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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds 04

Title: 구르미 그린 달빛 / Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Chinese Title: 雲畫的月光
Also Known as: Love in the Moonlight
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2016-Aug-22 to 2016-Oct-18
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This drama is based on the web novel “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” by Yoon Yi Soo and illustrated by kk which was originally published online from 2013-Oct-03 to 2014-Oct-10 on naver.com.

Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung), disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Lee Yeong—future Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo Gum). Hong Ra On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Lee Yeong is unaware that Hong Ra On is a woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Hong Ra On. His eunuchs become aware of this and attempt to get Hong Ra On to become one of them.


Main Cast

Park Bo Gum as Lee Yeong (later Crown Prince Hyomyeong)
Jung Yoon Suk as Lee Young (child)
Kim Yoo Jung as Hong Ra On
Kim Ji Young as Ra On (child)
Jin Young as Kim Yoon Sung
Lee Hyo Je as Yoon Sung (child)
Chae Soo Bin as Jo Ha Yeon (later Crown Princess Jo)
Kwak Dong Yun as Kim Byung Yun
Noh Kang Min as Byung Yun (child)


Kim Seung Soo as King Sunjo
Jun Mi Sun as Royal Consort Suk Ui
Jung Hye Sung as Princess Myung Eun
Heo Jung Eun as Princess Young Eun
Jung Yoo Min as Wol Hee

Kim Clan

Chun Ho Jin as Kim Hun (Yoon Sung’s grandfather)
Han Soo Yun as Queen Kim (Kim Hun’s daughter)
Park Chul Min as Kim Eui Gyo
Bang Joong Hyun as Kim Geun Gyo

Jo Clan

Lee Dae Yeon as Jo Man Hyung (Ha Yun’s father)


Jang Kwang as Han Sang Ik
Lee Joon Hyuk as Eunuch Jang
Tae Hang Ho as Do Gi
Oh Ui Shik as Sung Yeol
Jo Hee Bong as Eunuch Sung
Choi Dae Chul as Ma Jong Ja


Ahn Nae Sang as Jung Yak Yong
Kang Ki Doong as Dal Bong
?? as Jang Gi Baek
Ahn Se Ha as Jung Duk Ho
Jung Hae Kyun
Kim Jong Goo
Kim Ki Chun
Kim Byung Chul
Cha Joo Young (차주영)
Lee Jung Sung
Choi Na Moo
Lee Chae Kyung as Court Lady Kim


Cha Tae Hyun as servant (ep.1)
Jo Yeo Jung as noble woman (ep.1)
Lee Moon Shik as Eom Gong (ep.1)
Kim Yeo Jin
Jung Suk Yong
Seo Jung Yeon
Yoon Joo Sang as old man selling bracelet (ep.8)
Kim Bo Mi as court lady (ep.9)
Kim Seul Gi as eunuch dressing up like a man (ep.18)
Lee Kyu Sub

Production Credits

Production company: KBS Media
Executive producer: Kang Byung Taek
Producer: Yoon Jae Hyuk
Director: Kim Sung Yoon and Baek Sang Hoon
Screenwriter: Kim Min Jung and Im Ye Jin


Yook Sung Jae was first offered the major supporting role of Kim Yoon Sung, but declined due to scheduling conflicts.


