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Title: 아이리스 시즌2 / IRIS 2
Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-13 to 2013-Apr-18
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Related Series : IRIS Series


The story take place three years after the the death of Hyun Joon in IRIS I. It will reveal mystery surrounding Hyun Joon’s death and Baek San (Kim Young Chul), who has been arrested for being active in the secret organization IRIS. It will also outline the story of mysterious group, who controlled everything through Baek San.

Yoo Gun (Jang Hyuk) will plays the team leader of the NSS and Ji Soo Yeon (Lee Da Hae) plays an Olympic gold medalist shooter who turned into spy sniper. Meanwhile, Yoo Joong Won (Lee Bum Soo) plays a formal spy for North Korea and Choi Min (Oh Yun Soo) will plays the newly appointed deputy director of the NSS. At the same time, Seo Hyun Woo (Yoon Doo Joon) will plays a perfect agent and Yoon Si Hyuk (Lee Joon) will plays the computer genius in NSS’ Command Center. Kim Yeon Hwa (Im Soo Hyang) will plays a killer in IRIS 2.



Jang Hyuk as Yoo Gun
Park Gun Tae as Yoo Gun (Young)
Lee Da Hae as Ji Soo Yeon
Kim So Hyun as Soo Yeon (Young)
Oh Yun Soo as Choi Min
Yoon Doo Joon as Seo Hyun Woo
Lee Joon as Yoon Shi Hyuk
Kim Il Woo as Kang Chul Hwan
Baek Seung Hyun as Kang Byung Jin
Sung Dong Il as Park Joon Han (ep.1-2)
Yoon Joo Sang as Oh Hyun Kyu
Jun Jae Hyung as Pyo Jin Hwan
Cha Hyun Jung as Yoo Hae Young (NSS Dispatch Team Leader)
Lee Seung Hak as Kim Ji Hun
Kim Hyung Gon as Song Young Min
Lee Jae Hoon as NSS agent

North Korea Party

Lee Bum Soo as Yoo Joong Won
Kim Seung Woo as Park Chul Young
Ahn Seung Hoon as Kwon Young Choon
Kim Jong Goo as Koo Bon Gil
Yoon So Yi as Park Tae Hee
Park Jung Won as North Korean agent (Park Chul Young’s servant)


Kim Gab Soo as Mr. Black
Kim Young Chul as Baek San (NSS vice-director)
Jung Suk Won as Baek San (Young)
Im Soo Hyang as Kim Yun Hwa
David Mclnnics as Ray (IRIS Operations Team Leader)
Yoon Joo Hee as Lee Soo Jin (NSS Secretary)
Kim Ji Min as Jamie
Go Yoon as Yoo Jin


Lee Jung Gil as Jo Myung Ho
Jo Sung Ha as Ha Seung Jin
Yoo Min as Rie
Joo Jin Mo as Ha Jae Yong
Lee Bo Hee as Jung Soo Min
Na Ya as Soo Min (young)
Kim Ki Yul as bakery staff (Oh Hyun Kyu’s nephew)
Park Seung Tae as Yoo Joong Won and Yoo Seung Won’s mother
Park Sang Wook as Chinese dealer of firearm transactions (ep.1)
Jung Joon Ho as Jin Sa Wo (cameo)
Kim So Yun as Kim Sun Hwa (cameo)
Kim Jung Wook as Yo Han (ep. 13-14)
Jun Jin Gi as Phillip (ep.17)
Kang Shin Hyo as Jang Cheol
Kim Min Hyung
Im Il Kyu as Kim Jung Yong
Lee Seung Yong as Tactical agent

Production Credits

Production Company: Taewon Entertainment
Director: Pyo Min Soo, Kim Tae Hoon
Screenwriter: Jo Kyu Won

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-02-13 1 17.0 (3rd) 19.3 (3rd) 14.4 (6th) 15.3 (3rd)
2013-02-14 2 15.0 (6th) 16.9 (5th) 12.4 (12th) 12.0 (9th)
2013-02-20 3 12.2 (11th) 13.2 (7th) 10.8 (15th) 10.7 (15th)
2013-02-21 4 11.7 (14th) 12.9 (9th) 10.7 (15th) 10.5 (12th)
2013-02-27 5 11.6 (13th) 13.5 (5th) 10.1 (12th) 10.0 (11th)
2013-02-28 6 10.8 (15th) 12.1 (10th) 10.1 (15th) 10.1 (14th)
2013-03-06 7 11.1 (11th) 12.0 (6th) 9.4 (15th) 9.3 (17th)
2013-03-07 8 11.2 (14th) 12.4 (8th) 9.5 (17th) 9.8 (14th)
2013-03-13 9 10.6 (15th) 11.6 (6th) 10.0 (13th) 9.6 (11th)
2013-03-14 10 9.7 (16th) 10.4 (9th) 10.0 (12th) 9.5 (13th)
2013-03-20 11 10.4 (13th) 12.0 (6th) 9.5 (15th) 9.0 (13th)
2013-03-21 12 10.6 (13th) 11.3 (7th) 10.5 (12th) 10.2 (12th)
2013-03-27 13 10.6 (12th) 11.8 (6th) 9.6 (11th) 9.4 (11th)
2013-03-28 14 10.4 (15th) 11.9 (8th) 10.3 (14th) 10.2 (14th)
2013-04-03 15 10.6 (10th) 11.3 (6th) 10.2 (9th) 10.3 (8th)
2013-04-04 16 11.3 (9th) 12.5 (6th) 11.1 (7th) 10.9 (8th)
2013-04-10 17 10.5 (10th) 11.3 (6th) 9.7 (12th) 9.6 (11th)
2013-04-11 18 9.8 (16th) 10.4 (10th) 8.2 8.7 (18th)
2013-04-17 19 8.8 (14th) 9.2 (11th) 9.7 (10th) 10.7 (9th)
2013-04-18 20 10.5 (12th) 11.4 (7th) 10.4 (12th) 10.7 (11th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


  • Filming began shooting in Budapest, Hungary on 21/November/2012. The Hungarian staff from “IRIS I” series and the staff from “Die Hard 5” has joined the production team of “IRIS 2” in Hungary.

  • Shooting moved to Angkor Wat, Cambodia on December/2012. IRIS 2 is the first production to shoot in Angkor Wat since Hollywood film “Tomb Rider” and the first ever Korean production to shoot there. The Angkor Wat scene features Yoo Joong Won (Lee Bum Soo) and Kim Yeon Hwa (Im Soo Hyang) meeting for the first time.


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  1. 1 : misskrisel Says:

    New casts in Iris 2…

  2. 2 : zarima Says:

    wow JANG HYUK on the lead and LEE DA HAE .. OH my cant wait to watch this one…… so excited.. 😀

  3. 3 : bella Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this… IRIS2 just soooooo xcited….

  4. 4 : ana Says:

    i hate Lee Da hae… i don’t like her pastic personality..

  5. 5 : June Says:

    I m waiting since I know lee Joon n doo joon cast in this drama.Iris2 fighting!

  6. 6 : zhao Says:

    OH MY GOD, why they change the lead Actress and Actor from IRIS 1???????????

    I’m Sure that this drama will Not BE Interesting at ALL!

    i’m so disappointed..why not Kim ta He & lee byung hun????

  7. 7 : emerald Says:

    to zhoa:

    Lee byung hun was killed in Iris 1… this is another series…

  8. 8 : riafeatriana Says:


  9. 9 : kakashui Says:

    well, i tought Kang Ji Young is already dropped out coz of her tight schedule..

    (@kakashui from admin: Thanks for inform us. we just removed her from the list.)

  10. 10 : HaroroLovePororo Says:

    Wuidiiiih! That’s cooool!!!! Choi TOP (bigbang) change lee joon and doo joon (mblaq & beast) wooow wooow daebak!!! ~
    Arrrrggh more and more again best quality dramas, feels confused!! Damn, I love Indonesia, hahaha

  11. 11 : kylin Says:

    OH, I wanna watch Oh Yun Soo. She’s my fav actress, an all natural beauty.
    She’s looks so professional in those beautiful fashion shots… Post those ! Thanks.

  12. 12 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    I’m so excited as Iris was the 2nd Kdrama I ever saw. It was very good altho I was devastated by the ending. The trailers for Iris 2 look awesome, with plenty of action. I wish the series mucho success!!

