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Title: 지리산 / Jirisan
Genre: Action, Mystery
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2021-Oct-23 to 2021-Dec-12
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00


A mystery drama about people climbing the mountain against the backdrop of the vast scenery of Jiri Mountain. The story is about a national park ranger that roams through the mountains and saves survivors.


Main Cast

Gianna Jun as Seo Yi Gang
Joo Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun Jo

Haedong Branch Office & Bidam Shelter

Sung Dong Il as Jo Dae Jin
Oh Jung Se as Jung Goo Young
Jo Han Chul as Park Il Hae
Joo Min Kyung as Lee Yang Sun
Go Min Si as Lee Da Won

Jeollabuk-do Office

Lee Ga Sub as Kim Sol
Joo Jin Mo as Kim Kye Hee
Kim Kook Hee (김국희) as Yoon Soo Jin

Haedong Village

Kim Young Ok as Lee Moon Ok
Jun Suk Ho as Kim Woong Soon
Han Dong Ho (한동호) as Constable Han

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon, AStory, Baram Pictures
Director: Lee Eung Bok
ScriptWriter: Kim Eun Hee

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2021-10-23 1 9.097 -
2021-10-24 2 10.663 -
2021-10-30 3 7.850 -
2021-10-31 4 9.384 -
2021-11-06 5 7.966 -
2021-11-07 6 8.922 -
2021-11-13 7 7.870 -
2021-11-14 8 7.908 -
2021-11-20 9 7.762 -
2021-11-21 10 8.261 -
2021-11-27 11 7.562 -
2021-11-28 12 8.105 -
2021-12-04 13 7.741 -
2021-12-05 14 8.212 -
2021-12-11 15 7.636 -
2021-12-12 16 9.225 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : OK OK OK Says:

    Both great leads but climbing mountain story….. Hope its interesting. 🙂

  2. 2 : OK OK OK Says:

    Oh it’s about saving people in the mountains, should be interesting. Looking forward 🙂

  3. 3 : Boni Says:

    This is going to be a great drama. My kind of stuff. Back to nature. Nothing is gonna spoil this drama, please let the story be a good one.

    Looking forward for this drama to screen.

  4. 4 : MaxT Says:

    The preview clips look interesting. Must check it out…

  5. 5 : MaxT Says:

    The budget of this drama is US$27.4 million. So each episode cost US$1.7M to make.

  6. 6 : Maria Says:

    Where’s Squid Game? Where’s Move To Heaven? Just because some Korean companies have business problems with Netflix, doesn’t mean those Kdramas magically stop being Korean. This website used to be the most complete Kdrama list on the internet, but now there are obviously a ton of titles missing, which is a shame.

  7. 7 : Choi Soo Be Says:

    Lee chang & Ashin Reunion, incredible script-writer. Must watch

  8. 8 : Kaleem Ullah Says:

    Watch All Episode of Jirisan on

  9. 9 : Boni Says:

    So Jirisan is still here. Good. It sounds silly I know. But I dont care. Been coming here practically everyday to make sure Jirisan is still screening as scheduled.

    No change. Jirisan will be aired. I am glad. (Missing nature in the wild so much).

    tvN, thanks so much in advance.

  10. 10 : Boni Says:

    #6 Maria

    Haha .. like you I have noticed the same too.

    Here’s what I think is the reason. I might be wrong. No offence meant o

    If you can so easily lay hands on any tv dramas or shows at any time where you are, it shows that you are in a better position that does not need a service like koreanDrama’s notifications to notify you of any forthcomibg shows. Lucky you !!

    There are places in South East Asia and some other Asian regions that are not so lucky.They have to depend on their paid cable broadcasting stations or other broadcasting stations for their tv shows. So tv shows are shown according to their schedule as they are brougt in. This is where I think KoreanDrama comes in to lend a hand with their notifications of forthcoming tv shows. Therefore the list would only contain shows that will be screened. Shows that wont be screening in these regiond are left out.

    Viewers are grateful and thankful to KD for this service. I am sure so are the both of us? Hehe !!

    Have a nice weekend.

  11. 11 : MaxT Says:

    The first 2 episodes were amazingly great with lot’s of nice landscape scenes and I thought I was watching a movie. This is the next drama to watch after “The Veil”.

