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Mother’s Garden

Mother's Garden 05

Title: 엄마의 정원 / Mother’s Garden
Chinese Title: 妈妈的庭院
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 126
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-March-17 to 2014-Sep-18
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:00


A drama that revolves around the importance of family bonding, warm affection, and love. It shows how ‘love’ is reborn as a jewel through the painful process and will bring the comfort to those who need a warm shelter like a ‘mother’s garden’.

Seo Yoon Joo (Jung Yoo Mi) is the daughter of a family that runs a large company. She works as a veterinarian and works specifically with horses. She has a bright and honest personality. She is in love with Cha Ki Joon (Choi Tae Joon) who is also come from a wealthy family.


Main Cast

Jung Yoo Mi as Seo Yoon Joo
Jang Seo Hee as Seo Yoon Joo (child)
Kim Seung Yoon as Seo Yoon Joo (young)
Choi Tae Joon as Cha Ki Joon
Uhm Hyun Kyung as Kim Soo Jin (Soon Jung’s daughter/Yoon Joo’s half sister)
Go Se Won as Cha Sung Joon (Ki Joon’s older brother)
Go Doo Shim as Jung Soon Jung (Yoon Joo’s mother)

Yoon Joo’s family

Kil Yong Woo as Seo Byung Jin (Yoon Joo’s father)
Na Young Hee as Yoo Ji Sun (Yoon Joo’s stepmother)
Dan Woo as Seo Jong Ha (Yoon Joo’s half brother)

Ki Joon’s family

Park Geun Hyung as Cha Dong Soo (Ki Joon and Sung Joon’s father)
Kim Chang Sook as Oh Kyung Sook (Ki Joon and Sung Joon’s mother)
Choo So Young as Cha Bo Yeong (Ki Joon and Sung Joon’s older sister)

Soon Jung’s family

Kim Bo Ra as Kim Soo Ah (Soon Jung’s youngest daughter/Yoon Joo and Soo Jin’s younger sister)
Jang Jung Hee as Noh Ra (Soon Jung’s friend)


Jung Hwan as Byun Tae Soo (Ki Joon’s senior)
Lee El as Kim Ja Kyung (Yoon Joo’s friend)
Yoo Young as Na Hye Rin
Ahn Mi Na as Jang Ji Young
Jung Young Ki as Kang Man Soo
Choi Seung Yoon as Joong Goo
Yoon Ji Wook as Jong Sub
Kim Sa Kwon as Ha Dong Chang (Yoon Joo’s senior)
No Yoo Joo as Jin Hee
Samuel Kang as horse owner
Han Yeo Wool as Yoon Joo’s friend
Jang Eun Ah as new veterinarian
Kim Ji Wan as Team Leader Heo
Baek Seung Hoon as Assistant Manager Yeom
Hong Dong Young as Cha Jin Seo


Min Do Hee as Ha Ri Ra (Yoon Joo’s friend)
Jeon So Min as Baek Song Yi
Lee Mi Young as Ja Kyung’s mother

Production Credits

Production Company: GnG Production
Chief Producer: Choi Won Suk
Director: Noh Do Chul, Kwon Sung Chang
Screenwriter: Park Jung Ran


2014 MBC Drama Awards – Rookie Actor: Choi Tae Joon (Mother’s Garden)


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  1. 1 : Nut Says:

    Long time no see, Jung Yoo Mi.

  2. 2 : freedomdemon Says:

    interesting to this drama d, after read the synopsis~!!! ^^
    a week more, then it gonna appear~!!!
    before it, hope that the trailer quick appear~!!! (*o *)
    thanks so much!!! (~v ~)

  3. 3 : htayapril Says:

    Interesting to this drama cos CHOI TAE JOON

  4. 4 : Eddie Says:

    My Go Se Won is include this drama !! I want to watch him !! Go Se Won….I want to see your acting that drama !!

  5. 5 : aegyo girl Says:

    omoo.. Choi Tae Joon nomu nomu saranghae

  6. 6 : akbar Says:

    i love jung yoo mi

  7. 7 : jesissca Says:

    Love this drama,,but when’ll the subtitles come out ???

  8. 8 : Alex Says:

    Where can I watch this?

  9. 9 : Iris Says:

    Where can we find it with subs please? how are the ratings?