  13. 13 : Pinky Says:

    Can’t wait to see JANG HYUK and LEE DA HAE after “Chuno” they haven’t been act together! Must be very exciting!! @[email protected]

  14. 14 : Chochishwesin Says:

    IRIS 2 Fighting !!!!
    Lee Da Hae fighting !!!
    I very love her!! She is beautiful & cute. Best actress.:))

  15. 15 : rose Says:

    Ahhhh I can’t wait!!!! I’m solo excited for this!!!!

  16. 16 : rose Says:

    Ahhhh I can’t wait!!!! I’m sooo excited for this!!!!

  17. 17 : eny Says:

    I’m not interested with Iris but I wanna watch Iris 2 because I never see Lee Dae hae do action drama

  18. 18 : yenzkie Says:

    jang hyuk and lee da hae team up again!! doo joon and lee joon!.. omo!.. hwaitinggg!.. all my bias was here.. IRIS 2 must watch <3

  19. 19 : xiao huey Says:

    Wow IRIS 2 with many great actors / actresses.
    Baek San & Kim Sun Hwa is the key to solve the ending in IRIS 1.
    Worth the wait !!!

  20. 20 : nisa Says:

    omg omg im wait for this! another serial of lee da hae! hell yeah <3
    and gotcha… there's lee joon and doo joon! woahhhh
    actually cant wait for the first aired~^^ <3

  21. 21 : jongkookie Says:

    im quite dissapointed to know that the lead actress and actor are changed…but, im looking foward for this drama because i really love iris 1(seriously because of lee byung hun and kim tae hee)…and also because of lee joon 🙂

  22. 22 : ck Says:

    ..OMG.!Lee Joon and Doo Joon are main cast.. I can’t wait to see my bias in an action movie 😀

  23. 23 : wendy Says:

    lee joon love love love

  24. 24 : -Ke- Says:

    A bit dissapointed that the old casts won’t come up on this sequel but still…
    I’m so excited tho.
    Hope this will be better than IRIS which was the best action series I’ve ever seen so far 🙂

  25. 25 : roger Says:

    hey guys!!! what are the websites that i could watch this series….

  26. 26 : ga Says:

    slave hunter + giant

  27. 27 : hasta Says:

    The cast is impressive ! I add it to my Dramas list of 2013 **

  28. 28 : woongjae993 Says:

    ចាំតែមើលទេ .. ចង់មើលប្លង់ដែលថា ថតយកទេសភាពពីលើ ដោយឩទ្ធម្ភាគចក្រ ដែលមិនធ្លាប់មានរឿងណាៗ ថតដូចនេះទេ! Cambodian fan~~

  29. 29 : bblve07 Says:

    cant wait to see leedahae again.

  30. 30 : addictedtoIRIS Says:

    ,hoping Lee Da Hae
    won’t break another
    contract ”AGAIN”
    because IRIS Season
    I Fans anticipated this
    sequel for so long.:D

  31. 31 : [email protected] Says:

    aku kan menunggu mu……


  32. 32 : Ana Says:

    IRIS 1 and IRIS 2…the Korean version of “” Jason BOURNE”” Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum/Legacy…I bet this will become a megahit kmovie or kdrama?

  33. 33 : Minhee Says:

    Lee Joon oppa, can’t wait to see you!!!
    IRIS 2 Fighting! Hope the story is better than before..^^

  34. 34 : chelona Says:

    i hope part 2 is equally good with the first one. looking forward to watch this. 🙂

  35. 35 : Christine Says:

    i love Lee Bum Soo since Giant….

  36. 36 : alheya Says:

    wow….i love irish…the best….

  37. 37 : selly Says:

    lee joon oppa …
    can’t wait IRIS II because of lee joon oppa ….

  38. 38 : sarah Says:

    leeee joooooooooooooonnnn

  39. 39 : Micc Says:

    Just wondering, do you need to be familiar with IRIS 1 to watch this? I’ve never watched IRIS 1 nor Athena.

  40. 40 : mermers Says:

    can’t help to watch this drama.. i’ve wait this drama so long..

  41. 41 : ina Says:

    i love IRIS I so much,what a beautiful drama, i Hope IRIS 2 do not disappointed me like Hyun Joon’s death, so sad thinking about it

  42. 42 : jhing Says:

    much like Athena than Iris1,more action scene,.ehehe

  43. 43 : hoon Says:

    jae hyuk is comeback…

  44. 44 : usa-mary Says:

    I hope that IRIS 2 is somewhat of a spin-off from the original IRIS. IRIS had me on the edge of my seat, glued to the screen. I couldn’t get enough of it!

  45. 45 : lusy Says:

    Lee Joon (MBLAQ) can’t wait to see u’r acting.

  46. 46 : rhovie Says:

    i just do hope that IRIS 2 have alot more to give than the IRIS 1..i already put my all for this drama..hope and excitement!!!IRIS 1 is really a phenomenal action drama..i just can’t wait IRIS 2 to be out….

  47. 47 : P.uE Says:

    oh my Goddddd.Hyuk in iris?!!!fantastic

  48. 48 : bella Says:

    OMG! some of iris 1 casts will appear on Iris II, yahoooo.. surprise! according to the producer of IRIS… thats really a great news, i hop T.O.P will join the cast (IRIS II).. hehehe… Excitedmuch for IRIS II…. fighthing………….

  49. 49 : Ana Says:

    highly recommended drama to watch…i watched IRIS 1 so superb,not just an ordinary tv kdrama but it’s a 20 ep.tv -movie series. hope IRIS 2 will do the same..let’s see! coz it’s gonna be a tight race to watch on same day/night same time competing with Level 7,and That winter the wind blows.
    (fan from canada)

  50. 50 : [email protected] Says:

    I can’t wait for Lee Joon action in this drama’ its must be great^_^

  51. 51 : nisa Says:

    can’t wait for thisssssss.
    Lee Da Hae! long time not see her after Miss Ripley. looking forward for her role here,
    and Lee Joon!!! OMFG can’t so much wait till it’s aired ><
    IRISII cast fightinggggg~~^^

  52. 52 : rihana Says:

    can’t wait for the big comming of huyn bin oppaaa

  53. 53 : IRIS 2 « CHOI SO YEON IS HERE!!! Says:

    […] : http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=25031 Share by : […]

  54. 54 : sue Says:

    Looking forward to see Lee Da hae in action again.

  55. 55 : heartbeat Says:

    omg… lee bum soo… i love him very much,,,, i will always support you,,, ^^,

  56. 56 : bella Says:

    getting excited for tomorrow pilot episode…. hayzzzz. IRIS II figthing…..

  57. 57 : Oseni Lukman Says:

    Please! please!! Please!!!……..when is iris season 3 is coming out, please somebody reply my comment

  58. 58 : Marr1 Says:

    Got no seasön 3.iris 2 wil tell u everything

  59. 59 : K_Viewer Says:

    I can’t believe these TV stations are pitting 2 beautiful couples against each other for ratings. IRIS 2 vs That Winter, action vs melodrama. This is not fair! Both couples deserve huge support in ratings!

  60. 60 : tigerb Says:

    iris 1 was the first korean action drama that really impressed me, hope iris 2 will be up to par, if not better. will see!

  61. 61 : bhangs Says:

    i hope iris 2 will live up for what iris 1 did before… part 1 was really a marvalous and brilliant drama,everything in it was fantastic. from locations,stars storyline and even songs that go with it were all perfect,and you can see on the 1st day of showing the rate was so high and never moved down…

  62. 62 : sshkth Says:

    should have kim tae hee as female lead and lee byung hun as male lead,



  63. 63 : sshkth Says:





  64. 64 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @sshkth you are a Kim Tae Hee’s avid fan right? And it’s illogical to cast Lee Byung Hun since he was shot dead on IRIS 1 and possibly Kim Tae Hee’s character was also put to end afterwards.

