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Miss Ajumma

Title: 미쓰 아줌마 / Miss Ajumma
Chinese Title : Miss大嬸 / Miss欧巴桑
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 103
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-May-30 to 2011-Oct-21
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:40 AM


This daily drama is about the life of Kang Geum Hwa, a divorced middle-aged woman who stands up against the world’s prejudice.


Oh Hyun Kyung as Kang Geum Hwa
Kwon Oh Joong as Go Kyung Se
Jung Shi Ah as Wang Sae Mi
Kim Jung Min as Yoon Jung Woo
Jung Sung Woon as Wang Bong Soo

Geum Hwa’s family

Kim Hyung Ja as Kwon Hee Ja
Yum Dong Hun as Kang Ho Shik
Yoo Ji In as Lee Mi Ok
Lee Da Jin as Kang Eun Hwa

Other people

Oh Na Ra as Kim Hyun Sook
Kim Jong Suk (김종석) as Hwang Jong Goo
Do Yi Sung as Lee Byung Chul
Jang Mi Ja (장미자) as Byung Chul’s mother
Min Joon Hyun as Kyung Se’s friend
Park Ran (박란) as Yeo Woo Kyung
Jung Joon Won as Yoo Jin (Sae Mi’s son)
Lee Tae Woo as crying child

Production Credits

Producer: Oh Se Kang
Director: Oh Jin Suk
Screenwriter: Song Jung Rim (송정림)

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  1. 1 : Ekin Says:

    this drama should be suitable for the woman more than 30 years old.

  2. 2 : sumaiya Says:

    @ Ekin
    yeah Ekin u r right

  3. 3 : wenny Says:


  4. 4 : shortcutmovies Says:

    because the title its miss ajumma? lol
    wow 2011-2012..:D

  5. 5 : lady Says:

    ya..i’m agree with Ekin..100% i agree..

  6. 6 : Sierra N Says:

    Now,now lets give this comment/give opinions later guys…Too soon to judge. I think it will bewarm and funny….Fighting….

  7. 7 : Lovemoon Says:

    This drama is not bad. If you decide to watch this one I think you need to watch at least 10 ep. to figure out each character and understand the storyline a little bit. After that, you can jump and continue watching around the ep. which the main couple finally got divorce, Miss Ajumma changed her hair style and look…Got exciting every week after that.

  8. 8 : Sharellh Says:

    I really need subs in English. I would love to watch, but can’t find it anywhere.

  9. 9 : ju Says:

    This is a very nice drama, every episode is getting more interesting. I like Oh Hyun Kyung and Kim Jung Min. They acted well and it is sad to see that even they love each other but can’t be together because of the male actor rich wife. I hope the scriptwriter will let them live happily together . I like happy ending. Thank you and i will support this drama till the end.

  10. 10 : zafar Says:

    i kile

  11. 11 : isacrak Says:

    Me gusta la actriz OH, ella se levanto en su vida real de un escándalo y de prejuicios es la apropiada para el papel…esperare con ansias ver este drama

  12. 12 : boztepe Says:

    hey guys! i did not start to watch this drama yet. However, i would like to ask for a favor. Can you list the name of drama the most you like to the least? Because i do not know which one of dramas is the best to watch. I am looking forward to answer..Thank you

  13. 13 : Eii Says:

    I really like this drama, has repeatedly watch is never bored

  14. 14 : marta Says:

    i am always anticipating the daily episodes of Miss Ajumma. Is there a way i can watch this online with English subtitles?

  15. 15 : Vanessa Says:

    I happened to find this show by chance and I love it! I’m so grateful that it has English subtitles. I love each and every character. Is the show completely finished or is it going to be continuing in 2012?

  16. 16 : LoonyLizard Says:

    My Most Favorite: Protect The Boss (so funny!)
    My Least Favorite: Paradise Ranch (no character development, horrible acting, bad script)

  17. 17 : LoonyLizard Says:

    English subtitles?!? Where? Link, please!

  18. 18 : Mich Says:

    You can watch this drama on the TKC Channel channel 76 Time WArnel Cable (THe Channel is 76 in queens) I am Afirican American & I love this drama & others that are broadcast from the channel (THey all have english subtitles)

  19. 19 : Hyang chong Says:

    I like this drama , specially my husband like more
    Harry chong

  20. 20 : crizzane Says:

    Where can I watch previous episodes with english subtitle? I happened to watch this by chance and love it! However, there were 2 episodes with no english subtitle. thanks!

  21. 21 : crissy Says:

    I really like this drama but no english subtitles, difficult to continue watching

  22. 22 : Hyang chong memon Says:

    This drama is my favorite even my husband love this drama n also
    Almostly Korean program he watching ,
    We love Korean all programs. Hyang chong memon
    Nj, USA

  23. 23 : irfa Says:

    last nite watch this drama
    i love it 🙂

  24. 24 : nanie Says:

    I like her since she’s acting First Wives Club, this story has similarity with the previous story.. Thumbs up.. I’ll try to to watch until the end..

  25. 25 : Cynthia Says:

    Ahjumma, now showing at indovision television ( at Indonesia ) , channel 164. i think this film should watch by all people who already married

  26. 26 : afzacfy Says:

    yes..i support you cynthia this drama should be people who already married..when i watch this drama,it is causing me to afraid have a husband…huhu…

  27. 27 : MISS AHJUMMA Says:


  28. 28 : MISS AHJUMMA Says:


  29. 29 : Yuana Says:

    De movie is wat happen to me….