  10. 10 : akbar Says:

    yes we need eng sub please

  11. 11 : [email protected] Says:

    I will watch since I really like GSW and the father (JYM). I hope this isn’t one of the same o and it holds my attention. Good luck to all the actors and actresses.

  12. 12 : plain Says:

    Their mother’s house is going to become incubator for babies,Cha Ki Joon is agreeably pursuing Seo Yoon Joo,I like the love relationship between both of them,but the young should slow down,the woman is already yours,don’t be too controlling like your father,you will turn the girl off being aggressive like that,both of their hormones are on high now I hope it wouldn’t turn out to be twins,well i can’t wait to see the look on their father’s face,and big mouth their mother when she discover the relationship of her boy,this is going to be epic show.

    the material girl,wander how her life is going to be,the father of child is not going to disobey his parents for her,secondly he not all that interested in the relationship,her dream in becoming the first lady will soon turn out to be a nightmare,then she will get to see that it is not easy to get rich.

  13. 13 : plain Says:

    Their mother’s house is going to become incubator for babies,Cha Ki Joon is agreeably pursuing Seo Yoon Joo,I like the love relationship between both of them,but the young man should slow down,the woman is already yours,don’t be too controlling like your father,you will turn the girl off being aggressive like that,both of their hormones are on high now I hope it wouldn’t turn out to be twins,well i can’t wait to see the look on their father’s face,and big mouth their mother when she discover the relationship of her boy,this is going to be epic show.

    the material girl,wander how her life is going to be,the father of child is not going to disobey his parents for her,secondly he not all that interested in the relationship,her dream in becoming the first lady will soon turn out to be a nightmare,then she will get to see that it is not easy to get rich.

    12 is cancel please

  14. 14 : say Says:

    @plain,you are right the dream of becoming a first lady will soon turn out to be a nightmare especially,the father of her child doesn’t seem like her at all,she was like a past time to him,some people will not ask for abortion that quickly like the way he threw money at her to get herself abortion,Cha Sung Joon seems to like the horse girl more,I figure it out, he has not given up on her yet,he is still dreaming to get her back,poor thing his junior brother has taken over,it wouldn’t be easy for the junior brother too,Cha Sung Joon might get jealous once he learn about the horse girl relationship with his brother he might do something bad.

    The good thing about CKJ and SYJ relationship is that he loves her,both of them are no longer under their parent control,they are now prodigy children,she is a veterinarian doctor while he is a restaurant chef,so they can survive without any help from their parent,they can even get married without inviting anyone of parents,so they are good for each other.
    I feel sorry for SYJ mother, poor thing,she has been living a quiet life until trouble come knocking at the door,SYJ mother she too will soon get her own trouble,not only the children because SYJ father his hormones has kick in too,he can’t seem to forget what did when he was young wow it is really going to be a mother garden.

  15. 15 : sari Says:

    I want to watch jung yoo mi but it’s 100+ eps, too long

  16. 16 : my name Says:

    but i dont care about episodes..i am just thinking about choi tae joon and jung yu mi..they are so cute and i am really like them,btw,do u know about choi tae joon age?now he is 23 but yu mi is 30..so funny,guys,where i can watch this drama?i am so tired to find it..please help me

  17. 17 : HEN Says:

    It seems that Cha Sung Joon thought he could have a little something on the side, until he chose someone [else] to marry. He wasn’t smart enough to handle that kind of relationship, since his temporary love, or rather, sex-interest turned into a stalker with dreams of living in his world of the rich and famous.

    His agreement and follow through with the “last time weekend” was like pulling what appears to b a simple single thread, but is actually the beginning of the unraveling of his life.

    That weekend was the handle that flushed his life as he knew it, and now it is circling the bowl before going down the drain.

    I loved it when Seo Yoon Joo’s father says “…over, right, until you need another weekend to end it…”

    Kim Soo Jin’s plan was to make her rival go away, because surely, he would turn right to her. Then she finds herself pregnant, to which he replies “abort”, to which she runs to tell his father.

    The lamp upside the head and the bandage the next day is like his red badge of ….

    The kicker is, he hasn’t found out yet that, while he is trudging through this unending nightmare, his little brother has taken the woman he really wanted to marry.