    Jang Hyuk is a very versatile and a very very very good actor. Underestimating his capabilities to fill in the romance with Lee Dae Hee is non sense. Let’s just wait see, Only 2 episodes are still in. 🙂

  65. 65 : KDaddict Says:

    9 mins. into ep 1, they flip over a BMW. How much is the budget on this KD? 😛
    25 mins in, Lee Bum Soo shows his face. He is playing the same char fr Iris 1.
    Jang Hyuk plays the grown up version of that baby who was stolen fr his mother’s bed while she was outside hanging laundry, whose father was an NSS agent who died on a mission. He’s grown up to be a mighty capable cop, invited to join NSS.
    Lee Da Hae is the daughter of his father’s friend, a cop. She has had a crush on him ever they were teenagers. Kim So Hyun of I Miss You puts in a cameo as her teenage self. She grows up to be a new recruit in NSS working under Jang Hyuk’s char.
    This story takes off where Iris 1 left off. It’s propelled by the mysteries surrounding Baek San, former Pres of NSS, n a spy working for Iris. This came up in Iris, n Baek San was put in maximum security special prison for his crimes. That prison is really sth to behold! Iris is breaking him out of prison n succeeding, but he escapes fr Iris to go back into the folds of NSS. Why?

  66. 66 : kljk Says:

    starting with 19% ….woooooooooooow

  67. 67 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    Iris is trying to break Baek San out of NSS for a 2nd time, this time fr their safehouse. There is at least 1 IRIS mole in NSS that we know of. And she is sleeping w their Director.
    Im Soo Huang plays the same char played by Kim So Yeon in Iris 1, Sun Hwa, a N K spy, only she’s supposed to have undergone extensive plastic surgery. She is working for Iris n is bringing Lee Bum So on board. Im is pretty but still can’t act.
    Love Lee Da Hae in her kickass professional attire here, much better than in frilly silly girly dresses.
    Hated Jang Hyuk’s Baboo haircut in the promotional stills n posters, but once the series starts, he just looks nerdy n dedicated to the job instead of retarded. Haha.
    Off to Budapest for a N-S confrontation in an international conference again. We’ve seen this b4, but this times, the stakes r higher, becos the whole of Team A n NSS r on the line, not just Lee Byung Hyun’s char.
    Ep 3 should be plenty exciting!

  68. 68 : haney Says:

    I’ve already watched the Episode 1 and 2 of Iris 2 . But I didn’t see Lee Joon . Which episode I will see him ? If anybody know that please answer me.

  69. 69 : Tesse Seo Says:

    I think the drama, CITY HUNTER, should have a sequel to it!!!! it’d be so awesome(:

  70. 70 : gsmpio Says:

    cyempre ang ganda ng umpisa at pangalawa na ako epi hehe

  71. 71 : gsmpio Says:

    where to watch iris 2 movie do you have trailer?

  72. 72 : Joyce Says:

    Waaah!my two fave actors in one drama 🙂 I love Jang Hyuk and Lee Bum Soo!!!

  73. 73 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    hope iris 2 is as good as iris 1!

  74. 74 : eny Says:

    I don’t like Iris 1, but interested with this drama because Lee Da Hae is good actress, she portray different charracter each drama, wanna see her in action but the story should be good.
    Unfortunatedly action drama mostly doesn’t have good story I don’t like city hunter too

  75. 75 : eny Says:

    3 drama that airing in wed-thurs is really interested, the genre also different. I see the cast also interesting.I think the cast of Iris and level 7 really interesting for TWMB the main lead is good, I don’t know the rest of the cast, I just know they are populer among teenager but for popularity of the cast level 7 is the the lowest among 3

  76. 76 : hohohaha2006 Says:

    I don’t like action drama but I’m going to try for this drama because my Do Joon and Lee Da Hae. I did not like Iris 1 or try to watch it before. However, I think Jang Hyuk is a good choice for action drama. He could do kung fu for real.

  77. 77 : cici Says:

    Oh, no, the rating dropped. I have not watched it, so this drama is getting worse since the first rating was so high?

  78. 78 : sjhaney Says:

    I would like to download for Iris 2 episode 3 . But not available . How should I do? Anybody please help me. Which link I can download?

  79. 79 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Ratings drop drastically. Perhaps this quote is TRUE, most Part 2 in series or movies are hell no good than the Part 1 or the original. Part 2 is either worse or bad. 🙁

  80. 80 : sayuri Says:

    you can download korean dramas from freekrdrama.com, kjdrama.com and baubaucinema.com

  81. 81 : Jackyln Says:

    There is no need to care about ratings too much.. have seen so many people comment on rating” ahh rating drop! so its not gd.. wow rating up so its good..”
    You have to watch it yourself to find out if its good or bad 🙂
    don get influence by the viewership so much that you miss a good drama.

  82. 82 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Jacklyn Don’t set aside South Korean people’s preference on watching dramas. Why? coz they also gave high ratings to all Korean great dramas like Secret Garden, Jumong, Queen Seon Deok, Coffee Prince, Full House, Kim Sam Soon, Lovers In Paris, and a LOOOTTT MOREE! So RATINGS are basically a REFLECTION of which drama is bad, mediocre, good or best. Without these so called viewers ratings, K-dramas will not be noticed AROUND THE GLOBE.

    I have enough with this forget the ratings, or ratings does not show the real quality of certain drama. I mean, SOUTH KOREAN PEOPLE are not dumb and fool to patronize watching drama that’s not WORTHY TO WATCH. That’s why almost all K-dramas with HIGH RATINGS are much-appreciated ABROAD.

    IRIS 1 is a great action drama series. That’s why I am keeping this one on my watch list. and to see that this drama could not hold on with their ratings means that something is lacking that SK people noticed.

  83. 83 : zarima Says:

    for #78 sjhaney

    you can download or try Good Drama.net… all of your fav Kdrama was there.. so prepare yourself and make your hearts fill of contents… HAPPY VIEWING .. 🙂


  84. 84 : cici Says:

    You know what, how sad when the ratings are so low, cauze I like all the casts and the production cost seems expensive. I expected it must be at least 20.
    The rating might be meanless to someone, but it encourages me to watch its drama among many other interesting dramas.

  85. 85 : sjhaney Says:

    @zarima and sayuri,
    Thank you so much for your help.Also I hope that I can download this drama at your mentioned links. Have a nice day !!!!! 🙂

  86. 86 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @cici I totally agree with your last statement, “The rating might be meanless (not that meaningful) to someone, but it (ratings) encourages me to watch its drama among many other interesting dramas.”

    For example, there are two dramas (casts are not mentioned, only the ratings are written)

    Drama A has low and negative ratings, while Drama B has high ratings.

    Your conclusion will be Drama A is a boring series while Drama B excites you to watch. RIGHT?

    High ratings as what they say persuade us foreign viewers to anticipate certain dramas. I don’t belong to a “fanbase netizen/viewer” who would say forget the ratings, I am more to “storyline keen observer”, I don’t need to see popular actors who are only IDOLS in the eyes of other. I want a REAL SUBSTANCE. I don’t care who are the cast but if the script is good and consequently rakes high ratings, then

  87. 87 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    then I will grab my neck to watch that worthy drama. BTW for those foreign viewers who are still looking for currently airing Kdramas to watch. You should try The Winter, The Wind Blows, its a melodrama and 7th Grade Civil Servant which was at first is very entertaining but after episode 5 it bores me down. But if you want some comedy as your viewing habit, you should try that one.

  88. 88 : KDaddict Says:

    IMY did not have high ratings, but you watched it w relish, right? 😉

  89. 89 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @KDaddict IMY is an exception. (I am not consistent now because of you) grrrr hehehehe but apparently IMY ratings are considerably not high or not low. It even ranked first for about several episodes. Feels Bad that Jeon Woo Chi reclaims it even if I find that series boring. It was supposed to be a comedy one, but I never feel it.

    IMY is not your traditional melodrama. It’s complex, complicated with characters who also have inferior qualities. But honestly, I also gave some negative comments in its thread stating and emphasizing “the less focus of a raped victim” who should be emotionally unstable. But nevertheless, that drama brought me tears and conscience.

    If terms of melo’s, I can highly recommend that.

    But IRIS 2 is different from that picture. Why? Because it has the part 1 which is extremely good for an action series. That’s why COMPARISON is very predictable.

  90. 90 : Joyce Says:

    I loveeeeeee Lee Bum Soo!!!

