 -
2021-03-10 3 5.985 -
2021-03-11 4 6.202 -
2021-03-17 5 5.796 -
2021-03-18 6 6.672 -
2021-03-24 7 5.502 -
2021-03-25 8 6.414 -
2021-03-31 9 5.563 -
2021-04-01 10 5.604 -
2021-04-07 Sp 1 3.069 -
2021-04-08 11 5.394 -
2021-04-14 12 5.163 -
2021-04-15 13 5.374 -
2021-04-21 14 4.964 -
2021-04-22 15 4.901 -
2021-04-28 extra 1 4.160 -
2021-04-29 extra 2 3.743 -
2021-05-05 16 5.003 -
2021-05-06 17 5.392 -
2021-05-10 sp2 1.545  
2021-05-12 18 5.479 -
2021-05-13 19 5.603 -
2021-05-19 20 6.246 -
2021-05-20 sp3 2.052 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : tariq khan Says:

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  2. 2 : Subehan Says:

    Unique story, must to watch it.

  3. 3 : Krishia Rama Says:

    The story caught my attention, I’m definitely adding this to my watch list❤

  4. 4 : emerald Says:

    a very good start… fighting…

  5. 5 : ANGGI ANGGARINA Says:

    In the first episode, Kim Kang Hoon is the child who is psychopath right? He kill his father (or step father) at the end of episode… In the cast above, it says that Kim Kang Hoon play role as Jung Ba Reum (young), so it’s mean Lee Seung Gi Will be the psycopath????

  6. 6 : Cheorin Says:

    The Daniel Lee character grew up in England but he can barely speak English FFS. They could have cast David Lee McInnis (fluent) or Ahn Hyo-seop (fluent). They could have made the character female and cast Han Ye-seul who could adopt a Kate Beckinsale English accent . . . lol!! Wouldn’t that draw a broader international audience. Well worth the effort I should think. Lol!

  7. 7 : hellbandit Says:

    Wow .. good from the word go … ! Intense and gripping. But ….

    But drama depicts too many psychos out there, killing like its nobody’s business. Isn’t this stretching it a bit too far?

    In today’s crazy world, yes acceptable perhaps, that there are more mentally stressed people out there. But psychos in almost every other person, as shown in this drama? Its as if, if you were to throw a stone into a crowd, the stone would surely hit a psycho?

    Yes, drama .. its only a drama. Dont take it too far though, otherwise you might look as if you are giving lessons in the art of killing.

    Anyway, I can say the brutality and vicious killing scenes are realistic. Better and more realistic than you can imagine. The source of nightmares for a timid yet curious viewer.

    My favorite people Kyung Soo Jin and Lee Hee Joon are in this drama. Psychos or no psychos or nightmares or not, I will watch. Fighting !!

  8. 8 : hellbandit Says:

    #5 Anggi Anggarina

    I dont remember I saw Kim Kang Hoon the child psycho killing his stepdad. In which episode did this happen?

    Barring any casting mistake here, as you have noticed, young Kim Kang Hoon is acting as young Jung Ba Reum – omo … then we will see another psycho in our midst? Police officer, Jung Ba Reum?

    Now, is this drama playing with our minds?

  9. 9 : hellbandit Says:

    Only two episodes have been shown so far. Yet these episodes are packed with info, insights and introductions to the characters we will be encountering along the course of the drama.

    The story here is not going to “play nice nice” to the weak hearted. As the substance of the drama is all about psycho killers, there’s going to be plenty more bloodletting and the degration of the humankind to come. Be warned, fainted hearted …

    Right now, basically there is already a predator psycho on the loose. He’s a prolific killer. Estimated, already killed 5.

    Prison Warden Na Chi Gook, friend of Jung Ba Reum is a victim of a killer too. However, the MO of his killing differs from these other 5.

    I believe this particular one is done by a budding psycho killer as an exhibit to impress Master and Mentor Psycho Han Seo Joon who is in jail for life.

    Right now its still too early to form any assumptions or speculations yet of whats going on. Maybe later as the story goes further.

    Sitting tight .. and waiting for coming episodes …

  10. 10 : Bona Says:

    Cant resist joining in the speculation fest regarding the i.d. of the psychos.

    Currently, terrorising the people are a number of killings linked to a predator psycho. So far he’s suspected of killing 5 persons already (could be more, not accounted for).

    My guess is that this psycho does not belong to any one in the experimental group.

    He instead could be an accomplice/disciple/fan of Head Hunter. He could have been recruited by HH during his visits there. HH directing the murders from prison where he is, and his partner (this psycho) does the killings outside. He is someone who has easy access to the prison compound, e.g. prison guard, medical staff, police, lawyer, priest etc etc. Viewers could have seen him in episode 1 or 2, but unaware what he is.

    Meanwhile, HH is still recruiting for some more potential “members”. Our 3 young adult psycho experimental subjects are at risks, cuz they do visit the prison where HH is.

    I think there are two parts to the drama.

    1) One part is the case of a predator psycho who is starting out in his nightmarish activity. At the moment, he is not experienced enough to control his urge to kill, hence the impulsive drain murder of the single mom. He’s still being coached by HH.

    He could have taken part in the attack on Na Chi Gook prison guard and friend of Jung Ba Reum. (Body found in box in magic show in prison).

    2) The 3 psycho experimental subjects. They are now young adults. Do they carry the psycho genes in them? Here viewers have a field day trying to pair each of the 3 adults to the kids who were introduced in episodes 1 and 2.

    Out of these three, I believe that only one of them will turn out to be a psycho. Its cuz its unfortunate that HH got to him first, unlike lucky JBR and SJH who so far has the “protection” of the care and influence of the society they move around in. However, we cannot yet say that they are safe from HH. HH is sinister. He’s a devil. He’s got a fan club. He might not give up on turning them to be a killer like himself.

    New Subject – Jae Hoon’s stepdad and step-siblings were killed. The killer was speculated to be JH. I doubt it was JH. I believe the killer could be someone connected to HH. Thats the reason why JaeHoon and Mom were not killed, for they are the son and ex-wife of HH. What does this tell us …. ?

    (Oh my poor brain…. ).

    PD Choi Honh Joo and Ho Byong Yi – the girls in this story. Definitely somehow, they are connected one way or another to the story. But as there is so little info given so far … its not possible to guess how they are involved here.

  11. 11 : Ling Says:

    My goodness! Why ahn jae wook as the serial killer?! Such a big departure from his usual nice guy role’s : (

    Anyway definitely not watching this one. Its too depressing for these pandemic times.

  12. 12 : Bona Says:

    @11 Ling

    Yes. This drama is stressful to watch. How can anybody seem to glorify killing another human being. I could not even bring myself to do a rewatch of the episodes in order to verify certain points.

    The drama is about how humans have degraded to a level, less than animals. At least animals kill for food or to protect their young. Whereas psycho killers kill for the thrills, or to satisfy their ego.

    I believe that some viewers who watch this drama are attracted to this drama for its mystery solving offerings, as can be seen by the number of amateur detectives testing their sherlok holmes skills here and at other sites.

    As for actor Ahn Jae Wook – he must have been curious to know what it was like to be a serial killer? So he took the role? Hahaha! He looks like he’s enjoying himself. Joking only ….

  13. 13 : Bona Says:

    This psycho drama is hell of confusing not say as crazy as the psycho itself. Up till this point in Ep 4, Scriptwriter is leading the viewers on a wild goose chase. Some with valid points. Some you would think Scripwriter had plucked from the air just so to add to the confusion.

    Dear Scriptwriter, hope you will not go over board in building the web to lead viewers on. At the end of the day, you might find yourself entangled in your own web, never to be able to get out.

    Well, as at end of Ep 4, the victim count has reached 9 people. Out of these 9, three victims : 1) Na ChiGook 2)Daniel Lee and 3) Grandma are not confirmed tied to the current serial killer.

    Na CK did not die. But seriously injured. Now in critical condition in hospital. He was a victim due, he had expressed his dislike and disrespect for HH and serial killers in general.

    Daniel Lee the Researcher was meeting someone at the amusement park when he was attacked. Body not found yet.