  18. 18 : kellie Says:

    I love the drama because of the actors and actresses in it but how can you have a miscarriage and get up and go on as if nothing happened? I feel that KSJ is going to try to get pregnant again. I just hate her character because she tries to belittle her older sister when she is the rotten one. I hope that SYJ and CKJ will soon get back together.

  19. 19 : sylvia Says:

    olala……. where can I watch this drama with eng sub???
    the actor n actress so good…….. to bad I cant enjoy watching in eng sub

  20. 20 : jjchoy Says:

    This is another interesting drama. I like the chef and the veterinarian as a couple.
    They have kind of a chemistry between them. Hope they will be together. Hopefully this drama will not drag too long n boring. 🙂

  21. 21 : HEN Says:

    I have been watching MG, but I am losing interests…after just 25 episodes–I didn’t finish watching EPS 25.

    I don’t like the pairing of couples–the two brothers and the two sisters. The birth mother and her friend are boring and annoying. as is the stepmother.

    My opinion…
    I think that Cha Sung Joon and Seo Yoon Joo were that OPPOSITES-ATTRACT kind of a couple–which could make some interesting episodes.

    Whereas, Cha Ki Joon acts like a new puppy hopping around Seo Yoon Joo,–I don’t see any chemistry between these two. She seems to accept him because she’s kind on the rebound.

    After 25 episodes–I couldn’t find one interesting storyline that I wanted to follow. The Chef’s stalker [from Princess Aurora] was funny and had potential, but the writer killed that story.

  22. 22 : HEN Says:

    I looked up the screenwriter for this drama. To my surprise, it was no surprise–I have watched 2 of her dramas and was disappointed and let down by the storylines.

    She also wrote A Thousand Kisses and I Love You, Don’t Cry.
    Both with good actors, characters, and even storylines……starting out.

    Does anyone remember how ATK suddenly went off into left field–spitting up the main couple and pairing WooBin with the woman he hated?? What a waste of precious air time.

  23. 23 : Rushie02 Says:

    The drama is getting tired now. The younger sister is always berating the older one and the older brother is always physically abusing the younger brother so I’m asking why the abuse in this day and time? The siblings should be able to say well you had an affair with the sister and married her so leave us alone because what is the reason for the writer to make all of her dramas end alike? Is it because she can’t get out of the box? It is really getting tired. The best actor was killed off and the old man just yells all of the time which is not acting.Please just make this drama different and make us appreciate your work. The actresses and actors are all good, I just hate the character of the half sister.

  24. 24 : plain Says:

    going to seek a prover is a big mistake,does this make any scene at all,why can’t he get marry to her,must he seek approver before marrying?he knows that she and his eldest bother was once engage to be married,as far as Korean culture is she is not going to be welcome again in that family,so why go through that root,why not get married,then the family will come around when they see them doing well,he had already refuse to work in his father company, and living on his own so both of them can make a good living even grow more than expected,the need of approved is not needed here,and the eldest brother should be ashamed himself here,he want a wife while having a mistress outside his home,this is what could have happened if he was not caught in his act,I am disappointed in Cha Ki Joon for not taking a stand here and marry her and prove his family wrong about his dream but making poor girl go through this kind of abuse when he already see her in pain.

    @Rushie02,why the writer going through this root of abuse,I am tired of seeing this kind of abuse in Korean dramas enough,I can’t stand it anymore,the younger brother don’t need his older brother support,he should stand up like a man get married and defend the woman he love and aggressively pursue and also make it big in the restaurant business,one day his father and say i never thought you can make it his thought was wrong and welcome him his wife back home,than the material wife will see her greed self be cast as outsider ashamed for wanting everything to herself.

  25. 25 : Rushie02 Says:

    I love the chef and vet together but he needs to tell his mom to butt out . How can his mom(I know this is Korean drama but) blame the vet when her son is the one who got caught cheating? Will they find out soon about the miscarriage? unless I missed it. Sometimes the story just doesn’t flow and that makes it boring. Is it going to be subbed? if so where and when. The actors and actresses are still great. The step mom is the one who should have been written out since I can’t see anything she does.

  26. 26 : dramalady Says:

    for the first time..both the leads are wealthy ppl!! hehehehe..so excited to watch this drama..

