Title: 전우치 / Jeon Woo Chi
Chinese Title: 田禹治
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-21 to 2013-Feb-07
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Jeon Woo Chi is a classical novel of unknown origin dating to the Joseon era that tells the story of a free-wheeling, mischievous Jeon Woo Chi, who swallowed the gumiho’s fox bead, which gave him powers of Taoist magic. He uses those powers to save the poor, oppressed people and becomes a hero.

Cha Tae Hyun plays the Taoist wizard Jeon Woo chi and Uee plays the role of Hong Moo Yeon who is a princess, the granddaughter of Hong Gil Dong, and the love interest of Jeon Woo Chi. Meanwhile, Lee Hee Joon take the role of Kang Rim, who is Woo chi’s nemesis, the dark Taoist wizard and all-around scary mofo. (Dramabeans)


Main Cast

Cha Tae Hyun as Jeon Woo Chi / Yi Chi
Uee as Hong Moo Yeon
Lee Hee Joon as Kang Rim
Baek Jin Hee as Lee Hye Ryeong
Kim Gab Soo as Ma Sook
Sung Dong Il as Bong Goo

Joseon Necessity

Ahn Yong Joon as Lee Geo
Hong Jong Hyun as Seo Chan Hwi
Lee Joo Yeon as Eun Woo

People inside the Palace

Kim Byung Se as Oh Yong
Lee Jae Yong as So Chil
Shin Seung Hwan as Doong Gae
Jang Jung Hee as Maeb Ji
Go Joo Yun as Lady Kim
Jang Tae Sung as Mok Mal
Lee Jung Sung as Dae Je Hak

Joboso People

Kim Seung Wook as Jang Sa Doo
Kim Chi Gook as Noh Joon Ik
Park Joo Hyung as Oh Gyu

Sham Gae Na Roo Party

Kim Roe Ha as Mak Gae
Jang Won Young as Eo Joong Yi
Park Jae Won (박재원) as Mong Sae

Yoon Jong Ga Party

Park Hae Joon as Dae Geun
Kim Jae Man as Eok Chun
Kim Sang Hoon (김상훈) as Eop Dong

Other People

Kim Kwang Gyu as Myung Gi
Jo Jae Yoon as Chul Kyun
Jung Soo Young as Eul Yi
Lee Dae Yeon as Moon Po Gyo
Park Gil Soo as Choi Sa Ryung
Kim Byung Choon as Lee Chae Pal
Choi Duk Moon as Gye Son
Lee Byung Joon as Yoon Bo
Jo Ha Rang as Gam Nae
Jung Jin Young as Jeon Woo Chi’s teacher (Cameo)
Lee Hee Do as Craftsman Choi (cameo)
Seo Bum Shik as monk (ep 2)
Lee Joo Suk as Lee Gaek Jo (ep 5)
Jo Jae Wan as Gam Dong (ep 9-10)
Jung Ho Bin as Kim Kwang Hee (ep 12-14)
Kim Yoo Hyun as Sarangson
Kim Ji Wan as Joboso’s worker (ep 13)

Production Credits

Production Company: Chorokbaem Media
Director: Kang Il Soo, Park Jin Suk
Screenwriter: Jo Myung Joo, Park Dae Young

Episode Preview

Episode 1 (Not Available)
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13 (Not Available)
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16 (Not Available)
Episode 17 (Not Available)
Episode 18 (Not Available)
Episode 19 (Not Available)
Episode 20 (Not Available)
Episode 21 (Not Available)
Episode 22 (Not Available)
Episode 23 (Not Available)
Episode 24 (Not Available)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-11-21 1 14.1 (8th) 15.1 (4th) 14.9 (4th) 14.9 (4th)
2012-11-22 2 13.0 (12th) 13.5 (7th) 13.2 (8th) 13.6 (4th)
2012-11-28 3 14.1 (6th) 14.9 (5th) 12.6 (8th) 12.9 (6th)
2012-11-29 4 13.1 (11th) 14.6 (5th) 12.5 (8th) 12.1 (6th)
2012-12-05 5 12.2 (10th) 12.8 (8th) 12.1(7th) 12.5 (7th)
2012-12-06 6 11.7 (16th) 12.4 (14th) 10.8 (15th) 11.2 (11th)
2012-12-12 7 12.5 (12th) 12.5 (9th) 11.0 (12th) 11.2 (13th)
2012-12-13 8 10.5 (16th) 10.0 (18th) 10.3 (15th) 10.4 (13th)
2012-12-19 9 11.2 (10th) 12.5 (7th) 11.4 (9th) 12.2 (8th)
2012-12-20 10 12.9 (8th) 14.1 (4th) 11.9 (9th) 11.8 (8th)
2012-12-26 11 12.6 (11th) 13.0 (9th) 12.2 (8th) 11.7 (10th)
2012-12-27 12 12.1 (12th) 12.7 (9th) 12.9 (10th) 12.8 (7th)
2013-01-02 13 13.4 (10th) 12.4 (12th) 12.2 (8th) 11.9 (6th)
2013-01-03 14 14.4 (11th) 14.1 (9th) 12.8 (9th) 12.9 (8th)
2013-01-09 15 14.7 (6th) 15.0 (3rd) 12.8 (8th) 13.7 (4th)
2013-01-10 16 14.8 (10th) 16.2 (3rd) 13.3 (10th) 14.0 (7th)
2013-01-16 17 15.3 (5th) 16.2 (3rd) 13.8 (4th) 13.8 (3rd)
2013-01-17 18 15.0 (8th) 16.5 (4th) 13.8 (5th) 13.7 (5th)
2013-01-23 19 13.5 (7th) 12.5 (8th) 13.6 (6th) 13.6 (5th)
2013-01-24 20 14.6 (6th) 14.9 (7th) 13.4 (9th) 13.0 (8th)
2013-01-30 21 12.7 (11th) 12.7 (7th) 13.9 (5th) 14.3 (5th)
2013-01-31 22 13.7 (9th) 13.6 (6th) 12.7 (11th) 12.5 (8th)
2013-02-06 23 13.1 (8th) 12.3 (9th) 12.8 (9th) 12.7 (8th)
2013-02-07 24 16.0 (5th) 15.9 (6th) 15.2 (4th) 15.1 (5th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– This drama is the remake of the 2009 hit movie Jeon Woo Chi.