  91. 91 : Joyce Says:

    wish to see Lee Bum Soo again as the main lead actor in a drama…he’s totally amazing!!!I love him in Giant and Salaryman…just done watching ON Air and now watching Surgeon Bong Dal Hee…Lee Bum Soo such a great actor indeed!Of course I love Jang Hyuk eversince…are they rivals in this drama?just thinking about it,makes my heart aches 🙁

  92. 92 : KDaddict Says:

    When I first discovered ratings, I paid attn to them. By n by, I’ve learnt that:
    Ratings r a statistic of KD Popularity among Korean households. Besides quality, shows w hi ratings r usually middle of the road in theme n treatment, i.e. nothing too extreme or controversial (teenage rape in IMY), nothing quirky (Reply 1997), nothing off beat (Shut Up FBB), nothing too different or experimental (Joseon X Files). They r sth that the whole family can sit around n watch together.
    So while shows w hi ratings r Often safe bets, a lot of good to gt shows fly by under the radar. And some “30 pointers” or “national dramas”, which shall remain unnamed, can be quite over-rated, owing to the chance absence of competition in the same time slot. Like American blockbusters, they contain what appeals to a broad spectrum of society. If your taste is similar to that broad band, you’ll do well by it. If you want sth more refreshing, you might need to dig deeper.

  93. 93 : lovelygal Says:

    watching dramas with veteran actors on it surely a great drama even the ratings is low 🙂

  94. 94 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @KDaddict Reply 1997 and Shut Up FBB are aired on pay per view or in cable channels right? so apparently ratings are irrelevant in that matter compare to those dramas which are aired by 3 big networks.

    There are quite numbers of underrated K-dramas which unfortunately viewers in SK did not appreciate them much for ex Arang & King 2Hearts most possibly bcos of the tight competition among other same scheduled dramas. But Ive seen these dramas too, even if you and other viewers LOVE these dramas, I felt the other way around, I totally agree with their respective TV Ratings (bad to mediocre). Their scripts are “here and there”.

    And I just want to stress that this is about Ratings which some says are NOT IMPORTANT for foreign viewers. I just want to defend that Quantity relates to Quality. Again, i believe ratings look flowery at first, but those flowers would likely bring beauty to your eyes as you hold it”.

  95. 95 : Angel Says:

    I love their actions and locations in beautiful city, but I’m not recommend watch it. I feel headache and I can’t enjoy watching because their picture never stop moving.

  96. 96 : KDaddict Says:

    Ratings are NOT at all irrelevant for shows aired on cable channels. Their nos. are on a smaller scale compared to the Big three, but are meaningful just the same.
    It is not that Ratings are Not Important for foreign viewers, but is the other way around: Foreign viewers are not taken into account in the ratings.
    I think everyone understands that ratings are what shows n those involved live and die by. I think what those ppl who comment here on that issue mean is that lower ratings don’t affect their love for a show (that they r already in love w).
    LIke I said:
    1. Ratings are a statistic. Statistics need to be interpreted. You know, there are univ and post-grad courses that teach the pitfalls of interpreting Statistics. So they are definitely meaningful, but are not absolute.
    2. If your taste is similar to that of the broad segment of society, then you’ll find that hi ratings = great shows for you.
    IMO, ratings can be a guideline but not the be and and end all when choosing shows to watch.

  97. 97 : Leomk Says:

    As i remember replay 1997 is the series having the highest ratings among kdramas on cable channel, right? On cable channel u have to pay money to watch all the shows here. So, ratings about 1-4 percent is suitable and acceptable and maybe high. But for drama aired on 3 big channels the ratings should be above 15 to be called high ratings

  98. 98 : noctiz Says:

    when is Lee Joon be coming out?!? is he been dropped in this drama?!? lol.. it’s been 4 episodes and i haven’t seen him, hmm..?

  99. 99 : Myles Says:

    The action drama is indeed well performed for me, especially lead actor Jang Hyuk who has given his best for this. He has gained recognition in his Tree with deep roots and I believe he will take it again.

    I like the way they show their love for each other (Yo Gun & Soo Yeon) so simple, and with respect. Yeah, Jang Hyuk and Lee Da hee are looking great in this drama.

  100. 100 : awesome micaela Says:


    You are right about 2nd-parters being disappointments (especially Dream High 2 which I couldn’t bear to watch after the 2nd ep). However, I need Romance 2012 which is the second installment of I Need Romance 2011, it’s actually just as good if not better than the latter. Hence, there’s hope that 2nd-parters can live up and even surpass the first installment, though very rare.

  101. 101 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @KDaddict All I just want to say are RATINGS are important for us foreign viewers to categorically analyze K-drama series whether we are right or wrong on our first impression after we saw all its episodes afterwards.

    If I see a drama with low ratings, my impression would be is, “this must be a boring drama”. But if I saw drama with high or very high ratings, then my mind would say, “Spectacular, this must have been a very good drama.” That’s what I am emphasizing with this matter even though there are FEW underrated drama with HIGH QUALITY. But I can’t mention them right now, I don’t have it in my mind. Can you name some?

    The bottomline is RATINGS ARE IMPORTANT, some for me as the basis to include in my list.

    As to Reply 1997 ratings which I consider as irrelevant, what I mean with this one is if we will compare it to other drama being shown by 3 big networks in SK, it’s now irrelevant, coz the way their viewership ratings were achieved are different, one is on free air TV, the other one is Pay per view or via cable . They are basically if we compare it to movies are INDIE FILMS.

    If I see ratings as a simple way of appreciating good quality dramas, then I would mind if I can be described as a simple-minded person. After all I’m just a simple K-drama viewer. 🙂

  102. 102 : eny Says:

    I don’t watch drama because of the rating but from the synopsis. Most of good rating drama is good but sometimes I enjoy low rating drama more.
    I didn’t enjoy TMES and Briliance Legacy but I like drama with low rating like Wild romance, Madam Butterfly n Bad Love

  103. 103 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I enjoyed so far dramas with high ratings. and Wild Romance, Mischievous Kiss, Love Rain, Marry Me Mary which have very low are kind of boring series, simple and just sorry bad series.

  104. 104 : eny Says:

    Mischievous Kiss, Love Rain, Marry Me Mary I don’t like it too, but different with Wild romance Ilike the comedic part and the suspense part for people who like comedy may be they don’t like when this drama chang to suspense. I like all genre drama and the acting is good. I drop some drama with good story but the acting is bad

  105. 105 : eny Says:

    I don’t like two good rating drama TMETS and brillian legacy because there’s nothing special about the story. The child story of TMETS actually good just in grow up version hard to enjoy it

  106. 106 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @envy I strongly agree. Brilliant Legacy fires me up. TMETS as what you said has good track for the child stage but after they grew up I DISLIKE the ACTING of Han Ga In and the “ghost” character of the 2nd female lead and slight dislike of Kim Soo Hyun while I believe Jung Ill Woo acted with justice but ended dead on the last episode. What a fool scene it was!

    For Brilliant Legacy, I really don’t have negative feedback with this one coz it quite gives me fires for entertaining. LSG and HHJ acted well. The 2nd lead also did his part well, Moon Chae Won even strikes me with a good remark and her mother was effective as its antagonist. Can you explain to me your dislikes about this drama? 🙂

    Oh my we are off topic. Originally, I was just comparing ratings between IRIS 1 and IRIS 2, and now it became a general discussion of K-drama with their ratings. 🙂

  107. 107 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @envy omitted word error “I strongly agree’ should have been “I strongly disagree” 🙂

  108. 108 : eny Says:

    For Brillian legacy I just don’t see there’s something new in the story, the story is just usual i didn’t say it bad, it just standart story nothing special. The most interesting charracter for me is moon chae won.
    I didn’t see iris 1 try to watch it 2 ep but didn’t find something that make me wanna watch it again. I’m interested with iris 2 but haven’t watch it yet may be after many episode. I find that most action drama doesn’t have a good story, I don’t like city hunter too, too much slow motion and I didn’t get the emotion

  109. 109 : Iris2 Says:


    I don’t depend myself on the ratings,cos there are also dramas with low ratings but very entertaining and with good storyline example Arang and the Magistrate…it really doesn’t mean it’s high ratings it’s also nice…cos I personally don’t like TMETS…I only like the child’s part :)I don’t even like Innocent Man even it has high ratings cos I find I Miss You too way better…

  110. 110 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Iris2 Well we have different tastes but all I know is that TV Series with high ratings so far that I already watched did not upset me at all.