  27. 27 : say Says:

    This is why watching Korean long drama is so tiring and boring to watch[1]in every Korean drama the writer must do one thing,make mother in laws evil,even when this people they maltreated are women like them.[2]the female lead must always be portray as a stupid person who endure abuse to marry a man, sometime you wander if this is real life one can be so stupid and live for other day[3]the female lead must sake approval even if it is not necessary for that.[4] mother in laws must demand that their son’s must marry a wealthy woman from a wealthy family,two business must join together.[5]there must sent somebody to abroad to get rich over night or study. [6] there must be a stalker who does not take no for answer,it must be him if not nobody else,can’t this writers get real,at least make something positive from their writing always negative .

    Now this drama started off by introducing a male who have a dream of his own,then what happen to that dream that the writer should have explored to show the viewers that a person can make it on their own without mummy and daddy bank account to survive,is this really necessary for Cha Ki Joon to go back to his father company to work or start seeking approval from his parent in the creating more suffering for the woman he aggressively pursue now that he have her than abandoning her on the way to seek approval from daddy,we have to watch how a person can endure abuse every-time in Korean dramas,instead of not encouraging abuse, this writers always promote abuse no change always same.

  28. 28 : SEOKWON Says:

    Hello! I am watching Mother’s Garden and Shining Romance back-to-back on MBC America Los Angeles, and getting confused daily. The actors/characters keep blending in my mind. MBC should have overlapped the two stories into one immense, convoluted melodrama, Garden of Romance.

    Jung YooMi and Go DooShim were well-cast as daughter and mother. Go Se Won and Na YoungHee should have been cast as son and mother; they have the same aloof, blank expression (because they found out that there are 100+ episodes?). Choi TaeJoon and Jung Hwan play likeable characters.

    I agree with [email protected] that the writer killed off the best actor/character. Instead, the writer should have disposed of the stepmother, and YoonJoo’s father and birth mother would have fallen in love again.

    In tonight’s episode, stepmother kicks YoonJoo to the curb, the day after the funeral. Obviously, she decided to deprive YoonJoo of her inheritance. Are any bets running, that she will develop an incurable disease?

  29. 29 : Jay Says:

    In addition to the comment from say, korean men are portrayed as no backbone. They always follow what their mother says even if it makes them sad and unhappy for marrying the woman they do not like. How can they say no to their mother for insisting to marry a pre arranged date. Is this the current practice or the writers are writing that is an obsolete practice. Asian culture emphasizes respect to parents. But if showing respect to elders is by sacrifice your unhappiness in marriage, I think it about time to unfollow this practice. My two cent worth of opinion

  30. 30 : plain Says:

    now I am not supporting Mrs cha,though I have something to say about taking daily pill to keep one from getting pregnant,I for one do not support Seo Yoon Joo taking those pills because she doesn’t even know the kind of body she has,she is now married,even having a child will give her support in having peace of mine in that house,as i have always say,women in Korean should stop acting like whip,where as you can’t decide what is good for you,in that case,taking extreme measure to indirectly harming your body to keep peace.What if you end up not having a child for the rest of your life,then whose fault will it be?Seo Yoon Joo actions right now doesn’t make any scene at all,because she has to think not only now also in future of her marriage and her happiness.

  31. 31 : Alice Johnson Says:

    I am not a fan of soo jin she pulled a lot of stuff to get married but isnt her dr. Wrong for telling her business without permission

  32. 32 : Mai Vang Says:

    Where can I watch this drama with eng sub ??

  33. 33 : Alice Johnson Says:

    I dont understand why soo jin continue to blame yunjin for her problems when had it not been for her yunjin would be married. The stepmother is too much she has to be one of the weakest woman on the planet and spoiled and has no problem making people feel uncomfortable ugh I hate her and I also dislike kijoon mother as well

  34. 34 : Lily Anderson Says:

    Can anyone give me the eng sub website for this drama to me ??
    Been searching forever for this drama with eng sub but still can’t find it so really appreciate if anyone would help me !

  35. 35 : Jay Says:

    Why did the producers extend the show. They should end the series. It is getting to be boring and no
    Longer entertaining.

  36. 36 : Rose Says:

    Is anyone still watching this show? In the U.S. it just aired Ep 74.
    Lily I could not find a website for this drama w/English subtitles at all. I tried many sites. I agree that program should end at 100. How much can they drag out the drama between Sung Joon & his nasty Ex. I was hoping that Sung Joon would meet another girl that he could get involved with. But he most likely will end up w/his ex.