  30. 30 : gumiho Says:

    i want download miss ajumma song but i dont know the title. ..

  31. 31 : Mensa Says:



  32. 32 : Sharl Says:

    Love this drama so much..

  33. 33 : ida Says:

    Yup, this drama is airing at indovision ch 164. Good story…. I also hope happy ending ’cause Kang Geum Hwa has been working hard to take care her child also her works. She deserve to get a good man. Ahjummaaaaa……fighting!!!!

  34. 34 : sari Says:

    need to know the final episode…please…..somebody who know it, just email me ok…big thx

  35. 35 : michan Says:

    gumiho => the tittle of the song is sweet lady by jaydee a.k.a JD

  36. 36 : meme Says:

    cerita syok sangat tapi dua apisot setiap hari tak syok la kan

  37. 37 : fanskorea Says:

    where i can download this soundtrack , i love the song when they had sad scene . then got sad song . but i dunno the title . the lyrics something like …. saranghaee …. like that . plsss help me find it

  38. 38 : Jasmine Says:

    Do really like this drama! OHK is great actress. I love her since ‘First Wives Club’…

    2 thumbs UP!

  39. 39 : ptsh836 Says:

    one thing to ensure that viewers will be watching religiously n gripping tightly to their chairs is the introduction of an evil, heartless, shameless, 4ever scheming n calculating 2nd female lead character aka wang sae mi!

    one cannot have the good without the bad n the bad here is real bad! in every sense of d word! wang sae mi’s evil, big eyes will make u hate her from top to toe, i promise u!

    not content with her achievements in grabbing ahjumma’s hubby…she has to continue to plot n plot to destroy whatever lil’ happiness there is left for kang geum hwa…even to d extent of grabbing her daughter too!

    such evil characters give one a bad digestion daily….i dun believe there is such a character who is unafraid of karma or god! she truly drives me up d wall n the great ahjumma is so trusting as to expose her daughter to sae mi’s evil schemes…i wanna shake her out of her revelry! she’s gotta protect what’s left of hers n keep dis evil woman outta her life!!

  40. 40 : vee Says:

    in love with this drama..and still find the OST, but can’t find it anywhere..
    they’re deleted the files 🙁
    anyone can help?

  41. 41 : erin Says:

    miss ahjummaaa~
    its now airing in Malaysia at channel 393 SOne HD
    already 52 episodes ^^

    i want to know whats going to happen in the endinggg ?

  42. 42 : icha Says:

    Who is yoo jin father? Ooo..I hope he is not yoon jun woo. I hope geum hwa with yoon jun woo…!!! So frustating, waiting to episode 103, now still at episode 52

  43. 43 : Fey Says:

    Hope someone give summary for final episode…i dont like kyung se!!!!! Please dont make geum hwa turning back..love mr parkkk

  44. 44 : Mitchie Says:

    Plsss !!! Tell me wht happen in the end ? Did Geum-hwa will live happily with Kim Jung Woo…

  45. 45 : ptsh836 Says:

    its now only @ epi 53 but a lot of action had taken place….sae mi brought down to her knees for scheming to win ovr d advertising contract illegally….having gotten thrown out of her marriage to kyung se….she’ll only get worse n its a long way to epi 103; so lots more of evil schemings from her!

    one thing dat bugs me is how she is turning every single event to her favor; what with her ambiguous relationship with yoon jung woo n whoever is yoo jin’s real dad! she’s keeping this card close to her chest n will surely use it against geum hwa just so she can destroy geum hwa’s happiness once again.

    i think geum hwa committed a serious mistake by personally exposing sae mi’s secret ill treatment of her mother in law to kyung se n causing her marriage to fall apart…coz now she has aroused the ire in sae mi n geum hwa had better be smarter n quicker in her actions to safeguard her future happiness as sae mi is capable of so many wicked plans of revenge.

  46. 46 : Fey Says:

    Can someone please tell me the ending??? Does geum hwa will end up with mr joon??

  47. 47 : Jocelyn Says:

    I simply adore Miss Ahjumma.. Really hope to see Kang Geum Hwa with Yoon Jung Woo.. Heard that she ends up going back to her ex.. I hope not..

  48. 48 : Amy Teo Says:

    Watched all alrdy. At last, She marries Jung Woo. The evil Sae Mi went to jail, turned over a new leaf and reunite with kyung Se. Overall, a happy ending.

  49. 49 : Amy Teo Says:

    Like the song in the drama, esp the female vocal one. Anyone know the title name or the singer?

  50. 50 : iv Says:

    Happy ending…very happy to miss ahjuma

  51. 51 : aj Says:

    Amy Teo: email me the download link to [email protected].

  52. 52 : icha Says:

    @amy teo: please tell me more about the summary..I just watched episode 60, when sae mi plan to make yoo jin as a son of yoon jung woo. How it is happened and how it is reveal? I love geum hwa and yoon jung woo. I really love when they go together with dan bi..so adorable…
    I love this drama very much..make ma crazy to know the ending..never get bored ..

