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Mom Has An Affair

Title: 엄마가 바람났다 / Mom Has An Affair
Also Known as: Mother Has a Fling
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2020-May-04 to 2020-Oct-23
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:35


This drama tells the story of a temporary teacher wants to marry a rich man, while her children look for a father who will take care of them.


Main Cast

Hyun Jyu Ni as Oh Pil Jung
Lee Jae Hwang as Kang Suk Joon
Kim Hyung Bum as Kang Suk Hwan (Suk Joon’s brother)
Moon Bo Ryung as Lee Eun Joo

Pil Jung’s family

Nam Yi Ahn (남이안) as Oh Soon Jung (Pil Jung’s sister)
Kang Seo Joon as Park Tae Sup (Pil Jung’s husband) cameo
Hong Je Yi (홍제이) as Park Min Ji (Pil Jung and Tae Sup’s daughter)
Gil Jung Woo as Park Min Ho (Tae Sup’s son, Pil Jung’s stepson)

Kang family

Lee Won Jae as Kang Tae Soo (Suk Joon and Suk Hwan’s father; LX Group chairman)
Yang Geum Suk as Kim Hye Jung (Suk Hwan’s mother; Suk Joon’s stepmother)

Eun Joo’s family

Suh Hyun Suk as Lee Tae Woo (Eun Joo’s brother)
Lee Jin Ah as Choi Eun Ja (Eun Joo and Tae Woo’s mother)
Kim Dong Gyoon as Choi Dong Suk (Eun Ja’s brother, Eun Joo and Tae Woo’s uncle)
Lee Young Eun as Choi Yoo Kyung (Dong Suk’s daughter, Eun Ja’s niece, Eun Joo and Tae Woo’s cousin)

LX Group

Go In Bum as Chairman Kang (Suk Joon and Suk Hwan’s father)
Cha Seung Woo (차승우) as Wang Ki Bum
Kim Young Hoon as Ha Yeol Do
Noh Jung Myung (노정명) as Hong Soo Kyung


Park Soon Chun as Kim Bok Soon
Park Ji Soo as Park Hye Jin
Jun Eun Chae (전은채) as Choi Mi Young
Hong Suk Bin (홍석빈) as Engineer Kim
Park Yoo Mil (박유밀) as Doctor
Kim Ha Kyun
Cha Seung Woo as Wang Ki Beom

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio S, Mega Monster
Executive Producers: Kim Yong Jin, Son Jae Sung
Chief Producer: Hong Sung Chang
Director: Go Heung Shik
Screenwriter: Ahn Seo Jung


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  1. 1 : aznative Says:

    Coming soon to Viki.

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  3. 3 : Lclarakl Says:

    aznative @ 2, Thanks for the information. It’s very rare, very very rare for Viki to sub a 120 daily drama; glad to know they are and a little apprehensive. If the drama becomes bad and draggy, the subs do too.

  4. 4 : Lulu Says:

    English Subs stopped at episode 27! I have been waiting for English subs for episodes 28-30 that are now available. I am very close to ending my subscription with Vikki because of this. Very frustrated!

  5. 5 : carmen Says:

    Lulu try to go into fastdrama me this one has all with sub

  6. 6 : abc Says:

    Watch online dramacool.biz on your Laptop and Mobile. It’s a very good platform for dramacooll.co Online Drama’s K-show and Online Movies Enjoy it. dramacool.biz

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