    Sung Joon and Ki Joon’s mother is a piece of work. She continues to call Yoon Joo a tramp, but her ex-daughter-in-law is the nasty piece of work.

    The Koran dramas tend to portray the parents as very demanding, critical and not very pleasant. I wonder why that is.

  37. 37 : Jeekoy Says:

    I agree with the comment that this kid should have ended at epIsode 100. Korean screen writers tend to prolong the story and ends up being unrealistic and boring having the same storyline all over again. Also korean drama makes korean male like mama’s boy and can not stand up on their two feet they look like they are puppets and have no guts to say no to the point it kills them why will they follow what their mothers tell them to do. Is it because they depend on the wealth of their mother that they think they can not make their own money. I have not seen a kdrama that does not depict a mean mother and mother in law and a wimpy son is this a reflection of current korean society if t is not then they should portraying this type of mother or mother in law

  38. 38 : Jeekoy Says:

    Somebody was asking where can they watch this kdrama with English sub. Since this kdrama will be ending on Tuesday at episode 120, you can only watch these episodes with eng subs if you subscribe at Time warner cable service. It is shown at MBC around 7:20 pm. You will find the same story line that is mother in law against first ex daughter in law or mother in law against the ex second daughter in law and now the fiancée and mother in law against the ex first daughter in law. Such a pathetic story just to know what is the ending so you do not need to be concerned what happened in between. As I said this episode should have stopped at 50 like 10 weeks and could have been an interesting drama.

  39. 39 : Sajji Says:

    This is the worst Drama I have watched so disappointed. I that there was only 120 episodes now I find out there is 126 Have been waiting to watch the final episode guess I will tune in next week to see how it ends. Just the same thing over and over. So much time wasted on the couple that just had the baby.
    Watching Temptation it has 20 episodes so each show is exciting and to the point.
    Dramas are so much better when they are not soooo drawn out

  40. 40 : Mochi Says:

    Good drama

  41. 41 : HEN Says:

    Sajji, I think they extended this drama because the next drama for this time slot isn’t ready yet.

    Too bad for the actors.

  42. 42 : Rose Says:

    I can’t believe they extended this another 6 episodes. They could have ended it at 100 or less. We all know Sung Joon will most likely end up w/his ex-wife and their baby.

    And Sung Joon ad Ki Joon’s mother will eventually be happy with her daughter-in-laws. I am happy to see that Sung Joon is now smiling w/his new girlfriend, but I don’t think she will last. I don’t think she will put up with his ex-wife contacting Sung Joon all the time. When Sung Joon was w/his ex-wife – he never smiled and he didn’t seem to be happy w/her, but I think he has some lingering feelings for her. After all, she did get pregnant after she lost the first baby. For not wanting to marry her, and wanting her to abort the first baby, he didn’t take any precautions for her to get pregnant again.

    It is interesting KiJoon and Sung Joon’s father at the beginning of the show was always yelling, now he seems to have settled down, which I am happy about, but the mother is now always yelling and nit picking on Yoon Joo. How did the 2 boys live w/their parents yelling all the time?

    Ki Joon has such a great warm loving personality. I like his character. I think Sung Joon could be a warmer person if he found the right girl for him to bring him out more. I think his ex-wife made him happy when they were seeing each other and he had no plans to marry her. And when he was to marry Yoon Joo, he said “she was the first girl he met that made him want to get married.” I think they would have been Ok if they would have married if it wasn’t for Soo Jin. She just went bonkers w/her possession of him.

    But……this drama is too long now that is for sure.

    If the next drama is not ready, they could re-run some variety show for a short time to fill in the gap instead of dragging on this show.

  43. 43 : HEN Says:

    Just watched EP 126, non-subbed, and—Yes, this was a total waste of 126 episodes. And Yes, the reruns would have been better.

    Rose, like you, I wanted Sung Joon to marry Hye-Rin. They seemed like a genuine couple…but she does drop him. Don’t know the details, saw it non-subbed. I do believe that reference was made to Sung Joon’s mother.

    Two things out of this drama:

    ONE–It seems ridiculous that talented, skilled, women are expected to leave a livelihood that they enjoy to become solely housewives–not out of necessity, but just to please a mother-in-law. A mother-in-law who in my opinion, seem to resent her own life as a solely housewife. Interesting, she never berated her own daughter who wanted to work outside the home.