    Poor Grandma. She saw something she should not have whilst she was cleaning YoHan’s home. She was killed that same evening clutching a photograph she took from there.

    As anyone noticed that :
    1) the first 9 killings point very much to the work of definitely a serial killer’s handiwork.

    2) the other three killings do not carry the rituals or signature that the killer usually leaves behind. That somehow each victim has a link to HH? Lets go thro these :

    a) Na ChiGook hates HH.

    b) Daniel Lee an old friend of HH. There seems to be an unspoken and unresolved backstory between them.

    c) Grandma was killed cuz she saw something in Yohan’s home. More crucial, she took a photograph from there. YoHan is HH’s son.

    Its apparent these three victims were attacked by the same attacker. WHO cud he be?

    Post #10 above, mentioned that the serial killer could be a partner to HH. Whilst HH directs from within the prison walls, this serial killer executes HH’s instructions on the outside.

    So, could the serial killer be responsible for all above killings based on the instructions from HH? That HH is still an active serial killer inspite of being in jail?

    Who then is this partner of HH who is doing his work for him outside the prison?

    Answer – Could possibly be more than 1 psycho + another. Killer could be an outsider + one of three experimental subjects (Dective Shin?) OR Sherlock PD?

    It was noted that YoHan has a relationship with Sherlock PD. And he seems to be trying to protect or shield the identity of the serial killer (HH’s partner in crime) in order to protect his dad HH from getting caught?

    Sherlock PD is aware of what YoHan is doing. As evidenced in her subtle efforts to protect YoHan.

    Well, the above are assumptions, based on what little info I could glean from these 4 episodes so far.

  14. 14 : Bona Says:

    Ref #13 above.

    Clarifications re killings of 9 victims:

    Out of 9 victims – 6 bore the rituals/signatures of the serial killer. We can assume they were killed by same S R killer.

    The other 3 do not bear the serial killer’s rituals/signatures. Except for Grandma though, whose favorite brooch had gone missing. Presume taken by killer.

    Its to be noted that these 3 murders somehow are linked to HH one way or another as mentioned in #13 above.

    So could they be killed by another psycho who is a fresh recruit of HH?

    OR not?

    That they were also killed by the very same
    serial killer (of 6) with the assistance of a fresh recruit of HH?

    All suspicions lead to HH.

    Tally so far :- 2 psycho killers, 9 victims = HH Father of serial killers.

    Edit : Its been asked what is Ho Byong Yi’s role in this drama? Not much info been diviluged so far. My guess is that she will play a big part soon to go catch the serial killer/s now that her beloved Grandma has been murdered.
    (Anyone game to test her punches and martial arts kicks ?)

  15. 15 : Bona Says:

    Its all so confusing. The story is such a crazy maze. Whilst puppet master Scriptwriter is having a fun time pulling the strings.

    Come on Scriptwriter, cut us some slack. There’s no harm throwing us some tidbits of clues to take us onto the next step of our exhaustive detective work? Yes?

    When the drama ends, we would be lucky if we were to end up mentally intact and the hair on my head still there.

  16. 16 : mousetrap Says:

    Omo omo omo … the Serial Killer has gone mad! Worse than the Zodiac Killer.

    Another death.

  17. 17 : Bona Says:

    Up to this stage Ep 5 the story is getting darker, murkier and making less sense.

    Meanwhile, victims are falling like flies. This makes you think, is it so easy to get so close to a victim enough to kill them? Apparently in this drama, the serial killer is projected as a superbeing, who is very mobile, can move from place to place as fluid as Invisible Man, abduct his victims as if he’s as strong as The Hulk plus creating all the theatrics to get attention – without attracting the public’s attention one bit? I would like to think these are not possible. No witnesses?

    Yo Han and Ba Reum seem to feature as possible serial killers. I think Bareum might be evolving into a full fledged serial killer, and Yo Han is keeping tabs on him, on a solo mission to stop BA.

    Detective Shin is still a suspect. So far, he’s not made many appearances yet. His behavior is suspect. Where is he, I wonder?

    The public killing of Priest Mo Won right in the eyes of a crying and begging Mo Chi his bro, was the most cruel and depraved act of a monster. The serial killer must die to keep society safe.

    Anyway … as the drama runs on, where plot twists after plot twists are thrown into every episode so far, I wonder whether we are wasting time trying to figure out the identities of the serial killers. What’s the point in playing detective when Scriptwriter tend to add meaningless plot twists to upset the “apple cart”, at every episode. At this rate, it would not be a surprise if the drama were to end up a ridiculous meaningless piece of … no words ….

    14 more episodes of crazy killing sprees to go …

    P/s Yet to watch Ep6.

  18. 18 : Bona Says:

    Ohhh woahh .. Ep 6 is the episode, a sign that the story is taking another turn for wild excitement. Momentum of a killer kind is tuning up. The slumber is over .. fighting !

    Ba Reum and Yo Han had a face off. Both ended up seriously injured. BA had his head repeatedly smashed in by YH with a hammer. And YH got shot at by Moo Chi to make him stop pulmetting BA’s head. Both BA and YH ended up in hospital ..

    Meanwhile, Moo Chi and Byong Yi were confronted with their fair share of life changing events.

    MC almost lost his mind on finding out how Mo Won even when dead, had his body inhumanly desecrated by the serial killer. This was the last straw that almost broke MC totally. Get up MC !! Fighting MC !! Go get the killer !!

    Byong Yi our tough cookie actually fought with the killer in the church. She fought hard. Managed to get away from the killer after having slashed him. She too suffered some slight injuries. She remembered, the killer was a strong person. (So its correct after all, the serial killer is like The Hulk, strong).

    Ahaaa .. spoke too soon. Detective Shin finally showed up. Where was he whilst all the dramas with the serial killer were going on? His character is still being muted… so far so quiet, as a mouse or snake? This is yet to be seen.

    And Sherlock PD has her own plate full too. She’s pregnant with YH’s baby. Plus she’s discovered something suspicious about YH’s activities.

    YH’s mom was seen gagging and running away in fright when she saw and recognised BA at the hospital. What was the matter with her? What has BA to do with her?

    Finally!! The Father of Serial Killers, Head Hunter is making a grand entrance. He’s trying to fake sickness in order to get out of prison. What prompted him to do it? Could he have seen something in the news, powerful enough to make him want leave prison? Possibly so.

    Sit tight .. viewers.. exciting killer times are a coming.

  19. 19 : mousetrap Says:

    I have a wild guess here :

    – Perhaps Dr Daniel is not dead afterall.

    – He is very much alive.

    – The body found in the sea is the body in the amusenent park which was mistaken for Dr Daniel.

    – Dr Daniel faked his own death. Why ?

    – He wants to :-

    1) In incognito, investigate and study whether the serial killings have any connections to his 3 experimental subjects. Like HH, he is a killer too. Is recruiting disciples as well?


    2) He is the current prime serial killer himself? (Note: the case of serial killings started only short time ago).

    – Head Hunter knows prime serial killer could be Dr Daniel, that’s why his desperate need to get out of prison? For what purpose?

    a) Detective Shin is working with Dr Daniel. This could account for his absence in public during the MC/Serial Killer/Hangkuk and MooWon dramas…

    OR ..

    b) Could it be Yo Han working with Dr Daniel. He helped Dr Daniel fake his death. Responsible for the dead body in amusement park?

    – Bodies in lake and the sea were homeless people?

  20. 20 : Bona Says:

    Correction : body in amusement park… there is no body, its missing.
    But presumed Dr Daniel was killed there.

    Currentky we got two bodies – one found in the lake and the other in the sea. If we can place the one found in the sea to have come from the amusement park, what about the one from the lake? Could it be Hang Kuk, the little boy? (Oh no! I am scaring myself again! Overthinking here!)

    Sorry !!

    P/s Too much Mouse had got into my head ….

  21. 21 : kissasian9.me Says:

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  22. 22 : Jen Says:

    I think there’s an error in the above characters. I don’t see the name of the doctor there.