  12. 12 : Boni Says:

    Hahahaha .. Jirisan is good. I luv the drama.

    I believe there is no supernatural element in the story, except for Kang Hyun Jo’s sixth sense. And maybe there is the existence of a reclusive mountain dweller whom Yi Gang calls “the communist” ?

    Haha !! What about the codes/signs left for Yi Gang ? This is interesting.

  13. 13 : Boni Says:

    Its early days yet to comment in more detail about the story.

    At this moment, the story stops short of telling us that there possibly is a murderous and mentally disturbed mind at work somewhere in this community of mountain natives. This is as far as viewers can get for now, until forthcoming episodes start to unravel the mystery for us.

    Apart from the thriller aspect, I am more enthralled by the scenes of every angle, every color, every weather condition, every rock, every stream, everything about the mountain. And also about the lives of the mountain natives who live at the foothills. I am just so curious about it all.

    The camera work might be shaky or the quality of the pictures not sharp or that there were CGs involved. They do not faze me. I know I am not watching a topnotch Nat Geo documentary. I am watching the story of a thriller mystery at a Jirisan ranger station as told by a Jirisan native ? (And we get to see parts of Jirisan where most tourists do not get to see !! Hehe !! ).

    So far so good. I look forward to forthcoming episodes.

  14. 14 : Boni Says:

    I have a feeling that “the communist” and the many coded signs he left for Yi Gang’s attention, will play a big part in catching the killer. Otherwise, its going to be hard to get him, person who knows the Jirisan like the back of his hand.

    And Dawon looks like she’s going to grow up as a younger version of Yi Gang. She has the spirit and vibes of a spunky girl. Plus she loves nature. What better qualifications are there ?

    Have a nice day !!

  15. 15 : Boni Says:

    So far enjoying the drama. Luv it a lot. Exciting and interesting.

    The story is getting more intense and creepy. Feels like there is part supernatural and part human craze, at work in the mountain. A thrilling murderous mystery is starting to take shape.

    However, the hiccup I have is, gotta learn to adjust fast to the flashbacks and time changes that happen rather often in the story telling. Plus, the need to pay full attention to detail in about almost everything in each scene. Miss one bit, and the jigzaw puzzle that is starting to form, wont fit.

    Have a nice day !!

    There is a hint of some supernatural force in the mountain in Ep3. Could be true, could not be, depending your belief.

    Long ago, on a hiking trip with friends I spent a night at a camp site high in a mountain. I was sitting on a swing alone (of simple ropes, and wooden board tied to tree branch) near the campfire. I saw “floating” straight toward me from the bushes and trees nearby, was a face, green in color, looking very fierce, glaring at me. I immediately left the swing and returned to the campfire. Was that apparition real or not ?

  16. 16 : Boni Says:

    Finished watching Ep 4.

    The idyllic sweet relaxing atmosphere at the mountain, and Haedong community are beginning to change….

    Humans when will you ever stop polluting … !!

  17. 17 : Boni Says:

    Haha … now I’m beginning to get a picture of what might be happening.

    There are two different entities roaming the mountain. Each creating its own kind of impact on the lives surrounding the mountain.

    1) The Bad – Psycho Killer – Mental Case – That young 30+ years old guy with a scarred right hand. Nobody suspected him, its is cuz he is a Jirisan native. Moving and intergrating with the local community freely. Possibly related to Ranger Captain Jo DaeJin.

    2) The Good – The saviour. Astral Spirit of Ranger Kang HyunJo. Whilst KHJ is lying in a comatose state in hospital, his astral spirit is out of his body, continuing to patrol Jirisan. Its the astral spirit that has been leaving coded signals to YiGang directing her to the location of SOS situations. (The coded signals is a communication device which can only be understood between KHJ and YG).

    However, presently, no one at the Ranger Station nor the Haedong community, including YiGang are aware of this mystical occurence. The common belief is that a ghost is killing people.

    To assume that its KHJ’s astral spirit that is roaming/patrolling Jirisan could be possible. It is cuz when once KHJ was standing next to Dawon or reaching out to touch her at the mountain, she did not feel or realise his presence at all. Another time, when somone was knocking on YiGang’s bedroom door, both YG and Dawon did not see anybody outside the door. Also, a rescued witness had described what he saw as someone who looked like KHJ.

