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Title: 미쓰 아줌마 / Miss Ajumma
Chinese Title : Miss大嬸 / Miss欧巴桑
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 103
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-May-30 to 2011-Oct-21
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:40 AM


This daily drama is about the life of Kang Geum Hwa, a divorced middle-aged woman who stands up against the world’s prejudice.


Oh Hyun Kyung as Kang Geum Hwa
Kwon Oh Joong as Go Kyung Se
Jung Shi Ah as Wang Sae Mi
Kim Jung Min as Yoon Jung Woo
Jung Sung Woon as Wang Bong Soo

Geum Hwa’s family

Kim Hyung Ja as Kwon Hee Ja
Yum Dong Hun as Kang Ho Shik
Yoo Ji In as Lee Mi Ok
Lee Da Jin as Kang Eun Hwa

Other people

Oh Na Ra as Kim Hyun Sook
Kim Jong Suk (김종석) as Hwang Jong Goo
Do Yi Sung as Lee Byung Chul
Jang Mi Ja (장미자) as Byung Chul’s mother
Min Joon Hyun as Kyung Se’s friend
Park Ran (박란) as Yeo Woo Kyung
Jung Joon Won as Yoo Jin (Sae Mi’s son)
Lee Tae Woo as crying child

Production Credits

Producer: Oh Se Kang
Director: Oh Jin Suk
Screenwriter: Song Jung Rim (송정림)

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123 Responses to “Miss Ajumma”

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  1. 101
    icha Says:

    Preview episode 101: mdm jung very shocked hear that yoo jin is not jung woo’s son. She doesn’t even want to meet sae mi.

  2. 102
    anna Says:

    synopsis last ending plz…anyone ?

  3. 103
    ptsh836 Says:

    another 3 epis n dis drama will end!

    its great the misunderstanding between jung woo n geum hwa has been solved.

    sae mi is finally getting her just rewards for all the misery caused to those around her by her lies n evil schemings. the worst thing is she feels what she’s been doing is right n its all for her son’s happiness n future as a chaebol…but she does not know that all these have to be achieved through one’s hard work n honesty not through lies n devious plans…she has yet to accept the fact that dishonesty does not pay n her only redemption will be going to jail to learn her lesson!

    looks like mdm jung will also abandon her in tonite’s epi n im sure sae mi’s castle in the air will also crumble along. its a pity mdm jung has to be on the receiving end of sae mi’s evil plans but her son n geum hwa will be there to console her…

  4. 104
    icha Says:

    The last episode is too fast!! Really disappointed, I wish to see more about happy life of kang geum hwa, jung woo and dan bi. Episode 103 is too short to cover all that happiness after many sorrowful moment. I wished that there more a lot of scene to show relationship jung woo and dan bi, how he builds relationship with dan bi. The scene when jung woo proposes geum hwa also too short. I wish they extend the episode..
    I really like jung woo expression, and dan bi expression when she with jung woo.

  5. 105
    icha Says:

    Last episode:
    Madam jung recover from her surgery. Her health condition getting better and better. Jung woo thanks his mother for keeping her promise not to leave him.
    Sae mi doesn’t want to meet anybody. Geum hwa regularly visit her and keep supporting her. Geum hwa also tell mdm jung about sae mi condition that she doesn’t want even to eat. Mdm jung write letter to her, that she already forgive her although at the first time mddm jung said that it very hurt to know sae mi betrayed her when she already gave sae mi everything love, etc. But now mdm jung already forgive her. Sae mi cries while reading mdm jung’s letter.
    Sae mi who at the 1st not want to see anybody, she now would like to meet geum hwa. Geum hwa said that she already forgive her, but sae mi say that she never ask her forgiveness. Geum hwa said that she forgive sae mi in order to geum hwa’s own happiness even sae mi doesn’t ask her forgiveness. Sae mi still says bad word toward geum hwa, but just covering. She actually feel free and happy to meet geum hwa.
    Yoo jin live with kyung se and his mother.
    ;ung woo continue work and geum hwa work as part timer at jung woo’s office. Even as part timer, geum hwa very busy and she always forget schedule. Jung woo’s afraid that geum hwa also will forget their wedding day. Jung woo propose her for the second time, he said that hopefully the ring is big enough to tie geum hwa.
    1 year later — geum hwa pregnant, madam jung getting better, geum hwa always care about her food, she always make herbal tonic and vegetable for mdm jung. Mdm jung very happy, she is getting better and better due to geum hwa treatment.
    Geum hwa even more busy, she become public speaker, jung woo complaint her because although it is a bed time, geum hwa still busy preparing her speech. Geum hwa ask whether he fall in love again with her. Jung woo said that he didn’t. Geum hwa surprise, and jung woo said he doesn’t fall in love twice, but he already in love until now. Sae mi out of the jail. Kyung se pick her up. His mother also gives him green light, she said to take sae mi back to their house. After live with yoo jin 1 year, kyung se mother loves yoo jin as her grandchild. Sae mi ask why kyung se doesn’t sent yoo jin to bong soo, it will make yoo jin harder to leave kyung se. But kyung se said that yoo jin give him unconditional love which he cannot reject. Sae mi said so it will be difficult for him. Then kyung se said that sae mi should pay back with her heart. Ending scene is geum hwa and sae me sit together, talking about the life journey.

  6. 106
    leen Says:

    dear all…

    really dying searching dat sad song..can anyone pls tell me wats the song title..?


  7. 107
    aisy Says:

    I’m searching also, but it’s difficult to find. I don’t know the title. I like also the sad love song of miss ajumma.

  8. 108
    linda Says:

    I like jung woo’s expression … really like!! What his other drama?

  9. 109
    ridzuan Says:

    I seldom watch dramas on TV even local dramas because it’s a waste of precious time and I can better use such time for other worthwhile activities such as reading and cleaning the house and compound. The only TV programme l normally watch is NEWS, local and international. However by accident l watch miss ajumma and l became glued to my sit as the drama has many practical living contents that connects everyone to the reality of live. Watching miss ajumma is like watching into the mirror of your own lf somewhat. My most favourite actor is Kang Guem Hwa. I really admire her natural beauty, her simplicity and other positive characters in the drama.

  10. 110
    linda Says:

    @rdzuan: yup, I also coincidentally watched this drama, and couldn’t move from my sitting..hahaha..crazy thing, even this drama was aired above 9pm.

  11. 111
    Love K-Pop Says:

    The Best Drama ( :

  12. 112
    littlemyaw Says:

    please anyone know what title song in every sad scene? Female voice still cant find until now 🙁

  13. 113
    passionfruitea Says:

    Who’s the dad of yoo jin?

  14. 114
    MCS Says:

    Can anyone tell me here I can watch or download the episodes of “Miss Ajuma”? I’ve tried all the sites most people know that have Asian dramas but I still cannot find this series. Can any of you help me???
    P.S.: I also cannot find the drama “Unstoppable Marriage”.

  15. 115
    nia Says:

    hi, please help me to suggest at where can I watch the series with english sub?

  16. 116
    Fiza Karim Says:

    I accidently watch this drama and love it!
    The best drama!
    I love Jung Woo..wierd smile..hehe

  17. 117
    Umaira Says:

    Accidently watch this drama and I love it very much !

  18. 118
    henry Says:

    Miss Ajumma is here
    but some video broken, do you know where is all episod?

  19. 119
    tita Says:

    how can i watch this drama with eng sub ?

  20. 120
    pink Says:

    this website, the video over there it’s not worked anymore http://www.dramastory.net/drama/Miss-Ajumma-SBS-Korean-Drama-2011/

  21. 121
    Josephine Says:

    I would like to know why certain Korean drama are on Roku and some are not . the ones that are not what is another way to view these drama’s I haven”t even get to see the end of these drama ????

  22. 122
    Ahjumma | ilmainennetti Says:

    […] » Miss Ajumma » Korean Drama – KoreanDrama.org – … – » Miss Ajumma » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series… […]

  23. 123
    Rosalina Rabot Says:

    how do I watch Miss Ajumma is there a cd I can buy why is it not on dramafever or viki

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