  23. 23 : Bona Says:

    #22 Jen

    Do you mean that we have not considered the possibility that somehow somewhere Dr Daneil could have been involved in this horrific serial killing mess?

    You are right. We were so engrossed with the main plot and forgot about Dr Daneil.

    What part did he play here which could have triggered the chain of serial killing events? Unleashing a mighty devasting destructive force that caused so many innocent lives to be lost?

    Yes, looking back…at all this serial killing mess now, could it be partly to do with Dr Daneil trying to tinker with the human DNA? He tried to play god. Selecting which soul can live or die even before the foetus has a chance to be born? The suspect bad foetus, to be destroyed before it is born a psycho?

    This controversial experiment caused a panic among – especially two mothers who had no choice but to finish their pregnancy to full term.

    One of these ladies is the wife of Head Hunter, notorius Serial Killer. The other is a widow who believes in nuturing over nature to bring up a mentally healthy child.

    The drama so far has not shown, but another area under speculation is that could Dr Daneil have secretly taken his experiment a step further, by swapping babies. HH’s baby was swapped with the widow’s baby without her knowledge, except for HH’s wife and Dr Daneil who know.

    Now the experimental subjects have grown into young adults. Will their psycho genes manifest in them. Yes, with the current horrifying killings happening, terrifying people. There is a serial killer out there. Will all three exp subjects become full fledged serial killers or only one or two will be the bad egg? (We will have to continue to watch the rest of the drama to find out).

    OR … this serial killer is an outsider? Nothing to do with the experiment? And his killings have set off the psycho genes from their slumber? Causing these young adult psycho to manifest themselves, hence the mess as we see it?

    At this crucial stage, when the psycho genes are comimg to full bloom, this could be the reason why Dr Daneil has flown in from abroad to continue with his research. He was seen at an amusement park for a rendevous with someone, only to dissapear without a trace thereafter.

    Two bodies were found, one from the sea another from a lake. Could one of them be Dr Daneil?

    OR … Dr Daneil is still alive somewhere? Held prisoner?

    OR … Dr Daneil himself has become a serial killer (ref #19). Triggered somehow by his own experiment? Dr Daneil’s genes being between that of a genuise and a psycho? Which has become dominant now?

    Oh gosh ! Very confusing…

  24. 24 : Bona Says:

    After watching Ep 7 last night. The drama seems to be taking a 360 degrees turn for the worst. Doesn’t look like something that could be recommended to anybody to watch.

    I might bail out.

  25. 25 : Bona Says:

    Oh gosh! Whats going on? A frankenstein serial killer in the making now? Oh holy mackerel !! My poor brain .. is in shock! (Is ok my dear brain … nobody is gonna get near to you. I’m talking about this drama’s brains, psycho or not.. they going cuckoo).

    There are hints in the drama and excited discussions about the possibility that some sort of brain tissue transplant had been done between Yo Han and Ba Reum. (Dear Scripwriter are you responsible for this crazy idea ? ).

    Can brain tissue transplant happen in reality? A brain is a brain is a brain ! Its the most fragile and super sensitive organ in the human body. Its the central nervous system of the body. Its not a piece of tofu or a yummy piece of cheese cake…..

    If not transplant, will even a slight tweak to the brain damage it? More so if the neurosurgeon involved here, last practised surgery 20 years ago? Oh unholy frankenstein ! Story getting more and more rusty now ….

    Dr Daneil, where are you now? Are you dead of alive? Your experimental subjects might be turning into frankensteins soon, if Scripwriter has their way.

    This is what I mean when I said that I might bail out …

    Tofu and cheese cake are my favorite food …. too.

  26. 26 : Bona Says:

    Ehemm .. anyway, whats the difference between a psycho serial killer and a frankenstein?

    No difference. Both are monsters!!

    Ok. No panic now. Either this or that, Moo Chi, you can shoot to kill.

    To hell with the politicians.

    (No offence intended Real Politicians).

  27. 27 : mousetrap Says:

    Oh Mother of Mothers !! ( ..
    this, nothing to do with Saddam Hussein).

    As if the serial killer overload is not enough, we now also have a lustful rapist on the prowl. He is after Byong Yi, unknown to her, or she already knew? He is already out of jail.

    Byong Yi why have you returned to your old hometown to live, where you were attacked by this rapist before?

    Yeh? Are you planning to lure rapist, to witness the painful end of his body bit? Really? Oh happy days! Jia you !! Fighting !

    Ba Reum, be on standby.. you’ll never know .. Byong Yi might get carried away … and cut away more than she planned.

    Dear Scripwriter, is there anymore anti-social “scums” you would like to throw into the mix here? How about adding Haters who used Covid19 to curse their victims?

  28. 28 : Frankie Says:

    Bona I love love your critiques. Sarcasm mixed with humor. Lol

  29. 29 : Bona Says:

    #28 Frankie

    Thank you.

    A smartie knows when to say things. A wise one will know to keep quiet.

    I am glad I’m just average.

    Have a lol day !

  30. 30 : everghost Says:

    Whichever road we take …all roads will eventually lead back to Head Hunter…

  31. 31 : everghost Says:

    I have a few thoughts here :

    1) Ba Reum did not get a brain transplant. The most that had been done on him by Head Hunter could be to repair the damaged part of BR’s brain which was extensive. That was why HH’s expertise was needed. The surgery was a success. BR recovered, got his life back.

    However, in the process of surgery 2 things cud have occurred : A) the rest of the undamaged tissues in the brain (right fontal lobe) were exposed. Could be responsible for BR becoming what he is now. or .. B) HH during surgery, could have interfered by tweaking the brain tissues (removing, as in cut away, and exposing certain parts of the rt frontal lobe) to make BR what he is now.

    Personally, I would go for item (B) as a possibility that was what happened to BR. HH did it on purpose.

    To tranplant a brain I do not believe is possible. To minus brain tissues (minor tweak or repair, or remove damage) is possible. But to add or interfere with chunks of brain tissues as in a transplant, its not possible. Simply said .. a patient will be rendered clinically dead. (Just equate this to your car. Remove a part of the engine/motor, can the car still run happily?).

    The above are only my assumptions. Please correct if I am wrong.

    2) Its possible Yo Han and Dr Daneil are not dead? They are kept hidden somewhere where HH’s experiments are still on going?

    3) PD Sherlock’s baby is alive. She changed her mind. She wants to keep her baby?

    4) Tough cookie Byong Yi. She’s been through a lot. Its toughen her up more. Some viewers think that she might assist BR on his killing spree. But I believe she’s made of better material. Credit her grandma for bringing her up with care and love. She’s tough as nails. BY might end up the heroine in this drama? Think so, hope so !!

    4) Dear Scriptwriter and Production Crew please be kind to viewers. This drama is getting way too cruel. It”s level of human depravity makes even the devil wants to go take a holiday somewhere peaceful and more human.

  32. 32 : everghost Says:

    We are now at the half-way point of the drama. However, we remain as confused as we were when we first started.

    Where is the story actually heading? Right now, the story is going everywhere except being coherent. There are so many, many unanswered questions. The more questions we asked, the more questions we are faced with. Too many to count.

    As examples, right off the cuff I will mention a few here which come to mind, not in any order in particular :-

    1) Where is Dr Daneil ? Did he die or is he still alive? Why kill him? Or kidnapped him?

    2) Did Yo Han die of sepsis as claimed? Or has he like Dr. Daneil, been sent away to be used for experiments?

    3) What has happened to his mom? There is no sign of her at all. Hey, her son was killed where is she? Before, she was so gungho. Now not a peep from her?

    4) Why must the Killer kill YH’s good friend, just when he was about to flee the country. Who is this Killer? How did he know where victim lives.

    5) What has the discovery of bodies from the lake and sea has anything to do with the story?

    6) What has happened to the kidnapped kid Hang Kuk? Was he rescued or he’s still missing?

    7) What is being done about the Lawyer serial killer and his unholy alliance with the Rapist?

    8) Why is it taking so long to catch the Killer of Mo Won the priest? Is it cuz the killer is Ba Reum who is right under Moo Chi’s nose?

    8) Why did PD Sherlock not report to the police about the existence of HH lab? What was she thinking? Her behaviour is most intriguing.