  53. 53 : Amy Teo Says:

    @aj: I watched and downloaded into my Samsung tablet via the PPS app. However, only Chinese sub available. You may try Viki app in your region for Eng Sub.
    @icha: she contacted the real biological father who is a crook to fake the DNA report proving Jung Woo is the father of the child. Thus, resulting the pair not able to get married as plan. Kyung Se found out her doing, but choose to keep quiet hoping to win back geum Hwa’s heart. Meanwhile, Jung Woo working hard to revolve the prob but was force to part with geum Hwa. In the end, the truth was reveal by Sae Mi’s bro to Jung Woo…

  54. 54 : Jocelyn Says:

    @AmyTeo, you are sooooo lucky to understand chinese.. Am only at epi 62… Now i knw she n jung woo going to be together at the end, i can sleep soundly..

  55. 55 : icha Says:

    Thank ami. I still at episode 64. Does kang geum hwa ever not trust jung woo? Because in the latest episode kang geum hwa said that even everybody do not trust jung woo, she will trust him forever. I love the episode when jung woo propose geum hwa and he also propose dan bi to become his family. Is it still far to go to jung woo knowing his mother? At what episode his mother know that sae mi is such an evil person?

  56. 56 : ptsh836 Says:

    wang sae mi…dat crazy witch!! i wish i could reach into d tv, wring her neck, slap her silly, give her a mighty spin n release her into space!! i almost thought of switching off at dis point coz she’s a real pain in d neck n more!

    there is almost always dis type of crazed character in kdramas where ur only wish is make her disappear…4ever! wang sae mi is getting more n more ridiculous in her plans to win ovr d biological mum of yoon jung woo; playing innocent in order to hoodwink d poor lady…making use of her son, yoo jin n spinning a remarkable tale of conceiving jung woo’s son n boldly proclaiming to geum hwa her grandiose plans of winning jung woo’s hand in marriage! i think she’s heading to a mental hospital big time with all these stupid plans of hers n would be glad to see her institutionalised!!

    in d meantime, geum hwa’s happiness is dashed while sae mi is on d heat to prove yoo jin is yoon jung woo’s son! im sure she is not short on ideas to do dis n can barely wait to see her evil schemes revealed soon!

  57. 57 : leen Says:

    Good day Amy Teo…

    Really love the drama ( Miss Ajumma ) can’t wait to know the ending..? How’s the ending will be?

  58. 58 : icha Says:

    I can’t wait tonight episode 65 and 66..

  59. 59 : Izzie Says:

    Amy Teo, how is the ending to this drama? Please tell us more!

  60. 60 : Fazalena Says:

    geum hwa marry jung woo or not??? really hope both of them together at the end after some many trouble couse sae mi…

  61. 61 : icha Says:

    I hate kyung se and his mother. I think all problem happened due to both of them.
    Ami theo, do you have any recaps summary of miss ajumma. I can’t wait..oh.
    I tried to find the dvd, but none who sell this story.

  62. 62 : iday Says:

    last night watched episode 71 & 72. geum hwa really protect her relationship with jung woo. she willing to raise yoon jin if the boy really jung woo son. geum wha is very strong women!

    i cant wait to watch se mi gets what she already did!

    where can i see the full online drama? because it’s so hard to find this drama in the internet. grrr

  63. 63 : icha Says:

    I can’t believe sae mi is really crazy. I hate her so much. How can he use his own son for her merit.

  64. 64 : icha Says:

    It’s really frustrating. I can’t find the dvd in market. How it could be? I think this drama is really ‎​(y)(y)ĞÖőöº˚˚ºööÔĎ(y)(y) . The chemistry between geum hwa and joon woo, I like so muuuuuch

  65. 65 : iv Says:

    Please tell me the story last night…

  66. 66 : love Says:

    anyone know what song this story of a woman in a very melodious song because the original song in the OST of this drama is singer JD, please help me

  67. 67 : ptsh836 Says:

    @iv #65: yoon jung woo’s biological mum is now aware of her son’s existence thru d cunning plans of wang sae mi…to trap d poor old lady n gain her trust….then to pass off her own son, yoo jin as her legitimate grandson! wang sae mi is really a crazy witch to hatch such a ridiculous plan n her dreams of getting herself married to jung woo is truly far fetched!

    by roping in her ex-bf; an ex-convict who also happens to be d father of yoo jin; to forge official dna documents showing jung woo as d biological father of her son…this is really the work of an insane n obsessed woman!

    jung woo did however insists on a separate dna testing of his own but d cunning sae mi was ready to upset his plans; by switching his dna samples it was once again proven that jung woo was d father of yoo jin!

    geum hwa upon learning of this outcome was devastated n sad…she was in two minds over trusting jung woo as a result of which their marriage was further postponed by jung woo till he could clear his name once n for all….

    however, geum hwa came to her senses soon enuf n confronted sae mi with d idea of caring for her son, yoo jin herself after marrying jung woo…this news was too shocking to sae mi coz this was not in her plans at all…what she wanted was to marry jung woo herself n grab all d riches n title under jung woo’s mum n ensure that yoo jin will never suffer being poor again!

