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Title: 매니 / Manny
Chinese Title : 男保姆
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-13 to 2011-June-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00


Tall, with a perfect figure and his qualifications as an Ivy League graduate, Lee Han is Seoul’s top male nanny. He is employed by Seo Do Young as a live-in nanny to look after her two young children, Eun Bi and Jung Min.


Suh Ji Suk as Lee Han
Choi Jung Yoon as Seo Do Young
Byun Jung Soo as Janice
Jung Da Bin as Oh Eun Bi
Goo Seung Hyun as Oh Jung Min
Kim Sook as Goo Hyun Jung
Seo Woo Jin as Lee Joon Ki
Park Joon Hyuk as Eun Bi & Jung Min’s father
Jin Seo Yun as Shin Gi Roo
Park Hyuk Kwon

Production Credits

Director: Lee Yong Hae, Park Soo Chul (박수철)
Screenwriter: Sung Min Ji (성민지), Park Jae Hyun

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Trailer I & Trailer II

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  1. 1 : Aiko Says:

    man + nanny = manny (good idea!!!)

  2. 2 : Manny | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama (Video) (YouTube Video) Says:

    […] 8:13 amand is filed underneath All, Year 2011. You can follow any responses to this entrance by a RSS 2.0 […]

  3. 3 : giselle_tw Says:

    looks like interesting ^^
    I’m looking forward to it …

  4. 4 : Konstance Says:

    Male nanny I looking forward to watch. : )

  5. 5 : VintageRose Says:

    hummm .. looks interesting ..
    I’m not that into the cast .. but .. who knows 😛 !
    let’s wait and watch 😀

  6. 6 : arth lilo Says:

    looks and sounds interesting. looking forward to watching with english subtitles in fiji.

  7. 7 : ADANI Says:

    i must watch this…..

  8. 8 : Nike Air Max 24-7 Says:

    i must watch this…..

  9. 9 : dee Says:

    heeeemmm interesting

  10. 10 : jh Says:

    oh.. i wanna watch this!!!

  11. 11 : Lita Says:

    seems interesting!
    unique title!..

    can’t wait to watch this at epdrama.com!


  12. 12 : mocnmoon Says:

    If you want to know this drama’s fashion infomation,
    Please visit my blog that posted all about korean drama fashion!!

  13. 13 : banerbas Says:

    male nanny,so interesting

  14. 14 : iro Says:

    gosh !! so cuuuuuuuutee

  15. 15 : ptsh836 Says:

    i wonder which wisecrack casted suh ji suk as a manny?? is it imaginable even to think he will fit dis role, seriously?? if he manages to pull it off, ill take my hats off!! has he even acted in a comedy bfore?? tho dis drama sounds too comedic to be serious!!

    n why does he see da need to act as one, a manny, i mean! after his sterling performance in ‘gloria’ now dis?? cannot understand him at all!!

    jus hv to see dis to know da answer!

  16. 16 : jangerr Says:


    Suh Ji Suk is quite a competent actor. If you think he is good in Gloria, go watch him in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Doctors. He was superb there! The character he played in O&G Doctors was very different from that in Gloria but he more than pulled it off! Anyway, I’ve watched epi 1 of Manny, I think he’ll do fine. Of course, it’s early days. Let’s see how it goes…

  17. 17 : KDaddict Says:

    The actor carries himself with so much confidence that I think he can pretty much make us believe that he is whatever he wants to be.

    It is a super cheap trick to put a pair of big ugly glasses on a pretty girl to make her an unattractive ahjumma. Just take off the glasses one day and she is instantly transformed into a beauty, ready for love with the main actor.

  18. 18 : yammi Says:

    love this drama. interesting and falling in love with suh ji suk. but don’t really like the lead actress. i think even if she’s made over, she’s still pretty ugly with a face to big for a lead actress.

  19. 19 : KDaddict Says:

    This series is light-hearted and fun. Suh ji suk is cool. But so far, in 2 eps, it’s plot has been ENTIRELY predictable.

  20. 20 : OK OK OK Says:

    Otoke? I also don’t like the lead actress.

    I like the little cute boy. He also acted as son of Kim Ji Ho & Go Se won in You don’t know women – a very nice korean drama – highly recommended. 🙂

    Too bad, Mysoju have english sub for the 1st episode and they stop there 🙁

  21. 21 : jangerr Says:

    @ OK OK OK

    You can watch Manny at kimchidrama.blogspot.com. This site has the first 2 episodes with english subs.