    9) Why create a romantic situation between Ba Reum and Byong Yi? What for? BA a psycho (?) and BY an innocent young girl?

    10) Why did Scriptwriter go everywhere whichever which way she likes, with the story, leaving so many loose ends dangling in each episode? The drama is now midway thro, yet viewer feels no nearer to understanding what is the point of the story.

    Anyone out there has any answer?

  33. 33 : everghost Says:

    Laughable. After having watched Ep 9 and 10 I am still as blur as ever.

    The only point that I had about guessed correct, might be Msg #31 Item (3) above. That is, PD Sherlock’s baby is still alive.

    Ep 10 gave a hint and a quick peek of PD Sherlock with a baby in a doctor’s clinic.

  34. 34 : everghost Says:

    I am still confused about whats going on with the story here. So I think I should only just jot down here what I think have been estsblished.

    1) The Serial Killer case of young females in the township of Anping has ended. The Serial Killer is lawyer Wu HC. He was born a psycho. Already started killing at a young age. BaReum had wanted to arrest him, but ended up killing him instead.

    Meanwhile, BA is getting more confused. He was having a hard time trying to process and understand the overload of thoughts, and flashes of images of past crimes in his head. They are driving him up the wall. And on top of these, he found that he is getting more agressive and hot tempered to. He just killed a person, S.K. Lawyer.

    2) The question here is .. did BA actually undergo a brain transplant or had only a tweak done to his rt frontal lobe by Head Hunter OR none of these two? 😐 What he actually had was a repair job done to his extensively damaged brain by HH. If so why then is he going crazy, agressive and hot tempered,
    out of character unlike his previous self ?

    3) 7Sins Serial Killer is not caught yet? He’s still out there, mingling among the general populace. Who can he be? 😐 Widely suspected to be Detective Shin Sang. 😐 Ep 10 showed 7Sin S.K’s latest kill. The M.O has similar rituals and signatures – Grandma’s brooch and Priest MoWon’s necklace. 😐 Will BA and MooChi be able to catch this killer? He’s the most cruel of serial killers so far. 😐 I wouldn’t be surprised if he were hiding in plain sight of everyone and nobody knew.

  35. 35 : everghost Says:

    I’ve returned. With a probable answer to question no.2 above.

    Is it possible that :-

    HH did tweaked BA’s damaged rt frontal lobe whilst he was “repairing” the damage. 😐 What HH had done, was, he had redirected the repair on the tissues in such a manner that the rt frontal lobe be rendered useless on its own. This is to spur the neighbouring brain compartments to compensate for the loss in the rt frontal lobe by taking over the job.

    HH being a neurosurgeon, knew the functions of each brain compartments. So he “sculpted” the rt frontal lobe to receive certain specifically
    desired impulses, eg. agressiveness, uncontrollerable anger, killer instinct etc from the other compensating brain departments. In normal times, such impulses would not so freely manifest themselves in a person if they were channeled rightfully thro the rt frontal lobe.

    What has happened now is that we have our current BA model. A smart, physically strong, crazy BA with a scary killer instinct.

    The new large amount of impulses and images flowing from the other sections of the brain into his repaired rt frontal lobe to compensate, could be reason why BA was going crazy. BA could not process the new impulses/messages fast enough… a matter of too much too fast.

    As for BA getting images or having ESP abilities .. I believe its is due to HH messing with BA’s psychology through feeding gullible BA info to brainwash and mold him into a killer. BA should refrain from getting into contact with HH forever. No visiting HH in prison, etc

    HH is deadly. He has his sight on BA. He’s got his “human mouse” finally, to cap off his years of resesrch. To create a monster serial killer through manipulation of the brain. I

    I might be wrong with my assumptions here. Your comments are welcome.

  36. 36 : Lemon Says:

    In this page Kim Kang Hoon as young Ba Reum. But until episode 10 it show as young Sung Yo-Han. So confusing. Who the young cild killed his family?

  37. 37 : Su Says:

    The second half poster of LSG and LHJ gives goosebumps though. Looking forward with second half episode. I heard there will be Special episode this 7th April…

  38. 38 : everghost Says:

    #36 Lemon

    Until now, I still believe that Kim Kang Hoon (Jae Hoon) is young Ba Reum. And we see the core and basic human instinct of not causing physical harm or to kill which we saw in young BR (KKH) has remained in adult BR.

    This is the reason why we find new BR struggling so hard to fight off his new implanted impulses from completely overwhelming him. Though in the case of S.K.Lawyer Wu KC, BR lost this fight and ended up killing the S.K Lawyer. Just as well. One serial killer less now.

    Re Kim Kang Hoon (Jae Hoon) being seen in Ep 10 as young Yo Han … I believe Production Team inserted in the episode as a few seconds shot, to mislead/trick viewers.

    Re the death of Jae Hoon’s family, for which he was suspected of … I doubt it was him who killed his family. The seeds of suspicion was planted on Jae Hoon to mislead viewers. You see, viewers were never shown how the family exactly died. Viewers only got to see what happened after the fact. And viewers came to make their own conclusion that it was probably Jae Hoon who did the killing.

    The relationship between Yo Han and Ba Reum is a mystery. Who is the bio son of HH? If we know, we will know who did Jae Hoon grew up to be, YH or BR. But up till now, we still do not know is HH bio son.

    As in para (1) above, I still believe that Jae Hoon (Kim Kang Hoon) grew up to be adult BR. BR grew up an ophan. Could his family be Jae Hoon’s family that was murdered?

    These are my assumptions. Might turn out incorrect.

  39. 39 : everghost Says:

    #37 Su

    Contrary to popular belief that Ba Reum is becoming a serial killer, I think otherwise.
    I think he will turn out to be a determined Serial Killer Buster, making full use of his newly acquired mental skills to go after the killers, especially the most cruel one of all, 7Sin Serial Killer. He will work with Moo Chi as a team.

    If this should be the case, then it goes to show that Dr Daneil’s experiment should be cancelled and be buried away.

    This is just a conjecture only. Don’t know how Dear Scriptwriter will draw up the story. Another twist?

  40. 40 : everghost Says:

    The latest news came this morning from someone at a forum elsewhere that :- Dr Daneil is alive !! Biggest bomshell todate!!

    Its the missing piece of the puzzle. Useful information.

    This is what I think had happened.

    1) Jae Hoon’s family was killed by JH’s bio mum (ex Mrs HH) and Dr Daneil together (they close friends).

    JH had been placed as a foster child in his adopted family for a monetary exchange. JH’s family was witness to Dr Daneil’s experiment with JH as exp. subject.. When his bio mom came upon JH’s violent tendencies, she panicked, managed to persuade Dr Daniel join her to kill the family to cover up their secrets. They hired a killer. He might be Gym Owner.

    Mrs HH meanwhile posed as YoHan’s mom. In this sense there was not exactly a baby swap involving two mothers. It was just putting a baby away in a foster home, to make way for another baby (YH) to come in. Mrs HH though, thro the years continue to monitor the growth JH. Panicked one day, when she came upon JH trying to bury his younger foster bro. This led to the decision to kill off the witnesses (JH foster family).

    2) Dr Danieil had been been operating his secret lab on home ground all these years in secret, becoming as mad and obsessive as the 7Sins S.K. in the process .He could be the 7Sins S.Killer, assisted by Det. Shin Sang, his disciple. Dect Shin had been sabotang investigations by tampering with evidence after evidence, e.g. coffee stick, bloodied shoes found in YH’s home, etc too.

    Why did Dr Daneil faked his own death? He was most likely be responsible for the murder at the amusement park. The body was never found. Presumed to be Dr Daneil. Dr Daneil wanted to continue with his experiments in incognito, no matter which govt came into power. Possibly, the current Govt could have told him to close his lab should it lose in the coming election. (Btw where is Hang Kook the kidnapped kid)?

    It is to be noted that Head Hunter and Dr Daneil are dead competitors in their
    ‘black’ scientific research work, vying for world recognition and power. In doing so they do not care for the large number of losses of innocent lives as a result.

