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Love & Secret 03

Title: 달콤한 비밀 / Love & Secret
Also Known as: Sweet Secret
Chinese Title: 甜蜜的秘密
Genre: Romance, Family, Melodrama
Episodes: 102
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-11 to 2015-Apr-03
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


Chun Sung Woon (Kim Heung Soo) is the director of a large fashion company and he is a cold-blooded man. He then meets Han Ah Reum (Shin So Yool) who is a single mother and fall in love to her. Due to Han Ah Reum and her daughter, Chun Sung Woon turns more humane and becomes a strong support for them.


Main Cast

Kim Heung Soo as Chun Sung Woon
Shin So Yool as Han Ah Reum
Yang Jin Woo as Philip
Lee Min Ji as Go Eun Ah

Han Ah Reum’s family

Jung Dong Hwan as Han Pan Suk (Ah Reum’s father)
Kim Hye Ok as Oh Myung Hwa (Ah Reum’s mother)
Son Seung Won as Han Jin Woo
Park Joon Myun as Oh Sun Hwa
Choi Seung Kyung as Kwon Young Soo
Yang Han Yeol as Kwon Hyuk Min

Sung Woon’s family

Kim Eung Soo as Chun Do Hyeong (Sung Woon’s father)
Hwang In Young as Lee Soo Ah ((Sung Woon’s stepmother)
Heo Jin as Lee Hae Bang
Jo Hyun Do as Chun Sung Ho


Jo Hyun Shik as Secretary Jang
Yoo Hee Do (유희도) as Woo Sang Joon
Seo Young as Lee Soo Ji (Philip’s wife)
So Hee Jung


Im Baek Chun as Kim Sung Cheol
Han Soo Jin as Kim Yoo Jin
Heo Jung Do as Louis
Son Se Bin as Heo An Na
Lee Seung Hyung as Chul Goo
Han Ki Joong as Director Park )
Jang Hee Woong
Seol Chang Hee
Ha Soo Ho
Kim Mi Ra

Production Credits

Production Company: I Will Media (아이윌미디어)
Chief Producer: Jung Hae Ryong
Director: Park Man Young
ScriptWriter: Kim Kyung Hee


2014 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Daily Series): Shin So Yool (Love & Secret)


Love & Secret Poster1 Love & Secret Poster2

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85 Responses to “Love & Secret”

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  1. 51
    Pat fan Says:

    Poor development of main character, Ahreum, is she totally in the dark about everything. And the male lead, shows no interesting aspects as a character other than glaring at Phillip. Annoying! The director of the show, over uses focusing on the characters eyes, eyes glaring, eyes looking sideways, eyes frowning, eyes twinkling, eyes,etc. so tiring! End this soon, a very predictable drama!

  2. 52
    Rose Says:

    I believe there was supposed to be 120 episodes, but I see now there are 103. Looks like they shortened it by 17 episodes. Does anyone know what the ratings are?

  3. 53
    Dy.K Says:

    To : Rose-52
    You can check this drama ratings on
    Seems like their ratings for daily slots is fine. But not enough to be numero uno. But IMHO…the ratings not always tells us everything about the story. If you thinks its good enough to go on then go for it. If its not good enough we always can stop anytime.
    I only watch this drama because its on my cabel channel, i won’t download it if i must to.

  4. 54
    Rose Says:

    To: Dy.K —-

    Thanks for the info. I see the ratings are good. I usually don’t go by the ratings or what other people have to say, I usually watch the show and make my own decision. I am enjoying this show.

    Wonder why they cut the episodes? Oh well.

  5. 55
    Suraya Abadi Says:

    I tried to watch this drama, but I find that this drama degrading female going overboard. I think the female lead is to desperate to be a leading actress, she doesn’t care how the story goes. The female character is selfish only thinking of her survival without overlooking her family. She went abroad to study, but she is somewhat a lost soul and look so stupid. It is so out of good story line – brain clotted for the writer I guess. Drama are make believe, but this one is out of contact

  6. 56
    Rose Says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the $150,000 that Philip gave Ahreum’s aunt that is missing?????

  7. 57
    Rose Says:

    Do Hyeong, Sung Woon’s dad is so stupid to overlook everything his wife did to him to get her hands on the company so he won’t be alone when he gets older. What a jerk. I hope Sung Woon can somehow expose everything she and Eun Ah did to him and his dad.

    That Philip is such a devil but so good looking. Jin woo is a cute young man.

    The scene with the two young boys in the ladies department trying to buy lingerie was cute and funny. Hang Han Yo is a good little actor.