    Talking about the lead actress, I first saw her in Smile, You. Didn’t like her then – thought she was really wooden and stiff in her acting. So wasn’t looking forward to seeing her in the lead role here. But surprise, surprise, surprise! I found myself liking her… Maybe comedy is her forte?

  22. 22 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 21 Jangerr

    Thank you for your recommendation site. I have watched Manny the 1st 2 episodes yesterday already.

    I am saying YOU DON’T KNOW WOMEN – A VERY GOOD KOREAN DRAMA WHICH I HAVE ALSO FINISHED WATCHING with chinese sub – total 99 episodes each @ 35mins — its a pity this kd YDKW only have english sub for the 1st episodes and they stop there.

  23. 23 : KDaddict Says:

    I Don’t think the lead actress is ugly (as some comments here mentioned). I don’t think she is particularly attractive either, with her big framed glasses, messy hair and lack of confidence in herself right now. I can’t help thinking that that guy can’t be a professional manny if he can be attracted to sb who looks as plain (normal) as that. Wouldn’t every woman employer in that age group be more or less at that level of attractiveness?
    But I’m sure they’ll give her a make-over and show her to be much more beautiful later, when she has her own successful shop and all.

  24. 24 : KDaddict Says:

    This guy is cute. I didn’t quite expect it.

    Every time she says, “Na, Jan-ni-ci-a”, I want to hit her over her head.

  25. 25 : KDaddict Says:

    I think Janice is going to fall for Manny!

  26. 26 : anie Says:

    i love it….this drama is very funy… make me happy…
    suh ji suk …I LUV U SO MUCH….

  27. 27 : jangerr Says:

    Anyone knows how many episodes have been shown? The site I’m watching is stuck at episode 4 for a couple of weeks. Where can I watch the latest episodes?

  28. 28 : Lovemoon Says:

    @27 jangerr
    May 4 (ep 7) and May 5 (ep 8). Only 2 ep per week (Wed and Thurs).

  29. 29 : ruth Says:

    I LOVE THIS….i hope this drama have high rate

  30. 30 : ping Says:



    u can watch it from here… =]

  31. 31 : yammi Says:

    i love this drama. suh ji suk is very lucky to come upon this script coz i don’t think anybody who watches this would fall in love with him. of course that means i love him too… lol

  32. 32 : titi Says:

    wah, kayaknya lutchu, nih! 🙂

  33. 33 : eleonor Says:

    i wud like to see the rating of this drama . . .

  34. 34 : gingee Says:

    So who is the love interest??? the sister w/d kids or the mean sister???
    cuz manny is sure not showin any kinda feelin rite now??? inquiry minds
    wants to kno??? I like the main actor, he is hottttttt!

  35. 35 : izzah Says:

    this drama is awesome… i really love this drama…
    i hope the manny with the mommy not to the sister janice…
    i like it very much if manny wit seo do young can be together…

  36. 36 : PnutMom9499 Says:

    I have just finished watching ep. 4. I love Suh Ji Suk…one of my fav. Korean drama actors. First fell in love with him in Pure 19. I have watched OBGYN and Gloria also. I love him in a lighter role. This drama is cute, but what aggrivates me is the poor acting by English-speakers. They sound so slow! I could always offer up my services, if I get to work with actors like Suh Ji Suk! (LOL) Anyway, the best website I have found for watching Korean dramas is http://www.dramafever.com. They only annoying part is sitting through ads, cause I’m too poor to pay for a membership. If you sign up, it even records your history and makes it easy to continue watching episodes where you left off. (Which is great for me, since I never seem to have the time to watch a complete episode in one sitting!) I am also watching Jumong right now and that show is AWESOME!

  37. 37 : KDaddict Says:

    I m sure if the ahjumma cleans up, she can be attractive in a homey way. But so far, she has had messy hair, frumpy clothing, low self esteem, no confidence, is a cry baby, n is frustrated n depressed. Why Manny, who is sexy, understanding, capable n desirable would fall in love with her has not been made clear to the viewers.
    The only conflict in the story is the older sister. Should be difficult to keep the drama interesting for 16 eps on that problem alone.

  38. 38 : wenny Says:

    not bad ….

