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Jingbirok 05

Title: 징비록 / Jingbirok
Full Title: 징비록: 임진왜란 피로 쓴 교훈 / The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War
Chinese Title: 惩毖录
Also Known as: The Book of Corrections
Genre: Historical, Political, Action
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2015-Feb-14 to 2015-Aug-02
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40


Jingbirok, the name of a book written by real-life Joseon historian and scholar Ryu Seong Ryong (Kim Sang Joong), detailing the Imjin War (1592-1598). The drama will be a telling of historical events with the scholar as the central character, in the same vein as “Jung Do Jun” (who influenced the founding of the Joseon dynasty). Ryu Seong Ryong was an official who served during King Seonjo’s reign in the late 16th century. He was a brilliant Confucian scholar who was put in charge of military operations during the Imjin War, and greatly influenced Admiral Lee Soon Shin.


Main Cast

Kim Sang Joong as Ryu Seong Ryong
Kim Tae Woo as King Seonjo

Westerners Faction

Im Dong Jin as Yoon Doo Soo
Sun Dong Hyuk as Kang Jung Chul
Choi Chul Ho as Lee Hang Bok
Park Ji Il as Song Ik Pil
Kim Hyo Won as Gye Sung Hon
Kim Jong Soo as Hwang Yoon Gil
Kang In Ki as Jo Heon

Easterners Faction

Lee Jae Yong as Lee San Hae
Nam Sung Jin as Lee Duk Hyung
Park Chul Ho as Kim Sung Il
Park Chil Yong as Jung Un Shin
Heo Ki Ho (허기호) as Jung Uhn Ji
Lee Dae Ro as Yak Po Jung Tak

Royal Family

Kim Hye Eun as Gwiin Kim
Noh Young Hak as Prince Gwanghae
Hwang In Young as Queen Ui In of Park clan
Yoon Hong Bin as Prince Imhae

Military Officers

Kim Hyung Il as Shin Rib


Kim Gyu Chul as Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Lee Kwang Ki as Konishi Yukinaga
Lee Jung Yong as Kato Kiyomasa
Jo Jae Wan as So Yoshitoshi
Song Bo Eun as Mitsuki
Kang Shin Jo as Ishida Mitsunari


Choi Il Hwa as Song Eung Chang
Lee Ki Yeol as Sim Yoo Gyeong
Jung Heung Chae as Lee Yeo Song


Jung Tae Woo as Lee Chun Ri
Han Ji Wan as Han Seol Hee
Lee Kwan Hoon as Shin Myeong Chul
Jung Dong Hwan
Im Hyuk
Woo Hyun
Han Ga Rim as Dong Dong
Jung Hwan as Nak Sang Ji
Kim Bup Rae
Bae Do Hwan
Park Sun Woo
Park Yoo Seung
Jung So Young as Madam Jang
Hong Il Kwon as Kim Eung Nam
Im Byung Ki
Jun Seung Bin as Song Hee Rib
Park Byung Ho

Production Credit

Chief Producer: Kim Hyung Il
Producer: Kim Shil Il
Director: Kim Sang Hwi, Kim Young Jo
Screenwriter: Jung Hyung Soo, Jung Ji Yeon


2015 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Park Bo Gum (I Remember You) & Kim Gyu Chul (The Merchant: Gaekju & Jingbirok)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long Series): Kim Tae Woo (Jingbirok) & Kim Kab Soo (All About My Mom)


Jingbirok Poster1 Jingbirok Poster 2 Jingbirok Poster3

Related Photo

(Other Photo from Official Site)

Jingbirok1 Jingbirok2 Jingbirok3

Official Site

Early Trailer & Trailer I & Trailer II

6 Minutes Preview

Watch Online in Viki.com (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : Pimai Says:

    Bad Guys becomes scholar. 🙂

  2. 2 : mohammad.k Says:

    Thank YOU

  3. 3 : Abc Says:

    I hope to have English subtitles

  4. 4 : ZiooN Says:

    Waiting for this new series

  5. 5 : KingOfDrama Says:

    I love this kind of drama

  6. 6 : HeoJun Says:

    Looking forward to the first episode

  7. 7 : Taalibah Johnson Says:

    Best show I’ve ever seen on television

  8. 8 : maddymappo Says:

    If you locate it with english subs, please post, I would love to see it. Thank you

  9. 9 : meili Says:

    i loved historical

  10. 10 : rrr Says:

    i think its boring its this drama same as secret door.

  11. 11 : rrr Says:

    happy chinese new year

  12. 12 : Hamhungguk Says:

    As in all previously produced South Korean “historical” dramas covering Imjin Waeran, the Chinese/Ming once again were portrayed as the bad guys who only wanted to take from Chosun and never gave anything back, which couldn’t be further from the truth. At the start of Episode 1, Ryu Seong-ryong complained to Yi San-hae about paying tributes to Ming had depleted Chosun’s royal treasury, when in actuality Ming gave far more in return; and the Chosun officials took every opportunity to partake in the tribute business to Ming as it had become such a lucrative trade/business for Chosun who relied on Ming for most of its imports.

    Another so-called “Daeha yoksa dulama” painting the Chinese as the bad guys. Sigh. What’s new, huh?

  13. 13 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    It’s on Jebangsong.com. But no English-sub.

  14. 14 : Nabil Says:

    Pls post the link if there is English sub. Also , KBS world will be airing the drama on 12/03/15.

  15. 15 : ashlee Says:

    its now available on :gooddrama and myasiantv.com (with subtitles)

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  19. 19 : fe manalo Says:

    I hate Seonjo in this historical drama.. due to his jealousy of Lee Sun Shin’s growing merits and public recognition he punished him and almost killed despite the fact the country is being invaded by japanese.. Most hatred king of all time 😈😡

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