Yoseob (Highlight)

Yang Yo Seob is a South Korean singer and actor. He first gained interest in music and started practicing singing after listening to Brian McKnight’s music. He then listened to a lot of music of a similar style, but he realized that he couldn’t be biased towards a certain genre and started listening to dance music and rock as well. When he was in high school, he joined a school band where he performed a lot of hard rock and metal during their performances. Yoseob actually wanted to try modern rock; however, his seniors at that time said that it would ruin the mood and ultimately not be a success.
Yoseob became a JYP Entertainment trainee but left after receiving a bad grade from practice reviews. He moved agencies, to M Boat Entertainment (a former sister company of YG Entertainment) where he was trained for 5 years before transferring to Cube Entertainment where he finally became a member of Beast. While still a trainee at Cube Entertainment, he became a backup dancer for AJ, his soon-to-be group member and former high school friend, now known as Lee Gi Kwang, in the music videos and live performances of "Wiping the Tears" and "Dancing Shoes". Yoseob is the former main vocalist of Beast, and is currently a member of the Korean boy group HIGHLIGHT. In late 2016, the group moved labels from Cube Entertainment to Around Us Entertainment and subsequently changed their name to Highlight in 2017.

He released a digital single together with Dalmatian’s Daniel titled “First Snow and First Kiss” and participated in singing original soundtracks (OSTs) for various Korean dramas such as “Happy Birthday” for More Charming by the Day and “I Cherish That Person” for My Princess. And "Loving You" – for All My Love. Yoseob has also participated in various TV shows, including KBS’s "Oh! My School". Yang Yoseob attended Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts (formerly known as Dong-Ah Broadcasting College) and has graduated in 2014.

Yang Yoseob enlisted as a conscripted policeman on January 24, 2019 and completed his military duties on August 30, 2020.

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Yoseob (Highlight) Facts

Native Name: 양요섭

Birth Name: Yo Seob Yang

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: January 5, 1990

Gender: Male

Member of: Highlight

Height: 170cm

Weight: 57kg

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