    Folks, please read with discretion. Please keep an open mind. The topic of astral spirit, out body experience etc etc might sound crazy. No malice or offence intended.

    Have a nice day !! 💕

    Adopt a homeless pet !! Give a homeless pet a kind home !! 🐾🐾🐾 💕

  18. 18 : Boni Says:

    The physical disabilities that both YiGang and HyunJo suffer are severe.

    YG became wheelchair bound. And HJ is in a probably irreversible coma. What happened?? Why, why?? Such severe physical damage surely should have a serious story behind it.

    I wonder when and how did they fall into such a situation. This is a great tragedy to happen to two able bodied mountain rangers. Was someone trying to kill them that day? Or was it an accident?

    Something’s got to give. If what happened was not an accident, then those responsible must be hunted down and made to pay for attempted murder. Yes, attempted murder …

    I am so impatient for the drama to quickly reveal what actually happened that day. And what made YG and HJ go up there on a dangerous snowy day. Like what Captain said to YG .. “you should know not to go up there when its snowing”. Yes, they should have known better. What was so significant up there that made them take the risk? YG’s reply to Captain was – “we were protecting the mountain”.

    Uhhuh .. YG, what was it that the mountain needed to be protected from, that fateful day???

    The drama so far is sailing smoothly with its story. Clutching the interesting bits close to its chest. Not ready to reveal much.

    There are 12 more episodes to go. Long way. Maybe it can afford to dilly dally. But I am bursting with curiosity and angst. I want to know….. what happened to my two favorite rangers up in the mountain that one snowy day.

    Ayuh, can I die while waiting .. this long ….no, maybe only moss will start to grow on me….

    Have a nice day !!

  19. 19 : Boni Says:

    Ayuh … such a sad sight .. the ending bit of Ep 5.

    The forlorn figure of YiGang sitting in her wheelchair. At a pictureque spot on the mountain. Looking sadly up and around her … as if searching for Kang HyunJo’s wandering spirit …

    (Gianna Jun is such a good actress. She made me feel like giving YG a hug to console her. Haha !!).

    Sooo … touching and so sad. YG had said she’s got something to tell KHY…

    The OST “Yours” makes this sad scene feel worst … with me wishing that the episode will not end yet …

    (Feel better now that the sad lump is taken off my chest).

    Hehe !! Have a great week, folks !!

  20. 20 : Boni Says:

    Episode 5 mainly tells about the physco killer and what he did with the 3 potato bombs (similar to landmines) which he stole fron Ranger YangSun’s grandpa.

    Psycho killer SeWoo killed the illegal snake catcher. The other two remaining bombs he placed in animal traps, with the intention of killing grandpa. His murderous plan was discovered by the Rangers before the bombs killed anyone. Unfortunately Ranger YS almost got poisoned to death for reporting SeWook to the police.

    SeWook ran away into the forest to evade arrest. But he was killed by someone who wanted to stop him from being arrested. This same killer later added Kang HJ’s name to SeWook’s list of victims. Uhhuh … KHJ unknown to anyone, is the next targetted victim.

    It was unimaginable that SeWook wanted to kill grandpa or his cousin YangSun. When he lost his parents at an early age, he was taken in by grandpa who gave him a home. Something must be terribly the matter with his mind. And the ultimate killer took advantage and was using him to commit murders.

    In this episode finally YG accepted that KHJ has the gift of supernatural ability of seeing visions. She told KHJ, this much to his delight.

    YG and KHJ privately and quietly continued to look for the ultimate killer. Until one snowy day both of them got into an accident up in the mountain. YG and KHJ were severely injured. What had happened ?? No information has been forthcoming yet.

    I think YG and KHJ that fateful day was set up by the ultimate killer. Otherwise, I do not see why would they take the risk to go up to the mountain that time.

    Two years later, the incident still begs to be investigated. This is the reason why, as YG told Dawon, she’s come back to Jirisan to investigate, and needs Dawon’s help. And Dawon is the only person she trusts. Its good, YG has found someone to help her. Otherwise in her physical condition it would be hard.