  68. 68 : icha Says:

    Last episode I saw is episode 75-76 where here joon woo has receive the fake of DNA result. He met the person from labo and confirmed whether the result is real. He met sae mi and talked why she just telling the truth right now. He still curious. But sae mi convice him that joo jin absolutely his. Meanwhile kyung se tried to figure out what sae mi’s plan. He curious why sae mi work with mrs jung, and now she gets high position as mrs jung assistant during short period. Then kyung se met sae mi to confront his suspect that sae mi plan something, she already now mrs jung is joon woo mother. Sae mi ask how far kyung se has already know. Kyung se says that he knows her plan, but still something he don’t understand. He ask sae mi why she married him, since joon woo is her son father, and whether she intentionally seduce him in order to make close to joon wo because at that time joon woo can not be reached by sae mi due to his high position as son in law of rich person.
    The real yoo jin father overhear what kyung se and sae mi conversation, and he start wondering the situation. He gave kyung se his name card and introduce as he is the person who really know sae mi.
    Meanwhile joon woo and geum hwa have meeting with mrs jung to discuss the commercial for her restaurant. Mrs jung ask sae mi to accompany her since now she is her assistant. But in the middle of the way mrs jung feels headache and say to sae mi to start first. Joon woo and geum hwa shock to see sae mi who represent mrs jung. Joon woo speak to sae mi alone and said he won’t see sae mi again, from now on they just will only talk to their lawyer, anything sae mi wants, she can speak to joon woo lawyer. He will never forgive sae mi. Sae mi very upset. Then she met coincidentally with geum hwa in the toilet, she ask geum hwa to leave joon woo. But geum hwa say that even she left joon woo, he’ll never come to sae mi. Geum hwa ask sae mi to stop this action, since if sae mi can get joon woo, they will never be happy. Geum hwa say that sae mi doesn’t love joon woo. But sae mi keep blame geum hwa for her miscarried and she will do everything for joo jin to be well growth. Meanwhile joon woo is waiting geum hwa out from toilet, he gets phone call from dan bi. Dan bi says that she really miss joon woo because now he rarely comes to her house. Joon woo says he miss dan bi too, and that he says to dan bi to keep her mother and love her, hugs her before sleep and telling her that she loves her. Dan bi reply she will do a half and joon woo should do a half also.
    In the office, female employee says about married invitation, but then joon woo say to postpone. Everybody wondering, include geum hwa brother in law who directly call his wife which is geum hwa sister. Geum hwa mother overhear it and ask joon woo to come.
    At home, geum hwa mother cook special dishes for joon woo. Dan bi also miss joon woo, then dan bi show her drawing to joon woo. 1st drawing is geum hwa, and joon woo ask who is in the drawing? Is she a princess? Dan bi say it is her mother wears wedding dress. Joon woo remember when geum hwa try her wedding dress, she is beautiful. Then joon woo say yes it is her mother, very beautiful like a princess. Dan bi then show the 2nd drawing, and joon woo ask her who is in the drawing. Dan bi say it is her mother and him, on the wedding, like prince and princess. Joon woo very sad to hear it.
    on the dining table, geum hwa mother offers many dishes. Dan bi say that joon woo ajussi doesn’t like vegetable, and offers the meat, but she also say please eat a little vegetable in order to make her mother happy. Geum hwa sister says dan bi well know joon who than geum hwa.
    After dinner, geum hwa mother ask why they would like to postpone, is it because of her who oppose their marriage? Joon woo wants to tell the truth but geum say they have many job right now so they postponed the wedding.
    Joon woo lawyer contact sae mi. Sae mi upset and want to talk to joon woo. She says on the phone she want to meet him and introduce yoo jin. Joon woo says he is not ready yet to meet the child. But sae mi says that if he rejects to meet them now, sae mi won’t agree to talk with the lawyer.

  69. 69 : icha Says:

    Additional: kyung se already know sae mi work together with her ex bf to fake dna test. Kyung se overhear ex bf talking with sae mi friend.

  70. 70 : icha Says:

    @ptsh836: I think sae mi is really mentally ill. How could she ever dream to marry with joon woo. I think joon woo is not that stupid. I really hope joon woo will say that he will take the child and rise himself rather than married with sae mi. But I hope the great lie will reveal soon. Any body know at what episode it is reveal by bong soo to joon woo?
    This drama is interesting but I’m wondering why no body sell the dvd here. Get me going crazy to know the ending. Especially when it is reveal. How sae mi’s expression then?
    In the preview for next week, kyung se tell sae mi to end it, but sae mi say that if kyung se reveal that it would be the time of her dead.

  71. 71 : ptsh836 Says:

    @icha #70:

    actually d coming episode will be very exciting…meeting yoo jin, will jung woo’s heart be swayed n his decision to marry geum hwa be put on hold indefinitely??

    u know how men is….their child is precious to them n they will do all kinds of things to smooth d passage to a bright future for them…n now that d dna mix-up had jung woo all confused…will he really believe that yoo jin is his kid??

    wang sae mi is a cracko through no fault of her own, of course…but d writer’s…this kinda character is fearless, unscrupulous, shameless n selfish…always blaming everyone for her own misfortunes n not seeing fact for what it is but is blinded by her own greed to acquire riches, power n position in society…sae mi always uses her son to justify all these bizarre plans of hers but fails to acknowledge her own misdoings!

    this kind of characters have no qualms in destroying happy families along d way n its actually quite a dangerous trend among d young today….n dramas like this is reinforcing d fact that it is not wrong to do so!!