2017 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actress (TV Section) – Kim Yoo Jung (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
2017 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actor (TV Section) – Park Bo Geum (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Best Child Actress: Heo Jung Eun (Oh My Geum Bi, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Best Child Actor: Jung Yoon Suk (Five Children, Jang Young Sil, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Rookie Actor – Jin Young (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Park Bo Geum and Kim Yoo Jung (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Lee Joon Hyuk (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Awards – Park Bo Geum (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Medium Series) – Kim Yoo Jung (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor – Park Bo Geum (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2016-08-22 1 8.7 (17th) 10.0 (9th) 8.3 (17th) 9.0 (14th)
2016-08-23 2 9.3 (15th) 10.4 (8th) 8.5 (15th) 8.8 (13th)
2016-08-29 3 15.5 (5th) 17.9 (3rd) 16.0 (4th) 17.2 (4th)
2016-08-30 4 17.1 (5th) 18.8 (2nd) 16.4 (4th) 16.5 (4th)
2016-09-05 5 16.9 (5th) 19.3 (2nd) 19.3 (3rd) 20.0 (2nd)
2016-09-06 6 17.9 (3rd) 21.0 (1st) 18.8 (2nd) 18.9 (2nd)
2016-09-12 7 18.4 (5th) 22.0 (3rd) 20.4 (5th) 20.9 (4th)
2016-09-13 8 16.7 (4th) 19.8 (1st) 19.7 (2nd) 20.6 (2nd)
2016-09-19 9 17.9 (5th) 20.5 (2nd) 21.3 (4th) 22.4 (3rd)
2016-09-20 10 16.2 (4th) 18.6 (2nd) 19.6 (2nd) 20.2 (2nd)
2016-09-26 11 18.6 (4th) 20.6 (1st) 20.7 (2nd) 20.6 (2nd)
2016-09-27 12 18.6 (3rd) 21.1 (1st) 20.1 (3rd) 19.9 (3rd)
2016-10-03 13 16.4 (4th) 19.2 (3rd) 18.5 (4th) 18.8 (3rd)
2016-10-04 14 17.5 (4th) 20.1 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd) 19.4 (3rd)
2016-10-10 15 16.9 (4th) 18.8 (3rd) 17.9 (4th) 18.5 (3rd)
2016-10-11 16 17.8 (3rd) 20.3 (1st) 18.8 (3rd) 18.8 (2nd)
2016-10-17 17 22.5 (2nd) 24.8 (1st) 23.3 (2nd) 23.6 (1st)
2016-10-18 18 21.6 (3rd) 25.3 (1st) 22.9 (2nd) 22.5 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Poster 1 Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Poster2 Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Poster3 Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Poster4 Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Poster5 Moonlight-Drawn-by-Clouds-Poster6 Moonlight-Drawn-by-Clouds-Poster7 Moonlight-Drawn-by-Clouds-Poster8

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293 Responses to “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”

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  1. 251
    Yozora_Hikari Says:

    to Gmail sign in nope, the web novel actually have a happy ending, they have a twin together ^^v

  2. 252
    sa_grant Says:

    Why did our Yoon Sung have to die? Why ??!!

  3. 253
    DramaLOVER Says:

    Almost totally happy ending for my favorite characters. I have seen worse endings in kdramas. I can’t complain too much.

  4. 254
    LazyDog Says:

    Love all the characters. Episode 15,16,17😭😭😭 Park Bo Gum’s perfect, very handsome & Unforgettable Crown Prince in all historical drama!

  5. 255
    Yardhouse Says:

    Love love thi drama❤️❤️❤️Unforgettable Park Bo Gum is a perfect Crown Prince in all historical drama ever!

  6. 256
    hana_goh Says:

    Just end very well.. thanks for all the cast.. all team that bring me a great drama this year.. will miss them so much..

  7. 257
    Lestari Says:

    Best Drama Ever. I hope i can see park bogum and yoo jung in same project again. they’re so adorable. very good happy ending. all tombs up to the drama. thanks for all cast for showing the best acting. feel sorry for yoon sung for his sacrifice and thank you for saving our Ra on. KIm yoo Jung and Park Bogum, good luck!

  8. 258
    Gugu Says:

    Yessssss!! Happy ending. Thank you. Much love for this drama.

  9. 259
    Diana Salleh Says:

    what is the final episode?i’m curious about the crown prince..can’t wait for the final..hope there are happy ending k… Love KbsDrama

  10. 260
    tigerb Says:

    i thought it’s one of those period dramas with ill fated love relationships, in romance and royalty. but i’m glad they made the ending happy, with sacrifices by those whose love was unrequited. a good watch!

  11. 261
    himsss Says:

    Interesting from the start but getting boring til the end. Sorry. I still love reply 1988. The Shopping King Louie is better than this.