    You don’t like Innocent, I super like it.
    You don’t like TMETS, I like it even if the ending sucks.
    You like Arang, I neither Like it or dislike it but that series was boring. (I FINISHED IT HUH)

    We only have one common factor, and that’s I Miss You. It started with low ratings, at middle with high ratings and at the end with mediocre ratings.

    I did not say that low ratings have low quality. All that im stressing is ratings are practically IMPORTANT.

  111. 111 : Iris2 Says:


    You’ve got your point there usually series with high ratings definitely has a great story but TMETS? I don’t really like it when the kids grew up…yes I don’t like Innocent Man it made me sleep but anyway you’re right we do have different taste…but this one Iris2 I like it a lot cos my 2 favourite actors Jang Hyuk and Lee Bum Soo are here.So, I don’t really care about the ratings as long as I like the actors :)I’m also totally hooked with TWTWB!

  112. 112 : Verra Says:

    Cant wait for this drama 🙂

  113. 113 : Eliza Says:

    Truce! – just enjoy the shows you personally like!!!

    There’s no general “good” or “bad”. Everything has its flaws. It depends on your peronal scale and it depends on what makes you happy:
    – some love their “star” – indifferent what role she/ he is playing,
    – some love great written storys, which do make sense in the end,
    – some are into well acted characters,
    – some prefer shows, who try to deliver the whole package,
    – some prefer to depend on ratings, others don’t, etc.
    If you enjoy sth, it dosen’t really matter why. And it’s nobodys business to criticize you for your taste or what ever draws you to a certain show. Just state your opinion (supported by some reasons or examples) and hopefully no one will bite your head off. At the end of the day it’s all about the exchange of ideas and not to convince sb that her/his opinion is wrong.

    Therefore, why soooooooo many posts about how important ratings are?
    @Kurayuzaki666, it’s your cup of tea, that’s fine! But it’s also ok to state “I don’t care about ratings” or even ” they annoy me”. As well as it’s ok to say “this actor/script/drama/ etc. annoys me”. Free expression!

  114. 114 : Iris2 Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 #101

    I can name you one drama that has been UNDERRATED and that’s Arang and the Magistrate 🙂 you want me to tell you the OVERRATED dramas?it’s definitely TMETS and Innocent Man 🙂

    There you have it.

    As long as I like the actors no matter how low the ratings are,I’m going watch it…there are high ratings and yet you don’t like the actors?I don’t think I can force myself to watch the drama…for me actors,storyline and genres are IMPORTANT.So,it’s a matter of taste and likes.

    I like IRIS2 cos I love Jang Hyuk and Lee Bum Soo they NEVER disappoint me!Definitely, I don’t care the ratings of IRIS2 :)guess your rooting for TWTWB, right?I like it too cos I like Jo In Sung.

  115. 115 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Eliza may you first read my comments first. From the very start I was just stressing ratings are important. And ratings between IRIS 1 and IRIS 2 are relatively different. 1 has high ratings, 2 has mediocre ratings, therefore I commented that perhaps the quote “Most Part 2 are bad or worse” compare to the original.

    I AM NOT FIGHTING OR ARGUING WHETHER THIS DRAMA IS BAD OR GOOD. I was just comparing their ratings (IRIS & 2). You sound angry and you seemed annoyed but I TELL YOU, You shouldn’t be like that especially in forums or this kind of thread. QUALITY, RATINGS, PERFORMANCE are all accepted in this kind of forums.

    DID I OFFEND SOMEONE HERE? NONE AT ALL. We (KDaddict, Iris2, eny) have quite ood conversations of our distinct tastes in dramas or ratings. READ ALL OUR COMMENTS.

    If you love this drama, then appreciate this. But I NEVER CRITICIZE THE QUALITY OF THIS DRAMA. I was just mentioning a quote with a question.

    @Iris 2 Arang is underrated? I don’t think so maybe because it has mediocre ratings? But honestly, I watch that series and from my previous comment I described it as BORING.

    DON’T you worry @Eliza i won’t be here anymore to avoid someone like you. So sad for this kind of people. 🙁

  116. 116 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Lastly @Iris2 yes TWTWB is daebak so far. I love the story. See you there in their thread. I’ll be posting my thoughts there. I’ll be out in this drama thread today. See you there. Hope IRIS 2 will bring us jam-packed action!. 🙂

  117. 117 : Eliza Says:


    I’m really sorry, if I offended you! I didn’t wanted to! I just said my personal opinion. Please accept my apologies.
    I think you misunderstood me, because I’m not able to express myself properly just by writting. I couldn’t transmit what I meant.

    By the way, I wasn’t angry at all! I was just completely irritated by the comments about “ratings”, the intense advocacy for it and (ultimately) the link to quality.

    Since I’m a quite reader for some time now, it’s just fair, that I become quite again and you all continue as before 🙂
    Sorry again.

  118. 118 : MISA Says:

    I agree with Kurayuzaki666. Knowing this drama, IRIS II as the hightest cost of production for Korean drama we have at least te right to expect greatest acting, special effects …
    However seeing the ratings which are prettly low, you can tell that’s not the case.

    Of course, to each it’s own but there has always being a major scenario approved by a MAJORITY. If not, why shows such as miami expert, hawai 5.0 , walking dead and other american series are so famous all around the world and therefore get such high ratings ?
    Producers know what the public wants to see et likes to see, that is why they hope the largest ratings as possible which is a sign of approval.
    Now, seeing such low ratings, you can tell they failed so people disapprove of the cast, the acting, the scenario ?

    By example, I am actually seeing horse doctor and the rating are excellent (2nd) (3rd) place and I saw queen seon duk with ratings such as 1th from episode 1 to 62 . They are excellent dramas and looks like people enjoyed it like I did.

    I will pick another and last example : level 7 civil servant . The first episodes were pretty funny and had high ratings (3rd) (4rd) .
    I didn’t like the female lead but kept watching. After episode 5 I stopped. !why? Because I couldn’t stand her ( she is acting like a 12 years old girl) and there was no comedy anymore which is supposed to be to core in this drama. And guess what ?! I just look and the ratings dropped at episode 7 and they are (12th) (13th).

    So, I will not say I have the same taste as Korean people but looks like the thing those dramas like IRIS 2 and level 7 civil servant lack which is valued worldwide still weigh a lot and this is QUALITY.

  119. 119 : Xcurior Says:

    I agree, the ratings are also very important for me and are what guide me to watch a particular drama — I am rarely disappointed by high-rated drama’s. I’m sure some great lower rated drama’s pass under the radar, but a lot of them seem to have a very conditional viewership — depending on the viewer, it could be great or unexciting. I’ve enjoyed a few recommendations from my friends in Korea here studying on exchange — such as the medical drama “White Tower.” It’s almost impossible to find through a google search for “korean medical drama’s” without knowing the name of it itself. I didn’t realize it was so unpopular because I absolutely loved it to pieces — the ending was incredibly touching and I enjoyed that drama more than many top rated ones I’ve seen.

    So I understand the viewpoint that rating isn’t what’s important; however, it nevertheless is an excellent way to have a good idea that you’ll like or dislike a drama. So many times I’ve been disappointed and quit watching a drama, I really hate going through that experience.

  120. 120 : jenn Says:

    great drama, loved ep 01. so many beautiful sets and backgrounds … just finished ep 04 http://koreandramaseries.net/iris-2-%ec%95%84%ec%9d%b4%eb%a6%ac%ec%8a%a4-%ec%8b%9c%ec%a6%8c2-ep-04/

  121. 121 : Cattus Mulier Says:

    Hiya there!Can I butt in?IMO,there are lots of low rated dramas that I enjoyed alot…Like Queen Inhyun’s Man,I Do2,Flower Boy Ramyun,Me Too Flower,King2hearts,Big and alot more…because I like the actors…There are some high rated dramas but I don’t like it,cos I don’t like the actors and genre especially if it’s medical unless I like the actors then I’ll watch it!

    So,for me I don’t really mind the ratings as long as I’m enjoying watching the drama…

    Though,there are high rated dramas that I love so much that I can’t get over and would love to rewatch it again like Queen Seon Duk,Legend,Jumong,Giant,and a lot more!