  72. 72 : icha Says:

    Episode 77 – 78
    Yoon jun woo doesn’t want to meet sae mi with yoo jin. He asks to meet sae mi alone, but sae mi trick him, by intentionally let jun woo to see yoo jin. However jun woo’s felling toward the child is like obstacle to him, It makes joon woo feels he is bad person, because he doesn’t feel that yoo jin is his son. He feels that time by time he is become more bad person, so that he won’t to separate from geum hwa because he just would like to be remember as good person in kang geum hwa memory.

    na sang jae, terror sae mi and asking big amount of money, he threaten her.
    Kyung se meet sae mi, and beg to her to stop her action. He says that he want to stop her because for her own sake, but sae mi begs if kyung se cannot shut up his mouth and reveal the secret, he will see her death.

    Geum hwa mother finally knows about yoo jin from kyung se mother (I ràeally hate her, she is the root of all problem I think, it is better if she just still coma).the family is in chaos. Geum hwa parent try to make joon woo and geum hwa separate, even her father asking joon woo to leave geum hwa, because geum hwa will never leave him. Joon wo just asking time 1 day to say ‎good bye to geum hwa. Geum hwa father feels terrible, because joon wo follow his request. He feels joon woo is ‎​good person

    Kyung se feel terrible, since he feels that he the one who change sae mi so much. He drunk and say to his mother that he should’ve divorce sae mi when she beg to him. But kyung se mother say how can he forgive her when she just watching her coma. Kyung se mother always talk about geum hwa, she really want geum hwa back with kyung se, but kyung se say don’t ever thing about that, because know he is feeling guilty.

    Sae mi always want to meet joon woo, but joon woo say he does’t want to have any relationship with her, but he will take responsible with that child by finance him. Sae mi thinks that joon woo doing this because he still have a hope to be with kang geum hwa.

    Back from sweet rain, geum hwa and joon woo walk and holding hand. Joon woo say they never dating correctly, just meet during work, and ask geum hwa what usually people doing on dating. Geum hwa say nothing special, just walk, eating, watching movie. Joon woo say that even for not special things that never do that. He say that they haven’t done many thing together or still a lot of to do together (oh, I feel joon woo will leave her)

    Meanwhile geum hwa knowing that her father asked joon woo to leave her. Joon woo in his room remember all the memory with geum hwa. Geum hwa call joon woo and asks why he didn’t tell her, whether his heart is hurt. Joon woo say that he learns from geum hwa, he can hide his feeling. Joon woo cries because he cannot leave her, so he say that he will pick up her next morning. Joon woo hang up the phone and cries.

  73. 73 : Naz Says:

    Pls try this web site http://tv.sbs.co.kr/missA/..you may see till final episod 103..hope all of you enjoy it..

  74. 74 : iday Says:

    @Naz. i wish to understand the language on the following link you give.. hehe.. at least where do i can click to see the drama.. =) Thank you

  75. 75 : nad Says:

    anyone knows whats the song title of the korean song whenever the sad scene is playing?

  76. 76 : ptsh836 Says:

    hell, i luv last nite’s episode!

    na sang jae (sae mi’s ex) will surely be the one to bring her down; i can feel it in my bones! he is d male version of wang sae mi; unscrupulous, greedy, rotten, a scumbag! just perfect for another scumbag like wang sae mi!

    what i hate is…sae mi having a conscience!…she’s beginning to feel something stirring within her self…brought on by d very kind n compassionate mdm jung; so i see d cure for her ‘sickness’ is sympathy, kindness n compassion as shown by jung woo’s mum…n yet sae mi thought she could lead mdm jung blindly into her trap of lies n conceit!

    she is wondering whether mdm jung is pretending to be a fool when in actual fact, she’s not! i too, cant figure her out…at first i was shaking my head over sae mi’s ability to cheat mdm jung with her lies but mdm jung is secretly doing her own investigations on sae mi! so it looks like she’s no fool, afterall…

    geum hwa’s parents are a hysterical riot…overacting ovr every small thing…its not that geum hwa is a lil’ child that they should run her life n dictate who she should marry…if only they have more trust in her, she wont have to suffer so much agony n pain. anyway, whats d big deal with marrying a divorcee who has a child?? its so common nowadays…

  77. 77 : icha Says:

    I feel the same, when saw last night episode. It seems jung woo mother know wang sae trick, but maybe she just pretend she doesn’t know. But the way she tells sae mi about keeping hatred in her own heart it’ll just hurt sae mi more. She advice sae mi not to hate geum hwa.

  78. 78 : icha Says:

    I cried a lot, watched tonight episode!!!
    Crrrrzzz!! Grrrhhh!!! Wang sae mi, kyung se and kyung se’s mother, aaahhh..I want to hit them so much. Gzzzz!! Kyung se’s mother so shameless!!