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47 Responses to “Jeon Woo Chi”

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  1. 1
    ratmooi Says:

    can’t hardly wait, i like fantasy-comedy drama <3

  2. 2
    KDaddict Says:

    Oh, finally!
    I love Cha Tae Hyun! And as a wizard! It’s irresistible!

  3. 3
    sheep Says:

    No romance? .-.
    I read the synopsis, it said about Hong gil dong, I think the screenwriter are Hong sister. But aren’t

  4. 4
    yoyo Says:

    love u uee

  5. 5
    boo Says:

    wawww.. Cha Tae hyun… it’s gonna be great,,he’s so funny… i love him…

  6. 6
    Bina Says:

    great, happy watch. Hope it’s great as same as arang

  7. 7
    fahrani Says:

    it has been long time i dont see cha tae hyun in small screen,i really love him,he’s damn very funny

  8. 8
    OK OK OK Says:

    Seeing Cha Tae Hyun’s name already make me laugh :)

  9. 9
    kylie Says:

    i wILL definitely watch this drama…UEE and CHA TAE HYUN fighting!!!

  10. 10
    anne Says:

    finally, it will air soon. Well, I’ve been waiting this drama. I love the cast, and the story. It’s time for comedy after a three months melodrama nice guy! So, if nice guy will end up sad, this drama gonna heal my mood. LOL. JEON WOO CHI FIGHTING!

  11. 11
    asiandaddict Says:

    OMO! This only means that Nice Guy aka Innocent Man will be finally over once this show starts. Huhuhu

  12. 12
    Juliyana Says:

    I’m like all movie or drama cast by Cha Tae Hyun-oppa. He is the best parody actor.

  13. 13
    Aga Says:

    Cha very funny….best comedy drama..

  14. 14
    something Says:

    Lee Hee Joon as villain!!

    can’t wait to see it

  15. 15
    mischaa Says:

    i can’t wait to see this..Uee fighting!!!!

  16. 16
    stellar Says:

    love cha but not sure about uee…

  17. 17
    kell Says:

    It’s been a while since I last saw CTH. Will definitely check this out for him alone!

  18. 18
    bimby Says:

    I look forward it and hope this is 21 November yet T__T!

  19. 19
    Back to my blog! A mixed bag. « mystisith Says:

    […] is Jeon Woo Chi going to break the curse? Well, I’ve been burnt enough. I will let the others be the […]

  20. 20
    jangerr Says:

    Oooo! I love Cha Tae Hyun!!! I’m in!!!

  21. 21
    kriss Says:

    Hmmm… I’m not a fan of period dramas and Uee… But I’ve enjoyed Cha’s dramas and movies very much so may give this a try.

  22. 22
    KDaddict Says:

    I’m eagerly waiting for this! Nothing else is good right now. (Missing you is good by really too sad n intense.) If this is half as much fun as Cha Tae Hyun’s new movie the Grand Heist aka Gone with the Wind, I’ll be jumping up n down w Joy!

  23. 23
    KDaddict Says:

    Nothing is good right now, except King of Dramas! Missing you is good BUT really too sad n intense.
    I need me some laughs, courtesy of Cha Tae Hyun! Here is hoping that it’d be at least half as funny as Grand Heist aka Gone w the Wind!

  24. 24
    mischaa Says:

    Wow love this drama…Uee is a great actress!!!!

  25. 25
    KDaddict Says:

    Oh shoot! I don’t find ep. 1 that captivating!
    It includes a lot of relevant scenes, n all the CG doesn’t add to the tension of the fights.
    Hope it gets better in ep 2.

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