    So,if it is the drama of my favorite actors like Lee Jun Ki,Hyun Bin,Park Shi Hoo, Jang Hyuk,Lee Bum Soo,Song Seung Hun,Jung Il Woo,Lee Dong Wook,Jang Dong Gun,Kim Ji Hun,Kim Jae Won,Cha Seung Won,Joo Jin Mo,Jung Woo Sung,Gong Yoo,Kim Sun Ah,Gong Hyo Jin,Lee Yo Won,Ha Ji Won,Song Hye Jin!Then count me in!Even their dramas has low ratings I’m still going to watch it~^^


  122. 122 : sanchan Says:

    well for me to start watching new dramas, rating is the second most important. the first thing is I should read the comment box, yeah, what you guys say

  123. 123 : eny Says:

    @ Misa
    I laugh because of Level 7 civil servant and still until ep 11,every episode there’s always funny side event in the most intense part. IN EP 7 this drama still no 2 in wed-thurs in the same time, it count 13th or 14th compare to whole day rating program.
    Rating/Popularity doesn’t always same with quality. If you see many movie festival even oscar the winner mostly not really popular. We see Spiderman or James Bond, did they win oscar? many thing affect the popularity

  124. 124 : Vi Says:

    God. They should really stop making spinoffs of the series. It`s just another money-making scheme. The script is inconsistent, the romance seems forced and there is no charisma. I`m a total fan of Jang Hyuk, but here, he really falls flat. There`s none of that rugged charm. It all just seems cheesy. It`s disappointing.

    And then there`s Lee Da Hae. Her character seems to exist just for the sake of being the love interest. What`s worse is that the romance seems fake and over-the-top dramatic. They seem to be skipping on the beach more than they actually do their freaking job of protecting national security. (I know it`s just a drama but STILL.) She’s gotten more interesting after the time skip but idk, it’s too soon to tell.

    OH, and that third-wheel other perfecto NSS guy is the worst. The hell is wrong with his voice, anyway?! I cringe every time he speaks. In fact, at one point, I just turned off the sound entirely while he was talking for a particularly long time. God. He should just… leave.

    What did I liked was Yeon Hwa (Im Soo Hyang) and Joong Won (Lee Bum Soo) though. Joong Won manages to be comical and tragic, at the same time. I love their interactions, and Yeon Hwa is a total badass. I mean, it figures. Her sister was my favourite character is IRIS, after all. And after Seon Hwa`s disappointingly short appearance in ATHENA, I`m eager to see how everything will unfold. Heh. Heh. Heh.

    Oh, and Kim Seung Woo is still great. I like him. New NSS Director lady seems cool as well. And that old forensics guy is still hilarious. The other staff is basically composed of starlet wannabees that can’t act for shit. Especially that guy with the earrings. Ugh.

    Anyway, end rant/. Haha, despite all my complaining, I`ll probably keep watching it. Lol. That`s what usually happens. Well, we’ll see.

  125. 125 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5, 6:
    This weeks eps are exciting IMO. I’m glad that they find the mole quickly. But the Director should eat humble pie for being the conduit for the leak!
    So Baek San is Jung Team Jang’s father? Wow! Does Baek San know that? Is that why he is so revealing w Jung?
    And Iris is both seriously sick n brilliant in capturing Jung n using his amnesia to turn him into a killing machine working for them. When NSS finds out, it’s going to throw them into chaos! Exciting!
    I find Yoon Doo Joon to be doing a credible job; nothing extraordinary, but not bad.
    Lee Joon finally appears for 4 secs.

  126. 126 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Thanks for all your reactions and comments.
    Thanks for all your likes and dislikes.
    Now, I can know which and which I will not watch..

    Besides “That Winter, The Wind Blow”,
    Now, what melo drama should I watch?

    Any suggestions. I’m not in for the high ratings but for the drama itself and the beautiful faces of the actors and actresses.

  127. 127 : may Says:

    I does not matter to me if the rating is good or not. I watch dramas that I will enjoy because I do like the leads of the story. I did not watch Iris 1 although it got a high rating because I dont feel like watching the lead actor although I adore the actress Kim Tae Hee. I’ve been watching Iris 2 now because I love their choice of actors and actresses. I’ve followed Jang Hyuk in all his dramas and he never disappoints me. He’s a well rounded actor and his looks is just a plus factor. If I remember it right it’s already the third pairing of the two leads. Watching the drama, made me enjoy the suspense and the action as well. More power to this drama.

  128. 128 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I’ve watched Robbers, and Chuno. May I will try waching this one…

  129. 129 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I mean maybe and watching…Wrong spelling. Hehehe!

  130. 130 : WhiteArrow Says:

    I love watching Jang Hyuk in “Thank You”. Lead actress is Gong Hyo Jin.
    Maybe you can try that drama if you love them both. I enjoy episode 7 very much

  131. 131 : eny Says:

    @ RonelaAGarcia
    If you like melodrama with good acting you can try this
    – stained glass
    – bad love
    – sad love song
    – 90 days falling in love
    but lead actor of this drama not young pretty boys around 20’s hard to find good melodrama with actor around 20’s

  132. 132 : syaren Says:

    I really like this drama. remarkable. awsome. daebak.
    this drama is definitely spent a lot of money in the making. the role that played by each actor and artist was amazing. they acting fights look so real.
    i am so curious about the next episode. can’t wait it.

  133. 133 : yan que hui Says:

    NOT WORTH FOR WAITING SINCE 2009. What the heck is this soft love story? not like the first one the really cool love story, action drama packed all in one.

  134. 134 : Joyce Says:

    I just love this drama!I can’t wait for the next ep.It’s getting exciting!whoah!to hell with the ratings!story wise it’s really a great drama 🙂

  135. 135 : Joyce Says:

    Guess Jung Yoo Gun is the son of Baek San!.I can’t wait for ep7!this drama deserves high rating!it’s a great dram indeed.I love it!

  136. 136 : awesome micaela Says:

    I can’t watch IRIS 2 cause I felt so sad after the 1st one.And I believe Lee Da Hae belongs to Lee Dong Wook. My Girl is definitely one of the best Korean Dramas ever!

  137. 137 : veasna Says:

    The best Korean Dramas IRIS 2. I hope that the story IRIS 2, the actor Yoo Gun probably don’t die same IRIS 1. So, if the actor Yoo Gun die i think that this story is nothing meaning.

  138. 138 : Joyce Says:

    hope to watch ep7 with sub early tomorrow…I can’t wait!Hyun Woo and Soo Yeon has great chemistry…I love both Iris and Iris 2 but I love the outfit of the cast here cos they look so cool and from the start it’s really an action-packed.Though it has the same concept in Time Between Dog and Wolf where Yoo Gun got an amnesia and became a member of Iris.It wud be very hard for Soo Yeon knowing her bf doesn’t know her at all and become her enemy 🙁 it’s really getting exciting and full of mystery…it made me guess who is who…like Yoo Gun is the son of Baek San?LOL!

  139. 139 : rochel Says:

    i watch the first episode last wednesday ang i lyk the drama. the scene are thrilling and exciting as well as the cast.

  140. 140 : rory Says:

    I think I’m craving for KD action genre currently so I’m gonna enjoy myself watching this since it’s been started airing in my country last week..I love action dramas & Jang Hyuk is one of my favourite actor in SK..
    IRIS II fighting!

  141. 141 : Jennie Says:

    @Joyce Hi I just finished marathon -ing this drama and honestly I love this much more than Iris 1. Maybe it’s because I love these two JH and LDH together! 😀 Great to know that you are watching and loving this too. I hope ratings will get better ( better than Civil Servant anyway). Hate the fact that this is aired on the same day as TWTWB though cos it means I can’t watch it live. C U.

  142. 142 : eny Says:

    i didn’t watch iris 1, try to watch it after ep 3 doesn’t have interest to continue it but iris 2 i still watch it now, I’m on ep 7. I watch Level 7 too. These drama has different genre how can I compare them? I will try TWMB later

  143. 143 : KDaddict Says:

    With the current batch of KDs, I keep forgetting to watch the new eps. And I Never forget my KDs. Haha.