  79. 79 : ptsh836 Says:

    @icha: 2nite’s epi just ended n you’ve already commented…how quick!

    like u, i also wish to slap sae mi so very much for being so selfish. for caring about yoo jin n her own happiness alone n not caring about other people’s fate…namely geum hwa n jung woo’s. i truly dislike d way she always uses her son as an excuse for this deceit…blaming everyone else except herself for sinking so low…her downfall will happen soon enough coz truth cannot be concealed n she will be answerable for forging d dna results…

    i dislike how weak go kyung se is….he’s the only one who knows sae mi’s secrets n yet he’s not going to expose her to geum hwa…just bcoz sae mi threatens to kill herself if he tells! moreover he has vested interest in getting back with geum hwa n his daughter.

    d way things go…sae mi has already successfully planted herself in mdm jung’s establishment n her aim of becoming mdm jung’s daughter-in-law is going to come true. her only obstacle is jung woo’s insistence in not having any future relationship with her or her son n is prepared to go to court to not having her son’s name in his family register.

  80. 80 : ptsh836 Says:

    2nite’s episode is sad as well as exciting.

    before, i wanted so much to slap wang sae mi…now i also want to slap go kyung se!! i hate how he’s not gonna help geum hwa out of this predicament by exposing sae mi’s lies n deceit….he’s also selfish when it comes to love as he has high hopes of reuniting with geum hwa…

    the sad part is of course…mdm jung n her relapsed illness which threatens to end her life after six months…so she is pressed for time to reveal to jung woo the truth abt her…that is she is his biological mum…

    i enjoy the part when na sang jae came back to haunt sae mi coz he knows he is yoo jin’s dad n he has no qualms abt exposing this truth to jung woo…in a way he’s back to blackmail sae mi n her grandiose plans to marry jung woo…

    i hope to see a lot more of na sang jae…cant wait for d day when sae mi’s lies n deception is exposed….then she would have no where to run n hide.

  81. 81 : icha Says:

    @pths836: do you know in what episode, bong soo will tell jung woo the truth??
    Kyung se mother such a shameless person, she tries to make geum hwa back. And kyung se how can he did such a thing when he actually already know jung woo is not yoo jin father. I have the 2 of them the most, rather than sae mi. That 2 bastards persons are the one who should be blamed. If kyung se and his mother treat sae mi well, I think sae mi won’t become this kind of woman. And kyung se, how dare he wants to take back what he’s already thrown away. If geum hwa want back with him, I think geum hwa is stupid.
    Preview for tomorrow mdm jung found family foto when sae mi still married with kyung se.

  82. 82 : ptsh836 Says:

    @icha #81:

    i do not know when bong soo will get to know d secret of yoo jin’s real dad n when he will tell jung woo…im just following d current episodes on onetvasia…

    like u, i also hate kyung se n his mom….makes me want to shake them both real hard to get rid of their absurd ideas of getting back with geum hwa….after causing so much agony n pain to her…they’ve both forgotten how they drove her away in d first place.

    i enjoy seeing sae mi’s horrified face every time na sang jae appears before her….she’s indeed going to get a taste of her own medicine…it really takes one bad hat to tackle another! both of them r crazy n psycho….equally hateful n i wish to see sae mi disappear this very minute.

    i hate d way sae mi tells lies without blinking n i think she really believes what she’s saying are all truths when in actual fact….they are all lies!!! she has reached d stage where she herself cant differentiate d lies from d truth! poor mdm jung is caught in d middle of her evil game n she really believes that yoo jin is her grandson….i wonder how she will feel when she knows he is not…

  83. 83 : liza Says:

    Episode 83 – After talking to Soon Hee, Geum Hwa decides to break up with Jung Woo. Jung Woo intends to discontinue his company and leaves the country.
    Episode 84 – Soon Hee advises Sae Mi against bringing Yoo Jin to meet Jung Woo. Sae Mi is deeply touched by Soon Hee for looking after her when she is sick.

    love this drama. even i set to PVR, still want to watch when airing.. And i always skip kyung se mother i really hate her.

  84. 84 : ptsh836 Says:

    2nite’s epi is so interesting…it had me jumping up n down!

    mdm jung has found out abt sae mi’s former marriage to go kyung se by way of a family pix returned by kyung se’s mom…mdm jung is upset that sae mi had lied abt her past n after giving sae mi many opportunities to come clean; sae mi persisted in weaving her web of lies…

    i just cant wait to see sae mi’s evil schemes exposed for all to see… while she gets herself into more trouble for misusing company funds to pay off na sang jae…it is indeed unfortunate for sae mi to seek out na sang jae in the first case…he will eventually bring abt sae mi’s downfall, i think…

    its a matter of time before mdm jung throws sae mi out coz mdm jung has very high principles of honesty n trust in her staff n those close to her…it would come as a greater shock to her when she discovers that yoo jin is not jung woo’s son!

  85. 85 : icha Says:

    I like part when kang geum hwa says to kyung se, that he is his 1st love, and he has make her realizes about love and her future dream. Then kyung se says that he’s sorry for everything he did and asking for 2nd chance. But then geum hwa said that jung woo is her last love, there’s no more room in her heart for other men even it is kyung se. So she ask kyung se not to put hope on her for coming back to him.

  86. 86 : leen Says:

    yes icha! the best part… another one is when geum hwa’s father fell very sad about geum hwa and he’ s crying thinking over his geum hwa future..all at sudden geum hwa turn up and ask her father if he wants any drinks.. her father surprised and sprayed all over his face to hide his tears!!! this part was really hilarious…hehheheh..cant wait for next episode…

  87. 87 : icha Says:

    Episode 89-90: mdm jung confessed that she is jung woo mother. At the 1st jung woo couldn’t accept it, but after talk with geum hwa (bong so made they me), he said to mdm jung to give him time.
    jung woo asked how mdm jung and sae mi met. He figured out that sae mi intentionally approach mdm jung, and confirmed to sae mi. Sae mi got terrified and called kyung se.