  12. 262
    Kdramaislife Says:

    One Of The Best Drama I’ve watched all this yr ❤️ Specially Uri Sejaa Jeohaa and RaOn-arh 🌸🌸 what can I say …their acting and their chemistry is beyond Amazing 👌🏻 I can’t take my eyes off from their beautiful faces 😍 I’ll surely miss this drama a lots ( time to rewatch it again for the third times ). My Mon&Tue will never ever be the same without #youngon couple can’t waittt for their new drama …coming soon plssssss ❤️

  13. 263
    sa_grant Says:

    Happy ending! Thank you! Best Drama Ever! Park Bogum, good luck!))

  14. 264
    imhel Says:

    I agree. One of the best Kdramas. Well put, kudos to the writer. Also, I couldn’t imagine anyother actor to play Lee Young and Raon. YooJung and Bogum both did a splendid job in portraying their roles. The ending was perfect too. The writer did not disappoint.
    I just want to comment on the controversy about YJ and BG’s kissing at the end. I think it was tastefully done and was not in any way raunchy for a 17 year-old. The same thing goes with the scene where YJ was wrapping her breasts to hide that she is a woman. The story requires it and also none of YJ’s cleavage was shown.
    re: article on http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/274362/20161020/love-in-the-moonlight-under-controversy-because-of-kim-yoo-jung-and-park-bo-gum-s-kiss-scene.htm.
    Korea Broadcasting commission should pay more attention to those idol girls who strut their stuff when they sing, wearing too short shorts and dancing suggestively and in very vulgar ways. I think those need to be censored because most of them are too sexy

  15. 265
    Simon K Says:

    I like this drama and also Scarlet Moon but I have hard time to understand why the rating of this drama is more than double of Scarlet Moon. Moonlight was funny at the beginning but after the first half, the story slow down too much and this drama was too long without a good story plot. I think 2-3 episodes should be trim out. Overall this is a good drama but compare to historic drama that get over 20% rating, I don’t think it is nearly as good as DongYi or The Moon that Embrace the Sun.

  16. 266
    petriskadilla Says:

    Bo Gum Oppa.. see u in next drama
    Luv u oppa 😘😙

  17. 267
    ryry Says:

    Plot ceritanya agak bosan bagi penggemar yg udah sering nonton drama bernuansa kerajaan kayak gini mah. Plot cerita sederhana dan tidak terlalu banyak konflik. Seting tempat dan kostum nya gitu2 aja kyk drama kerajaan sebelum2nya. Perlu sesuatu yg baru, fresh dan out of the box. Yah mungkin karena pemainnya aja jadi lumayan untuk ditonton. wkwk peace 🙂

  18. 268
    N Says:

    Very satisfied with this drama, from the casts to the storyline. Everything is just so perfect. 😊

  19. 269
    Achi Says:

    Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung have a great chemistry and good actors. I love this kdrama and I was not bored with it. I enjoyed watching every episodes. In my opinion, this Korean drama is better than Doctors and W.

  20. 270
    ruby placheta Says:

    3 stars… love it. im gonna watch it again… park bo gum saranghae… i think im inlove again…

  21. 271
    Uggie Says:

    I’m watching this drama everyday when have a time. Not bored at all. Again and again… Love so much to prince Lee Young and Hong Sam Nom. And of course i like so much to Park Bo Gum and Kim Yo Jung…

  22. 272
    Claribel Flores Says:

    I loved this plot the characters the story I was happy to see it

  23. 273
    Khaing Myat Myat Oo Says:

    I love it very much.I love both of the actors.And their acting very good in their series .Hovever I lovethis dramma very much.

  24. 274
    nnkt Says:

    Season 2, please…
    I will watch whatever drama that cast these 2 cutie puppies together.

  25. 275
    Joy Says:

    This kdrama really caught my attention…they’re chemistry (bo gum and yoo jung)are beyond. …rhey act naturally and that is good for them..because people noticed them that they are really good and match for.each other and fit their roles in this kdrama..I’m still hoping in the future bo gum and yoo.jung again in one drama..godbless to this couple:)

  26. 276
    Connie T. Says:

    i love MDBC.

  27. 277
    rini mardhiah Says:

    Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung have a great chemistry and good actors. I love this drama very much. I’m watching this drama everyday when have a time. Not bored at all.
    saranghae park bogum.. i’m always support you!! 💞😳

  28. 278
    MDBC & Healer Says:

    Another great Saeguk drama, after Sungkyukwan Scandal : They are now my all time fave Saeguk Kdrama.. All the actors are supers, even the supporting casts… Great plot as well, all the lines are remarkable…

    I hope this one will win… So please vote wisely….