  144. 144 : nls Says:

    Jung Hyuk, Lee Bum Soo, Im Soo Hyung, Lee Da Hae SARANGHAE!!!! IRIS II FIGHTING! :))))

  145. 145 : usmuabuon Says:

    @ RonelaAGarcia

    stairway to heaven
    autumn heart

  146. 146 : Joyce Says:


    Hi sis 🙂 yes you’re right! I also love this one too way better than the first Iris maybe because of the cast…I love Jang Hyuk and Lee Bum Soo tho the ratings quite disappointing but it really doesn’t matter to me…this one has it’s own storyline and I love the story so much…I don’t think I will watch this drama if Jang Hyuk isn’t the lead main actor:)

    Cya and Good bless!

    I guess Yoo Gun will soon recover his memory and pretend that he’s still don’t remember anything?I love this kind of drama full of mystery…I don’t mind really if they don’t focus on romance just watching Jang Hyuk and Lee Bum Soo surely a nice treat.Hahaha!I just love them 🙂

  147. 147 : Joyce Says:

    typo *God Bless* not Good Bless…

  148. 148 : ha Says:

    lmao at those ratings if you compare it to the IRIS i raitings it looks rly pathetic

  149. 149 : Mukko Says:

    Heyy, I was wondering whether its okay if i watch this cause i haven’t watched Iris 1?
    Thank You

  150. 150 : KDaddict Says:

    IMO, u can watch this w/o watching Iris 1, but you’d enjoy it more if you do, cos you’d know the history of some main chars, n the backgd of the story.

  151. 151 : Jule Says:

    Lee Joon

  152. 152 : Joyce Says:

    Just done watching ep9&10 and I love it…so I was right that Yoo Gun is the son of Baek San…now I’m so curious who is Mr. Black?I know he’s the head of Iris but who is he?cud he be Director Kang of NSS?haha!or the President?now I’m thinking weird 😛 I love Yoo Joong Won he’s very clever~^^

  153. 153 : Kyaw Myo Khaing Says:

    I want to watch…………
    I also like IRIS 1 very much……………

  154. 154 : kim Says:

    yeah i don’t care about the rating… i just watch and enjoy iris 2…..iris fighting..

  155. 155 : KDaddict Says:

    This is one show that is much better than the ratings indicate. The mystery in the plot is intricate n complicated. I esp appreciate the plays of: YG losing his memory n the struggle to get it back; and YooJW not being what he seems on the surface. Good plays that add much intrigue.
    IMO, this is more sophisticated than Iris, which has so much bang, bang, bang, boom, all over the place. But Iris had more cuteness and intimate moments in romance that this one doesn’t have, not so much. Too bad it is airing against That Winter. Or else it might be more appreciated.

  156. 156 : adhe airashii Says:

    cant wait

  157. 157 : summer Says:

    Give me 5 ! who cares about the ratings ! I enjoyed all dramas lead by Jang Hyuk – he is a very sincere and humble actor with lots of talent and guts ! Chuno go go go ! Iris 2 go go go !

  158. 158 : keyheart Says:

    나는 IRIS II를보고 싶어요
    하지만 너무 오랫동안이 영화를 기다려

  159. 159 : keyheart Says:

    자신을 위해 MR.BLACK 누군지 모를 수 있을까?

  160. 160 : wdr Says:

    great drama!!!! but whats wrong with the rating? -_-

  161. 161 : Ttuk Says:

    This drama is better than I’d expected.

    I’m settling in to watch. Hopefully I won’t be too put off by Jang Hyuk’s babo hairdo.

    I think the designers took the idea with hair from a sci-fi — Eon Flux, Blade Runner, Mr. Spock. It sucks and its distracting guys. Why? Because it says: “Look what I can do with mom’s scissors”.

  162. 162 : rain Says:

    i wonder why yugeon survived when he got shot on his head….

  163. 163 : carmen Says:

    Rain, the Iris people knew he was the guy son’s so they were planing to use him, that is why they save him…but he rememvers everyting so now they want to kill him

  164. 164 : Joyce Says:

    I was thinking that Yoo Jong Won (Lee Bum Soo) and Jung Yoo Gun (Jang Hyuk) are siblings?cos the real name of Baek San was Yoo Sang Joon before his name was changed into Baek San…

  165. 165 : Ttuk Says:

    @Joyce, even though Yoo Jong Won (Lee Bum Soo) is from North Korea? If you’re right it going to make it all the more intense.

  166. 166 : eny Says:

    ep 11&12 is good the best epsode so far

  167. 167 : Joyce Says:


    I just noticed Yoo Jong Won’s surname same with Baek San so I came up with that idea…hehe!maybe they are related somehow?I remember Baek San in Iris got a family just forgot already if he’s got a son from his wife…I need to re-watch Iris since watched it last 2010 :)and yes,I agree with you it wud be more intense if they are siblings cos both Jung Yoo Gun and Yoo Jong Won don’t share the same code of practice or objectives…want to see them fight and later realized they were siblings LOL! and yes I know Yoo Jong Won was from North Korea…maybe he was adopted?hihi!

    I love this drama just too bad this one is competing with TWTWB!

  168. 168 : Joyce Says:

    Or cud it be that Yoo Jong Won and his mom separated with Baeksan?since lots of ppl been chasing Baek San so his wife went away and settled in North Korea and carrying their child and that is Yoo Jong Won?and remarried?

  169. 169 : KDaddict Says:

    What’s happening in ep 10 is very intense. So don’t I feel invested? Is it bcos the misery is too extreme? Or that there aren’t enough close-ups? with pretty backgrounds? I have no idea.

  170. 170 : waiyan Says:

    uittiljho swghtu

  171. 171 : wendy Says:

    Yoon Si Hyuk its iris waooo leejoon in iris daebak

  172. 172 : keyheart Says:

    hay đấy

  173. 173 : KDaddict Says:

    In Ep 11, Im Soo Hyang’s char Kim Yeon Hwa tries to kill Ray. It takes mins of screen time but she doesn’t succeed. I wonder what that’s all abt? What diff does it make to the story? Will she come to aid the SK side later?

  174. 174 : Huiyi Says:

    Lee Joon is the bad guy!!!!!

  175. 175 : jian Says:

    planning to start watching IRIS 1, and next IRIS 2.

  176. 176 : KDaddict Says:

    I find Eps 11-14 great, just great!
    I feel sorry for Yoo Gun. Everything horrible has happened to him. I hope the show will let him right the wrongs, n return to his job n his life b4 taking that shot to the head. But he’s no longer the same person.
    He n gf haven’t spent any time together on screen. They need to be reconciled, n to comfort each other, esp. now that her bro has died.
    I’m not a Jang Hyuk fan, but I can’t help but be impressed by the way he fights, like the Terminator! Those r some fancy n forceful kung-fu moves! I’m even more impressed by his acting in this show. I may be turning into a JH fan yet.
    LeeDH’s acting on the other hand is rather lack lustre. She seems to think that looking like she hasn’t slept for days passes for sadness, confusion, having deep thoughts, etc.
    I hate the NSS Director much more than the NK spies, even more than Ray, cos he is so petty n plotting vs his own for personal gain.
    Nine is fun and refreshing. But this one is the best show airing right now IMO. Is that bcos viewers r mostly female n this is not nece s female oriented shows that the ratings the way they r?

  177. 177 : Joyce Says:

    Now that Rey is dead…as expected Yoo Jung Won took over as the team leader of Iris tho he’s got his own agenda why he became allied with Iris but he accidentally killed the mom of Yoo Gun so Yoo Gun been chasing him.Now it wud be the battle between Jung Yoo Gun and Yoo Jung Won..,sounds exciting~!What if they are really brothers?I love them cos they are both very clever just like Baek San.This drama is full of thrill and mystery and it keeps me from thinking who is Mr.Black. Hayz, it’s real hard to guess who is the real villain cos it seems that every one have their own agenda…

    I just love this drama not becasue I’m a big fan of Jang Hyuk cos story wise this one has a great storyline plus great acting of JH and the fact that I like LBS as well :)they are my most fave k-actors in their 40’s and so with Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won!Well,so far I don’t get bored watching this drama.Only this drama lacks romance LOL!I don’t feel the chemistry between JH and LDH here unlike in Chuno but it’s fine maybe in later ep.Anyways,I had enuf romance after finished watching Daughter Seo Young.Plus there’s TWTWB,100yr inheritance and Incarnation Money haha!

  178. 178 : Yujin Says:

    …why is the rating dropping?:-( but reading comments i see that it is still interesting…:-)

  179. 179 : sjhaney Says:

    I’ve already watched the Episode 15 of Iris 2 . But I can’t understand that Lee joon will be really spy or not of Iris .