    I hate even more kyung se, I think he use dan bi to make him close to geum hwa. I hate it, because now dan bi always waits him and said that she want them to live together again. Oh I hate this scene. How can he doesn’t feel guilty when actually he already know that yoo jin is not jung woo’s son?? How shameless he is!! I don’t think he deserves to get back with geum hwa, he’s lying to her even in the beginning he re-approach geum hwa.

    Preview tomorrow episode (91): jung woo ask sae mi to leave mdm jung, since joon woo already know that sae mi approach mdm jung because she already knows that mdm jung is jung woo’s mom. Kyung se tries to get geum hwa back and proposes her.

  88. 88 : icha Says:

    @Ieen: hehe, I think geum hwa’s father more considerate than her mother. I believe if she is now at home, she will push kyung se out. But I like the way he treats his daughters. However, I’m little bit worried that this will make kyung se in the air, because kyung se will thinks he get support from geum hwa’s father. wonder where is geum hwa’s mother?

  89. 89 : ecj Says:

    hello! Anyone here knows the SAD SONG sang by the LADY? its played every time when theres a sad moment..i LOVE THAT SONG.oh my goshhh…:(

  90. 90 : icha Says:

    @ecj: I love that song too, but I don’t know the title..

  91. 91 : icha Says:

    Episode 93-94: Hate kyung se even more. How shameless. How can he didn’t feel guilty over geum hwa coz he’s lying to her that actually he already known about yoo jin real father. Does he ever think how if geum hwa know everything? Geum hwa will never forgive him. Even now kyung se tries to get geum hwa’s heart back, she always refuses. But kyung se is shameless, he uses dan bi as an excuse.

    Like to see sae mi terrified. Jung woo very angry knowing that sae mi live with his mother and knowing her mother always meet geum hwa to beg her to leave jung woo. Like to see geum hwa and jung woo, how he asked geum hwa to run away with him and also dan bi to some place which people don’t recognize them.

    Preview 95: jung woo still continue his plan to leave korea even he already found his mother. Bong soo will know that sae mi lie about yoo jin’s father by overhear jung woo and his mother conversation

  92. 92 : liza Says:

    Episode 95 – Despite his efforts to change, Kyung Se sees Geum Hwa has no intention of returning to him. Bong Soo is shocked to find out about Sae Mi’s deceit.

    Episode 96 – Feeling ashamed, Bong Soo insists on Sae Mi making a confession for her mistakes. Kyung Se feels hurt to see Geum Hwa so concerned about Jung Woo.

    Cant wait for this epi tonight ONE HD 393 Malaysia 🙂

  93. 93 : zulaikha Says:

    anybody knows the background music ? plsssssssssss

  94. 94 : Yen Says:

    Can anyone tell me why Geum Hwa’s mother is missing towards the end of the drama? I’m so curious as to know why.

  95. 95 : icha Says:

    [email protected]: in malaysia, tonight episode 95-96?? Or 97-98?

  96. 96 : icha Says:

    @yen: I heard that she got an accident

  97. 97 : icha Says:

    Episode 97: sae mi’s lie is revealed. But jung woo cannot tell his mother the truth since emotional shock will make her illness worse.

  98. 98 : steve Says:

    Does anybody know the name of the love song that plays during the show? Not the starting title track, but the slow love song. If there’s a youtube link even better!


  99. 99 : leen Says:

    yeah… anyone knows the title of the sad song! really luv it~

  100. 100 : icha Says:

    Preview episode 100: mdm jung incidentally over hear nang sang jae scream that he is yoo jin father..can’t wait!!

  101. 101 : icha Says:

    Preview episode 101: mdm jung very shocked hear that yoo jin is not jung woo’s son. She doesn’t even want to meet sae mi.

  102. 102 : anna Says:

    synopsis last ending plz…anyone ?

  103. 103 : ptsh836 Says:

    another 3 epis n dis drama will end!

    its great the misunderstanding between jung woo n geum hwa has been solved.

    sae mi is finally getting her just rewards for all the misery caused to those around her by her lies n evil schemings. the worst thing is she feels what she’s been doing is right n its all for her son’s happiness n future as a chaebol…but she does not know that all these have to be achieved through one’s hard work n honesty not through lies n devious plans…she has yet to accept the fact that dishonesty does not pay n her only redemption will be going to jail to learn her lesson!

    looks like mdm jung will also abandon her in tonite’s epi n im sure sae mi’s castle in the air will also crumble along. its a pity mdm jung has to be on the receiving end of sae mi’s evil plans but her son n geum hwa will be there to console her…

  104. 104 : icha Says:

    The last episode is too fast!! Really disappointed, I wish to see more about happy life of kang geum hwa, jung woo and dan bi. Episode 103 is too short to cover all that happiness after many sorrowful moment. I wished that there more a lot of scene to show relationship jung woo and dan bi, how he builds relationship with dan bi. The scene when jung woo proposes geum hwa also too short. I wish they extend the episode..
    I really like jung woo expression, and dan bi expression when she with jung woo.