  29. 279
    hairia abdulaziz Says:

    Park Bo Gum are legit the most shining actor’s and the only Crown Prince that matters in 2016.
    I love this drama so much!!!

  30. 280
    April alcala palmes Says:

    Moonlight drawn by the clouds is the best drame ever

  31. 281
    alice Says:

    Excellent drama one of the best I’ve watched, 👍 cute couple and very good story 😉👏👏.

  32. 282
    Rachma Says:

    My lovely drama😍💕

  33. 283
    박현요 Says:

    우리 시링하넌, 박보검 김요중 💕💕💕💕

  34. 284
    Ginger Jacinto Says:

    I love those 4 main characters in the series. I was touched by the story. And most of the scenes I can barely relate on the character’s feelings. That’s why I never fail to cry whenever I watch it. That story of love, responsibilty, sacrifice and making a choice really digs up a hole in my heart. There were lots of korean dramas that I’ve watched but this is one of those that captured my whole heart.

  35. 285
    cherryl Says:

    Moonlight drawn by the clouds is the best drama ever..unforgetable love story.. i laf😅 i cry 😢i got nervous😯..very excellent drama.. i love the cast of this drama.. also PBG and KYJ.. 😘😘

  36. 286
    Shin Says:

    Can I ask a favor??? As if you grant me, I want you two have another drama that could capture our hearts… please…. This is the best teen drama I ever seen, that the writer is also good in writing dramas that could be able us as a viewer to laugh, cry and enjoy.. Thanks for this nice drama.. I could never ever forget it… S A R A N G H A E Y O !

  37. 287
    Cris Peugniez Says:

    Moonlight drawn by clouds is the best of the year 2016: it is a quality drama starting from the actors to the music, costumes, setting, whole production itself , with a touch of romance, comedy, drama and history par excellence, with an excellent script in which the story is a modern combined touch of Shakespeare ‘s Romeo and Juliette and Merchant of Venice in a korean setting. A drama which promotes the universal value of pure and unconditional love. Excellent for the international audience,
    it promotes Korean culture. Just look at the last scene… the beautiful garden of cosmos flowers, the beautiful hanbuk costumes worn by the most equally young, beautiful , talented .. ethereal couple Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo-jeong (김유정) .. ends with a kiss .. and the girl ‘s sweet smile ….
    Moonlight drawn by clouds transcends life itself. A Masterpiece.

  38. 288
    shkbirain Says:

    Excellent drama. the actors portrayed the characters very well.
    Salute to the writers and staff for making this beautiful drama. truly a master piece.

  39. 289
    Eudeza Says:

    I really love this drama even if I repeatedly watched the episodes. Amazing and excellent performances of the main characters.. Will full of drama, romance, comedy,customes and traditional settings.. Everything are just perfect a one of a kind story ever! Congratulations to the characters of the story and the dir and scriptwriter. LOVE IT!

  40. 290
    DramaAddict Says:

    One of the best kdrama in 2016…i like the chemistry between the lead actos. …hope to see both of them in another new drama…This is a must watch period drama….Very very very recommended…! This drama surely become of the most unforgettable drama i ever watched…

  41. 291
    Peyutnduy Says:

    I watched it just because my friend insisted to me.
    I’m not particularly liking a historical drama & kind of bored of a girl-pretend-to-be-a-boy drama.
    It was because from the start all main male lead actors do not treat the “girl boy” as man to man. But they all clearly treat that “girl boy” as man to woman.
    Soooo… the fun is gone from the beginning.

  42. 292
    cahaya Says:

    Love love thi drama❤️❤️❤️Unforgettable Park Bo Gum is a perfect Crown Prince in all historical drama ever!

    Yess He is..

  43. 293
    lclarakl Says:

    I love historical dramas and this drama has one of my favorite young actresses, however, this drama didn’t hold my attention. I like historical dramas that are more realistic. Her being mistaken for a man just wasn’t convincing for me so it really didn’t hold my attention.

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