    Ep 5 ended with YG cutting a lonely figure. Sitting in her wheelchair at a spot on the mountain, flying a drone hoping to catch a glimpse of KHJ roaming in the valley down below. YG looked sad and lonely. Missing KHJ I guess.

    My guess is that the ultimate killer is the Conservationist, the lady running the endangered animal centre.

    Dont think its any one from the village. They are too emotional. The ultimate killer has to be someone cool, calm and collected.

  21. 21 : Boni Says:

    Unfortunately for some unforseen reasons only Ep 5 was screened over here last week. Hope Ep 6 will be shown this week together with Ep 7 & 8.

    So … I went visiting some sites online to read reviews of Ep 6, just so to get a continuity of the drama’s story.

    Thank goodness for viewers comaraderies’ sharing tagline “share and share alike”. I got to enjoy reading the reviews and about YiGang’s backstory. Found out too what makes our legendary mountain ranger tick. Hahaha .. plus, getting to know her almost 1st love story. Interesting.

    Now that we get to know a little bit more about her, it feels as if she’s more real than the heroic tough ranger we used to know ??

    The same we feel about the relationshio between her and Kang HJ. They seem to be getting closer now. A bond been established.

    The vibes from this episode (Ep6) seem to be telling us that it’s a lull before a coming storm. That a tumultus time is on its way … to create havoc for our rangers and Jirisan. What is going to happen ?? Big big horrific events I gather from the hints in the previews. We shall know for sure in forthcoming episodes.

    Bye! Till then, take care !

    Adopt a homeless pet. Give a homeless pet a kind home. 🐾🐾🐾❤

  22. 22 : Boni Says:

    Just came from visiting Jirisan sites online. Thank you Site Owners, for your reviews on Episode 7. I enjoyed reading them and happy to be able to keep up with the story of Jirisan.

    Tonight I am expecting Episode 6 to be screened over here. Looking forward to it.

    Hope from tonite on, Jirisan’s screening schedule will be able to run smoothly. No more disruptions, as they break the momentum of a story. 💕

    Thank you again, folks !! ❤

  23. 23 : Boni Says:

    Seems like a long time, waiting from episode to episode. Such is the gripping lure of Jirisan. Now waiting for episode 7 to screen this weekend. (We seem to be falling behind in the screening).

    Meanwhile, natural calamities on the mountain continue to to reak havoc. The killer continue to plan murders, and KHJ’s spirit trying hard to make contact … and SYG is no nearer to finding the killer, or getting in touch with KHJ.

    When will the break through come? The story is now halfway there. Wont be long I guess. Hopefully !!

  24. 24 : John Ackerman Says:

    Episodes 9&10 very boring

  25. 25 : MaxT Says:

    The serial killer was revealed at the end of episode 10.

  26. 26 : Jenlim Says:

    The serial killer is the reporter cum camerman who appeared on EP 2. He was the son of the father who hanged himself and mother killed at the mountain on Ep 10. I wondered why he framed Leader
    Jo by putting his hand glove on Dawon’s hand? It was him who pushed Dawon down the cliff. My guess, please correct me if I am wrong.

  27. 27 : Boni Says:


    You have a good memory. I dont even remember there was a reporter/camera man in Ep 2.

    So the person in the Haedong ranger jacket whom DaWon came across on the mountain that day when she died could be him? And this means .. this reporter/camera man posed himself as a ranger?

    Ok .. I will keep a lookout for him. I am sure if he is the killer, he will now not stop killing again, and again at close intervals. Serial killers are usually like this, once they kill, they become more addicted to the thrill of killing. And then can become careless and reckless.

    Who will be his next victim? Yi Gang ??

    As for framing Captain Jo Dae In, I think in his misguided grudge, he blamed Captain Jo for not preventing the disaster that happened to his home village long time ago ??

    Note: This serial killer has a standard modus operandi – that is .. kill by pushing victims off cliffs …

  28. 28 : Boni Says:

    This brings to mind … possibly yogurt killer SeWook too could have been killed this way. Been pushed down the cliff at Pines Habitat by his killer. Autopsy report said that SeWook’s remains had a few broken bones, as if he had fallen off the cliff at Pines Habitat where his remains were found by YG.

  29. 29 : Boni Says:

    #24 MaxT

    Am I right to think that the killer you have in mind is the same one as #26 Jenlim’s.