  180. 180 : KDaddict Says:

    In ep 14, the talk fr Dr. Oh abt Jang Hyuk’s char’s situation regarding the remaining bullet fragments in the brain really scare me. He said that he’ll undergo personality changes and become psychopathic. That’s one lead that makes me too nervous to watch. So I think I’ll wait a few more eps to see how things turn out for him. I hope things will work out for him, to have some resemblance of happiness and normality, much as possible.

  181. 181 : Hadeso Says:

    So boring

  182. 182 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    Good drama, altho after watching 15 eps., there is some essential element missing that doesn’t keep me glued to the edge of my seat. I find I can walk away. The only time I connected was when Yoo Gun’s mother was killed. I like the action sequences & the methodical plotting of the story line, which is comprehensive, but can’t understand why it doesn’t excite me more. Maybe its becuz I can’t stand KSH’s acting. But that can’t be it as she is not in every scene. On the whole, I am enjoying it.

  183. 183 : TheOne Says:

    Iris 2 is a great drama that I really enjoy watching. It cannot really be compared with Iris because they are both different yet alike at the same time. Iris revolves around a character called Kim Hyun Joon who wants to get revenge on Baek San for murdering his parents, whereas the lead in Iris 2 who is Jang Hyuk, and also Baek San’s son, is trying to get revenge on the people who killed his mother and destroyed his life and will hopefully destroy Iris and catch Mr. Black, once and for all.

    I really want to put my hands together for the cast, staff, producers and director for Iris s1 and 2. Even though most of them are not seen on screen, they play a big role in helping with every detail and mistakes in each scene. I thank you for filming and acting in this great drama series. Your sleepless nights did pay off in the end!!

  184. 184 : need help ! Says:

    anyone can give me the link to watch iris 2 or download link please 🙂

  185. 185 : stela Says:

    I just want to comment that I really liked Iris 1 better than Iris 2. The actors were great and really had good chemistry on screen. The love story was also believable. I also liked Athena, because it did not try so hard to copy Iris 1.

  186. 186 : Mui Says:

    The actor and actress make it worth watching. Yoo Gun (Jang Hyuk) is a good choice for this role. Choi Min (Oh Yun Soo) fit in the role competently. Yoon Doo Joon (Seo Hyun Woo) and Kim Yeon Hwa (Im Soo Hyang) acted well too. Was touched in certain scene such the father (Baek San) and son (Yoo Gun) scene and the trust between Choi Min and Yoo Gun. The story is heavy, actor and actress look serious most of the time, the making of Iris 2 is never easy and the crew has put in their hard work and effort. I must give thumbs up to the actor and actress for the flighting scenes and those dangerous stunt.

  187. 187 : HAHAH Says:


  188. 188 : KDaddict Says:

    Waiting for this to finish its run on 4.18 before watching the last 4 eps together. Less nervous that way. Hope things turn out well for Yoo Gun, who’s had so much bad luck in his life.

  189. 189 : cuity17 Says:

    How’s the ending???

  190. 190 : Viewer from Singapore Says:

    ended with whole Yoo Gun’s family are died.

  191. 191 : hong Says:

    I love this drama

  192. 192 : Joyce Says:

    the finale made me cry lol a nice drama with sad ending!but wondering maybe there will be iris 3?

  193. 193 : 아이리스 Iris 2 (Korean Drama) Says:

    […] (source from koreandrama.org): The story take place three years after the the death of Hyun Joon in IRIS I. It will reveal […]

  194. 194 : Repdrama Says:

    Ohh IRIS II…heavy and serious drama. But take note and take a look at Baek Sung Hyun act, make this drama fresh around serious scenes with his “stupid facial expression” (sorry) 😀 Good Job. Do you agree with me? 😀

  195. 195 : Adhe Airashii Says:

    oh God, epi 1 until 4, so tense. . . . neomu choaaaaa

  196. 196 : Good Job Says:

    Actually I’m one of Jang Hyuk’s fans. But lately all his drama make him dead at the end. Really what a sad thing, and I’m getting sick of it. ‘Chuno’, ‘Deep Rooted Tree’, and now the ‘Iris 2’. Cck…..cck….cck…..next time I’ll think it over before I watch his drama. -_-“. I love a happy ending story, I think most of us are like that.

  197. 197 : Hamid Says:

    I love this drama
    I love this drama
    I love this drama to the end of my life
    I love all Actor and Actress …

  198. 198 : Hamid Says:

    Thanks of all

  199. 199 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    Just finished viewing the last 3 episodes. Very good drama! Definitely worth watching. The ending was not rushed but still left me with some questions. Where has Kim Yun Hwa’s sister been all this time? What did she do with Park Chul Young? Was he really dead or did she save him? Why did they show Seo Hyun Woo in the last few frames? Did it have any significance or was it just filler? What happened to Choi Seung Hee from Iris 1? The synopsis on this site said the mystery of why Hyun Joon was killed in Iris I would be revealed. Darn! I must have missed it becuz other than “he touched what he shouldn’t have touched”, I am still in the dark. Maybe it will be answered in Iris III?. If you know, please enlighten me. Thanks.

  200. 200 : harry Says:

    Is there IRIS III ?????????????
    I wish continue with these actor and actresses. 😀

  201. 201 : Rose Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. Didn’t really like it that much. Ji soo got on my last nerve, I hoped she died. The very ending from the moment the two sisters finally found each other till the ending credit was great. I thought one of them was going to die. Hope they make an iris 3.

  202. 202 : anonymous Says:

    if you like the iris dramas watch heartless city. it makes them look like a 5th grade turf war. and stars an evil korean james bond type.

  203. 203 : mmxx Says:

    Just finished watching it, partially in fast forward. Man, there are very, very good reasons why this drama’s ratings are so low, compared to Iris or even Athena. They must have spent all the budget on foreign shootings and underpaid the script writer. There are so many (so many!!!) holes in the plot/script that this is subpar even for a Korean spy thriller TV series. Listing all the holes will create a thesis. However, the last straw that tipped it over the top was the nuclear bomb tracking device that had LED flashing, as if it couldn’t wait to be spotted. At that point, I was rolling on the floor laughing. This is a very entertaining thriller/comedy indeed.

  204. 204 : jow Says:

    Just finished watch this drama, Oh GOD, i have to tell you, this series really make me get through in it for every single minutes.

    What a wonderful Korean Action drama, i like this series VERY MUCH..of course i also like the previous one..

    For me this the best Korean drama that i ever watch during 2013..

    Hopefully there will be part III for this drama.

    Good day all

  205. 205 : Kamal Says:

    Hi, can anyone pls tell me which series trailer is shown in IRIS 2 episode 16 and above?

  206. 206 : Kamal Says:

    It’s because i can’t read Korean and the series name is in Korean.

  207. 207 : bblve07 Says:

    i really luv this, i thnk this is much better than iris1… M0re interestng, m0re acti0n, m0re excitng, m0re thriller, and m0re and m0re haha..

  208. 208 : longchamp 鞄 Says:


  209. 209 : ance Says:


    hope it’s not too late…that drama is called Chuno or Slave Hunter…

  210. 210 : Kamal Says:

    @ance Thanks.

  211. 211 : deborah Says:

    when is session three

  212. 212 : SRB Says:

    Can you please help me, where can i watch this series online?

    I’m from Serbia and in my country second part of Iris haven’t came yet. 🙁 The previous part was great!

    Thank you!

  213. 213 : tigerb Says:

    it’s a shame that this series did not do well in ratings as the first one. it’s actually good and worth watching. i cannot be comparing both series as i saw the first one a long time ago and i was totally impressed (being the first korean series i saw in this genre). i don’t think there should be an iris 3, after all in the closing scenes, the sisters who found each other would have other agenda than being supporters of their country.

  214. 214 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am going to watch IRIS 2 bcoz of BEAST YOON DOO JOON OPPA 😛

  215. 215 : OK OK OK Says:


  216. 216 : 아이리스 Iris 2 (Korean Drama) - Che-Cheh Says:

    […] (source from koreandrama.org): The story take place three years after the the death of Hyun Joon in IRIS I. It will reveal […]

  217. 217 : lifebender Says:

    how can I download the series from Korean drama.org pls?

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