  8. 58
    Kdrama_fan Says:

    Yang Jin Woo plays a least favorite role every drama I watched, especially in Cheer Up, Mr. Kim. Again, he plays this irresponsible conniving bad guy in Love and Secret. Very disappointing.

  9. 59
    Rose Says:

    Lee Soo Ah’s mother is a piece of work. This is only the 3rd drama she is in.

    You would think Sung Yoon’s father would speak to him at work about private matters instead of home so Lee Soo Ah can hear everything they are talking about. Stupid. I feel sorry for the little son, he is cute and is doing the best he can with his school work, but his mother continues to berate him.

  10. 60
    Rose Says:

    I have only seen 72 episodes of this show. I may have missed one or two, but now Philip’s dad shows up. First I heard about his parents. It seems that Philip had a lonely childhood. Now Ahrem will have double trouble with Philip’s e-wife working with him trying to get Tiffany. Poor little Tiffany – she is so cute. Philip doesn’t even care about little Tiffany. He may end up going back with his wife now that she is back on the scene. Ick. They make a good evil pair.

  11. 61
    Rose Says:

    Just what nasty Philip needed was his creep of a wife. All they care about is money and power. Poor little Tiffany – (if I was her parents I don’t know if I could let her be in these shows).

    It appears Philip didn’t have such a great family life, and his dad, in his infinite stupid mind, feels children should be with their father. Like how great was he to Philip when he was growing up.

    Hasn’t Ahrem’s dad figured out yet he can’t leave his wife alone for a minute?? Every time he leaves her alone, she disappears.

    Why doesn’t Philip just re-marry his ex-wife and they can have their own children to make his dad happy. That darn Philip is despicable to say the least. He is the one who left Ahrem and she didn’t bother him after that point. He has made her life miserable.

  12. 62
    Rose Says:

    Episodes are at 102 now. It went from 120 to 103, now 102.

    Where I live the last 3 days KBS has not had any dramas — only news and I don’t know what??!!! Anyone know what is going on?

  13. 63
    WhatIsThis Says:

    This drama is such a bad piece of work. A stupidly bad storyline, no new ideas, stupid dialogues, bad cast members, etc.

    Everything bad about it. Sad to say, this drama is in its dying throes. It is struggling.

    This drama should have been killed off right from its very early days.

    From this drama, it looks like whoever wrote this script, her / his world is a very narrow and small one. It’s reflected in the contents of the drama. As can be seen, there is no injection of any new ideas, no new situations, etc. Nothing refreshing about it.

    Simply put, there is no life in this drama at all !!! It is a graveyard.

  14. 64
    lee Says:

    I keep on watching it but the last 10 episode has no english version. What happened, we can’t understand where the story goes.

  15. 65
    Rose Says:

    @lee —

    I have no idea – after watching 100 episodes, now there is no English subs. I tried going on You Tube but even though it says it has Eng Subs, it doesn’t. Just great.

    I live in Chicago and as of March 18, KBS stopped airing all their dramas, musical, talk shows, everything. All they have now is news 24/7. I am very unhappy about this as I don’t have time to be on the computer 24/7 watching everything I used to watch on the TV.

  16. 66
    Rose Says:

    How does Sung Chul let himself get involved with his dip stick daughter and her idiot boyfriend trying to teach Soo-A to sing. Soo-A only wants to get her hands on Sung Chul. Geez…..

  17. 67
    CW Says:

    Don’t know what’s happening in Chicago, but in the San Jose/San Francisco area KBS changed channels. They are now on the channel that previously carried SBS/MBC programs & that network went to cable & about 2 years prior to that they stopped translating. Just before the switch, KBS kept showing a long message & the only thing I could understand was it mentioned several TV networks. Once heard on a program that Korea not only wanted to increase their popularity not only in entertainment but also in the American market. Maybe it’s the American market that priced them out. Hope it’s not.

  18. 68
    Rose Says:

    CW — Oh Dear, I hope that the American market didn’t have anything to do with it. I really miss all the good programs KBS had. Like who wants to watch news all day long? Well — maybe …….

    Where I live MBS has an office etc. Summer of 2013 they had an open house which I went to. Quite a few people showed up. They gave prizes away and a bag of Korean info, little items. It was fun and mostly American’s were there, some Koreans. In the late fall they had a celebrity base ball game with Korean singers/actors, and then some of the Korean singers also. It was a cold, windy, cloudy day. From what I could see on TV when they aired the event, not many people were there watching the entertainment in the early evening. The baseball game was in the afternoon. I kind of thought they should have had it in the summer months, maybe more people would have come out.

    I stopped in their office last summer as one of the dramas they were airing had no Eng subs. She said “it is handled by the New York office,” and she would contact them, but the drama never had a subs.