    TWO–I was floored to hear that young women seem to NOT make their own health a priority in their life. Certainly, routine exams would have revealed this health problem sooner. In this case, the woman was herself a doctor.

  44. 44 : Rose Says:

    Where I live Episode 104 just aired. I am sorry to hear that Hye-rin broke up with Sung Joon. I was hoping they would have married, but I got the idea when they did the key lock and she said she was keeping the key instead of throwing it in case one of them had a change of heart.

    I just hope Sung Joon does not go back with his ex-wife. I kind of feel he wants to spend more time with his son, but his witch of a wife won’t allow it. She is a piece of work and I wish she would get out of the show all together some how. I still have a feeling Sung Joon will end up with his ex – maybe for the son’s sake.

    I would hope that Kijun and his wife tell his parents that she can’t have children soon and get it over with. Either way, she will blame it on her daughter-in-law that she didn’t want to say the truth at the beginning. His mother will go ballistic – she is soooo nasty, except to her own daughter.

  45. 45 : Rose Says:

    Wow – I just saw Episode 106 — Kijoon’s mother needs to be locked away and the key thrown away. Does her husband know to what extreme she goes to aggravate her daughter-in-law??? Like really – is all that screaming and yelling necessary. Kijoon appears to be OK with not having a child, but the mother is going overboard. Luckily, Yoon Joo has Kijoon who is a very carrying supportive person.

    First the father would not talk to Kijoon because he would not work for the family company and wanted to be pursue his own dreams. It seems the father settled down and stopped his yelling after Ki Joon gave up his career for the family company, then the mother picked up the yelling. Who can live in that kind of environment day in and day out? Not me.

    I thought Ki joon wanted to move out. They should move out instead of waiting for Sung Joon’s marriage that is not going to happen.

    I feel that Hye Rin has tried her best to make things work with Sung Joon’s Ex and get to know the baby. But she seems to strike out each time. Sung Joon doesn’t seem to support her that much. He kind of tells her to just move on and not let it get to her. But I can see her point – she has been slapped, had a private eye following them, etc. etc. He doesn’t stand up to his mother at all. Ki Joon is better and tries to make situations for his wife easier.

    I like Taesu – he has a good sense of humor.

  46. 46 : Rose Says:

    Geez — that’s all Ki Joon’s dad can say to his son after he and his wife broke up — is go back to work. I don’t see any warmth between the parents and the two boys.

    I guess I am the only one watching this show at this point.

  47. 47 : Rose Says:

    After 126 episodes, and after ruining her two son’s lives, to a point with continually harassing, criticizing and telling the girls they were dating, married to, that they both left Ki Joon and Sung Joon, she finally came to her senses after having a medical problem. What a wicked witch through out the entire show.

    I really didn’t see any love or warmth within the family, per se. Ki Joon, was romantic, caring, thoughtful, kind, considerate person out of the whole family.

    Sung Joon never seemed to smile until he was dating Yoon Joo and Hyerin. He then seemed not to be so stiff.

    I was happy with the way the show ended,

    I thought I would jot a few thoughts in case this show is ever re-run in the future. On the whole I enjoyed the story, except for the wicked mother and Sung Joon’s ex-wife.

  48. 48 : edrina Says:

    Really like the drama but after 40th ep its killing me. its become annoying and more annoying day by day. The torments seem to never end the evil become bolder and the innocence become more and more stupid after each time. Human evolution said people learn from mistakes. you cannot be a fool again and again. how come u forgive that kind of people again and again .???What the heck indipendent woman like that vet and her chef boyfrined doing???cant they just simply get out of their parents influence after all the guy was already disowned and kicked out of the house. They simply can register their marriage and ignored the parents totally .can somebody telling me whats the ending so i dont have to wait for the next ep ever again.

  49. 49 : belinda c.billones Says:

    What site did you watch this drama with eng sub? I have been searching for this for a long time. Pls.help.TIA.

  50. 50 : SM Torres (@susiqt10) Says:

    This can be seen on the app TUBI TV

  51. 51 : Mike Says:

    The rich mother in law needs her butt kicked for ruining her sons lives.

  52. 52 : paneikoko11 Says:

    I can’t find this drama anywhere. Plz tell me if you know the source. I’m so craving to watch it.

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