    With 7Sins S.Killer being the prime serial killer. The most cunning, most prolific, most cruel and most elusive..might
    meet his match in Ba Reum after all. Ironic … the maker might meet his end at the hands of his creation !!

    Again, I would like to say that the above are assumptions only. May not be correct. Dear Scriptwriter might decide a different route for the story ….. ?

  41. 41 : everghost Says:

    I have not watched Ep 11. But from the snippets of preview in the Mouse Special, I gather these might happen :

    1) Mad Dr Daneil’s research is still ongoing. It has reached the most crucial and interesting stage. That is to study the behaviour of how a subject, who has had his brain rewired to that of a psychotic killer’s behave. Will the subject still be able to control his non-murderous persona or will the whole new killer psychotic persona dominates. The experimental subject in question is none other than Ba Reum.

    2) Now the reason why Dr Daneil has re-surfaced after years in hiding is clear. It is this Ba Reum the new model. Dr D is estatic that such a piece of experimental subject has fallen right onto his lap.

    3) Dr D secretly got in touch with BR. He psycho talked BR into believing that he is now a full fledged psychopath who cannot not escape from his overpowering killer impulses. And that BR can redeem himself, if he were to kill only criminal killers such as psychopathic killers, murderers, etc.

    Actually Dr D’s aim is not as noble as he tried to make. He has hoped that BR will fall for his persuasion and start to react to the implanted murderous impulses in him. From which Dr D can then start the next and concluding phase of his decades old research, that is, the study of whether a baby borned with psychco DNA, who thro loving and careful nuturing had grown up normally into a young adult, but would he eventually succumb to his genetic genes no matter what?

    We ask the question : Will BR fall for Dr D’s selfish and murderous suggestion?

    Got to watch forthcoming episodes to find out the answer …

    P/s I think Dr D has gone crazy.

  42. 42 : everghost Says:

    Had watched Ep 11. The verdict is … NOT GOOD. The story is plunging ever deeper towards hell. Get ready viewers for a ride to hell… The faint hearted are excused if you choose opt out …

    I might as well stop throwing stones into a crowd hoping to hit a psycho. Cuz now, its harder for the stone to strike a human being. This is how bad the drama has become. Almost everybody is a psycho in here one way or another. Except for our tough cookie, ByongYi and Moo Chi.

    Ba Reum killed somebody in this episode. This is his second killing after he had his brain rewired.

    He killed Paedophile Rapist who had just abducted a young girl whom Byong Yi was trying to rescue.

    Meanwhile, what has the police been doing? Nothing useful or results orientated. This is what I noticed .. the police here do not care to protect the people or uphold justice. They are only interested in earning their living. This is part of the reason I guess, why psychos reign supreme in their district. (And Scriptwriter must be in 7th heaven to have the opportunity to let her imaginations run wild here. Dear Scriptwriter, please do not kill off ByongYi, Sherlock PD + Baby, and Moo Chi).

    This is one tv drama that I’ve come across that could put even a Psycho Operating Manual to shame.

  43. 43 : everghost Says:

    Reality check :-

    1) Dr Daneil is as crazy as a mad scientist. He is a danger to society. Not an asset to the nation. In other words, he is BAD (as Head Hunter is).

    2) Ba Reum – looks like there’s no hope for him to return to society any more. He’s already killed twice. Probably his third and last kill might be Dr.D or 7Sins S.Killer.

    Well, unless Dear Scripwriter decides to throw in some sort of “resurrection” fantastical twist to change the fates of Dr.D and BR at the end….

  44. 44 : everghost Says:

    Some viewers elsewhere have questioned whether PD Sherlock will be forgiven for her part in helping Head Hunter during his killing sprees.

    Until Ep 11 it has not been confirmed or proven yet that PD Sherlock was that little girl who helped HH long ago.

    (Though many points lead to the conclusion that PD Sherlock was her).

    At the time when HH was arrested and imprisoned, the little girl was found to be kept a prisoner by HH and made to slave for him under threat of death. She was so young then, what could she do but obey HH.

    After HH’s arrest, she was not prosecuted. She was sent away to a new home with a new name and identity.

    If what viewers suspicion is correct, now the little girl has grown to become an independent, successful and capable young woman whom we think is PD Sherlock. To top off, she has become a brave young single mom.

    So viewers, shall we hope that the public will forgive and try to forget the past for this brave girl’s sake.

    Who knows, privately and quietly PD Sherlock might be investigating the serial killers case. One day she might be one of the team who will be crucial in closing the case?

    P/s Dear Scriptwriter please do not put any more twists to the story…

  45. 45 : everghost Says:

    Hahahaha !!

    Trust somebody (a viewer) to notice that no one at the police station asked what happened to their tooth brushes. !!

    Bad news … Ba Reum in full on in psycho mode now ….

    Episode 12. Waiting for subs…

  46. 46 : dodo Says:

    It’s very an unpredictable drama, super!

  47. 47 : everghost Says:

    #46 dodo

    Yes, unpredictable alright.

    Dear Scriptwriter had weaved a web so complicated that it appears that she herself cant even get out of. Could this be the reason why new characters kept being added into the story to replace the previous ones who are hanging someplace somewhere where Dear Scriptwriter could not even extricate them with a fantastical excuse? 🙊 Its cuz she had placed them in a dead end. Tsk tsk tsk .. she forgot her Helmonie’s wise and useful advice – “where ever you are, make sure that it has a backdoor”. Even marriages have a backdoor. Its called ‘divorce’. Why not a complicated horror drama such as this one?

    Its obvious that Dear Scriptwriter has dug themself into a “black hole”. By the end of the drama, who knows, viewers might end up at the other end of the galaxy and get to meet ETs there. No problem? You wont be able to phone home? Try texting?

    Honestly, I been sucked in by this “black hole”. I am totally lost. Dont know what to make of this drama anymore. Prove is in msg #45 above. Imagine, I could only catch one crucial point of the story and lived to write about it — the missing toothbrushes !! 🙈 Oh gosh !! Who cares about the missing toothbrushes when serial killers are on parade?

    Jokes aside, seriously folks, its real. I dont know where the story is going, or what it is about. Revenge? Scientific experiments gone wrong? Serial Killers galore? How humans are evoling into monsters? Scriptwriter exhibiting the power of the pen? 🙉 Help! I am utterly lost.

    Up till now the story is not coherent. Maybe 25 pct only is binding. The rest 75 pct is guesswork. Not satisfactory for us Dear Scriptwriter.

    Most important Dear Scriptwriter, we need you to take a break from ploughing on through with the drama. 🙉 Stop. Instead, please retrace your steps, and start tidying up the loose ends and START answering the myriads of questions which you created, but which we could not find the answers (to all of them). The answers might help is us to get a better picture of what you have in mind for the story.

    Sorry, folks. I could not be of better help here.

  48. 48 : everghost Says:

    Oh hi folks !

    Sorry, its not exactly that I was only interested in the policemen’s toothbrushes. I am interested a bit more, only that I cant understand the point of the story. Yes there is a killing here, and a killing there etc … but they lead to ll….????? what… where … ??

    I noticed (Ep 12) that the tone of the story seemed to have settled down a bit. And its shifted to that about a promising young guy who eventually became a psychotic serial killer through the manipulations of two opposing mad scientists.

    What I dont understand is why would this young man who is supposed to be a genuise, is portrayed as an idiotic young man who could easily be swayed by the words of others and to actually start to kill people based on what he was told? Didn’t his high IQ or common sense teach him to weigh out what he hears first before taking action to kill, no matter whether he’s got psycho genes or not? Is it so easy to make a killer or to become a killer?

    As I mentioned in para 3 above. The S.K. now is a kind of new model. He is calm, careful, and cunning to make sure of not getting caught. Very much unlike the raw savages of the S.K. during the 1st half of the story.

    Are viewers to settle down to watch in peace a murderous adventure of a serial killer for the coming 8 episodes?

    Dear Scriptwriter, where are you? Uhh oh ? You cant get your foot out of the thick devious web? Good. Please stay there a little longer. Its a nice change for us to have a new serial killer who is calm, good looking and who bites paedophile rapists, plus a temporary scriptwriter.