    I only found one other person who posted about this program that it wasn’t airing at noon where she lives and wondered what happened. It did come on by me at noon also, so we might be in the same area.

    Thanks for the info. I am going to send an email to KBS in LA about the situation and see if I can any response.

  19. 69
    Rose Says:

    P.S. to my above post. What is now being aired on KBS 24/7 is all Koran news, no subs. Nothing I am interested in anyway. But I check in now and then to see if by chance it went back to their regular shows and some of it is repeats. News from 4 days ago, two days in a row, same news reporter – she had the same red dress on so I figured it was from the day before.


    The birds are out and about — warm weather today — so happy to see them and that means spring is here.

  20. 70
    Blue (@wordpress) Says:

    The ratings are pretty good based on this link:

    So why did it go from 120 episodes to 102 is a mystery to me but maybe it was simply because the writer didn’t have new ideas and had already made her point. It can’t be because of the ratings because it’s a success.

  21. 71
    Rose Says:

    Philip is so jealous of Sung Woon. Philip is the one that screwed up with Ahrem in the first place by leaving her and marrying Soo Ji for her money. Philip had a lonely life as I said above somewhere, but he could have had a nice life with Ahrem and their Tiffany.

    Philip is bad but I dislike Soo Ji even more. I hope Philip dumps Soo Ji at the end.

    Philip’s dad said he doesn’t have much time to live but he looks pretty darn good to me. What people won’t do for money. It can’t buy their happiness nor their health though.

  22. 72
    Rose Says:

    @Bluepress -== I checked the sight you posted – an yes the ratings are good, higher than I thought. You could be correct in what you said about the writer.

  23. 73
    Rose Says:

    Hasn’t Philip’s dad figured out that Tiffany was born while his son was married to that girl???? He is wondering what Philip did to Ahrem. Why didn’t has ask Ahrem when she was there when they had Tiffany. Poor little Tiffany – shuffling between so many people.

  24. 74
    Rose Says:

    I knew Soo Ji’s, that creepy lady, true personality would come out. She only wants to get her hands on Philip’s dad’s money. I knew if she and Philip would have got custody of cute little Tiffany she down the road would not be a good mother to her. Eventually she would come to resent Tiffany.

    Even though Philip is a conniving personality I hope he dumps Soo Ji. It appears Philip did not have a happy or loving childhood, but I do believe he cared for Ahrem. Unfortunately he screwed everything up by going for the money.

    While I guess it was OK that Myung Hwa’ sister & family moved in with them, I think they were suffocating her and made her feel useless. Like she would not hurt herself folding towels. Myung Hwa needs to keep her mind as active as possible at this point. They need to be watchful but not over powering.

  25. 75
    Shaunda Says:

    I really hate to see this series end though I would have preferred a different ending just to throw off everyone. It was too predictable to wed Areum & Seongun. After all the drama, Phillip finally stepped up to the plate and became the man Areum & Tiffany needed. To forgive & return to him would have been a sweet twist. It was through Areum & Tiffany that Phillip finally learned to love. And, I empathize with his orphaned past & him never getting his dream of being in a family which is why forgiving his obsessiveness would have really emphasized the power of second chances. With Areum, Phillip would likely have continued growing as he had begun to do so however keeping him with Suji would ensure his growth would be stifled. Therefore, I would have preferred to see Phillip with Areum then Seongun with Yuni & Suji by herself.
    Also, though it is no longer the norm but for Tiffany’s sake I would have preferred to see Phillip & Areum back together. Why should Tiffany be denied growing up with her daddy who had come to love her more than money and himself. I just knew that after Phillip gave Tiffany back to Areum then Seongun would have acknowledged Phillip’s change & would have sacrificed his own feelings to encourage Areum to return to Phillip just as Yuni did for him by encouraging him to pursue Areum. When Tiffany was irritable, she needed Areum (her mama) to soothe her. When Tiffany’s life was on the line, she needed Phillip (her daddy) to save her. Tiffany needed both of them & for that reason I would have preferred to see it end with them getting married. Their marriage would have conveyed that healing, restoration & the rekindling of love are possible despite the pain from past mistakes & hurts.
    Again, I really wanted to see Phillip and Areum back together. Suji did not deserve to end up with Phillip especially since she would not be a good step mom for Tiffany. If anyone should have ended up alone it should have been Suji, not Yuni.
    The characters –
    Areum – grew from an innocent, unsure girl into a woman. Her positive was that even as a woman she still maintained a level of innocence that seemed very pure. Her negative was all those tears… just about every episode.
    Phillip – grew from his love of money and his obsession to possess others to a man with a heart & a conscious who was not willing to inflict on his child what was inflicted on him as a child. His positives were: (1) he’s absolutely gorgeous, (2) the vulnerability he showed in the early episodes in his pursuit to win back Areum, (3) his transition to anger, rage & revenge, (4) his transition to finally opening his heart, (5) some of his lines were the most memorable & heartfelt. His negative was some of those hairstyles.
    Seongun – grew from immaturity to dependability. His positive was the episode where he displayed such intense emotion while confronting his dad & visiting his mom’s memorial with Areum. His negative was that his character was a little unbelievable because he never had to sacrifice or risk anything or overcome a past shortcoming or tragic flaw therefore his character had lesser depth than Phillip & Areum, in my opinion.
    The family characters were all good. The comic relief characters were Ok though somewhat annoying at times but it appears their purpose was to offset the tense moments from the main story. By the way, what father would allow his daughter to hook up with a man 20yrs her senior in his own house…in Korea? Hummm…
    All in all, I really liked this drama & would like to buy the series just to hear Phillip say some of his memorable lines (“for all the pain I’ve caused, for all the times you’ve cried, I’ll make you that much happier”…ep 19).