  39. 39 : Ayesha Says:

    Ive seen up to ep 12 but cant find Ep 13….. want to find it soon!! 🙁 I love this drama!! im australian and i watch all the dramas i can… 🙂 if you wan to watch this drama go to EpDrama.com 🙂

  40. 40 : d14h Says:


  41. 41 : Ling Says:

    Does anyone know which model of phone does Suh Ji Suk is using in this drama?

  42. 42 : blackberry Says:

    cant you see theyre promoting blackberry phones… so theyre all using blackberry 🙂

  43. 43 : via Says:

    the last episode isn’t satisfying to me at all.. why they not showing much emotion when they meet at the airport? they should hugh each other and more like kissing each other.. I just can’t believe their feeling towards each other, its seems like their just acting… but I do also love the MANNY (Suh Ji Suk).. love him since he’s in OB/GYN as a playboy doctor, he captured my eyes there.. hehehe..

  44. 44 : vkchu Says:

    @jangerr: 16 ep. try to watch @dramacrazy.net or epdrama.com

  45. 45 : orlin Says:

    i love this dram…soo touching…huhuuh…

  46. 46 : wilma Says:

    The charm of these series is Every episode has a Lesson to be learned,
    either regarding the children,the mom,or the sister, its all worthwhile to watch merely because it gives some tid bits of what to do when children has tantrums or when love comes along….

    All though I hoped it could be more Fun fun fun but its a bit serious…i want it a bit comedic so it will be more interesting…

    The cast did well especially the Manny and the children…one of the best of TVN so far…

    aja aja fighting c:♥

  47. 47 : hwang-gyo Says:

    That drama don’t for promotion blackberry, but blackberry is support in all station korean drama ( ex; sbs _sign, mbc_my princess, kbs_president)n in tvn blackberry support in manny, n that drama no serious,romantic, funny, so that drama very nice,n fresh story,not bored story( about love n many kissing)

  48. 48 : Manny | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] cuti raya seminggu, stock cerita baru pun dah habis. Layan je la Manny. Sinopsis boleh baca di Manny @ Korean Drama. Manny adalah man […]

  49. 49 : k¤holic Says:

    not bad’

  50. 50 : Geneva Says:

    Today, I got a gift from my wife in the form of divorce papers. She waited till after New Year’s so it wouldn’t show up on her taxes for 2011. FML http://www.moarrs72991u.net

  51. 51 : zarima USA Says:

    just starting to watch this drama,, and it seems interesting

  52. 52 : Edith Says:

    I’m just goin to start watching this drama and I think i’m going to love it

    Hope also like it!!!

    이 디 ㅈ

  53. 53 : tweet Says:

    i love it….

  54. 54 : sujulove13 Says:

    I just started watching this yesterday night and I’m loving it so far. Manny, Lee Han is so HANDSOME! GONNA KEEP WATCHING UNTIL THE END! I just finished episode 4 and going on to 5 right now, getting really really interesting… Hope to see suh ji suk in a new drama soon, Hwaiting!

  55. 55 : jen Says:

    OMG WOW the guy is so sweet and admirable !!!! The drama is sweet and funny !!!! started today I am on episode 8 and I really like it I hope the manny ends up with the kids mother!!!!

  56. 56 : EP Says:

    I think i’m in love with shin gi roo… anyone know about the cast name of shin gi roo?…

  57. 57 : Lucy of USA Says:

    I’m done watching this dram and love it.

  58. 58 : Lucy of USA Says:

    I mean drama, it is funny and educational.

  59. 59 : Alexandria Says:

    I started watching this a couple of days ago and I have a couple of episodes left but I am simply in love with this drama! Why are Lorean

  60. 60 : Alexandria Says:


    I started watching this a couple of days ago and I have a couple of episodes left but I am simply in love with this drama! Why are Korean dramas so much better than most of the american ones?

  61. 61 : Rick Says:

    Alexandria has asked the million dollar question….why is Korean TV so much better than American? The answer is relatively simple. To be truly creative and funny (not filthy humor)…to understand universal elements of the human spirit…..you have to have a certain level of understanding and wisdom and also a hard work ethic. Those gutter rats and snakes in Hollywood lost those qualities about 50 years ago. You cant produce something beautiful when all that is inside of you is ugly and dark.

    I have become a huge fan of Korean shows, and they are so good (and yet still morally good) i even let my teenage daughters watch them. Is there a single American TV show that isnt vile? I dont know of one. Bravo Korea!

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