    Apart from this killer, I am suspicious of another one. It’s the Conservationist from the endangered animals center. I can’t exactly pinpoint at which episode, but I remember catching a glimpse of someone whose physique looked like her, loitering stealthily in the undergrowth on the mountain.

  30. 30 : Boni Says:

    #24 John Ackerman

    I think episode 9 and 10 are significant, in that from these points on, the story’s direction is going to vere off a little. There might be new developments happening ?

    My wish is for SYG to get to meet Spirit KHJ. If this should happen, there might be hope for KHJ’s spirit to return to his body. SYG could be the one to free him from the mountain. There is hope?

    In her desperation to meet Spirit KHY, SYG struggled across the bridge alone in her wheelchair and she made it. Anywhere after the bridge (on mountain side) Spirit KHJ can manifest himself. Let’s keep our toes and fingers crossed for their meeting to happen …..

  31. 31 : Boni Says:

    Last night was Jirisan night in many places. Where I am, being one of them. However, my place here is far behind in its screening. Its was airing only episode 9. So… I did the obvious again .. went knocking on doors to read reviews and discussions elsewhere on the latest episode 11. Thank you, again Site Owners for your generosity. ❤

    Impressions of what I have gathered based on what I’ve read :-

    The buildup of suspense and tension from Episode 9 onward is gripping. Episode 11 is fully compacted with information and backstories that will glue you to your seat, hoping to fish out that sliver of clue that will lead you to the killer. Haha .. a fat hope. There are more questions then answers, plus having the morbid thoughts of “who will die next” ? Or who actually is the killer? You will be much more confused than ever and feeling more curious to death. Blame this on Writer-nim.

    Writer-nim! You were sweet and cheeky at the same time. Fed us with lots of info and backstories to stoke our curiosity one minute, and the next you pulled the carpet off our feet. Naughty, naughty !! You took DaWon away from us as well. You should have left cute sweet DaWon alone. Why sacrifice her to the killer? Why kill her? Just b/c she is helping YG?

    This serial killer has to be found as soon as possible !! He/she is obsolutely a monster !! Brutal and vicious. He even is starting to mess with the coded signals to confuse YG.

    I sure would luv to know the identity of the killer.

    P/ What is going to happen to KHJ? Will he wake up from his coma.

  32. 32 : Boni Says:

    Suspicions had fallen on Rangers Jung GuYoug and Park Il Hae, either as a possible killer. Even YG could not helped but suspected any one of them.

    I prefer to rule them out. YG had spent time working with them high in the mountain at times. And the last time, these two guys had even taken her piggyback to visit the mountain to soothe her depression. This is no mean feat for anyone to undertake. But these two guys did it. Plus more importantly, YG instinctly trusted them enough to allow them to piggyback her to the mountain and then bringing her back home safely.

    To me, these actions say a lot about the intergrity of these guys. I do not think the killer is Captain Jo Dae Jin either. I think he suspects someone, but he has yet to catch the killer redhanded. Its going to be hard to do. The killer knows the mountain too well. Killer is too cunning and smart. Does this leaves KHJ to catch him ?? The killer will not be able to outsmart Spirit KHJ?

    So here we rule out three people from the community in Haedong. Who else are there who could possibly be suspicious??

    We have not yet explore the motivation for the killings … but where serial killings are concerned, does real concrete reason to kill matter? I dont think so .. I think it is the lust for the thrill in killing, that is the psychological push. What about killing in revenge? Possibly could be. But how many people have to be killed for revenge over a decades old grudge, in a domino effect style?? Eg. the killing of DaWon?

    How about, if it is someone whose got a “lop-sided” or obsessive passion for Jirisan that he/she resorted to killing, in her view, to protect the mountain ??

    Well, folks take the above notes with a pinch of salt. I had fun guessing. I might be wrong on all counts. Please correct where necessary.

    Have a good day.

  33. 33 : Boni Says:

    Further to #29 – An Unlikely But Possible Murderer.

    I was watching Episode 10 last night. A trivial scene caught my eye. The scene was a 1 minute or was at the blink of an eye. But it was clear as day. I believe it was done either to tease viewers, or to feed viewers with a clue to the serial killer.