  26. 76
    Rose Says:

    @Shaunda: I agree with all the you said. I so want that Philip’s ex-wife to end up by herself. I just didn’t like her from the start. I also had hoped that somehow the writer would have had Areum end up with Philip instead of the norm ending. I always felt Philip loved Areum in his own way and at the beginning came back to try and get her back. But things got off to a bad start again with Sung Woon in the picture and things just escalated with Philip going after Sung Woon’s company. When Areum was locked in that basement room by yuni and came in late to work in his office I noticed then that he was concerned and worried about her but he never told her and it all just kept getting worse between them.

    I can’t imagine that he loved Suji that he stayed with her. He would have been better off without her.

    I agree an had hoped all along that at the end, the writer would change the odds and get Areum and Philip back together. Unfortunately, most of these drama’s you can always figure out the typical ending.

    Thanks for your very nice post. You did a very good job explaining your thoughts.

  27. 77
    Rose Says:

    Oh and P.S. I do believe people who are nasty can eventually turn around and be a better person. Not all but some and I think Philip could have been that better person given patience on Areum’s part.

  28. 78
    Becky Says:

    Rose – I watch YOUTube – call up, KBS World and the drama you want to watch. They are generally subbed. Love and Secret was and they should have all the episodes. Sometimes KBS is behind some of the other groups with subtitles, but I generally just stick to KBS posted ones as they are the same as the TV aired ones. Otherwise, Viki and dramafever also have fairly good subs for most of the dramas. Hope it helps. When KBS “left” our area and switched to KEMS, it took a while before I could figure out what the schedule is. Entertainment weekly and most of the variety shows are also on KBS YouTube. Good luck!

  29. 79
    Rose Says:

    Becky – thanks for the YT – KBS info. I have watched some of the episodes on YT and other sights, but didn’t know to put KBS World up. I tried it already. Viki does not work for me as it says “it doesn’t work in my area.”

    I was watching about 20 shows on KBS and I just cannot watch all those shows on the computer. Don’t have the time so I really miss the station. It worked better for me on the TV.

    I am having trouble trying to see this show and You Are The Only One, I am behind on the episodes. And some times I miss some of the MBC shows and then try to catch up watching them It has turned out to be a vicious circle for me. KBS has a great show line up and a big variety. MBS not so much.

    Why are they making channel changes – does anyone know???

  30. 80
    Rose Says:

    I did agree that Ahrem was keeping Philip out of the picture when Tiffany needed a transplant and glad the she admitted to him that she was pushing him away, even though he might not have heard it since he was unconscious. I was surprised after Ahrem was not a match, it took forever for some one to think of Philip as probably being a match. It took Ahrem’s aunt to suggest it.

    I know Philip was a devil – but I did like him and I believe he really did care for Ahrem, but he didn’t show it in the right way when he came back to Korea. Oh well…..

  31. 81
    달콤한 비밀 | Picture This – Say Kimchee Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=37927 […]

  32. 82
    Carmen Says:

    i just start watching this drama…OMG OMG OMG I think for this drama korea took the ugliest actor to do this one…OMG is unbelibable….The only preaty actor is Tuffany and her real DAD

  33. 83
    kemisola Says:

    pls is the final episode out?

  34. 84
    Fashion King Korean Tiffany Ep 1 Says:

    […] Love & Secret […]

  35. 85
    Love & Secret. Says:

    Hello, thanks for your movies. You are special actors. Be blessed

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