  49. 49 : everghost Says:

    Oh dear … I think I am starting to go crazy bit by bit here.

    Crushing over some missing toothbrushes here is not exactly what I had in mind to do when I decided to watch this drama.

    Its a tell tale sign …. no good, obviously no good …

    Time for me to take a break! No doubt I might return to watch the finale.

    Have a killer day !! 💕

  50. 50 : Sssh Says:

    BaReum is actually young Jae Hoon? Huh?. Eh? Hurm?
    Ok I need to stop. I keep bring this drama in my dream last week. So scared.

    Stop stop stop

  51. 51 : Lemon Says:

    Okay.. BR xcually the real killer. How to explain he lost his memories?… owh maybe after he got surgery right?… and maybe SH the one who chase him and he know who BR really are? But who the one kill Bong Yi grandmother? Its SH right? SH also same like BR?

  52. 52 : Lemon Says:

    But how to explain when MC brother got killed?

  53. 53 : everghost Says:

    #51 & 52 Lemon

    Based on Dear Scriptwriter’s habit of stringing viewers along, would suggest not to place too much faith in what we see, until facts are proven.

    Imagine, if up till now, even after “The Big Reveal” you find that certain things still do not add up or that you still have questions unanswered, then it means exactly this — things do not add up, no matter what.

    This is a serious and complicated serial killing case where many lives were taken needlessly. And it involves an organised operation by people in power and money, not to mention the secret rearing and nuturing of the country’s top 1pct of psycho killers.

    Dont think such a grave operation can be cleared up as simple as shown here. Its cant be so simple.

    Believe only after the facts are shown, proven and loose ends are tied up (your questions answered). Otherwise, would sugggest to take everything you see with a grain of salt.

    There are a few more episodes left to go. Anything can happen then … remember, Dear Scriptwriter is the one who controls the story !!

  54. 54 : everghost Says:

    And … the ByongYi – BaReum kiss – what’s this about ?

    What is the story trying to tell? That BR might not be the 7Sins Killer? That he is as human as any emotionally charged person with feelings afterall. Not a souless cold psycho?

    Oh gosh !! Another mind twiddling excercise for viewers to perform …

  55. 55 : everghost Says:

    Many viewers have wondered how will be Ba Reum’s ending? I have wondered about it too ?

    These are what I think might happen :–

    BR had committed murder (known deaths 2). No matter who the victim were, he had broken the law. He had killed.

    Is there a way out for him? To redeem his honor before he dies? Possibly so. (BR might be killed off in the story at the end, as he cannot return to society anymore for what he is).

    My guess is that there might be one way for this to happen – a showdown between BR vs Dr. Daneil and the secret organisation that perpetuated the illegal experiments. BR destroying them as a result. BR appears to be the only force that can achieve this mission.

    When Dr Daneil dies, so too will be the end of the 7Sins S.Killer. (I still believe that Dr Daneil is the 7Sins S.Killer).

    Sad to say, its possible that BR might die in this mission too?

    The above are just my speculations.

    Hopefully, Dear Scriptwriter might take the story to a better ending.

  56. 56 : everghost Says:

    #50 Sssh

    Apologies for this delayed response. Had missed your post whilst running thro the comments earlier.

    Re JaeHoon being young Ba Reum, right up to this point its still not confirmed yet. What info we have are just speculations.

    Also, by now at this stage, I think the story has since developed further …

    As you are aware, this drama’s story or non-story (?), is so crazy and unstable that nothing can be taken as firm, until the finale, I guess.

    Like you, many viewers too (including me), are having a headache trying to figure out what’s going on with the story. Its madness ….

    My solution is I would take a break from the drama every now and then. It helps to ease the mind. I personally feel that this drama is not a therapuetic piece of material to watch for relaxation after a hard day’s work.

    As for supporting the drama,
    this is the best we can do, without the expand of hurting our daily mood.

    Have a good day !! ☺

  57. 57 : Lemon Says:


    Ya right. I forgot about the one with mark ‘ZO’ at his finger. And who the one save JH mother long ago. Your speculation make sense, Dr Daniel maybe the one the real killer. Maybe they do something with BR head..huhuhu to make BR believe that he is the killer. Just wait and see…

    Ep 15 just out. I just keep skip until the end.. tomorrow will watch it in full.

    Its seem like BR the real killer because his friend remember BR the one who trying to kill him… and die at the end of episode 15. Mybe BR kill his friend also?. Or maybe not because he seem not very well that time…I dont know. Gonna watch it later…

    Please give ur opinion after watch episode 15 @everghost.

  58. 58 : Lemon Says:

    Btw I impressed with Lee Seung Gi’s acting in this drama. Hopefully he will get the best male award from this drama or maybe daesang… he deserved it

  59. 59 : everghost Says:

    #57 Lemon

    I’ve finished watching Ep.14 & 15.

    Shocked by what I saw. My belief that Ba Reum is not the 7Sins S.Killer got shot down.

    This is only a temporary setback. I still believe that BR is not the 7Sins S.Killer. Why do I believe so?

    1) BR’s re-wired/repaired brain is now not reliable. It is not functioning naturally as an original brain should. Its a re-modeled brain to suit.

    2) BR continues to be a “human mouse” experiment in progress – since young. Without his knowledge of course. He is coveted and manipulated by two opposing secret scientists They are backed by wealthy and powerful orgsnisations.

    Unknown to him, ever since after his brain operation, he is still being studied and manipulated.

    Hence, we see a conflicted BR having two personalities in him and how he’s trying to stay sane when being pulled apart by these opposing impulses in him. Looks like BR wants to be a Human with a conscience. Eg BY – BR kiss.

    But .. will Human win OR the Devil win ?

    2) BR’s flashbacks of killings could belong to the brain that was implanted. Cannot rely on a remodeled brain.

    3) The prescription medicine he is taking is messing with his mind. Problem compounded by negative impulses coming from implanted brain.

    New Subject – If Dr Daniel id 7Sins S.Killer he wont be able to manage the killings alone. Pre-killing and post-killing require preparation. He has had help. Not hard to find them. They could be from his pool of psycho experiment subjects. Eg the guy with the tatoo on his hand or Detective Shin?

    New Subject – BR’s friend ChiGook. He had been in a coma for a long time. The minute he awoke, he saw his best friend BR he naturally hug him. CG has no recollection of the attempted murder at that time. He only found out about it after BR’s visit and only when he (CG) was told about it. CG info was not ex first hand. It was told to him. I think actually he had no recollection why he was in hospital for. His memory had gone blank over this incident, I think.

    As such, when CG told BR to surrender to the police, I think it was based on info told to him not from his own experience. 2nd or 3rd hand info most times cannot be accurately correct.

    Has anyone heard of a game called The Chinese Whisper? Its a message that starts out correctly but by the time it reaches the final stop… the message ends up totally different from when it started.

    Later CG died supposedly of a heart attack. It could be possible. As the attending doctor said before, CG had been in a coma for a long time (years?). And that there may be complications when a coma patient wakes up which may be fatal.

    Well, the above are my assumptions only. As usual, I might be wrong, on all counts. Please feel free to correct. Thanks.

  60. 60 : everghost Says:

    58 Lemon

    Before I go on, I had better apologise first. Dont want to offend anybody.

    Re Actor Go Seung Gi.
    Sorry, to say I still have not warmed up to him yet inspite of the fact that he performed well here.

    I will still be watching his future projects.

    Have a nice day !!

  61. 61 : Margaret ann Rankine Says:

    I would love to watch Mouse here in South Australia – recently was contacted by a fake Lee Seung Gi on Instagram – chatted for about 4 weeks until he asked for money tonight – it has been deeply distressing but I am a huge fan of Lee Seung Gi – [email protected]

  62. 62 : everghost Says:

    #61 Margaret Ann Rankine

    Awww… sorry to hear about the fake Lee Seung Gi episode. Better luck next time. Meanwhile, would suggest to hold on tight to your life savings.

    Never know, next time who will get in touch with you. Maybe someone looking for a an easy p.r. to South Australia?