    In #29 I had noted my suspicion of the Conservationist as a possiblkiller. Yes, this time round she was caught in the said scene in Episode 10. What was the purpose of exposing her presence, though for only a split minute? Any viewer noticed her presence here, with Captain Jo DJ ?? It was a superfast scene.

    In this scene, it was already late in the evening, the four rangers, SYG, KHJ, JGY
    and PIH together with a seriously ill and injured hiker were hurrying to get out of the eerie and foggy Black Bridge locality. Captain Jo DJ was waiting anxiously for them at the other end (opening) of this trail. He was worried for their safety. Who unexpectedly would appear to join him ?? It was the conservationist !! They seemed to know each other quiet well. What was she doing in that part of the forest late in the evening?? Haha .. food for thought !

    Now this sets our thinking caps working overtime. Some relevant questions : – Was this lady the person whom Captain Jo DJ suspects to be the serial killer of Jirisan? Is she the reason why he has been dragging his feet in the murder investigation ?? Reason : 1) he respects who she is, cant bring himself to report her? 2) who would believe that a professional conservationist is a killer? 3) he does not have enough concrete proof? 4) who would believe she could be suffering from a mental disorder?

    What suggests that the Conversationist could probably be the killer?

    1) She is obsessed with her love and passion for Jirisan and for her profession as a protector of nature. Evidences can be seen in her endangered animals center. She resorted to killing people whom she thinks are hurting Jirisan, in order to protect Jirisan.

    2) The murdered victims were illegal herb collectors, illegal hikers, poachers, commercial developers, etc. an ancilliary people whom she found were in the way. All killed without mercy.

    3) She knows the mountain well. So she’s hard to catch. She is smart, cool, and cunning, brutal and vicious too. Probably values animals more than humans.

    4) She’s got the best camouflage – her profession as a conservationist. This enables her the freedom of movenent without being questioned.

    The above are observations I have about the conservationist and would guess that she is a likely killer candidate here.

    I might be totally wrong. Please correct me if I am.

    Have a good week !!

  34. 34 : Boni Says:

    By now it appears the serial killer’s urge to kill is getting more intense. He/she is becoming reckless and careless. Good sign. If the preview of Ep 13 is reliable, the killer will not care if he/she is caught. Anyway, lets hope that whatever more murders the killer is planning, will all fail. Let the death statistics stop adding up.
    Too many deaths already.

    Has anybody asked why or what was it that has made someone to want to kill in such fericious way? What were the reasons or motivations to make a person think “death” is the solution to avenge his revenge. Mind you this is a mass killing. Utter madness !!

    As for the fate of KHJ … despite reports that his health is deteriorating, let’s hope that he’ll recover. But first, his spirit must return to his body. He’s got to come back. Right now, his condition is as if its in a state of deep meditation, where the spirit is far away from the body.

    Hope SYG can get to meet up with Spirit KHJ. Their meeting might be what KHJ needs to break free from the mountain.

    Hope a picture in one of the recent previews which showed KHJ opening his eyes is a true scene of what will happen. If so, this is the best news anyone would wished for.

    Looking forward to coming episodes.

  35. 35 : Boni Says:

    For all thats said and posted … I realised I really do not know what the hell are the killings about. And who are so mad to go killing people at Jirisan in the past, or in the present.

    The drama is about to end … and yet we are still groping in the dark … going in circles … aigoo .. have mercy Writer-nim.

    And poor KHJ, will he wake up or not ? And SGY, has she actually given up on doing physical rehabs already? For recovery of movements – time is of the essence, SYG.

    Hahaha !! Jirisan fever !!

  36. 36 : Boni Says:

    Finished watching Episode 11.

    Now the jigsaw puzzle is coming into place, but not quite yet. Will be in coming episodes.

    I think I’m beginning to figure out the most likely reasons why the killings are happening at Jirisan.

    The killer/s are possibly a group of at most 3 persons. Once years ago they were children of Black Bridge Village. When BBV was abandoned and some families were brokenup, some of the children were fostered out.

    These childen now adults hold grudges and hatred against the villagers of BBV for abandoning their village, and the ills and deaths that followed, including the break up of their families.

    So they start killing in revenge, camoflaging the deaths as accidents.

    This accounts for why the victims were only ex BBV villagers, their family members, or people who had a connection with BBV in the past?