  105. 105 : icha Says:

    Last episode:
    Madam jung recover from her surgery. Her health condition getting better and better. Jung woo thanks his mother for keeping her promise not to leave him.
    Sae mi doesn’t want to meet anybody. Geum hwa regularly visit her and keep supporting her. Geum hwa also tell mdm jung about sae mi condition that she doesn’t want even to eat. Mdm jung write letter to her, that she already forgive her although at the first time mddm jung said that it very hurt to know sae mi betrayed her when she already gave sae mi everything love, etc. But now mdm jung already forgive her. Sae mi cries while reading mdm jung’s letter.
    Sae mi who at the 1st not want to see anybody, she now would like to meet geum hwa. Geum hwa said that she already forgive her, but sae mi say that she never ask her forgiveness. Geum hwa said that she forgive sae mi in order to geum hwa’s own happiness even sae mi doesn’t ask her forgiveness. Sae mi still says bad word toward geum hwa, but just covering. She actually feel free and happy to meet geum hwa.
    Yoo jin live with kyung se and his mother.
    ;ung woo continue work and geum hwa work as part timer at jung woo’s office. Even as part timer, geum hwa very busy and she always forget schedule. Jung woo’s afraid that geum hwa also will forget their wedding day. Jung woo propose her for the second time, he said that hopefully the ring is big enough to tie geum hwa.
    1 year later — geum hwa pregnant, madam jung getting better, geum hwa always care about her food, she always make herbal tonic and vegetable for mdm jung. Mdm jung very happy, she is getting better and better due to geum hwa treatment.
    Geum hwa even more busy, she become public speaker, jung woo complaint her because although it is a bed time, geum hwa still busy preparing her speech. Geum hwa ask whether he fall in love again with her. Jung woo said that he didn’t. Geum hwa surprise, and jung woo said he doesn’t fall in love twice, but he already in love until now. Sae mi out of the jail. Kyung se pick her up. His mother also gives him green light, she said to take sae mi back to their house. After live with yoo jin 1 year, kyung se mother loves yoo jin as her grandchild. Sae mi ask why kyung se doesn’t sent yoo jin to bong soo, it will make yoo jin harder to leave kyung se. But kyung se said that yoo jin give him unconditional love which he cannot reject. Sae mi said so it will be difficult for him. Then kyung se said that sae mi should pay back with her heart. Ending scene is geum hwa and sae me sit together, talking about the life journey.

  106. 106 : leen Says:

    dear all…

    really dying searching dat sad song..can anyone pls tell me wats the song title..?


  107. 107 : aisy Says:

    I’m searching also, but it’s difficult to find. I don’t know the title. I like also the sad love song of miss ajumma.

  108. 108 : linda Says:

    I like jung woo’s expression … really like!! What his other drama?

  109. 109 : ridzuan Says:

    I seldom watch dramas on TV even local dramas because it’s a waste of precious time and I can better use such time for other worthwhile activities such as reading and cleaning the house and compound. The only TV programme l normally watch is NEWS, local and international. However by accident l watch miss ajumma and l became glued to my sit as the drama has many practical living contents that connects everyone to the reality of live. Watching miss ajumma is like watching into the mirror of your own lf somewhat. My most favourite actor is Kang Guem Hwa. I really admire her natural beauty, her simplicity and other positive characters in the drama.

  110. 110 : linda Says:

    @rdzuan: yup, I also coincidentally watched this drama, and couldn’t move from my sitting..hahaha..crazy thing, even this drama was aired above 9pm.

  111. 111 : Love K-Pop Says:

    The Best Drama ( :

  112. 112 : littlemyaw Says:

    please anyone know what title song in every sad scene? Female voice still cant find until now 🙁

  113. 113 : passionfruitea Says:

    Who’s the dad of yoo jin?

  114. 114 : MCS Says:

    Can anyone tell me here I can watch or download the episodes of “Miss Ajuma”? I’ve tried all the sites most people know that have Asian dramas but I still cannot find this series. Can any of you help me???
    P.S.: I also cannot find the drama “Unstoppable Marriage”.

  115. 115 : nia Says:

    hi, please help me to suggest at where can I watch the series with english sub?

  116. 116 : Fiza Karim Says:

    I accidently watch this drama and love it!
    The best drama!
    I love Jung Woo..wierd smile..hehe

  117. 117 : Umaira Says:

    Accidently watch this drama and I love it very much !

  118. 118 : henry Says:

    Miss Ajumma is here
    but some video broken, do you know where is all episod?

  119. 119 : tita Says:

    how can i watch this drama with eng sub ?

  120. 120 : pink Says:

    this website, the video over there it’s not worked anymore http://www.dramastory.net/drama/Miss-Ajumma-SBS-Korean-Drama-2011/

  121. 121 : Josephine Says:

    I would like to know why certain Korean drama are on Roku and some are not . the ones that are not what is another way to view these drama’s I haven”t even get to see the end of these drama ????

  122. 122 : Ahjumma | ilmainennetti Says:

    […] » Miss Ajumma » Korean Drama – KoreanDrama.org – … – » Miss Ajumma » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series… […]

  123. 123 : Rosalina Rabot Says:

    how do I watch Miss Ajumma is there a cd I can buy why is it not on dramafever or viki

  124. 124 : ladies Says:

    Where i can get the full episode

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