    Thanks for the correction re Seung Gi’s surname. I’ve always thought his surname was GO. Saw it written as GO at a forum elsewhere. First time I came across his name. Didn’t know the surname was wrong.

    Have a good day !!

  63. 63 : everghost Says:

    Watched Mouse Ba Reum Special Ep.1.

    It was hard to watch a totally devious and diabolical Ba Reum in this episode.

    I doubt I will watch Ep.2. Was told that its contents are more depraved than Ep.1. (Gosh, Dear Scriptwriter, what happened ??)

    As there are a few more episodes to go anyway, whatever, I will reserve a little faith for Ba Reum and see how he fairs. Only a short stretch more to bear to the finale.

    Will Ba Reum end up to be really the diabolical 7Sins S.Killer OR not ??

    (We must remember that whilst Yo Han was alive, he had been seen to behave suspiciously. Such as dumping a dead body into the lake. An innocent person would not do such a thing would he? So what was Yo Han’s real story? Or for that matter, the politicians and their cahorts story. Are they a part of the whole Serial Killer vs Serial Killer experimentation? And what was HH’s role here? ).

    If Ba Reum is 7Sins S.Killer, then he is to be held responsible for all his crimes. There should be no redemption for him whatsoever. None. Even a life sentence is too mild a sentence for him.

    But if someone else is the 7Sins S.Killer … Moo Chi and Team must be given a totally free hand to go all out to catch this diabolical serial killer – dead or alive !!

    Ba Reum of course still has to answer for the recent killings he did (post brain surgery).

    Viewers have been tricked and been taken on a bumpy ride by Dear Scriptwriter and Production Team since Ep.1. Can we be blamed if we have lost faith in this drama and everything connected to it?

    My personal opinion is, nothing is concrete yet until the final episode, if we are lucky that is, if Dear Scriptwriter would give a proper ending to the drama.

  64. 64 : everghost Says:

    Came upon a comment made by someone (who had watched Episodes 1 and 2 – Ba Reum The Predator) at a Mouse site elsewhere that :

    Ba Reum kidnapped Han Kuk and eventually killed him was because his (BR) bio mom had discarded him (Jae Joon when he was young) and replaced him with another kid, Yo Han.

    Oh me gosh … had Ba Reum (ex Jae Hoon) been holding a grudge for so long and then put an illogical and biabolical end to it ? Can this be true ? Killing an innocent kid to justify a mad and twisted reasoning? This is non comprehende !!

    Madness … !!

    Did adult Ba Reum actually recognised his bio mom at the hospital when she ran into him, but pretended not to know her?

    Could this also be a part of Ba Reum’s secret self that he hid from the world ? That he hates his childhood ?

  65. 65 : Lemon Says:

    Give up. Waiting the end of this drama’ episode. Headaches already.

  66. 66 : everghost Says:

    #65 Lemon

    Hahahahaha !! Cant stop laughing at you. You and your headaches. (No insults intended). Sorry, can’t help you … I in trouble too…

    Hahahahaha !! Can I join the Headache Club? I having a headache too. Big big one.

    Never been so tortured by a kdrama before. Oh dear me !! Gosh .. !!

  67. 67 : Lemon Says:

    Welcome to the club…
    Did you see the preview for episode 16?

  68. 68 : everghost Says:

    #68 Lemon

    Thank you for the membership to the Headache Club.

    No, I have not seen the preview to Ep 16.

    Since Ep.16 is in now, I’ll try to watch it with English subs.

    I have a feeling that from now on till the finale, the drama will dwell more on telling its backstory and the wrapping up of various issues.

    Also, BR might eventually die when the brain transplant’s expiry date matures. This
    makes the delimma of how to deal with BR solved?

    Again, I am guessing only. Your comments are welcome.

  69. 69 : everghost Says:

    We have reached the point where there are only 3 episodes left to go to the finale. 3 episodes might not be enough to wrap up the whole story that Dear Scriptwriter had let her imaginations run free without much constraints. Resulting is a humongous thriller jigzaw puzzle that might require a “serial killer vs serial killer” type of ending. The horrific diablo in this story is too powerful to be brought down by any ordinary means. Which serial killer of serial killers can do the job?

    Anyway let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that at least the main plot and core of the story will be tackled properly so that viewers will get at least a meaningful ending to the story.

    Most of us by now, I believe, are suffering from Mouse fatigue and exhaustion. And no doubt the frustrations, confusions and headaches will still linger a while more after the finale.

    Two main points I am not particularly happy about here are Moo Chi and PD Sherlock. The mouse story got distracted elsewhere that both these two main characters stories are forgotten, sidelined. Their characters deserve recognition for the parts they feature and play in the whole story.

    I think its time I become wiser a bit. No point being an amateur detective anymore. The story is ending. Sit, relax and watch the coming 3 episodes go by. Mouse afterall is Dear Scripwriter’s pet project. She controls the story. Let her have the honor of doing what she wants with Mouse’s finale….

    (Dear Scriptwriter can we ask for a reasonably satisfactory happy ending please? Thank you!! Hehe haha!! ) ✌

  70. 70 : everghost Says:

    Mouse did not escape from many viewers observation, that it is a very dark, morose, wicked story of the humankind.

    It obviously was not written by someone who has a cheery disposition at best, or at worst, a normal person.

    The vibes that Mouse exude cast a dark chilly pall of black clouds overhead. Very dark and morose indeed. Mouse’s story and writings are as if they are the reflections and expressions of a profoundly unhappy person. “Black” would be an apt nickname for this person.

    Almost every scene in Mouse is all about the negativity/darkness/evilness of humans. It has nothing to smile about – nothing ! Rather depressing. Except for an only one cute bright spark – PD Sherlock’s baby. And yet, even baby’s babysitter is depicted to be a cruel moron, ill treating the baby. (Later, PD Sherlock was shown looking after baby on her own).

    As mentioned in one of my earlier post, Mouse obviously is not a therapeutic piece to watch for relaxation. Unless you are the type who thrives on the genre of the dark horrors of humankind.

  71. 71 : tigerb Says:

    ep 3: if i were to talk to a prospective psychopath, why would i agree to meet up in a closed playground when no one else is around?

  72. 72 : everghost Says:

    #71 tigerb

    To answer your question, the following could be possible answer?

    It was cuz the experiment that Dr Daneil was conducting was illegal. As such he could not openly discussed it in public. And who else could he discussed it with except YoHan and at an amusement park at night?

    At that time, it was not confirmed yet who was a Serial Killer. It could be that neither one of the potential two was? Also it looked like he trusted YoHan more than Ba Reum. YoHan could have shown good reasons that he could be trusted, besides being a genius and a person trained in the medical sciences. Dr Daneil trusted his own judgement.

    Dr. Daneil was desperate to escape from the clutches of Oz. Apparently, he’s been held “captive” by Oz to continue running the illegal experiments along the lines to which he did not agree with. This could be reason for the secret meeting at the amusement park with Yo Han to seek his assistance?

    These are just my guesses. They could be wrong. Please correct.

  73. 73 : everghost Says:

    Have finished watching Ep 19. One more episode (Ep 20) and the drama ends.

    I have given the drama and myself a fair chance to watch and evaluate it.

    Not waiting to finish watching Ep 20 to do so. Don’t think one episode (ep 20) could make the whole drama any brighter. Too many unncessary killings, blood letting and unncessary human sufferings could be camouflaged in any ways.

    Sorry ! Have to say this : Mouse = Bucketful of Sorrows.

    Sorry, folks. Please forgive for feeling this way.

    Have a nice day !!

  74. 74 : tigerb Says:

    @everghost: thanks for your response. just finished ep. 6, sorry cannot relate yet at this writing

  75. 75 : everghost Says:

    Looks like you are one of those few who prefers to watch the drama at one go.

    It could be a good idea to tackle such a complicated drama as Mouse. Less confusion when continuity is not broken.

    The drama needs viewer’s full attention to be paid to every detail and dialogue. Otherwise you might be bogged down in confusion as you go along.

    All the best!! Happy watching!!