    We will know for sure in forthcoming episodes.

  37. 37 : MaxT Says:

    After watching episode 14. The real killer was Kim Kye Hee and Kim So could be his accomplice. Will find out the conclusion on next Sunday.

  38. 38 : Iknowthetruth Says:

    Yang sun is the killer for sure.

  39. 39 : Boni Says:

    #37 MaxT

    On looking up who Kim Kai Hee is in the intro above – he is from the Jeollabuk Station. I will go check further whether I’ve seen him before.

    As for Kim Sol, he has always stood out as a suspect. He suffered a lot as a kid during the cable car project controversy and the subsequent death of his parents. Another telling point is, his knowledge of coded signals which he used, to mess with SYG’s signals for KHY.

    The killers must have carried a burning hatred in them all these years to become such killers. Terrible !!

    I still have 4 more episodes to go. Cant wait to watch him.

    P/s My wish is for KHJ to regain conciousness. Hope he will not die.

  40. 40 : Boni Says:

    #38 Iknowthetruth

    Yang Sun was not the killer.

    In Episode 12 apparently, she died during a rescue mission when she got washed away by the flash flood. She was trying to rescue Lottery Girl who was trapped by the rising waters of the river.

  41. 41 : Boni Says:

    Huhuhuhu … after having waded through 12 episodes and so many deaths, Writer-nim, how do you reckon this drama is a healing drama ??

    The mountain god at Jirisan I am sure ain’t going to like it !! You are spoiling his reputation.

    You can redeem yourself Writer-nim if you were to write KHJ and SYG back to good health. Your fans will love you forever. ❤

    God bless !!

  42. 42 : MaxT Says:

    @ Boni

    I mean’t Kim Woong Soon was the real killer and He’s a cop.

  43. 43 : MaxT Says:

    Kim Woong Soon (Corporal Kim) was the kid who saw his dad hung himself in Black Bridge Village back in 1991.

  44. 44 : Boni Says:

    #43 MaxT

    Wait a minute !! Recapping … you mean that pitiful chubby little boy whose dad was the ad hoc village head? And who were the only ones left in the village?? And the dad eventually hung himself ??

    But the little boy was then very young. About 5 or 6 y.o. ? And he is Kim Woong Soon, the police guy whom we see leading most investigations ? A killer ??

    I am stumped. I had always thought that the chubby boy is Kim Sol, the historian researcher.

    I had not suspected Kim Woong Soong a killer, one tiny bit. He seems a pretty decent guy.

    I think the killers will be caught soon. Its cuz they are becoming careless and reckless. They dont care how they kill or whom they kill anymore. Madness !!

  45. 45 : Boni Says:

    Had been fooled :-

    – so many times with false leads and treks to nowhere.

    – had our favorite rangers serverely injured or taken for no valid purpose, breaking our hearts.

    – been teased with glimpses of black gloves and ranger clothes worn on spectre mountain prowlers without faces.

    – been scared off by poisoned yoghurt drinks.

    – been frightened to death by a Ghost of Jirisan.

    – been given a sliver of hope that our favorite ranger will wake up, but will he ?

    – been shown a magic lottery ticket which had sat on the mountain floor for umpteen long time turning up in perfect condition.

    – and etc etc .. and whatever that keeps us overthinking …

    Ayuh … poor Jirisan viewers.

  46. 46 : Boni Says:

    Getting impatient .. Jirisan on tv tonight. Cant wait, to catch the ending of the story..

    Drama is coming to an end. Still got so many niggleling queries in mind. Where to get answers? Doubt any will be forthcoming even at this stage. Misinformation and the embargo of the truth are still in force here.

    Looks like, if the previews are reliable, viewers will have their hearts broken by some more deaths before the big reveal happens, or not?

    I envy the viewers who have already gone thro Episodes 13 & 14. The worse is over for them, sort of. Next will be my turn to watch the tragedies unfolding. Gosh, this drama sure is a very dark one. Writer-nim, smile more !!