  76. 76 : tigerb Says:

    ep9, yes, so why is han seo jeon not executed for the many crimes he supposedly did? and importantly, why was he allowed to operate on ba reum? i know this is a drama, but really playing on peoples lives? the thrill wears off with that kind of scenario.

  77. 77 : tigerb Says:

    time to quit?

  78. 78 : everghost Says:

    So Mouse has finally finished its run.

    Thank you, Dear Scripwriter, Production Team and the Cast for your hard work , dedication and great acting.

    I personally find the wrapping up of Mouse reasonably satisfactory. I have no complaints. The story ended in a meaninful way. Many questions were answered, including our spiritual senses were awakened too.

    They made us think deep about what the many implications and consequences could be if we were to intervene and manipulate with nature. The results could be devastating and disastrous to humankind.

    It caused so much needless loss of lives, so many lives ruined unnecessarily, so much sorrows and sufferings to the dead and to the collateral victims, who are still living. Is this what the story was trying to tell us as well. On the spiritual side, was BaReum granted a humane death as payback for how he never was given a chance at life from the day he was born? Or how human greed begets nothing in the end?

    Lastly, I have one point I would like to put in writing here, cuz it seemed to have missed many viewers’ attention. Its about BaReum’s bio mom, JiEun and her shallow and ultimate greedy personality.

    Many viewers felt that JiEun’s ending was too harsh. No, I do not think so. She had to die. She knew she’s got nothing now.

    She “gambled” and lost everything. Her materialistic and greedy nature could not bear to accept an imperfect child, JaeHoon (BaReeum). Her own child. She got no mother’s instinct to love, protect and nuture her imperfect child. She cast him away. It was a very irreponsible act of a mother!! Unforgiveable. She exchanged BaReum for YoHan, a perfect child. This was her sin. It spelled the beginning of the end of BaReum and her. If JiEun could have loved and supported her own child eventhough flawed, there could have been a chance for BaReum to survive as a person. At a very young age, he already would pray hard to God to save him from becoming a monster! He knew he needed help. But no one helped him. He was nobody’s child. He ended in the hands of an evil organisation which was playing god and turning him into a monster !!

    YoHan and BaReum’s upbringing were different. BaReum had no chance of a nuturing upbringing, whreas YoHan did. There could have been some hope for him. What a tragedy !

    All in all, Mouse ended well.

    (Sorry, for this long post).

  79. 79 : Mama Nie Says:

    I wish this would be aired in Netflix

  80. 80 : everghost Says:

    79 #Mama Nei

    I’m surprised that Netflix did not pick up this drama to add to its inventory.

    I am sure in time to come it will show Mouse.

    Now that the drama has ended I begin to appreciate what Dear Scriptwriter was subtly trying to say in the story, apart from telling the story about a scientic experiment and born psychos.

    At the time whilst the drama was screening most of us were engrossed in playing amateur detectives. We missed the subtle messages Dear Scriptwriter was trying to impart to the general public about humanity. The effort did not get much attention cuz it was overshadowed by the psycho confusion going on then.

    Anway, the drama did end well.

  81. 81 : Yolanda Wang Says:

    So confused with how it became BA REUM as the psychopath????? Anybody can explain to me???

  82. 82 : Ace Ode Says:

    I had to admit I’d watch this drama three times just to fully understand the story, and wow all I can say is how incredible the plot twist was done, so proud of the Mouse Team specially to my fav Korean idol LeeSeungGi, you’ve do one a great masterpiece🤩👏

  83. 83 : Trâm Thuỳ Says:

    Lee Seung Gi. He is an excellent entertainer and singer. Not only that, I also respect your attitude towards every job and your amazing ability to improvise in any situation. I really admire and want to learn more from you. And Mouse is the most unique and impressive TV series in 2021. His acting ability is too excellent. I love Lee Seung Gi

  84. 84 : lê thị thuỳ trâm Says:

    Lee Seung Gi. He is an excellent entertainer and singer. Not only that, I also respect your attitude towards every job and your amazing ability to improvise in any situation. I really admire and want to learn more from you. And Mouse is the most unique and impressive TV series in 2021. His acting ability is too excellent. I love Lee Seung Gi

  85. 85 : Tram thuy le Says:

    So Mouse has finally finished its run.

    Thank you, Dear Scripwriter, Production Team and the Cast for your hard work , dedication and great acting.

    I personally find the wrapping up of Mouse reasonably satisfactory. I have no complaints. The story ended in a meaninful way. Many questions were answered, including our spiritual senses were awakened too.

    They made us think deep about what the many implications and consequences could be if we were to intervene and manipulate with nature. The results could be devastating and disastrous to humankind.

    It caused so much needless loss of lives, so many lives ruined unnecessarily, so much sorrows and sufferings to the dead and to the collateral victims, who are still living. Is this what the story was trying to tell us as well. On the spiritual side, was BaReum granted a humane death as payback for how he never was given a chance at life from the day he was born? Or how human greed begets nothing in the end?

    Lastly, I have one point I would like to put in writing here, cuz it seemed to have missed many viewers’ attention. Its about BaReum’s bio mom, JiEun and her shallow and ultimate greedy personality.

    Many viewers felt that JiEun’s ending was too harsh. No, I do not think so. She had to die. She knew she’s got nothing now.

    She “gambled” and lost everything. Her materialistic and greedy nature could not bear to accept an imperfect child, JaeHoon (BaReeum). Her own child. She got no mother’s instinct to love, protect and nuture her imperfect child. She cast him away. It was a very irreponsible act of a mother!! Unforgiveable. She exchanged BaReum for YoHan, a perfect child. This was her sin. It spelled the beginning of the end of BaReum and her. If JiEun could have loved and supported her own child eventhough flawed, there could have been a chance for BaReum to survive as a person. At a very young age, he already would pray hard to God to save him from becoming a monster! He knew he needed help. But no one helped him. He was nobody’s child. He ended in the hands of an evil organisation which was playing god and turning him into a monster !!

    YoHan and BaReum’s upbringing were different. BaReum had no chance of a nuturing upbringing, whreas YoHan did. There could have been some hope for him. What a tragedy !

    All in all, Mouse ended well.

    (Sorry, for this long post).

  86. 86 : Daisy Says:

    This is my favorite movie ever. The detective genre I’ve seen a lot, but this time is completely different from the previous ones. For the first time in my life, I watched a movie

  87. 87 : Diễm Says:

    I just have known Lee Seung Gi recently when i watched his drama which is A Korean Odyssey. And i fell in love… He is so talented because not only can he act but also he can sing. He also can be an MC as well. So I watched Mouse. This K-drama is so attractive.From the content to the actors, everything is perfect.The scriptwriter is really talented
    Mouse deserves to be at the top.
    Mouse is the best. Mouse is my favourite movie ever. I love Mouseeeee

  88. 88 : Dilee Says:

    i had to admit that i Love this movie. Mouse is the best in my heart. I love seung gi, love the content and others actors and actresses.
    Mouse is the best K-drama i have ever seen.
    Mouse deserves to be at the top. Mouse deserve to receiver our love forever

  89. 89 : Tina Says:

    this story is so so so sad. Everything is so sad, but i love this. Mouse made me surprise step by step. mouse is the favourite movie ever in my mind. You should watch this in your life. It’s not worth your time

  90. 90 : Mike Says:

    I love mouse. i love seunggi. Everything is perfect

  91. 91 : Mai Says:

    This is the best movie i have ever seen.
    I’ve never stayed up all night watching a movie, but Mouse movies are different.

    The actors conveyed the characters very well, making the emotions of the film uninterrupted. Great script, logic and very attractive to viewers.

    I love Mouse, love the actors and everything related to it

  92. 92 : Xiping Says:

    This seems to be similar to a old Chinese popular TV series.

  93. 93 : George C Says:

    Kim Min Kyung who portrayed —–Oh Mi-Soon — She was young.

    Veteran actress Kim Min Kyung has passed away at the age of 61.

    On August 17, 2021 her agency, DaHong Entertainment, confirmed, “Kim Min Kyung passed away yesterday (August 16).” She is currently laid to rest at a hospital in Seoul and her funeral will take place on August 18.

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