    I suppose I could save myself some heartaches if I were to FF scenes I do not want to watch. But the story is so tightly compacted that FF could mean the possibility of missing a link or two in the story. The end result will be a disjointed story, and I would end up worse off. No way out. Have to sit through the drama till the end .. 😁😁😁 Writer-nim let’s keep smiling together !! 😁

    Anyway, the plus point is I got the opportunity to see Jirisan at its natural best. 👍

    Have a great weekend !!

  47. 47 : Boni Says:

    Episode 13 .. is chokeful with deep painful soul searching and heartbreaking feelings, for both Jirisan’s characters as well as viewers. The grieve is seen in the deep silence at the stations.

    The deaths that happened as they took place, all needless deaths, would make anyone flinch. I was shocked speechless, food half chewed stuck in my mouth. Not that the deaths were gory. But the sight of healthy people suddenly and hopelessly, had their last breath snuffed out, just like that, was the shocker !!

    Writer-nim sure knows how to give you an unpleasant night. Smiles stealer !!

    We can see the emotional turmoil did not spare the killer either. The murderous rage and hatred in him increased in intensity as each of his kills build up. He has gone utterly utterly mad now !! Mind you. He is still not satisfied yet. His revenge list still has a few more names to go !!

    Believe it or not ?? Right at this stage, after so many deaths, the identity of the killer is still a mystery. KHJ is so near to catching the killer through his visions which are becoming more frequent but the killer remains faceless. This is very frustrating, indeed.

    Viewers, its hard to bring the feels of this episode to you through my notes. Its better to watch on screen.

    Episode 13 contains plenty of subtle information to draw viewers into the quiet desperate mood pervading at the rangers stations. One of which is, quietly, we can feel the rangers’ unspoken obligation to remain inspite of the inevitable heartbreak when a death occur, but Jirisan needs them to save people at the mountain.

    Next, will be Episode 14. This, I am sure will be exciting and telling too.

    P/s I would like to share a piece of simple survival advice my parents gave us when we were teenagers. Hope it will be good for others too.

    We would very often go to a popular stream at the foothills to have a day’s swimming and fun. When there, we would be watchful for signs of the water flow and condition of the water. At the first sign of plenty of plant debris in the water, we would quickly without hesitation, leave, run out of the area. It meant that it was raining high up in the upper level of the stream. Next, the stream would become a ranging river, like the one Peng Soon/Lottery Girl experienced. So do not wait for rain to catch up to you before you start to leave. Everything will happen very fast. Flash floods carry people away very fast too. Instant drowning. 🙂

  48. 48 : Boni Says:

    Hahaha .. a quick sneak in here to say I am happy with the ending of the story. Thank you, Writer-nim.

    P/s Now I can stop biting my nails and just settle down to finish watching Ep 15 and 16 next week. 😁😁🙃

  49. 49 : Boni Says:

    Been patiently waiting for weekend to come … Made it. TGIF !! 🙂

    Tomorow is Jirisan day. Final chapter of the story of Jirisan …

  50. 50 : Boni Says:

    Finally got to watch the ending of Jirisan, Ep 15 and 16.

    Happy and satisfied with the ending, no matter some fantasy aspects were stretched a bit. Anyway, this is k-drama. I can live with it, especially for Jirisan’s sake.

    Generally all round, I find Jirisan rather moody and dark and the story of the residents complicated. The residents are written as people who view life in a fatalistic way. I suppose this could be the reason how a monster killer was born. No matter how his dad was (though it was within his rights), the little boy should not be chucked aside, ignored and abandoned. He suffered a lot. He was only a little boy. Everything of his was destroyed. He was a victim. Can he be blamed for wanting revenge? No. I dont think so. However, the problem was, when he was an adult, he snapped mentally at some point, started killing in enerst, that was the line he crossed. It is a tragedy that could have been avoided if the residents of Black Bridge Village did not behave like monsters themselves in the first place. I am surprised that even a female villager (Jin Ok) could be so evil as to dump an animal carcass into their own well just to force a point. She eventually had cancer and regretted what she did. Too late !! Even a million prayers at the temple could not stop the wheel of destruction that had already been set off those years ago ….

    Anyway, I enjoyed watching Jirisan. It was good. I loved it.

    Must have been very tough filming in mountainous terrain and its surroundings. The cast and production crew and everyone else did a great job. So did Writer-nim and Director. Thank you tvN and iQiyi, and everyone involved in making Jirisan !! ❤

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